Laredo Energy Arena

Laredo, Texas

9, 622

welcome to the show

[The end credits of COPS on Spike TV roll through with the infamous theme song fading out. Silence fills then the Union Battleground logo flickers in and out sporadically, then nothingness again. Fade back in to a scene showing a long, winding road deep in the night in the middle of what looks like to be an unmarked desert area. Scattered street lights, some flickering to hang on to their final watts of life, illuminate a rough pavement path. In the distance is a headlight, bobbing up and down the hills and valleys. As the light draws near, a deep and thunderous rumble resonates and increases in volume until we see a vivid silhouette of a biker barreling down the road. As the biker approaches collision of our view, a quick four count on an open hi-hat crashes as we begin our video montage.]





[As the shredding riffs of lead guitarist Kirk Hammett fill the void, "Fuel" by Metallica ushers in a montage of some of the Battleground's top stars. The montage ends in an explosion graphic and we transition to the live crowd in Laredo, Texas. The fans are especially wild tonight, as we have a huge unannounced guests in the building... THE SCUMBAG SOCIETY! Luke Knux is seen shredding the axe as the usual quick cuts of angles show off the fans in attendance.]

[The expected fireworks finale ignites the arena, and we venture over to our broadcast booth.]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Welcome everyone to Union Battleground's L!GHTS OUT #6! I am "The Doctor" Dante Reed, alongside me is of course "Diamond" Dick Thrasher and "The Emerald"  Drew Stevenson! Guys, let's welcome our newest addition to the show, our newest house band, the Scumbag Society!

"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson" - It's a great addition, seeing Luke Knux and the rest of the gang tearing the house down! We're here in the Lone Star State of Laredo, Texas in the Laredo Energy Arena! Tonight we have an action-packed card with Emery Layton defending her Trench War Championship against a debuting rookie Desmond Masters headlining the night!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - The match I'm most looking forward to is Crowbar vs Dick Devereaux. Two maniacs going at it to prove to the world who is crazier.

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - We also have Malcolm Dred-King returning to the ring since his second round exit from the Union Battleground Championship Tournament. And a Triple Threat match between Maverick, Jason Bourne, and Nigel Crane! But first, our opening bout. Mike, take it away!

trixie vs chloe dupont

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, currently standing in the ring at this time, from Paris, France... Chloe DuPont!


[Chloe waves to the crowd.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 5'6" and representing Redemption Wrestling, Trixie!




[Trixie comes out, and does a twirl to bend over and showcase her firm apple bottom to the crowd. She then turns around to flaunt her ring attire and bites her finger as she pauses on stage. She starts walking in a straight line down the ramp to really sway her hips and get the attention of the guys in the crowd, blowing kisses at the guys and enjoying the jealousy of the girls in the crowd. She steps onto the apron and gyrates her hips before stepping into the ring very slowly to allow all the photos to be taken, then stepping fully in and giving a playful wink to the referee as she sits on the corner.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Guys, these two have had a rough start in Union Battleground. Both are 0 for 2, but someone will look to get their first victory tonight.


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - With Chloe, she faced Britain Jade in her debut match, then got thrown to the wolves with Damon Xalvador. And with Trixie, she debuted against the eventual and now newly crown Union Battleground Champion Tweeder, then took a tough loss at Battle of Los Angeles to Anton Chase. And not to forget, she got robbed of her custom Trixie Championship by Anton as well!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - If you ask me, that was a despicable move by Anton! She took several chair shots before the Chaos Theory, then Anton goes and ribs her blind! Talking about kicking someone while they're down!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I have a feeling the Trixie/Chase saga isn't over just yet either. But now, both fighters are in their corners and this match looks to get under wa--....




[Just as referee Joe Murray was set to start the match, the arena lights drop and shifts to a blue hue. Fog begins to bellow out of the entrance and the crowd is up on their feet. Finally, the Owner and Promoter himself Adel Graves steps out to the main stage.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Axel Graves is in the house tonight! Obviously he's got something to say before we officially kick off the event tonight!


[Graves looks on to the roaring crowd and nods in approval. As his music begins to die down, he pulls a mic out and begins to speak.]


Axel Graves - Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of L!GHTS OUT!


[The crowd erupts into cheers and begin a chant.]




Axel Graves - We're here in the Lone Star State at the Laredo Energy Arena! Now, I wanted to do something a little different to kick things off here tonight. Right now, in the ring, we have two competitors who've been a little down on their luck to start their Union Battleground careers. Chloe has faced off with the well accomplished Britain Jade and then the WWH Extreme Champion Damon Xalvador; both unsuccessful outcomes. And Trixie... Trixie debuted against our new Union Battleground Champion Tweeder in a valiant, but again unsuccessful attempt, and then against a man that one-upped her in their latest saga of a storied rivalry in Anton Chase... So to shake things up here tonight in Laredo, Texas, our opening match is going to have a stipulation... Something that will light a fire under one of these two's asses. Tonight, for the very first time, we are having a "Banish from the Battleground" match! That's right, the loser of this match right here, right now will be their last inside a Union Battleground ring. Now... Ring the bell!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Are you kidding me?! Careers are now at stake right at the top of the hour!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Someone's going home with a pink slip in hand! What a way to shake things up!




[The bell rings and the two fighters are still in shock of what's suddenly at stake. Chloe seems most concerned as she gestures a plea to the onlooking Graves. When she comes to terms that Axel isn't going to budge on the stipulation, she makes amends with herself and turns around to give it her all. But out of nowhere, a bloodthirsty Trixie drills Chloe with a monstrous Spicy Superkick! Chloe drops like a ton of bricks!]


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Message received! Trixie just folded Chloe like a lawn chair with a Spicy Superkick!


