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welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The distorted star logo that has become synonymous slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view glitches and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena. At the conclusion of the opening montage, we transition to a captivating aerial view of the ring, with the canvas and aprons murdered out in black and the ropes in a deep crimson red with a red eroded star in the center. An exquisite light show bounces all through the Royal Albert Hall to encapsulate an all round intoxicating aura. Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are ripping through one of their singles from their newest album “Insomnia” as camera angles pan throughout the crowd.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground.]


Dante Reed - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois in front of 21,150 diehard fans, and this is L!GHTS OUT #27! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed alongside me is my partner in crime Sebastian Riggs! Tonight we have another big show in store for everyone in attendance and everyone watching at home.


Sebastian Riggs - Tonight in our main event, we have a match that nearly took place during the inaugural Union Battleground Championship Tournament finals in season one. The two longest tenured competitors of the Battleground finally square off for the first time ever! I’m talking about Union Battleground Champion Emery Layton and “The Butcher” Dick Devereaux!


Dante Reed - You mentioned how this match nearly took place over a year ago, and it’s astonishing that it’s taken this long for it to finally happen. If you recall, Devereaux and Layton made it to the semifinals of the Union Battleground Championship Tournament, but Layton lost to the eventual champion, Carnage Wrestling Hall of Farmer Tweeder, in the semis, while Devereaux also lost to Tweeder in the finals. Those actions set the Battleground on a course where we witnessed a second chance at redemption for Emery and the other semifinals loser Sakaguchi Kyoshi, for the then newly minted Trench War Championship. As we all know, Emery went on to win the title and hold on to it for a historic 404 days, and Devereaux finally scored his redemption by claiming the Union Battleground Championship in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Match That never even entered the ring!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s one of those “what could have been” moments in history that people will always look back on. But tonight, we finally get to see the contest and I couldn’t be more fired up!


Dante Reed - Also tonight, the Trench War Championship is on the line as Finn Whelan makes his first defense against the insanity that is Kira Izumi!


Sebastian Riggs - The Seattle Saint is known to have that ultraviolet mindset, although we have yet to really see much of it. That all may change tonight because Izumi is a loose cannon and shows absolutely no regard to his own wellbeing. Two weeks ago, Kira went to war with Caden Walker where we watched both of those men suffer through so much violence that included chairs, tables, and fluorescent light tubes! Kira scored the pinfall in that match which awarded him this title shot tonight!


Dante Reed - And as the rules dictate, Elena DeDraca will continue to defend her War Horse Championship tonight against “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase.


Sebastian Riggs - Elena has quickly shown she belongs here, but some have been critical about Chase. He’s certainly received more title shots than anyone else in season two, but he’s a guy who will take any fight no matter who’s in front of him. He stays ready and is always up for a challenge.


Dante Reed - And finally in our opening bout, the official singles returns of Blake Archer and Malcolm Dred-King will go toe-to-toe! We haven’t seen MDK since the season one finale at Coup de Grâce where the chaotic finish to his match with Crowbar saw the likes of


Sebastian Riggs - These two are no stranger to each other. They have been in the same companies before, one where Archer still holds their top prize. Although they haven’t really collided with each other until tonight, they both still have that competitive drive. It’ll be interesting to see how much respect is given out by these two.


Dante Reed - That’s our lineup for the night, folks. So without further ado, Mike, take it away brother!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 228 pounds, from Hartford, Connecticut, he is “The Question Beyond X” Malcolm Dred-King!






[The lights dim down and a single spotlight hits the main stage. A thunderous explosion of fireworks rocks the arena and "Prophets of Rage" by Public Enemy begins to play. Malcolm Dred-King emerges from the backstage and the crowd roars in cheers as MDK takes a moment to look on throughout the crowd. Dred-King does a quick pose, flexing his guns and in hand is a crowbar! He then sprints down the ramp. He tags a few stretched out hands as he makes his way to ringside. He keeps his tempo as he slides into the ring, and runs the ropes a couple of times. He stops in the center of the ring, looks out into the crowd once more, and raises his arms. MDK then takes his shirt off and awaits forhis opponent.]


Dante Reed - At Guerrilla Warfare, this man right here, the Warped Wrestling Legend, made his return to the Battleground. Then two weeks ago, he received his first title shot against Elena DeDraca for the War Horse Championship, and well, things didn’t quite go as planned for MDK.


Sebastian Riggs - You could chalk it up to ring rust or even his age, but Elena was able to secure the win. Malcolm has a chance to get back on track on his season two run against a very familiar adversary.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’9” and weighing in at 295 pounds, from Canton, Ohio, he is the GWP World Heavyweight Champion, “The King of Canines” Blake Archer!










[Archer steps out from behind the entrance his beautiful fashion obsessed wife stepping out next to him. He holds his fist up above his head and she wraps her arms around his giving a heel popping kiss. They then proceeds to make his way towards the ring. One hand holding hers and the other He reaches his hands out to his sides touching fingertips with those stretching out to touch him.]







[He stops and hits the steel rings steps with his fist than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring after swiping his feet across the skirt of the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans.]


Dante Reed - Blake Arche has been dealing with a big problem for the last month. His former mentor, Levinator, has been a thorn in his side since his apparent arrival here in the Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - Those two go way back, Dante. There’s a lot of bad blood between them, and I don’t think we have seen the last of it.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, looks like we have both competitors squared away in their corners now. The referee for this contest is Joe Murray. He checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[MDK And Archer gradually close the distance between the two as the bell echoes throughout the arena. MDK throws a hand up and baits Archer in for a test of strength. MDK gains some leverage early but Archer powers back, then launches a knee into MDK’s rib cage. MDK toppled over and Archer begins dropping heavy forearms to the back of the head. Archer then locks up and pushes MDK back into the ropes. The King of Canines slings a series of knife edge chops to MDK’s chest, wit each smack receiving a resounding reaction from the crowd. Archer then Irish whips MDK across the ring, and on the return completely folds MDK like a lawn chair with the Silver Shot spear! The crowd is caught off guard as Archer explodes with adrenaline. The fans build with excitement as Archer drops down for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The King of Canines” Blake Archer!


Dante Reed - Holy shit! I don’t believe it! Blake Archer just ended this one in record time!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think anyone saw this coming, Dante! Archer just let out all of his frustrations on MDK and completely embarrassed him!


[The crowd is still building with excitement as Archer has his hand raised in victory. The King of Canines then walks over to the nearest turnbuckle and stands tall with his arms flexed high in the air. Before Blake can step back down from the turnbuckle, the Australian Sensation Levinator slides into the ring and waits for him to turn around. As he does, Lev picks up Archer in a fireman’s carry and drops him with an F5 that he dubs the SRI!]


Dante Reed - Bas, it looks like you were right. This one isn’t over between Archer and Levinator!


Sebastian Riggs - These ambush attacks have got to stop!


[The crowd turns on Levinator to a chorus of boos. The big 400 pound man towers over top of Archer as he spouts of insults to the fallen man.]


Dante Reed - Levinator has continually blindsided Archer and I don’t think he’s going to take it much longer.


Sebastian Riggs - What’s he going to do? I mean Archer is a big man, but Levinator is even bigger! You honestly think he can stop this man?


Dante Reed - That’s a question for another day, Bas. Right now there are no answers. But folks, stick around as we take a quick commercial break. Much more to come as we will see Elena DeDraca defend her War Horse Championship, Finn Whelan defend his Trench War Championship, and Emery Layton defend her Union Battleground Championship!


[The scene cuts in with two females chatting in the hallway. Both around the same height, but as different as they come. One with long, blonde locks and a perfect tan. While the other was pale as the wall, her raven hair covering most of her back. Their conversation seemed light and easy going.]



Why do I always feel like you babysit me? I have graduated from Steel Bones like a hundred years ago. But you still come to all of my matches.


[The blonde took a moment before replying. Running her perfect manicured fingers through her hair.]



And you think that will ever change? Sure I could let Shannon or Dorian come and watch your matches — but I doubt that is going to happen. Not in the near future. I also know that Shannon was your original mentor, but you grew up. And I don’t wanna miss a second of that, Elena.



I just know that you are rather busy. The school. The fashion line. Your private life. I almost feel guilty when you walk into the building.


[Shania laughed. It was a dark and husky laughter combined with a roll of her eyes.]



Not necessary, darling. Your time with Steel Bones doesn’t end when you graduate. We are proud of our students and show support. Even more when talked about become friends. Plus, I heard your new personal trainer would make an appearance. You didn’t think I would miss that, right?



Yeah, he said he was gonna be here. Haven’t seen him so far though. But you could have said that this is the reason you are here. To gossip the girls later.


[There was a playful shocked expression on the billionaires face. She went as far as covering her mouth, shaking her head towards El.]



I feel personally offended that this is what you think of me. I come to see you destroy your upcoming opponent. Anton or whatever. Yeah the one that called you mediocre at best. Not worth being the face of a company. I am honestly surprised you didn’t jump his throat — Shannon would have.



I know that she probably sits somewhere growling like the panther that she is. But that is not me, Shania. I have never been the type of person to just jump, or let people push my buttons. It was pretty obvious that he didn’t do any kind of research -- not even since I have been in Union Battleground. Mediocre? Maybe. But in the end I have carried my own weight ever since I started my career. I didn’t have to build a name for myself by downgrading others -- or using my relationships to get anywhere. I am the product of my own hard work. I will rip him apart, but not with words.


[Elena’s expression was hard to read. Serious but somewhat amused. She had just opened her mouth again as a shadow stretched out in front of her. The War Horse Champion whirled around looking in a well known face. Xabier Belazco.]



I am sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt you… .



Not at all, darling. We have actually been talking about you just moments ago.


[In an instant Shania had put on her business face. She stretched out her hand while looking at him. He took it and briefly held onto it. A moment later his eyes fell onto his protege.]



It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Rampage. I have only heard the best about you and your school. Elena seems rather well trained.



There is a reason why we only take in the best. So MMA, yeah? Will this be of benefit for her?


[They engaged in a business talk instantly and without paying attention towards the cameras. Either would praise the sport they were coming from. Friendly but competitive. It was then that Elena coughed extra loud. They both looked at her.]



I am getting ready for my match, folks. Try to not fight it out physically or kill each other. I will be taking care of Anton the only way I know how. Straight to the face and without playing games. I will make sure he understands that without mediocre there would be no way to the throne. And that is where I am. The Queen of War.


[She winked towards both of them before slowly walking off. For a moment they looked after her before Shania smiled, linking her arm with Xabier. He seemed caught off guard but she left him zero time to get away. They began to walk off towards their seats.]



And that is the fire that is more effective than a thousand speeches. It destroys worlds.


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Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 209 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, he is “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance and two people are seen behind the white smoke. The first person steps forward in front of the white smoke revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase as the second person emerges behind him, which is his manager Chris Wood. Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side with Chris Wood following behind him. Chase climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits his opponent while Chris Wood takes his position outside the ring.]


Dante Reed - Folks, season two hasn’t exactly gone the way Anton Chase would have hoped, but you cannot deny his determination. No matter who’s in front of him, he will leave it all out there in the ring and and give the fans 110% night in and night out.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, Dante. The cards have been stacked against him, but he’s never conceded. He’s went up against the best of the Battleground, with the likes of Emery Layton, Nemesis, and Rogan MacLean; and though he’s come up short in the majority of his contests this season, it hasn’t broken his spirit. If he can pull out a victory here tonight and capture the War Horse Championship, it’ll erase any doubts the critics might have about him.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 130 pounds, from London, England, representing Steel Bones Wrestling, she is the reigning, defending, undefeated, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “The Fist of Hydra” Elena DeDraca!







