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Concrete Street Amphitheater

Corpus Christi, Texas


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[From darkness comes the bright stadium lights of the outdoor Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, Texas. Thousands of fans engulf the blacked out ring with the signature eroded Battleground star emblazoned in the center of the canvas. The growing starry night pulsates with a brilliant light show at the main stage and above the ring. Several camera angles pan all throughout the building, capturing all of the excitement. As the amplified introduction subsides, the view starts to transition to ringside with a tight closeup of the star studded commentary crew of Elijah Carlson and next to him inside his trusty plexiglass Covid cubicle, Perry Wallace wearing a t-shirt that says "Still waiting for an apology". Once again, neither man takes the initiative to kick off the night. Instead, with an obvious sigh, Eli looks into the camera and gives the “keep it rolling” sign to the guys in the production truck. What an exciting way to kickoff the 40th installment of the flagship show.]


I’m from the nothing place, and that’s where I’ll go again one day.


[The darkness around him, the wisps of smoke from his cigarette, the crooked crown that laid atop a bed of ginger hair atop his head. He stood there, staring at the camera with that gaunt face of his, those sunken eyes. He looked hungry, but he also looked like he wasn’t at all interested in eating. A dog without an appetite.]



Anna’s from The Nothing Place, parts of her anyways. Miles Lucky is part of the Nothing Place even if he doesn’t know it’s beneath the skin he picks at constantly, trying to dig it out of him. Bryan Williams enters it everytime he slides a mask over his face and pretends he’s not part of the nonsense I shriek about. Indi Rhyder? Our beloved, star dancing, ever gleeful champion? She’s danced there. She knows it exists. She knows I’m from it, but she’ll deny it all the same because there’s some places no one likes to acknowledge because the existence is so terrible that you’d like to wipe it from memory. Kaven Drell? Dakota Smith? Do I have to talk about what voids are in their souls?


[Daniel shrugged, lifting and dropping his shoulders as if to say ‘it is what it is’.]

Kaelan crawled up out of it. She beat me soundly, but who isn’t beating me soundly these days? Who hasn’t destroyed what was left of me everytime I crawl into that ring? I am from That Nothing Place, and soon you’re all going to get to see what it looks like up close when I try to drag one of my very dearest friends to it, kicking and screaming.


[A pause, a beat, and then nothing. There was nothing.]


The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’7” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Fascination Street, presenting ”The Muse” Anna Daniels!


[Darkness falls on the arena because this is how the best wrestling entrances start. The Teemba edit of Solid Space’s “A Darkness In My Soul” begins to play much to the bemusement of the crowd. It plays for a bit, building up through the somewhat extended intro before the top of the ramp is swept with light revealing Anna Daniels! Hurray!]





[Anna, to her credit, stands proudly amongst the otherwise dark arena and soaks in the crowd’s reaction, whatever it may be, before giving a side eye to the ring. Making her way down the ramp, she walks as if she’s in a trance while occasionally doing one theatrical gesture or another. In fact, she takes her sweet ass time in doing so because the (Time) Lord doesn’t have to rush for your plebs. You wait for the (Time) Lord. She wipes her feet on the apron oh-so-nicely… before exploding between the ropes and in the ring like an absolute loon.]



And her opponent, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 179 pounds, from Armagh, Northern Ireland, presenting Daniel MacNamara!





[Daniel appears on the stage with his championship draped over his shoulder, shining brightly, as “Bring Me The Disco King” by David Bowie and James Maynard hits the loudspeaker throughout the arena. MacNamara gets the crowd riled up almost immediately. Boo’s come down as he almost struts to the ring. MacNamara walks up the rings steps before gliding between the ropes to take center stage. Danny strikes a pose right overtop the eroded Battleground star canvas decal as the boos continue to rain down.]


[The referee calls for the bell which leads both wrestlers to dash at one another. Daniel swings wide and misses allowing Anna to catch him with a vicious elbow uppercut from below! The shot nearly buckles the larger wrestler.] 




[The Time Lord dashes through the ropes to end up out on the apron. She grips the top rope before pulling herself up onto it. She springboards off after balancing her feet to catch MacNamara with a springboard shining wizard! The crowd pops as she hooks a leg!] 






[Daniel knees Anna in the face from his back! The violent shot sends her into a daze while MacNamara rises to both feet. He bends down to pick her up off the mat into a deadlift german suplex that he transitions into a pin!] 