[The crowd erupts as Trixie licks her finger and touches her leg, signifying her leg is on fire. Chloe is stumbling around trying to get back to her feet, but as she gets to her knees, Trixie runs her down with a thunderous Shining Apprentice! The crowd is now on their feet and Trixie makes the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Trixie!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - My God! Trixie wasted no time in showing Graves she belongs here in Union Battleground!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I can't believe it! It's a shame Chloe is a goner now! But Trixie wasn't about to give her opponent any leverage, especially with Axel's stipulation added! I guess Chloe just opened the door for a new competitor to step in! Hopefully a brunette, that's kind of my thing!


[Trixie celebrates her victory for only just a moment, before focusing on the hard cam and gesturing a belt around her waist.]


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Trixie now focused back on her missing custom championship belt. After this win, she lives to fight another day here in the Battleground, and I'm sure "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase is at the top of her hit list!


Winner: Trixie via pinfall (Shining Apprentice)

maverick vs nigel crane vs jason bourne

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Triple Threat Match! Coming to the ring first, from Grand Rapid, Michigan, he is Maverick!





[The lights dim, upon the megatron a glowing flashing portrait of the state of Michigan appears with blacked out 616 flashing inside it. The song Diamonds and Guns begins to blair thru the PA system as the state of Michigan turns into a fist and punches through the megatron glass that shatters with special effects as fireworks launch into the air. Through the smoke walks out a figure who stands at the top of the ramp taking in the cheers and the boos as he holds the pose of both arms out, palms open facing up with his head back looking to the ceiling. After a brief moment Maverick makes his way to the down the ramp. Once in the ring he makes his way to all four corner post and makes the same pose as he did upon the ramp.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - On the last L!GHTS OUT, Maverick squared up against Nemesis in the Main Event, and was attacked by Jason Bourne.


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Bourne hasn't forgotten what Maverick did in their debut match, but when Bourne attacked Maverick and interfered the match, that summoned the Big British Brute Nigel Crane to run out and equalize the intrusion.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - The Enforcer equalized the playing field by hitting Bourne with a Brain Basher and tossing him outside of the ring. And so now, it looks like we'll settle any disputes from that encounter.


Mike “Drop” Dempsey - … Introducing next, hailing from Leeds, United Kingdom, weighing in at 246 lbs., "The Enforcer of the Battleground" Nigel Crane!



[The song "Reckoning" by Killswitch Engage queues and Nigel Crane steps onto the entrance ramp. He stares at the crowd, scowling angrily as he stomps his way to the ring. He uses the middle rope to hoist himself onto the ring apron before stepping between the ropes. He takes the corner and stares menacingly forward.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - This is Crane's first match since his disqualification match with Crowbar in the Union Battleground Championship Tournament.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - It seems crazy he's been lurking around corners and behind shadows since mid-Janury, waiting to pounce. Tonight, though he gets to go all out.

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And finally, from Los Angeles, California, Jason Bourne!





[The lights goes out, the fans hold their lighters up and we see fire going. Just then White Rabbit by Egype Central hits the pa system and the lights starting flicker in a fast motion and out comes Jason Bourne. The fans starts booing and he looks at them and give a half hearted grin. His hair is straight down, he's wearing black tights  with red designs, black T-shirt, black mma gloves, black knee pads, and black boots. He stops on the ramp and starts punching the air as he's preparing for the match. He starts walking down as some of the fans holding their hands out and he just ignores them. He goes to the steel steps and walks up them and climbs the corner turnbuckle and holds his arms up as he yells at the fans. He then drops to the inside of the ring and takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd as he prepares for the fight as the music fades.]


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Jason Bourne is an intriguing character. He got the wool pulled over him in his debut match against Maverick, we'll see what he's learned since then.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Alright folks every man is squared in a corner. Bourne and Maverick on one side, while Crane is solo on the other. Senior Official Bruce O'Neal will call this fight.


[Before the bell even rings to officially start the match, Maverick rushes over to Bourne and lays in a heavy superman punch!]


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Maverick wasting no time, going straight after Bourne!




[O'Neal quickly calls for the bell and Maverick continues to launch heavy haymakers to Bourne, backing him into his corner. Maverick doesn't get too far into his strikes, when Crane launches himself into both of them with a big splash! Crane now starts dropping haymakers to Maverick who's caught in the middle. Bourne gains his composure and joins in on the attack on Maverick. Crane and Bourne collectively whip Maverick into the ropes, and as he comes back, he gets hit with a double clothesline. Crane starts dropping vicious heel kicks while Bourne looks on. Crane finally stops, but Bourne jumps in and begins attacking Maverick with kicks to the ribs. Bourne is focused on Maverick, which leaves Crane open to spring off the ropes and level Jason with a lariat that sweeps him up off his feet. Crane picks Maverick up off the ground, and then body slams him on to the lying Bourne. Following the slam, Crane leg drops Maverick and goes for a quick pin on top of both Bourne and Maverick!]


... One!


... Two!


... And kick outs by Maverick and Bourne. They both essentially press and catapult Crane off of them!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Crane goes flying like a rag doll!


[Bourne and Maverick get to their feet, and the two start beating down on Crane. Maverick puts Crane in a full nelson while Bourne works the midsection. Crane suddenly musters enough strength and head butts Bourne right between the eyes, dazing the big man. Crane now starts head butting Maverick, then wrenches around the full Nelson hold, picks him up, and drops him with a vertabreaker! Crane makes another cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr-- No! Bourne breaks the pin with a running yakuza kick to the face of Crane!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Jason Bourne just saved the match with a big boot to the face of Nigel Crane!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - I don't think Maverick was kicking out of that one!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - So far, Crane has been the dominant fighter in this triple threat match, but Bourne looks to be taking some control now.


