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The Pit

Albuquerque, New Mexico


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[To kickoff the show, we see nothing but a dimly lit room with an eroded and chipped black painted brick wall. Not long after the scene comes into full focus, Axel Graves steps into frame. With an unmistakable somber tone, he glares into the camera for what feels like an eternity before addressing his presence.]



"Ladies and gentlemen, my brother Gunnar Graves, is dead."


[The statement pierces through. No subtlety here.]



"It was discovered sometime after Guerrilla Warfare, that GG had been brutally murdered. I’m shattered to hear of the news. I never wanted it to come to this. But, as you can expect, because of our lifelong sibling rivalry, I have become suspect number one."


[Axel pauses to collect himself before continuing.]



"I am confident that I will prove my innocence through the trials of investigations and seek out justice for my brother. However, in the case of this business, I am a man of my word."


[Axel takes a deep breath in before dropping a bombshell.]



"I will be stepping down as owner of Union Battleground. I will be conducting inquiries for candidates to replace all of my prior responsibilities. That doesn’t apply to just Union Battleground, either. I will step away completely and find new proprietors for the Battleground Network, Union Grand Prix, and Everest MMA. The Graves era of Union Battleground and all of its branches is no more. In a bizarre way, I look forward to breathing in new life into this empire and usher in a new chapter."


[The dejected man stands silently as he chokes back the tears, and yet at the same time, a sigh of relief flushes his face. It’s time to go home.]



"I look forward to making the announcements, of course in a timely manner, on these new leaders of one of the top brands in the industry. Thank you, and enjoy the show."

“Bullet” Blue Barrera has caught hell lately for her social media presence and taking an Openweight MMA bout against a veteran fighter that outweighed her by nearly a hundred pounds. So what does she do afterwards? Take on a veteran professional wrestler that outweighs her by nearly TWO HUNDRED pounds. Say what you will about Blue, but you cannot deny that this girl does not back down from a challenge, no matter how big or how ill-advised it may be. 


Some might say that she’s in over her head, that she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Tonight we get a little more clarity on her potential in professional wrestling as she makes her singles match debut against E.W. Montgomery, a grizzled veteran of the sport trying to make another run in the business. 


The Razorback is a southern born and bred tank looking to carve a path toward championship glory, perhaps one last time before finally hanging it up for good. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this all too often in this business. A man trending past his prime still looking to make a buck while at the same time, proving he’s still got it in him. But in Montgomery’s case, he just seems to be built different. 


The night started off with these two inside the ring, and it was made loud and clear that the Albuquerque crowd were no fans of Blue Barrera. But whether it’s cheers or jeers, Barrera feeds off of the reactions just the same. As for Montgomery, the crowd was fully behind him with all of his wild and erratic behavior patterns. Judging by the size difference, this wasn’t going to be a technical chess match, but a test of survival, at least on one end. 


Monty stepped into the ring and wasn’t even afforded a chance to get fully prepared for this bout as Barrera shot out of her corner like a bullet (pun fully intended) for a cunning sneak attack from behind before the bell could be struck to make this official. Blue immediately unloaded a high volume combination of strikes, taking full advantage of her speed and Muay Thai background. 


The strikes themselves didn’t seem to be creating a ton of damage to Montgomery, but it was enough to keep him busy trying to defend himself. The Big Hoss Man would swing at Blue whenever he got the chance, but she was quick to dodge the counter attacks. Monty forced his way out of the corner, still swatting at Blue like she was a mosquito. But, did you know, the mosquito is the most deadly creature on Earth? Look it up, I saw it on National Geographic. 


Eventually, Blue began to tire herself out, which Monty could sense and finally got a hold of her by the neck with both of his Catcher’s Mitt-sized paws. He lifted her up and tossed her all the way back to her corner, smashing into the turnbuckles. Barrera was knocked into a foggy daze long enough for the lumbering Montgomery to charge in and connect that Big Ol’e Size 16 Boot right across the face. 


From there, E.W. Montgomery was able to get some momentum churning as he kept the pressure on the bruised and battered Barrera and continuously threw her around the ring like a rag doll. Big Hoss Monty made a costly mistake though when he Irish whipped Blue across the ring. Due to him being blind as shit, he basically lost sight of her small frame and his depth perception was way out in the left field when he tried to end her with his trademark “Welcome to the Slaughterhouse” Lariat. He whiffed by several feet, allowing Blue to run the ropes again to bounce back and connect with a flying knee. 


E.W. ate the knee right on the button and split his chin wide open. The impact knocked him back, but he was able to catch himself on the ropes. Blue caught a second wind here and went back with more blazing combo strikes. Switching things up from the head to the body, Blue was effectively softening up her much larger opponent with a deep arsenal. The constant impact of her striking was starting to take its toll on Monty, and as she realized it, she began taunting at him, which drew some serious heat from the crowd. 


