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Black River Coliseum

Poplar Bluff, Missouri


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[From inside the Black River Coliseum in the Gateway to the Ozarks — Poplar Bluff, Missouri — the building is packed with 5,000 plus fans that are in pandemonium. The building is lit up with a marvelous light show at the main stage and above the ring. Several camera angles pan all throughout the building, capturing all of the excitement. As the electric introduction subsides, the view starts to transition to ringside with a tight closeup of the star studded commentary crew of Elijah Carlson and next to him inside his plexiglass covid cubicle, Perry Wallace wearing a t-shirt that says "Apologize Eli". The two are facing away from each other, looking rather exasperated. Eli looking off in the distance with arms crossed, and Perry scrolling through his phone, neither man makes any sort of effort to kickoff the broadcast. Finally, Perry lifts his head up and grins at the camera, before tapping on his plexiglass wall to grab Eli's attention. Eli begrudgingly turns to face Wallace, who slaps his phone against the plexiglass to show off a picture Eli with a crying Jordan meme head pasted over his face. Eli gives no reaction except flipping him the finger before motioning the cameraman to turn to anything else.]

[The steady lull of the crowd noise simmers as everyone awaits for the night to officially begin. Soon, the arena lights shut off to total darkness and an eerie bass tone fills the atmosphere. The main stage begins to glow with a bluish hue with a blanket of fog bellowing out down the ramp.]










[As soon as the first verse of “Blood on my Name” by The Brothers Bright begins to play, a lone spotlight flashes directly on to the main stage. Right on cue, the towering bossman, Gunnar Graves, steps out from behind the curtain to a thunderous, yet diverse reaction. Gunnar is dressed to the nines in an all-black three-piece suit, looking like a man with a plan. He scans the building with an unfocused stare, soaking it all in.]





[As the chorus kicks in, Gunnar begins to make the walk down the ramp. Not paying any attention to the ravenous fans nearly pouring over the barricades, Gunnar is methodical in his movement as he reaches the ringside area. He walks over to the timekeeper’s table and grabs a microphone from Mike Dempsey before stomping his way up the steel steps. 



For those who have gotten to know me over the past year know that I am a man of few words. When I come out here, it’s not to parade around and soak up all of the spotlight. When I come out here, I have something important to announce.


[Gunnar pauses for a moment to compose in his head what he has to disclose.]



Since I took over, we have seen the Battleground morph into a breeding ground of ultra-violence. Many competitors who have stepped inside this ring have come out, quite literally, a little less of themselves. They have truly left a part of themselves in between these ropes while on a path of either settling a grudge or obtaining championship gold. 


Each and every night, I instruct the officials to allow these bloodbaths to play out. Let the competitors settle it by any means necessary. No disqualifications, no count-outs, no bullshit excuses. However, the one thing I cannot stand is outside interference, and unfortunately, that has become quite a problem as of late. 


[Again, Gunnar takes a pause as he pulls the mic away from his face and stares off into the distance. A soft, yet steady rumble emanates from the crowd before he tucks the mic right back below his chin.]



My issue stems from our very own Trench War Champion, Kaven Drell. At first, he was a man that embodied the spirit of Union Battleground. A man with relentless intent to do whatever it took to earn the victory when it was all said and done. But his actions have become a very big problem as of late. The constant interferences during matches, the attacks backstage, and most recently, disobeying my orders at War of the Worlds. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior and an example must be made. 


[Before Gunnar can continue, the crowd roars with thunderous cheers at the sound of Kaven Drell’s name. The look on Gunnar’s face shows obvious disapproval from the reaction, and soon that notorious chant begins to build.]




[Louder and louder, the ominous battle cry grows to the point of no denying it. Gunnar can visibly be seen growing with irritation, with his chest puffing in and out at a rapid pace. With a snarl, Gunnar snaps the mic back to his face and finally bellows out the meaning he's even out here.]



So… As of right now, the man behind the “Let it Burn” movement will no longer compete for Union Battleground. You hear that, Kaven? You’re fired!


[Silence suffocates the arena to an unprecedented degree from the stunned crowd as a devilish grin begins to grow on Gunnar’s face. Then the PA system starts to whisper with a familiar tune.]





[Defiant as ever, Kaven Drell emerges, sneering down the ramp and into the ring at the haughty Gunnar Graves. On cue flame after flame after flame ignites around the building, something that the Battleground has grown accustomed to over the course of the past year and a half. In one hand, Drell carries a microphone and in the other the Trench War Championship belt hangs loosely, dragging on the walkway with each step he takes. But instead of coming all the way down to the ring as one might expect him to do, Kaven stops about halfway down the ramp, lays the championship belt out in front of him, and then takes a seat.]



Look around you, Gunnar.


[Drell holds his arms out wide, gesturing to the audience as the familiar Kill Drell Kill chant wells up and grows once more.]



Listen to the voices, Gunnar.


[Closing his eyes and tilting his head backward, Drell basks in the adulation of those who have taken up his cause.]



For days. Weeks. Months. An endless expanse of time, you have failed them. But not just them, you failed everyone in the back. Every single one of them. The ones who hate me. The ones who respect me. The ones who adore me. You’ve failed them all.


[He pauses and a heartbeat and then another passes before he speaks again.]



When I stepped through the doors of the Battleground for the very first time I warned you that I was not here to be a savior. I warned you that I was not here to be a hero. I warned you that all the money and the promise of glory you might throw in my direction meant nothing to me. I never came to save Union Battleground from itself, or from you. I came to set it ablaze. To stand back and watch the flames and to…





That’s right, I came to tear, and to rip, and to break, and to burn the status quo to the fucking ground. I came not as a safe haven, but as an agent of chaos who could see promise in rebirth and renewal, but knew that people like you, Gunnar. People like you needed to have their stranglehold torn away. And for months on end, that is exactly what I have done. I have scourged this company of those who don’t truly buy in. Elena DeDraca. Michael Kelly. Johnny Vachon. Brodie. Kimitsu Zombie. Those whose pride, whose ego, whose own self interest had become cinder blocks tied to the ankles of a company lost in a figurative ocean, water filling its lungs as it plummeted to the depths to be long forgotten.


[Staring directly into the ring, Kaven smiles. It’s an odd smile given that he’s just been fired, given that it appears as though he thinks he has won.]



Yet you still tried to embrace the chaos as though it was your own. You tried to harness what I am. What WE are, for your own gain and your own profit. You tried to line your pockets through my cause. Like we couldn’t see what you were doing. Like WE didn’t know. You were more than glad to embrace the circus, until it dawned on you that you were never the ringmaster. I am. And then you watched in horror as it spiraled out of your control. You tried to reel it in. You tried to bring it under control. You tried, you swine, to tell me what I could and could not do. Where I could and could not go. But each time, there I was. Defiant. And now you, in your pride. In your arrogance. You think the snuff out the blaze that was started so long ago? You stand in the midst of an inferno and think to douse it with a water pistol? No, Gunnar. This is not the moment where I am made an example of. This is not the crowning moment of your power and authority. This? This is the moment where you finally see your grave peril. Gunnar…


[Slowly, Kaven rises to his feet, allowing the conversation to be put on hold for a few tense moments.]



You can’t fire me…


[The smile that had widened across his expression grew and broke as he barked out laughter from the depths of his soul.]



Because you, Gunnar… you didn’t hire me. 


[A deafening break of silence fills the building as the two state daggers to one another. Gunnar’s demeanor shifts from fury to confusion as Drell begins to crack that signature sinister grin. And then, the lights go out.]





[That familiar tune that has almost been forgotten sends shockwaves to the psyche of the audience. Pandemonium breaks out as the building begins to pulse with a glow at the main stage. Before we know it, Axel Graves steps out front and center.]


[As if seeing a ghost, Gunnar’s jaw nearly drops to the floor at the sight of his baby brother. Axel begins to trudge down the ramp wearing a tattered and bloodied dress shirt and slacks. He stops midway and stands side-by-side with Kaven Drell. Nothing is said between the two, but there's a subtle nod from Axel that raises a few questions. However, there's no time to speculate as Axel pulls a mic from his back pocket to speak.]



I know what you might be thinking there, big brother… How? How is this possible? Nevermind that, there's one thing in common between us and that is, we don't beat around the bush. So instead of tripping over how I’m here, let’s get to the reason WHY I’m here. 


[Axel breaks for a moment to allow that question to seep into the psyche to all the listeners.]



There’s no need to go into the specifics, but what you did to me was out of line, and unforgivable. You have no idea the deeds I had to do, and still have to do, in order to finally get to you, Gunnar. You ripped away the company that I built and tried to pass it off as your own creation. You conned your way into that position, but a crown does not make a king. You and I both know, you sit on a throne of lies. But I gotta hand it to you, Gunnar. You would always do whatever it took to get what you wanted. You’d stab your own flesh and blood in the back. You’d kill for it. And to be fair, you ran this place with an iron fist — but an iron fist will rust eventually. And now, it’s time to take back what’s mine. 


