Sprint Center

Kansas City, Missouri

17, 297

welcome to the show

[The end credits of COPS on Spike TV roll through with the infamous theme song fading out. Silence fills then the Union Battleground logo flickers in and out sporadically, then nothingness again. Fade back in to a scene showing a long, winding road deep in the night in the middle of what looks like to be an unmarked desert area. Scattered street lights, some flickering to hang on to their final watts of life, illuminate a rough pavement path. In the distance is a headlight, bobbing up and down the hills and valleys. As the light draws near, a deep and thunderous rumble resonates and increases in volume until we see a vivid silhouette of a biker barreling down the road. As the biker approaches collision of our view, a quick four count on an open hi-hat crashes as we begin our video montage.]





[As the shredding riffs of lead guitarist Kirk Hammett fill the void, "Fuel" by Metallica ushers in a montage of this past weekend's PPV "Battle of Los Angeles". The live performance by Luke Knux & the Scumbag Society starts us off, followed by Chris Andrew hitting the Canyon Dive onto Brandon Collins, Hannah Kristiansen and Echo Blackwhisper trading heavy blows back and forth, Hammerstein celebrating in victory, Anton Chase running off with the Trixie Championship, a laid out Crowbar in a pool of his own blood, numerous cuts of The Outliers and KGZ during their brutal bout, Emery Layton raising the Trench War Championship high in the air, and then finally Tweeder in a crimson mask carrying the Union Battleground Championship over his shoulder. The montage ends in an explosion graphic and we transition to the live crowd in Kansas City. The fans are rabid as the usual quick cuts of angles show off the fans in attendance.]

[The expected fireworks finale ignites the arena, and we venture over to our broadcast booth.]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Welcome everyone to Union Battleground's L!GHTS OUT #5! I am "The Doctor" Dante Reed, alongside me is of course "Diamond" Dick Thrasher, and our newest edition to the table, Drew Stevenson!

"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson" - Guys this is an amazing feeling right now, sitting here in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri at the Sprint Center in front of over 17, 000 diehard fans!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Yeah, yeah.. Alright there, hometown hero! Let's get with the program already!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Ladies and Gentlemen, this past Sunday we witness a monumental event for Union Battleground, as we crowned the first Union Battleground Champion in the Axel Graves era, and the man that walked out with that title was none other than Carnage Wrestling's own, "The UltraViolent Icon" Tweeder!

"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson" - Just a few days removed from the PPV event, and we are already treading on some shaky grounds. A while back, Tweeder mentioned how most of the competitors in the Championship tournament were representatives of other companies, and he proclaimed that if he were to win the title, he would take it to Carnage. Now, we don't know exactly what all that means at this point, because we were given word earlier today that Owner and Promoter Axel Graves gave Tweeder and Dick Devereaux the night off after their insane main event match that escalated all over the arena, and even spilled outside!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Not only did Mr. Graves grant Tweeder and Devereaux the night off, but also our new Trench War Champion, Emery Layton. But, before we kick things off here tonight, we want to show you some footage we got the moment after Emery became Union Battleground's first crowned champion.


[We're backstage, although it's not L!GHTS OUT. We're back in Los Angeles. We can hear "Walk" by Pantera play, muffled in the background. The words "RECORDED at "Battle of Los Angeles"  flash across the bottom of the screen, and it appears the main event is about to begin, but right now we are following Savannah Skye, who approaches her next target for an interview with a mic in her hand. Her target right now?]

SAVANNAH SKYE - Emery?? Emery Layton?

[And the new Trench War Champion looks up. She is holding her shoulder, sat cross-legged up against a wall. Her mascara is completely ruined and trickling down her face as her title is sat staring back at her on her knees.]

EMERY LAYTON - Oh...hiya. What's the crack?

SAVANNAH SKYE - Emery, obviously I know it's a pretty emotional time right now but after being crowned the first-ever Trench War Champion, I was just wondering whether I could get your thoughts on your win tonight?

EMERY LAYTON - Emotional? Me?

[She wipes her nose and sniffs up, and then her cheeks as she stands up and drapes the title over her shoulder.]

EMERY LAYTON - Okay, maybe a bit. I mean I said a few weeks ago all I ever wanted was a chance, and I went one better- I got a second chance and I came through on it and now I'm Union Battleground Trench War Champion.

[She taps the belt, a massive smile on her face.]

SAVANNAH SKYE - The first ever champ, too!

EMERY LAYTON - Oh don't, you'll set me off again. Can't be doing that- supposed to be tough! I got a reputation to keep! But yeah, no matter what way you look at tonight- when it comes down to it, Emery Layton, that little pavee girl who came from nothing and people said would never succeed, is the first ever Trench War Champion, and no one will ever take that from me. I'm the measuring stick that you're gonna use for the next person who wins this, then the next, then the next. Honestly, it's fucking cracking. Excuse my French there.

SAVANNAH SKYE - And I guess you're off to celebrate now, right?


SAVANNAH SKYE - Celebrate your victory? Find a bar and true Emery Layton fashion, right?

[Em shakes her head.]

EMERY LAYTON - You trying to get in on a night out, girlie?

SAVANNAH SKYE - Wouldn't turn it down!

EMERY LAYTON - It'd be grand...but nah. Soon as I get outta here, I'm training for my first defense!

[She looks to us now.]

EMERY LAYTON - So to the people who supported me, thank you. Like, for real. You don't know how good it is to have so many people on your side in a world were people really don't want you to get things that they want for themselves. But to anyone who thinks they wanna take this from me now that I've scratched and clawed to get it- I tell ya now, don't get your hopes up. I said I'm gonna make this the title for the fighters, and I meant every word. I fought too hard for too long to get to this point. So people, I'm Emery Layton, I'm the Worst of the Pavees, I'm the Trench War Champion and I say...NEXT!

[She nods and takes off, as we are transported back to the future, back to the events yet to come at L!GHTS OUT.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Coming tothe ring at this time, from Paris, France, Chloe DuPont!


[Chloe comes out to “Circus” by Britney Spears and waves to the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. Chloe waves again to her fans after entering the ring and waiting for her opponent]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, weighing in at 229 lbs., from Aberdeen, Scotland, representing World Wrestling Headquarters, Damon Xalvador!


♫ Endless mornings cut by the dawn razor

Whipping the nightmares to a froth

Endless questions with no answers

No replacement for what's been lost ♫


[Lights go off as the crowds are getting up on their feet as a spotlight is placed on the entrance ramp. No music, nothing is happening right now which confused the crowds as they are waiting. Moments later "Break You" plays through the arena and coming through the curtain is none other than Damon Xalvador. He walked over to the entrance ramp as he stopped he looked at the crowd with a smirk on his face he taunts the crowds which caused a mixed reaction from the crowds. He waved them off as he walked down the ramp, he walked up the steel stairs he went through the second rope as he walked over to the second turnbuckle he stopped as he leaned on it looking disinterest as his music slowly fades]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – We are ready for this match up to get underway!




[After the bell rings, Damon charges Chloe, leveling her with a massive big boot that send Chloe hard to the mat with her head crashing off of the mat in a devastating fashion]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – The big boot of Damon Xalvador might have left Chloe with a concussion!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Who told this dumb blonde it was a good idea to get into the ring with the WWH Extreme Champion?


[Damon grabs Chloe by the hair while referee Joe Murray gets in his face to let go, but instead Damon brings her to her knees and then clotheslines Chloe right back down onto the mat which leaves her rolling around clutching her head in pain]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Absolutely no mercy being shown here by Damon against a clearly inferior opponent!


[Damon proceeds to grab Chloe by one leg while she stills writhes in pain, drags her to the ropes and then lays Chloe on the bottom rope by her throat]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – What is Damon Xalvador thinking about doing here?


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I guarantee he’s not going to do to her what I would if I had Chloe DuPont in that position!


