Mobile Civic Center

Mobile, Alabama

10, 112

Desktop 1920 x 1080

:: commentary teaM ::

:: welcome to the show ::

[All week long, the Battleground Network has shown nothing but the new Union Battleground logo. It fades in and out with a rhythmic pulse synchronized with the deep thuds of a heart beat. The view distorts and scratches out into darkness. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1


[As "Fuel" by Metallica kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. We see Dick Devereux laying countless Pipe Bombs on to Dragasha Omega in the L!GHTS OUT #1 main event; we see Hannah Kristiansen cutting a promo during her open challenge debut; we see the formation of Salvation at the Fallout PPV; we see Emery Layton winning the Trench War Championship with The Prikasa;

we see The Outliers crowd surfing down at the Pico Rivera Arena at L!GHTS OUT #4.]


[Then we see a quick cut compilation of Nigel Crane laying out Maverick and then showing him destroying Jason Bourne's knee and then a split screen of both of them wheeled out on stretchers; we see a quick cut compilation of some of the biggest spots during Trixie and Anton Chase's ladder match at Fallout; and finally we see a quick cut compilation of Dick Devereux and Tweeder each hoisting the Union Battleground Championship during their two PPV main event bouts. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena.]

[Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are finishing up one of their hit songs as the camera angles pan all throughout the arena. As Knux finishes off his solo and bringing the song to an end, a huge fireworks display ignites and lights up the entire arena like a supernova! We now finally venture over to the broadcast booth to start the show.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Welcome ladies and gentlemen to L!GHTS OUT #9 on the all-new Battleground Network! We are here at the Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 plus! I am your host "The Doctor" Dante Reed alongside this guy...


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I am "Diamond" Dick 'Delivers more package than UPS' Thrasher! Dante, it's a brand new night, Friday Night! We're here in Roll Tide Country and we've got three debuts coming.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - That's right. Our opening matchup tonight features two newcomers to the Battleground with Ryan Zane taking on Dillon Shaw. And in our main event tonight, we've got the debut of Jove Belane who will be taking on Azrael!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Should be some great stuff in store with also Damon Xalvador taking on Izumi Sato; and the return of that pussy loving Hubert Smalls goes up against Desmond Masters.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - But before we kick things off, we have a couple announcements to make that happened after Fallout. First, those who ordered the PPV saw the gruesome assault Saint Sato dished out to Britain Jade, ourselves, and anyone within arm's reach. As a result of the beatings from officials, security, and is, the broadcasters, Saito has been suspended indefinitely!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Good! That botch needs some Battleground Network and chill! I'm still reeling from Sunday!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Also, in our gruesome main event at Fallout, both Tweeder and the new Union Battleground Champion Dick Devereaux have been put on medical suspension. Doctors have estimated that these two will be out for at least a month! And finally, Axel Graves announced at Fallout the debut of the Battleground Network with the partnership additions to UKWF and MCW; with simulcasting deals with Unleashed and Seattle Pro.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - But wait, there's more!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Axel Graves made the deal finalized and has added the XWA as a simulcast partnership!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - XWA? Hey isn't our Trench War Champ and that holly bad ass Diamond Jack Sabbath hail from there?


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Indeed they are! So, big news right out of the gate, but now it's time for some action! Mike take it aw--

:: follow us to salvation ::

[The arena goes dark as the off and on again style beginning of “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” by White Zombie begins, when the song consistently hits it’s rhythm before the vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark red spotlight with smoke seeping out of the ramp and entrance way.]







[From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Camila Martinez directly by his side, with Kreature flanking his other side and Sinister flanking Mila while that singular blood red spotlight now lights them up. The four stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Malicious Mila evilly playing to the crowd while Nemesis, Kreature and Sinister walk to the ring in a straightforward manner with the spotlight staying on them.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Oh no, not these creepy bastards! I can't believe what they did to our buddy Drew! Those sick bastatds!


[Kreature slides under the ropes while Camila Martinez sadistically and seductively hangs upside down on the ropes, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring, with Sinister following the same route behind him. Kreature rests in the corner with Sinister hovering over him with his arms crossed, while Nemesis stands in the middle of the ring with Camila Martinez on her knees crawling between his legs facing the crowd with Nemesis stretching his arms outwards while leaning his head back as the singular blood red spotlight remains on them.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Quite the dark and charismatic bunch, wouldn’t you say Dick?


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Charismatic? We need an exorcism performed in Union Battleground!


[The lights begin to rise as Nemesis breaks his pose and Mila gets to her feet to stand next to him while Kreature and Sinister remain in the corner. Nemesis is handed a mic by a reluctant Mike Dempsey who scurries out of the ring as soon as he hands it off.]


Nemesis: Drew Stevenson…did I not warn you that you were the ‘beginning of the end’? Did I not say you would play an essential role in something bigger then you could even comprehend? You were the martyr of Union Battleground Drew, the way Axel praised you every chance he could for your past accomplishments, the way these fans loved to hate you, again, due to your past accomplishments…you were an example Drew…an example that even what these people deem as ‘great’ or ‘legendary’ is not powerful enough to stop "The Harbinger of Revelations” and the cleansing that is about to be brought upon the Battleground.