[MacNamara gets up quickly in order to pull Daniels back up to a vertical base also. He attempts to whip her into the ropes but she counters with an irish whip of her own! Daniel ends up in the far corner! The Time Lord takes off directly at MacNamara before hitting a picture perfect handspring back elbow to the skull!] 


[MacNamara hits a knee while Anna begins laying into him with solid kick after kick! Daniels continues to punish her opponent without mercy. Danny manages to stand up and get enough separation to swing around with a brutal roundhouse kick! A red heel impression is left across the jaw of Anna Daniels as she falls straight back. MacNamara falls down along her to hook a leg!] 






[MacNamara bends over and bites Anna out of nowhere! The crowd groans after the assault. Daniel then begins hitting the mat with real frustration. The Time Lord appears shocked for the first time ever in the battleground. Her shock quickly turns to rage.] 


[MacNamara bends down to push himself off the mat when Anna stomps down on his extended right hand! Then leaps up into the air for another double stomp! Daniel pulls his hand close to his body like a wounded animal before rolling out of the ring.] 


[MacNamara works his hand attempting to get the blood flowing once more. Anna leaps up onto the top rope with an incredible display of balance before leaping off to deliver a skull rattling spiked hurricanrana! Daniel’s head is busted open during impact.] 


[Danny lies lifeless on the concrete floor while Daniels attempts to pull him back up. The smaller feisty wrestler yanks him up only to push him up onto the apron. She slowly pushes him back into the ring before sliding in. Anna hooks a leg!] 








[Daniels releases the leg before putting both hands onto her face in disgust. MacNamara is still in a daze as he rolls over to push himself up. Daniels slithers to her feet to watch him stumble around from behind. Full of frustration, The Time Lord leaps up onto Daniel’s back! She dangles down his back while attempting to choke him out from behind! MacNamara simply falls back with his dead weight! He squashes his foe against his body weight and the canvas! Daniel rolls over before getting up quickly. Anna leaps to her feet to face down Mac! He reacts with an elbow to the jaw! Anna stumbles back before being cradled up into a muscular bomb into a sit out pin! Bad Dog’s BITE!] 











Here is your winner, Daniel MacNamara! 


[The crowd has a mixed reaction to Daniel. The referee holds his hand high in victory. He snarls down at Daniels and ghost bites at her. The crowd gets riled further by these unnecessary taunts but Mac could care less.] 

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[Camera opens up and Tommy is just there smiling a shit eating grin.]

Look, I know I’ve been pretty quiet this week, but I just took on two of the “best” that Union has to offer and I beat them both like it was a walk in the park. I could stand here and say that I expected more out of them, but you and I both know we didn’t.

[Tommy shrugs.]


After doing nothing for like half a year.

[He scratches his beard with his hand and smiles into the camera.]


Like, literally nothing other than hangout with my girlfriend. I was quarantining before it was cool.

[Tommy laughs and drinks out of a Strawberry Kiwi Capri Sun.]

And now Union has decided they want to put me against their Champion and their residential cuck.

[He looks as serious as a newborn puppy]

I respect these two INSIDE the ring, but honestly the result will be the same as it was against Dakota and AJ. One of these two will be losing to the YoYo Toss Salad and I will throw another wrench into another title scene.

[The camera pans out and Tommy is standing in front of the arena.]

If I can ever find out how the fuck to get inside.

[Tommy turns around and starts walking to presumably try more doors that are hopefully locked so he can just sleep and dream of Harry Styles.]






The following battle is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, standing 6’ even, and weighing in at 220 pounds, from Portland, Oregon, presenting Baz Jacobi!


[The curtain flings back and Baz Jacobi steps out onto the stage followed by his manager Shortcut. With a cocked eyebrow and a toothy grin Baz holds out two fists towards the ring. Baz cocks back his left fist and chops the air in front of him before starting down the ramp. Shortcut trails behind him, trying to get some love from the fans but no one is interested. Shortcut takes his place at ringside.]


[Baz enters the ring and spins 180 before dropping to a knee. Baz cocks his left fist back and then points to the sky, smiling all the while.]


[“Play God” by Sam Fender hits throughout! Miles Lucky slinks through the curtain to end up out on the stage. The crowd cheers as Lucky struts down the steel ramp and towards the ring. The crowd lights up with fidget spinners suddenly. Lucky wears the Union Battleground War Horse Championship around his neck. The lights dim to show the extent of the last match this man had on the masses. The glow of the spinners can be seen all around. Miles walks down the ramp only to stop briefly to glare at a woman wearing a Baz t-shirt. He smells his fingers in front her  afterwards then shortly after an expression of approval, he slides into the ring.]