[Damon runs to the opposite ropes across the rings, bounces off and comes back landing a curb stomp on Chloe DuPont which this time knocks her out cold after the spring in the ropes sends her flying back after being smashed into the mat face first just outside the ropes before the ring’s edge]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – A curb stomp with authority by Damon Xalvador!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Chloe DuPont isn’t moving guys!


[Damon Xalvador moves over to Chloe, flips her body over on the mat and dead lifts Chloe DuPont into a thunderous German Suplex that folds her in half like an accordion]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Damon Xalvador might have wrapped this one up with his signature German Suplex there!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Well, if Chloe’s neck wasn’t dead after that curb stomp, she’s definitely ‘knocking on heaven’s door’ after that German Suplex!


[Damon Xalvador takes his time walking over to the limp body of Chloe DuPont, but when he finally does, he lies down casually resting his hands, one on each of Chloe’s shoulders as the referee makes the count]








[Damon Xalvador gets up off of Chloe’s body and the referee raises his arm as Mike Dempsey announces the decision]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey – Here is your winner… Damon Xalvador!

WINNER: Damon Xalvador via pinfall

fearless invitation

[Backstage at the Sprint Center the Barcelona Bad Girl is seen in her usual attire of Chuck Taylor's, skinny jeans of some kind, and t-shirt. This time, a Halter top with a picture of the All Seeing Eye on the front was her choice and she appears to be just arriving with a backpack on. She passes a few workers and a voice is heard.]

CAMILA MARTINEZ: Not again! Really?! WHO ARE YOU?!

[Nearby event workers look at Camila like she has a problem.]

CAMILA MARTINEZ: Serious. Go away! Or show yourself!

[Camila looks around and notices just about every worker staring at her.]

CAMILA MARTINEZ: What are you looking at?! You like my ass or something? Fuck all of you. I'm not crazy!

[Camila storms away in search of her locker room.]

dynamic duo?

[Cilver's "I'm America” cues up to a spotlight shining on the entrance curtain as Uliana kicks things off with a spoken version of the song's chorus.]







[Just as the song kicks into high gear, the entrance curtains are launched to the sides as the beautiful Hannah Kristiansen steps out onto the stage. She's clad in a full length digital camouflage-patterned hoodless "All American Badass" boxer's robe, a US flag bandana over her mane of long wavy blonde hair. Gazing out at the crowd, a focused look on her face, Hannah marches purposefully down the aisleway steps, slapping a few outstretched hands as she passes by. Upon arriving at ringside, she ascends the steps and stops on the apron, turning to face the crowd. There, feet at shoulder width, she throws her robe open and off in dramatic fashion, leaving her arms outstretched like an eagle - exposing her outfit beneath. She then pulls the flag bandana from her head, and tosses it into the crowd. She wears a night camouflage-patterned V-necked sports bra that shows off just the right amount of cleavage, as well as her midriff, black studded leather belt, and night camo-patterned tights with US flag patterned skulls down both sides of her legs and held in place by a rattlesnake - its head protruding from the top and facing the middle on both sides with its forked tongue sticking out. She rounds out her gear with white athletic tape on her wrists and hands; along with night camo kneepads, kickpads, and steel toed black combat boots. Hannah's long wavy blonde hair is parted in the middle and falls down around her shoulders and down her back. Turning, she slips through the ropes and walks to the far side where she is handed a microphone by the ring attendant. She then marches back to the center of the ring, and raises the mic to her lips.]


Hannah Kristiansen: Kansas City, how the Hell are ya'?!


[The crowd on hand cheers with delight at the mention of their hometown.]


Hannah Kristiansen: I gotta' tell you, this may not be St. Louis, but DAMN it's good to be back in the Show Me State!


[And now they roar in response. So what if she's from that rathole where the football team left for Los Angeles. Hannah's a home state girl, and that's good enough for them. Hannah turns to face the entrance portal.]


Hannah Kristiansen: Now as you all know, this thing between Echo Blackwhisper and I all started when I laid out an open challenge to which Echo accepted. Though the match didn't go as she had planned, she did weaken my knee; opting to attack me backstage later in the show to further weaken it. Next thing I know, she wants us to form a tag team, which lead to our rematch at Battle of Los Angeles. But there was no backstage attack afterwards this time. So Echo Blackwhisper, come on out here and face the music.


[Echo emerges from the back with no music or fanfare. She's dressed in business casual and unlike the last few times the two have met in the ring she's not dressed for confrontation. The crowd doesn't know how to receive her as she does still have her supporters....dwindling as they may be. Echo makes her way down to the ring apron and whips her feet out of respect before entering between the ropes. She looks over at Hannah...microphone in hand and smiles....]


Hannah Kristiansen: Let me make this much perfectly clear, Echo. I don't like you, and I still don't trust you. But a deal's a deal, and so far you've held up your end of the bargain. You've shown me [crowd pop] that you're not just a loose cannon, that you can control yourself even in defeat. So if you're serious about doing this tag team thing, then I'm willing to give it a shot.


Echo Blackwhisper: I tell you Hannah to say things haven't gone my way would be an understatement. You have proven time and time again to be the superior athlete. Hell I'll admit it what I've managed to accomplish was to be as significant as a gnat in the grand scheme of things...


[Echo pauses.]


Echo Blackwhisper: You don't have to like me....you don't have to trust me....hell you don't even have to respect me. However there is one thing you and I share is a respect for this business and OUR place in it. What I did for you was give you the opportunity to showcase yourself, what I did for you was give you the chance at a PPV payday...what I did for you....


[Echo shakes her head.]


Echo Blackwhisper: What I did for you....was nothing you couldn't do for yourself. I'll be honest and this is Kamaria Echo Blackwhisper-King talking....I thought I could take advantage of your arrogance to make a name for myself; but never wanted to acknowledge the true talent that you are; the the first hit came and I knew...


[Echo walks up to Hannah.]


Echo Blackwhisper: I spent years evaluating and managing talent and I knew you were the person the Battleground needed and I know what you are probably thinking I'm laying it in a bit thick and maybe I am but as you said a deal is a deal, allow me to show you that as allies we are a much stronger force than tearing each other down.


[Echo extends her hand.]


Echo Blackwhisper: If I were you I wouldn't trust me but this isn't about me...it isn't about you. It's about something I'm all too familiar with....doing business; and right now I don't want to get lost in the shuffle and I'm unabashedly saying I need you to help me show the entire Union Battleground something different. One match to start.....united as partners; and where we go from there.


[Echo signals out to the crowd.]


Echo Blackwhisper: ...the sky is the limit.


[Hannah ponders what Echo has said; not moving an inch from her current position - just gazing straight into the other woman's eyes. Perhaps judging her sincerity. She remains silent for a long moment, before turning to face the fans.]


Hannah Kristiansen: What do y'all think?


[Some fans boo, while some cheer In essence, they're split down the middle. Seems they're just as much unwilling to take the plunge as Hannah is.]


Hannah Kristiansen: Come on, guys. She did lay it on pretty damn thick. No brownie points for tryin'?


[Some of those negatives start turning positive.]


Hannah Kristiansen: So you're telling me that you WOULDN'T want to see The "All American Badass" Hannah Kristiansen and the one and only Echo Blackwhisper join forces and kick some other tag teams' asses?!


[The crowd erupts at that, to which Hannah nods her head approvingly before turning back to face Echo - a grin plastered across her visage.]


Hannah Kristiansen: THEN LET'S DO THIS!


[She shakes Echo's hand, making their alliance official.]

camila martinez vs saint saito

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making her way to the ring, standing 5'3", hailing from Tokyo, Japan. She is, "The New Ace of Pro Wrestling" Saint Saito!