[As the fans jeer loudly, Nemesis continues looking dead into the camera while Mila remains tight by his side, eyeing the crowd and flipping them off]


Nemesis: Since, Drew Stevenson was foolish enough not to heed my warning, I hope that after the display of violence and carnage we laid waste to Drew has opened the eyes of the competitors in the back because I want each and everyone of you to listen very carefully…you have but two options moving forward from here on out; follow us to Salvation…or be DAMNED to destruction…I advise you all to weigh your options carefully, as this is not a hollow threat and the cleansing of those we see unfit begins tonight!


[With that, Nemesis drops the mic while Mila’s sadistically chuckles and gives a sarcastic wave to the crowd as Salvation’s theme music “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” by White Zombie kicks back in. Nemesis exits the ring with Mila following directly behind him and Sinister walking side by side with Kreature behind them. As the begin to walk up the ramp, it fills with smoke and then after a few moments, the smoke settles quickly and the four of them are gone]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – What a creepy bunch Dick!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – What in the hell does he mean by “cleansing” Dante?


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I don't know, but I don't want to be around to find out!

:: ryan zane vs dillon shaw ::

Mike “Drop” Dempsey – The follow contest is scheduled for one fall…introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, standing 6’ tall and weighing 210 lbs…Ryan Zane!







[Ryan Zane heads out from behind the curtain with his arms spread out. He motions the crowd to cheer him. He then starts air drumming to the beat to his theme. After that, arms still spread, walks down to the ring. He slides into the ring and raises his arms in the air before he starts air drumming and bobbing his head to his theme.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Yet another double debut match here at Union Battleground as Axel Graves is always on the hunt to bring the best talent in the world here to the Battleground Network!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Let’s hope these two turn out to be diamonds and not lumps of coal like Malcolm San Cross Dante!


Mike “Drop” Dempsey – And his opponent…from Columbus, Ohio, standing 6’2 tall and weighing in at 225 lbs…’The Spectacular” Dillon Shaw!






[From the top of the entrance way, ‘The Spectacular’ Dillon Shaw steps out to a negative reaction. Embracing the negativity from the audience, Dillon makes his way to the ring while getting into the faces of a few fans. When he gets to the ring, Dillon slides under the bottom rope and slowly gets to his feet. The fans continue to boo as Dillon looks out into the crowd with a cocky smile across his face. Dillon Shaw once again talks trash to the fans as his music dies down.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Dillon Shaw looking quite arrogant here for a man that hasn’t even wrestled a match here in the Battleground!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – He’s not cocky Dante, he’s just confident!


[The referee calls for the bell and the two competitors lock up]




[Zane takes the quick advantage out of the lock up with a wristlock that causes Shaw to pat his arm in pain. Shaw then rolls out of it and pounces off of the mat with a clothesline. Shaw attempts a rear naked choke, but Ryan Zane manages to quickly slip out, get to his feet and drop kick Dillon Shaw to the mat. Due to the lack of offense taken so far, Shaw is quickly back to one knee staring at Zane who motions for him to come get some. Shaw stands up, looks around and then tries to catch Zane off guard by charging at him with a wild right hand, but Zane beautifully counters it into a swinging neckbreaker that Shaw doesn’t get up from so quickly this time]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Great counter by Zane there to deliver a quick swinging neckbreaker!


[Zane picks Shaw up and wraps his arms around Dillon’s waist, attempting a belly to belly suplex by Shaw holds onto Zane’s arms to stop the momentum from moving forward and then reaches for Ryan Zane’s arms to break them free from wrapping his waist, which he does so successfully. Shaw then gives Zane a quick kick to the gut and then begins to chop Ryan Zane’s chest one after another until he’s back up into the turnbuckle. Ryan Zane then tries to change the course of the match with a sudden burst of energy by stopping Shaw mid slap and tossing him into the turnbuckle but his first right hand is blocked and then Shaw kicks Zane in the front of the right kneecap sending Ryan Zane to one knee, then Dillon Shaw hits the ropes and comes off with a front dropkick that sends Zane back to the mat]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – What an amazing exchange so far between these two Battleground warriors!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – It was only a matter of time before Dillon Shaw got the upper hand Reed!


[Shaw goes to the legs of Ryan Zane, grabs them and begins trying to turn Zane over for a Boston Crab but Zane tries to swing his momentum in the opposite direction. After doing this a few times, Zane finally uses all of his core and leg strength to flip Shaw over to the mat. Zane quickly gets to his feet, Shaw throws a right and Zane blocks in, delivering a right of his own. Shaw attempts another but this time, Zane ducks and runs underneath the attempted fist, waits for Shaw to turn around and nails Shaw with a Tornado DDT]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – What a DDT by Ryan Zane!


[Zane covers Dillon Shaw quickly as the referee makes the count]








“Diamond” Dick thrasher – Barely a two Dante, he can’t beat Dillon Shaw that easily!


