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welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The distorted star logo that has become synonymous slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view glitches and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena. At the conclusion of the opening montage, we transition to a captivating aerial view of the ring, with the canvas and aprons murdered out in black and the ropes in a deep crimson red with a red eroded star in the center. An exquisite light show bounces all through the Royal Albert Hall to encapsulate an all round intoxicating aura. Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are ripping through one of their singles from their newest album “Insomnia” as camera angles pan throughout the crowd.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground.]


Dante Reed - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we are coming to you live on the Battleground Network! I am Dante Reed, this is my partner Sebastian Riggs, and we are here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Scotiabank Arena in front of an emphatic crowd of 17,820 and this is L!GHTS OUT #28!


Sebastian Riggs - Last fortnightly show of the season, Dante! First off, before we get to the lineup tonight, I want to thank Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society for another night of blowing the roof off of the house! They’ve been instrumental, no pun intended, in getting the crowd hyped up each night we’re on the road.


Dante Reed - No doubt these boys know how to fuel the fire. Tonight, as you mentioned Bas, is the last L!GHTS OUT show of the season and of the year, and we’ve got a helluva show in store leading into Coup de Grâce. Our main event tonight pits the Union Battleground Champion Emery Layton against the Guerrilla Warfare winner, Alyssa Daniels.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s The Worst of the Pavees against The Heart of Infinity. You know this matchup between Union Battleground Champion and Guerrilla Warfare winner is typically reserved for the main event at Coup de Grâce, but we’re getting it here tonight! It’s no secret, Emery Layton has been a big staple of the early growth of the Battleground. From her narrow defeat in the semifinals of the inaugural crowning of the first Union Champ, to her historic run as Trench War Champ, to her second narrow semifinals defeat in the inaugural crowning of the Battalion Champs, to finally conquering her tournament shortcomings and winning the Crown of the King Cobra, to shocking the world and cashing in that King Cobra title at Guerrilla Warfare. We’ve seen her grow from this almost lackadaisical drunken rogue to one of the most respected competitors in this business. And now, she’s stepping up to arguably the fastest rising competitor we’ve ever seen in the Battleground. Alyssa Daniels began her short career here jumping right in the fire against the cancerous group Salvation. She meticulously picked apart most of the group, one by one, until they finally decided to hit the road. That, right there, is a feat no one can proclaim, not even Dick Devereaux.


Dante Reed - Speaking of Devereaux, tonight he’s been given the night off. The way the cards were falling since the initial announcement of a fatal fourway main event at Coup de Grâce, each competitor in that match were squaring off in singles competition. But like you said, Salvation pulled out two weeks ago and departed from the Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - I think he needs the break. Ever since Guerrilla Warfare, he’s been detached from his usual motives. Let him regroup and recharge for that bout that is seemingly now a triple threat match.


Dante Reed - Let’s stay on that topic of Coup de Grâce as we bring up our headline bout for the evening. Before the start of the show, we got word from Gunnar Graves himself that the matchup between Kimitsu Zombie and Caden Walker has title contentions at stake. He told us, that the winner will go on to face Finn Whelan for the Trench War Championship, while the loser will go on to face Elena DeDraca for the War Horse Championship, all going down at the season finale Coup de Grâce!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s a lot at stake there, Dante. Either way you look at it, it shows that Zombie and Walker will be competing for a title, but tonight they jockey for position. I’m sure Kimi is looking to avenge her loss from Whelan and recapture that title. Zombie has been on a path of destruction this season, winning eight straight while winning the War Horse and Trench War Titles before falling to The Seattle Saint. Zombie’s goal early this season was the avenge her loss from Emery Layton at season one’s finale, so now we’ll see if she has that same type of drive towards Whelan.


Dante Reed - And on the flip side, Caden Walker has also been a terrorizing force, although his journey has had more peaks and valleys than Kimi’s consistent incline. Two weeks ago, Walker was set to face Viduus Morta, but like Alyssa Daniels, his match was scrapped after Salvation abandoned the Battleground. I’m sure he’s going to be geared up and ready for war tonight! And speaking of war, the War Horse Champion Elena DeDraca defends her title tonight against El Landerson.


Sebastian Riggs - Elena goes by a few monikers, but the one that’s really been driven hard lately has been “The Lady of Death”. She has been a competitor that embodies the Pale Horse identity by leaving her opposition in a broken pile of defeat. Currently unbeaten at 5-0, I just don’t see her slowing down anytime soon. And while her opponent tonight, El Landerson, actually went to Gunnar Graves and requested this match, it shows he has a lot of hunger, but he’s got a major hurdle to jump.


Dante Reed - No doubt it’ll be his biggest challenge to date, but it gets him out of the preliminaries and debuting on L!GHTS OUT.


Sebastian Riggs - Speaking of debuts, we have a competitor making her Battleground debut after an extensive hiatus.


Dante Reed - That’s right, a former multi-time Champion, Datura, will be making her Union Battleground debut against Kira Izumi. Kira has been in some extremely tough matches since returning at Guerrilla Warfare; going up against Caden Walker and Finn Whelan. With the type of competitor Datura is, I don’t think that trend is going to change.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s a methodical killer. She tries to control the tempo, and enjoys playing mind tricks and getting you to react with your emotions instead of your logic. Can’t wait to see this one.


Dante Reed - And our opening bout, The Australian Sensation Levinator will finally be making his singles in-ring debut against a friend of his former friend, Josie Pleasure.


Sebastian Riggs - This is such a mixed-matched fight. Josie is like a buck thirty while Lev pushes the four hundred mark. She’s a Psycho Bitch, no doubt, but she’s going to have to go to a higher level to keep up with this brute.


Dante Reed - You’re absolutely correct there, Bas. Never count out Josie who is willing to sacrifice her own personal safety above all else. I’m sure Levinator will try to use this match to send a message to Blake Archer, who two weeks ago challenged Lev for a one-on-one match at Coup de Grâce!


Sebastian Riggs - Archer even put his GWP title in the line to bait him in! I don’t know what the hell hes thinking, but what do I know? I’m behind a desk!


Dante Reed - And with that, folks, let’s switch gears and toss it over to our hype man, Mike Demp—


[Before Dante can throw it over to Mike Dempsey, the arena lights completely cut out to total darkness. For a moment, the crowd is quiet with confusion, then a low bass tone begins buzzing through the PA system that breaks the silence. Haunting whispers and a spine-chilling soft piano melody slowly grows in volume, while strobes of light burst and momentarily illuminate the building.]












[As the opening of “Blood on my Name” by the Brothers Bright kicks into gear, the arena lights flash back on with a brilliance to reveal Owner and Promoter Gunnar Graves standing center stage atop the ramps. A standing ovation ruptures through the crowd while Gunnar peers out into the sea of Union Battleground’s bleacher creatures.]


Dante Reed - The Kingpin is here! Gunnar Graves is in the house, and you know whenever he shows up, he’s got something to say.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s not like the typical boss that needs to be seen and heard all the time. Normally he sits back and lets the competitors sort everything out. But you’re right, Dante, anytime he does make an appearance, it’s to deliver a message. Let’s see what he’s got for us tonight!


[The crowd breaks off into several different chants while Gunnar pulls a mic out from his back pocket. He waits until the crowd finally dies down before he begins to speak.]


Gunnar Graves - Thank you Toronto, and welcome everyone to the season finale of L!GHTS OUT! Tonight is a big night, it’s the last chance for these competitors in the back to stake their claims for Coup de Grâce. It’s their last chance to prove themselves to all of you out there. I’ve been working diligently to make this finale a great one for all of you, and I’ve got a few things to announce about Coup de Grâce.


First off, I want to clear the air, and say that since Viduus Morta and Nemesis elected to leave the Battleground, the main event at Coup de Grâce will now be a one fall, triple threat match between the Champion Emery Layton, Alyssa Daniels, and Dick Devereaux.


I’d also like to announce that we will be having two “One Night Only” bouts at Coup de Grâce. Our first match will be two women from Sakura Shoujo Stampede battling each other for their top prize, the SSS Goddess of Sakura Championship! That’s right, Fukushima Zombie will be defending her title against Hannah Rockford!