♫ "I'll Face Myself" by Shoji Meguro (Little V's Remix) begins to play ♫


[The hard notes of Little V's remix of Shoji Meguro's "I'll Face Myself" blasts through the venue speakers, and the fans explode in thunderous cheers and boos. Moments pass before the New Ace of Pro Wrestling, Saint Saito, slowly emerges from behind the curtain and steps onto the stage, wearing a beautiful black, red and fur cape over her red ring gear. Saito remains on the stage for a few moments, stretching out her arms in a simple pose. She had a bored look on her face as she looks over the crowd, but after a few more moments she decides to lower her arms and then slowly make her way down to the ring. She ignores the cheering and booing fans as she approaches the ring, still looking bored with each step she takes. As soon as she reaches the foot of the ring, Saito turns to the steel steps and slowly climbs before slipping through the middle rope. As the fans keep on cheering and booing her, Saito spirals across the ring mat before twirling in place in the centre when she stops. She stretches out her arms once again, the bored "surely there are better things for me to do" look still etched on her face. She remains in place for a few seconds before stepping over to the corner, untying her black cape and handing it to a member of the ring crew. Afterward, she then turns her back to lean lazily against the padded turnbuckles as she waits for the match to begin.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: Saint Saito versus Camilla Martinez, two tough women who made an impressive debut two weeks ago... This match is going to be great, Doc!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Saito defeated non other than the WWH Extreme Champion Damon Xalvador in a remarkable fashion, while the Heiress of Hard Knox disposed of Mandi Morrison in a... Let's say unconventional way.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: Come on! She outsmarted a rookie, end of story! It's not her fault if the other chick couldn't defend herself! This is the Battleground, after all!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Anyway, folks Drew Stevenson has stepped out in order to make room for our guest commentator for this upcoming match up.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: Yeah, where di Drew go? And why I haven't been informed about a special guest commentator? I can only hope he's not as annoying as you are.


["Renegade Cavalcade by "Ash" starts playing out loud from the Arena's speakers as Chris Andrew appears on the stage waving his hand to the cheering friends. He is still wearing the black suit as seen in his "The Adroit", including, obviously, the glasses. Walking down the ramp with a big smile on his face, he eventually takes a seat at the desk, between the two commentators, wearing his headset.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: This kid really? I'm still not convinced he belongs in a wrestling ring, let alone sitting at MY table! The hell are you doing here?


Chris Andrew: I'm answering the growing need of "More Chris" these amazing fans are showing each and every week I don't step in a Union Battleground's ring. So, even if I'm not fighting tonight, they will still get their dose of "Amazingness".


"Diamond" Dick Trash: You are aware that's not even a word, right?


Chris Andrew: I know, but it definitely should be, don't you think? Anyway, I am really glad to be here with you Dante, I appreciate your professionalism and I really wish I could say the same for your colleague...


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Thank you Chris. But looks like it's now time to introduce Saito's opponent.


Mike “Drop” Dempsey: And her opponent, she weighed in today at 110 lbs and stands at five feet four inches! From Portland Oregon, Camila Martinez!










Chris Andrew: Oh my God, I hate this bitch... Wait, can I see bitch during the broadcast?


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Well you just did, plus...


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: I say that a lot, especially right before mentioning your name.


Chris Andrew: Well, coming from a guy called Dick Thrasher, that sounds almost like a compliment... Tell me D, did your parents really hate you to come up with a name like that or they were some sort of psychic and foretold what you were going to become?


[Dante Reed's loud laughter soon gets covered by the opening rift of Thunder Kiss 65. The fans erupt with jeers as Camila Martinez strides to ring side. She's the same hot headed Mila, talking trash to fans, knocking popcorn out some kid's hand, ripping a sign, etc. Camila loves to be hated and she shows it with her actions as she heads toward the ring. She walks up the steps and gives Chris Andrew "the bird" before entering the ring and taunt her opponent.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: Haha you gotta love that girl's attitude!


Chris Andrew: I really hope Saito kills her in all the 1004 ways she knows. I wouldn't mind to see a couple more either.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Guys the match is starting, care to stop bickering now and focus on the actions maybe?


[The bell rings. Camila Martinez smug and confident as usual extends her hand towards Saito, in an obvious mocking way. The Japanese looks at her, unimpressed, before grabbing her arm with a sudden movement and imposing her strength dragging the Bad Girl on the floor, bending her arm backwards trying to lock her into an early Fujiwara Armbar. Milla although is somehow able to reach the ropes with right foot, forcing a rope break. Saito lets her go, as she stares at the Heiress to Hard Knox with a wicked smile, taunting her showing her thumb and forefinger about an inch apart and literally shoving it to her face]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Saito is so dangerous! This match could have been over even before it started.


Chris Andrew: Yeah Martinez got lucky here.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: You say lucky, I say she showed great ring awareness...


[The referee pushes Saito back, granting Camila some room to get back to her feet. She starts pacing back and forth close to the ropes, holding the top one with her hand as she keeps walking, her head down while she mutters something to herself]


Chris Andrew: I'm telling you, something's not right with Mila. Look at her she seems to be having a mental event of some sort...


[The referee finally approaches her, checking if everything's ok but she doesn't seem to even notice him. Tired of waiting, Saito charges at her, only to get surprised with a low bridge by Mila, who pulls down the top rope sending the opponent landing hard on the outside. She then steps on the apron, waiting for Saint to rise back on her feet. As soon as she does, Martinez takes a dash, jumping and wrapping her legs against the opponent's neck, flipping her over with a Hurricanrana. The referee asks her to get back in the ring, before starting a slow count. The New Ace Of Puroresu gets up, seemingly extremely pissed at how the match started. Unnoticed, she sneaks behind Camila's back, wrapping her arms around her waist and lifting her while she was still arguing with a fan, dropping her hard on the floor with a German Suplex, keeping the hold and slowly getting back to her feet, connecting a second one and then a third, finally releasing her. The crowd erupts with a thunderous applause, appreciating the technical prowess of the Japanese. The referee's count reached four]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Things got heat up pretty soon here tonight!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: It always happen when Camila is in the house. That chick is HAWT!!


[Chris Andrew rolls his eyes. In front of them, Saito is stomping the laying opponent who's trying to protect herself with her arms. Finally she gives Mila a break, ending the vicious pummeling and grabbing her hair, tossing her back into the ring as the referee yells "EIGHT", before rolling under the bottom rope and attempting the first cover.






...Martinez kicks out.


[La Mala Nina seems already in troubles, getting to one knee and catching some breath. But Saito is far from being in a charitable mood, relentlessly unloading an impressive series of Shoot Kicks to her chest. Camila is staggered, slowly climbing back to her feet just in time to eat a Roundhouse Kick that knocks her down once again]


Chris Andrew: Lights Out for Camila!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: If that was meant to be a pun, just know it was not funny


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Guys, Saito hooked both legs...






...Th- Another kick out.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: This one was close... Camila really needs to get back into this. And soon.


[Almost as if she heard Dante's advice, Mila pulls one of her many tricks raking the opponent's eyes preventing her from delivering more damge and buying herself some valuable time that she fully exploited raining an impressive series of chops, each and everyone followed by the classic "Wooooo" by the fans, completing the sequence with a Savate Kick that leaves Saito momentarily stunned. Taking a short run to the ropes, she grabs her by the back of her head and drives her face on the canvas, wasting no time and dropping her knee to the back of her neck several times, letting out an high pitched scream after each and everyone of them. Eventually, she rolls her opponent on her back, sliding into a lateral press.]






[Camila leans her feet on the middle rope, trying to steal one.]


...Th- The referee notices and stops his count, sending Mila on a rampage. She gets in the ref's face, obtaining nothing but a severe admonishment. Enraged, she starts walking in circles around Saint, growling and pulling her own hair.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: I'm starting to think that Chris was right. There's something off with Martinez tonight, although I can't really point my finger on what it is...


Chris Andrew: Wait you're a doctor, you should know what's going on with her!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: I'm not a real doctor you know...


Chris Andrew: Then it makes no sense for you to use that nickname. Unlike Diamond...