[Bourne is now on the offensive and springs off the ropes to land a striking knee to the face of Crane. Jason picks up Crane, and hits a snap suplex. He now goes to Maverick, and deadlifts him straight off the ground and delivers a vicious German suplex. Both Maverick and Crane lie motionless on the canvas while Bourne starts taunting the crowd, drawing loud boos.]


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Jason Bourne is displaying his brute strength with a snap suplex on Crane, then a deadlift German suplex on Maverick!


[Bourne focuses on Maverick and mounts him and hits a flurry of quick punches. Ever so often, Maverick blocks a strike and counters with a stiff jab of his own. Crane out from nowhere drives a hard knee to Bourne, knocking him off of Maverick. Nigel Crane drops several heel kicks, and with enough time, Maverick gets to his feet, and hits Crane with a running bulldog. Maverick now on the offensive, he stomps on Crane, then Bourne. Maverick picks Bourne up by the hair, and starts a quick combo of jabs. Maverick does a quick shuffle of his feet, then lays Jason out with a right hook. Bourne drops, and Maverick goes for the cover.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Grand Rapids Shuffle!


... One!


... Two!


... Crane breaks it up with a diving axe handle smash!


[Crane picks Maverick up and gets a few stiff jabs in. The British Brute kicks Maverick in the gut and then drops him with a Pumphandle slam. Crane roars to the crowd, and actually gets a decent ovation. But Bourne is right behind him and quickly stops his momentum with a short range lariat. Bourne starts brawling with the big guy long enough for Maverick get to his feet and join in. Fists are flying everywhere and the crowd's getting into it. In a bizarre twist, Maverick and Bourne start double teaming Crane.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Bourne and Maverick, two newcomers who have been at odds with each other, are now teaming up to take on Nigel Crane!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - It's actually not a bad strategy when you think about it. Crane was absolutely dominate pretty much all throughout the match. If they can take him out, that increases their chances at taking home the victory.


[Maverick and Bourne finally stop the beating, and Crane is left hanging on the ropes. Both Maverick and Bourne bounce off the opposite ropes and return with a double closeline, sending Crane tumbling outside of the ring! Maverick shows off to the crowd, to which he doesn't receive the much fanfare. Jason Bourne on the other hand, slips a full Nelson behind Maverick and drops him with a dragon suplex! Bourne bridges for a pin!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thre-- No! Maverick somehow kicks out at the last possible moment!


[Bourne is furious, arguing with the ref, but O'Neal isn't budging from his decision. Bourne seems to have had enough, he picks Maverick up and then whips him hard into the turnbuckle. Maverick collides hard in the corner with a deep this, and Bourne's right behind him with a spear!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - White Rabbit! Jason is looking to end it here!


[Bourne crumbles Maverick in half with the violent spear, but Bourne isn't done there! He picks Maverick up off the canvas and sits him up on the top rope. Bourne begins the slow ascension up, and taking Maverick up with him. Bourne finally stands on the top rope with Maverick, and hooks Maverick's arm.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - What on Earth is he doing?! He should have just went for the pin and ended this chaotic battle!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I don't think he's forgotten what Maverick did to him in their debut match. He's wanting to inflict as much damage and pain as he can. And it's looking like a superplex is in order!


[Jason has the arm hooked, but Maverick starts to try and  fight off the attack with some body blows. Jason tries to block them and dish some of his own out too. Jason unhooks the arm, and delivers a head butt, about sending Maverick overboard. Bourne hooks the arm again, and points up to the rafters. But before he hurls Maverick, Crane slides back in the ring and positions under Bourne! Bourne lifts Maverick, then Crane lifts Bourne and executes a Superplex/powerbomb!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Oh my God! The entire arena shook with that Tower of Doom! I can't believe it! Crane just slammed nearly 500 pounds from the high rent district!


[Crane, exhausting all of his power, toppled over to Bourne and makes the cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Nigel Crane!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - What a display of power! Nigel Cranes controlled most of the match, and just when you thought he was out, he slides in and attacks like a cobra! There's a reason why Axel Graves made Crane the Battleground Enforcer, and he showed it here tonight!






"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - What the...? Why is Anton Chase's music playing?


[As the first verse of "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead plays throughout the PA, Anton Chase slowly makes his way onto the stage. He's accompanied by his manager Chris Wood. The two are dressed in sleek business suits, but one thing that sticks out in particular is Anton wearing the Trixie Championship around his waist. The music dies down, and Anton begins to speak over the droves of boos.]


Anton Chase - Thank you. Thank you all for the warm welcome. You're all probably wondering what am I doing out here. Well, to be frank, I'm out here to ask Jason Bourne, what in the hell are you doing? Jason, you say that you're a rookie in this business, and let me tell you it shows. You had this match in the bag, and you blew it! Is that something your mentor taught you? Because, she is an expert at blowing things! Whether it's in the ring, or under a desk, Trixie is the one to go to. But, if you want to learn how to win... How to succeed in this business? The person you need to come to for guidance is "The Wrestling God". So, I'm going to do you a little favor here. I'm going to give you some guidance, on the house, no charge! I will gladly show you how to win in this business, all you need to do is accept my challenge! Hell, I'll even out this piece of garbage on the line to make things a little more interesting. So, what do you say? L!GHTS OUT #7, you and me, for this pink piece of s---!


[Bourne furiously looks on inside the ring, pacing back and forth, pointing and screaming at Chase. His body language is obvious that he's up for the challenge.]