And his opponent, standing 6’2”, and weighing in at 180 pounds, he is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, presenting Miles Lucky! 


[The two wrestlers face down in the center of the ring as the referee calls for the bell!] 




[Baz comes forward which leads Miles to lean back to come forward with a wad of sticky spit into the face of Jacobi! The crowd groans with the nasty act.] 


[Jacobi comes in with a headbutt! The violent lick buckles Lucky’s knees and causes him to fall straight back onto the mat, where Baz makes a cover!] 






[Lucky rises up to find Jacobi already up! Baz drags his fingers across the eyes of Miles without mercy! Miles stands up and begins swinging while desperately attempting to regain his sight. Baz catches him with an arm wrench with a hook kick! Lucky rolls out of the ring and immediately marches over to the ring steps while stumbling a bit. Miles picks up the top steps into his arms then tosses the steel top step into the crowd! Men, women, and children of all ages dash out of the way! A little girl is about to get hit directly when her father pulls her to safety!] 


[Lucky nearly kills a few different fans while in a full on rage. He swings around to find Baz, who swings with a wild punch that misses! Miles comes back with a back elbow after ducking the shot! Jacobi stumbles back to trip over the remaining bottom step!] 


[Miles rushes around the steps to bend down to his fallen opponent, who gives him a thumb to the eye! Baz bounces to his feet to take hold of Lucky before rolling him back into the ring. Jacobi slides in to take back hold of Lucky. Miles ends up irish whipped into the far corner! Baz puts all he has into the maneuver leading Lucky to turn to hit the turnbuckles back first! The lick robs him of all the air in both lungs and he falls down into a seated position in the corner. Jacobi takes off and hits his infamous running cannonball!] 


[Baz takes his eyes off the champion to taunt the capacity crowd. Jacobi swings around to find himself in a backslide pin courtesy of the WarHorse Champ!] 






[Lucky gets back to his feet quickly to catch Baz off his game. The champion rushes at Jacobi with a running shoulder tackle to send Baz back to the canvas. Miles rushes to the closest corner. He scales the turnbuckles then leaps off backwards with both hands behind his head! Baz holds up both knees to drive them into the spine of the champion! Crash and burn! Jacobi rolls up Miles quickly!] 








[Jacobi hits the mat with both fists to display his frustration for all to see. Lucky rolls to his feet to ask the referee for the current time. Baz closes his eyes then slowly shakes his head in complete dismay. So close.]


[Baz gets back to his feet to take hold of Miles from behind! Lucky attempts another back elbow smash but Jacobi ducks! The miss allows Baz to cradle up Miles into a half nelson suplex! Jacobi then pops back up quickly to drop down garvin stomps with authority!] 


[Lucky rolls around the ring to avoid the stomps. Finally, he takes hold of the right foot of Baz before twisting it with all he’s got! The sudden counter leaves Baz down on one knee.] 


[Miles leaps up to both feet! Baz clutches down at his ankle before still standing up back. The busted wheel is not enough to stop this man at this point. Lucky and Jacobi begin swapping blows back and forth! Miles manages to gain the upperhand with a solid elbow shot to find himself delivering his signature headlock driver! The maneuver puts down Baz, who gets hoisted back up to his feet by the champion. He receives a cradle DDT! Jacobi hits the mat flat on his back while Lucky signals to the masses that the end is near. Miles goes for the pin!] 











Here is your winner, AND STILL the Union Battleground War Horse Champion, Miles Lucky!


[The referee takes the championship from a ring grip before having to dodge a large object! The ref and Lucky both split to allow the top steel steps to fly into the ring. The camera pans to show the father of the little girl standing in the front row. He stands proud after throwing the steps back at Lucky, who tried to kill his daughter earlier. Miles ignores this after a brief glare. The champion holds his belt high into the air before rolling out of the ring.] 

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[The scene fades in and we see one-third of tonight’s main event, American Tommy, still purposefully searching for an unlocked door. However, this scenario appears a bit different from before, as we see a row of doors, and each one proving to be locked. Gradually, the camera pans away to reveal that Tommy, still on the outside of the Concrete Street Amphitheater, is actually at the porta-potty line.] 



The talent here is shit.  Maybe the door is in one of these!


[With determination still on his mind, Tommy continues to check each door, not realizing that none of them will help him enter the venue. He continues to press on, then unexpectedly, a door opens up! However, it's not the Narnia entrance to the venue, but the final porta-potty which reveals none other than Kaven Drell inside!]