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: As crazy as it sounds, I kinda agree with the rookie here doc!


Chris Andrew: ...He is a dick in name and in deed!


[Back to the ring, Saint Saito is back on her feet. Mila reaches her with a middle kick, quickly wrapping her arm around her head for a Snap DDT. Saito although, has other plans, as she avoids being dropped on her head hitting her opponent with a palm strike to solar plexus, pushing her back. Martinez seems staggered, but recovers almost immediately, attempting a Spinning Heel Kick, ducked by the opponent who's quick enough to hit her with a vicious Forearm Smash to the back of the head, prelude to a beautiful executed Tiger Suplex.]






...Kick Out by Camila.


[Despite not being very fond of any of the two fighters, the fans are clearly enjoying the match, showing their appreciation with a long applause. Both competitors seems to start feeling the tiredness, their movements getting slower for the fatigue. As they stand face to face, they start trading shot, after shot after shot, neither one of them holding back. The stiff exchange ends with Saito getting the upper hand, landing three more blows to Mila's jaw before hitting the ropes to gain momentum to connect with a lariat. Too bad for her Camila saw it coming, ducking under it and grabbing the extended arm, lifting herself up and wrapping her legs around the other one, flipping her on her back and pinning her shoulders down.]






... Kick out! Saito stays alive!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: A close call for Saito!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: I thought Camila had it won here...


Chris Andrew: Tsk I knew Saito was going to kick out... Well I was hoping she would...


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: I don't know how much any of them has left in the tank. You gotta believe the next fall can be the last.


[Camilla applies a Neck Crank on the grounded opponent, trying to submit her. But the Japanese wrestler is too close to the ropes and, fighting through the pain, she is able to extend her foot and touch the bottom rope. Martinez ignores the referee's order to release the hold, exploiting the five count to the very last second, maximizing the damage. Saito is breathing heavily, weak on her knees. La Nina Mala grabs her by an arm and goes for an Irish whip, reversed be the New Ace of Puroresu, Mila crashes hard against the turnbuckle and, before she could even notice, she gets hit with a Running Yakuza Kick. Saito is a fury, relentlessly kicking her opponent's chest as she falls to a seated position. The referee has his hard time to push her back, ultimately being able to separate the two women, although just for a brief moment. The Japanese wrestler immediately grabs Mila by her hair and forces her up just to toss her around with an Exploder Suplex. With no wasted motion she climbs to the third rope, flying all the way to the laying opponent with a perfectly executed Moonsault, landing on Camila's raised knees!!]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: She got her knees up! How brilliant!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Amazing counter, but can she capitalize?


[The impact is terrible. Saint Saito doubles over, rolling on the mat holding her ribcage in obvious pain. Camila crawls to her, falling on top for another cover.]






...Saito pulls a shoulder up.


[Martinez can't believe it. She slams her hand on the mat furiously, yelling at the top of her lungs in the ref's face. When she finally gets a hold of herself, she grabs the opponent's leg trying to lock her in a figure four. Saito though counters the move, putting his boot on Mila's lower back and pushing her away. The Heiress goes for it one more time, getting caught with an inside cradle!]





... Thr-- Kick out!


[Somehow she manages to kick out. Both opponents are quickly on their feet, Camila swings and miss with a right hand, as Saint Saito ducks under it and runs against the ropes gaining extra momentum before leaping and driving her knee on Milla's face!!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: SAITO SMASH! What an impact!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: Moves like that should be banned from being used against hot girls! What if she ruined that pretty face?


Chris Andrew: Whatever she did, it surely would be an improvement.


[Saint Saito goes for the cover.]








The referee calls for the bell]


[Ding ding ding]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The winner of this contest, Saint Saito!


[The referee raises her hand in victory, while Camila Martinez is still laying on the floor.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: It was an hard fought, back and forth match, but in the end, the New Ace Of Puroresu came out on top!


Chris Andrew: I must admit, I loved every single moment of this match when Saito was punching Mila's stupid face...


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher: Come on now, what's with all this hate towards her? The golden rule of a good commentator is to be impartial.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed: Look who's talking!


Chris Andrew: Yeah I was just about to point that out Dante... Anyway, I had a lot of fun with you guys, but it's now time to do what I actually came her for...


"Diamond" Dick Trash: What did you mean with that Doc? And where is the kid going?


[Chris Andrew takes off his headset and grabs a microphone instead, standing in front of Camila as she is starting to get back on her feet.]


Chris Andrew: How come you don't talk much now, Mila? Cat got your tongue? Or you're finding it hard to speak with your teeth down your throat? Either way, just know that everyone in this Arena feels blessed that we don't have to hear you bitching... I bet you were wondering why I was sitting at the commentary, or why I am even here right now. Let me refresh your memory. Two weeks ago, you won a match against my girlfriend, Mandi Morrison. You stole a win, you even busted her open in her first match... And if that wasn't enough, you kept insulting her for a couple of days on social media, insulting her... And insulting me. You actually challenged me, to step up and fight you if I wanted to right the wrong I felt she endured. You promised you would knock me down too, remember? Well, I guess it's time I give you the answer you've been waiting for.


[Chris climbs the three steps, standing on the apron right in front of Camila. The crowd cheers at him, or maybe at Mandi, who jumps the barricade sneaking inside the ring behind the unaware Mila."


Chris Andrew: I have no interest in fighting you Martinez. But I know someone who would love to get her hands on you... My girl, Mandi! When you're feeling a little better, let us know where to sign the dotted line!

WINNER: Saint Saito via pinfall (Saito SMASH)


make him an offer...

[As we return from commercial break, we see "The Emerald" Drew Stevenson strutting down a hallway in the Sprint Center, sipping on a cup of coffee, while he's taking his break during the Saito/Martinez match. He flashes a smile to some of the female event crew members that pass by, and they giggle and blush for simply witnessing the Triple Crown Champ. As he continues his stroll, a voice is heard from behind him.]

Drew! ... Hey, Drew!

[It's the Union Battleground Owner and Promoter himself, Axel Graves.]

Axel Graves - Hey, bud. Glad I ran into you, got a minute?

[Drew checks his watch, and flashes that infectious smile.]

Drew Stevenson - For you? Of course! I just stepped out so Andrew could commentate on the Saito/Martinez match.

Axel Graves - Ok, well I won't take long... Listen man, this isn't working out.

[Drew's eyebrows lower in confusion, and slides his shades up to rest of his head.]

Drew Stevenson - What do you mean? What's not working out?

[Axel let's out a deep sigh, and continues.]

Axel Graves - This... You being a commentator on our show. Look, when we made this deal, you were still retired. I was in the same boat as everyone else on planet Earth, and knew you wouldn't keep 'em hung up forever. You couldn't keep 'em hung up. That's not you! You are a fighter, a competitor like everyone else who steps inside that ring. And I could see it in your eyes in Los Angeles. Yeah sure, you had a helluva time watching a spectacular event unfold with the best seat in the house. But you and I both know you don't belong behind that desk. You belong in that ring! Now, I know you've been taking some bookings for a number of companies... Don't let this gig stop you from returning back to the ring. Do what you do best... Now, you can keep this cushy job as an analyst, but you should also know, that you can step inside that Union Battleground ring any time you want! ...Enjoy the show, man.

[With that, Axel steps aside and continues on his path, leaving Drew standing there, contemplating the offer he just received.]

taking charge

[A spotlight shines in the middle of the ring revealing a lone figure wearing a black hoodie. He begins to rock from side to side tapping the microphone slowly and deliberately. He has a backpack over one of his shoulders as he slowly removes his hood to reveal the face of one Malcolm Dred-King.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Funny how life tends to throw you curve-balls when you least expect it.


[Malcolm looks into the darkness.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Last year this time I was contemplating being in this business; but my passion got reignited. I was engaged my passion reignited and I won a championship and that was when my world came tumbling down...


[Malcolm pauses.]