[The crowd pops and a Zombie chant ensues.]


Gunnar Graves - Our second “One Night Only” bout features two men who have made quite a name for themselves in this business. One of them has been here several times before, in fact, he was victorious in our very first One Night Only Match back at “Battle of Los Angeles” in February last year. The other man has been a staple in the CWC and now 4CW’s King’s Road And will now add Union Battleground to his “conglomerate” resume... I’m talking about the Seattle Pro World Heavyweight Champion, Jacob Hammerstein, taking on the former RSR Atlantic and CWC Tag Tram Champion Damien Mira!


[The crowd explodes into cheers, and a split, dueling chant of “KILL-SWITCH — CON-GLO-MER-ATE” picks up.]


Gunnar Graves - And now, I want to talk about our Battalion Champions, The Outliers. Two week ago in ‘Crupts’ backyard of Chicago, those Oddfellows defended those Battalion Beauts in an impromptu brawl against DTW’s Osaka Rebels that went the distance and ended in a time limit draw. First time ever... Yeah I know, we have a show to run here. But then, these two teams blew the fucking roof off in Japan on DTW’s After Dark program, which resulted in The Outliers to unify the Tornado Tag Team And Fusion Championships. I’ve spoke with both of these teams, and we have agreed to to schedule the trilogy at Coup de Grâce! The Outliers will once again defend their Battalion Championships at the same event they became inaugural champs just a year ago against The Osaka Rebels, and believe me, there will be a decisive winner! It will be a no time limit, New York Street Fight!


[The crowd is roaring at the announcement that The Outliers will be at Coup de Grâce.]


Gunnar Graves - But now I want to talk about the headline match-up for this evening. Kimitsu Zombie and Caden Walker are set to battle it out for title contention. But what title you may ask? The winner of tonight’s bout will go on to Coup de Grâce and face Finn Whelan for the Trench War Championship.


[The crowd cheers and start chanting for The Seattle Saint.]


Gunnar Graves - But it doesn’t end there for these two. Zombie and Walker have shown enough to me that the loser of this bout will not go home empty handed. The loser of tonight’s headliner will go on to Coup de Grâce and face Elena DeDraca for the War Horse Championship!


[The crowd now switched gears and chants break out for The Lady of Death.]


Gunnar Graves - And you know what, I still ain’t finished here. Since Elena DeDraca has taken the War Horse Championship to a higher level and has yet to cash it in, at Coup de Grâce, there will be a 10-fighter open invitation Battle Royal to determine who will get a War Horse Title Shot at season three’s premiere kickoff PPV Relapse! That means, anyone in or outside of Union Battleground is welcome to test their might for a shot at gold.


[The crowd once again cheers another announcement by Graves.]


Gunnar Graves - You never know who might show up!


[Gunnar drops the mic as his music hits the PA system. The crowd continue their cheers as Graves heads up the ramp and to the backstage.]


Dante Reed - What a fucking bombshell!


Sebastian Riggs - Gunnar pretty much laid the blueprint out for Coup de Grâce, and got damn does it sound amazing!


Dante Reed - I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around all of that. It’s going to be a killer night, Bas. Gunnar hasn’t disappointed with his booking skills since taking the reins, but we still have a show to do right now! So with all of that, Mike, take it away brother!

Mike Dempsey - The following battle is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 120 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, she is “The Psycho Bitch” Josie Pleasure!






[Josie steps onto the stage as she grinds her hips from side to side, slowly working her hands up the sides of her body then throws them up into the air displaying metal signs. She flashes a twisted smile as she strolls down the ramp never taking her eyes off the ring that lies before her. Once there, she rolls inside pulling herself to the center and arching her back in what is known in yoga as an upward facing dog. Pushing her ample breasts outward and throwing her head back in what can only described as orgasmic fashion. Making the men in the audience shout with cat calls and whistles.]


Dante Reed - Josie is out here trying to do right with her friend Blake Archer and try and soften up the big guy she’s about to face.


Sebastian Riggs - We’ll good luck with that. No doubt Josie is an exceptional competitor, but she’s about to face-off against a man who outweighs her by about 300 pounds!


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 7’2” and weighing in at 400 pounds, from Perth, Australia, he is “The Australian Sensation” Levinator!











[“Indestructible” by Disturbed bursts through the loud speakers, and soon The Australian Sensation, Levinator emerges from the back. At a slow walk, Levinator peers out into the crowd who unanimously boo him. Levinator doesn’t even flinch at the reaction as he makes his way down the ramp. Before heading into the ring, Levinator detours over to the timekeepers table and snatches a microphone out of Mike Dempsey’s hand. As Levinator stomps up the steel steps, he orders to cut his music and addresses Josie in the ring.]


Levinator - Cut my music, alright. Josie I know what people say about me. I am still a gentleman and we both know that this will be a massacre if you fight me. I’ve fought you before, not a lot of people know that. I did the RIGHT thing and I walked away from that match, now babe it is your turn.


[Levinator stands on the bottom rope and lifts up on the middle rope. He motions for her to step out of the ring.]


[Josie crosses her arms and looks around the crowd unanimously united in a chant of, “NO, NO, NO!” Josie starts to think about it. Levinator smirks while Josie ducks down, but then her mode changes as she clinches her first and hits him hard between the legs. Levinator gets hung up in the ropes and Josie takes the chance to apply the Testicular claw!]


[Fans roar as Levinator hops around for a couple seconds trying to wiggle free of Josie’s claw, he drives his head forward stiffly slamming his forehead against her’s. Taking a few tender steps Levinator glares over at the official.]




[Levinator circles Josie stomping hard on her back, then picking her up from behind. He shakes her from left to right vigorously giving Josie a momentary lapse of whiplash. He tosses her over his head with a german suplex. Levinator sits up sharply turning to face Josie. She is on her hands and knees, sparking him to jump to his feet. Josie gets to her knees and puts her hands up as Lev hammers her with an overhand punch. The force of the strike is still enough to knock Josie down. He stands over her shoving his foot against her lips and pulling the top rope. She kicks her feet and pushes against his foot. The official tells Levinator to get off the ropes, but he ignores her starting to find joy in shoving his foot against her loud mouth.]


Dante Reed - Levinator made an offer for Josie to step away from this bout, and now quite literally she’s got a foot in her mouth!


Sebastian Riggs - Dante, if I didn’t know any better, I— I think she likes it?!


Dante Reed - Keep that Amanda Cortez foot fetish trash outta here!


[He puts his large hands around her throat, as his grip gets tighter she spits in his face. Josie kicks the side of Lev’s right knee, he hops on his other foot quickly regaining his balance. He grabs Josie as she sits up instantly strangling her before lifting her up in the air letting her weight fall against the palms of his hands. Josie kicks him in the gut, but he doesn’t act phased. Her face starts to go from red to violet, acting with desperation she pushes her feet off his shoulders and jumps away from him. She lands on the mat while Levinator stumbles backwards against the turnbuckles in the corner.]


[Josie rubs her hand over her windpipe trying to get air back in her lungs. Levinator’s slight shock from Josie’s counter fades as he starts charging her striking her in the side of the head with a knee. He pulls her back up and lifts her under the hips smashing her down with a spinebuster. Levinator starts to feel more confident smirking with how impressed he is with himself. He picks her up, putting Josie up against the ropes. He strikes her in the back flinging her back off the top rope. Lev puts her arms around her from behind and tucks her head under his arm. He bends her back lifting her feet off the mat. Josie moans in pain clawing at Levinator’s face and neck trying to get some pressure off the submission.]


Dante Reed - Josie is tight in his grasps. She has got to find a way to keep a distance from Lev.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s kinda hard when you’re up against a silverback gorilla, Dante.


[She is still heard crying before biting her lips refusing to let her pain be heard. Josie sinks her nails into Lev’s shoulders and tightens her core lifting her legs up and flipping himself over top of him. Josie lands on her feet behind Levinator acting fast to hit him with a dropkick to the right knee. He drops to one knee as the right buckles, she strikes him with an elbow to back of head. She takes a few steps back as Levinator gets to his feet she falls down driving her shoulder into the back of his knee. The chop block whips Lev’s leg out from under him flopping him down to the mat. Josie stumbles back still focused on regaining her breath. Her eyes stalk him as she leans against the corner watching him roll to his back and sit up. She charges at him thrusting her knee into his face with a Shining Wizard. Josie plants herself over him grabbing his leg for a cover.]