Blue fed off the raucous reactions, and got a little carried away with it and started to let her foot off the gas pedal. Her ego got the best of her when she ran the ropes and tried rebounding with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors, but the seasoned Montgomery reversed the situation in mid-motion and pierced her with a Razorback-breaker across his knee. Monty didn’t let up there as he parlayed the backbreaker with an agonizing stretch across his knee. Blue was being folded like a lawn chair, and simply didn’t have the strength to escape. 


She tried to grab for the ropes, but was out of reach. Things looked bleak for the rookie mixed martial artist, until she managed to slip her legs free, posture up and lock in a triangle choke. Now the tables have been turned and The Big Hoss Man was trapped in an extremely constricting choke hold. He got to his feet and swung around, trying to toss Blue off, but her grip never surrendered. Monty’s face started to flush into a purple and red gradient with his oxygen cut off, and was in a dire situation. Just then, the big man lifted Blue high into the air and slammed her down with a modified powerbomb. Wow! 


Blue’s eyes rolled back and her grip released and Montgomery desperately gasped for air. The crowd were on their feet as the two laid motionless on the mat for a few moments. Montgomery managed to roll his big frame over top of Blue, and believed he scored the three count, but no. Somehow Blue managed to throw a leg on the bottom rope and thankfully for her the referee managed to catch it. 


Montgomery was furious and was ready to end this. His chaotic side overcame while Blue slowly recuperated. Blue would strike with a 2-3 punch combo to one of Monty’s bruising punches. Monty then lunges forward and grapples Blue in a collar and elbow tie, and pushes her up against the ropes. E.W. then Irish whips Blue across the ring and on the return, goes for his Welcome to the Slaughterhouse lariat. Blue is able to duck and counters with a Reverse Rolling Thunder spinning heel kick that thumps him right on the temple! Blue manages to lift Montgomery’s tree trunk legs and execute a jackknife pin for the three!


Winner: Blue Barrera via Reverse Rolling Thunder (15:28)

It had been quite some time since we last saw either of these competitors inside a ring. As far as we are aware, Katya Djurdjevic hadn’t been seen in competition since the closure of Valor Pro, whereas Viduus Morta hadn’t been seen in the Battleground since season two, where he left a notorious imprint as a member of Salvation. 


Both Morta and Djurdjevic were surprise entrants in the fourth annual Guerrilla Warfare match, but Viduus was the one who made a lasting impression. It should be noted that Viduus Morta has only been pinned in Union Battleground twice, and in both of those instances, it took multiple opponents to keep him down. On the other hand, Katya was looking to change the fizzled narrative of her return to action starting here tonight, with a big rebound opportunity and a Four Horsemen Medallion at stake. 


Katya Djurdjevic was greeted with a positive reaction from the crowd as she made her way to the ring. Viduus, though, not so much. It was evident that the Battleground Bleacher Creatures hadn’t forgotten the terror he inflicted in this company, and made sure he was aware of their sentiments. And now, the stage is set to determine who will become the new owner of the second Four Horsemen Medallion. Viduus and Katya stand tall in their corners, awaiting for the bell. Viduus cannot help but showcase a salivating sinister grin, while Katya tries to put on a poker face and show no mercy. 


Viduus felt no danger in sight, stoically inching toward his opponent like an unstoppable horror movie villain, while Katya was hesitant and kept circling away. “The Straight Line Demon” could only avoid Morta for so long, so she decided to attack head on. The two locked horns and Katya went for an arm wrench. Morta quickly overturned the hold and sent her running with an Irish whip. On the return, Katya gets mowed over with a Shotgun Dropkick. Viduus pops back up to his feet with a thousand yard stare out into the crowd. He picks Katya up by her long locks, and locks her in an inverted facelock. The crowd has seen this all too often, as Morta lifts Djurdjevic high into the air and spikes her with a brainbuster and fully delivers The Awakening. Morta slithers over top Katya, hooks a leg, and scores the three count pinfall in breakneck speed. Again, pun fully intended.


Winner: Viduus Morta via The Awakening (1:23)

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[Poor Life Choices, the Stable that built a fed. The stable that.. no longer existed. At least if you asked Danny, it didn’t. It was peculiar that he said that, and yet he stood across from a poster that had #PLC stamped across the bottom. Poor Life Choices? He was a champ at making them as he stood there, hands in pockets, looking at the job that’d been done. Lord knows he couldn’t do that kind of thing himself, and yet..Here he stood, staring at it. The four original members were on the poster, even Tapp. They were PLC together, after all, and try as he might? Danny couldn’t erase that. He sat down across from the wall where the poster hung, leaning back into his chair. The picture of the four of them for that dumb poster had come from the book of those pictures that he kept tucked away, the goofy fucking wrestlers that saved a company, rebuilt it, and drove out the wolves.