Malcolm Dred-King - I promptly lost the belt I had coveted for months and then soon after found myself unemployed. New Year's Eve I couldn't get myself out of this downward spiral; however there was hope. I was one of the FIRST people to sign a Union Battleground contract, the promotion wanted me... The buzz around me was good and this was to be the start of something... special. I was supposed to be, if you let the pundits and smarks tell it, one of the final four members involved in the battle for the Union Championship... I even won my first match; then I lost.


[Malcolm starts to shake his head.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Don't get me wrong the kid deserved to win and I look forward to following his career and mentoring him if he honors me in that way; but I started to wonder afterwards did I lose the passion so soon after regaining it? The questions started coming internally and as the weeks progressed I saw myself not on TV as much....I saw myself not being featured as much. Even with all that going on as one of the promotions first signees I felt I would have a match on the first PPV; Hell even my WIFE got to appear on the card. Yes my wife appeared on Battle of Los Angeles....but I wasn't scheduled or booked. I would say it was a managerial oversight but I'm man enough to admit I didn't deserve to be on that card.


[Malcolm removes the back pack from his back.]


Malcolm Dred-King - I will do whatever this company asks of me, and it was in that moment at the opening bell of the PPV that I realized.....I have to recreate...to reignite that passion I had a year ago. That meant revisiting my past to define my future; and sending a message......that Malcolm Dred-King will never be denied again. So even though I wasn't at Battle of Los Angeles....I was at Battle of Los Angeles...


[Malcolm opens up the backpack and pulls out a CROWBAR.....he places it on the mat.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Your move...


[Malcolm walks off into the darkness as he leaves the Crowbar behind in the spotlight for all to see.]

chelsea payne vs Britain jade

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making her way to the ring at this time, from Manhattan, New York, representing Sin City Wrestling, Chelsea Payne!





[The arena is dark as the beginning of the music starts. A womanly figure appears on the stage as two spotlights circle until settling on the figure. She’s dressed in a gold hooded jacket, the hood covering her head as she looks down at her feet. As the tempo picks up, she flips her head back, flashing a brilliant smile to the fans. She unzips the jacket as she starts walking backward with her hands raised and then spins as she reaches the ring. She grabs the bottom rope and uses it to help herself jump up. She throws off the jacket and then flips herself over the top rope into the ring.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Guys, one of  Axel Graves' mottos here in the Battleground is that the door is always open. And tonight, we get to see another debut in Chelsea Payne.


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Dante I love Axel's open door policy. We have seen just about every week at least one new face. Some have won, some have lost. It just goes to show what this place means and the level of prestige Axel has quickly built this place up to be.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - And not to forget the beauty of this beast! There's no other place I'd rather be!


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, from Oakwood, Ohio, give it up for Britain Jade!




[AlunaGeorge – I'm In Control (Throttle Remix) bellows over the PA sound system. Lights from the rafters started to strobe that was coupled with white and lavender lights as fanfare, bringing the crowd to their feet. The opening of the song plays for awhile before Britain Jade comes out from behind the curtains. Her arms in the air, waving and smiling. She stops at the beginning of the aisle and starts to ascend down towards the ring. The spotlight followed her on her trek to the ring. With them showing her adulation, she savored this moment with him as she came up to the steel staircase waving again. She wipes her wrestling boot clad feet on the ring apron showing her respect and enters the squared circle. Inside, she walks over to the corner of the ring, climbing to the second ropes and whips her hair back that flows. She sends everybody a thankful kiss.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Coming down now is the accomplished former Women's singles and tag team champion, Britain Jade.


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - She is one of the lucky ones, so to speak, to win her debut match.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Lets see if she can go two in a row. Let's see her go streaking!




[Jade and Payne circle the ring, then connect with a collar and elbow tie. Payne grabs the wrist and twists for an arm wrench. Jade cartwheels out of it and sends Payne into the ropes. Coming back, Chelsea ducks a closeline attempt, and rebounds back and connects with a crossbody block. Jade presses Payne off and gets to her feet. Jade immediately starts laying in stiff shoot kicks. Payne tries to block the kicks as she gets to her feet, Jade goes for a roundhouse kick but Payne ducks and hits a quick one-two palm strike to the face of Jade. Jade is stunned, and then gets hit with a spinning heel kick she calls Chelsea's Kickstarter. Payne makes a cover.]


... One!


... Two -- and a fast kick out by Jade.


[Chelsea picks Jade up by the hair, and whips her into the turnbuckle. Chelsea follows it up with a hard splash, then monkey flips Britain out from the corner! Chelsea climbs to the top rope, and goes for a moonsault double stomp. Jade is able to roll away from the attack and Chelsea rolls through with the momentum and charges back at Britain. Payne goes for a leaping closeline, but Jade does a Matrix evasion and follows it up with a spin kick! Jade now goes for a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out by Payne!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Both of these women are showcasing some quick agility and so far no one has gained any advantage.


[Jade gets to her feet while Payne is still down. Jade springs off the ropes and connects with a cartwheel elbow drop onto Payne, followed up by a bridging Fujiwara armbar! Jade has it locked in tight and Chelsea is in serious trouble! Jade is using all of her weight to wrench the arm back and it doesn't look like Chelsea is able to escape or reach the ropes!]




"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Oh god!! The hell was that?


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I think I just peed a little!


[The crowd begins to get riled up, as Saint Saito is strutting down the aisle, with a megaphone in hand! She's spouting off random jibberish, both in English and Japanese. She makes her way to ringside, and stands over my the commentary table.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Fans, for some reason Saint Saito has made her way down to ringside and has definitely made her presence known!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - Now, even the blind can hate her too!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - What? You guys say something?


[Back to the action, Jade releases the submission hold as she notices Saito shouting insults directed towards her through the megaphone. Jade becomes focused on Saito, which Payne takes advantage of with a schoolboy roll up pin!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three! NO! A close kick out at 2 and 7/8!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Jade nearly lost the match! She needs to stay focused!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - I think Saito needs to focus on keeping herself out of the action, or the Bog Bad British Brite Nigel Crane will set the record straight!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I know Saito is a machine, but Crane is a force to be reckoned with!


[Jade back to her feet and is trying to concentrate on Chelsea, but the maddening shriek of Saito on that megaphone pierces right through her. Jade goes for a tie up, but Payne hits an arm drag and then locks in a seated armbar. Jade is now vulnerable as she fights her way out. She eventually reaches the ropes, breaking the hold. Jade gets back up, and the two goes at it trading punches. Jade ducks a 1-2 jab combo, kicks Payne in the gut, and sends her flying to the ropes. Payne comes back and ducks a closeline, she bounces back and Jade connects with a tilt-a-whirl wheelbarrow facebuster! Jade rolls her over and makes the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Britain Jade!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Britain Jade displays her experience and gets the win despite some interruptions from Saito!


"The Emerald" Drew Stevenson - I don't know what goes on inside Saito's head, and frankly, I don't want to know! But she seems to have taking a liking to Jade.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Brit better be careful! Saito has been lurking around her for some time now, and nothing every ends well with Saito!


WINNER: Britain Jade via pinfall (Tilt-a-Whirl Wheelbarrow Facebuster)


[Water is heard running as cameras enter a locker room covered in steam. The squeak of the faucet is heard before the powerful spray of water ends. A curtain is pulled back moments later and Camila Martinez, towel around her body with damp hair steps out of the shower area and into the steam. She clearly notices the steam is much more powerful than normal.]


CAMILA MARTINEZ: Hello?... Did they turn up the hot water heater in here? Because this water was hot as f---, just an fyi!


[Silence. No responses from anyone. Camila continues over to the counter top where there is a mirror. She wipes the dew off the mirror and leans down to grab another towel. While she is down we see a mysterious figure in the reflection of the mirror, just over Camila's shoulder.