... One!


... Kick out!  


Dante Reed - Woa, a bit of offense for Josie here with a nice shining wizard!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s gonna have to use her speed to keep Levinator guessing.


[Levinator shoves Josie off aggressively. She rushes back over to him locking her arms around his head tightly. Levinator quickly stands to his feet feeling her apply the sleeper. Josie hangs onto him like a rodeo attraction as Levinator swings her around to knock her off of his back. Her grip starts to loosen as he flings her forward knocking over.He grabs her by the arm jerking her to her feet and then pushing her into the corner giving a stiff punch just for good measure. Levinator squeezes Josie’s face mocking her and then drawing his hand away to give her a loud slap. He rushes off the ropes heading back towards Josie leaping up in the air. Josie ducks falling to the mat and crawling under him. Levinator hits the turnbuckles attempting a last second save by putting his arms out. This time Josie is the one charging off the ropes for leverage jumping up for a body avalanche, Levinator sees what is happening and tugs the Referee in front of him causing Josie to collide with him instead.]


Dante Reed - Josie just laid out the ref!


Sebastian Riggs - Thanks to Levinator! He just pulled anfast one over Josie.


[Levinator pushes the official out of the way and grabs Josie by the hair. She drops to her knees and jabs her forearm between his legs sticking him in the groin with a low blow. Josie rakes her nails across Lev’s eyes to give herself more of an opening locking on and beginning to gouge at them. Levinator grabs her wrist and yanks her away from his face. She doesn’t give him the time to recover quickly rushing on him with a one arm bulldog. Josie pushes herself up to her knees now mocking Levinator back for his words earlier. She reaches into her pocket grabbing, a clump of hair. She starts to chuckle before slamming her head into his with a headbutt. She pushes the clump of hair into his mouth, as he starts to taste what is happening he pushes her away. He starts to gag and choke over in the corner leaning on the bottom rope. He wipes his hand over his tongue trying to get rid of the taste of hair.]


Dante Reed - This is one psychotic bitch!


Sebastian Riggs - I have no words...


[Josie kicks him in the knee she’d been targeting, but Levinator quickly grabs her foot the second time. He pushes her down with authority! Her body slams back off the mat Josie rolling through to get back to her feet. Levinator locks up with her easily overpowering her into the corner. He pulls her towards him then slams her head into the turnbuckle. He picks her up into a fallaway slam! Josie grabs her gut after landing. She stands up guarded up as Levinator walks towards her. She attempts to dodger past him, but he catches her, he lifts her up around the throat and slams her down with his Southern Cross Slam. Levinator pats his knee seeming to numb himself to any pain there. He starts to laugh looking to the crowd mouthing “nice try.” He pulls her up over his shoulder, running forward with a powerslam that nearly flattens her.]


Dante Reed - Levinator’s Redneck Ride. Josie is really taking a beating right now.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s managed to keep in the fight, but it’s not looking for her.


[Levinator covers Josie as the Referee is coming to wobbling his way on hands and knees into position for the count.]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr--Kick out!


[Signs of frustration are setting in for Levinator. He grabs the official by the collar of his shirt threatening him to do his job better. Fans boo Levinator’s rough behavior of the official. Josie is still on the mat still feeling the effects of the powerslam from Levinator. He pulls her up by the back of the head grabbing a handful of hair to force her to look at him as he draws back his other arm and slams his biceps into her chest so hard her head whips back. Clothesline From Down Under flattens Josie to the mat and he covers her.]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr--, Lev lifts her off the mat.


[Fans boo as this looks arrogant, making Levinator smirk. He asks Josie if she wants more. Levinator punches her before standing up. He picks her up placing her on his shoulders, he lifts her up her body rotating as he pushes her down in the mat hitting the SRI!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, "The Australian Sensation" Levinator!


[Levinator yanks his arm away from the Ref and starts attacking Josie with stiff kicks. He pulls her up hitting a german suplex. The Officials tries to intervene but quickly gets out of his way. Levinator pulls Josie up up to him and quickly tossing her on his shoulders and giving her another SRI!]




Dante Reed - Levinator won’t let up!


Sebastian Riggs - Come on, man! You’ve made your point! Is this really necessary?!


[Levinator rolls out of the ring and grabs the steel chair the time keeper sits on. He takes the time keeper’s bell and slams it into the steel chair before rolling in the ring with it.]




[Levinator looks up from Josie still holding onto the weapon as Blake Archer’s theme music fills the place. He comes running down to the ring and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Levinator swings the chair at Blake, but he ducks and rebounds off the ropes hitting Levinator with a spear!]


Dante Reed - Silver Shot! Blake Archer just rocked Levinator with the devastating spear!


Sebastian Riggs - He saw enough! Levinator has to be stopped!


[Blake starts to punch Levinator with him efficiently getting his hands up to block the strikes. A few more Union Battleground officials are in the ring now to pull Blake back off Levinator. The Australian Sensation smirks as they hold back Blake and points down at Josie before waving “bye-bye” at Blake and exiting the ring. Levinator once again heads over tonthe timekeepers table and grabs a mic.]


Levinator - Blake, I heard your challenge two weeks ago. You want to fight me at Coup de Grâce, and you’re willing to put your defunct Championship on the line? Ha, you know, you’re dumber than you look. As your former mentor, I’ll teach you a lesson you won’t ever forget, and that’s to mess with the Australian Sensation! You got yourself a match at Madison Square Gardens! And don’t forget to shine that title up real nice before I take it off your hands!


[The camera fades in to show the concessions area of Scotiabank Arena. The camera focuses in on a small family: a father, a mother, and a daughter. From prior appearances, these are confirmed to be Kenneth and Jackie Bennett, Alyssa’s adoptive parents, as well as her adoptive sister Lizzie. All three are looking at the menu for Freshii, a healthier option among the vendors at the arena.]


Voice - Hey!


[The family all turn to see Alyssa Daniels hurrying toward them. In addition, many others nearby are starting to move closer as they spot the unmistakable pink hair of one of their favorite competitors. Some fans are rummaging around in their pockets hoping to find something for her to potentially sign.]


Alyssa Daniels - Glad I caught you!


Lizzie Bennett - Is it… Is it safe to be out here, y’know, where everyone can see you?


[Alyssa looks around at the attention her presence is attracting. She looks pensive for a moment before cringing.]


Alyssa Daniels - Ah. Yeah, maybe drawing this type of attention to you guys wasn’t the best idea in hindsight, but I had to see you.


Kenneth Bennett - Well, we appreciate your… Oh my…


[Kenneth’s eyes look up and past Alyssa. She looks confused for a moment before turning around to see that the crowd that had been approaching were pushed back considerably. Behind Alyssa stands her biological father, Keith Daniels. At nearly seven feet tall, he is certainly an intimidating presence. He looks down at Kenneth and attempts to manufacture a smile.]


Keith Daniels - Hello. You must be…


[He struggles to say the word and trails off.]


Kenneth Bennett - I’m her fath-- Adoptive father.


[Keith winces at the sound of the word and Kenneth takes an instinctive step back. Keith looks down to Alyssa and speaks, attempting to ignore the awkwardness.]


Keith Daniels - Looks like everybody showed up for your big night, didn’t they?


[Alyssa looks at the four of them in turn and smiles.]


Alyssa Daniels - This is the best! Well, no, winning that championship with all of you here, that would be the best!


Keith Daniels - I believe in you, baby girl. We all do. Right?


[The Bennett Family nods and offer Alyssa smiles of their own. The four of them converge on Alyssa and give a big group hug. Keith’s massive arms wrap around and hug all four of them to some degree. The hug then breaks up after five seconds or so.]


Keith Daniels - Well, it was nice meeting you.


[Keith nods to the Bennett Family. They all respond simultaneously.]


Kenneth Bennett - You too.