[There are some cheers when the curtain is flung back and a dour, yet supremely confident Elena DeDraca makes her way onto the stage. Her War Horse title hanging gracefully over her left shoulder, while her fingertips softly ran over it. She took a moment on top of the stage before lifting it high over her head.]


[As the fog begins to clear and the lights pulsate in tune to the music, Elena looks to her left, and then to her right as she absorbs the general atmosphere she is receiving. The pale queen nods, and she appears to smile while she makes her way down the ramp.]


[Several hands reach out for Elena's acknowledgement as she heads toward the ring, however she coldly ignores each and every one of them. Once at ringside, she leaps up onto the apron and there are some boo’s as she throws her hand up, pointing directly at the crowd, before she elegantly steps between the top and middle rope. Making her way to the middle of the ring to show off her title once more before handing over to the official. She simply throws back her head and laughs at the referee's suggestion of a weapon check. As her theme music slowly fades out, Lady DeDraca throws up her taunt once more and then she confidently stares daggers down at her opponent.]


Dante Reed - You mentioned about Chase being able to erase the stigma built by his critics, but you have to wonder where his mindset is at as he’s soon to face Elena DeDraca. This woman goes by several monikers, and one that’s been very fitting as of late is the Lady of Death. She has wiped out all of her competition since arriving in the Battleground and looks to continue her streak.


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah I’m not gonna lie here, Dante. Chase referred that Elena is “mediocre”, but she’s anything but that. With the level of talent she’s been up against, she’s one of the most revered competitors in this industry.


Dante Reed - No question, Bas. Alright folks both competitors are now squared away in their corners, and the referee for this contest will be Franklin Dean. He checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell sounds and quickly Anton rushes across the ring and launches himself, but Elena steps aside and allows Anton to crash into the turnbuckle. Elena throws a few quick shoot kicks to the back of the leg and then throws a series of punches to the back of the head. Elena backpedals and as Anton slowly turns around, Elena rushes in and collides with a corner splash! The impact stuns Anton long enough for Elena to capitalize and drop him with a neckbreaker! Elena goes for a quick cover but Anton kicks out before the ref could even begin to count. Elena pulls Chase to his feet by the hair, but midway up Anton lifts her up in a fireman’s carry, walks to the center of the ring, and plants Elena with a double knee gutbuster right on the Battleground star logo! Anton stands back up and hits Elena with a jumping knee drop right between the eyes. Anton now hooks the leg for a cover.]


... One!


... Tw—Kick out!


[Elena is quick to break free and the two stand back to their feet. Chase and DeDraca begin trading off quick jabs and leg kicks back and forth before Anton takes control with a collar and elbow tie up. Elena tries to gain control but Chase pushes her back into the corner. With pressure still applied, Chase throws a series of short arm lariats and DeDraca gets rocked back with each crushing blow. Chase takes a few steps back with Elena in a daze, and rushes in for a step up enziguri but Elena ducks out of it just in time! Anton circles around to find his opponent and Elena catches him off guard with a piercing jawbreaker! Chase stumbles back and hangs onto the ropes for leverage, while Elena begins running the ropes. On the return, Elena rockets in with a front drop kick and sends Anton over the ropes! While Chase spills out to ringside, the crowd cheers Elena on!]


Dante Reed - Elena DeDraca sends Anton Chase to the outside with the “God Save the Queen”!


Sebastian Riggs - The Lady of Death is a methodical warrior inside the ring, Dante. She setup Anton brilliantly with the jawbreaker and saw her opportunity and took it!


[While the crowd is still buzzing, Elena decides to step out to the apron and stares down her opponent who is still reeling in pain. As Chase begins to struggle back to his feet, Elena times herself perfectly and rocks Anton with a running somersault senton off of the apron! The two crash into the barricade, but Elena pops back up and celebrates with fans in the front row. She continues her attack with a series of kicks to the ribs of Anton before picking him back up and rolling him back into the ring. While Anton stays down on the mat, Elena climbs the turnbuckle and crashes down with a flying elbow drop! The crowd bursts into more cheers as Elena hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Elena is not letting up on Anton! You think the statements Anton made about her are in the back of her mind?


Sebastian Riggs - No I don’t think so, I think it’s on the FRONT of her mind! She’s letting him have it, and proving mediocre is not in her dictionary!


[Anton kicks out with a fury, sending Elena flying off about four feet away. Chase is slow to his feet and Elena rushes back in, but Anton cuts her off with a chop block to the knees! Elena drops to one leg, allowing Anton to fully get to his feet. He picks Elena up by the hair and starts throwing straight jabs. Elena then parries a shot and counters with her own flurry. Now Anton parries a jab and stops Elena dead in her tracks with an eye poke! The crowd immediately switches to boos and the referee steps in to warn Anton. The Wrestling God pleads his innocence before going back to Elena with a clothesline, but Elena somehow ducks it! Anton quickly reacts and smacks Elena across the face with a pele kick and stuns her! Elena clutches her face while staying on her feet and Anton runs the ropes. On the return, Chase catches Elena with a powerful float over DDT! Anton now hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Anton Chase takes matters into his own hands and pulls a despicable move to blind Elena!


Sebastian Riggs - All is fair in love and war, Dante! You know how the traditional rules are relaxed here in the Battleground. Anton is just using his resources to the fullest!


[Anton pounds the mat in anger then argues with the referee. Elena meanwhile slowly gets to her feet and equally looks pissed. Chase notices Elena standing upright and lunges in for the attack. Elena ducks a clothesline and fires back with a mule kick to Anton’s kidney. Chase topples to a knee and Elena capitalizes and unleashes a wicked fast combo of kicks and jabs. Elena now runs the ropes and on the return, Anton leap frogs over DeDraca. Elena bounces again and this time evades a clothesline from Anton. Elena bounces once more and hooks up tilt-a-whirl head scissors! But wait! Elena hangs on and traps Anton in her patented octopus hold!! The crowd jumps to their feet as Elena locks in “The Fist of Hydra” out of nowhere! Chase struggles to break free, but DeDraca is clamped down like an anaconda! Anton has no choice but to tap out! The ref calls for the bell!]




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “The Fist of Hydra” Elena DeDraca!


Dante Reed - Elena DeDraca retains her War Horse Championship! She slipped Chase into The Fist of Hydra out of nowhere and put him away!


Sebastian Riggs - Incredible awareness, Dante! Elena stuck through the size advantage and the dirty tactics and still walks out Champ!


Dante Reed - Folks we have to take a short commercial break, but when we return, the Trench War Championship is on the line! Finn Whelan versus Kira Izumi! Stay tuned!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s going to be a bloodbath! Hold on, wait a second...







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. The crowd erupts at the unannounced arrival of ‘The Heart of Infinity’. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to greet the roaring cheers from the crowd. She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. She turns to the ring and walks down the ramp, a look of disappointment on her face. Once she reaches the ring, she leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope, still displaying her quickness and agility for the fans despite her mood. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. Instead of hopping down, she sits down on the top turnbuckle. A Union Battleground staff member hurries over to her and brings her a microphone. Alyssa thanks the staff member for the assist. She looks around to the crowd as chants of “INFINITY! INFINITY! INFINITY!” threaten to blow the roof off of the United Center. Alyssa looks down in contemplation as she lifts the microphone to her lips.]


Alyssa Daniels - Y’know, tonight is a tad bittersweet. On one hand, Salvation has been entirely purged from Union Battleground but…


[The crowd cheers. Alyssa stops and looks around, allowing them to have their moment. Once they settle down, she lifts the microphone.]


Alyssa Daniels - But on the other hand, it means that I don’t get my fight with Nemesis.


[The crowd boos. Alyssa nods in agreement but her face remains pensive.]


Alyssa Daniels - And maybe our match tonight wasn’t going to be for the Union Battleground Championship. Maybe everyone links Nemesis to Dick Devereaux, full stop. But for me, tonight was the match I’ve most looked forward to in my career. Tonight, Nemesis was supposed to see the error he’s been making thinking of me as some little girl who believes in fairy tales. Don’t get me wrong though, I totally believe in fairy tales, but we all knew what his words implied. Or maybe that isn’t what he thought at all. Maybe he knew what he was up against. Maybe he knew that someone had finally shown up who could rival him. Maybe he didn’t want to take the chance that maybe, just maybe, he just might lose to little ol’ me.


[The crowd erupts in cheers as Alyssa hops down from the turnbuckle and to the center of the ring.]


Alyssa Daniels - But we’ll never know. I’m gonna be honest with all of you, not getting this match? That’s going to linger with me for a while. It’s like reading a book, then not getting to read that climactic final chapter. But there are still a couple chapters left in this book, y’all! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna drown in misery with Nemesis gone. We've got a season to finish, am I right? Tonight, you all get to witness for the first time, Dick Devereaux taking on Emery Layton, the Union Battleground Championship on the line! Next week, I’ll get the opportunity to face Emery. And if she wins, that match may just be for that same belt! There’s plenty to look forward to, that’s for sure. I just wanted to come clean with all of you regarding what is now considered the past. Enjoy the rest of your evening!


[With a wave and a smile, Alyssa exits the ring through the ropes and hops down to the floor as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm kicks back up. She heads up the ramp and through the curtain.]


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[Cameras open up backstage at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Savannah Skye leads the way through the hallway to see Josie Pleasure talking to Blake Archer sitting on a fold out chair.]


Savannah Skye - Blake, What is going to stop this bad blood between yourself and Levinator?


[Josie looks disgusted at her and hesitates to get violent with her.]


Josie Pleasure - Does this look like the time for questions? If I wouldn’t get fined I would give you a black eye for being so rude.


[Blake stands up and pulls his hair out of his face. He almost seems far away right now from the look in his eyes.]


Blake Archer - What has been going on with my family since 2016 has to stop! This is not a time for diplomacy anymore, this is not a time to play up that clean cut role model that I don’t want to be but everyday force myself to try and be. It has only came to light recently Levi, but you have been crossing the line for a few years now and it is over. Come out and interrupt my matches with you self prevalence, ambush me at every chance you get, and even drawing in the ones I love most in the world. You stand alone one your war against me Levinator, wake up and look at yourself.


Believe me I get sore if I think about the things that went down with you and with Adrian and even with Spirit Fire. Yet something changed, for years you excelled just to … poof. That became a trend, you were the Keyser Söze of the Wrestling world. You lead that revolt, I followed you so loyally, I followed you so blindly when you staged that walk-out eleven years ago. I convinced Jake to go along, I convinced Ruth to go along. Imagine the shock the three of us had when we found you BACK in WWH?!


I touched on this a little before I fought Finn Whelan, and it was a good match no matter what anyone says. The guy is a ruthless animal right now no empathy or compassion it is all about him and his circle and that’s what he is putting into his title reign. I remember those days. Eventually my competing suffered because what did I had titles stripped from me didn’t I Levi? I spent a large amount of my days getting erased every time I accomplished anything. It was something a man named Dax Clark taught me…. Not YOU, not Levinator… not… Paul.