Those.. were the days. Danny didn’t even look like that anymore. His hair, his face, his build, he was nothing like he once was. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and… while he’d never admit it? He missed it. He missed it fucking terribly. A calloused hand lifted up and pushed those gnarled fingers through his red hair, coiling them up in those locks once his hand was at the back of his head.]





[He blew air through his nose, snorting before leaning forward and putting his elbows on his knees.]



“You never get back away what you trade away, and even then, it’s never the same. None of it’s ever the same once you’ve fucked it all up. I fucked it all up. I can admit that. I can’t change it, but I can admit it, which is supposed be cathartic. It’s not, but it’s supposed to be.”


[Like always, a nerveless reached for the pack of cigarettes he kept in his jacket. Pulling them out, he was putting one of those Japanese cancer sticks between his lips, not yet lighting it.]



“My confession means nothing. What I’ve done means nothing, and if I can’t pull off beating Bryan Williams for a second time then all the lead up to this probably means nothing too.”


[The moment he ignited his lighter to smoke that cigarette, the camera feed clicked off.]

Familiar adversaries meet once again. Their first encounter was simply for bragging rights, and it ended in a disputed manner that gave the fans wanting more. Or maybe a better word is clarity, and ultimately closure. Since their last meeting in the Battleground, Bryan Williams and Daniel MacNamara have been on nearly parallel paths. They’ve hovered on the fringe of being a top contender, but something has kept them from getting over the hump.


These guys show a tough exterior, but in actuality, their roadblock to the promised land could very well be from a broken interior. On the outside, they’re all about conviction and show no fear, but in their heads swirl a dark cloud of doubt. This match-up is just what the two of these guys need. A victory over a familiar and worthy opponent, with a chance to get back on the path of championship gold.


The match starts in a more traditional way, collar and elbow tie-up, a technical move for these two. The tension in the air is high, it feels like at any second these two could snap and turn this match into a bloodbath. Neither man is able to get the best of his opponent, both men break off and try again. Again, neither man is able to get the other to back down. Even after an exchange of holds, nobody is better than the other. Daniel connects with a hard Elbow shot that rocks Bryan for a moment, but he responds by sending Daniel over the top rope and to the outside.


From there, the match disintegrated into the chaos that everybody was expecting to see. No traditional holds here, just two men looking to beat the hell out of each other. Bryan sends Daniel into the barricade, Daniel responds by sending Bryan into the turnbuckle post. Daniel gets a trip into the front row, via a clothesline from Bryan. Daniel responds with a Dropkick from the barricade to his opponent. The back and forth nature of this brawl traditionally would get these two counted out, but thankfully both men are aware of the situation, and this is the Battleground, who wants to see a match end in a count out?


As they head back into the ring, Bryan looks to break away and take control of the match. A Cravat Neckbreaker does the job, as it catches Daniel by surprise. Bryan uses the move to his advantage, keeping Daniel tight in the hold. He switches to a front chancery choke, hoping to wear out Daniel before he could even get going. Daniel is able to get his footing, allowing himself the chance to get back up to his feet. He fights back, catching Bryan with a European Uppercut that staggers him. Daniel tries for a brainbuster, but Bryan reverses the hold into a Sleeper Choke!


Bryan has made it clear what his intentions are, he’s going to wear Daniel out and put him down for good! Again, Daniel is trapped in another hold but he continues to fight. He inches along, crawling towards the ropes as he is able to break free from the hold. He responds with a tough clothesline, but Bryan soon retaliates with a Blue Thunder Bomb that catches Daniel by surprise. 


Daniel seems to have had enough here, he knows the game plan and now he’s going to disrupt it. He lures Bryan in for another Sleeper attempt, this time reversing it into a Jawbreaker! It works, allowing Daniel the freedom to connect with a Running Shoulder Tackle! Bryan’s in a world of trouble as Daniel is able to take him down with a big Superplex from the top rope! It’s not enough to put Bryan away, but it certainly is a start. Lifting Bryan high up into the air, Daniel tosses him into the corner with a Bucklebomb! The move staggers Bryan enough for Daniel to connect with a running boot to his face.


