• adamk77ak


Season 3 has hit the ground running with big matchups from Relapse II and L!GHTS OUT #29. Coming up is the milestone L!GHTS OUT XXX (30) event that is action packed from start to finish. Let’s breakdown the card for this monumental night


Inaros vs A.J. Morales

The official opening bout of the night could surely compete to be the main event. At L!GHTS OUT #29, we saw the debut of the terrorizing Inaros advance in the tournament against a highly competitive Will Neilson. We also saw A.J. Morales advance, capping off his main event victory over Heathen Jones by paying homage to his wife and Union Battleground legend Emery Layton with The Prikasa. Morales took down one imposing monster in this tournament already, but can he make it two in a row and move one step closer to the coveted King Cobra Championship?


Finn Whelan vs Flash Kassidy

Both of these competitors made their Battleground debut in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament last season, and both made a lot of noise. As we all should surely know, Whelan made it all the way to the finals, while Kassidy was screwed out of the tourney due to one of Salvation’s many interchangeable members. Both of these top competitors look to rebound from their shortcomings from season two, but only one will move on to the semifinals and continue that trek in the tournament.


Kaelan Laughlin vs Mikey Svarro

There probably hasn’t been a wrestler hotter on the scene than Kaelan Laughlin in recent weeks. Going through an epic death match with her husband, she has since seemingly patched things up. Funny how love works sometimes, right? After scoring a victory in the opening round, after declining the option to have a bye when her original opponent dropped out, Laughlin looks to continue her journey in the King Cobra Tournament. Problem is, her next opponent is the cocky yet charismatic Mikey Svarro. The Voice of Wrestling showed he didn’t have a lot of ring rust to dust off when he defeated Danny Colt back at Relapse. He then popped up in Charleston to personally deliver a message to Laughlin, which was to “Listen Hard”.


Datura vs Lisa Seldon

Datura came into the Battleground scene late in season 2, but made some noise. Debuting on the final L!GHTS OUT event where she defeated Kira Izumi, she then defeated Erik Holland at Coup de Grâce in a One Night Only one-off bout. Season 3 is a fresh start for her and she’s continuing her winning ways, as she advanced through the opening round of the King Cobra Tournament by defeating Maverick. Her opponent for L!GHTS OUT XXX though will surely be her toughest challenge yet here as she squares up against Lisa Seldon. The Deathmatch aficionado delivered a brutal and hard fought victory at Relapse II, where she defeated James Edwards in quite a violent affair. It’s something Seldon brings to the table in event match she’s in, and it’s something we can expect on this night. This match surely has the potential to be the match of the night, and quite possibly one we talk about for a long time with such a clash of style these two possess.


Elena DeDraca vs Kaven Drell

When you stop to think about some of the most dominating competitors that have stepped inside the Battleground, Elena DeDraca most certainly comes to mind. The fact that she’s accomplished so much in such a short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. However, one person doesn’t seem to share those sentiments. At L!GHTS OUT #29, a man by the name of Kaven Drell jumped the guardrail and mowed over the opening bout competitors Isa Amos and El Landerson. His message wasn’t finished from there, however, as he went on to proclaim that DeDraca was the epitome of a stagnant playing field and he was ready to challenge the status quo. His actions and words were enough for Owner and Promoter Gunnar Graves to chime in later in the night and give him that title shot.


Alyssa Daniels vs Kimitsu Zombie

Piggybacking on Gunnar’s statement at L!GHTS OUT #29, he also made one more announcement. Seemingly still fired up from Drell’s eye opening challenge, Graves admitted he didn’t want to see competitors waiting around to have their name called on, especially concerning the top two championships in the company. So he pitted the two most dominating competitors in season 2 in the main event for the 30th L!GHTS OUT show. Alyssa Daniels will defend her Union Battleground Championship against Trench War Champion Kimitsu Zombie. This landmark event will have a match never seen before in Union Battleground, a champion versus champion bout. In Alyssa Daniels’ hometown Philadelphia, she has the chance to extinguish Kimitsu Zombie’s chance at becoming the first ever dual champion of Union Battleground while chalking up her first title defense. There’s nothing anyone could argue that these two aren’t deserving and qualified champions, so the bossman wanted to treat the fans for this special show to something they won’t soon forget.