Jackie Bennett - You too.


Lizzie Bennett - Wow, you’re tall!


[Alyssa giggles as Keith and the Bennett Family move into the crowd. The crowd then converges on Alyssa, reaching pens and markers her way with whatever they could scrounge up to sign. Alyssa happily begins signing autographs. About ten seconds in, something catches her eye. She looks beyond the crowd and sees - notable considering the warm summer air - an unknown man in a hooded sweatshirt. Once she spots him, he immediately turns and hurries away. Alyssa looks confused, but snaps back to the fans in front of her and continues to happily sign autographs for everyone around.]

Mike Dempsey - The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Shinhidaka, Hokkaido, Japan, representing the AWF, accompanied by Kirito Izumi, he is “The Prince of Darkness” Kira Izumi!




[Kira comes out from the back along with Kirito shortly following him. He makes an “X” sign with his arms as he starts singing along with the song. Kira walks down the ramp way slapping hands with his fans and walking around the ring.]


Dante Reed - Kira Izumi is making his way to ringside now, Bas, and one thing that gets brought up time and again about this guy, is that he knows no fear.


Sebastian Riggs - He’ll take on all challengers and stand toe-to-toe with a smile on his face. He’s definitely not all there in the head!


[Kira slaps the steps as he makes up through the ropes and up onto the middle rope. He stands tall and makes an “X” again with his arms before he looks around at the fans. He repeats this process at the other three corners before he walks to the middle of the ring and takes off his Oni mask. He spits out his blood mist before he turns around and points towards the logo on the back of his jacket. After that he walks to his corner where he waits for the match to start.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’7” and weighing in at 130 pounds, from Tampa, Florida, making her Union Battleground debut, she is Datura!


[The arena turns black. On the screen, scenes of post-apocalyptic landscapes haunt the darkness. Over the speakers, an eerie synth pad sets the mood as a deep, raspy voice begins speaking:]







[A chorus of strings play a melancholic tune as a pale spotlight settles at the top of the ramp. There, it falls on Datura, dressed in a pair of tight, dark jeans and a black hoodie. She stops at the top of the ramp and stares out into the darkness of the crowd and sea of jeers that flood her way.]


Dante Reed - And here she is, the debut of Datura. Bas, she’s been a prominent figure wherever she’s gone, winning multiple Championships along the way. What do you make of her?


Sebastian Riggs - We’ll we know she’s been on a hiatus from in-ring action for some time, but the past has proven that she’s someone who can control the tempo of the match who is a very methodical and patient. She likes to pinpoint a weakness or even a specific body part and focus her attacks there. However, at times she can be a bit of a showboat and can get her into trouble.


[Elizabeth trudges down the ramp, and the light follow.. The silhouette of hands reaching out to grab her can be seen on the outskirts of the light. Datura ignores them as she climbs up the steps.]


[The strings slow. Datura stands upon the apron, cracks her neck, and enters under the top rope. She makes her way to the corner and unzips her hoodie. She extends her arms outward and rolls her neck, casting her gaze to the sky as her hoodie slides off her arms.]


Dante Reed - Now both competitors are squared away in the ring. Our referee for this contest is Franklin Dean. He checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Kira and Datura lock up. Kira goes behind and gets Datura in an arm lock. Datura reaches back for his head and flips him to the mat then locks in a headlock. Kira breaks the hold with his legs, but Datura kips out and drop kicks Kira when he sits up. She quickly stomps on his arm when he goes down. Kira rises up holding his arm. He chops Datura with his other arm. Datura reels back as Kira keeps chopping her until he whips her to the opposite ropes. Kira goes for a Lariat, but Daruta grabs his arm and ducks under while grabbing his neck to hit a Swinginng Neckbreaker. Datura immediately stomps on Kira’s arm when he hits the ground. Datura continues to work Kira’s arm with stomps, knee drops, and arm locks. Datura goes for a Fujiwara Armbar, but Kira scrambles for the ropes. When Datura lets go to get up, Kira grabs a handful of her hair and brings her head down on the mat. He stomps her multiple times. Kira then bounces off the ropes. Kira goes for a crossbody, but before he can hit it, Datura kips up and hits a Dropkick to his midsection.]


Dante Reed - Kira is having a hard time building any sort of offense. Datura has an answer for everything he throws at her.


Sebastian Riggs - And just take note at how she’s already targeted Kira’s arm. It’ll be increasingly more difficult for him to try and deliver his Kira Driver ‘91 if she continues her attack.


[Kira snaps out of his funk by smothering Datura on the ground. He resorts to just elbowing her back and body. Then he switches to knees. Kira knees Datura repeatedly until he finally knees her out through the bottom ropes to the outside. Kira slaps the mat in frustration. Kira slides under the ring, but Datura slides back in at the same time. Kira kicks at the barricades as Datura smiles at him. Kira runs to slide in, but Datura is right on him literally. She stomps him to the mat and continues to bring her feet down onto him in a Surfboard Stomp. Kira gets up with death in his eyes, and goes for a huge Forearm, but swings wide. Datura is able to grab the arm, and turns to hook his other arm. Datura hits the Backslide Driver and holds for a pin!]


... One!


... T—Kick out!


[Kira gets up and tries to shake the cobwebs out of his head. Datura comes for him, but he pushes her back. Kira goes for a wild Spinning Backfist, but Datura grabs the arm and brings it down with her for a Double Knee Armbreaker. Kira steps back holding his arm. Datura runs at him to grab him from behind. She hits a Snap German Suplex. Kira rolls back. When he gets up Datura hits a Bicycle Knee then lifts him onto her shoulders for a Death Valley Driver. She covers him.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


[Kira kicks out with great effort! Datura waits for him to get up, and slaps him in the face as he advances. Kira gets angrier with each strike. Kira kicks at her, but Datura grabs his leg. Datura hooks it up and hits a Fisherman Buster. Kira gets up, and moves to the corner. Datura goes to the opposite corner and runs at him to hit a Yakuza Kick flush on the face. Kira stumbles forward out of the corner. Datura gets him in a Flying Armbar. She wrenches his arm back as Kira struggles to get to the ropes. Datura suddenly lets go. Kira grabs his arm and scrambles back to the corner. Datura kneels in the middle of the ring and waves at him while laughing.]


Dante Reed - Datura just had Kira dead to rights, but she opted to free him from that textbook flying armbar! But why?!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s toying with him now, Dante. She’s getting in his head but she better not get too careless and leave herself exposed. Izumi is a deathmatch veteran, his threshold for pain is off the charts!


[Kira gets himself up with the help of the ropes. He runs at her in a wild rage. Datura dodges each of his strikes, and kicks him in the chest. She kicks him over and over until she scoops him up for a Saito Suplex. Then she grabs him in a Sleeper Hold. Kira powers himself onto his feet. Datura then hits a Sleeper Suplex. Kira looks out of it as Datura circles him like a spider ready for the kill. Kira finds her and rushes her in his blind fury. Datura hits the Lady Death (Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex into Turnbuckle). Kira stumbles up and Datura grabs him up for the Thorn-Apple Driver (Package Piledriver) to spike him onto his head. Kira crumples out lifeless when she hits the move. Datura covers for the pin.]


Dante Reed - Thorn-Apple Driver! Datura spikes Izumi right on the crown of his head and he’s folded out like a lawn chair!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s hooking the leg for the cover, this one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Datura!


Dante Reed - My god, what an impressive debut for Datura. Going up against a man who’s been to hell and back in back-to-back weeks with Caden Walker and Finn Whelan, she just embarrassed Kira here tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - But now what? This is it for L!GHTS OUT. Where does she go from here...?


[Datura rolls away from Kira and sits for a moment, cross-legged, staring out into the jeering audience, face expressionless. She closes her eyes and inhaled deeply before getting to her feet and swaying along to the ambient instrumental of her theme music. After absorbing the atmosphere, she opens her eyes, which hang half open, and casually walks toward the bell-keeper before extending her hand. Once she is given a microphone, she paces around the ring in deep thought before sighing.]


Datura - It appears as though I chose an unfortunate time to join Union Battleground…


[The crowd provides a mixed reaction as Datura stares at the ramp.]