[A startled Tommy is frozen just long enough for Kaven to catapult himself out and connect with a flying elbow. Tommy stumbles back, but Kaven launches a knee to the gut then rains down a flurry of hammerfists to the back of the head. With Tommy clearly disoriented, Kaven clenches the back of Tommy’s shirt and tosses him inside the porta-potty. With the door springing shut, Drell walks behind the plastic enclosure and pushes it down to the ground, trapping Tommy in the horrifying imprisonment. Drell dusts off his hands with a satisfying grin on his face as he slowly begins his journey toward the amphitheater.]

[The beginning beat to “Warrior” by Dead by April begins to blare through the speakers.]



The following battle is scheduled for one fall, and it is the Co-Main Event of the evening! Introducing first, standing 5’6”, weighing in at 135 pounds, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, presenting “The Irish Rose” Kaelan Laughlin!


[After the first scream of Warrior, Kaelan Laughlin comes bursting through the curtains with a grin on her face. She soaks up the cheers from the fans for a moment nodding her head before she starts walking down the ramp.]


[Kaelan pauses on the steel steps throwing an arm up in the air to the reaction of more cheers before she climbs them and quickly climbs between the ropes, walking over to the middle to end up standing on the turnbuckle. She leans forward while throwing up the devil horns!]


[The finger splitting, ear shattering licks of “Your Disposal” by Cattle Decapitation bursts throughout the arena in a violent rage as the entire arena goes black. White strobe lights flicker at the entrance ramp, as a thick black smoke obscures the stage. After a few moments, Dakota appears in the middle of the smoke - as if he just materialized there. His eyes are dead set on the ring, as the strobe light flickers, giving a slow-mo effect as he cracks his neck to the left and then to the right. As vicious snarl forms on his cracked lips, piercing through his beard he starts to march his way down to the ring.]





[As the growl from that last line penetrates throughout the arena, Dakota begins to march down to the ring. His boot steps are heavy, and his arms twitch and tingle at his sides as he seemingly growls and argues with himself underneath his breath. The strobe light gives everything a rather abstract horror effect as the butcher lashes out some unsuspecting fans at ring side. Dakota cockily grins as he runs his fingers down one of the scars on his stomach, chuckling to himself before continuing to make his way down to the ring, a bit more aggression in his stride.]



And her opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 240 pounds, from The Depths of Hell, he is the former Union Battleground Champion, presenting “The Butcher” Dakota Smith!


[Dakota slides into the ring before doing a licking motion at Kaelan with his large tongue! Laughlin flies at him full speed ahead with a vicious elbow shot! Then another! The referee quickly calls for the bell as Dakota nails Kaelan flush on the jaw with a right of his own!] 




[Smith takes hold of Kaelan around the throat suddenly! He hoists her high up into the air looking for a chokeslam but she swings her right foot out to catch him in the crotch! An unintentional low blow leads to Laughlin’s freedom. She hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to sling shot back at Dakota, who remains down on one knee. The Butcher rises up then swings around to catch Kaelan with a boot to her right knee to halt her momentum completely!] 


[Smith rolls out of the ring after Kaelan hits the mat. She struggles while he goes to a specific spot along the ring apron to retrieve a four foot long chain. The overhead lights glisten off the shiny chain and padlock at the end!]


[Dakota winds up back in the ring just as Kaelan rises to her feet. He whips the chain around to cause it to wrap around the throat Laughlin! Her eyes bulge out! Kaelan takes the slack in the chain and uses it to wrap around Smith’s neck! The two are now face to face in some sort of sadistic choking dance off!] 


[The two wrestlers use the chain to swing each other around the ring! Dakota falls back into the ropes which allows Laughlin to unwrap the chain from her own throat. Smith stumbles over the top ropes but not the apron! Kaelan holds the slack in the chain to continue strangling The Butcher!] 


[The crowd goes crazy while Laughlin puts her knee through the ropes, flush against the back of Dakota’s head while simultaneously pulling back on the chain! Kaelan’s eyes narrow as she focuses on the task at hand. Smith begins to fade before scooting back. The extra slack allows him to slick the large padlock back at Laughlin to catch her between the eyes! The last minute counter causes Kaelan to release her hold on the chain. Dakota rolls beneath the bottom rope before popping back to his feet just as Kaelan regains her bearings. The two slowly circle one another before swapping blows in the center of the ring!] 


[Laughlin finally takes hold of the chain that is still wrapped around Smith’s neck! Dakota however, reaches up to use the chain to pull her in close for a quick snap powerbomb! Smith hooks a leg!] 