[Axel breaks again for a moment and turns to peer next to him where Kaven Drell can be seen nodding his head and almost salivating.]



Some time ago, I came in contact with Kaven Drell and came to an agreement for him to become, as he described, an agent of chaos. To do whatever it takes to fracture the pedestal of your false creation. A simple solution to solve this maze, was to burn it down! Now with a weakened foundation and a loose grip, I've come back to put an end to all of this. But… In the essence of professional wrestling, allow me to give you, what some may call an opportunity, others may call an ultimatum. I'm offering to put my agent of chaos, the longest-reigning Trench War Champion, against ”your” Union Battleground Champion! Whatya say? Title versus title, company stakes at hand, winner takes all?


[The pandemonium fills the building once again as the crowd bursts into cheers. Gunnar can be seen furiously pacing back and forth inside the ring, truly not knowing what to do. A Graves man has never backed down from a challenge. He knows what he has to do, even if it will potentially sign his own death certificate, but it’s certainly not what he wanted to do. Gunnar doesn’t even verbally respond, just a subtle and simple nod of his head as rage continues to course through his veins.]



Good. I knew you’d be up for one last sibling rivalry. It was good catching up with ya, Gunnar. Let’s do it again soon. How about we say, Guerrilla Warfare?


[Axel drops the mic and begins to backpedal up the ramp, never taking his eyes off Gunnar. He makes one final statement, pointing at Kaven Drell with a menacing grin before giving an infamous throat slash gesture.]





[The curtain flings back and Baz Jacobi steps out onto the stage followed by his manager Shortcut. With a cocked eyebrow and a toothy grin Baz holds out two fists towards the ring. Baz cocks back his left fist and chops the air in front of him before starting down the ramp. Baz is clad in his faction uniform ONI shirt, available through another promotion’s merch site. Shortcut trails behind him, trying to get some love from the fans but no one is interested. Shortcut takes his place at ringside.]


The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6' even and weighing in at 220 pounds, from Portland, Oregon, making his Union Battleground debut, presenting Baz Jacobi!


[Baz enters the ring with Shortcut a few paces behind. Baz spins 180 before dropping to a knee. He cocks his left fist back and then points to the sky, smiling all the while. The Sunday Morning Regret gestures with a head title for Shortcut to retrieve a microphone for him and the little bastard obliges. Shortcut hands it off and the music dies down.]

Greetings Poplar Bluff! My name is Baz Jacobi and I’m your new favourite wrestler. Don’t believe me? Why should you? You don’t know me from Adam and that’s okay! I haven’t given you any reason to be a fan of mine. I haven’t given you any justification for lining my pocket with that sweet, sweet merch cheddar. But tonight, I’m going to.

[We can see that Shortcut also retrieved a microphone for himself, for whatever reason. Shortcut watched Jacobi intently, looking for an opportunity to add his two cents.]

You see I don’t have anything against this Michael Hayden character. I’m sure he’s a fine dude. Hell, I’ll even let him buy me a beer after this match. But like...I’m gonna fuck his whole life up. You only get one chance to make a first impression and my opportunity is tonight. So I’m gonna smack the piss out of this poor joe and show all of you why you have no choice but to love me. If Hayden has to get embarrassed for you to adore me...when that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

[Jacobi looked like he was done speaking and was going to hand off the microphone but Shortcut, the little freak, he shot his shot and piped up.]

That’s right you fucking piss people! Baz Jacobi deserves your love. He is literally the best friend I’ve ever had and you need to get on board! This guy is the garlic bread of people and tonight he’s gonna show you exactly what that means.

[A beat while Jacobi just stares at his manager, trying to decipher just what the hell he is talking about.]


I literally don’t know what that means.

It means you’re the best dude! It means that you are delicious and fattening but also extremely popular.

This is why I didn’t let you do the other promo with me. You don’t make any fucking sense my man.

I know!

Whatever. Fine. I’m the garlic bread of people and YOU people are going to get a big ol’ serving. Michael Hayden? He’s gonna feast on this right here until he BURSTS! Open wide Mikey because you’re about to get filled in. Get ready to see some evil.

[Both Jacobi and Shortcut look pleased with the reworking of Shortcut’s stupid analogy. This whole debacle left most of the fans confused and many of them filled with murderous rage.]


And his opponent, standing 6’2", and weighing in at 227 pounds, from San Diego, California, presenting Michael Hayden!



[ the violins cutting through the silence and drawing everyone's attention. The drums begin to kick in, leading Michael Hayden to step from behind the curtain, pausing to take a look at his surroundings. Letting the umbrella rest over his shoulder, Hayden takes a moment to soak in the atmosphere. Marching to the ring, Hayden stops just at ringside before scanning the crowd once more. Letting out a loud "WHO?!" through the mask, Hayden hops onto the ring apron before raising the umbrella into the air. Stepping inside the ring, Hayden removes the mask, staring daggers at the ref. Maintaining eye contact, Hayden removes his jacket, handing it to a ringside worker before stretching for his match. As Hayden continues to stretch in the far corner, the two men exchange a brief stare-down. The ref comes in to call for the bell!] 




[Hayden rushes directly at Baz, who side steps for a drop toe hold to send Michael to the mat face first suddenly! Hayden busts his top lip but this only furthers his resolve. He pushes himself up only to feel a big heel hit the back of his head to drive it deep into the mat! Jacobi quickly drops to both knees to flip over Michael before hooking a leg!] 








[Baz lifts Hayden up off the mat before the referee can count three? Jacobi appears to want this fight to continue. He rolls to his feet only to be rolled up by Hayden off the mat into a pin!] 








[Michael sits up with a sly grin across his face after the near pinfall. Jacobi now, on the other hand, appears shocked. Hayden stands up only to be caught from behind with a side Russian leg sweep by Baz! Jacobi quickly stands up to find Michael doing the same. Baz wraps him up from behind with a half nelson suplex! He rolls to his feet to find Hayden laid out on the canvas. Baz briefly circles his foe before raising his right leg high into the air until it’s nearly touching his own chest before stomping down on Michael! Hayden rolls around on the mat to dodge these violent stomps with little success!] 


[The stomps continue until the two men end up close to a corner. Jacobi halts his assault to head for the turnbuckles. He leaps up onto the middle one to boost himself on up to the tip top. He waits patiently while his opponent staggers back up slowly to a vertical base, but Michael is now facing away from Baz. He turns around leading Jacobi to leap off for a crossbody! Hayden catches him out of the air before dropping Baz down across an extended knee to crack a rib! Michael hooks a leg!] 






[Jacobi kicks out quickly only to immediately roll out of the ring! Hayden gets back to his feet just as Baz gets to the outside floor. He walks over to the ropes, but Baz spits at him in response! The two men jaw before Baz turns his back on Michael completely. Hayden glides through the ropes out onto the apron. He then dives off onto the back of Baz Jacobi!] 


[Michael chokes Baz from behind while all of his limbs are wrapped tightly around Jacobi. Baz suddenly counters out of nowhere with a picture perfect backpack stunner directly in front of the commentators! Wild Turkey!] 


[The unforgiving concrete floor along with the force of the backpack stunner maneuver caused Hayden to bite the very tip of his tongue off! He sits up quickly so as to not swallow the tiny piece of important flesh only to receive a kick in the face from Baz! In a single gulp, Hayden’s now a cannibal.] 


[Jacobi reaches down to pick up Hayden off the floor. He slowly flips Michael over before lifting him up by his tights. Baz then drives him into the edge of the apron without mercy! A thin long gash forms across his forehead slowly before beginning to bleed. Jacobi quickly rolls Hayden into the ring! He follows closely behind to hook a leg!] 








[Michael kicks out at the last possible moment! Jacobi comes up like he’s on fire to confront the referee! He argues the count, but the ref assures him it was close but no three count. Suddenly, Baz gets wrapped up from behind out of nowhere causing both of his eyes to widen! Hayden hits a beautiful and unexpected German suplex! He then remains on the mat attempting in vain to gather his bearings.] 


[Michael reaches up to feel his face. He realizes the blood on the mat is his own. Hayden goes to stand up, but slips in the blood! Jacobi stirs on the mat briefly before pushing himself back up to a vertical base. Baz gets to his feet and swings around to find Hayden struggling after slipping in his own blood. Jacobi rushes up right to Hayden for an eye rake! Michael struggles to regain his sight only to catch a brutal headbutt from Baz!] 


[Hayden crawls towards the ropes slowly. Jacobi hovers behind him almost like a mountain lion cub playing with it’s food. He comes up from behind to lift his right leg high once more before driving his heel into the spine of Michael Hayden! Then another for good measure! Hayden, not discouraged, continues his slow crawl for the ropes! The camera pans around to show the desperation on his face and the wild eyes of Baz Jacobi, positioned just behind Hayden ready for another violent stomp to the spine! Miss! Hayden gets out onto the apron leading Baz to reach over the ropes in an attempt to grab Michael. Hayden reaches up with both hands to get a handful of Baz’s beard in both before dropping off the apron backwards! The throat of Jacobi collides the top rope with force! Hayden holds on to the facial hair until both men crash on the outside floor!] 