Anton Chase - Alright! Hey, while you're at it, bring your mentor with you so she can get one last glimpse of what USE to be hers!


[Chase drops the mic and his theme song hits once again.

Winner: Nigel Crane via pinfall (Tower of Doom)


W3 - World Wild Wrestling

A Warning From The Angel of Death

[L!GHTS OUT returns from commercial break to a shot of the capacity Laredo crowd. Suddenly the lights in the arena collapse into darkness. The commentary team is caught off guard.]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Hey! Who turned off all the lights?!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - It is the name of the show, you know?


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Ha ha! What a jokester, you are, Doc!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - My humor aside, fans, our apologies for this is an unexpected interruption.


[Cue the music…]







[Dante Reed is interrupted by the opening riff of Skillet’s hit single “Awake and Alive.” A spotlight shines on the entrance stage and standing in the middle of the circle of light is a figure dressed in all black including a black sleeveless hoodie, black combat pants and boots. The figure outstretches his well-defined arms and looks up into the unknown above him as some of the more hardcore fans begin to recognize the music and posture.]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Damn! Who is this big guy?!


[The dark figure slowly lowers his head and arms before bowing his head and doing the sign of the cross to himself.]












[After the chorus of “Awake and Alive,” the dark figure heads for the ring with the spotlight following above him. When he reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope, pops up to his feet in one smooth motion, then heads to the center of the ring. There, again, he outstretches his arms and looks up to the heavens as if imploring them to return the arena lights. They do. The dark figure then lowers his head while taking out a mic from his back pocket.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - I think you’re question is about to be answered.


[The dark figure raises the mic to his lips despite the hood still hiding the man’s identity.]


Mystery Man - Laredo, Texas…


[The deep somber voice gets a solid reaction from the crowd.]


Mystery Man - Union Battleground…


[As the hardcore fans begin to recognize the voice, a “HOLY SHIT!” chant starts to grow in the crowd. Some even start to chant a particular name.]


Mystery Man - DO NOT SPEAK THE NAME OF THE DEAD! Let him rest until the appointed time of his resurrection. He shall not return until my work is done here in Union Battleground. For I am here as a harbinger of death. I was created to be the Malak Al-Mawt, the Angel of Death, given the name Azrael. So was I created, so shall I be!


[The mystery man pulls back the hoodie of his cutoff sweatshirt, revealing his face to the world, as he glares into the camera.]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Woah! I think I know who that is! I can’t be sure but it looks just like…


[Dick Thrasher is interrupted by Azrael resuming his monologue.]


Azrael - Those that know me know I am a man of minimal words and high volume action. So I’m going to make this short and concise. I’m putting the Union Battleground roster on notice. In ancient times, the Angel of Death was sent out to bring about the death of injustice. And that’s what I aim to do here in Union Battleground. I didn’t come here with my own championship belt to get the world’s attention. I will do that simply by making you kneel before me and taking what you hold dear. I also didn’t come here to play hide-and-go seek with members of the roster to get an edge over them. What happens in this ring is not a child’s game. But try to play mind games with the Malak Al-Mawt, and you will have your mind f*cked. And finally, the TrenchWar and Union Battleground Champions, hold those title high and bring them honor. As long as you do so, you will have no problems with me. Reign with injustice, and I will leave you desolate, broken, and titleless. This is your one and only warning, Union Battleground. Heed it and heed it quickly. For I am the Malak Al-Mawt. I am the Angel of Death. I am... AZRAEL!


[Azrael drops the mic as “Awake and Alive” begins to play once more. He outstretches his arms and just glares at the camera before the commentary team resumes preparation for the next match.]

mike savage vs malcolm dred-king

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall…headed to the ring at this time, weighing in at 235 lbs. from Los Angles, California…Mike Savage!


["Unbroken" by Monster Magnet plays out across the arena as gold and white lasers flash across the stage in time with the music]






[After the intro ends and the lyrics pick up, Mike Savage struts out onto the stage. He stops midway to the ramp and looks left and then right as all but a lone spotlight shining on him darken. He flashes a sideways grin and begins strutting down the ramp with his eyes dead set on the ring. Now at the end of the ramp, Savage looks into the camera and says "Survival of the Savage!" before sliding into the ring and popping up to his feet. He then heads for the corner, quickly jumps up onto the second turnbuckle and chews out the fans in the front row with great enthusiasm. After a few moments, he gives them a quick "up yours" gesture with a sneer and jumps down, waiting in the corner, still shouting over his shoulder at the fans.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Mike Savage didn't fare so well on the last L!GHTS OUT during his debut bout against Hubert Smalls, let's see if he can rebound tonight.


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Um, you know who he's facing, right?


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, standing at 6'2", weighing in tonight at 249 lbs., from Hartford, Connecticut, "The Question Beyond X" Malcolm Dred-King!





[The lights dim down and a single spotlight hits the main stage. A thunderous explosion of fireworks rocks the arena and "Prophets of Rage" by Public Enemy begins to play. Malcolm Dred-King emerges from the backstage and the crowd roars in cheers as MDK takes a moment to look on throughout the crowd. Dred-King does a quick pose, flexing his guns and then sprints down the ramp. He tags a few stretched out hands as he makes his way to ringside. He keeps his tempo as he slides into the ring, and runs the ropes a couple of times. He stops in the center of the ring, looks out into the crowd once more, and raises his arms. MDK then takes his shirt off and heads over to corner. Referee Joe Murray calls for the bell.]




"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - This match is under way!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Hey, that's my line!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - C'Mon, Dante! We don't have a script like some "entertainment" business! This is live!