Datura - This is the Season Finale of Lights Out, and the mood has been set. Coup de Grace looms over us, and I… I am in the dark.


[She taps the microphone against the side of her skull near her temple.]


Sebastian Riggs - Says the girl who debuted one show before Coup de Grace.


Datura - So what am I to do? After beating someone as talented as Kira, I feel as though you all deserve something more spectacular, which is why I am issuing an open challenge…


[The crowd pops in anticipation.]


Datura - Not simply to anyone on the Union Battleground roster. No— this is Coup de Grâce. I am issuing a challenge to ANYONE who can hear my voice.


[Elizabeth retreats to the corner and presses her back against the turnbuckles sliding down into a seated position.]


[Nothing. Mourners begin to circulate and random chants begin to fill the arena. Elizabeth closes her eyes and basks in the uncertainty.]


[Finally, from the silence erupts Fear Factory’s “Autonomous Combat System.” From the back, Erik Holland emerges, his eyes glued to the ring. Elizabeth reaches up to the top rope and pulls herself to her feet, walking to the opposite side of the ring, her lips in a perpetual grin.]


Dante Reed - The former ECWF and FIW World Heavyweight Champion is here at Union Battleground!


Erik Holland - With all the main events I’ve been in all over the world, the titles I’ve competed for and won, I’m feeling like I hit my stride. You want an open challenge? Cool. How ‘bout you fight me?


[Datura tilts her head as if to study Holland. She then blows him a kiss.]


Datura - Consider it a date.


[The crowd in the Scotiabank Arena erupts at her acceptance. Erik pretends to catch the kiss and nods as the camera pans across the crowd.]


Dante Reed - Datura laid out a challenge, and the call was answered! The match is set, Datura will face Erik Holland at Coup de Grâce!


Sebastian Riggs - Of all the things I expected tonight, this was the last on my list. The leader of Badd Breed is here in the Battleground!


For the latest news on Union Grand Prix, check out @Union_GP on Twitter!


[The UNION BATTLEGROUND viewers see the scene come to life with the Fist of Hydra logo printed all over their screens. There is some mumbling in the background before you get to see Elena DeDraca sitting inside an empty arena. Obviously recording this hours before the show. She is stretched out on one of the chairs, listening to music.]


[She lets a few more moments pass before taking of her headphones, putting them on the empty seat next to her.]



Week in and week out I tell you how good I am at what I am doing. I must sound like a broken record. But in a business like this it seems that results do not matter as much. It is important that you can talk a tough game, right? I disagree. I honestly thought about paying someone sitting here instead of me and ramble down the statistics. I am not sure if it is ignorance or dumbness -- but we are on repeat mode. Like it or not this is how the wrestling industry works.


[Elena winks towards the camera before watching over the empty seats, putting her focus on the ring in the center.]



And once more I might come off harsh with what I have to say. But the truth is, it starts to get boring. I have seen plenty of people that used to be an A+ when it came to their talking game. They could have gone on for hours telling you they are the shit. Yet, the moment they entered the ring they were just that, shit. If you don’t offer the full package then what are you doing here? Yeah, I talk about you El Landerson. Not because you are any worse than others, but you have my full attention tonight. Even if this will be a very short evening for you.


[Mindlessly she kicked against the chair in front of her.]



I am not sure why everyone acts so surprised about the change of tone. I have walked into Union doing exactly what I said I would. I dominate. Sorry kiddos if that is not to your liking, but it is what I am doing. Sure, I am not the face of the company -- but I am a very important face to this industry. When a company steps up and wants me to sign, they know what they get for their money. I work hard. I fight harder. And that means I am almost a little offended about facing Mister Landerson. You are weak, boy. It is not your fault, probably just way society has made you. I don’t know what your life has been like before you broke into the business, but I really don’t care either. We all have our package to carry.


[Some guys of the ring crew were putting finishing touches on the ring. One was staring up at her, so she waved. Shrugging her shoulders afterwards.]



I know that you think that it is a possibility taking the War Horse Title from me. But I on the other hand think that you haven’t thought this through. It doesn’t make a difference who you are or where you coming from, this is mine. For as long as i decide to hold on to it. Don’t get offended boy, but it takes a little more to make me shiver. Remember that there won't be any free chances like this again. I have been playing nice for way too long. I think the saying is true though, you can run from everyone -- but yourself. My return will always be harder than my setback. I have been on top of the world, I have been residing in the mud. But for too long I allowed people dictating my direction. You gotta be nice, Elena. You gotta think about others, Elena. Or my favourite, others deserve a chance too.


[She laughed out loud, her voice hollering through the empty arena. The workers looked up at her puzzled.]



Did anyone ever throw me a bone? Yeah, I know phrasing. I don’t expect nothing from anyone but myself. That is who I count on. That is who I have always counted on. From the time I was stuck in that hell of an orphanage to when I lived on the streets -- or the moment I came to this country. I don’t need an army behind me and the sooner the roster understands that, the better. No more games. No more stepping aside. El Landerson will be a perfect example of what happens when you try to underestimate me.


[Once more that devilish grin spread over her face.]



You are welcome.

Mike Dempsey - The following battle is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’2” and weighing in at 160 pounds, from San Jose, California, he is “The 8-Bit Luchador” El Landerson!




[When the music starts playing, El Landerson walks out on stage and kneels down on one knee and prays. He gets up and points to the fans as fireworks light up the arena. He slowly walks down the ramp and slaps some little kids high fives. He stops at the kid and hands him a replica Luchdor Mask and then heads straight towards the ring. He slides head first in and hops on the turnbuckle and poses with both fingers in mid air and walks to the other side turnbuckle in does the same thing. He then retreats to his corner and awaits his opponent.]


Dante Reed - As we mentioned at the top of the show, El Landerson actually requested fornthis match several times to Gunnar Graves.


Sebastian Riggs - And it’s finally happened. El Landerson has been in a back and forth battle with Anton Chase during our preliminary bouts that are exclusive to the Battleground Network subscribers. I’m sure he’s got quite a hurdle ahead of him, but then again, anything is possible!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 130 pounds, from London, England, representing Steel Bones Wrestling, she is the reigning, defending, undefeated, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “The Fist of Hydra” Elena DeDraca!







[There are some cheers when the curtain is flung back and a dour, yet supremely confident Elena DeDraca makes her way onto the stage. Her War Horse Title hanging gracefully over her left shoulder, while her fingertips softly ran over it. She took a moment on top of the stage before lifting it high over her head.]


[As the fog begins to clear and the lights pulsate in tune to the music, Elena looks to her left, and then to her right as she absorbs the general atmosphere she is receiving. The pale queen nods, and she appears to smile while she makes her way down the ramp.]


Dante Reed - And here comes The Lady of Death herself, Elena DeDraca. Unbeaten and undeterred, she has taken the War Horse Championship to another level by consistently defending it Night in and night out.


Sebastian Riggs - I wonder if she continues to defend it and not cash it in is because her brother, Finn Whelan, currently holds the Trench War Championship!


Dante Reed - I would have to disagree with you, I don’t think a little sibling rivalry is stopping Elena from cashing in the War Horse Title. What she represents embodies the fighting champion mentality, and I think she wants to proudly represent what the War Horse Championship is all about.


[Several hands reach out for Elena's acknowledgement as she heads toward the ring, however she coldly ignores each and every one of them. Once at ringside, she leaps up onto the apron and there are some boo’s as she throws her hand up, pointing directly at the crowd, before she elegantly steps between the top and middle rope. Making her way to the middle of the ring to show off her title once more before handing over to the official. She simply throws back her head and laughs at the referee's suggestion of a weapon check. As her theme music slowly fades out, Lady DeDraca throws up her taunt once more and then she confidently stares daggers across the ring at her opponent.]


Dante Reed - Elena’s personality in the ring is partly built on that four horsemen of The apocalypse mythology. She’s known as The Lady of Death, one of her signature moves is called the Pale Horse, this Title was made for her.


Sebastian Riggs - I guess you’re right there, Dante. She definitely imposes her will on her opponents, and her unblemished record proves it.