[Laughlin quickly stumbles to her feet to catch Smith off guard! She dives down atop of Dakota to begin delivering violent mounted elbow shots! Dakota brings his knees up from behind her to shove Kaelan face first into the ropes! Smith then leaps up onto his feet to head for the opposite side of the ring! He bounces off to come back at his opponent full speed ahead! Kaelan gets untangled and turns her head slightly before eating a knee from The Butcher!] 


[Dakota wastes time in going for a pin. He hovers above and pushes down at Kaelan. Mauling her hair and head before quickly standing back up to peer down at her.] 


[Smith comes in again to taunt only to be rolled up into a pin!] 








[Smith pops up with both eyes widened with surprise. Laughlin rolls out of the ring to gather herself while Dakota locks her in his sights.] 


[The Butcher finds the chain in the ring with the padlock attached at the end. He slowly bends over to pick it up. Kaelan looks on while leaning up against the announcers table. Dakota begins swinging the chain down onto the mat with force! The lock bounces off the canvas with a violent thud. He continues to do this over and over while taking a brief moment between each swing to glare at Laughlin on the outside.] 


[Kaelan rushes toward the ring during the latest swing of the chain by Dakota to catch him off guard! She leaps up onto the apron before on up onto the top rope to springboard off for a wicked swinging neckbreaker! She leaps up to both feet leading Smith to pull at the chain, he still has. This quick motion causes the chain to trip up Laughlin allowing The Butcher to strike! Laughlin somehow manages to get back to her feet quicker than Dakota, who cradles her up into a full nelson lift into a knee strike to the back of Kaelan’s head! GOREWHORE! Smith wastes no time in hooking a leg on the mat!] 











Here is your winner, “The Butcher” Dakota Smith!


[Smith rolls off of Laughlin. He rises to both feet before strutting over to the referee to have his hand raised before this capacity crowd. The referee takes hold of his right hand to hold it up high. Smith continues to talk smack to Kaelan while riling the crowd even further. The Butcher turns around to find Kaelan still on her back and gives a sinister grin while the boo bird come out in droves!]

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Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time for the Main Event of the evening! The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’11”, and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Dayton, Ohio, presenting “The UnYielding” Danny Rizzo!

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[The opening drums of 'A Warrior's Call' by Volbeat strikes across the capacity crowd and they all turn to the stage to see Danny Rizzo rip through the curtain right at "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!" He pauses for a moment at the top of the stage to take in his reception with a sneer and shakes his head as the boos reign down upon him from the capacity crowd. He chuckles slightly, and with a tilt of his head in annoyance he starts down the ramp towards the ring.]





[Before the announcement even has a chance to end Danny gets a running go and slides right into the ring, rushing a neutral corner and taking the second turnbuckle while beating his chest and letting out a warrior yell. The fans respond with another volley of boo's in his direction, and his resolve seems to harden to steel as he drops down and turns to stretch out against the ropes.]


And his opponent, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 130 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, she is the reigning and undisputed Union Battleground Champion, presenting ”The Galactic Princess” Indi Rhyder!

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['Karma Chameleon' by the Culture Club hits over the PA System, and Indi Rhyder skips out onto the stage to a huge ovation wearing the championship. She leaps back and forth along the stage, a huge bubbly smile placed upon her lips. She turns to give the camera a wink as she passes on by down the ramp, slapping hands as she goes.]


[The Interstellar Star Child slithers beneath the bottom rope to end up in the ring. She nods at James, who acknowledges her back in a show of respect. Rhyder then winks at Radford before climbing up on the turnbuckle in the opposite corner in order to further rile this already pumped crowd!]


[Indi hands her title off to a ring grip before coming to the center of the ring to face Danny Rizzo. The two share a brief staredown before the bell echoes throughout!] 




[The UnYielding comes right at The Interstellar Star Child! They lock up in a grapple in the center of the ring! The two swing each other from side to side before Rizzo sends Rhyder into the ropes with an Irish whip! She bounces off to come back at Danny, who misses the clothesline! Indi bounces off the ropes on the opposite side to counter with a dropkick to Rizzo’s knee cap upon return!] 


[Danny struggles to get back up while Indi reaches down a hand. Rizzo, surprised, accepts the generous offer.] 