[MDK and Savage circle the ring as they square off. MDK goes for a respectful handshake to officially start things off. Savage goes in to shake, but instead kicks MDK straight in the gut! A chorus of boos rain down from the dirty move, but Savage pays no attention. He starts dropping forearms on the back of the head of MDK. Savage whips Dred-King into the ropes, comes back to have his closeline catching air, MDK springs back and connects with a flying shoulder tackle! Savage drops hard but jumps back to his feet. MDK throws a heart punch, then drops Savage again with an explosive T-Bone suplex into the turnbuckles. Savage gets tangled into the ropes, and MDK sprints and hits a baseball slide kick to his face.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Malcolm Dred-King is making a statement early in this match!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - He's not giving Savage an inch here.


[Malcolm locks around Savage's waist, and hits a deadlift German suplex. MDK keeps the hold, and hits another German suplex. MDK is not letting off, and hits a third German suplex! MDK lip ups to his feet and beats his chest as the crowd goes wild. MDK picks Savage up, and slings him to the ropes. Savage comes back and MDK catches him in a cradle, then drops back with authority to hit an End of Days! MDK circles around and locks in a crippler crossface!]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Shattered Realities! Malcolm Dred-King is locked in tight!


[Savage is growling in pain. He can't take it any longer and taps out!]




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Malcolm Dred-King!


[Malcolm Dred-King celebrates only momentarily, and asks Dempsey for the mic.]


Malcolm Dred-King - I guess tonight can be easily referred as the comeback tour.....of my comeback tour.


[Malcolm smirks to himself.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Not being invited to be at the first PPV Card was a humbling experience, sure I hadn't done anything to warrant an appearance but I still wanted to show my support; and was told.....there isn't any room.


[Malcolm walks into a corner.]


Malcolm Dred-King - I've always been the type of man who creates opportunities regardless of the circumstances.


[Suddenly a voice rings out from out of the backstage area.]


Old Man

Old Man

Old Man


[Emerging onto the stage area is LEWIS HILTON-WILLIAMS, Malcolm Dred-King's former protégé and tag team partner. He is flanked by two figures clad in cloaks.]


LHW - Old Man.....you talk of creating opportunity and at one point I actually believed that. In fact I'll be honest I was one of those success stories born of the opportunities you created.


[LHW starts making his way down to the ring.]


LHW - But since the clown broke you.... How are you doing at creating opportunities for yourself much less others? We are three months in the new year and The Great Malcolm Dred-King is begging to curtain jerk a Union Battleground card.


[Lewis and the two figures enter the ring.]


LHW - Sad when you think of it. But where you dropped the ball, I've picked it up. You and Echo run Forgotten Nation Wrestling, but you two are here trying to: "A" in her case build a career ten years too late and "B" you trying to resurrect a career that should have died ten years ago. HELL MALCOLM how in the HELL THE OUTLIERS of all people come into your house and you do absolutely nothing?!


[Lewis pauses.]


LHW - Union Battleground has untapped talent here. That you Malcolm failed to exploit. Union Battleground has talent here that is over looked by everyone, everyone but me.


[Lewis turns to the two cloaked figures who reveal themselves to be THE VOID and HAK'EE. Malcolm looks in disbelief.]


MDK - You can't be serious? No offense but I got my own thing I'm trying to do here I can't mentor...


[Lewis let's out a laugh.]


LHW - Ohhhhh please they aren't for you! They are for someone who doesn't struggle to be a dark match. I'm officially issuing the challenge to Hannah and 'mom' Echo... For next L!GHTS OUT. No Dred-King they aren't for you.....she is.....


[As Malcolm turns around he is nailed with a surprise clothesline delivered by The Huntress. With MDK on the mat The Void and HAK'EE join in on stomping on him.]


[THE BEAUTIFUL ONES by Prince starts to play as ECHO BLACKWHISPER is being held back from rushing the ring by her tag team partner Hannah as The three enhancement designated talent break off their attack on MDK allowing him to roll out to ringside. Lewis grabs the mic once more.]


LHW - Hi 'Mom'... Hannah you better keep her on a short leash before she does something stupid.


[Hannah holds her hands up to Echo, as if to say "I got this." She then gestures for, and is handed a microphone which she raises up to her lips.]


HK - While I'm tempted to let Echo run down there and stomp the ever livin' sh[BLEEP]t outta' y'all, and enjoy every second of it to boot, nah...


[She shakes her head; her mane of long wavy blonde hair waving to and fro as Echo pleads for this with her eyes.]


HK - Kickin' your asses is one thing, but facing you yokels from buttf[BLEEP]k nowhere in a match? What do we get outta' this arrangement, other than handing out a coupla' knuckle sandwiches? I'll tell you what; jack sh[BLEEP]t. We're here to face some REAL tag teams, [she points] you chumps would just be wasting our gods damned time.


[Echo nodding in approval to what Hannah said motions for the microphone.]


Echo - It took Hannah and I a long time to get to this point, we are trying to build something here.


[Echo shakes her head and turns to Hannah.]


Echo - But this is family and that spoiled brat wants something. I know him ......he won't stop. My partner here is right WE gain nothing , but my husband stands to lose more. Hannah right now you are poised to take the Undeground by storm.....I respect you; so much so I can't let you get involved.....not when the title pictures here can use someone like you. You need me I got you.


[Echo turns to stare down Lewis.]


Echo - But it seems as if Malcolm and I need to take care of this problem once and for all.


[Malcolm Dred-King makes his way to his wife and Hannah.]


MDK - Next L!GHTS OUT.....Lewis this ends.


[LHW looks and smiles.]


LHW - Looking forward to it... In fact I'll let Union Battleground management book the match.