[Zane is back to his feet as Shaw slowly gets up to one knee and then to both feet, staggering a bit. Zane irish whips Dillon into the ropes, Dillon Shaw bounces off, ducking a swinging, wild clothesline, then hits the opposite ropes, coming off of them and knocking down Ryan Zane with a flying forearm. Dillon Shaw lies down for a moment and then gets up and slowly begins lurking over Ryan Zane, waiting for him to rise up, when he does, Dillon Shaw wraps his leg around Ryan Zane’s, with his arm around his shoulder, attempting a Russian leg Sweep but Ryan Zane throws one elbow, then a second that breaks Dillon Shaw’s grasp]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Ryan Shaw not having any of that attempted Russian Leg Sweep!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Shaw’s got this Dante, just you wait!


[As Shaw stumbles back, Ryan Zane moves in, jumps up and tries to bring Dillon Shaw down with a fameasser, but Dillon grabs Zane by the leg and throws him off. Zane turns back around after gaining his footing due to being thrown off suddenly, turns around is kicked in the gut, brought in, hoisted up and dropped with a picture perfect brainbuster suplex by Dillon Shaw]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – “Brain Dead” delivered by Dillon Shaw! This could be the setup to the end for Ryan Zane!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I told you Dante, it was only a matter of time!


[Dillon Shaw walks over, then scissors the closest arm of Ryan Zane with his legs and takes hold of the far arm of Zane with both hands, forcing Ryan Zane onto his side and placing stress on both shoulder joints, as well as making it hard for Zane to breathe, successfully locking in his scissors armbar-style finisher]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Ryan Zane is in trouble here as Dillon Shaw has locked in the “Core Consequence”


[The referee moves in to check on Zane who only after a few moments tells the referee that he submits to the devastating hold. The referee calls for the bell, declaring Shaw the winner while Dillon holds Zane in his finisher for a little while longer, as if punishing him for making him work for the win]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Shaw needs to let go here! He’s already won!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – He’s teaching him a lesson Dante; Dillon Shaw is ‘Spectacular’, Ryan Zane clearly is not!


[The referee only has to tell Dillon Shaw once to break the hold and he does, standing up quickly and tapping his wrist for the referee to raise it in victory, which the referee does]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey – Here is your winner… "The Spectacular" Dillon Shaw!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The man from Buckeye Country picks up the win here tonight Dick in an impressive showing!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - This young man has a lot of potential. I can honestly say I can't wait to see him back in the ring!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Coming up next, the return of Hubert Smalls as he is set to battle Desmond Masters. Don't go anywhere!

:: the great hubini weenies ::

[We take the audience to...well...what is probably “backstage.” However, the small, dimly lit room we find ourselves in is draped with purple and gold curtains both on the walls and on the floor. The decor sets the mood perfectly, though, for the focal point in the middle of our shot.]


[Hubert Smalls, making his return to the Battleground, is here and waving politely to the camera. However, he is not in his typical wrestling garb or casually-dressed nature. No: he dons a large white turban and is draped in a thick green flowing robe.]


Hubert Smalls -- Hello friends! It is I, the GREAT HUBINI WEENIES, and I am here to predict the future of the Unions Battlefield Lights Off event for the fans TONIGHT!


[We decipher that Hubert is pretending to be a fortune teller. Conspicuous by its absence, however, is the traditional crystal ball that typically sits on the table in front of the fortune teller. Instead, Smalls’ cat Tail Earnhardt is resting in loaf-bread position on top of the small table in front of the Great Hubini Weenies.]


Hubert Smalls -- But don’t worry none, y’all, ‘cause the GREAT HUBINI WEENIES won’t tell you who is going to win the matches! I will now rub my FUTURE TAIL and talk to you about what I done seen happen tonight!


[Hubert extends a hand out to pet his cat, who responds with a loud purr of appreciation.]


Hubert Smalls -- Ah! The Future Tail say that there is even more ACTION SLAMMED restling for the fans and friends to be seeing even after Fallout!


[With a slight eyebrow raise, he slowly rubs on T.E.’s lower back/butt, eliciting even more purring from his feline friend.]


Hubert Smalls -- Also, this will be on the new BATTLEGROUND NETWORKS that you be seein’ it on! And also, wait, I am gettin’ more from the FUTURE SPIRITS...y’all might see more of Nemepiss and his evil gang!


[Smalls smiles, his eyes lighting up with excitement. He then stands up slowly and spreads his arms wide in adulation as he delivers his final prediction to the Union Battleground audience.]


Hubert Smalls -- And you all be done seein’ ME, Hubert Smalls, back in the resslin’ ring again...for LIGHTS OUT!


[And fade.]

:: commercial ::

:: desmond masters vs hubert smalls ::

Mike “Drop” Dempsey – The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 215 lbs and stands at 6' even. Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada... Desmond Masters!