[The two former Valor superstars then square up with Indi taking a wild right at Danny, who ducks to cradle up the champion into a snap suplex! The UnYielding leaps to his feet in a single bound! Rhyder staggers up but manages to dodge a clothesline attempt from Rizzo, who continues his forward toward the ropes on the opposite side despite the missed attempt! Danny bounces off to sling shot back at Rhyder, who swings around! She hits the mat flat to duck a swinging elbow shot from a running Rizzo! Danny hits the ropes again for a third try. Indi notices him cock his shoulder which leads her to hit a knee to avoid! The UnYielding steps up on her extended knee for a crowd pleasing step-up enziguri! Danny cradles a leg of the champion!] 






[The Interstellar Star Child reaches out as Rizzo leaps up for a double leg takedown from behind! Danny falls forward to smash his face against the canvas! Rizzo busts his lips to leap a bloody kiss print on the mat. He raises up and his eyes narrow with real rage.] 


[Indi glides through the ropes to end up out on the apron. She clutches the top rope in both hands while staring back into the ring. She leaps up just as Rizzo turns around! Danny rushes to the ropes to reach up and take hold of Rhyder, who counters with an arm twist before rope walking! She leaps off after three steps on the top for a violent chop across The Final Apex’s chest!] 


[Rhyder rushes at Rizzo, who ducks her right fist! Danny catches her from behind to apply an abdominal stretch! The crowd is mixed on this one. Both wrestlers are world renown. Rizzo puts the pressure on while Indi contorts her face to fight through the pain. Suddenly she bucks back with her bottom once then again to create separation! She leaps back to hit Rizzo with an overhead kick that sends him back into the corner!] 


[The champion rushes to the far corner to climb the turnbuckles. She scales them in no time flat to face back out into the ring. Rizzo gathers himself before pushing himself out of the corner. He makes a mad dash for Indi, who leaps off the top into a diving spear. Danny leaps up as high as he can with an extended right knee that catches Rhyder in the forehead! She nearly does a complete back flip in the air before smashing the back of her head hard against the unforgiving mat! Rizzo races to hook a leg!] 








[The UnYielding raises up with wide eyes. He gets it together quickly before pushing himself up off the mat. Indi rolls over to reveal a bloody face and blackening left eye. Danny gets up and begins to slowly circle the hurt champion as if she’s his prey. The stalking has begun.] 


[Indi attempts to roll out of the ring only to be cut off by Rizzo! He brings down his heels with violent intentions! Stomp after stomp hits the mark! Rhyder is in real trouble now as she desperately attempts to get out of the way of these pointed stomps. Danny allows her to stand up briefly before whipping her into the ropes. Indi bounces off the ropes to come directly back at Danny, who gets a spear in the center of the ring! The crowd pops as the momentum shifts quickly.] 


[Both wrestlers end up down on the mat, flat on their backs. Their chests heave up and down as they both are starved for oxygen at this point. Two of the highest caliber athletes giving it all for the masses.] 


[Danny shakes off the spear and gets up to both feet. Rhyder comes in to take hold of his left wrist to whip him into the far corner! Rizzo turns before impact to land back first against the turnbuckles. Indi rushes at the corner as fast as she can before leaping high into the air for a big splash! Rizzo slumps in the corner leading the champion to pull him out to allow him to fall onto the mat. Indi’s eye is solid black now. The close up camera shot reveals this in graphic detail.]


[Rizzo rolls over onto his back. Indi takes off at Danny but skips over him to leap up and hit the top ropes in a seated position to bounce backwards! The backflip into Kharmic Trip! Rhyder hooks a leg as the crowd counts along!] 








[Indi had Rizzo when out of nowhere Kaven Drell slid into the ring to drop a knee into the spine of the champion! Due to the outside interference, the referee calls for the bell to signify a rare disqualification.] 





Ladies and gentlemen, due to outside interference, the referee has called for a disqualification for the winner, “The Galactic Princess” Indi Rhyder!


[Drell continues to stomp down onto the champion when Rizzo leaps up and swings him around! Kaven and Danny stare each other down. Drell revel’s in the very thought that he just cost Rizzo a chance to win over a very familiar foe. Out of nowhere, Indi drop kicks Danny from behind! The sudden impact sends him into Kaven to push him over the top rope! Drell bounces off the apron and hits the outside floor while Rizzo swings around to eat a faceful of the Union Battleground Championship! The crowd pops as the champion holds off both men. Danny falls through the ropes after the vicious shot and bounces off the apron as Kaven did moments before. Both men rise to their feet to look up at Indi who now stands in a purple hue holding her championship up high into the air. Indi and Drell lock eyes and never lose focus as the two jaw at one another. Drell points at Indi and her title and gestures the belt around his waist as the camera fades off into static.]

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