Winner: Malcolm Dred-King via submission (Shattered Realities)


dick devereaux vs crowbar

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the main event of the evening! Introducing first, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 243 lbs., from Washington DC…"The Butcher" Dick Devereaux!




["Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits and the lights begin to flash violently to the beat. The ramp puts out smoke as red lasers begin to strobe around the arena. Dick Devereaux comes out from the back through the smoke with an irritated look spread across his face and a water bottle in hand. He comes to the edge of the ramp as he extends both arms towards the sky with his middle fingers pointed out at the crowd. He looks around before he begins to nod his head to the beat and begins to pour the water bottle over his head. He tosses the water bottle into the audience as he continues to nod his head to the beat. He begins to bend over as he holds his bald head. He then violently starts to bang his head as he begins to punch himself over and over again. Dick then flips his wet head up and raises his fists before lowering them and beginning down the ramp.  Dick is now at the end of the ramp as he runs and hops up onto the apron. He looks around before holding up his middle fingers outwards towards the crowd. He then slowly brings them down to the camera and spews off a few hateful words before stepping into the ring through the ropes. Dick walks over to the farthest turnbuckle and steps to the second rope. He looks around and then bends down and starts to head bang, letting water from his head soak the crowd below. He then flips his head up and raises his fists slowly before hoping down. Dick walks over to the ropes and steps on the middle one with his right leg and the bottom one with his left as he bounces on the ropes, staring at the crowd. His music dies down as Dick ditches his leather jacket and waits in the corner, pacing back and forth ready for the attack]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey - And his opponent! From Long Beach California! He weighs in at 250 lbs and stands at 6'5"… Crowbar!




[The lights go out as "Mustang Nismo" kicks in with red and white lights flashing to the beat. Crowbar walks out onto the stage as the whole place is bathed in red light, a spotlight only on Crowbar. He slowly walks down the ring eyeing off the fans with disdain, before walking up the steps and getting into the ring. He heads over to the corner of the ring and jumps up, sitting on the top turnbuckle]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – We are just about set here for what should be quite the match up!


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Can’t wait to see this one Dante!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – All I know guys is that these guys love violence; like Terri Runnels blading to give New Jack a blow job!

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – What are you talking about!?!?


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – If you don’t believe me, than just Google it Reed!


[The referee signals for the bell as the two come out of their corresponding corner to meet in the middle of the ring]




[Both men don’t even flinch with the sound of the bell as they both keep staring at each other menacingly. Crowbar makes the first move with a clothesline that Devereaux ducks, then attempts a clothesline of his own which is countered into an arm drag by Crowbar. Devereaux gets back up quickly and Crowbar charges him this time but is met with an arm drag of Devereaux’s own, Crowbar gets back up just as quick as Devereaux did earlier and this time both men charge each other and clothesline each other at the same time sending both men to the mat]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Both men are down right out of the gate!


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Seems both were determined to land a clothesline Dante!


[Both men get back to their feet and start exchanging rights and lefts until Devereaux begins to get the upper hand which he takes advantage of by irish whipping Crowbar into the turnbuckle, who hits with a loud thud and comes out of the corner clenching forward and is met by the boot of a running Dick Devereaux. Not slowing up a bit, Devereaux begins dropping elbow, after elbow, after elbow to Crowbar’s chest, then after about five of them, bring Crowbar back up to his feet and puts him in the power bomb position, facing the turnbuckle]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Dick Devereaux is looking to take Crowbar out here!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I’m so torn, I don’t know who to cheer for here, is this a good thing or a bad thing? So many feelings right now!


[Devereaux lifts Crowbar up for the powerbomb but Crowbar clutches onto Devereaux’s neck while sitting on his shoulders and starts feeding Dick’s face with right after right which causes Devereaux to let go off Crowbar who break his fall with the turnbuckle and then charges Devereaux whose clutching his jaw with a spinning back elbow that sends Dick to the mat]


“Emerald” Dick Stevenson – What a spinning elbow by Crowbar there!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I gotta go with my man Crowbar here!


[Crowbar is to his feet, bounces off of the ropes and lands a running leg drop on Devereaux, then tries for a quick cover]








[Devereaux gets his shoulder up quite easily]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – No problem kicking out there for Dick Devereaux!


[Crowbar goes to Devereaux’s feet, grabs them, opens his legs up wide, jumps and comes down on Devereaux’s groin with a knee that makes men cringe all over the arena and world]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Well, now I have to cheer for Crowbar because he may have just made Devereaux’s ‘outty’ an ‘inny’ and we all know how I feel about the transgendered.


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – I can already hear Spike calling to notify us of yet another fine!


[As Dick Devereaux clutches his groin area in a type of pain that has sympathy from all males worldwide , Crowbar shows none and begins stomping away at the chest of Dick Devereaux, then taunts the crowd after he feels like a good job is done. Crowbar comes back and attempts to bring Devereaux back to his feet but is met with an elbow to the abdomen, then another and another until Crowbar keels over and Devereaux nails him with a DDT that shakes the mat. Both men lay down as Crowbar is reeling off of that DDT and Deveraux is still reeling from that knee to the groin. Devereaux manages to get to his feet a slight second before Crowbar and sets him up for a suplex that Crowbar uses his leg to block. Crowbar counters with a suplex of his own, that Devereaux is elevated up for, but manages to shake out of while Crowbar tries to stall the suplex. Devereaux lands behind a confused Crowbar, who turns around and is taken out of his shoes by a massive missile spear]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Homing Missile by Dick Devereaux!


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – This could be it here!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Okay! I’m going with Dick now!


[Devereaux goes for the cover non chalantly]







[Crowbar just manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat, much to the chagrin of Dick Devereaux who is now headed for the turnbuckles and begins climbing to the top rope]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Look out here….