[The opening chorus of Invincible by MGK would hit the PA System as Desmond Masters would walk out from the backstage area, raising a claw like signature up to the base of his chest as the spotlight shined on him. A few moments passed and he walked down the ramp, shaking a few hands and high fiving the fans in attendance before shouting "let's get to work!" at the camera while his announcement was being heard. By this time, Desmond is seen pumping the crowd up and getting them energized for his matchup while his music would fade away.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Dick, Masters returns to the Battleground since his debut match at L!GHTS OUT #6 against Emery Layton.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - If you ask me, this guys got thrown to the wolves! A young upstart going up against the Trench War Champion... I'd like to have a talk with his agent!


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, weighing in at 235 lbs., from Petal, Mississippi…Hubert Smalls!







[As the cheerful ballad sung by Deniece Williams begins to blare over the PA system, a jubilated Hubert Smalls walks out to an eruption of positivity. With Tail Earnhardt in tow in his see-through carrier, Hubert makes his way down to the ring waving politely at the audience.  As he approaches the ring area, he places the cat on a folding chair next to the commentary booth, and then climbs into the squared circle.  He again plays to the crowd by politely waving, and then takes position in his corner to await the beginning bell.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Another return here with Hubert Smalls who's been absent since his debut victory at L!GHTS OUT #5.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He spent his time away from the Battleground in his home company AWE, and look how that turned out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Come on, don't be a dick!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I am what I am! He better be careful too about putting his pussycat next to me! I think it's a well known fact that I'm not allergic to them!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - You kiss your mother with that mouth? Anyway, referee is now calling for the start of this match!




[The bell sounds and this match is under way. Both competitors make there way to the center of the ring, Desmond looking focused, while Hubert has a cheery smile from ear to ear. Hubert waves at Desmond and holds his hand out to shake. Desmond looks on a bit confused at first, but shakes it out of respect and then bounces in place. Desmond throws his hand up to initiate a test of strength, but Hubert thinks he's wanting to play games and starts clapping his hands and smacking Desmond's in rhythm.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Ha! Would you look at that? Hubert thinks he wants to play patty cakes!


[Desmond looks completely confused as to what is transpiring and pushes Hubert's hands off of him and lands a kick to the gut. Hubert winces in pain and looks betrayed. Desmond goes for a collar and elbow tie up but Hubert ducks under him. Desmond tries again, but Hubert dodges a second time. Desmond looks angry and tries again, but Hubert ducks him again and this time lifts him up with an Olympic slam!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Big move by Hubert Smalls!


[Desmond hits the mat hard but pops right back up. He rushes towards Hubert but Smalls counters with an arm drag. Desmond sprints back, and Hubert hits another arm drag! This continues on and the crowd counts along!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!


... Four!


... Five!


... Six!


... Seven!


... Eight!


... Nine!


... Ten!


[The crowd cheers on Hubert after hitting ten consecutive arm drags while Desmond sits in the corner rethinking his strategy. Desmond gets to his feet and walks over to Hubert, who is still grinning with joy. Masters walks up to him and back hands him right across the face! The boo birds come out in droves for support of the fan favorite. Hubert clutches his face and looking like he doesn't know why he's being struck like that. Hubert comes in to give an apologetic hug, but Masters drops him with a superkick!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The fans are not happy with Desmond right now!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - What do they expect? This is Union Battleground! Not a damn lie factory!


[Hubert rolls around the mat in serious pain as Desmond makes his way to the turnbuckle. Masters climbs his way to the top rope, but just as he reaches it Hubert jumps up and puts Desmond up on his shoulders in an electric chair position! Hubert walks back to the center of the ring, and then drops Masters to his back. The crowd cheers on Hubert who points to the turnbuckle for himself. Hubert makes his way over and climbs up as waits for Desmond to stand. When he does, Hubert waves then launches himself off and comes down with a sharp karate chop to Desmond's trapezius muscle!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Karate chop!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Everybody was king fu fighting!


[Desmond drops to a knee and with excitement, Hubert climbs back up the turnbuckle. This time to the middle rope, and hits Desmond with another karate chop to his other trap! Feeling rambunctious, Hubert climbs up the turnbuckle for a third time, however Desmond is quick on his feet and this time puts Hubert up on his shoulders in the electric chair position!]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Hubert's about to get a taste of his own medicine!


[Hubert sways his arms all around to his keep his balance while sitting on Desmond's shoulders. Masters walks the perimeter of the ring, showboating and mocking Hubert towards the crowd, which gets them riled up. Desmond walks to the center of the ring and before he can drop, Hubert rolls forward with almost a modified sunset flip, and then locks Desmond into the stump puller!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Cat bath! Hubert has locked in the Cat Bath and there's nowhere Desmond can go!


[Desmond struggles, but there's no escape. Finally, Desmond is forced to tap out!]




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Hu--

:: the infection ::

[Mike "Drop" Dempsey is interrupted by a sick base line as "Sayonara, Perfect World" blares over the arena. Kimitsu Zombie comes out to the surprised boos, murmurs and cheers of the fans. She looks around at the audience and at the people in the ring.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Is that... Is that who I think it is?!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - SHE'S BACK!