I rode high off that for a few years, Shane and Josie being instrumental in me keeping it together. I didn’t need that mask Dax trapped me in. I didn’t need to be a monster. I was a STRONGMAN! I was finally the one in power, I had finally climbed to the top of a company simply off endurance and endurance alone. That was when it happened…. Rabbit beat me. I got too cocky and the kid did it. Quickly the thoughts of how it used to be, the pain from all the suffering I had to do to get the progress I had gotten, it was all gone just …. like … that.


That was when I realized Levi, that I became you. I realize that when you see me out there putting in just as much effort as you if not twice as much because that is what I must do in order to keep up, it gets to you doesn’t it? It bothers you that someone you see as less talented, less put together and overall just less marketable might have finally surpassed you. Which trust me that is what you are witnessing. With everything gone from me, when I realized that YOUR PUPIL had beaten me… I killed him.


I am not proud to admit that, but in the heat of passion that is what happened. It has since lead to 4 years of my life gone, missing out on Temperance’s first steps, her first words. She knew her daddy as the man on that illegal prison program. Which finally brings me to present day, it was at IWS that you found me. What motivated you to come after me? What motivated you to kidnap my daughter and to drug her. You know what you’ve done and yet you keep wanting to cut deeper. Perhaps it is because of my own crime against humanity that I committed? I can’t say that I don’t deserve it if so, but my family can stay out of it. My madness is not their transgression to answer for. There will be no more ambushes from you. You will meet me in that Union Battleground ring face to face. There will not be a distraction of the Guerrilla Warfare or the allure of the Union Battleground championship. I am sick of the conspiracies!


I am sick of the madness!


Lately Levinator I am just plain sick of you. At Coup de Grace I am going to put the ONLY World Title I have ever won, apparently a defunct and dead title on the line. Why? Because this piece of gold means more than every strap you’ve ever won. The amount of years it took me to observe and to learn, all those losses that lead to heartbreak and character building. The friendships that came and went as I kept pursuing it, the fact that my boys were born right after I won it. THIS TITLE MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME.


Sometimes stuff just falls on my lap, but that doesn’t mean my life has been totally easy. It scares me sometimes and I am not ashamed to say that anymore. To feel so proud, so happy because just like that night when I snapped I could lose it all again. If it takes my last breath Levinator I am going to beat some respect for your fellow man into you. For all my downfalls I never sank as low as you will go. It is not just me that you have attacked it is the people of the XWA, when you walk the halls and purposely make the staff uncomfortable. How about when you come to Union Battleground and refuse to learn an ounce of humility. You Sir insult the Australian people which is why I did what I did at World’s Collide. It is clear to me what you care about is gold, so if that is what it takes to finally get you to the game… come and get it. How is that Savannah?”


[He turns back to Josie who is smirking and walks past her as she follows him patting him on the shoulders as if to say good job.]


Savannah Skye - Well there you have it the champion of GWP putting it on the line for all this chaos with Levinator to end. I will work to stay on this and get more from Levinator’s side.

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Trench War Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 200 pounds, accompanied by Kirito Izumi, representing the AWF, he is Kira Izumi!




[Kira comes out from the back along with Kirito shortly following him. He makes an “X” sign with his arms as he starts singing along with the song. Kira walks down the ramp way slapping hands with his fans and walking around the ring.]


[Kira slaps the steps as he makes up through the ropes and up onto the middle rope. He stands tall and makes an “X” again with his arms before he looks around at the fans. He repeats this process at the other three corners before he walks to the middle of the ring and takes off his Oni mask. He spits out his blood mist before he turns around and points towards the logo on the back of his jacket. After that he walks to his corner where he waits for the match to start.]


Dante Reed - We’ve mentioned before about Kira’s absence since War of the Worlds, but he finally made his return at Guerrilla Warfare. Following that he went to war in a violent contest with Caden Walker which he ultimately won.


Sebastian Riggs - That hellacious victory caught the attention of the new head honcho Gunnar Graves as Kira is now set to challenge for his first single championship tonight.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Seattle, Washington, he is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground Trench War Champion, “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


[The lights dim in the arena and cast the arena in a red glow, and for a moment -- only a moment -- the crowd quiets down just a smidge. The guitar riff opening that carries throughout the rest of Asking Alexandria's "The Black" breaks out and brings the crowd to their feet -- both in a positive and negative reaction, completely mixed.]








[Just before the first line of the song, Finn Whelan has appeared not from the curtain, but from one of the visitor's entrances. He stops at the top of the steps for a moment, a slight smirk on his face as he glances at the people around him. The Trench War Championship he carries glints in the dark light, and he holds it securely on his shoulder. He begins stepping down the stairs at a brisk pace, high-fiving a couple fans as he makes his way down to the ring.]


Dante Reed - And here comes the Trench War Champion now! Finn Whelan is the epitome of what the Trench War Championship represents. Someone who will take on all challengers, someone who will never back down, and someone who will always bring the tenacity.


Sebastian Riggs - I’m curious to see how this one plays out, Dante. Both of these guys have similar styles of offense. They both broke into the scenes with an ultraviolent aspect, but make no mistake, they both can strike and grapple. We may be in store for an all-round clinic here!


[At the barrier, he slings himself over and slides immediately underneath the bottom rope and leaps to his feet in the center of the ring. He heads directly for the ropes in front of him, and hops up onto the bottom one, bouncing slightly as he looks back at the crowd, that sardonic grin on his face as he raises his championship high in the air for all to see. He drops down from it, and hands the championship belt to the referee before pulling off his vest and heading to the his place against the turnbuckle, leaning into it as his music fades out.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we now have both competitors squared away in their corners. The referee checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The two of then step closer in their respective fighting stances. Finn smacks away Kira’s hand taking a jab for his unblocked face, but Kira ducks and sweeps his legs under Finn who quickly leaps up avoiding the trip attempt. Kira turns around holding his hands up defensively ready. Finn locks up with him slamming him down by the neck, but Kira flips himself over onto Finn pinning his shoulders down, JUST A ONE as Finn pushes Kira off him. The two men stand up from the fast paced exchange getting a large cheer from the fans as they stare one another down.]


Dante Reed - There’s that similarity of styles coming into play there. Each one could sense their moves and just countered with a counter.


Sebastian Riggs - These guys have hit a hard reset. The pair of them still looking to land that first opening strike.


[Kira dives forward pushing his shoulder into Finn’s gut and slamming him into the corner. He backs off swinging his fist at Finn’s chest with a back hand chop, but Finn ducks and shoves Kira against to corner. Enziguri delivered from Finn! Kira leans hard on the ropes to keep himself vertical. Finn charges at him, but Kira yanks down on the top rope at the last second and Finn flips over the top rope. He lands on his feet to the amazement of everyone. He turns around and Kira dropkicks him through the ropes before pulling himself up on the ring apron. He leaps off it hitting Finn with a double foot stomp.]


Dante Reed - Kira taking the lead early here with some creative strikes.


Sebastian Riggs - This one had spilled over to the outside early, and nothing good comes from being on the outside!


[Kira lifts Finn up from behind as he starts to stand, he attempts a German suplex, but Finn blocks him countering with an elbow. Kira drops him giving Finn the chance to deliver a Pele Kick! He catches Kira flush on the top of the head before crawling over top of him and striking him without mercy using a closed fist. Kira pushes and kicks to get Finn off of him dodging out of the way as Finn attempts to kick him. Finn gets trapped up in the middle of the ring apron and the ring skirt. Kira doesn’t hesitate, delivering a roaring elbow to Finn’s chin sending him underneath the skirt and ring.]


Dante Reed - Kira is a lot of things, but a magician is a new one for me!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s some straight up David Copperfield shit!


[As he lifts the ring skirt something hits Kira in the ankle. He jumps back grabbing his foot. Finn emerges from under the ring holding a tool box. He pulls out a wrench and wings in through the air hitting Kira this time in the ribs. Before Finn can hit him with another, this time Kira swiftly dodges out of the way getting a roar out of the crowd. Finn runs out of wrenches to throw and lifts the metal box over his head before tossing it at Kira. He gets his arms up using them to block the object from hitting him. Finn catches him with a charge into a Thesz press, he strikes Kira with heavy mounted punches. He stands up and reaches over the barricade with fans slapping him on the back while Kira is sitting up holding his head. Finn grabs a fan’s chair and turns around as Kira stands. He tosses the chair at Kira, with him grabbing it Finn jumps up with a spinning heel kick clocking the steel off Kira’s face.]


Dante Reed - The Seattle Saint has come to work and has brought out a tool box!


Sebastian Riggs - What kind of ring crew do we have here, Dante? It’s like a bunch of kids that just stuff everything under their bed and say their room is clean! What else could be under there?


[Finn grabs one of the wrenches scattered around the ground. He sits up Kira, places the tool against his throat and starts choking him out! Kira swings his arms around and Finn tightens his grip on the hold. Kira is able to use his momentum to get to his feet, but his face is beginning to turn blue! Kira reaches back and drops down reversing Finn with a cutter! He leans over coughing and gasping for air. Finn stands back up, taking a few seconds to find his balance before delivering a stiff straight jab to Kira’s forehead. He grabs Kira by the wrist and Irish whips him into the ring steps. Kira screams out and wincing at his lower back.]


Dante Reed - For a moment there it looked like Kira was about to turn the tables, but Whelan stays one step ahead.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s the Champ for a reason, Dante. They’re going to have to carry him out in a body bag before he ever gives up.


[Kira dodges out of the way as Finn rushes him, and he scurries over to the fan’s chair that was still laying on the ground. Finn grabs him from behind, but Kira jabs the metal edge into Finn’s gut then hits him over the back. Kira tosses the chair into the ring and then motions to Kirito for his Bokkan. he holds it up for the audience to see before swinging it at Finn, he blocks the hit wrenching the wooden weapon between his arm and ribs. Finn kicks Kira, and he drops the weapon before getting hit again. Finn slams Kira’s face off the ring apron and grabs Kira’s Bokkan.]


Dante Reed - Oh shit look out! Kira has fucked up now!


Sebastian Riggs - Let’s see if Finn has any martial arts background in him!


[Finn hits Kira with the Bokkan and then again, following him as Kira crawls away. He kicks at Finn knocking the weapon out of his hands and charges into him, both men falling down to the mat struggling to gain the better position. Finn delivers an elbow turning around and scooping Kira up, but he gets reversed as Kira slips behind him. He strikes Finn with a Pele Kick before exiting the ring. He grabs a bag from under the ring getting a hyped reaction from the crowd. Kira enters the ring putting down the bag to strike Finn with a few knees to the face putting him back on the mat.]


Sebastian Riggs - What’s in that bag?!


[Kira grabs the bag again before spilling out what looks like thumbtacks over the canvas. Fans shout loudly with excitement as Kira tosses the empty bag into the crowd. Finn is pushing himself up in the opposite corner as Kira grabs his favorite weapon the Bokkan from the center of the ring. He sizes up Finn before taking a swing downward at him. Finn dodges out of the way rolling near the tacks and stopping as he sees them. Kira hits him with the Bokkan in the back, tensing Finn up. Kira swings for his legs but Finn hops over and delivers a jab to the jaw to counter him. Quickly Finn ascends the corner as Kira is standing in a daze. Finn leaps off the top turnbuckle hitting Kira with a diving clothesline, grounding both men. Finn sits up holding his back, but leans back going for a cover barely hooking the leg from the soreness of his lower back.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


[Finn steadies himself up to his feet, and pulls the chair across the mat in front of the hunched over Kira, then exits through the ropes to the outside ring. Finn catches his breath for a moment as Kira tries to shake off the cobwebs. Finn slingshots himself off the top rope at Kira, grabbing him around the head into a DDT smacking Kira’s head off the steel chair! Finn loses some time holding onto his back before crawling over Kira and tossing an arm over his chest.]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Whelan is on a roll now, but it looks like he took quite a toll on that DDT.