[Devereaux then comes sailing off with a flying headbutt that Crowbar just manages to get out of the way of]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Huge miss by Dick Devereaux!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – What did I say Drew? NEVER count out a guy like Crowbar!


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – But…you never said that…


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Sure I did Drew, sure I did!


[With both men down, the referee begins counting to which both men struggle to their feet but happen to get up by the count of seven and again, meet in the middle of the ring like how they began the match. They once again begin exchanging rights and lefts]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Experiencing a little déjà vu here!


[This time though, Crowbar gets the advantage in the fist exchange and then sends Devereaux head first into the ring post between the top and middle turnbuckle]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Crowbar setting Devereaux up here for the “Desert Burial”!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I told you Crowbar’s got this!


[Crowbar goes to finish the two combo move off of with with Superkick which somehow, someway Devereaux was anticipating, ducks, kicks Crowbar in the gut as he turns around confused, lifts him up and delivers a backpack stunner that whiplashes Crowbar’s head back in a disgusting motion]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Pipebomb by Devereaux!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I knew my man Dick Devereaux would win!


[Devereaux follows up with a cover]








[The referee signals for the end of the match as Mike Dempsey declares Dick Devereaux the winner]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey – Here is your winner…Dick Devereaux!

Winner: Dick Devereaux via pinfall (Pipebomb)

Mar sin leat

[As Devereaux is celebrating his victory, his music suddenly stops. Confusion fills the arena, then suddenly…]



[The crowd erupts! The UltraViilent Icon himself makes his way to the main stage, with a brewskie in one hand, and a mic in the other. He cracks open the beer, a double deuce, since we’re in Texas and everything is bigger in Texas, cheers to the crowd, then pounds it in no time. Tweeder unzips his camo vest, revealing the Union Battleground Championship around his waist. His music dies down and he brings the mic up.]

Tweeder - Right so first off all I want to address those pencil-pushing, calculator procketer, morans who think Star Trek is better than Star Wars, bronies from Spike. I have seen how you lot are more concerned with trying to recreate Slap Shot 2 into a wrestling version. Now with the way things are going, I might just walk out with the Union Battleground title and never come back. Not only will you have pissed me off, but also the fans who have spent their hard earn cash to see Union Battleground, and the owner, Axel Graves. Maybe you should look into my contract and read the fine print before you just start fining the Battleground. Besides, if Deadpool can be a blockbuster hit and Logan can still draw despite being bloodier than normal, then why can’t the Battleground just be ourselves? Hell Union Battleground is on cable and any time after 7pm, any type of language is used so what gives? Oh that is right, you are the types that are trying to change the traditions of sports to fit your ideal model. Welp, it looks like I am going to have to leave the Battleground and never come back. I know everyone here is pissed off, but you can blame Spike for that. They started censoring me a few weeks back and now the fines which mean they don’t want me. I’m cool with that. So thanks for you the fishes.


[Tweeder turns and looks like he is about to leave Union Battleground for good. The crowd is very upset and chants of ‘Fuck You Spike’ start up. This is Texas after all and they are passionate about their wrestling.]


Tweeder - Now I was going to take the high road and just leave, but I almost forgot about you Dick Devereaux . Mr. “I ran someone over with a car” and “this isn’t over”. Well congratulations there buddy. Spike hates you too and if you think they are going to let us have a rematch this year, then you have guessed….WRONG! For such a Billy Bad Ass who thinks he is going to kill everyone he faces, you have another thing coming. I’m just going to pull up a chair and wait for you to catch up. We are going to have ourselves a reenactment of a scene from the Boondock Saints which is airing tonight right at the show. Maybe we need to raise the stakes a bit too, but I’ll let you keep on guessing what I am thinking.


[“Walk” by Pantera hits once more, and Tweeder grins as he slowly back peddles through the stage entrance. Devereaux looks on inside the ring, violently roaring at Tweeder.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Folks, this one doesn’t look to be over between Tweeder and Devereaux. If Axel Graves wants to keep this show on the air, he may need to do whatever it takes to keep these two apart from each other.


“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – I don’t think there’s anything on Earth that’s going to keep Devereaux away from attempting to claim that title. And Tweeder is never someone who backs down from a challenge. Graves, if you’re listening, get a plan B ready!

emery layton vs desmond masters

Mike “Drop” Dempsey – The following contest is scheduled for one fall AND is for the Trench Warfare Championship! Introducing first, the challenger! He weighed in today at 215 lbs and stands at 6 feet tall! From Las, Vegas Nevada! He is DESMOND MASTERS!!!




[The opening chorus of Invincible by MGK would hit the PA System as Desmond Masters would walk out from the backstage area, raising a claw like signature up to the base of his chest as the spotlight shined on him. A few moments passed and he walked down the ramp, shaking a few hands and high fiving the fans in attendance before shouting "let's get to work!" at the camera while his announcement was being heard. By this time, Desmond is seen pumping the crowd up and getting them energized for his matchup while his music would fade away.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – The young wrestler from World Wrestling Headquarters, making his debut in Union Battleground!

“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – And what a debut it is! First night here and he already has a shot at Emery Layton for her newly won Trench Warfare Championship!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Layton isn’t even going to break a sweat and that is the most disappointing fact about this night!

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Will Masters capitalize on a grand opportunity given by Axel Graves or will Emery Layton hold on to the work rate belt here in Union Battleground?!

Mike “Drop” Dempsey – And, his opponent! She weighed in today at 135 lbs and stands at five feet, six inches in height! SHE IS THE TRENCH WARFARE CHAMPION!!! EMERY LAYTON!!!