Williams stirs on the mat, having taken a beating in the last few minutes. He doesn’t even get a chance to get back up, as Daniel mounts him and pummels him with punches. Heavy shots land, brutalizing Williams even more. Satisfied, MacNamara gets up and heads to the turnbuckle. Shades of their last match, he rips the padding off. Again, we see Bryan whipped into the corner, but this time he stops on a dime. MacNamara charges at Bryan, who dodges out of the way! Daniel is able to stop in time, preventing himself a nasty cut. He turns, and eats a Superkick from Bryan that sends him right into the turnbuckle anyway! MacNamara falls to a knee, bleeding first here in this matchup. Bryan looks to continue his assault, but MacNamara grabs him and sends him face first into the turnbuckle! Both men have been busted open now!


Both men are hurt, and both men are now bleeding. Somehow this seems to push Daniel to go even farther now. Bryan stumbles back to his feet to make his way over to his bleeding opponent. The blood runs down his face while Williams gets to him. MacNamara pops right up, pushing Bryan away. He connects with a right hand, and then drops Williams with a leaping enziguri kick! Williams staggers backwards, enough room for Daniel to connect with a running Front Dropkick! Bryan tumbles out of the ring, landing hard on the outside! Wasting no time, and with little effort, MacNamara sends himself over the top rope and onto Bryan below!


Daniel reaches down with both hands to smear his own blood into both eyes of Bryan, a callback to the last time these two fought. Williams tries to get back up, trying to get away from his opponent. MacNamara howls, biting into Bryan’s  rear end in an odd display of dominance? It’s something, the crowd definitely reacts to it. Bryan seems enraged, he gets up but Daniel retreats to the ring. It’s a trap, one that Bryan falls for immediately. He quickly stomps away at Bryan as he re-enters the ring, only to lock him in a Bow and Arrow submission! Bryan is able to fight out of the hold, after being stuck in it for a minute or so. Bryan turns, catching MacNamara with an elbow!

Both men lay on the canvas, no medical staff here to intervene at this time. Daniel watches as Bryan stays still on the canvas. MacNamara rushes to the exposed turnbuckle, but Bryan is one step behind. Bryan pops up suddenly and lunges at the corner to pull his feet from beneath him as he climbs! With Daniel facing away from him Bryan has him in perfect position for a German Suplex from the top! MacNamara crashes to the mat below, as Bryan tries to untangle his leg from the ropes. However, it seems like Daniel popped right up. He catches Bryan with a lariat as he gets down, completely catching him off guard. Wasting no time, MacNamara grabs Bryan and delivers a Brainbuster onto his knee! Stealing Bryan’s finisher, he quickly covers him for the pinfall. He watches in horror as Bryan kicks out at two!

MacNamara immediately raises up to protest the count. Williams leaps to his feet in a single bound! Daniel rushes to get to his feet as Bryan hits the ropes across the ring from MacNamara. Williams slingshots back at Daniel, who counters with a violent spear! Williams lies on the mat while MacNamara gets back up to his feet. He looks towards the entrance, but there is nobody coming this time.


Daniel shakes his head, trying to focus on the matter at hand. He grabs Bryan, and again tries to go for the CTE. Bryan slips behind MacNamara, grabbing his wrist and pulling him into the MANTRA! The ripcord clothesline connects, but Bryan isn’t stopping there. MacNamara greets him with a bloody smile, as Bryan connects with a second MANTRA! He covers Daniel, securing the three count and the victory here tonight!


Winner: Bryan Williams via The MANTRA (18:34)

The final Four Horsemen Medallion is on the line, and it’s all between two of Union Battleground’s biggest stars. It’s no secret Kaven Drell made an immediate impact when he first stepped foot in the Battleground, going on a record-breaking undefeated streak and capturing two championships along the way. Some of the industry’s biggest names fell in his wake, but the impossible finally happened. Kaven Drell met his match at Guerrilla Warfare and lost his Trench War Championship. This was a moment no one had expected, and fear for what is to come. How will a blemished Kaven Drell handle the competition?


If anyone was able to take on a raging bull like Kaven Drell, it was American Tommy. Wait... *checks notes* Yeah, it says American Tommy right there. Jokes aside, Tommy is a highly decorated and successful competitor from 4CW, and he made a big splash in his Union Battleground debut. 


Featured in the main event of L!GHTS OUT #38, Tommy secured the victory in a triple threat bout consisting of former Union Battleground Champion Dakota Smith and AJ Morales. He followed that up with another top billing main event triple threat bout at L!GHTS OUT #39, this time with Danny Rizzo and Union Battleground Champion Indi Rhyder. Things were looking bright for the Battleground newcomer, until Kaven Drell flushed Tommy’s hopes down the toilet (I’m killing it with these puns). An ambush attack left Tommy unable to compete, but now it’s his chance to exact revenge and move one step closer to obtaining Union Battleground gold. 