[Jacobi stirs first on the floor. He raises up to find Perry pointing at his face from the booth while laughing hysterically. Baz reaches up to find two handfuls of his beard are now gone. Jacobi’s face flushes red with real rage. He leaps up and takes hold of Michael, who remains in a daze. Baz gets Hayden up only to push him into the apron! Jacobi takes hold of each of his opponents shoulder before pulling Michael forwards towards himself for a brutal knee to the nut sack! Ouch.] 


[The crowd responds with boo’s to this while the referee knows there are no rules in the Union. Baz rolls Hayden back into the ring quickly! Jacobi hooks fast!] 








[Baz raises up to hit the mat with two closed fists fueled entirely by frustration. Hayden, however, uses these precious moments to get to his feet. He backs into the ropes after wiping the blood from his eyes and mouth. Both wounds continue to bleed as he comes in from behind Jacobi! Baz swings around on one knee to catch a shining wizard to the face!]


[Hayden remains on the mat after building momentum. He continues to bleed while Baz recovers quickly. Michael pushes himself up off the mat while Jacobi scales the turnbuckles closest to Hayden. Michael staggers up and swings around to locate his foe. Baz dives off the top turnbuckle as Hayden first sees him! Jacobi nails Limitless with a big time double ear clap from the top! Michael falls back to end up flat on his back! Baz falls down alongside Hayden before cradling him up into a pin!] 











Here is your winner, Baz Jacobi!


[Jacobi holds his rib cage with his hand while the referee lifts the right high in victory. Shortcut gets into the ring to celebrate with Baz! Hayden is rushed back up the ramp, being assisted by two backstage medical workers for Union.]

[Our scene opens up in the backstage area of the arena. Text at the bottom of the screens tells viewers this actually took place earlier in the afternoon before the show even started. The camera’s focused on the parking lot ground back where the roster and staff would soon be parking their rental cars. As it pans across the pavement, we hear a loud THUMP, like the sound of rubber bouncing off of concrete. About every few seconds, there’s another of these THUMPS that resonate off the surrounding walls and ceiling. The camera lifts and we’re greeted with a woman whipping a little rubber ball at one of the walls. Each time it bounces off, she runs into its path. If she doesn’t catch it directly, she manages to snatch it up off the ground as it rolls past her feet.]


[Morgan Payne looks like she’s seen better days. Saner days. Her hair, usually tied back is left as a mess around her head. This took place well before her match so she’s still wearing black BDU pants, Doc Marten boots, a black sports bra and her leather jacket with fingerless gloves over her hands. The camera slowly pans in, almost as if the camera man controlling it is cautious about even approaching the woman. As it gets closer, Morgan seems to detect she’s not alone. One more bounce of her ball off the wall and she catches it, before turning to give her attention to the camera. There’s a smile on her face but it’s anything but friendly.]



Miles! Hey!


[She pauses to catch her breath. During so, she bounces the ball off of the ground and catches it out of the air.]



Whatchu doin’, boy? You ready for tonight? Ya ready to...to draw blood and give blood? To see who walks outta here with a pretty prize of leather an’ gold? You ready, Miles? Huh? YOU READY?!


[She screams at the end, just as loud as she can into the camera but breaks into another smile, giggling a bit as she walks past the camera. The camera turns to stay with her as she comes to one of the concrete support beams. Morgan leans back against the beam, lazily. More like she just lets herself fall against it and slides down until she’s sitting on the ground. She digs out a pack of Redwood Reserves, fumbling then to pull her lighter out. She takes her sweet time in sparking up the end of the cigarette and takes a long drag; she leans her head back against the beam, eyes closed, slowly exhaling. The thought’s spin in a loop behind Payne’s eyes, those dual colored orbs darting to the camera, off onto the horizon and back again. The woman tense’s every muscle in her body and slowly lets it go. She knows she has to make her stand here tonight.]



I’m ready. Yeah. Shit. I been ready. I found my footing already, here in Union. Now I’m ready to actually reach out and take somethin’, and you got dat somethin’ Miles. You talk like you refuse to let anyone, let alone me, make my name off of yours. Motherfucker, dis entire business is ‘bout people makin’ a name for themselves off da expense of another. It’s da very fucking nature of dis business, Miles. Every time ya step into dat ring, you’re goal is to raise your reputation over da other jagoff across da ring. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you get ya ass kicked and ya go back to da drawing board. Figure out where you fucked up, but everytime ya win, someone else gotta lose.


[She pauses and takes a drag off of her cigarette. One of her boots scrapes across the concrete as she bends the leg and rests her cigarette arm over it. Her hair scatters over her face and the wild look remains on what is visible of said face. Morgan looked hungrier than the Union Battle Ground audience had ever seen her.] 



Of course, I’m out to take everything you got. Everything dat’s yours. Your title. Your blood. Your drive. It’s all mine after we’re finished with each other. After I’m finished with you. Try an’ take a piece o’me, Miles. I want you too. I fucking welcome it because I wanna beat you at your best and then maybe, just maybe, everyone else’ll know dat I belong right where I am.


[Morgan takes another drag, swallowing hard as she turns her attention away from the camera and just stares ahead of her for a moment. Deep in thought as smoke drifts from her lips. She looks back at the camera with a quick shake of her head, a slight smirk as if she’s relishing her thoughts.]



It ain’t personal, yanno, Miles. Never was, but I mean...even if it was...what was you gonna do ‘bout it? Go wild and tear me apart like a wild lil monkey? You might enjoy violence and da macabre, Miles, but I am fucking MOTIVATED by it! I been trained to make violence a fucking art. I make body mutilation almost look beautiful. Violence might be your friend, Miles but violence is my weapon. Violence is my servant. If you’re unfamiliar with Trigeminal Bliss, I’d really love to give you a first hand demonstration. Now you can go on and on about how you’re physically healthier than you used to be. It makes you more dangerous, kinda. Ya still got no mental stability, though and dat’s a big factor. Ya still so insecure about your place in da world, terrified to fail and desperate to scrape by the skin of your teeth. Or is it by da skin IN yer teeth; I forgot you like actin’ like Hannibal Lecter. Oh, you screamin at the da world dat you all good now. You shoutin and cussin dat you got dis handled, but you rattled. I’m a threat to you, you may not say it, but a predator can always sense their prey, and you ain’t da predator here’ Miles. 


[She snickers; her lips pressing down around the filter of her cigarette. She checks the length of what’s left and fishes another one out of her pack, lightly starting to tap it on her knee. Seeming to grow all the more delighted by whatever sadistic imaginary was filtering through her head at that particular moment. As if the last few weeks of prep, the tearing in her heart...All the damn drama and all the damn fighting have begun to shred the young woman’s psyche thinly.]



Ya want everyone to think you’re secure, dat you know what’chu are. Hell, you might very well already know, but’chu ain’t comfortable. Nah, I know dat much. Dat level of stress can only drive one so far, Miles, and I’mma help it drive you straight into da fuckin’ ground! You want a piece of me, I know. You want your trophy from another title defense. I want your title and everything else. Shit, I want the motherfucker’s eye you swallowed and I’ll feed you Liver Shots until you puke it up in the middle of the ring. I want dat little tooth in your hand. Fuck, gimme da entire fuckin’ hand!


[Pause. Morgan closes her eyes again and suddenly breaks into a brief spell of soft sibilant laughter. She sticks the fresh cigarette between her lips and lights it off the cherry of the first one that she’s smoked damn near down to the butt.]



You said, and I quote: “Freedom isn’t going everywhere or anywhere.” Oh, Miles. Oh, baby boy. You got no idea what freedom really is. Ya got no idea what it is nor do yanno how to take advantage of it. You’re too happy in your own little prison. Lucky for you, I’m a generous bitch. You could call me damn near jovial! I like makin’ people happy. So lemme make you happy, Miles. Lemme give you da happiness and comfort of sendin’ you back to your prison. It’s like I said: dis is your therapy session, Miles. Da therapy you so desperately need. I’m happy to give it to you; to sit in “what you’ve built”. Only, after it’s all said and done, it needs to be hammered out into a proper throne and I will be fully prepared to do just dat. Say “Hi” to the Pigeons for me, Miles. 


[She pinches her cigarette between her lips and pushes up to her feet, straightening out her jacket before plucking the cigarette out. She leans in and gives the camera a little wink, her eyes still shining with whatever was rolling through her head, all the words out in the open air. Morgan is still perhaps collecting them together for herself, then she simply walks out of frame as the shot fades out.]


The following battle is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, standing 5’4” and weighing in at 130 pounds, presenting Morgan Payne!


