• adamk77ak

Farewell Tour for MDK

When Union Battleground first took off the ground, one of the key signings Axel Graves coveted was former Warped Wrestling legend Malcolm Dred-King. Throughout the first season, MDK reignited a blood feud with fellow Warped Wrestling alum, Crowbar. The two ambushed each other at every corner and were constantly at each other’s throats. It all finally culminated at the very first season finale Coup de Grâce. Dred-King and Crowbar faced off in a Warped Wrestling signature stipulation FnX Match, with Warped bossman PKA as special enforcer. It was like a Warped family reunion with run-ins from Anton Chase and formerly known as Mr. Rottentreats, James Rotten. Crowbar scores the victory, and the sentiment was that was the last of the MDK legacy.

Fast forward to season two. July 1st in Denver, Colorado for Guerrilla Warfare, out comes Malcolm Dred-King to a thunderous applause to ignite his return to the Battleground. Although he didn’t win Guerrilla Warfare, this signified his return to action... or so we thought. MDK would come up short against Elena DeDraca in her first War Horse Title defense at the following L!GHTS OUT #26 event, and that flame quickly fizzled out.

There have been rumblings that MDK has set his focus for one more run in the Battleground. He hasn’t been subtle with his desires to compete against Blake Archer and The Outliers, but one problem remains. Neither Archer nor The Outliers have signed deals for season 3 as of this writing. Could Malcolm’s return bait the GWP Champ and the highly decorated tag team into, at the very least, a one-off bout? Only time will tell, and unfortunately time isn’t on Malcolm’s side.