Camila rises up once again with a towel and covers her head with it and starts moving her hands around in an attempt to remove some of the water from her hair. While she is not looking in the mirror, the mysterious figure steps closer, into the light this time. An unknown male with a painted face and a blank stare stands behind Camila. Creepy would be an understatement.


Camila removes the towel and looks at herself in the mirror and notices the unknown male behind her.]




[Camila turns around quickly and there is no one there. Camila is terrified to move.]


CAMILA MARTINEZ: Hello?! Is anyone there?! .... What is going on?


[Camila reaches into her bag on the floor and grabs a pill bottle. Cameras fade out.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall…headed to the ring at this time, weighing in at 235 lbs. from Los Angles, California…Mike Savage!


["Unbroken" by Monster Magnet plays out across the arena as gold and white lasers flash across the stage in time with the music]


♫ Drowning in your puddle, waiting at the sky

Suckin' on your daddy's cigar

I'm your destination, I'm the reason why ♫


[After the intro ends and the lyrics pick up, Mike Savage struts out onto the stage. He stops midway to the ramp and looks left and then right as all but a lone spotlight shining on him darken. He flashes a sideways grin and begins strutting down the ramp with his eyes dead set on the ring. Now at the end of the ramp, Savage looks into the camera and says "Survival of the Savage!" before sliding into the ring and popping up to his feet. He then heads for the corner, quickly jumps up onto the second turnbuckle and chews out the fans in the front row with great enthusiasm. After a few moments, he gives them a quick "up yours" gesture with a sneer and jumps down, waiting in the corner, still shouting over his shoulder at the fans.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, weighing in at 235 lbs., from Petal, Mississippi…Hubert Smalls!


♫ My baby, he don't talk sweet

He ain't got much to say

But he loves me, loves me, loves me

I know that he loves me anyway ♫


[As the cheerful ballad sung by Deniece Williams begins to blare over the PA system, a jubilated Hubert Smalls walks out to an eruption of positivity. With Tail Earnhardt in tow in his see-through carrier, Hubert makes his way down to the ring waving politely at the audience.  As he approaches the ring area, he places the cat on a folding chair next to the commentary booth, and then climbs into the squared circle.  He again plays to the crowd by politely waving, and then takes position in his corner to await the beginning bell]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – This guy can’t be for fuc—


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – This isn’t Pay-Per-View Dick, I’m going to stop you right there!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I mean Jesus…I feel sorry for that cat Dante, beides being owned by this weirdo…I mean he’s literally the only pussy Hubert has or gets!


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – I have to ask though guys…what is with Union Battleground and cats lately though?


[The referee signals for the bell]




“The Doctor” Dante Reed – We are all set to witness the debut here at Union Battleground for both of these competitors!


[Mike Savage meets Hubert Smalls in the middle of the ring where Smalls extends his hand]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Hubert Smalls showing a bit of sportsmanship here to begin the match!


[Mike Savage responds by slapping Hubert across the face and then laughing about it toe the crowd as Smalls is feeling his lips for any blood]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – That’s what you get letting your guard down like that, this guy Hubert Smalls is an idiot!


[As Mike Savage continues to play to the crowd, Smalls looks at his furiously and charges him, taking him to the ground and throwing awkward right and left fists]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson - Looks like Smalls wasn’t having any of that disrespect!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Hubert Smalls looks like he’s in a cat fight!


[After throwing his barrage of awkward fists, Smalls gets up and stomps around playing to the crowd while Savage is still recovering from the pain and confusion of what just hit him]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – The crowd here loves the charisma of Hubert Smalls!


[As Savage begins to get to his feet, Smalls runs at Savage, ducks Savage’s attempted clothesline, slides behind, locks in a Cobra Clutch and then sweeps out the legs of Savage sending him crashing to the mat]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Cobra Clutch Leg Sweep by Hubert Smalls!


[With Savage down, Smalls goes to Savage’s legs, grabs them and signals as if he’s going to give Mike Savage, who weighs the exact same as Hubert Smalls, a giant swing, but as he looks to the crowd, Savage fidgets his way out, then kicks Smalls in the front of the right knee cap, bringing him down to one knee. Savage gets to his feet and then delivers a massive knee shot to Smalls’ jaw that sends him back to the mat. Not wasting a moment, Savage delivers a few stomps to the head and then out of frustration of Smalls getting the best of him to begin the match, Savage begins to choke Smalls with both hands]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Savage trying to choke the life out of Hubert Smalls!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – GOOD!


[Savages get off after the referee finally talks some sense into him. He then picks Hubert up and goes for a short arm clothesline, which Smalls ducks, Savage turns around and Smalls picks him up and adds some flamboyance to a devastating tilt-a-whirl backbreaker]


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – What a different looking, yet effective tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Hubert Smalls!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Different?!? I’m starting to see why this man only has a cat for a lover, I mean, friend!


[As Savage gets to his feet again holding his head, he charges Hubert Smalls out of anger and frustration which leads him right into Smalls’ arm drag combo which the crowd counts along with as Hubert delivers each arm drag]






















[Savage barely gets to his feet after the tenth and finally arm drag out of both pain and dizziness where he’s met by a kick in the gut, then Hubert double under hooks his arms, lifts him up and rocks the ring with a Tiger Driver ‘98]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed – “Moon PIEEEEEEE!”


[Hubert lands the Tiger Driver ’98 in a pinning combo to which the referee hits the mat to start the count]








[Hubert gets up ecstatically as his hand get raised to the roar of the crowd]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey – Here is your winner…Hubert Smalls!


[Hubert comes over to grab Tail Earnhardt in his carrier from the chair he left him on next to the commentary booth as he then makes his way to the back waving to the crowd]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Hubert Smalls has won here in his Union Battleground debut!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Does that mean we are going to be seeing this idiot regularly?


“Emerald” Drew Stevenson – It appears to look that way Dick!

WINNER: Hubert Smalls via pinfall (Moon Pie)

the slap heard 'round the world

[We cut to backstage, where the fans filled the venue with their displeasure at the sight of Saint Saito, still holding the megaphone in her hand, who was walking down the corridor when Union Battleground’s correspondent Savannah Skye hurriedly approached her, holding a microphone.]

 Savannah Skye: Saint Saito, you—

Saint Saito: *through the megaphone* Damare!

[Savannah’s eyes widened and she froze in shock at the young Japanese girl who was barking at her in Japanese through a megaphone. Saito glared hotly at the correspondent for a few moments before she took a single menacing step toward her and spoke slowly into the megaphone in her hand.]

Saint Saito: Anata no godousa wa nanidesu ka? Anata wa bakadesu ka?

[Savannah Skye shrank back a little before she responded.]

Savannah Skye: I-I don’t speak Japanese…

Saint Saito: You don’t speak Japanese. Well, boo-freaking-hoo--read a book, you stupid bish! Now, anyway...you wanna tell me what’s so important you come at me and shove a microphone in my face, before I—

Britain Jade: What is your problem!?

[Britain Jade shouted from off camera but quickly stepped into the scene. She had just come from the entrance way and her hair in shambles. She rans pushes her hair back because of it, feeling a little under the collar.]

 Britain Jade: Okay, I get it alright? You think you can waltz in everywhere because you’re this huge enigma and you think I won't get it. You just cost me my match out there and for what? Was it because I said you were rude?

[Savannah Skye held the microphone between the two women, Saito with a vacant stare and Britain with a look of frustration; Frustrated because she was angry about the heckling.]

Britain Jade: This is so messed up! Why won't you answer me?!

[The woman who targeted her was being unresponsive and that angered her even more. She never felt so mad in her life. In that instant, she looks away, huffing and puffing from her jumbling mind and winds her hand back to smack Saito hard across the face. Savannah jumps in her spot having been startled by the echo. The backstage area quickly grew silent, though it was not to last. Moments after Britain slapped Saint Saito, the Japanese girl pressed her fingers against the rapidly reddening area of her cheek. She did not appear to be angered by the slap, but rather she appeared to be amused. A light, child-like laugh escaped Saito's throat, and she stared at the woman who had just assaulted her with bright eyes. Those eyes darkened, however, when they locked themselves onto Savannah, and Saito snatched the correspondent's microphone from her fingers and tossed it down the corridor. The mic made a loud boom as it impacted the floor, doubtless broken, now, and then Saito lifted her megaphone to her lips and inched closer to Savannah's face.]