[The lights go out, shrouding the arena in darkness as those opening beats to "Heart Of A Champion" bumps through the speakers. As soon as the guitar riff starts, the video wall comes to life with a grainy reel of the streets of McKeesport, PA while the back wall screen comes to life with a combined static and barbwire design.]






[Just as the lyrics to the song start, the video wall switches to images of a woman in a hooded sweatshirt, sitting in a chair with a studded shillelagh being held vertical under one hand, in between her knees. Her hand spins the club like a top as the camera cuts around to different angles of her in the black and white video. The final clip shows a closeup of her lifting her cold, merciless eyes to the camera before the video of McKeesport fills the screen again.]





[Just as “I'm crossing out names” is heard, a black silhouette walks out into view in front of the staticy barbwire image on the back wall. The silhouette turns towards the camera from the distance and steps out onto the stage, wielding the same shillelagh seen in the video. The figure twirls the weapon lazily once at their side before resting it over their shoulder. The lighting changes just enough to illuminate the figure, revealing none other than Morgan Payne! She stares down the ramp with coldness in her heterochromic eyes, briefly glancing around at the audience. Morgan walks down to the ring intently but in no rush at all. The look on her face, cold and hard, never changes as she reaches ringside and ascends the steps before entering the ring over the middle rope.]


[“Play God” by Sam Fender hits throughout! Miles Lucky slinks through the curtain to end up out on the stage. The crowd cheers as Lucky struts down the steel ramp and towards the ring. The crowd lights up with fidget spinners again!. Lucky wears the Union Battleground War Horse Championship around his neck. The lights dim to show the extent of the last match this man had on the masses. The glow of the spinners can be seen all around. Miles walks down the ramp but stops suddenly! He reaches over and kisses a fan’s grandma! Deeply? Disturbing. He releases her and she is flustered now and pointing proudly at her Miles Lucky T-shirt! Lucky slides into the ring and winks at Morgan, who rolls her eyes.] 






And her opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 180 pounds, he is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, presenting Miles Lucky! 


[The referee comes in to hold the championship high into the air! He hands it off to a grip before calling for the bell!] 




[Morgan and Lucky come right at one another! Payne hits him with a hook then a jab before using an elbow to send him flat on his bottom! She comes forward towards him with an extended knee, but he takes hold of it in both hands to stand up and push her down, flat on the mat! Miles bends down while pulling her leg back further than nature intended. Miles screams down at her with wide eyes. She uses her free left foot to kick Lucky in the face!] 


[Miles staggers back up to his feet only to get slammed back down unexpectedly from behind by Payne! She pulls him down with two small handfuls of his own hair to take a page from Michael’s Hayden’s playbook from earlier. Lucky leaps up to begin crying and screaming! He points at his hair then at Morgan, who laughs openly. She takes off at Miles suddenly to catch him with a flying triangle chokehold! Payne locks it on but Lucky loses his balance during the maneuver and both wrestlers topple over the top rope and out onto the apron! Morgan ends up on the outside floor while Miles remains down on the apron.] 


[Payne slowly pushes herself up off the unforgiving floor. Lucky stands up on the apron, just behind Morgan. Miles takes off to leap off the apron in a seated position to come down across the back of Payne’s neck with a leg drop that smashes her face into the concrete floor!] 


[Lucky looks over at the commentators after getting back up. He walks away from Morgan on the floor and heads for Eli and Wallace. Miles takes both shoes off and hands them to Eli, who pushes them off his desk swiftly! Miles gets irritated by this and attempts to take the papers from the commentator, but Carlson snatches them up! Lucky then snatches up Perry’s paperwork! Miles wads the papers up while simultaneously sticking them down the back of his pants! Wallace becomes enraged as Lucky pulls them back out to reveal a hint of a long brown smear right down the middle. This shocks both men at the table. Miles then turns away just as Eli holds Perry back from going after Lucky himself. Lucky turns around to catch a violent shot to the nose! Morgan Payne then comes forward with a brutal elbow to break Miles’s nose! He falls back onto the announcer’s table, where Perry attempts to wrap a rogue camera cord around his throat but Elijah quickly comes in to intervene.] 


[Payne takes hold of Lucky to irish whip him into the ring post, face first! Blood pours down the face of the champion as he turns slightly after hitting the steel post, where Morgan nearly takes his head off with a superkick!] 


[Payne gets the champion down but struggles to get her larger opponent back into the ring. Finally she uses all of her strength to get him back onto the apron before pushing him back in. She leaps up on the apron and walks along it towards the corner closest to Lucky. Morgan scales the turnbuckles before leaping off at her opponent looking for a double footstomp but misses! Miles rolls out of the way and manages to get into the perfect position for a backslide pin!] 






[Both wrestlers roll to their feet at the same time! Miles comes in with a solid left hook to the jaw of Payne! The violent lick sends her to the mat. Lucky takes off his shirt and rips it slightly. He then bends down and wraps it around the throat of Payne! Droplets of blood fall from his face and into that of his opponent, Morgan. She begins to come to because of this to find a foot against the side of her face! Miles puts his foot against her face flush against the mat while pulling up at her throat with the dirty t-shirt!] 


[Lucky takes his foot off of her face and the shirt from around her throat. Miles uses it to wipe all the blood from his face. Lucky puts both hands up to his nose on either side slowly. He then sets his nose back! The crowd lets out a collective horrified gasp. Miles then walks over while picking a scab off his elbow to ask the referee for the time. The referee informs Lucky that he no longer wears timepieces in Miles Lucky matches. Smart. Lucky then begins to chew on the scab.] 


[Miles scoffs at the ref before turning into a stiff elbow from Payne! Morgan continues to come forward with stiff kicks that she meshes with sharp elbows! The champion falls back into the corner leading Morgan to fly at him with a wicked back hand chop! Lucky grins at Payne which leads her to catch him with another brutal back hand chop across his bare chest! The camera pans close to show the red marks form. Miles falls down flat on his bottom suddenly! This leads Morgan to rush to the opposite corner to end up facing out at the champion. She takes off full speed ahead for a cannonball senton! Lucky ends up flat on his back, still in the corner. Payne leaps back up to her feet and yanks at Miles right leg to pull him towards the center of the ring. She then turns around and heads for the corner fast. Payne works the crowd before leaping up high and out at the champion! The arena lights up with flashes to catch the picture perfect flying headbutt that hits the mark! Morgan quickly hooks a leg of the champion!] 








[The crowd lets out a gasp after that close call. Most believed we had a new champion but Lucky gets a shoulder up just before the referee’s hand slaps the canvas for a third time. Morgan rolls over onto her back and puts both hands on her forehead with pure frustration. The crowd is riled up.] 


Happy Pigeon Day! 


[Miles knows what they mean. Happy Pigeon Day, indeed. Lucky rolls to his feet. A crimson mask of his own blood covers his face. Payne rolls over to push herself off the mat. She gets caught from behind by the champion around the neck! Lucky catches her with his signature headlock driver out of nowhere! The crowd continues to chant while Miles stands up with wild eyes. He glares down at the commentary team briefly before turning his attention back to his opponent. Morgan staggers up still looking for a fight. Lucky creeps up behind her before swinging her completely around to cradle Payne up swiftly! The cradle DDT plants Morgan’s face into the mat without mercy. The champion then hooks a leg fast!] 











Here is your winner, AND STILL the undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, Miles Lucky! 


[The referee comes in with the championship after the bell rings. Lucky immediately attacks the official! He slaps him on the head until the ref bends over to escape. Miles pulls off the zebra’s shirt before putting it on. He then pulls out a red rape whistle and begins blowing it at Morgan! The title sits on his shoulder and the successful defenses continue to rack up. 

[A chair is thrown against the wall before you can even see a person and suddenly American Tommy turns the corner of the hallway and sneakily looks around. He decides the coast is clear and walks towards the camera smiling holding a garbage bag which we can only assume holds his gear in.]​

You can’t be too careful when you are in the same building as Eric’s dad. He probably has the place boobytrapped to take me out so I can’t compete tonight.

[Tommy fixes his hair in the mirror and shrugs]

I know this is the part of the program where I’m probably supposed to talk about what my opponents said and counter them, but to be honest, I don’t give a fuck about either enough to go and watch what they said about me. One was probably eating a bloody tampon and talking about how he’s gonna gut someone for the 100th time and the other was hopefully putting a gun into his mouth.

[He walks down the hall and passes some doors glancing at them before he stops and takes a few steps back. He’s standing in front of a door that says ‘Perry Wallace.’ He shakes his head and grabs the name tag and throws it in the trash.

Not today, devil!

[Tommy looks back at the camera]

Well, here we are Union. I think there is a chance that we could become best mates.

[He opens the door to what WAS Perry’s locker room and shuts the door behind him.]