Kimitsu Zombie - Hey, guys look who it is? It's me! I know you thought me being here was a one time thing. My time here with Uncle Aoki was great and I know we made an impression. Such an impression that Graves kept his invitation open and I decided to take him up on it. That guy knows his talent... well, Hubert is here but nobody's perfect. I looked at the roster and I recognized some real names. It seems like I was always on the edges of your radars. I was only on the periphery never really had a chance to mix things up with you guys. That's gonna change.


[She gets out a few 8x10s of your favorite Union Battleground wrestlers and flips through them.]


Kimitsu Zombie - So from my friends in the late AWE, it is time we get really reacquainted. To those that have only heard of me and the Zombie Clan through word of mouth I can assure you that it's all true. And to our new top boy Dick... his clock started clicking the moment he won the title and the ink dried on my contract. I'm coming and I'm coming in strong. I dominated and made an impact in every place I step in and it'll be the same here. Your records will turn to shit, your spooky ass groups will wither and die and your fans will join the Horde because Kimitsu Zombie is among you now. Don't worry I won't set fire to Union Battleground just yet. I'll have some fun first.


[She reaches into her boot and takes out a rail spike and points at the competitors in the ring.  A few refs and officials stream out of the back and stand in front of her. She looks around and laughs. She puts her hands up and turns to walk to the back while crumbling up the pictures in her hands. She stops and suddenly whips around throwing the pieces of torn pictures at the officials most of which are now on fire. She stuffs a lighter back into her shirt and laughs as some of the officials run for cover and others scream at her to go away. She blows an exaggerated kiss at everyone and finally leaves.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie has put the Union Battleground roster on notice!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Remember what she did back at Battle of Los Angeles?! She's an absolute terror!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks, don't go anywhere we've got plenty more in store tonight! Stay tuned!

:: commercial ::

:: the cleansing begins ::

[We open up backstage where we see “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase walking down the hallway passing by workers. He eventually comes to his locker room door and opens it find the walls covered with occult markings and symbols drawn in blood, with his manager Chris Wood tied up and unconscious in a chair with the word “SALVATION” painted in blood behind him on the wall.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – What has Salvation done to Chris Wood?


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I got a bad feeling about this!


[Anton moves quickly to untie his manager, when he looks up at the wall and all of a sudden, words begin to form on the wall in blood, seemingly out of thin air causing Anton to stop untying his manager and just stare at the wall.]


”How dare you claim the status of a deity…

You are nothing more then mere filth

that needs to be cleansed from the Battleground…”


[Anton shakes it off and unties his manager, and then they both storm out of the locker room visibly upset and shaken. As if it was meant to be, Axel Graves happens to pass by and Chase stops him.]


Anton Chase - You see what that freak you hired Nemesis and his little group of emo’s did to my locker room?


[Axel takes a peek in and surveys the locker room, and then steps back out.]


Axel Graves - What are you talking about?


[Anton and the camera look into his locker room, revealing that all the blood on the walls and symbols that were there before have disappeared and the room looks somewhat tidy.]


Anton Chase - What the hell?!? Listen, two seconds ago they vandalized my room and even tied up Chris over here, you going to let those guys get away with that kind of shit?


Axel Graves - I’ll tell you what, how about next week I give you your chance at revenge with a one on one match between you…and Nemesis!


[Anton looks at Chris Wood, then back at Axel.]


Anton Chase - Good…someone’s got to teach that sideshow freak a lesson!


[As Axel walks away and Anton Chase, along with his manager Chris Wood watch Axel walk off, we see Nemesis all of a sudden appear in the background, a little bit further down the hallway with a sadistic grin as we fade back to ringside.]

:: damon xalvador vs izumi sato ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. On her way to the ring…from Kyoto, Japan, standing 5'2". Representing the NGIW, "The Pure Heart Warrior" Izumi Sato!




[A dragon roars, leading straight into "Flying Light" by Yasuharu Takanashi as white and hot pink lights flash to the beat of the tune.  The curtains then part, as the "Pure Heart Warrior" Izumi "Dragon" Sato steps out, donning a short-sleeved white "Dragon Sato" t-shirt over her usual ring gear.  There she steps to the right side of the aisle way down, launching her left arm up and out while slapping a hand to her heart twice in rapid succession.  Then she turns and walks to the crowd on the left side of the aisle, forming a heart with her fingers, a huge smile on her lips before she marches down the aisle, slapping as many hands as she can before arriving at ringside.  There she ascends the ring steps and slips through the ropes, immediately going to her corner for final preparations before pulling her t-shirt off revealing her outfit of choice for the night]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Sato is looking to pick up her first win in Union Battleground here tonight!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Good luck to her with that! She’s up against the former WWH Hellsfire Extreme Champion!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Well Sato has held the accomplishment of obtaining the Heart of KOKORO Dick.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – She killed that famous monkey and took his heart?


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – That was Koko..oh nevermind!


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent… from Aberdeen, Scotland… weighing in at 229 lbs and standing 6'1". Representing the WWH, Damon Xalvador!