Sebastian Riggs - If he’s still breathing, he’s still fighting!


[Finn seems frustrated, double checking with the Ref about the two count. Across the ring Kira is pushing his limits trying to get back to his feet. Finn grabs him from behind and lifts him up almost giving a German suplex into the sprawled out thumbtacks, but Kira in desperation grabs the top rope blocking The Seattle Saint. Kira gets back to his feet elbowing Finn and then maneuvering into a front face lock. Kira lifts Whelan up vertically, letting the blood rush to Finn's head as he starts to toss him forward Finn kicks his legs underneath himself reversing the hold into his own front face lock. He lifts Kira up, suplexing him hard back into the tacks, and Kira flails around frantically trying to get out of the piercing mess. Finn keeps a stone mentality as he gets back to his feet in pursuit of Kira. The Seattle Saint locks Izumi in a pump handle hold, and deadlifts him straight up and back down, hitting the Revelation 6:4 into the scattered tacks! Finn holds his eyes closed tightly, enduring the pain while Kira is out cold. Finn pushes Kira over on his back and hooks the leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner AND STILL Union Battleground Trench War Champion, “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


Dante Reed - He’s done it! The Seattle Saint makes his first title defense a successful one!


Sebastian Riggs - And a brutal one st that too. Hats off to Kira for putting the fight to Whelan, but it wasn’t enough. The Seattle Saint our on a hardcore clinic and continues holding that title with pride!


[Finn is handed his championship title with fans applauding and cheering the violence they just witnessed. He holds up the title, some tacks still stuck in his body but not phasing him through the rush of winning.]


Dante Reed - Folks we have to take a short commercial break, but when we return, our main event of evening! It’s The Worst of the Pavees versus The Butcher of the Battleground! Emery Layton and Dick Devereaux finally square off for the first time ever! Stay tuned!

Look Into My Eyes and

Know Fear for What it Is

[The orchestra of city life sounds permeates through the speakers; car horns blare, laughter erupts, airplanes rumble, voices chatter, trains chug by. Skyscrapers loom over a congested road, advertising shops and offices. Businessmen and women scramble past restaurant goers, sitting through their lunches.]


“Union. Noun. A state of harmony or acceptance.”


[A time lapse begins to speed up the scenery as the woman speaks. Flashes of movement turn into a blur before the screen goes black.]


“Such a shame harmony is a figment of our imagination.”


[Rubble. Thick piles of broken concrete reach toward the sky, and dilapidated buildings reach upward with their jagged walls, roofs splayed and crumbled on the ground. Clouds of dust billow from a gentle breeze, and a single flag waves at half mast, torn and tired, against the horizon.]


“We are not worthy. We claw and scratch at the walls and draw blood for the sake of it. We look on, never satisfied, and kill for the feeling.”


[The camera pans to a doorway, set in a single wall that stands defiant against the devastation. There, in the empty space, a woman sits with black hair covering her face. As the camera zooms in, she wipes the dark tresses from her face, revealing tattoos on the right side of her forehead, down her neck, and covering the entirety of her arms. The word EVIL is spelled in thick letters on her knuckles. Her eyes widen, and her pupils shine an unnatural silver and blue.]


“This chapter, our chapter, is coming to a close. Gaze upon your creation and weep. We have built monuments only to tear them to the ground. We have written great treatises, only to throw them in the fire. Our story will be no different.”


[She gives a gentle smile.]


“Union Battleground. Death has knocked on your doorstep, and you invited me inside.”


[She clicks her tongue against her teeth.]


“You know not what you’ve done.”



[Outside, the trees are quietly huddled beneath the stifling summer sun. The Windy City's broad-shouldered breezes have been reduced to the occasional steamy gust. The heat, the humidity -- it feels like you could swim from place to place instead of walking the air is so thick with moisture and taking a breath feels more akin to drinking honey.]


[The dog days of summer have officially arrived in Chicago. To the Greeks and Romans, the “dog days” occurred when Sirius appeared to rise just before the sun in late July. They referred to these days as the hottest time of the year; a period that could bring fever, or even catastrophe. If you go back as far as Homer, The Iliad, Sirius is mentioned as Orion’s dog rising, and it describes the star as being associated with war and disaster. Fortunately, war and calamity are exactly what legions of die-hard wrestling fans came out in droves to see. And with so many amazing, hard-fought bouts already in the books, there's no way they're leaving the Battleground disappointed.]


[The camera cuts to the dazzling haze of amber and cyan swirling above the waters of Lake Michigan. From the lakefront, the scene shifts to a soaring panoramic view of Chicago's iconic skyline -- silhouetted now, black against the gold -- until fading in on an exterior shot of the United Center. The camera slowly closes in on two life-sized bronze statues of Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull, two of hockey's greatest players of all time and Blackhawks royalty, resting right outside the arena. The parking lot is packed with cars, and the building is brimming with one of the most colorful and passionate wrestling crowds the world over. Pro wrestling pride is alive in Chi (if there was ever any doubt).]


Dante Reed - As the sun sets on another gorgeous summer day in The Windy City, we welcome you back to L!GHTS OUT #27! But fear not fans, the sun isn't setting on this incredible day of wrestling, I assure you! The battlewagon is rolling on. The night is young and there's still plenty of hard-hitting action just on the horizon.


[Just as the sentence drips from his lips, the UC is blasted by a barrage of high-intensity, seizure inducing strobe lights. Spotlights slice through the darkness and pinball across every inch of the stadium. At the same time, Ted Nugent's 'Stranglehold' quickly locks into a deep, hypnotic groove. Maybe it's the bone-rattling sound system, maybe it's the current of excitement ripping through the crowd, but at this point, the whole building is vibrating with life. From the VIP suites to the nosebleeds, phones and hands are held high. Spirits are also at an all time high as people of all ages enjoy the show -- drinks are flowing, 'dro is blowing, some are dancing and rockin' out, but nearly everyone is on their feet cheering.]


Sebastian Riggs - Killer tune. And one that's instantly familiar to hockey fans here in the UC. This is the song the Blackhawks jam every night before attacking the ice.


[The frenzy only escalates as The Outliers' burst through the curtain to a deafening chorus of cheers.]


Dante Reed - Check it out, Bas! It looks like The Outliers are here in Chicago! Back where it all began!


Sebastian Riggs - And this sold-out capacity crowd is damn near delirious for 'em!


Dante Reed - It also looks like the A/V magicians of Union Battleground have rigged up a projection system mimicking The Chicago Blackhawks' pre-show spectacle before every home game. Only instead of Chicago's starting line, it's footage of The Outliers! Get a load of that! This place is turning into the Madhouse on Madison!


[The fans look on as a video package of The Outliers is beamed directly onto the surface of the ring highlighting the duo's tag team artistry and antics.]


Dante Reed - The homegrown talent, Hewhocorrupts, is playin' it up for his hometown crowd!


Sebastian Riggs - If you ask me, he's probably on a little somethin' that's homegrown, y'know what I mean?


Dante Reed - Here they come again now, baby! It's The Outliers set to Stranglehold.. or should I say, "Strange-el-hold?"


Sebastian Riggs - No, don't ever say that again.


Dante Reed - You betcha. But how apropos. Of course these Outliers are paying tribute to their favorite team, but I'd say they've had quite the stranglehold on the entire Battalion division ever since arriving in Union Battleground. Wouldn't you agree?


Sebastian Riggs - Hell yes, are you kidding me. That's why it's such a natural fit for The Outliers. Stranglehold is a masterpiece.. or should I say, "disasterpeace" of jam-ology. [Nudging his commentating colleague...] See what I did there, Reed?


Dante Reed - [Dumbfounded] Didn't I just.. forget it.


Sebastian Riggs - There is no aspect of this song that could be improved upon! Nugent's insane feedback control.. Rob Grange's liquid, phase-effected bass-line.. that staccato, machine gun snare punctuating the solo, Derek St. Holmes' smug, swagged-out lead vocals -- doesn't get much better. I mean, just look at this crowd if you don't believe me! This place is on fire! Imagine when the solo hits, Reed.


Dante Reed - We're all getting our money's worth tonight, fans. Especially if the mayhem of The Outliers is on full display.


Sebastian Riggs - Chances are it will be, just like it is in every match, every mind-blowing, melt-your-dick-off moment.. I mean, everything they do is make or break, find it and grind it, land or slam. They lay it down big and leave it all in the ring. Whereas most teams paint by numbers, The Outliers like to color outside the lines. It's like they gather up all the colors together and say, 'Fuck it, here's a new one.' Their friends call 'em the Double Big Mac 'cause they aren't on the regular menu. They're doin' their own thing, their own way; it's bizarre but it's sick! So you best prepare yourself for the structural failure of your manhood, pal. At this rate we'll have nothin' left down there. You remember that scene in Planet Terror? Y'know the one where Q.T.'s bird falls out of the nest. And when I say his bird falls out of the nest, I mean his penis detaches from his body..


Dante Reed - Yeah, I kinda picked up on that.


Sebastian Riggs - No, you haven't. The whole point is you won't be able to pick it up 'cause it'll turn to slush in your hands. That's the whole metaphor, man: If The Outliers keep melting dicks off, we're bound to end up a couple of Ken doll crotches.. dolphin smooth. Now you don't have to like it, but you're at least gonna have to learn to live with it. Yup, it'll be a dickless wasteland around here. Believe it or not, I've actually been told by more than a few people that I should never reproduce, so I've kinda already come to terms with it.


Dante Reed - [Rolling his eyes] You're so scary, you know that, right?


[The Outliers stand atop the entrance ramp soaking in the atmosphere. Sawtooth Grin is wearing his signature onesie only this time it's curiously white. He's also sporting a pair of swimming goggles complete with snorkel and yellow arm floaties. Hewhocorrupts is wearing his classic Slay-ban sunglasses, a speedo and a Chicago flag tied around his neck acting like a cape. And to cap off the outlandish ensemble? A Blackhawks away jersey that makes him look like he's not wearing pants.]


Dante Reed - It would seem as if this team is ready for some summer fun, Outlier style! That's some pretty bizarre beach attire, though.


Sebastian Riggs - We haven't seen The Outliers since Denver, and I'd wager to say that no one's ever seen them quite like this before.. ever. One thing's for sure, these fans have clearly missed the hell outta their Battalion champs based on all the happy humans out there.. just smiles for miles.


Dante Reed - It's been a minute for sure, but The Outliers believe they can make their competitors irrelevant by thinking about things differently, by taking time out and letting ideas bubble up from that ninety percent of their brain that remains untapped. That's probably how their strange, hybrid style came about; a style that's not a copy, not a clone.. it's an entirely new combination. And one that's given so many of their opponents fits. So anyone who's expecting ring rust from The Outliers, think again. Anyone planning on taking them out should've done it yesterday 'cause they're only getting better, stronger and more formidable with each passing day. They're essentially killing you while you sleep. Always working, always improving, always growing as competitors.. always setting the pace -- and the bar -- a little higher.