[The scene fades away from an overhead shot of many screaming Union Battleground fans in the capacity crowd. A lawn slowly glitches into focus. The summer heat has murdered this lawn yet it stands high even dead. The camera pans overhead to show the edge of an inground pool. The dingy blue stained inside rolls across the screen. Suddenly a man flies into the center of the shot falling back into the empty pool! The man has one eye and a red headband that holds three upright chicken hawk feathers. The shot turns to slow motion as he reaches upward desperate to prevent this dead fall into the deep empty pool!] 


[A red headed female peeks over the edge of the pool to reveal River Echo laid out on his back in the pool. His face wasn’t in focus during the fall causing this mystery to deepen. She peers over with eyes full of wonder in a creepy manner. Echo struggles on his back nearly broken and violently shaking. The unknown woman steps back away from the edge slowly to turn around away from the pool completely. The hotel in the background comes into focus to reveal a building long since abandoned. The female picks up a record and sits it carefully down on a record player that sits upon an old milk crate.] 


[The camera cuts back to Echo, who chases after a small ball that he dropped during the fall. It’s a small youth pool table ball. He snatches it up after failing a few times. He slips the ball into the hole in his head left by Miles Lucky. River slowly opens up both eyes to reveal one blue eye and a number 13 ball for the other. Ew.] 


[A familiar song from the late eighties blasts through the air suddenly.] 






[The camera cuts back to the record spinning. The female turns to look at something out of the shot. Eddie Murder suddenly comes up alongside her out of nowhere. She wears a black shirt with a Dollar Store name tag that reads, “Martha”. A uniform stolen by her out of a car while on the road traveling with her husband, Eddie Murder. Her real name is Meadow Murder. She carries a babydoll around most of the time to replace the miscarried baby that she delivered dead in the back of Eddie’s old van. That’s another story altogether. Murder appears wearing a torn and tattered Outliers t-shirt with a plaid kilt reserved only for this particular ceremoney, of course.]


[The shot freezes suddenly only to reverse back in order to show a side view of Eddie actually kicking River in the chest to send him into the pool to be essentially trapped now! The tape then fast forwards back to real time to show Eddie now weidling a tactical shotgun with a drum he’s currently loading shells into. River can hear the clicking of the bullets being loaded into the drum. The bullets are rubber made to handle full grown bears in a half humane way.] 


[Long blonde strings of hair hang down in his face as Eddie loads the last bullet into the drum. He slings his hair back out of his mug before walking to the edge of the pool to look down onto River Echo.] 





[The song plays to further taunt Echo, who Murder already takes 80% of his earnings in Union Battleground because River is terrible at paperwork and will do anything to locate his father. Murder points the shotgun down at Echo, who leaps up. The new eyeball haunting all who watch. Eddie fires the shot at River, who takes a direct hit in the chest! He hits the ground to be robbed of his breath from the stinging rubber ball impacting his chest at such close range! River manages to choke out a scream.] 





[Echo pleads with Eddie, who fires another rubber shot at River for a direct hit in the shoulder! Before River can fall down, Murder manages to fire off another shot that hits Echo in the head! He hits the dingy and dirty floor of the abandoned motel pool, flat on his back! Off camera, you can hear a female moaning in a sexual nature but it's only Meadow further taunting Echo.] 



You must overcome this depth perception issue so I can make even more money. Before you ever get the location of your “daddy”, I will use you until you are all used up then simply toss you aside like some common cum rag. I figure this much… If you can dodge these… You can dodge a fist.


[Murder fires down onto River, who moves out of the way quick, but still takes a glancing blow near the right portion of rib cage! The spots are already bruising and turning a blue color. Echo stumbles up off the floor once more to face up at Eddie with complete defiance and bravery.] 


[Eddie begins firing at Echo without mercy. He unloads the tactical shotgun’s drum! Smoke has slowly surrounded Murder and as it clears he can see down at Echo. River was hit a few times but used his hearing more than his one good eye to avoid some of the barrage. This shocks both Murder and Meadow. River breathes heavily while still shaking violently. Still not over all of the nerve damage done by an eyeball being ripped out of his skull. Murder loads one last bullet into the drum before working it in. This causes River to stand tall and proud, ready to avoid or take the hit!] 



Fuck that. 


[Meadow pulls the shotgun away from Eddie before pointing it down at Echo to FIRE! The rubber shot hits him in the throat to send him down onto both knees, clutching up with both hands to find air once again. The record begins to skip on the player to loop one sentence of the song as the scene fades away…] 




The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’7” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Fascination Street, presenting ”The Muse” Anna Daniels!


[Darkness falls on the arena because this is how the best wrestling entrances start. The Teemba edit of Solid Space’s “A Darkness In My Soul” begins to play much to the bemusement of the crowd. It plays for a bit, building up through the somewhat extended intro before the top of the ramp is swept with light revealing Anna Daniels! Hurray!]





[Anna, to her credit, stands proudly amongst the otherwise dark arena and soaks in the crowd’s reaction, whatever it may be, before giving a side eye to the ring. Making her way down the ramp, she walks as if she’s in a trance while occasionally doing one theatrical gesture or another. In fact, she takes her sweet ass time in doing so because the (Time) Lord doesn’t have to rush for your plebs. You wait for the (Time) Lord. She wipes her feet on the apron oh-so-nicely… before exploding between the ropes and in the ring like an absolute loon.]


[The opening drums of 'A Warrior's Call' by Volbeat strikes across the capacity crowd and they all turn to the stage to see Danny Rizzo rip through the curtain right at "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!" He pauses for a moment at the top of the stage to take in his reception with a sneer and shakes his head as the boos reign down upon him from the capacity crowd. He chuckles slightly, and with a tilt of his head in annoyance he starts down the ramp towards the ring.]






And her opponent, standing 5'11" and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Dayton, Ohio, presenting "The UnYieldng" Danny Rizzo!


[Before the announcement even has a chance to end Danny gets a running go and slides right into the ring, rushing a neutral corner and taking the second turnbuckle while beating his chest and letting out a warrior yell. The fans respond with another volley of boo's in his direction, and his resolve seems to harden to steel as he drops down and turns to stretch out against the ropes. He and Anna share a brief staredown as the referee comes in to call for the bell!] 




[Daniels and Rizzo carefully circle each other. Both reach out as if ready to ball up in a grapple. Danny lunges forward, but Anna drops low and crawls between his legs! Rizzo swings around after regaining his balance to find two arms reach up and wrap around the back of his neck. Daniels then drops down to drive the top of her head into the chin of Valor’s final Apex! She hooks a leg!] 






[Danny bounces up fast to catch Daniels with a double leg takedown! Rizzo holds onto her heels to transition into stomps! Anna manages to grab hold of his right ankle! She twists it with all she’s got which brings Danny down! Daniels quickly crawls atop of The Dream Killer to drop a barrage of vicious elbows! The larger Rizzo manages to roll the pair over to get both hands around Anna’s throat!]


[Danny continues to choke Anna even when her eyes bulge and every vein in her forehead shows itself through the skin. Rizzo appears in some sort of trance of his own while strangling The Time Lord to death. Daniels has little choice but to knee him from behind in the crotch! She crawls over to a corner to recover. The Muse breathes heavily while two red handprints begin to form around her neck.] 


[Daniels face flushes red with evident rage. Danny tried to choke her to death. She spins around on one knee to see a black heel coming at her in the form of a running Yakuza kick! Rizzo’s momentum knocks Anna into the corner, back first, only to sling shot her face forward on the mat with real velocity! UnYielding quickly falls down alongside Daniels to cradle up a leg!] 






[Anna gets a shoulder up! She quickly rolls out of the ring to rethink her approach here. Rizzo attempts in vain to grab hold of The Muse before she can roll out, but cannot. Anna ends up on the outside of the ring. The Dream Killer quickly rushes to the corner to scale the turnbuckles!] 


[Rizzo gets to the top turnbuckle and turns to face out at Anna, who has now turned away. Daniels watches the eyes of a fan in the front row. They are up above her head. Danny leaps off with both arms extended out and the fans' eyes follow him, leading Daniels to leap up with her right leg into an overhead Pelé kick that nails Rizzo on the chin before he can hit the double axe handle! The crowd pops at the most spectacular counter in recent memory. Even Daniels can’t believe she got him.] 


[Danny remains in a kind of daze after the totally unexpected counter by The Time Lord. The UnYielding springs up after using the ring steps to assist. Anna begins throwing punches as soon as Danny comes up to face her. Rizzo covers up before coming in with a violent chop! The sharp shot robs Daniels of all her breath. Danny cradles her up quickly into a pump handle slam across the middle steel ring step! Anna writhes in pain after the impact.] 


[Rizzo mocks Daniels by meowing at her briefly. The Muse leaps up suddenly! She spins around to roundhouse kick Danny in the face! He falls back against the commentators table. Rizzo shakes his head to regain his bearings while Daniels rolls back into the ring. She holds onto the ropes closest to the announcer’s booth. The Dream Killer begins to get it together just as Daniels leaps up onto the top rope to springboard high into the air! Rizzo looks up to see a knee coming in for a shining wizard that leads the crowd to pop! Both wrestlers crash through the table leading Carlson and Wallace to scatter in anger!] 