Dante Reed - And now folks, we are squared away and ready for this War Horse Championship bout. The referee now checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Elena tries to lock up, but El Landerson dodges under her grasp to run circles around her while bouncing off the ropes. Elena watches him in the middle of the ring while preparing herself for anything. El Landerson finally strikes by hooking her arm, spinning around her back and grabbing her other arm for an Arm Drag Spin. Elena pops up to come at him. El Landerson uses her leg to jump up on her shoulders, come down the other side, and hit another arm drag. Elena rolls out of the ring. El Landerson bounces off the ropes and goes for a Baseball Slide. Elena stuffs the blow with her arms and grabs El Landerson by the legs. She rips him off the apron and spins him around to knock him into the barricades head first. Elena stomps him on the ground while paying particular attention to his ribs. Elena picks him up to throw him back into the ring.]


Dante Reed - El Landerson came in fast trying to catch Elena off guard, but ultimately she retains her composure!


Sebastian Riggs - She likes to control the tempo, so if Landerson can keep his speed on his side, this could be get interesting!


[Elena doesn’t allow El Landerson to get back to his feet as she comes for him like a snake. She slithers up and locks on the Muta Lock. El Landerson roars in pain. He shakes his head as the referee asks him if he gives up. El Landerson shakes his head and manages to inch over to the ropes to break the hold. Elena goes to retrieve him, but gets a kick to the face for her troubles. El Landerson jumps up for a Standing Shiranui. He goes over to the ropes to hit a Springboard Sitout Facebuster. Elena is rocked. El Landerson runs at her and goes for a Missile Dropkick. There is nobody home, but it’s ok because he lands on her anyway. This does not work out well, however as Elena opens up her legs to catch him like a venus flytrap and locks on the Lotus Lock. El Landerson refuses to give up once more. Elena abandons the move and bounces off the ropes. She hits a Running Knee Strike as he sits up to knock him back down, and covers.]


... One!


... T—Kick out!


[Elena picks El Landerson up, but gets a flash Frankensteiner. Elena dodges a Knee Drop to hit a Shining Wizard. El Landerson gets back on his feet, but gets put into an Argentine Backbreaker. El Landerson shrieks in pain. He wriggles to get free which makes Elena lose her balance. As they get close to the ropes he grabs one to force Elena to break the hold. Once she drops him El Landerson springboards off them to hit a Springboard Dropkick. No! Elena swipes his legs away to lock in a Sharpshooter. Before she can really get low, El Landerson is able to turn onto his back and kick her off. Elena bounces off the ropes. When she comes back at him, El Landerson grabs her into a Hurricanrana. He hooks her legs.]


... One!


... Two!


[Elena kicks out. El Landerson argues with the referee about the count. Unfortunately he ignores Elena. She grabs him from behind for a Belly to Back Suplex. El Landerson pops up to run for the corner. He begins to climb desperately, only for Elena to grab him into a Pulldown Backbreaker onto her knee. Elena climbs the ropes and screams out “Lucha!” to the fans before crashing onto El Landerson with a Diving Elbow Drop. It’s simple, but effective. She picks El Landerson up and hits the LIGHTS OUT (Jawbreaker), in a clear tribute to this show!]


Dante Reed - El Landerson was working on some solid offense but he turned his back on Elena!


Sebastian Riggs - He left the opening for the seasoned technician and she capitalized on her opportunity. Rookie mistake by ole Landy.


[El Landerson tries to pick himself up using the ropes and beckons Elena to come at him even though he seems out of it. Elena runs at him, but he lowers the top rope to send her crashing to the outside. El Landerson rolls out to the apron. Elena runs at him but gets hit with a Tiger Feint Kick. Elena is knocked back into the barricades, but only grunts in frustration to run at El Landerson, and hit a Dropkick to his chest. Elena gets on the apron with him and hits a Cradle DDT on the hardest part of the ring! El Landerson seems to be out cold. Elena drags him back into the ring. The War Horse Champion forces El Landerson up. Elena then locks on the FIST OF HYDRA (Octopus Hold). El Landerson has nowhere to go!]


Dante Reed - And with brute force and determination, Elena has Landerson trapped in the Fist of Hydra!


Sebastian Riggs - I’ve never seen anyone escape this, Dante. This guy is a goner!


[The ref asks El Landerson if he gives up. He struggles to make it to the ropes, but goes down on one knee and taps against Elena’s leg.]




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “The Fist of Hydra” Elena DeDraca!


Dante Reed - Another day, another dollar for DeDraca as she makes it three successful defense.


Sebastian Riggs - Quite a feat as she now ties Kimitsu Zombie on successful War Horse Title defenses. Big congrats to the Champ, and big ups to Landy for putting up a fight.


[Kimitsu Zombie walks around the backstage area not focusing on anything. She cracks her knuckles while lost in her thoughts. Suddenly she looks up and stops. The sulk in her expression changes into a smirk as she spots someone in the distance. She walks slowly and deliberately up to a catering area.]


Kimitsu Zombie - Well look who it is… Hi, champ.


Elena DeDraca - Hey ch…. Oh wait. It's nice to see you, Kimi. Excited for your match?


[Elena gave her a smile. Rubbing over her War Horse Championship. Kimitsu looks at the title for a second and nods.]


Kimitsu Zombie -  Yeah, yeah. I was just thinking about that. I know I’m coming back from that big loss of my title by the hands of your little friend, Finn, but I am never put down by that. I just get back up and go at it again. I’m usually back at the title in no time. It starts tonight when I face that giant homicidal zealot while you faced… that little guy. I’m sure he gave you the challenge you deserve.


Elena DeDraca - I wasn't aware I made you feel like you had to defend yourself, Kimi. I said it plenty of times, I am your fan. You think I try to belittle you? Girl, I lost big matches before. And I know deep inside it only made me better. Why? Cause it made me angrier.


[Kimitsu shrugs and keeps her hands up]


Kimitsu Zombie - I’m not defending myself. I’m just thinking out loud. I don’t do well with bottling my feelings up until I explode. If I’m pissed, the world will damn well know it. You have nothing to worry about, though. I’m a fan as well. We’re a lot alike, you and me. We both just came in here and dominated. It confirmed some things I have heard about you. Yeah. You really earned this without even being in the running.


[Kimitsu suddenly snatches the War Horse Championship from Elena to admire it with a grin.]


Kimitsu Zombie - Yeah… This is what really drove me to be greater. It led me to finally get at Emery when she was the Trench War Champion. Hey! I just had a thought. I know you and Finn are very close. Do you think you can cash this in and take his title if the time comes?


[Elena couldn't help herself but laugh out loud. With a graceful manner she took the title back, resting it over her shoulder.]


Elena DeDraca - You ask if I can beat my brother or if I am going to cash in? Have to be more precise, darling. But I can tell you this much -- the time will come. And all cards will be on the table.


[Kimitsu puts her hands behind her back and nods while getting closer to Elena, but with a smile.]


Kimitsu Zombie - You know what I love about being so free of the burden of being a champion for now? That I can pick and choose who I will target. It can be Emery Layton if she makes it out of her match tonight intact. It can be Finn to reclaim what’s mine. Or I can regroup to challenge you… for that. So if that Silas wannabe doesn’t take my life there’s a whole group of people that ought to be real careful about what I might do. I’ve been here, and dominating for way longer than anyone else. Union Battleground belongs to me. So good luck, champ. I’ll be watching.


[Elena scoffs and pointedly adjusts her championship belt on her shoulder then walks by Kimitsu while shaking her head.]

Mike Dempsey - The following battle is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, representing 4CW, “The Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]







[Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu. Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]







[She takes a long chug of shochu and screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring to wait while sipping from her shochu bottle.]


Dante Reed - Season two has been a great run for Kimitsu Zombie. She came out firing away towards a War Horse Championship reign. She then turned that into a Trench War Championship reign, defeating her ultimate rival Emery Layton in the process.


Sebastian Riggs - Now she’s looking for redemption and reclaim that title. Tonight she has a chance to do that at Coup de Grâce.


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, accompanied by Miss Sarin, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 275 pounds, from San Antonio, Texas, he is Caden Walker!