In true grandiose fashion, American Tommy sets the tempo with an over-the-top, extravagant entrance. Lights, pyro, confetti, you name it. Women screeching his name, kissing babies, and shaking hands. It seemed like the long walk to the ring would never end, and you know what, Kaven Drell wasn’t waiting around. The former War Horse and Trench War Champion came barreling down the ramp and smashed Tommy in the back of the head with a flying forearm. 


The referee called for the bell and slid outside to manage the action. So many people like to talk up deathmatch stipulations, but here in Union Battleground, pretty much anything goes at all times. Battleground rules, bay bay. Drell continued the ambush attack by hammering away on a dazed and defenseless Tommy, eventually tossing him over the barricade and into the crowd. The two wedged through the crowd, with fans suffocating the competitors being too excited to be caught on camera to disregard their own safety.


Eventually they made their way to ringside, where Drell tossed Tommy back over the barricade. Before Drell hopped the protective barrier, he snatched up a chair from a front row fan. With the folded steel chair in hand, Kaven continued to pummel Tommy into a bloodied mess. Tommy rolled back into the ring to try and regroup while Drell stood on the outside, feeding off the masses chanting the infamous “Kill! Drell! Kill!” chant. Even with a freshly blemished record, Drell still has the crowd in the palm of his hand.


Drell threw the chair inside and slid in right after, but Tommy quickly got hold of the chair and started returning the favor to Drell. Tommy was unrelenting on his attack and never let up until the chair itself began crumbling to pieces. Tommy tossed the chair aside and began stomping away, eventually pulling up Drell to his feet by his beard. Kaven was split open across the forehead, but that did not stop him from lashing back at Tommy with repeated head butts known to the masses as “Hush”. Drell has finished competitors off before with these bruising head butts, and it looked like Tommy was about to become another victim with this attack.


Drell continues to roll with the head butts and looks to put it away, then out of nowhere "The Reckoning" by Within Temptation hits the PA and the crowd goes wild. Everyone in the building, especially Kaven Drell, knew who was behind this. It was Danny Rizzo’s walkout music, and Drell ceased the beating on Tommy and waited for Rizzo to appear. He stared out toward the main stage, waiting for his frenemy, but nothing came of it. The music eventually cuts, and a confused Drell is still on high alert. Slowly, Drell turns back to Tommy, and Tommy stands waiting for him! Tommy catches Drell with the YoYo Toss Salad hip toss right onto the rubble of the broken chair left in the ring. Tommy then quickly climbed the nearest turnbuckle, and came crashing down with The Dream Crusher double foot stomp. Tommy hooked a leg and secured the three count for the win. 


Winner: American Tommy via Dream Catcher (14:10)

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Some people like to discredit the Hellcats’ reign as Union Battleground Battalion Champions, given the fact that they are sporadic in their defenses. But look at it in a different light, and maybe you see that tag team wrestling as a whole is in a funk, or in actuality, it could be the challenges of what awaits at the top deterring any competition. I mean, who in their right mind wants to face an opposition with such a small window of success? Whatever the case may be, when they do show up to defend those Battalion Beauts? They do it big. Typically in a triple threat or fatal four-way format, they take on all challengers in all directions when the threat arises. 


Tonight is no different. 


In The Pit, Lisa Seldon and Anastasia Hayden take on quite the odd couple in Santana Johnson and Matt “Deathrow” King. MDK and Santana literally tried to kill each other not that long ago, but have since formed an alliance for a greater cause. And isn’t that how the best of friendships and the greatest teams formulate? 


Lisa Seldon and Santana Johnson start things off, but when the bell sounds, neither one makes a move. You would think two deathmatch icons would erupt into a sandstorm of violence as soon as possible, but these two have been around the block. Instead, they stand their ground, daring one another to make the first charge. The crowd grows louder by the second with excitement and anticipation. 


Finally, Lisa and Santana give a nod and linger toward the center. As they approach each other, Santana raises an open hand, looking for a test of strength. Lisa ain’t buying that shit, and kicks him right in the gut. Santana folds over, and Lisa is quick to club him over the head with hammerfists and forearms. Lisa Irish whips Santana over to her corner, and continues the beating, effectively cutting off the ring.


Lisa works over on Santana until she breaks a good sweat and decides to tag in Ana Hayden. Lisa and Ana really push that tag-in buffer zone and team up on Santana, causing Matt King to rush in. Of course the referee tries to stop King in his tracks, allowing the Battalion Champions to continue their rule-bending tactics. Lisa steps back to the outside apron while King is finally herded back to his corner, and wouldn’t you know it, the referee is none the wiser. 


So now we get back to being mano a mano, and the fresher Hayden continues to put the pressure on Santana. She may be the black sheep in this contest, but she still knows how to get down and dirty. She’s not afraid to use some dirty tactics, like the dreaded face rake, the eye poke, or even… an Indian Bur — no no, it’s 2020, let’s call it a First Nations Burn. 