[The replay of the springboard shining wizard is shown on the big screen. The fans react while Danny comes to realize that Daniels will do anything to win. A tough landing has left her up against the steel security barrier. A fan with wide eyes comes in with something shiny! A pair of scissors! The fan cuts a piece of Daniels hair then holds it up to his nostrils to smell it deeply. He breathes in to reveal a HellCats t-shirt beneath the trenchcoat. Security almost immediately attacks the fan causing him to drop the scissors.] 


[Rizzo gets up during this distraction. He picks up the chair that Eli was sitting in and folds it down. He holds it in each hand by the legs in a swinging motion as he approaches Daniels. Anna swings around to find Danny about to swat her with a chair which leads her to swipe at him with the sharp scissors the fan dropped! The groan of the crowd causes Danny to peer down at his stomach. She sliced him all the way across the belly just beneath the belly button! Not a deep cut and more of a scratch, but it changes everything. Rizzo begins to beat Daniels with the steel chair without mercy. The fans are split between this Valor legend and Hellcat!] 


[Rizzo has lost it! The chair is dented and nearly broken now. Daniels has cuts across her back from the chair coming apart while being beaten with it. The Dream Killer hoists up his smaller opponent. He dumps her on the apron before walking back to retrieve the broken chair. Danny comes back with a wide swing that misses! Anna rolls back into the ring from the apron.] 


[Danny slides back into the ring. The cut across his belly bleeds slightly. These two have literally on two different occasions attempted to kill one another. This has slowly become personal. Rizzo drops the mangled chair down on top of The Muse, who remains down. Rizzo heads for the closest corner in a hurry. He climbs the turnbuckles to end up on the top looking out into the ring. Rizzo leaps off to perform a picture perfect shooting star press! Flashes throughout capture the moment forever as Danny crashes down onto the chair to sandwich his opponent against the unforgiving canvas! The UnYielding cradles a leg quickly after impact!] 








[A jagged piece of the chair stuck in the shoulder of Daniels! She slowly pulls it out leading the camera to pan close to film her grimace. The Muse takes a deep breath after pulling the small sharp piece of metal out of her shoulder. She tosses it aside before pushing herself up off the mat.] 


[Rizzo rolls to his feet then lingers just behind Daniels. Danny slips up behind her but she rolls out of the way before The Dream Killer can strike! Anna hits the ropes behind Rizzo to bounce forward directly at him! Rizzo swings around to get caught with a Multiple revolution tilt-a-whirl headscissors that she transitions into an implant DDT! The Muse then pins The Dream Killer!] 








[Danny kicks out mere moments before the referee can strike the mat a third time! Rizzo sits up with wide eyes. Anna leaps up to attempt a roundhouse kick, but Danny ducks it! He then sweeps her planted right leg to send Daniels to the mat! Rizzo then crawls on top of Daniels before he begins raining down mounted elbow shots! The crowd begins counting along as Danny leaves a cut across the brow of The Muse with a final decisive elbow to the forehead!] 


[Anna stumbles to her feet while Rizzo takes hold of her from behind.  He peers back momentarily before backing closer to the corner. He then delivers a ring rattling German suplex to Daniels into the turnbuckles! The back of her head clips the top one and thrusts her head forward! The Muse is now in a daze but refuses to quit. She uses the corner ropes to pull herself up to one knee. Rizzo is now directly across the ring from her in the opposite corner. He takes off full speed ahead to hit his signature Warriors Call! A slow motion replay crosses the screen to show Anna’s head buckle from the brutal knee shot. Daniels ends up flat on her back looking up at the bright lights. Danny falls down alongside her before cradling a leg!] 











Here is your winner, "The UnYielding" Danny Rizzo!


[Danny Rizzo stands up to meet the referee, who holds his right hand high into the air. Daniels remains down on the mat after the violent knee. The UnYielding stands over Anna with his arm raised high while peering down at her the entire time.] 


The problem with souls is that everyone thinks that theirs is worth something, and honestly? It’s not.


[There Danny was, standing backstage as he usually did, smoking a cigarette, and being alone. Honestly, it was his schtick at this point. If he wasn’t being sponsored by Seven Stars at this point, he should. Still, there he stood, cancer stick in hand as the camera watched him rant.]


I never sold mine though, despite my opponent thinks. She can look to her own sins, but the only person who owns Danny MacNamara is the same ginger bastard who has his name. I came in here because I loved something, I believed in something bigger than me, and I did what I said I would do for that something bigger. Of course, it went unacknowledged, and unappreciated because while everyone loves the idea of a warrior, not everyone can stomach seeing the sausage be made.


[Grunting, Daniel just put out the cigarette on the bottom of his boot.]



I thought Kaelan would get that, but she didn’t. They never do. I’ll sort that shit out one way or the other tonight. Either I toss over the summit to her end, or she does the same to me.


[Cue that half grin, the redhead combing gnarled up fingers through his fiery mane.]



Well, Union Battleground, let’s see if this is the fight that puts me out of your misery.


[And with that, he walked off camera.]


The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 179 pounds, from Armagh, Northern Ireland, presenting Daniel MacNamara!





[Daniel appears on the stage with his championship draped over his shoulder, shining brightly, as “Bring Me The Disco King” by David Bowie and James Maynard hits the loudspeaker throughout the arena. MacNamara gets the crowd riled up almost immediately. Boo’s come down as he almost struts to the ring. MacNamara walks up the rings steps before gliding between the ropes to take center stage. Danny strikes a pose right overtop the eroded Battleground star canvas decal as the boos continue to rain down.]


[The beginning beat to “Warrior” by Dead by April begins to blare through the speakers.]



And his opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, presenting “The Irish Rose” Kaelan Laughlin!


[After the first scream of Warrior, Kaelan Laughlin comes bursting through the curtains with a grin on her face. She soaks up the cheers from the fans for a moment nodding her head before she starts walking down the ramp.]


[Kaelan pauses on the steel steps throwing an arm up in the air to the reaction of more cheers before she climbs them and quickly climbs between the ropes, walking over to the middle to end up standing on the turnbuckle. She leans forward while throwing up the devil horns! MacNamara comes in from behind with a clobbering shot! Kaelan gets caught in the ropes while the referee hustles to start this one!] 




[Laughlin swings around with a sharp elbow that hits flush against the jaw of Daniel! MacNamara falls back to allow Kaelan a little breathing room. She bounces off the ropes to catch Daniel with a swinging neckbreaker! Both wrestlers hit the mat, but Kaelan bounces back to her feet quickly! Laughlin draws back wide which allows a recovering MacNamara to poke her in the eye! Kaelan bends over slightly which allows Daniel to hit a fisherman’s suplex! He crawls over to cradle up a leg!] 






[Kaelan raises up to find Daniel already on his feet! He begins kicking her in the chest with snap kicks before hitting her with a solid knee to the face! MacNamara goes for another quick pin!] 






[Laughlin leaps to both feet! She avoids Daniel’s trip attempt to bounce off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Kaelan slingshots back at MacNamara with a crowd popping Enzuiguri! Daniels hits the mat on his side before rolling over onto his belly. Laughlin wastes little time in getting back up to take hold of his legs. She positions herself for a muta lock that MacNamara tries to fight off but she uses a close headbutt to seal the deal. The hold is locked in!] 


[Daniel almost growls as Laughlin attempts to break him into two upside down. MacNamara begins trying to rock his body from left to right. Kaelan refuses to release the hold and continues to trash talk.] 


[MacNamara finally rocks the two wrestlers over causing Kaelan to release her hold just enough for him to escape! Daniel rolls out of the ring to gather himself while Laughlin looks on from inside the ring. He walks away from the ring to stand looking out on the crowd. Kaelan rushes for the closest corner to climb the turnbuckles. She gets perched up top to face out at Daniel, who still faces away from her. MacNamara turns slowly leading her leap off the turnbuckle for a wicked diving stunner! The crowd pops as both wrestlers hit the outside floor in a pile.] 


[Kaelan staggers to her feet before falling back down. She has sprained her right ankle. MacNamara begins to stir on the floor. Laughlin begins to crawl towards the ring steps. She plans to use them to assist her in standing back up. Daniel realizes she’s hurt as he sits up. He begins to crawl behind her while putting a single finger up to his lips for the crowd. Kaelan lunges forward to reach the steps just as MacNamara rises to both feet to take off running at Laughlin from behind. She whips around to catch a violent spear into the steel steps!] 


[The two wrestlers remain down on the steps for a few moments. MacNamara hit his jaw on the steps following through the spear maneuver that took its toll on both. Daniel slowly raises up. He shakes his head while ascending the three steel steps slowly. He knees The Irish Rose in the ribs as he crawls over. MacNamara gets up on to the apron before rolling beneath the bottom rope to end up back inside the squared circle.] 


