• Dante Reed

DeDraca defends War Horse Title againt Riddle

They say all is fair in love and war. Elena DeDraca and Cyrus Riddle have a long history that brings both of those together, and have finally reached a boiling point. During the Season 2 finale Coup de Grace super show, acting Owner and Promoter Gunnar Graves scheduled an open invite battle royal, where the winner would earn a shot at the War Horse Championship in Season 3.

Ten competitors from outside of the Union Battleground banner battled their ways in hopes to earn a shot at gold. When all was said and done, Elena DeDraca's ex-husband Cyrus Riddle walked away victorious, albeit with some help from DeDraca herself.

It all finally comes to an end at the Season 3 kickoff supershow Relapse II: Baptized by Fire, where DeDraca and Riddle will square off in the main event in an Inferno Match.

It's time to burn the bridges and much, much more!