Saint Saito: Hit the bricks, sister. Go find a street corner, somewhere.


[Savannah gave out an insulted huff toward Saito, but she stormed away without protest, leaving Britain alone with a young woman who could very much kill her if the whim ever came to her.]

Saint Saito: Now, as for you...I can appreciate you coming over here and talking to me like you got some hair on your nuts. But slapping me in the face, like that?

[Saito gave Britain an evil chuckle.]

Saint Saito: Sore wa machigai de orokana joseideshita. Shikashi, sono machigai wa tanmei ni narudeshou. Nazenara...omae wa mou...shindeiru.

[And with that, Saint Saito walked away from Britain, laughing with each step she took away from the other woman.]


GOL - Guerreros of Lucha presents: El Gran Anniversario

return of the grand

[The crowd in the Sprint Center is as loud as they’ve been all night. After all, it is time for the Main Event. Each and every person here to support Union Battleground is on their feet and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of these two Elite Warriors next in line to combat each other in the squared circle. The cheering is non-stop until the lights go out. In fact, the lights don’t just go out. They fall into a cloak of darkness.


Everything is silently quiet for a long moment before a familiar voice comes over the sound system…]


Familiar Voice - Daddy’s Home.


[Those words are punctuated by the arrival of Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva blaring through the PA system. Almost immediately there’s a chorus of cheers and jeers but the majority of the crowd are booing like they haven’t booed all night. That golden spotlight that hasn’t been used in weeks lights up the stage. Moments pass, long moments and eventually the only one that truly matters steps out onto the stage.


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand has returned.


Hunter Grand takes his time walking to the center of the stage. He’s wearing one of his most expensive and tailored suits. It’s all white, all the way down to his way too expensive shoes. His golden mirrored shades are also being worn to match the various gold on his wrist. Thrown around his neck is a money green scarf with golden dollar signs etched through the fabric. Thrown into the mix is one more piece of gold. Gold that nobody likely expected someone the likes of “The Main Man” Hunter Grand to have.


It’s a championship belt.]

[Hunter Grand stops at the top of the ramp and adjusts the championship belt that’s hanging on his shoulder. The microphone in his free hand can clearly be seen to have an ‘HG’ logo on it in place of the Union Battleground logo that’s likely on all the other technology that belongs to this pitiful excuse of a federation. Hunter Grand twirls the microphone in his hand a little bit while he grins in the face of the angry and hateful fans. He’s loving every single moment of it.


Finally, Hunter Grand takes his confident stride down towards the ring and the lights come back up. He grins and points at different people in the crowd as he does. It almost seems as though he’s picking out the ones that are the most angry. He doesn’t seem to be phased by the booing and takes his time climbing the stairs and walking the apron until he gets to the center of the ropes. He pauses to look out at the crowd again. One more devious grin at them before he ducks through the ropes and into the ring.


Hunter Grand allows his music to continue to play for a few more long moments before he raises the Hunter Grand Microphone in a signal to cut the music. It fades out slowly and Hunter Grand stands in the middle of ring and once more adjusts the championship belt on his shoulder. He takes his time bringing the Hunter Grand Microphone up to his lips again, smiling as he waits for the crowd to give him a chance to actually speak. It takes some time but they eventually quiet down.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - Ladies and Gentlemen. It is your pleasure that I’ve taken the time out of my busy schedule to bless you with the opportunity of your lifetime. I, Hunter Grand, have decided to give you all the chance to feast your eyes upon The Grandest of All Time. Me. Hunter Grand.


[The crowd explodes with more boos.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - I know, I know. Union Battleground has been in a significant rut since my departure a month ago. The ratings and attendance have suffered greatly. The pitiful roster in the back has gotten even worse. And believe me, I understand. After I was brutally attacked and robbed by that witch Emily Braxton, Union Battleground was dealt a blow that they’ve been unable to recover from. In my infinite wisdom, I’ve decided to come back to Union Battleground and give you peasants what you’ve been missing. A whole lot more of Hunter Grand.


[A combination of annoyed groaning and booing happens at this moment.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - Now. I know a lot of you are wondering where I’ve been. I know the bulk of you want nothing more than The Grand One to stand in the center of this very ring and detail every single event that has happened while he was away. I know for a fact that it would be much more exciting than watching the so-called main event than Anderson Gravelle has planned. However, as much as you’d all enjoy such a thing, I’ve decided to take this time to give you all a closer look at the most prestigious title known to man. This…


[Hunter Grand pulls the belt off his shoulder and raises it up for the entire Sprint Center to see. He takes a slow turn and gives everyone an equal opportunity to gaze upon the Championship Gold.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - This is the Hunter Grand Experience’s Grand Slam Championship. This belt has been fought over by some of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Of course, as you can tell by the fact that His Royal Grandness is the one carrying this belt, that not one of them were able to take it from my Grand Hands. So I’ve decided to do something Grand for Union Battleground. I’ve decided to give this company the opportunity to bask in the golden shadow of the Hunter Grand Experience.


[Hunter Grand pulls the belt back onto his shoulder.]

“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - The Grandest of All Time has decided to allow the fools here at Union Battleground the chance to fight for the Grandest Championship of them all. Gone are the days of the Union Battleground Championship. Pitiful are those that attempt to get their hands on the Trench War Championship. The only title that matters now is the HGX Grand Slam Championship. Which, as of this moment, I am officially making a Union Battleground title. Which means, for all of you that are too slow to understand the ramifications of The Grand One’s verbosity, that anyone on this sorry excuse for a roster can challenge me, Hunter Grand, for this unfathomably Granderful belt.


[The crowd is pretty unsure of how to react to these words but it still seems to be a consensus of boos. However, there are a few cheers and someone shouts, “KICK HIS ASS AND TAKE HIS DAMN BELT!” in the middle of it all.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - Ah, but there’s even more Grand news for my illustrious Grand Wagon. In addition to allowing these peons the chance to fail at taking the HGX Grand Slam Championship from my finely manicured hands, I will be doing the Union Battleground a Grand favor by officially dedicating myself to semi-exclusive appearances. That’s right, The Grand One has decided to grace Union Battleground with his impeccable presence on a more consistent basis. And while it would be unfair of me to always be in this very ring, as that would mean that no one else would have even the slightest chance to win anything, I will be in attendance to every single Union Battleground event.


[Hearing this, the crowd has just about had enough. The amount of booing might as well knock the roof off the Sprint Center. Hunter Grand just embraces the sound as if he hears nothing but the chanting and the screaming of his name.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - I, Hunter Grand, am going to single-handedly save Union Battleground from Alvin Gray and itself.


[Hunter Grand smiles one last time at the booing crowd and the nearest camera because who doesn’t want to see his Grand smile. Also, it’s catchphrase time.]


“The Main Man” Hunter Grand - You’re Welcome.


[With those final remarks and the hitting of his music, “The Main Man” Hunter Grand drops the microphone to the mat and makes his way out of the ring with all the splendor and confidence of a champion. He adjusts the belt on his shoulder and takes his sweet time heading back up the ramp towards backstage.]

nemesis vs maverick

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is tonight’s main event! Coming to the ring first, from Grand Rapid, Michigan, he is Maverick!