Sebastian Riggs - Case in point, I recently spoke with Sawtooth after his latest fight in Caged Glory against the 21-5, world champion, Niko Holst. He's admittedly fallen into a bit of a slump, going 0-2, but both were title fights against top contenders that no one else in the division wanted to touch. But you know Grin. He only takes the hard fights, not the easy ones. He told me he was planning on taking some time to let his body rest, get better, put the gi back on and just be a martial artist again for awhile without having to get ready for another big fight.


Sebastian Riggs - He says, 'I just wanna get better in my skill set. When I'm in camp, I'm sharpening everything up and pushing myself to the limit, but it takes away from that fun, relaxed learning atmosphere that I feel like I really thrive in between fights.' SO, you can imagine my surprise when I noticed he was already booked to fight in the Dragon's tournament less than twenty-four hours after his loss to Niko. That's The Outliers for ya. There really is no off-season for these guys. And that obviously extends to having fun as well.


Dante Reed - They definitely play as hard as they work, there's no doubt about it. Sometimes it seems like the only time they care about is having a good time.. just look at them hyping up this rabid group of wrestling fiends.


[Grin and Crups feverishly race around the top of the ring entrance, lifting their arms up and down in a continuing effort to amp up the fans. HWC runs back behind the curtain and quickly reemerges with a few beach balls. However, these aren't your average beach balls. Once inflated, the faces of their fallen foes can be seen printed on each one. The champs take turns drilling the "severed heads" into the audience and take a short pause to watch the crowd volley them back and forth across the building.]


Dante Reed - With the help of 'Stranglehold' and the all the beach balls bouncing around in the stands, I'm starting to get a real Lollapalooza vibe in here. They've definitely got the stoners attention, but let's turn our focus to whatever the hell that contraption is on the entrance ramp! It looks like a giant Slip 'N Slide!


[Stretching the length of the ramp is a fifty-foot-long, commercial grade Slip 'N Slide with inflatable side rails and a splash-down pool. It's connected to a hose that's showering a bright red, viscousy substance down the thick plastic runway.]


Dante Reed - If I didn't know any better, I'd say that's blood!


Sebastian Riggs - I've heard of rolling out the red carpet, but this is just ridiculous!


[The Outliers hold hands, count to two and get a running start before diving head first down the ultra-slick runway. Gallons rain down and people roar with delight. Bodies tumble into one another trying to catch a closer glimpse of the action. The pair rocket down the slide and crash land in the reservoir of "blood" waiting at the bottom. Fans close to the barriers scream as they get splashed. After spending a few minutes trying to dunk and drown each other, they eventually make it out, covered in blood from head to toe.]


Sebastian Riggs - Hey, whatya know! Grin's onesie's back to it's former glory! And that away jersey's now a genuine home sweater thanks to all the blood.


Dante Reed - Makes sense. Second City Savage is on his home turf now. My question is: are these guys gonna throw a goddamn party every time they win a match? They're actin' like Billy Madison every time he passed a grade. Frankly, I'm gettin' a little tired of them turning the Battleground into their own little playground.


Sebastian Riggs - Jeez, who pooped in your sandbox, buddy?


Dante Reed - Fuck off.. Can we at least get them in the ring already? Please?


[Right on cue, The Battalion champs toss their belts under the ropes and roll into the ring. Grin leaps to his feet first and calls for a mic.]


Grin - [Bonking the mic on his partner's forehead...] Testing, testing. What's up labias and genitals?! Thanks for comin' out!


[The fans holler and yelp in celebration.]


Grin - You didn't think you were gonna walk out of here without seeing us, did you? Of course you didn't..


[HWC pulls off his Blackhawks sweater and hurls it into the crowd leaving him in a rather.. revealing, although familiar position. Sawtooth slowly turns back towards his partner and without skipping a beat...]


Grin - Hey, dude, looks like your hangin' brain there.. and by the looks of it, some of the brain stem, too.


[The fans give a short chuckle.]


Grin - Tuck that shit in, now.. 'cause the way it's covered in blood.. it looks like a chestburster and it's probably freakin' everyone out.


[Corrupts stretches out the waistband of his speedo and scoops up the specimen without it transforming into a fulll-grown Xenomorph.]


Dante Reed - Sorry, fans we've got a minor wardrobe malfunction.


Grin - OK, Chicago he's ready to receive you now, so put your hands together and give it up for your very own hometown boy-yah! The Search & Destroy-yah! The annoy and toy-yah! The one, the only.. Hewhocorrupts!


[Grin winks and tosses the mic over to his best buddy in the whole world.]


Corrupts - How you feelin' CHICAGO?! Is there any L.O.V.E out here?! Let me know!


[The decibel range fluctuates somewhere between a jet engine and a shotgun blast.]


Corrupts - You got an awesome sound! Alright, now.. really lay it on me!




Corrupts - OUCH.. Oh yeah, baby. Hit me again!




Corrupts - Stop it! Nah, hit me again!




Corrupts - Oh yeah. Hit me again!




Corrupts - Is that all you got?! C'mon now.. y'all ain't got no L.O.V.E for the Grin Reaper and H-W-C-section!




Corrupts - Stop it!




Corrupts - Ok, ok.. one more time! Hit me!


[The crowd gives him one final epic cheer.]


Corrupts - Man oh man, what a glorious day to be back in my beloved city! I remember when I used to have to sneak into this place to see shows, but at least security doesn't throw me out as soon as they spot me! Now they just wait 'til I give 'em probable cause.. which usually isn't long. But when I could actually afford a ticket, I'd usually be way up there in the nosebleeds where you almost need a high-powered hunting scope to see the action.


[Glancing over at his other half.]


Corrupts - Climbing to new lows, huh, partner? Believe me, it's not lost on us how lucky we are to do what we do. And we're fully aware that the only reason we're able to do what we do is because of all of you. I was just saying to Grin, that with all the love and support that surrounds us, we couldn't fail even if we tried. That couldn't be more clear to us than it is in this moment. I swear, if this guardrail wasn't dividing us, I'd make sweet, slow, intimate love to each and every one of you, guaranteed. I'd come out there and cover y'all in cinnamon toast crunch dust and lick..


Grin - WHOA now bruv, ease down, ease down..


Corrupts - That's my bad. I get it.. I'll drive this train wherever you want me to, chief, you just gotta lay down the tracks. In any case..


[HWC runs his hands down his face and flicks the blood toward the audience.]


Corrupts - ..this blood's for you! Anyway, I know the smell of weird gets your balls all tingly so let's get down to it.


Grin - It's hotter than a rattlesnakes' taint out there so we figured, what better way to cool off than by bathing in the cold blood of our enemies! It's the summer of slaughter after all..


Corrupts - I think I swallowed some when you tried to drown me.. some's still in my mouth. Looks like I'll be sippin' on the blood of our sweet success as well.


Grin - Now we told you this season would be murder.. but goddamn.. it turned out to be a fucking blood bath, y'all. We worked so hard to make every opponent we faced just a distant memory that we never stopped to realize that we'd wiped out, nay -- straight up ERASED -- everyone in the division.


Corrupts - Yup, yup. We've euthanized all the little piggies, everybody. From nose to tail, everything but the squeal. They're in hog heaven now and the only way to contact 'em is with a Ouija board. But we're still here, alive beyond repair, and since we've backspaced all the basic bitches in UB, we thought it was time to look elsewhere for a challenge we can truly sink our teeth into.


Grin - Dead meat today, fertilizer tomorrow.. weak, strong, all belong.. all will perish..


Corrupts - [In the silliest singing voice he can muster...] LIKE THIS SONG! But now we focus all our energy.. 'cause we're done slaughtering swine..


Grin - It's time to set the stage for a war to end all wars. A war like you've never seen.. an ALL killer, no filler blood spiller.


Corrupts - A clash of bone and sinew! But it can't be against just any ol' team, no. We been down that dead-end road. It has to be a team who's unafraid to be swept into the dustbin of history.. a team undaunted when death comes slippin'.. a team that'll make our stomachs turn and our veins burn.. one that understands that even if they recover, they will forever be diminished, scarred.


Grin - But who will climb our pyramid of bones? Who will drift into the dark warpath of The Outliers? Who's got the fucking balls to step into our rhombus of ruin. Hmm..


[Suddenly and without notice...]







["Midnight Violence Rock 'N' Roll" by Guitar Wolf blares and the crowd gets on their feet and cheers. Wrestling fans all over the world have heard this song, but it's been awhile since it was played in Union Battleground.]


[First Hanako Takeuchi steps out. With the Galactic Fist Championship on one shoulder and her After Dark Fusion Championship on the other, her all-black wardrobe is made up with a Filth Parade t-shirt, trunks, boots, knee pads, and kick pads – the latter two having a sleeve over them.]


[Masatake Kawamata saunters out behind her. He wears an unzipped leather jacket with a G.I.S.M. band shirt underneath, wrestling tights, knee pads, and boots – all in black just like Takeuchi. The tights have “BACKSLIDE GENIUS” written down one leg and “PUNK ROCK ULTRAVIOLENCE” down the other in white letters. He has the KAMIKAZE Pro Omake Championship on one shoulder, his After Dark Fusion Championship on the other, and the Punk Rock Ultraviolence World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. The United Center absolutely ignites!]


Dante Reed - JESUS MURPHY, BAS! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! IT'S THE OSAKA REBELS! One pleasant surprise after the other for the Chicago fans tonight! I'm blown away right now!


Sebastian Riggs - You said it! Likewise, partner! There's NOBODY and I mean NOBODY that could've anticipated this! With both Rebel's scheduled to compete in Death Trip's infamous Deathmatch Demolition II going down South of the border in just a couple days, you'd assume that's exactly where they'd be! What the hell are they doing here?!


[In complete shock, The Outliers look on, both grinning from ear to ear as The Osaka Rebel's scan the deafening crowd. Masatake and Hanako both raise a fist in the air and look down the ramp, nodding at their friends before slowly making their descent.]


Dante Reed - Bas, Masatake and Hanako are everywhere! They're both constantly competing and honing their skills, they just don't stop! Plenty of Championships and tournament victories between the two of them. It's good to see them back in the Battleground!


[Masatake slaps both of his titles and screams some inaudible Japanese at some of the fans behind the barricade as he follows Hanako through the ropes. The Outliers meet them dead center of the ring and begin a very animated exchange of words back and forth. The crowd chants, "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" and Hanako steps back in approval, pointing to the ref and time keeper, then back to the ring; riling the fans into even more of a frenzy.]


Sebastian Riggs - Wait a minute! Are they trying to set this up right now?! How insane would that be, Dante?! Neither of these teams were even scheduled to be here tonight, BUT I AM DOWN!


Dante Reed - Well, If you're up on all things UB -- like you should be, you might've had the chance to watch The Osaka Rebel's very compelling, very informative exclusive piece they did for The Network in Tokyo back in June; if you haven't we encourage you to pull it up on the Battleground Network App and check it out! Anyways, during this bar room sit down with Iron Japan Commish and DTW Commentator, Eric O'Flaherty, The Rebel's issued an open challenge to the Champs! They've been wanting to make their way back here!


Sebastian Riggs - And holy shit, here they are! Ready to get it going!


[The energy continues to build within the arena until suddenly both teams outstretch their arms and pull it in for an embrace. On the break, a devilish smirk coats Masatake's face as he furiously rubs his hands together enroute to a standoff with the referee. The official attempts to back out of the ring, but Masatake wasn't allowing it, he latched onto his collar and drug him back to duty. Laughing at Kawamata's antics, Corrupts finally lifts the mic.]