[The lights go off as the crowds are getting up on their feet as a spotlight is placed on the entrance ramp. No music, nothing is happening right now which confused the crowds as they are waiting. Moments later,"Break You" by Lamb of God plays through the arena and coming through the curtain is none other than Damon Xalvador.]







[Xalvador walks over to the entrance ramp as he stops and looks at the crowd with a smirk on his face. He taunts the crowd, which causes a mixed reaction. He waves them off as he walks down the ramp. He walks up the steel stairs and climbs through the second rope. He walks over to the second turnbuckle, he stops and leans on it looking disinterested as his music slowly fades]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – This should be a good match up, although you have to give the size and strength advantage to Xalvador clearly here!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – You might as well raise his hand right now Dante, Sato is outmatched!




[As the bell sounds Izumi uses her smaller size as a quickness advantage by moving in fast and trying to land a few stiff kicks to the side of Damon Xalvador’s thighs but after the first one lands, Damon is on to her game and catches the second attempt, then grabs her by the throat, picks her up and tosses her half way across the ring into the turnbuckle. Damon follows up by attempting a short, running clothesline but Izumi shakes off being tosses and rolls underneath the clothesline. Damon turns around and again, Izumi Santo starts landing kicks to Damon’s thighs but is switching from the right, to the left, back and forth to keep him off balance]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Great quickness showed here by Izumi Sato, mixed in with a smart strategy by working the legs of the taller opponent!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – But like you saw at the beginning Dante, if Damon Xalvador gets his hands on her, his strength advantage will be too much for her to handle.


[Xalvador has been backed into the corner by the kicks to the legs and then Izumi one hops to the second rope and hits Damon Xalvador with a stiff rising knee that snaps his head back. Sato then grabs him by the neck, plants her feet in his chest and moves her momentum backwards to hit Damon Xalvador with a monkey flip out of the corner]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Sato keeping it up and looking quite determined here to get in the win column!


[Damon Xalvador bangs the mat in frustration, gets up and charges again but is lead right into an arm drag. Xalvador gets up even quicker this time and charges expecting to be arm dragged but this time Izumi catches him off guard with a hip toss, albeit, not a very strong one due to the size disadvantage. Damon gets up and this time instead of charging her, stands back in frustration with his hands on his hips, shaking his head]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – I think Damon Xalvador thought this would be much easier against the undersized Izumi Sato here but has quickly learned to not take her so lightly!


[Damon approaches Izumi slowly now and approaches her with one hand in the air, challenging her to a test of strength but Izumi wants nothing to do with it and tries to sweep in low with a single leg takedown but Damon Xalvador catches her by the hair, picks her up off her feet, throws her up on his shoulders and drops Izumi Sato back down to the mat with an absolutely vicious looking Death Valley Driver]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – My lord! Izumi’s neck might be broken after that!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – And so it begins Dante! Say good night to Izumi Sato!


[Xalvador stands back up over Sato, grabs her by the neck with both hands, once again lifting her to her feet. Damon then proceeds to irish whip Sato into the ropes and as she bounces up, he lifts his boot to nearly decapitate Sato with a big boot. Xalvador goes to the legs, wraps them up and easily turns over Izumi Sato into a Texas Cloverleaf as the referee slides in front of Sato’s face asking her if she gives up]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – If Damon Xalvador rears back enough due to his weight advantage, he could really do serious damage to the back of Izumi Sato!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Tell this broad to quit already Dante!


[Izumi Sato tries to move towards the ropes but quickly realizes she doesn’t have the strength to do so. Instead, she uses her flexibility to push up and use the high elevation Damon has her at in the hold to twist towards Xalvador’s ankle and roll out of it due to being so close to his ankle to begin with]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Izumi Sato gets out!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Lucky break Dante!


[Both competitors are now back to their feet and Xalvador moves in with a clothesline that is ducked. Damon turns around and is met with a knife edged chop that seems to have no effect as Damon just moves closer and looks angrier. Izumi tries another chop and it has the same effect. Sato goes for a third but Damon catches her hand. As he backs her up holding her arm, Sato then begins trying to revert back to kicking his thighs like she did earlier which begins to work as he lets go and starts clutching his right thigh. As he bends down to clutch it, Izumi hits a quick rising knee. With Damon Xalvador is backing up clutching his jaw, Sato sees the opening an executes a perfect spinning backfist that sends Xalvador flat on his back to the mat]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Uraken by Izumi Sato!


[Izumi follows up quickly with a cover as the referee makes the count]








[Damon Xalvador throws Izumi Sato off of him right after the referee’s hand hits the mat for the two count. Sato tries to run back in as Xalvador is getting back up with a headlock but he gets to his feet with her on his back. Damon reaches behind him, grabs a fistful of hair and throws Izumi Sato off of his back, forward over his head. As Sato gets up, Xalvador moves in and applies a crossface chicken wing, holds it for a moment, lifts Sato up and slams her to the mat with a wheelbarrow facebuster]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – SEE YOU IN HELL OUT OF NOWHERE!