[Daniel ends up on his back in the center of the ring. He hurt his neck after impacting the steel steps moments ago. Laughlin rolls back into the ring before getting up on her hands and knees. She manages to get back to a vertical base just as MacNamara takes notice. He rolls to his feet and the two wrestlers begin swapping blows! Kaelan matches Daniel blow for blow as they battle for supremacy in the center of the ring!] 


[The Irish Rose uses a spinning backfist to send MacNamara back! She comes forward to catch Daniel with a knee lift! MacNamara, ever so crafty, sweeps the bad ankle from beneath Kaelan! She hits the canvas, flat on her bottom! Daniel rolls to his feet and heads for the ropes running! He bounces off to slingshot right back at Laughlin for an axe kick! The shot sends her back into the ropes then back forward towards MacNamara, who catches her in a roll up pin!] 








[Kaelan kicks out and two and three quarters which leads this capacity crowd to pop! The Irish Rose gets back to her feet only to be scooped up by MacNamara! The saito suplex sends Laughlin to the mat with real force! Daniel begins to bark at his opponent while on all fours after impact. MacNamara stands up to take hold of the left ankle of Kaelan and flips her over onto her belly. He then begins to apply pressure to the already injured heel of the former WarHorse champ! MacNamara twists with all he’s got, wanting to break the ankle right here, right now!] 


[MacNamara lifts the ankle high into the air before slamming it down on the mat with true malice intent! He then stomps down on it without mercy! Laughlin reaches for the bottom rope that can’t cause a rope break here in Union, but nonetheless she forges on! She raises up only to catch a knee to the face! The violent lick busts her nose on impact which leads MacNamara to hook the left leg!] 








[Laughlin uses all she’s got left to kick out with her injury! Daniel rolls over to end on both knees.  He begins to hammer the mat with two balled fists with pure frustration! Kaelan rolls around on the mat to manage her pain. The ankle has swollen to twice the size it normally would be. Laughlin rolls over on her back and raises her left foot close to her body. She begins yanking at her boot straps to untie it quickly. Kaelan pulls the boot off which allows more blood flow to the injury. She then staggers up to her feet by using the ropes to assist.] 


[MacNamara stands up after throwing a short fit over the close count. Daniel turns to face Kaelan with a sly grin before taking off at her! MacNamara comes at her fast, but she swats him across the face with her leather boot! Daniel hits both knees, where Laughlin hammers him across the forehead with another boot shot!] 


[Daniel hits the mat after the second shot with the boot from The Irish Rose. She bends down and takes up both legs to apply a texas cloverleaf! She carefully steps through with the injured ankle to apply the hold! MacNamara’s eyes widen as he thrashes about on the mat! The dripping bloody nose of Kaelan makes the scene even that much more grim for one, Daniel MacNamara!] 


[Kaelan continues to apply pressure while Daniel digs his nails into the mat. He begins to slowly crawl towards the bottom rope. MacNamara pulls along Laughlin, who refuses to release her hold! Daniel finally gets to the bottom rope only to find no rope break! No rules. He then lunges forward to take hold of the edge of the apron to pull himself on out of the ring! The ropes come against the back of Laughlin, who reluctantly releases the hold.] 


[Kaelan begins talking trash at MacNamara, who manages to get back to his feet. Laughlin continues to limp from her recent injury. Daniel leaps up on the apron to take hold of Kaelan around the neck before dropping down to bring her throat down across the top rope! The Irish Rose bounces back flat on the mat! Kaelan quickly pushes herself back up only to find MacNamara has slid back into the ring! He catches her with an explosive crotch lift that he transitions into a high angle slam! Belfast ScrewJob! MacNamara quickly hooks a leg!] 








[Daniel’s face flushes red with raw frustration! Laughlin rolls over onto her side before pushing herself once again back up. She nurses her left ankle briefly before staggering up. MacNamara rolls to his feet as well. The two meet with Kaelan kicking MacNamara in the gut before reaching back over her head to take hold of Daniel around the neck. She then takes off towards the turnbuckles before leaping up on the middle one in order to send herself back over for a picture perfect contra code! The crowd pops as she hooks a leg after her Flying Fox!] 











Here is your winner, "The Irish Rose" Kaelan Laughlin!


[Laughlin gets helped up by the referee, still nursing that ankle. The ref then holds her left hand high into the air in victory. The crowd begins to chant, “WARRIOR!”, as her music hits.] 



The Rematch



The Return of Two Heavy Hitters



Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time for the Main Event of the evening! The following battle is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Triple Threat Match!

AJ Morales - Theme
00:00 / 00:00


[As a custom edit of Limp Bizkit's "Shotgun" hits the PA, the lighting near the entrance turns gold, vapor starts hissing out of the fog machines, and A.J. Morales's highlight reel starts to play on the 'Tron. The Revolution himself doesn't emerge until the actual music kicks in, rolling his eyes at the song his faction forced him to use. He still shows love to the crowd, though, raising his fist as his fans raise theirs, and walks down the ramp, giving air-fist bumps to anyone who reaches for him.]



Introducing first, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 187 pounds, from San Francisco, California, presenting “The Revolution” AJ Morales!


[As the chorus hits, A.J. climbs onto the apron and vaults himself over the top rope with a somersault. He pops up to his feet and gives a clenched fist salute to the side of the crowd facing the entrance ramp. He repeats this salute on all four sides of the ring, ending with the side facing the hard cam. For this last one, he looks directly into the camera, and after he drops the salute, he mouths “Mírame” before heading to his corner, draping his jacket and beanie over the ring post, stashing his gold from elsewhere by the ring post.]

American Tommy - Theme
00:00 / 00:00





[“High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco blares from the arena speakers which sends the audience into a hysteria of excitement at the unique wrestler making his way out. Gold and Crimson lights flash around the arena and confetti drops from the ceiling as American Tommy pushes through the curtains to walk out. A look of satisfaction glistens in his eyes as he starts down the ramp before he reaches the middle of it to stand there with a bright smile. He waves to the crowd and as he makes his way down to the ring, he pulls on the bottom of his shirt so everybody pays attention to it. He’s happy, he’s in a great mood… and then that damn Dempsey takes it ALL away with those next set of words.]



And his opponent, standing 5'11" and weighing in at 175 pounds, from the Windy City — Chicago, Illinois, presenting American Tommy!


[American Tommy stops dead in his tracks with a look of disgust on his face. Looking at Powers with the intent to harm, he begins pointing and yelling at the confused announcer who should KNOW better by now but seems to just want to fuck with Tommy. He walks over to the side of the ramp and grabs a microphone from a Union personnel. His music stops as he walks to the center again. He REFUSES to take another step until this is made right.]



No! Again.


[Dempsey stares down at American Tommy and shakes his head, not believing this was a constant thing with them. Tommy sits in the middle of the ramp and shrugs at Mike, who sighs almost dramatically and starts speaking again. Dempsey clears his throat.]



Ladies and Gentlemen, get on your feet for the one and only… Standing at five feet, eleven inches with a penis much larger than that. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois! AMERICAN TOMMY!


[American Tommy stands up and nods in approval. He throws the microphone back to the stagehand and motions for his music to play again as he starts heading to the ring again. Reaching the ring he slides in with the grace of a baby learning to walk. He climbs up on the turnbuckle and raises a hand to the crowd as they raise their arms to him. Jawing with someone at ringside he hops off the turnbuckle.]


[Tommy hops out of the ring and grabs a piece of paper and duct tape that just happens to be stashed near the ring steps. He smiles and walks over to the announcer table. He looks and smiles at Eli, nodding his head as a pleastentry. Tommy stares at Perry through his plexiglass cage and smiles as wide as he’s ever smiled. He starts duct tapping the picture so only Perry can see it to the plexiglass, who just shakes his head.]



I can’t hear you, Perry.


[Tommy hops up and leans over the plexiglass and slaps Perry in the face quickly.]



Enjoy the naked picture of Mrs. Fernandez!


[He hops down quickly before Perry can grab him and starts walking to the ring laughing.]

Dakota Smith - Theme
00:00 / 00:00

[The finger splitting, ear shattering licks of “Your Disposal” by Cattle Decapitation bursts throughout the arena in a violent rage as the entire arena goes black. White strobe lights flicker at the entrance ramp, as a thick black smoke obscures the stage. After a few moments, Dakota appears in the middle of the smoke - as if he just materialized there. His eyes are dead set on the ring, as the strobe light flickers, giving a slow-mo effect as he cracks his neck to the left and then to the right. As vicious snarl forms on his cracked lips, piercing through his beard he starts to march his way down to the ring.]





[As the growl from that last line penetrates throughout the arena, Dakota begins to march down to the ring. His boot steps are heavy, and his arms twitch and tingle at his sides as he seemingly growls and argues with himself underneath his breath. The strobe light gives everything a rather abstract horror effect as the butcher lashes out some unsuspecting fans at ring side. Dakota cockily grins as he runs his fingers down one of the scars on his stomach, chuckling to himself before continuing to make his way down to the ring, a bit more aggression in his stride.]