Corrupts - We're in Chicago -- my town! LET'S TREAT'EM, LET'S DO THIS SHIT RIGHT.. NOW!


[Just then, Gunnar Graves appears at the top of the ramp with his arms folded. After briefly taking in the madness, he points and nods at the ref, signing off the impromptu bout!]


Gunnar Graves - Ring the bell!

Dante Reed - We're getting an impromptu Battalion Championship match! The Outliers are defending champions. They also have the DTW Tornado Rules Championship. Osaka Rebels are in their first Union Battleground match since Burning Hammer and they've done a lot since the last time we saw the After Dark Fusion Champions. Takeuchi is currently the Galactic Fist boxing champion. Kawamata collected a truck load of trophies and title belts in his meteoric rise.


[The referee calls for the bell.]




Sebastian Riggs - Here we go! It's really happening!


Dante Reed - Sawtooth Grin and Hanako Takeuchi start off as the legal participates. Very interesting here, Sebastian. Grin helped get Hanako through the door at Slaughterhouse LA's MMA gym. He's apparently helping her with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Sebastian Riggs - Whoa! That wasn't any Jiu-Jitsu right there!


Dante Reed - Takeuchi moved in on the tie-up and tried catching Grin off guard with a rolling back hand! He's trained with her and knows her stand-up game is lethal from first-hand experience.


[Grin chuckles and points at Takeuchi as if he's saying, “You almost got me!”]


Sebastian Riggs - He seems to appreciate Hanako's attempt.


Dante Reed - A lot of mutual respect here as they now tie-up. Grin's quick to put on a side headlock to avoid clinch striking.


Sebastian Riggs - It's hard to avoid her strikes! She has long limbs!


Dante Reed - Takeuchi is an impressive specimen. She's 5'11” and stands taller than most Japanese men by a number of inches.


Sebastian Riggs - Taller than both Outliers!


Dante Reed - She weighs 136 pounds. Takeuchi now pushes Grin to the ropes. Grin comes back with a shoulder block. Grin off the ropes again. Leaps over Takeuchi. Grin hits the ropes again. Takeuchi leap frogs and follows him to the ropes! She sends him tumbling to ringside with a running single leg dropkick! But I remember talking to Yo Kurasawa – the English play-by-play man at Death Trip Wrestling. He told me she gained muscle mass before competing in that grueling eleven night group stage for their Carnage Carnival tournament in April.


Sebastian Riggs - She's improved a lot since we last saw her! Sawtooth Grin doesn't look surprised as he climbs back in, but that's the thing about this impromptu match, isn't it? It's a surprise for us but they know each other after hanging out outside the ring many times. You said Grin's helping Takeuchi with her MMA. Everyone in there knows what the other is about.


Dante Reed - Another lock-up and Grin pushes her back into a corner. These fans know what HeWhoCorrupts is about! They're anxious to see the hometown hero get in there – these Chicago fans are a great and vocal crowd – but right now Sawtooth Grin's in control.


[Grin kicks Takeuchi in the ribs and sinks her just a little bit in the corner, then leads her by the back of the neck to the corner to his right and tags in HWC. The crowd pops as the Chicago native comes in and assists in whipping Takeuchi to the ropes. The Outliers greet her with a double dropkick on the rebound, cross each other as they hit the ropes, then come back to her with a double elbow drop. Grin goes back to his corner as HWC body slams Takeuchi, then leaps high for a jumping back elbow drop. HWC covers.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Takeuchi gets a shoulder up!


[HWC snapmares Takeuchi toward The Outliers' corner and tags Grin, who comes over the ropes with a slingshot senton just as HWC hits a fist drop. HWC steps out as Grin drags Takeuchi away from the ropes, then bounces off her stomach with a double foot stomp. Once on the other side of Takeuchi, Grin lands a standing corkscrew moonsault and hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - The Outliers are in control right now.


Sebastian Riggs - They're playing it smart too. They tagged in and out and are forcing Takeuchi to spend energy kicking out as they keep themselves fresh in the early stages.


Dante Reed - It's a plan that works but Kawamata's brewing in the Osaka Rebels corner. Sawtooth Grin quickly got into a full mount after Takeuchi kicked out and he's forcing her to use some of the submission defense that he might be somewhat responsible for teaching her on the ground.


Sebastian Riggs - Let's see if you've been paying attention, Hanako-san!


[Before we can see how Takeuchi responds, Kawamata runs up and knocks Grin off her with a boot to the face. Fans cheer Kawamata's involvement and pick up when HWC runs in. Kawamata tries a lariat but HWC ducks and runs under. Both men hit the ropes and collide with their own running crossbody's. Grin drops a leg across the throat of a laying Kawamata, rolls to his right, then gets caught in the face by a Takeuchi kick when he's on all fours. HWC approaches and Takeuchi springs at him with a hanuman thayarn (Muay Thai jumping knee) to the chest, taking the wind out of him. Grin pulls himself up with the ropes with his right side turned to Kawamata, who runs at him but soon finds himself tumbling to ringside when Grin pulls the top rope down.]


[Takeuchi corners HWC with a flurry of palm strikes, elbows, and kicks to the legs when Grin sneaks up on her with a forearm to the upper back. The Outliers punch her down to one knee in that corner, then Grin gets his arms around her waist from behind and takes her out of the corner. Grin executes a wheelbarrow suplex while HWC steps behind to hit Takeuchi with a backstabber. HWC goes back to the corner as Grin hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Takeuchi kicks out!


[Grin lifts Takeuchi up into a side suplex while Kawamata climbs back onto the ring apron. Grin tags in HWC, who climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick. HWC crawls over and hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Takeuchi kicks out again!


[HWC works up the crowd as he brings Takeuchi to her feet, then twists her into a back-to-back position. He pulls her head over his shoulder and drops to a sitting position for a hangman's neckbreaker. HWC drags her to the Outliers' corner by her left arm and leg and tags Grin, who climbs to the top rope and turns his back to the ring. He goes for an imploding 450 but Takeuchi gets her knees up into his ribs.]


[Takeuchi crawls along the ropes before using them to get up. She grabs Grin by his mohawk-mullet and takes him to the center of the ring. She gets him in a Thai clinch and drops him to one knee with a punishing knee strike to the sternum. Grin tries catching his breath as Takeuchi hits the ropes and is right back at him with lightning speed, mowing him down with a busaiku knee kick on the left cheek. She then rolls over into her corner...]


Dante Reed - She tags in Kawamata! These Chicago fans remember him from Slaughterhouse as you can tell by the hot reaction!


Sebastian Riggs - You can feel the tables turning in this match!


[Kawamata lifts Grin vertically and slams him with a suplex. Pushing off Grin, he steps over him and comes off the ropes with a Ko-kokeshi (headbutt drop). Kawamata hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


[The Backslide Genius peels Grin off the canvas and takes him to a corner by the back of the head, the bounces his face off the top turnbuckle. Kawamata pushes him with his back to the turnbuckles, then fires off a gnarly knife edge chop that elicits “wooo's” from the crowd. Another one is quickly followed by another, and then Kawamata finds his groove as he lights up Grin's chest with rapid fire chops. He whips Grin to the opposite corner and crushes him with a running and jumping knee to the face. As Grin sinks into a sitting position on the middle turnbuckle, Kawamata points at him and is joined by the crowd in a shout of “KONO YAROU!” He stomps a mudhole in Grin's chest before taking him out of that corner and hitting a double arm lifting DDT. Takeuchi invites herself in as Kawamata, with Grin's arms still hooked, rolls over and sits up Grin as The Black Rose runs by them. Takeuchi comes off the ropes with a penalty kick to Grin's face, going through him on her way back to the apron as Kawamata hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—Break!


Sebastian Riggs - ‘Crupts breaks the count!


[HWC hooks Kawamata's arms from behind and snaps off a tiger suplex.]


[Takeuchi springboards off the top rope and tries an ultrahurricanrana, but Grin turns it into a powerbomb. HWC joins him in pushing Takeuchi to the ropes and whipping her across the ring. HWC takes steps to get in front of Grin to lift Takeuchi up for a flapjack while Grin is there to catch her with a double knee facebreaker.]


[Kawamata grabs HWC from behind and throws him through the ropes to ringside. When he turns around, Grin is there with a kick attempt to the gut but Kawamata catches his foot and spins him around. Kawamata follows through and spins himself, then catches Grin with Hanzoku Kougeki (Rolling Lariat).]


[With HWC to the outside and Takeuchi getting herself back up on the apron, Kawamata hooks a leg as he attempts to pin Grin.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


[Kawamata puts the boots to Grin and goes to pull him back up..]


Dante Reed - Kawamata now... Wait a second! Sawtooth Grin with a triangle choke!


Sebastian Riggs - He sucked him in! Kawamata was bent over and had his arm there for Sawtooth Grin to bring him into the submission hold!


Dante Reed - Grin has that foot under his knee! The hold is secured! Kawamata gets his feet under him and it's a pin attempt.


... ONE!


Sebastian Riggs - Grin releases the hold already!


[Grin rolls back onto his feet but Kawamata is there to put his head between his legs and wrap both arms around Grin's waist. Grin fights it but Kawamata lifts him up and plants him with a neck-crunching jumping piledriver. Kawamata hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... HWC breaks the count!


[Takeuchi is in the ring too and she takes a clothesline from HWC, who then hits the ropes and comes back at Kawamata with a running shotgun dropkick that knocks him through the ropes and to ringside. The Outliers kick and punch Takeuchi as they get her up. Grin quickly steps onto the apron as HWC lifts Takeuchi onto his shoulders and powerbombs her in a corner as Grin kicks her in the back of the head. HWC spots Kawamata at ringside and runs to the ropes. Grin follows along and HWC sends him over the ropes and crashing onto Kawamata with a big back body drop that pops the crowd.]


Sebastian Riggs - These guys are on the same page! The Outliers are moving from one double team to the next!


Dante Reed - The Outliers have this crowd on their feet with this outstanding display of tag team wrestling! Corrupts is at ringside now and they have Kawamata on his own!


[The Outliers kick and punch at a kneeling Kawamata as Takeuchi gets back on her feet. She hits the ropes, speeds across the ring, soars over the ropes, and takes everyone out with a tope con hilo.]


Dante Reed - These fans sound their appreciation! Everyone is down and out on the ringside floor!


[HWC pulls himself up with the guardrail when Kawamata throws a lariat that flips him over it, spilling him into the front row. Kawamata and Takeuchi climb the rail and Grin does the same.]


Sebastian Riggs - This tag team match is about to turn into a Chicago Street Fight!


Dante Reed - The referee is letting it go too!


Sebastian Riggs - I think Eric O'Flaherty would call this a line brawl! It's fitting for the home of the Blackhawks!


[Grin slams Takeuchi's head into the guardrail as Kawamata doubles HWC over with a kick, then folds a steel chair...]


Dante Reed - Kawamata cracks a steel chair over Corrupts' back! Now Grin takes a chair shot to the head!