[Damon Xalvador rolls Izumi Sato over into the pin as the referee makes the count]








[Xalvador gets up and the referee immediately raises his hand as the victor]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey – Here is your winner…Damon Xalvador!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - An 0-2 start for Izumi, not exactly how she wanted to begin her Battleground career.

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - No, but this place is an unforgiving slaughterhouse. SHe's just going to have to go back to the--

:: don't resist the darkness ::

[The opening riffs begin as we pan around the arena and soon focus on the stage.We see rain falling from high up as chains drop just below the Battle-tron.]







[Kira walks out holding his Bokken.He walks through the rusted chains and stands in the "rain" with Kirito following behind him.He lifts his bokken up and waves it across the arena.He Stops at the stage and holds a mic handed to him by Kirito to his hidden lips.]


Kira:"Kon~ban~wa! Sato~Chan!" Kira says as he smiles and tilts his head to the side a bit.


[He stands up straight and starts walking back and forth across the ramp way.]


Kira:"Ne Sato~Chan!? How does it feel? How does her cool touch feel upon your body? Good right?" He ages on.


[Izumi is in the ring shaking her head and yelling back at Kira. She turns away and clutches at her ears shaking her head no.]


Kira:" Oh come on Sa-to~Chan! Don't be that way. You know she's already inside so just embrace her and let her do her magic. It'll be better once you let her take over. No more losing, no more pain or suffering either. You can live in a perfect world, No worries and not a care in the world. Just let her take over your mind, body, and soul and it shall be complete. The seeds are already planted Sa-to~Chan! just let them grow and bloom you into the flower we know you can become. Don't believe me and just look at your actions these past few weeks, even months! The Sa-to~Chan I met isn't the one in the ring now. Due time, in due time you will come through. Better be sooner than later otherwise you'll need another incentive and we all know how the first time played out." he begins to laugh insanely and drops the mic leaving a distraught and mortified Izumi Sato in the ring.


[What more could he possibly do that was worse than what had already been done? The damage done to her parents, especially her father, was irreversible; and the thought of something even worse than that shook Izumi to her very core. And yet, despite her suffering her second loss in Union Battleground, Izumi still resisted, still fought back the only way she knew how. "No!" she cried out, loud enough for the corner camera to pick up as she rose from her kneeling position to a full vertical base. "Never!"]


[Kira was long gone though, and out of earshot. So Izumi rolled from the ring and made her way for the back, head bowed and shaking her head in a feeble attempt to rid Kira's last words from her mind.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Kira Izumi has had his sights set on Izumi Sato since before their arrival here in the Battleground. But why?


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Dante, I'm not sure, but this dude looks like someone who deals in the dark arts, so Sato is in between a rock and a hard place. Refuse Kira and continue this assault, or surrender and join him; and we all know there's no surrendering in Sato.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Well folks, let's change gears as we are all set up now for tonight's main event. Mike, take it away!

:: azrael vs jove belane ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's main event of the evening! The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from San Pedro, California, standing 6'2" and weighing in a 205 lbs., Jove Belane!




['Turbo Killer' by Carpenter Brut hits the PA system and drowns out the sound of the crowd. Just as quickly as it entered, it quiets down for a section of organ music before Jove Belane steps through the curtains. He's wearing a hooded sweatshirt and has his trainer right behind him. To his left is his representative, Harvey Lohman. The group head down the long cooridoor towards the ring. Jove ignores the attention of the fans who reach out for him. Harvey grants them a wicked and somewhat insincere smile as he goes. Finally they make their way ringside and await further instructions.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Our third and final competitor making his debut in the Battleground, is Jove Belane. He's a bit of a wild card as he hasn't had much experience inside the squared circle, or the proverbial octagon for that matter. However, it's been noted by his manager, Harvy Lohman, that he has a quite impressive skill set with numerous MMA styles. 


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Well Belane can have all the knowledge in the world of MMA, but what it boils down toxin the Battleground is execution. He's going to have to stay focused here tonight.


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, hailing from Los Angeles, California, standing 6'5" and weighing in tonight at 250 lbs., "The Angel of Death" Azrael!







[All the lights in the arena collapse into darkness and the violin rock intro to Skillet’s hit single “Awake and Alive” begin to echo throughout, much to the approval of the resident crowd. A spotlight shines on the entrance stage and Azrael stands in the middle of it, dressed in all black including a black sleeveless hoodie that accentuates his defined arms. He outstretches his arms and looks up into the unknown as the first lyrics of his chosen theme song echo in the arena. Azrael slowly lowers his head and arms before bowing his head in silent prayer and doing the sign of the cross to himself. The self-proclaimed guardian of justice of Union Battleground looks stoically ahead as the chorus signals the beginning of his journey to the ring with the spotlight following above him. When Azrael reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope, smoothly pops up to his feet, and heads to the center of the ring. There, again, he outstretches his arms and looks up to the heavens as the arena lights return. Azrael then removes his hoodie and paces around waiting for the match to begin.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The man, as far as we're aware, known as Azrael Kahn has been on a tear since his debut.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He won at L!GHTS OUT #7 in the main event, then went on to defeat Hunter Grand. Even though Grand had to break the news that he didn't win under the rules set forth to capture the Grand Slam Championship, I guess I'll admit it was still an impressive showing.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Alright folks, both fighters are ready for action and referee Bruce O'Neil calls for the bell!




