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The first match-up to kickoff the event is between two competitors making their debuts. That first impression is always big, especially when it comes to competing on a big stage. Johanna Krieger has stayed active in smaller promotions throughout the globe while Turner is making a comeback after an extended layoff. With both having similar technical styles, the big question will be whether the ring rust on Turner will be the biggest factor in this bout.


At L!GHTS OUT #31, Gunnar Graves scheduled a match with a "Unique Opportunity" stipulation added to the mix. It wasn't known what that opportunity was until moments before the bell rang, when he announced that the winner would earn a shot at the Union Battleground Championship. One would have to speculate that a similar catch is in order for this bout. With Whelan and Seldon both coming up just short of the King Cobra Championship Finals, will this contest be a shot at redemption for the victor? This one is a definite dark horse to steal the show.


One thing that Owner and Promoter Gunnar Graves wanted to assert in Season 3, was the championships be defended on a more regular basis. Another thing that he wanted to see, was who is willing to separate themselves from the herd and snatch their opportunity on their own accord. One man has done that better than any, and as a result, he becomes the first competitor to win championship gold in his debut bout. Kaven Drell has been impressive and demanding, but now he will go up against a man who shows zero regard for his own personal safety inside the squared circle when he takes on Karnivall.


One thing everyone can agree on, is that Kimitsu Zombie carved her name in the Battleground history books in season two. Becoming the first ever War Horse Champion, she parlayed that into becoming the Trench War Champion and avenging her loss to the iconic Emery Layton. Season Three didn;t start off as well, as she came up short in her bid for the Union Battleground Championship against Alyssa Daniels. Her opponent, Alex Kincaid, is a technical grappler that has been on the cusp of breaking into the top tier class. Still searching for his first reign at championship gold, he will come into this bout with a bit of momentum as he scored a win over his arch rival from Season 2 and retired him from the Battleground.


Alyssa Daniels became the face of the Battleground in the final stretch of Season Two. Winning Guerrilla Warfare, she took down the biggest names that ran across her en route to capturing the Union Battleground Championship at the season finale Coup de Grace. She's been a bit reserved here in Season 3 so far, appearing at her only match against Kimitsu Zombie in her hometown Philadelphia at L!GHTS OUT XXX. Perhaps she's been scouting the landscape, and more specifically her next opponent. Flash Kassidy matches up extremely well with Daniels, arguably being the greatest high flyer in the Battleground. He's a human highlight reel who always goes "High Above the Competition", and he will surely need to pull out some unorthodox tricks he wants to dethrone The Heart of Infinity.


The main event of the night features the culmination of the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament in which the undead Inaros takes on Mikey Svarro. Both of these competitors have had a unique journey to this point that began back in December 2018, but none of it matters except to the one who holds the highly coveted King Cobra Championship at the end of the night. Can Mikey Svarro somehow pull off another improbable win and immobilize Inaros' supernatural strength, or willInaros be the force that put that first blemish on Svarro's spotless Union Battleground record?

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