If the Death Merchants shook up a magic 8-ball and asked about their chances of winning right now, it would definitely say “outlook not so good”. Santana continues to take a beating while King stands on the outside screaming at his teammate like an addict on the corner at four in the morning. However, as they say, it’s the darkest before the dawn, and Santana Johnson turned the tide when he got Irish whipped into the ropes and came back with the BLACKOUT IN CHIRAQ. The bicycle knee separated Hayden from her senses and knocked her back into the ropes. When she stumbled forward, Santana cradled her and hit her with that snug ass Santana Bomb right on her neck. 


The crowd was buzzing now as Deathrow stretches his arm out harder than Miles Blake stretches his pecker when sending an unsolicited dick pic.. probably… allegedly… Anyway! Santana crawls his way over and makes the hot tag! Just as King steps inside the ring, Ana makes the hot tag! And now Seldon and King meet inside the ring for the forty-seven thousandth time. But it’s still exciting because these two are always ready to die. 


They collide into each other and all hell breaks loose. Fists are flying, legs are swinging, and any other appendage in between not mentioned doing their due diligence. Throughout all of the chaos, Matt King slowly gains some ground on Seldon, and you get the notion that maybe, just maybe, this rag tag team just might stand a chance. 


King goes full throttle and smashes Seldon with a buckle bomb, then takes a few steps out toward the center as Lisa crumbles to the mat in a seated position in the corner. For a moment he pretends like he’s lining up the perfect photo shot before crashing into Lisa with the King Shit. The running double knees busts Lisa’s nose up good and looks like a crimson faucet. King backpedals again and then hits the Curb’d. The boot to the face splatters a mist of blood toward the front row like an old school Gallagher show, and those drunken and deranged Battleground Bleacher Creatures are loving every minute of it. 


Deathrow is looking to put this one away and yanks Lisa up to her feet by her blood-soaked blonde locks. He stuffs her in a front facelock and spikes her with a DDT. He’s not done yet, as he gator rolls her over and begins battering the crown of her head with vicious knees! Lisa Seldon has been put into Solitary, and the glint is slowly fading from her eyes. Lisa is a fighter and will never give in, but Ana Hayden can see that the end is near and decides to rush in and lay a basement dropkick to the side of the head of MDK. 


Of course, Santana Johnson isn't going to just let this slide, so he rushes in and rocks Hayden with a massive lariat and both competitors get tossed over the top rope. While Lisa and King wallow in their injuries, Ana and Santana begin to brawl on the outside. It's pretty evenly contested until Santana launches a massive head butt and knocks Hayden into the barricade. Before Ana can even regain her wits, Santana comes flying in with crossbody and sends both of them over the barricade. The two scramble within the masses of the crowd, and Santana uses his size and strength to get to a top mount. He grabs Hayden by the hair and begins mercilessly smashing her head with his clenched fist, and intermittently to the unexposed concrete floor. 


It looks like a fuse has blown inside Santana’s mind when he stops in his tracks and blankly stares off into the distance. Then he reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a switchblade knife. Fans begin interfering and jump in to hold Santana down. The referee sees the commotion and runs out to try and break up the ruckus and restore order. 


Meanwhile inside the ring, MDK stirs to his feet and begins dismantling the turnbuckle to reveal the bare metal. He doesn’t stop there though and starts unscrewing one of the ropes to finally get the hook. He turns back to use it on Lisa, but Lisa has gotten back to her feet, and smacks him in the head with an elbow and steals the hook from him. 


She begins fish hooking him with the part, peeling back the chapped lips and revealing the handful of rotted teeth in MDK’s putrid mouth. Lisa is unrelenting as she is literally tearing MDK’s face and giving him that Glasgow Smile. While this gory scene plays out in the ring, the referee and security eventually break up the mayhem on the outside. 


The referee finally slides back into the ring, and possibly still amped up from the fan mob, he breaks Lisa off from the hook. She’s pissed, the two argue, and Lisa nearly attacks the red, but cooler heads prevail. This proves to be a costly mistake, as Lisa turns back around she gets steamrolled with MDK’s DEATHROW snap brainbuster. King hooks both legs and gets the three count for the win. King and Santana don't waste any time hanging around to celebrate, as Santana snatches the titles from the timekeeper and the two bolt out of the arena like a highway robbery. 