[As the bell echoes and fades out, Belane begins to bounce in place to stay loose, while Azrael gives a piercing stare across the ring. After a few stretched out seconds, both men close in to the center of the ring, and lock horns with a collar and elbow tie up. Azrael uses his size advantage and bull rushes Belane into the nearest turnbuckle. Pinned in, Azrael shoves a forearm into Belane's neck as the referee O'Neil spouts off a five count. Azrael hesitates, but finally lets off before crashing back in with vicious forearm smashes. Azrael hits five in succession before Belane flips the script and sends Azrael into the corner. Belane starts utilizing some dirty boxing with numerous and various striking to the head and midsection! O'Neil wedges in between the two and directs them to the center of the ring.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Azrael took the early offense with his brute strength but Belane counters with some lightning fast strikes.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - It's a clash of skill sets here, which is always exciting to see which one ultimately gets the edge.


[Both men lock up again. Belane now takes control with a Muay Thai Clinch and starts delivering rapid knee strikes to the head and midsection. Belane gets a flurry in before Azrael is able to block a few. Azrael finally fights out of the clinch, but Belane quickly changes levels and shoots in for a double leg takedown, sending the fight to the mat. Jove mounts up and starts dropping an unpredictable combination of quick strike punches, elbows, and hammer fists that keeps Azrael guessing!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Belane is in control of the fight now! He just took the big man down like it was nothing!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - So many times in any sport, the low man wins. Belane is using Azrael's height to his own advantage! And now he's got Azrael in a vulnerable spot!


[Azrael finally gets his composure and blocks a few strikes and rolls out to get to a base stance. He pushes off Belane to get to his feet and goes to face Jove, but Belane nails him with an enziguri! Azrael stumbles but stays on his feet. Belane then drives a drop kick to the back of Azrael's knee, but he still stays on his feet. Belane rushes behind Azrael and topples him down with a huge German Suplex! Belane bridges for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out by Azrael!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Jove Belane is looking quite impressive in his debut match!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's putting on a clinic!


[Belane gets to his feet and drives in a couple stiff kicks before pulling Azrael up by the hair. As he stands to his feet, Azrael breaks Belane's grip and drives him down with an STO! Belane quickly pops back up but gets met with a running closeline by Azrael. Belane gets back up as Azrael bounces off the ropes and executes a swift running enziguri! Azrael drives a few heel kicks onto Belane, then takes flight with a springboard moonsault! Azrael hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Th-- No, Belane kicks out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Azrael is rallying now!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Beautiful moonsault by the big guy. I'm sure that impact rattled a few brain cells of Belane's!


[Azrael keeps the pressure on Belane and rotates up and locks in a Koji Clutch! Belane yells out in pain as the referee keeps a check. Belane tries to fight his way to the ropes, but Azrael's weight difference is too much. The referee keeps checking if Belane wants to tap, but Jove emphatically refuses. Belane gets to his knees but Azrael continues the leverage of Belane's head. Suddenly with one swift motion, Jove swings his arm over Azrael's head and rolls over to put Azrael on his back, and the ref makes the count!]


... One!


... Two!


... Azrael kicks out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Excellent display of awareness by Belane!


[Azrael rises to his feet furiously and wraps around Belane's waist and heaves him up and over with a deadlift German Suplex! Azrael keeps his grip and delivers another! Azrael again drags Belane up, and drops him with a third German Suplex! Belane hits the mat like a rag doll and Azrael roars out to the crowd.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Azrael is jolted with adrenaline and just dismantling Jove Belane right now!


[Azrael picks Belane up and and slings him into the ropes. On the return, Asrael hits a closeline, but Belane ducks. Belane runs the ropes and comes back and hits Azrael with an inverted bulldog! Both men pop back up, and Belane goes for a right hook, but Azrael dodges it, sending Belane spinning. Azrael grabs Belane by the hair and yanks him back. He looks to be going for an inverted DDT but Belane slips out and hits a boot to the gut. Belane grabs Azrael in a cutter position, and flips over to drop Azrael with a Shiranui! The crowd is on their feet as Belane pops back up and awaits for Azrael to get back to his feet! Azrae stumbles his way up and Jove Belane rocks him with a 540 Crescent Kick!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Storm! Here comes The Storm! Jove Belane just tagged Azrael with that nasty kick!


[Jove Belane hooks the leg for the cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Jove Belane!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I can't believe it! What a stunning debut victory by Belane!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - It looked like the one could have gone either way. But in the end, Jove Belane got the victory here tonight. That's all we have folks. Make sure to catch us again in Duluth, Georgia! Good Night!

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