[The lights dim, upon the megatron a glowing flashing portrait of the state of Michigan appears with blacked out 616 flashing inside it. The song Diamonds and Guns begins to blare thru the PA system as the state of Michigan turns into a fist and punches through the megatron glass that shatters with special effects as fireworks launch into the air. Through the smoke walks out a figure who stands at the top of the ramp taking in the cheers and the boos as he holds the pose of both arms out, palms open facing up with his head back looking to the ceiling. After a brief moment Maverick makes his way to the down the ramp. Once in the ring he makes his way to all four corner post and makes the same pose as he did upon the ramp.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Guys, Maverick made his debut at L!GHTS OUT #4, and won against another newcomer in Jason Bourne.


“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Maverick used some sly tactics to get the win, but here in the Battleground, a win’s a win!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Hey! Something we agree on!


[The arena goes dark as the open chords of “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie begin to surround the fans of the arena. With each audio moan on the track’s opening sequence, the arena flashes a deep dark red then as the guitar kicks in the lights slowly begin to rise to a dim setting and we see Nemesis kneeling at the top of the ramp with a now single red spotlight shining down on him.]


 Mike “Drop” Dempsey – And his opponent, origins unknown, this… is… Nemesis!







[As Rob Zombie’s voice kicks in, Nemesis raises his lowered head, outstretches his arms, raises to his feet and then proceeds forward slowly towards the ring with the arena remaining dark and the lone red spotlight following Nemesis’ path accordingly.  Nemesis walks by the fans not phased in the slightest by the cheers and chirps with his eyes solely focused on the ring before him. Nemesis takes his time getting to the ring steps and stops at the final step, only to jump directly onto the top turnbuckle and outstretch his arms while kneeling down. Nemesis then hops down into the ring walking directly into the center of the squared circle where he falls to both knees and lowers his head similarly to how he was on the entrance ramp. As the music continues, Nemesis simultaneously raises his head and outstretches his arms as the lights come on and the music stops]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Here is another combatant that won in their debut match up. Nemesis also debuted at L!GHTS OUT #4, and it was a quick one, too.


“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Nemesis made light work out of his opponent Malcolm San Cross, and in fact, no one has seen or heard from San Cross since that event.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - … I hope he’s ok!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Senior Referee Bruce O’Neil will be officiating this bout, and he calls for the bell. Our Main Event is set to begin!




[As the toll of the bell subsides, Maverick begins to try and bait Nemesis in making the first move. Nemesis, however, is still as night in his corner, calculating with his opponent. Maverick looks a bit confused, then turns to aggravation as he scurries over to attack. Maverick tries for a closeline, but Nemesis ducks. Nemesis spins Maverick around, kicks him in the gut, and right off the bat delivers a vicious Canadian Destroyer! The crowd pops big time with the sudden maneuver of Nemesis. Nemesis pounces on top of the face down Maverick, and begins raining down heavy blows to the back of the head. Referee O’Neil gives a five count, and demands Nemesis to get off. Nemesis obliges, but stares down O’Neil, to which he backs up and lets the man do his thing.]


“The Emerald” Drew Stevenson – Big move right out of the gates by Nemesis! That could have taken Maverick down a couple pegs early in this fight.


[Maverick gets to his feet, and is a little surprised by being thrown in such a manner. He’s now a little more focused on Nemesis as he circles around the ring, plotting his next move. Nemesis still has that cold blank expression on his face, as he makes little motion, allowing the fight to come to him. Maverick draws closer in, looking to grab wrist control. Nemesis, though, snaps a sharp inside shoot kick to the inner knee of Maverick. Maverick hops up to try and soften the blow, but Nemesis’ quickness was too fast and the hit echoes throughout the arena. Maverick growing more impatient finally lunges into Nemesis and locks in a collar and elbow tie up. Maverick wrenches on the arm, and starts dropping sharp elbows to the shoulder and elbow of Nemesis. Nemesis pivots back, somersaults over, and armdrags Maverick to the mat. Maverick springs back up, and immediately eats a boot and then a hammerlock cradle DDT. Nemesis makes a cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Maverick kicks out after a solid two count.


[Maverick gets up and starts bouncing around, taking quick jabs to Nemesis. Each full contact smears just a little of Nemesis. He throws a combo in and then bob and weaves a Nemesis counter. Maverick is warming up and gaining ground then does what he calls the Grand Rapids shuffle, a series of quick strikes, a little jig, and then a monster right hand to the face. Maverick goes for a cover.]


… One!


… Two !


… And a kick out from Maverick.


[With Nemesis down, Maverick starts to drop heavy kicks and knees all around his body. He grabs Nemesis’ legs and slides in a figure four leg lock. Nemesis is in pain, but he shows little emotion. 100% focused on the bout. Out from the crowd, Jason Bourne steps over the barricade with a steel chair in hand. Maverick’s head is exposed to the outside between the middle and bottom rope. Bourne gets closer, and smashes the chair over Maverick! Maverick drops like a rock, and Bourne goes inside to finish the job off with Nemesis now. Bourne comes in, chair in hand, but Nemesis is quick to see the interference and lays some shoot kicks on Bourne. Nemesis is now fighting both men off, and then the other two would fight each other. Suddenly… out comes Nigel Crane!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - Look! Crane! Nigel Crane is coming to the ring!


[Crane slides into the ring, and immediately goes to Bourne. He grabs the chair out from his hands, smashes Bourne with it, drops it to the ground and hits The Brain Basher right onto the chair! Crane picks Bourne up now and tosses him outside of the ring. Crane climbs out of the ring and makes sure Bourne is immobilized. Nemesis meanwhile stalks his prey and waits for Maverick to turn around. As he does, Nemesis picks him up in the fireman’s carry and presses him up and then drops and drills him in the face with a thunderous knee. Maverick now foggy on one knee, Nemesis dials it in a fires away a fast-striking Kinshasa! The crowd pops as he makes a cover.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – This one got out of hand really quick, but Nemesis hits the Enoch and looks to end this one right here!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike “Drop” Dempsey – Here is your winner, Nemesis!


[Nemesis continues the attack on Maverick by picking him up by the hair, then hitting him with a Stu Hart Special, which he specially names it “Six Feet Deep”. Crane and Bourne continue to battle outside of the ring, as Nemesis celebrates the victory standing over a fallen Maverick… Then suddenly…]

the line starts here


[The lights run down before "Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits. After the intro Dick Devereaux comes storming out from the back, not in his normal get up, but still his trusty signature bat in hand. Instead of headbanging and splashing water he is hobbling a bit and has bandages wrapped around his body. He ignores the camera as he pushes his way past it and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. The ring clears like cockroaches and Dick grabs a mic as his music cuts out.]

DICK DEVEREAUX: I know I'm not scheduled to be here tonight and Graves gave me the night off, but I couldn't just sit in some dirty hotel room and wait. I'm out here for one reason and one reason only. At the Battle of Los Angeles I went one on one with Tweeder for the Union Battleground Championship. And as you can clearly f---ing see... I didn't walk out with the strap! Now I could shout conspiracy and I could go on about payed off referees or how these idiotic Spike representatives don't want someone like me on their Network, but I'm not gonna' do any of that. Here's what I'm gonna' do instead.

[Dick begins pacing slowly around the ring. The damage from his Championship match very visual.]

DICK DEVEREAUX: Tweeder, I'm gonna' make this really simple for your simple minded brain to understand. I'm coming for your head motherf---er! I don't care who steps in my path, they will ALL get knocked down if they even attempt to get in my way of that belt. I said twenty seventeen was the year of the Butcher. And I damn well meant it! So go out and take your interviews and look pretty for the camera as the first Union Battleground Champion. It's only a matter of time before I kick down your front door, beat you in front of your worthless family, and take what is rightfully mine!

[Dick comes to the ropes and looks out at the hard camera before finishing.]

DICK DEVEREAUX: And if Graves, Spike, or anyone of these Union Battleground members want to try and stop me... I've got a while hell of a lot of anger ready to murder them with! F--- waiting in line! The line starts behind the Butcher!

[Dick drops the microphone as "Everyone Bleeds Now" hits again. He exits the ring and begins up the ramp before the show fades out to static.]

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