And their opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 240 pounds, from The Depths of Hell, he is the former Union Battleground Champion, presenting “The Butcher” Dakota Smith!


[Rolling in under the bottom rope Dakota plants his fists into the mat and pushes himself up. As he gets to his feet a deranged, almost animistic grin twists across his face. As the butcher stands in the center of the ring with his head turned down towards the mat the strobe-light ceases, just in time for him to lift his head up and let out a small chuckle. Rolling his neck around his shoulders, Dakota backs himself into his corner and takes a seat - waiting for the match to begin.]


[All three men approach the center of the ring. The referee explains the rules briefly or lack thereof rather before calling for the bell to start this Main Event!] 




[Dakota shoots out of the corner to come right at Morales for a clothesline, but misses! AJ ducks causing Smith to clobber American Tommy! Morales leaps up onto The Butchers back from behind and we are off!] 


[AJ continues dangling off the back of Smith, who struggles to break the choke hold. Tommy rolls to his feet before pulling something out of a pocket. It appears to be a small wooden wand? He walks over to Smith and Morales, who are alongside the ropes now. American Tommy points the wand out at Dakota’s face before “booping” him on the nose! This makes The Butcher furious and he lunges forward, but AJ on his back causes both men to fall through the ropes! They end up out on the apron.] 


[Dakota and Morales bounce back up to come face to face with Tommy. Smith reaches out to punch him in the gut! Tommy bends over which allows both men to hook him from both sides. Dakota and AJ then suplex Tommy up and over the ropes! He bounces off the outside floor while both Morales and Smith admire their work briefly.  The two men then begin throwing fists while standing on the apron! Suddenly, both of them get a foot each pulled out from beneath them! AJ and Dakota fall off the apron, but smash their faces against the top before toppling on down to the outside floor! The crowd pops for American Tommy!] 


[AJ pops up to see Tommy working the crowd with his back to him. Morales wastes no time in slipping up behind him. American Tommy gets snatched up from behind unexpectedly! AJ tosses him over the security barrier leaving Tommy to land in three fans' laps in the front row!] 


[Morales swings around to see Dakota now up and charging at him! AJ shuffles his feet to adjust in order to counter with a hip toss that sends The Butcher over the railing and onto Tommy! The fans scatter as security comes in close so Union doesn’t get sued by a hurt fan. American Tommy reaches up into an older voluptuous ladies mouth to retrieve a large wad of gum. AJ leaps over the security barrier just as Tommy manages to get back up. Smith stirs on the floor as Tommy reaches Morales, who draws back! Before he can land the punch however, American Tommy takes hold of AJ’s hair. He meshes the long black locks with the large sticky wad of gum before Morales strikes him in the face with a right!] 


[AJ pulls at the gum, but no luck. Dakota pops up out of nowhere to take hold of the back of Morales’s head before bringing it down onto the unforgiving steel security barrier! AJ steps back only to be caught around the throat by Smith! Dakota uses all his strength to hoist up Morales high and over the barrier almost to chokeslam The Revolution onto the floor on the fan’s side of the fence! The crowd gasps at the brutality of the maneuver.] 


[Dakota begins throwing chairs from the audience and into the ring. Security is all over now. Three on the opposing side to Smith have to bat incoming chairs away so as not to hit fans on that side. The Butcher plans on using those later. Tommy comes in from behind Smith. He slips his head between the legs of Dakota before raising up! American Tommy lifts the larger Smith up into the air on his shoulders but struggles. Before he can get all the way up, Tommy is forced to perform his electric chair facebuster early on the concrete floor!]


[The former Union Battleground Champion comes up looking like a horror show. Smith is busted open after eating the concrete. Tommy peers over at the ring that now has a chair somehow tangled in the ropes as well as scattered ringside and inside. Tommy catches a Yakuza kick from behind out of nowhere from AJ! Morales works the crowd with his back to both of his opponents. Smith staggers up somehow. The bloody mess he once called his face on full display. Dakota lunges at Morales to push him from behind! AJ falls forward until he uses the security barrier along the stage.] 


[Morales knows he needs to get this back in the ring somehow. He climbs up on the barrier so he can leap up on the stage. The crowd pops as he rises to both feet now in full sight by the whole audience. Morales peers over at the ring before looking down to see Dakota! Smith climbed the stage right behind AJ and now has a hold of him! Morales struggles as The Butcher knees him in the crotch! Morales doubles over, where Dakota cradles him up for a powerbomb! Smith lifts AJ high into the air and at the highest point, Morales begins dropping down fists on The Butcher while essentially sitting on his shoulders. Dakota adjusts his feet to end up at the edge of the stage before powerbombing Morales off the side of the stage! American Tommy has to duck the flying wrestler while dangling off the side of the stage! He began climbing just before Smith decided murder was a go. Tommy looks down at AJ, who is laid out on his back. He coughs up a bit of blood onto his bare chest causing Tommy to turn his attention back to scaling the stage. Smith catches him to pull him on up and onto the stage!] 


[Dakota and Tommy fist fight across the stage. Morales stirs on the floor somehow. He wonders where the blood came from before rolling over to crawl. Back on the stage, Dakota takes hold of American Tommy by the right wrist to Irish whip him towards the curtain! He flies through the black curtain and nearly falls down the staircase that leads backstage. A Battleground Network camera man flies behind the curtain to film this. He finds Tommy talking to a woman mopping the floor. He sweet talks the older woman into giving up her large industrial mop bucket with mop, of course.] 


[Dakota stands on the stage waiting for Tommy to come back through the curtain. Morales continues to make his way through the crowd and back towards the ring. Finally, American Tommy emerges from the curtain, now pushing the large mop bucket. He takes the mop head and sticks it into the wringer. Tommy tugs at the lever in a sexual manner before releasing it to come at Dakota, mop in hand! Smith takes a step back as Tommy swings the mop! SNAP! He snaps the mop across the forehead of The Butcher! Dakota surprisingly, does not fall down! American Tommy takes a step forward leading Smith to kick him in the chest! Tommy falls back into the large mop bucket! The dirty mop water splashes up as Smith shakes off the solid lick mere seconds before. Dakota rushes behind Tommy to take hold of the wringer handle to push the bucket forward! Smith pushes Tommy in the mop bucket down the incline of the ramp until gravity takes over! The world renown wrestler rides down the ramp sloshing the dirty water all over the place while really picking up speed now as he heads towards the ring! Suddenly, Morales steps out from nowhere with a steel chair! He swings it with all he’s got as American Tommy approaches in the bucket! AJ catches him flush in the face! The violent lick knocks Tommy backwards as the mop bucket wheels come off the ramp. All of the dirty water now covers American Tommy.] 


[Dakota comes down the ramp fast, but slips in the water! Morales rolls into the ring and tells The Butcher to bring it! Dakota recovers to run at the ring! He slides in and bounces up to begin fighting with AJ! The crowd pops! The two men swap blows until a headbutt from The Butcher creates enough separation for him to come in with a brutal elbow shot! Morales hits the mat, still feeling the effects of being powerbombed off the stage. He spits up a bit more blood as he struggles to get up. Smith stands up one of the chairs he threw earlier. He carefully situates it in the center of the ring. Morales gets up to charge at Dakota, who avoids AJ! Smith manages to take hold of The Revolution to cradle him up for his signature double underhook piledriver! The Butcher then hooks a leg!] 






...Thr--KICK OUT! 


[AJ gets a shoulder up with no time to spare! The crowd pops as this one will continue! Dakota argues the referee’s count while Morales recovers on the floor. American Tommy finally stirs on the outside floor after the violent chair shot. Smith turns around to find Morales only to find AJ flying in the air at him! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Dakota falls back on the mat, where Morales pins both shoulders to the canvas!] 








[Morales almost pulls one out. The chair still sits up in the middle of the ring but neither wrestler has used it. AJ rolls over onto his back after the kick out as does Smith. American Tommy has crawled up onto the apron during this time. The crowd pops as he scales the turnbuckles to reach the top during the failed pinfall attempt. Tommy leaps off to hit his signature Dream Crusher Mongolian stomp onto Dakota Smith! This causes Morales to stagger up quick. He bounces off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Tommy stands up to end up directly alongside the chair that Dakota unfolded earlier. Morales comes right at American Tommy, who shuffles his feet in order to counter the incoming threat with his YoYo Toss Salad Hip Toss! Upon the release of the maneuver, the back of AJ’s head clips the top of the chair in a violent manner! He’s knocked out! American Tommy falls down alongside The Revolution to hook a leg!] 











Here is your winner, American Tommy!


[Tommy stands tall covered in mop water, but nonetheless, your winner. The referee comes in to hold his hand high in the air. Dakota and AJ remain on the mat after a fantastic effort in this Main Event. American Tommy celebrates his debut win in the center of the ring as the feed slowly fades to static.] 

L!GHTS OUT - Closing Track
00:00 / 00:00
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