• Dante Reed

Morales and Jones headline kickoff L!GHTS OUT show

Season 3 is finally here! After an epic night in London, England for Relapse II: Baptized by Fire, things are finally in motion for the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament. At Relapse, we saw Maverick in the preliminary bout win the qualifier match, who will now go on to face Datura at L!GHTS OUT#29. We also saw the return of Mikey Svarro, taking down Danny Colt and advancing. Svarro found out who his opponent will be, as Kaelan Laughlin overcame the insurmountable odds and defeated Robina Hood in a bout that showcased her will to win. Also in the night, we saw the debuting Lisa Seldon defeat James Edwards in a brutal back and forth affair. And our final King Cobra match of the night saw 2018 King Cobra finalist Finn Whelan edge a victory over the pint-size phenom Fallon Lockhart.

So now, we move forward to L!GHTS OUT #29 and look at the lineup ahead. Another series of opening round matches, where we will see who inches closer to that coveted King Cobra Championship. To start off the night, we will see the debut of Isa Amos, who takes on season two returner El Landerson. Then the King Cobra matches kick in. Datura finally found out who her opponent was, as she will be facing the winner of the triple threat qualifier, Maverick. Then we see the return of "The Burner" Flash Kassidy, a human highlight reel, take on the debuting Karnivall in a bout that has many people buzzing to be the dark horse match of the night. Then another debut, the intimidating ancient behemoth Inaros will take on UCWA CCW Adrenaline Champion Will Neilson. Then, War Horse Champion Elena DeDraca continues her streak of successful defenses as she takes on the returning Alex Kincaid.

Our Main Event for the evening brings the return of AJ Morales in Union Battleground as he will take on the debuting Heathen Jones. Morales will look to continue his newly wedded wife Emery Layton's legacy as King Cobra Champion, but he will have to do it against the highly controversial brute. Heathen Jones made a special appearance in London to address his upcoming matchup, and he left no doubts that he is looking forward to his debut against "The Revolution".