[As "Somewhere Else to Be" by VAST hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself, wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear, emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people have turned out. Her eyes are closed as she's swaying her head to the beat of the very unusual entrance music she uses, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now. Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket as she skates up the steel steps and climbs the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, it's quite obviously not loud enough for her, as she lifts her arms up, indicating for them to get louder. Once the eccentric Irish traveler has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. One final time, she holds her arms out, a pleased look on her face that just screams 'yes, I am quite good, feel free to cheer me'. Finally, removing her jacket she throws the battered old thing to the outside and finds a corner of the ring to sit down in, legs flat out, as she waits for the match to begin.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – A historical night here! For the first time on Lights Out, a Union Battleground belt will be defended!

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Layton vs. Masters! Let’s see it!

[The bell rings]

[The two wrestlers lock up in the center of the ring. Desmond Masters pushes Layton to the corner. Layton, however, side steps Masters, swings behind him to hit a backstabber. Desmond Masters springs off the knees of Layton. Using his agility, Masters springs upward and drops a leg drop onto the neck of Layton. Layton, however, is not detracted. She kips up to her feet, swipes the feet from under Desmond Masters who crashes to the mat. Layton hits a standing shooting star press.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Holy hell! Already a standing shooting star press! What athleticism!

[Layton goes for a pin.]

… 1


[Masters kips up as Layton spins on her knees to get to her feet. The two face off once more with the crowd giving a rousing ovation for the athleticism.]

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – What a clinic and we are only a minute into the match!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I lost track of the match the second the bell rang.

[Layton and Masters lock up once more. Layton throws Masters into the ropes. Masters responds with a flying forearm to Layton. Layton and Masters make it to their feet, Masters wraps his arms around Layton’s waist to hit a release German suplex bridging into a pin.]

… 1

… 2


[Layton kicks out, rolls through and hits a modified forearm smash to the standing Desmond Masters. Layton runs the ropes to hit a running high knee on Masters, she does so again to hit a two handed bulldog, planting Masters. Layton goes for a pin.]

… 1

… 2


[Layton and Masters get to their feet.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – These two wrestlers are putting on a damn clinic!

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – How are you over there Dick?

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – I think Layton has him hyper ventilating!

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Just don’t breathe into the microphone Dick!

[Layton attempts to keep advantage over Masters. But Masters is ready for her. She runs the ropes and is met with a standing missile drop kick for her troubles. Layton tries to get up, but is then met with a shining wizard to the side of the head. Masters springboards off the ropes to hit a springboard moonsault onto Layton. Layton rolls out of the ring, attempting to get a respite, but that queues up Masters who leaps over the top rope and hits an Asai Moonsault onto Emery Layton.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Asai moonsault by Desmond Masters! Perfect execution as well!

[Layton and Masters roll back into the ring. Masters goes for the pin.]

… 1

… 2


“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Not even close! This match is far from over.

[Masters goes to pick up Layton. But Layton rolls him up into a small package.]

… 1

… 2


[The two wrestlers stand up. Layton attempts a reverse frankensteiner, but Masters is ready and hits her with a vicious Alabama slam. Masters capitalized and locks in an ankle lot on Layton. Layton screams in pain as the referee asks her if she wants to quit. Layton screams no as she reaches for the ropes. Masters drags her back to the center of the ring. Layton, in an act of saving her ankle, rolls onto her back, sending Masters bouncing off the ropes. Layton hits a drop toe hold on Masters. Layton attempts to lock in a bully choke, but Masters has it scouted. He rolls to his right. He gets to one leg when Emery Layton hits a step up enziguri. The back of Desmond Masters head is hit with a sick thud as he falls to the mat. Layton goes for the pin.]

… 1

… 2


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – A Kickout! The match continues!

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – I don’t think Layton can believe it!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I think this match is about to reach its climax!!!

[Layton signals for the end as she climbs to the top rope, looking for the Prikasa.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – She is going for The Prikasa! The Trench Warfare Champion is signaling for the end!

[As Masters stands up Layton leaps off the top rope. But Desmond Masters has it scouted. He hits a standing missile drop kick on Layton, making the ring look more like a car crash than anything else.]

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Masters had it scouted!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I’m about to fall out of my damn seat!

[Desmond Masters now signals for the end. Looking for the Last Sacrifice. Masters leaps into the air for his finisher. BUT NO! Emery Layton gets her knees up!]

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!

[Masters and Layton get to their feet. Layton is thrown into the ropes, she dodges a flying lariat from Desmond Masters. She leaps over the top rope and springboards back into the center of the ring where she successfully hits a springboard Prikasa onto Desmond Masters who hits the mat with a sickening thud.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – PRIKASA!!!!!!!!! OUT OF NOWHERE!

[Layton goes for the pin.]

… 1

… 2

… 3!!!!!

[The Bell rings!]

Mike “Drop” Dempsey – Ladies and gentlemen! Your winner and STILL Union Battleground Trench Warfare Champion EMERY LAYTON!

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Holy hell! What a match!

“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Desmond Masters has nothing to be ashamed of. That was a brilliant showing! He is a man who has a bright future here in Union Battleground.

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.

[Emery celebrates as the referee raises her hand in victory and hands her the Trench War Championship. She walks over to Desmond who finally gets to a knee, looking quite frustrated. Emery helps Desmond up to his feet, and the two give a respectful handshake. Emery and Desmond both raise their arm in a sign of victory, and the crowd applauds the two fighter's awesome display of work ethic.]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - This is exactly what Emery said she would do for the Trench War Championship... Make this a fighter's Championship, and her first defense proved as such. That's all the time we have tonight folks, see you all next time at Corpus Christi, Texas!

Winner: Emery Layton via pinfall (Prikasa)

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