Winner: Death Merchants via DEATHROW (23:23)

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It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Like, sometimes moments just feel destined to take place. No way around it, some forces are just stronger than fate. The rematch between Indi Rhyder and Miles Lucky was one of those inevitabilities, and it has been the driving force for the challenging War Horse Champion. The hype train for Miles’ Union Battleground debut was immediately derailed by the Galactic Princess, and as he’s spoken many times before, Miles Lucky is a sore loser. But, a piece of Indi Rhyder was embedded inside Miles that night in their first encounter figuratively, perhaps spiritually, but most definitely quite literally. 


From that moment, the two split down separate, yet very similar paths. 


Indi would rally to become not just the Union Battleground Champion, but also capture the Trench War Championship to become the first-ever Unified Champion in the Battleground’s history. Quite a spectacular feat, especially when you account for who she had to go through to reach that pinnacle. 


Miles, on the other hand, played the long game and proved himself from the ground-up. Every contest from that moment forward, left an everlasting impression on the live viewers and those watching in the safety and comfort of their own homes. 


There’s no show of respect, or anything here to start the match. Miles straight up slugs Indi right in the mouth, dropping her to the canvas. The Unified Champion doesn’t stay down for long, Indi knows what’s coming and what could happen with Miles. A wildcard like that needs to be put down quickly. She connects with a knee to the side of his head, opting for quick brutality in the early goings.


Miles seems to appreciate it, he claps at Indi’s efforts to keep him down. The appreciation doesn’t last long, as Rhyder and Lucky are drawn into a fist-fight in the middle of the ring. It looks like Indi has the upper hand, when Miles grabs her and pulls her into a swinging neckbreaker. A pump kick to her face keeps her down for the moment. Miles tries to lighten the mood by “playfully” trying to steal the official’s watch. His playful antics quickly turn serious as he then goes for the referee’s own shoes. Miles is able to get one, tossing it into the crowd.


Indi comes at Miles, who has been distracted by messing with the ringside official. She grabs the back of his head, slamming him face first into the nearby turnbuckle. She does it again, for good measure. Miles has had enough, he pushes her away and then connects with a hard elbow shot! Rhyder falls through the ropes to end up out on the apron. This leads Lucky to hit the ropes on the opposite side to slingshot himself back at Indi, who slowly pulls herself up on the apron. Rhyder leaps up onto the top rope then springboards off for a flying thrust kick that finds its mark! Indi kicks Miles in the chest to send him to the mat, flat on his back. Having been here before, Miles is ready for Indi to strike. She charges towards him, but Miles grabs her and Monkey Flips her to the outside of the ring! Indi tumbles, landing hard face first on the outside.


Indi gets up, quickly, as Miles is already in the process of looking to jump over the top rope. She jumps up to the apron, catching Miles with a high kick that stops him in his tracks. He stumbles backwards, enough room for Indi to land a springboard dropkick that sends Miles across the ring!  She rushes forward, and sees something at the last second. Miles tries for another back elbow, the same one that cost Indi a tooth. She manages to duck it this time, but her fate is already sealed. Miles turns, catching her with a superkick that knocks her down to the mat! Miles has been waiting for this moment for eight months.


He’s quick to go for something, too quick even. Miles pulls out the old, decaying tooth that once belonged to Indi Rhyder. It had been living inside of Miles’s palm up until recently. With no hesitation, Miles grabs the tooth and sticks it right back in Indi’s mouth! He gives her a nice kick to the face for good measure, to make sure it stays.


The crowd is rightly horrified, but Miles doesn’t care. He isn’t bothered by them, he even mocks them by pretending to cry himself. Or maybe he is really crying, tears of joy perhaps? Either way he has Indi in a bad spot. She falls victim to a sleeperhold suplex, the tooth from earlier being spit out onto the mat.


Indi Rhyder is in trouble, the champion is being beaten down inside of the ring. Everything that Miles does takes the air out of the crowd a little at a time. Soon enough it’s not enough to cheer for Indi, now they’re praying for her too. Miles tosses her to the outside, Indi crumpled in a heap on the floor. Miles takes his time, making his way over to the champion. He gets a kick to her side, making sure that she stays down.


Indi won’t though, a Miles mistake gives her the chance she needs. She sends him crashing face first into the barricade, as he tries to pick her up. Miles is stunned, but Indi is all in. She goes on the attack, forearms land into the side of Miles’ face. Over and over again, the champion is hitting her boiling point. She knows she has to do this if she wants to win. Grabbing his leg, she sends him into the barricade with a Dragon Screw! The crowd cheers on as Miles and Indi lay outside of the ring.


Both competitors are tired, but they’ve been here before. The two stare into each other’s soul while Indi wants to finish this, right now. Miles tries to get back up, as Indi does the same. He hobbles into the ring, as Indi follows. She takes out his leg from behind, causing Miles to fall. Without waiting, Indi locks in a figure four leg lock! Miles screams, as Indi is zoned in on finishing this match. However, Miles will not let himself quit. He puts his right hand in his mouth, and bites down. The pain seems to distract him, long enough to allow him to reverse the attempt. And to let the blood flow freely.