[As the music begins Miss Sarin is the first to appear, calmly walking forward, her fingers clasping at the rosary around her neck as she smiles. A sinister grin cuts its way across her face as from behind her, Caden Walker makes his appearance. He stands rigid, his head down as he breaths steadily. Miss Sarin grips his arm pushing him forward as he walks uncertainly towards the ring, stopping at the apron as soon as he arrives. He seems to ponder it before slamming his skull against it, whispering pleas to the voices inside of his head to stop their screaming and let him focus before he slides into the ring. He slithers to the center of it, slamming his skull into the mat before lifting it up and letting out a roar to the crowd, having awakened his killing instinct as he crawls to the bottom rope, biting down against it in impatient fervor for the match to start.]


Dante Reed - Caden Walker got snubbed two weeks ago, when Viduus high tailed it out of the Battleground. And now that Caden gets an opportunity at Championship gold, you know he’s focused.


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t know if you’d call it focused, but yes, he wants this. He’s a bit of a collector, if you can call it that, and one of them gold straps would be an ultimate piece.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we got both competitors squared away in their corners. Our referee fornthis contest checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell tolls and the crowd is fully behind Kimitsu in this one. Caden mocks Kimi from across the ring, taunting her about her size compared to him. This only angers Zombie and she darts across the ring, and the two lock up in a collar and elbow tie. Caden uses his superior strength and snaps Kimi’s head down and tosses her halfway across the ring. Zombie springs back up and rushes back in with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Caden blocks the rotation and drops her with a sidewalk slam!]


[Caden gets to his feet but Kimi is quicker and she fires off a flurry of shoot kicks and shotei palm strikes in rapid succession. Kimi’s combo flurry backs Caden into the corner, where she then begins whipping off several piercing knife edge chops! Each one echoes clearly through the arena and the crowd reacts to everyone. Kimi now grabs at Caden’s wrist and goes to Irish whips him across the ring, but Caden reverses it and floors her with a short arm lariat! Caden drops on top for a quick cover.]


... One!


... Kick out!


[Kimi spins back out and gets to her feet and just as Caden gets to his, Kimi catches him with a jumping DDT! The crowd pops for Kimi as she plays to them. Kimi now grabs Caden by the beard and pulls him up to his feet. Just as he stands neutral, Caden gets an undertook in and slams Zombie back down with an uranage! Caden now plays to the crowd as they boo him out of the building.]


Dante Reed - Quite a back and forth so far on in the matchup. It looks like Kimi has her work cut out for him!


Sebastian Riggs - The same can be said towards Caden. It’s strength versus speed. Who wants it more?


[Instead of going for a cover, Caden begins toying with Kimi, playfully kicking her around on the ground. Finally he picks her up by the hair, and manages to rip a small chunk from her scalp! Caden’s eyes glisten wide and he quickly stuffs it into his pocket as a momento.]


Dante Reed - Did... did he just keep some of Zombie’s hair?!


Sebastian Riggs - I think so, Dante! What a freak! I don’t even want to know what he plans on doing with that!


[Caden marches over to the corner and begins slamming Kimi’s face up against the turnbuckle. After a ten count by some of the front row crowd, he then takes her and drags her face across the top ropes across the ring and finishes it off by slamming her face first into the adjacent turnbuckle. Now, some of the crowd begin to grow louder as the attention draws to the main stage.]


Dante Reed - Look at that! Look who’s out here!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s Finn Whelan and Elena DeDraca! What are they doing out here?


Dante Reed - Probably scouting their possible opponents for Coup de Grâce if I had to guess!


[Caden notices the siblings and simply gives a throat slash gesture to the two. Caden walks back towards Kimi and straight deadlifts her off the mat and into a fireman’s carry. The crowd grows with jeers as Caden taunts them all, but before he can manage to do anything, Kimi begins throwing elbows to his temple and loosening up his grip. Kimi is able to slip free from behind, and she immediately reaches under and clamps him by the twig and berries! The crowd explode into cheers as Caden hops around on his tip toes trying to escape! Kimi keeps a hold like a damn pit bull before finally bridging back into a ballsplex and the crowd goes wild! Kimitsu keeps the pressure and rushes over to Caden and wraps him in a La Magistral for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kimitsu comes to life with that debilitating ballsplex!


Sebastian Riggs - That hurt just watching, Dante. I’ve heard she’s got a death grip on her!


[Kimitsu gets to her feet and happens to notice Finn and Elena at the top of the ramp. She sticks out her tongue and lets out a primal scream and the crowd eats every bit of it. She then turns back to Caden who is slowly getting back to his feet. She sticks her arm out and gives him a thumbs down before bouncing off the ropes. Zombie comes flying in and chops Walker back down to his knees with a low drop kick. Kimi springs back up and runs the ropes again and flies in with a basement dropkick that completely floors Walker. Kimi stands back up and turns her back to Caden before plummeting down with a standing moonsault. Zombie hooks the leg for another cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie nearly had this one in the bag!


Sebastian Riggs - I think seeing Finn and Elena outside got her fired up! She’s rallying now!


[Kimitsu slams the mat a few times in frustration, but presses on. She gets tonher feet and brings Caden up with her, but Caden fires at Kimi like a cannon with a Lights Out discus lariat! The crowd goes silent in an instant as Caden peers to the crowd with a sinister grin. Kimitsu rolls to the outer apron to try and regroup, and regroup she does! She very cleverly takes a big swig or her shochu beverage before Caden comes back to lift her up off the canvas. Just as Caden prepares to take Zombie on a South Texas Death Ride, she spits the shochu right in his face! The sting of the alcohol blinds Walker and allows Kimitsu a clear shot for a knee lift to the sternum. With Caden hunkered over, Kimi ricochets off the ropes and comes soaring back with a devastating axe kick to the back of the neck! Walker rag dolls to the canvas and Kimitsu hooks both legs and puts all of her weight on his chest for the cover!]


Dante Reed - Banzai God Kick! Caden Walker is out cold!


Sebastian Riggs - Kimitsu is hooking the legs! This one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - And there you have it folks! Kimitsu Zombie reigns victorious tonight and that means she will go on to Coup de Grâce and face Finn Whelan for the Trench War Championship.


Sebastian Riggs - Whelan versus Zombie part two! I love it, Dante! Two warriors, two pure fighters who will never back down will square up once again for that coveted Trench War Title. God bless America!


Dante Reed - Folks, we have to take a short commercial break, but don’t go anywhere. When we return, it’s the main event! Emery Layton versus Alyssa Daniels for the Union Battleground Championship!


Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event of the evening! The following battle is scheduled for one fall, and it is for Union Battleground Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is the winner of Guerrilla Warfare, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to roaring cheers from the crowd! She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. Her eyes then lock on the ring as her demeanor changes from pleased and happy to intense and focused. She marches down the ramp and leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope displaying her quickness and agility. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. She hops down from the turnbuckle and pulls the top rope to stretch in preparation for the coming match.]


Dante Reed - You know Bas, since debuting at L!GHTS OUT #20, there’s arguably been no one else more dominant than Alyssa Daniels. She has come in, week in and week out, and taken down some of the top competitors in the Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - She finally earned that marquee victory by winning Guerrilla Warfare and getting that guaranteed Union Battleground Championship Title shot at Coup de Grâce. And you know, she’s getting her chance tonight, and then possibly her chance to defend it before season’s end! We’ve seen her demeanor evolve a bit as the season progressed. Going from this defender of good, to becoming a more callous individual, straight up calling out and disrespecting Nemesis, Dick Devereaux, and Emery Layton. Daniels called them all part-timers, hogging up all of the spotlight. She claims this to be a passing of the old guard, a new era of the Battleground. Let’s see if she can back those claims up tonight!


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Anywhere and Everywhere, representing the XWA, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself- wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear and her Union Battleground Championship around her waist- emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people who have turned out. She's nodding her head, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now.]


Dante Reed - Emery Layton goes by many names, but to be honest, I might be a little biased, but I think Union Battleground Champion is the best one.