Miles successfully turns to his belly, the pressure now on Indi. Rhyder looks for a way out, there’s nothing to save her right now except her own skill. She pushes her upper body up from the mat, as she crawls towards the ropes. Miles laughs, knowing that a rope break won’t happen here. Indi uses her strength to pull herself towards the middle rope, and then the top. Miles watches in horror as Indi is basically standing up straight. She falls backwards, pinning Miles’ shoulders to the mat! He breaks the hold, kicking Indi away from him as she tumbles to the outside!


Miles is furious, he rolls to the outside as he limps towards the champion. That look in his eyes, we’ve seen it before. Indi has seen it before, but there’s nothing she can do to stop him. Miles slowly climbs on top of her, placing his hands around her throat. He squeezes, pushing down with his body weight as he begins to choke Indi with his hands! They’re too far from the announce table this time, Miles has her trapped. Or he thinks, it seems that Indi prepared for this moment. Her hips twist under him, and in a quick moment she throws her legs up and catches Miles in an armbar! Miles screams in pain, agony ringing out for everyone to hear.


Indi staggers up to her feet while still clutching at her throat. She doesn’t go for the ring this time. Indi knows what she has to do now. She stands over Miles, straddling him as she begins to choke the life out of him! His face turns red, as Indi gives it everything she has. The Unified Champion is choking the life out of Miles! Miles thrashes about, finally knocking Indi off of him. He gasps for air, as Indi runs toward the ring to slide in. Lucky is dazed, slowly getting to his feet as he follows her. Rhyder waits for him, the two meeting face to face inside of the ring. Miles asks her “why?” but she doesn’t answer. The two start swapping blows immediately!


Lucky catches Indi with a solid uppercut! Miles follows up by adjusting his position before cradling Rhyder up into a suplex into the corner! He then quickly rolls her up into a pin! She kicks out, rolling backwards to get to her feet. She lands a front dropkick that sends Miles into the corner, allowing for her to connect with running double knees! Miles falls to the mat, Indi climbs up and lands a double stomp on his stomach! She covers him for the pin, but he kicks out at two!


Indi rolls away from Lucky to gather her bearings, a close count. Lucky gets on his hands and knees as he tries to collect himself. A sad expression crosses his face before Indi comes in from behind with a bulldog to drive his face into the mat! The crowd pops as Indi hits the corner fast! She climbs up on the middle turnbuckle to boost herself on up to the top. She turns around to face out into the ring just as Lucky stumbles up. She leaps off as he begins to turn to catch him with two knees to ride him to the mat with one of her signature maneuvers! There is no waiting from Indi, as she grabs Miles to set him up for the Kharmic Trip! It connects successfully, the crowd cheers as Indi covers him!


An odd hush falls over the audience, as Miles kicks out. Indi isn’t sure either, she asks the referee what happened. He explains it to her, Miles kicked out before three. Rhyder looks over, Miles is on his knees. His face flushed red, tears streaming from his eyes. He sobs, uncontrollably, his body heaving with each heavy sob. He doesn’t say a word and Indi just stands there with a bewildered look. 


Miles gains the strength to stand on his own. Tears continue to flow down his cheeks as he looks Indi straight in the eyes and mouths, “I love you.” Miles storms the Unified Champion and unleashes a vicious attack. He backs her up into a corner and continues to unload. Miles finally let’s up and looks to Irish whip Indi, but no. Instead he pulls her in tight and gives her an embracing hug. 


He takes a deep breath as a sign of relief, then goes for the 9:30! Somehow, Indi fights out of it and knocks Miles away with a forearm! She knocks him for a loop with another forearm, setting him up for another Kharmic Trip! Miles reverses the attempt, catching Indi with a 9:30 out of nowhere! The Cradle DDT plants her headfirst into the mat, as Miles covers her. Everything seems to slow down, as the count is being made. Miles watches on as the referee’s hand slaps the mat for a third time. Indi Rhyder doesn’t move.


The crowd is dismayed as the bell pierces through the silence. A bloodied and battered Miles Lucky struggles to get upright, but once he does, he’s greeted with both the Union Battleground and Trench War Championships. Like a dock of a switch, Miles quickly changes his demeanor to a euphoric state as he rests both titles over each shoulder. The low rumblings of shock and confusion from the crowd is subtle, yet deafening. Miles heads over to a cameraman standing in the apron, jerks the lens right up to his mouth and utters “Happy Pigeon Day” before the feed cuts out.


Winner: Miles Lucky via 9:30 (19:53)

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