Sebastian Riggs - Hey I cant argue that! She’s defended this title more than anyone else in history and she’s only held the title for a little over a month! Granted she hasn’t successfully won some of those matches in thanks to The Butcher, but she’s managed to hold on nonetheless. She continues to stay ready to silence the critics and haters and become the greatest champion of all-time in the Battleground!


[Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she unclips her title from around her waist- holding it one hand as she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket with the other, skating up the steel steps and climbing the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, Em lifts the Union Battleground Championship into the air for all to see. Ooh, she's chuffed to even hold it in her hands. Once the eccentric Irish traveller has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. Once she's in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upperbody falls backwards and she holds the Union Battleground Championship up in the air with both arms right up. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and crawls into her corner, removing her jacket and dumping the battered old thing to the outside as she sits down, legs flat out with the title now draped over her knees, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both competitors are now squared away in their corners. Our referee for this contest is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal! He checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!


Sebastian Riggs - This place is about to blow, Dante! Listen to the crowd right now, this atmosphere is electric!




[You can barely hear the ringing of the bell as the crowd is in absolute pandemonium. Layton and Daniels stare each other down from across the ring. Neither one makes a move as the crowd splits into chanting for each woman. Finally the two close the distance and meet in the middle of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. The two struggle to gain any leverage until Daniels switches to a Muy Thai clinch and starts launching brutal knee strikes to Emery’s face! The Pavee pushes off and come roaring back with a flying elbow. Emery bull rushes Alyssa back into the corner and starts stomping away at the midsection. Layton finishes off her flurry of stomps and Irish whips Alyssa across the ring and she slams into the opposite turnbuckle. Layton is close behind and she follows up with a soaring drop kick! Emery stands tall and rushes back in for a second drop kick! Once more she stands and delivers a third drop kick into the corner!]


Dante Reed - Emery Layton dazes Alyssa Daniels with The Kicks Inside!


Sebastian Riggs - Solid start from the Champ here, she needs to keep this tempo up!


[Emery plays to the crowd as she pressures in on Alyssa. Layton throws a sharp knife edge chop that echoes through the arena and then Irish whips Daniels back across the ring and she collides back into the turnbuckles. Emery again rushes right behind and rocks Alyssa with another drop kick in the corner! Emery back pedals and looks to go for another, but instead she races in and tosses Alyssa with a monkey flip out of the corner. Alyssa however over corrects herself and lands on her feet. Emery is oblivious to Alyssa standing and waiting and walks right into a spinning overhead belly-to-belly suplex back into the turnbuckles! The crowd cheers at the display of sheer power.]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels now turns the tide and looks to build on an offensive strategy.


Sebastian Riggs - That was a textbook suplex by Daniels that we don’t often see from her. Now is her chance to wear Emery down!


[From The suplex, Emery gets hung up on the top rope and is stuck upside down. It’s Alyssa’s turn for a rushing attack now as she back pedals and then rushes in with a punishing baseball slide! Emery flips over to the mat while Daniels is now in the outside. Alyssa reaches in and pulls Emery halfway out of the ring, then hops back up to the apron. Daniels gets a small running start then drives her knee into the back of Emery’s head with a diving apron knee drop! The crowd winces, almost feeling Layton’s pain as she rolls back into the ring clutching the back of her neck. Alyssa uses her lightening speed and darts up the ring and climbs straight up to the top rope. The Heart of Infinity dials in her target and goes soaring into the air with a beautiful frog splash! Alyssa sticks the landing and holds on for a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Layton with a kick out on a long two, Alyssa is firing back now!


Sebastian Riggs - Daniels is someone who is not afraid to fly, Dante. And neither is Emery for that matter. That high impact frog splash from the top rope will take a major toll on anybody!


[Daniels is thrown back a few feet from the kick out, but she pounces in top and begins dropping heavy blows in a vicious ground and pound. Emery tries to block any and every shot she can, but still eats several clear shots. She bridges up and over to buck Alyssa off and the two go standing. Emery wobbles while in a bit of a daze which allows Alyssa to deliver a furious combination of jabs and leg kicks. Daniels finishes it off with a spinning forearm and Emery goes stumbling back on her heels and manages to hang on to the ropes. Alyssa rushes st Emery and throws a clothesline, but Emery ducks just in time and throws her over the top! Emery looks relieved but Daniels manages to land on the apron. Emery notices the landing and rushes in but Daniels stops her in her tracks with a shoulder to the midsection. With Emery hunkered over, Alyssa catapults herself over the ropes and into a sunset flip! Daniels hangs on for a rollup cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - What an incredible back and forth battle were watching here!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s been a pretty evenly match, but I think Alyssa has got the slight edge so far. She’s two-nil on the near falls.


[The crowd gasps in anticipation thinking Daniels had just won this contest, all the while she looks on in disbelief. Alyssa struggles to her feet and then brings a disoriented Emery Layton up with her. Daniels throws a couple short range elbows to the temple before she starts setting Emery up for he Ranhei. Just before Daniels can fire away, Emery breaks loose with a few elbow shots to the ribs, backflips out of the hold completely, and catches Alyssa with a step up enziguri!]


Dante Reed - Rolling the Ball! Emery Layton escapes from Alyssa Daniels’ clutches and rocks her with a backflip step up enziguri!


Sebastian Riggs - Incredible athletic ability! Even after all she’s been brought so far, she can still pull a rabbit out of one of her many, many hats.


[The counter attack jump-starts Emery as she starts feeding off the crowd’s reaction and signals that she’s looking to end this one right here! Emery huddled into the corner and waits for Daniels to get off the canvas. Slowly but surely, Alyssa stumbles her way up to her knees, and this ignites Emery as she begins barreling down and connects with a Busaiku knee kick! Emery is fired up as she points to the turnbuckles.]


Dante Reed - Eat the Music!! Emery Layton has just completely floored Alyssa Daniels!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s calling her shots now, Dante! She’s going to the top!


[Emery lugs herself over to the turnbuckle and begins to ascend the turnbuckles. Her body language shows she just about completely gassed as each step is a grueling task. Finally, Layton stands tall, perched on the top rope and patiently waits for her moment. Alyssa begins to regain consciousness and stumbles to get her footing. Just as she stands fully up to her feet....]




Dante Reed - It’s Dick Devereaux!


Sebastian Riggs - He just mowed over Emery with that signature barbed wire bat! And look he’s going after Daniels!


[Layton freefalls down to the canvas as Devereaux steps inside the ring and begins wailing away on Daniels. The referee calls for he bell, but just as he does, Devereaux rushes towards him, but the Senior Official manages to dive out of the ring.]




Dante Reed - Can you believe it?! Devereaux is laying out the competition!


Sebastian Riggs - I guess that’s one way to soften them up before Coup de Grâce!


Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, the official for this has informed me that due to interference, the result of this match is a no contest!


[The Butcher continues his onslaught onto Layton and Daniels while the crowd completely turns on him. Dick finally ceases his attacks and turns his attention towards the front row crowd and individually chews each one of the out while beer cans and snack trays are continuously tossed at him. Finally, the bossman Gunnar Graves steps out to try and bring order to all of this chaos.]


Gunnar Graves - Enough! ... Listen, when I scheduled this match between you three for Coup de Grace, I did it to light a fire inside of each one of you. For the past two months, you all have been at each other’s throats like rabid dogs! And quite frankly, I love it! But one thing I don’t love is this constant outside run ins, ruining these high caliber fights. So here’s what I’m going to do, at Coup de Grâce, the three of you will battle it out inside a steel cage! Nothing and no one comes in that ring, and the only one coming out will be the Union Battleground Champion!


[The crowd explodes into cheers as Gunnar drops the mic. His messages are always short and sweet, and this announcement has the fans going wild.]


Dante Reed - Did you hear that, Bas?! Emery Layton, Alyssa Daniels, and Dick Devereaux inside a steel cage to determine a winner once and for all!


Sebastian Riggs - This is absolutely astonishing news, Dante. Three of the best that the Battleground has to offer locked inside a cage!


Dante Reed - Folks, that’s all the time we have here tonight. When we meet again, we’ll be at Madison Square Garden in New York for Coup de Grâce! For Sebastian Riggs, I’m Dante Reed, good night, and good luck!

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