[Kawamata grabs Grin from the back of the neck and leads him through the crowd to a walkway on the floor, still holding the chair. Takeuchi knocks a kneeling HWC back into some chairs with a low Muay Thai cut kick to the face and follows Kawamata. The man of Punk Rock Ultraviolence drives the chair into Grin's stomach to double him over and slams it over Grin's back. Kawamata steps out of the way as Grin falls to his knees, allowing Takeuchi to run up and knock Grin on his back with a penalty kick to the chest. Kawamata drops the chair and joins her in kicking Grin for just a moment until he wanders toward an exit where he grabs a table from the side and drags it to the center of the walkway. Takeuchi continues to kick Grin while Kawamata picks up the chair and heads for the stairway to his left. Takeuchi pulls Grin up and lays him out on the table, hitting him with forearms and elbow blows. Kawamata gets above the exit and steps over the railing. He raises the chair in the air to draw cheers, holds a fist in the air, then sticks the chair under his arm...]


Dante Reed - Kawamata from twenty feet in the air! He jumps off the exit and lands on Grin with that steel chair!


[HWC emerges with a steel chair of his own. Takeuchi turns around and is knocked down with a shot to the head. HWC then chucks the chair at the face of a kneeling Kawamata, who doesn't see it until the last second and can't even get a hand up to protect himself. Kawamata falls to his right, favoring his head.]


Sebastian Riggs - The sound of that steel chair hitting Kawamata's skull, Dante! So sick! Corrupts threw it hard like a Yu Darvish fastball!


Dante Reed - That's another Osaka native, Sebastian! Corrupts leads Kawamata back down the walkway toward the ring...


Sebastian Riggs - It looks like Kawamata is bleeding!


[Blood begins trickling down Kawamata's head from the right side of his forehead. Three quarters of the way to the railing, HWC stops and knocks Kawamata down with a punch. HWC kicks him on the floor.]


[Back toward the exit, Takeuchi and Grin are slow to get back on their feet. Takeuchi tries a cut kick to the midsection but Grin catches her leg and, in one quick motion that uses the kick's momentum against her, twists it with a rapid dragon screw.]


[HWC tries to whip Kawamata into the railing but it's reversed. Kawamata falls to one knee as HWC crashes into the steel, but gets back up and charges. A Cactus Clothesline sees both men flip over the rail and onto the ringside floor.]


[Grin leads Takeuchi by the back of her neck toward the ring, stopping to grab a beer can handed to him by a fan. He pours some of it in his mouth then smashes it in Takeuchi's face, splattering beer everywhere. Takeuchi stumbles away toward the ring.]


Dante Reed - Drinking on the job isn't so bad when your job is to beat people up, is it?!


Sebastian Riggs - Makes the job even better! That guy handed Grin a can that looked to be more than half full! He probably paid a whopping ten dollars for that!


[Grin catches up with Takeuchi and throws her into the railing. He meets her there with some kicks before pushing her over the rail.]


[Meanwhile, Kawamata goes to throw HWC's face into a ring post but HWC puts a foot up and elbows Kawamata in the gut. It's Kawamata who eats the post before being pushed back into the ring. HWC looks under the ring as Grin climbs onto the apron, measuring up a crawling Kawamata.]


[HWC takes out a ladder and sets it on the apron, pushes it in horizontally, then looks back under the ring.]


[Kawamata gets back on his feet and turns around into Grin's springboard blockbuster. Grin hooks a leg!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kawamata kicks out!


[HWC takes out a table and pushes that over the bottom rope, getting it over the ladder so Grin can grab that first. HWC rolls in to set the ladder up in a corner while Grin prepares the table. When it looks like everything is ready, Takeuchi rolls in a trash can full of light tubes and climbs back into the ring. She nicks two tubes taped together as she pops back to her feet and breaks them over Grin's head.]


Dante Reed - This match took a hardcore turn but now we're plunging into full-on ultraviolence with these light tubes!


Sebastian Riggs - Does it matter who the legal participants are anymore? I'm asking because we know that was a problem in a Battalion Championship match before!


[Kawamata rakes HWC's face and runs to the ropes. Takeuchi breaks two tubes taped together over the back of HWC's head and Kawamata follows that with a Kokeshi Rocket (running jumping headbutt). Takeuchi sits up HWC and stands behind him, dragging the ends of the broken tubes across HWC's forehead.]


[Kawamata kicks Grin in the head when he's halfway up on the ropes. He pulls him away into the ropes and sends Grin staggering back with a thumping headbutt that knocks himself a bit silly for a moment. Kawamata shakes it off and steps forward into a kick to the gut followed by a Thumbsucker (Stunner). Kawamata flies back, rolling to the ropes.]


[Takeuchi, while still cutting HWC with the broken glass, stalks Grin and hopes to surprise him. She drops the tubes and tries for a Yamanote-sen (reverse roundhouse kick) but Grin ducks and runs under. Grin hits the ropes and it looks like Takeuchi could be a step ahead, looking to welcome him back with one of her deadly strikes, but HWC dives over and wraps his arms around her left leg from the canvas. This holds her in place for Grin to clothesline her. HWC gets his shoulder behind her knee and pushes up to his feet, causing Takeuchi to land on her neck.]


[Grin goes to kick Kawamata at the ropes while HWC lays out a bundle of light tubes.]


Dante Reed - What's HeWhoCorrupts doing here? He has Takeuchi back up into a twisting wrist lock! He batters her with shoulder blocks! Grin has kicked Kawamata to the outside! It's just Takeuchi in there with The Outliers!


[HWC transitions into a fireman's carry and walks Takeuchi over to put her through a bundle of tubes with a Death Valley Driver. Grin drags the table a few inches over, then does the same for the ladder before ascending to the top while HWC punches Takeuchi as he lays her out on the table.]


[At ringside, Kawamata has pulled a Singapore cane wrapped in barbwire from under the ring and he's rounding a corner. He quickly climbs onto the apron and gets to Grin when he's halfway up the ladder, whacking him in the back with the weapon. He manages to whack him a second time but is soon stunned when HWC throws the trash can at him. The can rattles off Kawamata's head and rolls back into the ring. Kawamata drops the cane and is reeling on the apron as Grin turns around on the ladder. Grin jumps off and twists in the air...]


Dante Reed - Tornado DDT! Sawtooth Grin pulled a tornado DDT out of nowhere and took Kawamata off the apron to the ringside floor! The capacity crowd is on their feet!


Sebastian Riggs - So is Takeuchi! Look out, Corrupts!


[HWC turns around into a wave of strikes – punches, leg kicks, forearms, and elbows. A high Muay Thai kick to the head rocks HWC and he falls into a sitting position in a corner. Takeuchi places the trash can on top of him, runs to the opposite corner, then comes back at full. She crushes the trash can into HWC with the Shinkansen Attack (running double knee to the face in a corner).]


[Grin slides back into the ring and comes from behind Takeuchi, who stomps on HWC. He hits her in the back with the barbwire Singapore cane to stop her attack, then hits her again to get her against the ropes. He raises it over his head and brings it down on Takeuchi's head to knock her down to one knee, then follows that with another crack to the head. HWC is now back on his feet. Grin gets behind Takeuchi and, holding the cane and both ends, presses it and all its barbwire against her forehead and props her up on her knees. This allows HWC to kick her in the ribs.]


[Kawamata slides back in the ring with a big bundle of tubes taped together. HWC turns around and gets the whole thing shattered over his head. Grin moves in and swings the cane, but Kawamata ducks and slips behind Grin with his deft, world famous backslide.]


... One!


... Two!


... Grin kicks out!


[Kawamata doesn't waist a second as he gets Grin back up, lifts him vertically in the air, then slams him down on the trash can with a particularly violent Shouten (vertical suplex side slam). He digs the can out from under Grin, tosses it to the apron, then hooks a leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... HWC dives and breaks the count at 2.99!


Sebastian Riggs - Grin and Kawamata are the legal men, right?


Dante Reed - They are, but that's not stopping HeWhoCorrupts right here! Deadlift German suplex!


[HWC turns around and now deals with Takeuchi, executing a wrist-clutch exploder that sees her land in some broken glass. He then checks on Grin on the ropes and helps him up so he can get help in moving Kawamata toward the table. They punch and lay him out before HWC climbs the ladder. Grin stays back to keep Kawamata down with punches. HWC plays to his hometown crowd while going up the ladder, telling them to get up if they aren't already and cupping a hand to his ear – challenging them to make some noise.]


[Takeuchi cracks the barbwire Singapore cane over Grin's head, then does it again with a mighty swing that knocks him down. She drops the cane and goes around the table to climb the other side of the ladder.]


[Kawamata rolls off the table and sees Grin pulling himself up with the ropes. Kawamata charges with a running crossbody, flipping them both over to the outside.]


[Back in the ring, Takeuchi has joined HWC at the top of the ladder and the two trade punches and forearms. Takeuchi fires off a series of uninterrupted forearms that has HWC looking unstable. Takeuchi reaches over the top of the ladder to grab HWC, who snatches her head and bangs her face off the ladder. Takeuchi is knocked down a few rungs, allowing HWC to climb further up the ladder.]


Sebastian Riggs - This is dangerous! I know he wants to go big in front of his fellow Chicagoans, but this might be too much!


Dante Reed - Kawamata and Grin are brawling at ringside, but all eyes are on HeWhoCorrupts and Takeuchi... SUNSET FLIP INTO A SITOUT POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER AND THROUGH THE TABLE!





[Kawamata punches Grin, who's laying back against the rail. In the ring, HWC stirs in the rubble while Takeuchi is spread eagle and out. Kawamata whips Grin into the ring post when the bell suddenly rings.]




[As Grin falls to the floor, Kawamata looks around and the crowd is equally as confused as him. A few fans are already booing.]


Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentleman, I regret to inform you that this match has reached its time limit.


[The United Center already showers with boos in full force.]


Sebastian Riggs - Time limit?! I had no idea there was such a thing!


Dante Reed - I... I guess it’s in the rule book somewhere. I mean after all, we are on a set schedule here.


Mike Dempsey - Therefore, it is a draw!


[The boos get even louder. Someone throws a beer can into the ring.]


Dante Reed - A great match has come to an unsatisfying conclusion! These fans are not happy!


Sebastian Riggs - You think so, Dante? That's an understatement!


[Kawamata climbs back into the ring and helps Takeuchi to her feet while HWC pulls himself up with the ropes.]


Dante Reed - The Osaka Rebels came here tonight and fulfilled a dream. They wanted to come back to Union Battleground and fight The Outliers. They took it to our Battalion Champions on our show, The Outliers threw it back at them, this crowd loved it, but this result, Sebastian...


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah...


[Grin rolls back in the ring and everyone is on their feet.]





[The two teams shake hands and raise each other's arms to a round of applause. Kawamata and Grin each pick a side and lift HWC onto the shoulders. Takeuchi stands back and claps as HWC is paraded around the ring to a rousing ovation. The announcers remain quiet for a few moments to let the crowd's noise speak for itself before talking again.]


Dante Reed - Maybe it's a happy ending after all? HeWhoCorrupts gets to enjoy this standing ovation! What a match that was and what a night this has been so far! We'll be back after these messages on the Battleground Network!


Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s main event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 243 pounds, from Washington DC, representing Tide of Blood, he is “The Butcher” Dick Devereaux!




["Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits and the lights begin to flash violently to the beat. The ramp puts out smoke as red lasers begin to strobe around the arena. Dick Devereaux comes out from the back through the smoke with an irritated look spread across his face and a water bottle in hand. He looks around before he begins to nod his head to the beat and begins to pour the water bottle over his head. He tosses the water bottle into the audience as he continues to nod his head to the beat. He begins to bend over as he holds his bald head. He then violently starts to bang his head as he begins to punch himself over and over again. Dick then flips his wet head up and raises his fists before lowering them and beginning down the ramp. Dick is now at the end of the ramp as he runs and hops up onto the apron. He looks around before spewing off a few hateful words before stepping into the ring through the ropes. Dick walks over to the furthest turnbuckle and steps to the second rope. He looks around and then bends down and starts to head bang, letting water from his head soak the crowd below. He then flips his head up and raises his fists slowly before hoping down. Dick walks over to the ropes and steps on the middle one with his right leg and the bottom one with his left as he bounces on the ropes, staring at the crowd. His music dies down as Dick ditches his leather jacket and waits in the corner, pacing back and forth.]


Dante Reed – To say that season two hasn’t been the best for Dick Devereaux would be an understatement. Not only has the man gone through hell and back, but so has his closest allies and family. The once feared Butcher has been broken and nothing left but a shell of what he once was. But now is his hands to redeem himself, and pay retribution for his fallen sibling. Tonight, Dick Devereaux has a chance to make more history.


Sebastian Riggs – He’s got a chance to become the first three time Union Battleground Champion, but he’s like a wounded animal now, and he’s at the end of his rope. But when someone has absolutely nothing left to fight for, that’s when they become reckless and dangerous! Devereaux was never a man to think twice about his own personal safety, but now he may in fact direct himself into harm if it will reap the ultimate reward. He’s a wild card, and shows absolutely no remorse.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Anywhere and Everywhere, representing the XWA, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself- wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear and her Union Battleground Championship around her waist- emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people who have turned out. She's nodding her head, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now.]


Dante Reed – Finally, Emery Layton has got her dues! The Pavee was the very first competitor that signed on to Union Battleground, and has been at the forefront of the company ever since. She holds numerous records in the Battleground, like the longest Championship reign at 404 days; the most successful title defenses with 7; and the most decorated competitor with three of the top Valor Awards last season. However, there was one thing that has always eluded her, the coveted Union Battleground Championship.


Sebastian Riggs – She finally reached that goal, Dante, thanks to the inaugural Crown of the King Cobra Championship Tournament. Winning that title gave her the right to a Union Battleground Championship match anytime, anywhere. And boy did pick she pick the best time to cash in! After Devereaux went to war and reclaimed the title, Emery pulled the rug right out from The Butcher. Devereaux has since degraded Emery’s achievement, but you know what? Tonight she has a chance erase all doubts about whether she’s earned that title!


[Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she unclips her title from around her waist- holding it one hand as she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket with the other, skating up the steel steps and climbing the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, Em lifts the Union Battleground Championship into the air for all to see. Ooh, she's chuffed to even hold it in her hands. Once the eccentric Irish traveller has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. Once she's in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upperbody falls backwards and she holds the Union Battleground Championship up in the air with both arms right up. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and crawls into her corner, removing her jacket and dumping the battered old thing to the outside as she sits down, legs flat out with the title now draped over her knees, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed – Alright folks, both competitors are now squared away in their corners. Our referee for this contest is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal! Just listen to the crowd right now, Bas! This roof may explode!


Sebastian Riggs – It’s a match we’ve all been waiting for since the beginning, and it’s finally here! Two founding members squaring off for the very first time!


Dante Reed – And now O’Neal checks off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! It’s “The Worst of the Pavees” versus “The Butcher of the Battleground”, Prikasa versus Pipebomb! This match is underway!




[The sound of the bell echoing throughout the arena seemed like an eternity as both Emery Layton and Dick Devereaux stood their ground in their corners, shooting off piercing glares at one another. The booming cheers from the crowd increasingly grows to a deafening volume, with equally split chants.]






[The staredown finally breaks as Devereaux begins barking out insults to the Champ. Something snaps inside Emery Layton, as the normally carefree and exuberant Irish Traveler rushes across the ring. Devereaux reacts and follows suit and the two meet in the center of the ring with a collar and elbow tie up. Emery tries with all her light, butnwith Devereaux having over a 100 pound weight advantage, he easily pushes Emery back into her corner. Devereaux begins firing off forearm smashes in rapid succession like a machine gun and the ref bellows out a five count. After the five count, the ref tries to pry Devereaux off but The Butcher isn’t having it... Dick pushes the ref away and then starts viciously head butting Layton!]


Dante Reed – The Butcher has snapped, Bas!


Sebastian Riggs – He’s not letting anyone get in his way to get that title back, Dante! He better be careful, Bruce O’Neal ain’t afraid to call this one right now!


[While Devereaux tries to continue pummeling Emery with headbutts, but the ref finally rips Devereaux away from the corner. The Butcher pushes the ref back and then gets nose-to-nose right in his face! Both men spout off at each other, but Devereaux shows no fear against the ref’s authority. This bickering gives Emery enough time to collect herself, and like she’s known to do, capitalizes on Devereaux having his back turned and she drops him with a two handed bulldog! Devereaux shoots back up to his feet, and furiously throws a short range clothesline, but Emery ducks and hits him with a dropkick to the back! Devereaux stumbles forward and rests on the ropes, while Emery runs the ropes and leaps over The Butcher and strangles him with a neck wringer! While Devereaux clutches his throat, Emery climbs back up to the apron. She picks her spot and waits for Devereaux to turn back around, and as he does she springboards back in and flattens him with another dropkick! Emery now pounces on top for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed – Both of these warriors are going back and forth, but Emery is utilizing her superior speed to keep Devereaux guessing!


Sebastian Riggs – She’s gonna need to play that cat and mouse game and keep the separation. If she gets within Devereaux’s grasp, he will destroy her!


[Devereaux kicks out with fury and the two stand back up. Emery keeps the pressure on and delivers a flurry of combination kicks and jabs. Devereaux tried to fend them off, but Emery’s quickness is too much for him. Emery now backs Devereaux into the corner and polished off her combo strikes with a thunderous European uppercut! Devereaux leans back into the corner in a daze while Emery back pedals and gains some more separation. After a few steps, she rushes back in and batters Devereaux with a dropkick! Emery isn’t done there, as she backs up again, and rocks him again with another dropkick. Emery back pedals for a third time, and before she can connect, Devereaux catches her in midair and tosses her back into the turnbuckles with a German suplex! Devereaux props Emery up in the corner and he now takes a few step back. He taunts the Champ with a middle finger before rushing in and crashing in with a brutal spear! The crowd is quick to boo Devereaux, but he simply takes it in with two middle fingers high in the air before making a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed – There’s that strength and size advantage we alluded to earlier, Bas. Devereaux was able to catch Emery and now she pays the price for it.


Sebastian Riggs – I think she got a little too confident with “The Kicks Inside” and like you said, she suffered the consequences and got smashed with the Homing Missile.


[Devereaux continues to taunt the crowd while Emery rolls around the mat in serious pain. Before Devereaux can go back to the attack, the crowd slowly shifts to cheers as Guerrilla Warfare winner Alyssa Daniels steps out on stage! Devereaux notices the cheers and looks around to find the pink haired daredevil sitting cross legged on the main stage staring back at him.]


Dante Reed – That’s Alyssa Daniels! What is she doing out here?


Sebastian Riggs – She’s probably scouting her opposition, Dante. Coup de Grâce is right around the corner and she’s set to face these two. Smart move by Daniels to come out here and take some mental notes!


[While Devereaux is distracted by Daniels, Emery composes herself once more and gets to her feet. She rushes The Butcher just as he turns back around and Emery comes flying in with her trademark “Eat the Music” Busaiku Knee Strike And Devereaux goes toppling over the ropes and spills out onto the floor! Emery plays to the crowd as they begin cheering her on. While Emery continues celebrating with the fans, Devereaux begins digging under the ring. After a moment, Devereaux pulls a chair out from under the apron! The Butcher now coyly baits Emery and she bites as she runs the ropes and goes for a suicide dive, and Devereaux stops her dead in her tracks with a vicious chair shot in midair! The fans quickly turn on The Butcher but it only fuels him as he continues the attack with the chair. Emery rolls around to try and evade any shot but she looks to be slowing down. Devereaux goes back under the ring, this time pulling out a table and slides it back in the ring. The Butcher picks Emery up by her red hair before stuffing her head between his legs and lifting her up for a powerbomb right onto the apron! The collision echoes throughout as Emery writhes in pain. A sinister grin spreads across The Butcher’s face as he tosses The Worst of the Pavees back into the ring.]


[Devereaux crawls back into the ring and delivers a few hard stomps across the back of the head of Emery before directing his attention to the table. The Butcher sets it up and places it close to the nearest corner then goes back to the Champ. Devereaux picks up Emery and goes for a short arm lariat, but Emery evades it with a backflip the counters with a step up enziguri and Devereaux is now sprawled on top of the table!]


Dante Reed – Emery just caught Devereaux napping with the Roll the Ball!


Sebastian Riggs – Devereaux is laid out in the table, and look! Emery is climbing the turnbuckle! I think she’s looking to end it right here with her death defying Wuthering Heights top rope double moonsault! This could be it right here!


[The crowd is rallying behind Emery as she struggles mightily to climb the turnbuckles. Each step up she pauses to catch her breath before she finally makes it to the top. The entire arena is now on their feet in anticipation as Emery fully stands up. She points out to the crowd as an homage to her fans, but she has wasted too much time as Devereaux springs off the table and trips Emery down to size! The crowd cuts to near silence with a low rumble of jeers as Devereaux now climbs up the turnbuckle. The Butcher uses his strength to turn Emery around and picks her up in a backpack hold! The crowd grows to a thunderous roar of cheers and jeers as Devereaux looks down at the table and catapults off for the Pipebomb!]


[But no! Emery manages to break free just in time and clamps onto the top ropes as Devereaux goes crashing down into the table! The crowd is in pandemonium as Devereaux lies in a pile of rubble and Layton hangs in for dear life at the top rope. Minutes pass by and finally both The Butcher and The Pavee begin to regain consciousness. Devereaux starts to slowly crawl around the rubble looking for Emery, thinking he connected The Pipebomb, while Emery pulls herself back up and stands back up on the top rope. The crowd picks back up as Emery signals for the end and stalks her prey like the King Cobra she’s been known to be. In total confusion, Devereaux picks himself up off the canvas and before he knew what hit him, Emery comes flying in with The Prikasa! Emery Layton connects and the two come crashing back down in the pile of table shards! With everything she has left, Emery crawls over top of Devereaux, with visible splinters in her shoulder blades and makes the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!


Dante Reed – She’s done it! Emery Layton successfully defends the Union Battleground Championship!


Sebastian Riggs – She’s left no doubts about her reign now, Dante. She defeated Devereaux one on one, with no excuses!


Dante Reed – It seems as though the trend will dictate that Alyssa Daniels will get a crack at Layton.


Sebastian Riggs – I agree. Layton has faced Nemesis and Devereaux, and now it only seems fitting that Daniels will be next to step up in singles action before we head into Coup de Grace.


[As Emery is handed her championship title and celebrates with the roaring crowd, her attention is grabbed by Daniels, who is still sitting at the main stage. Emery leans over the ropes and begins pointing back and forth to herself and Daniels in a “you and me” type gesture.]


Dante Reed – Folks, that’s all the time we have for tonight. Be sure to check us out in two weeks’ time as we head north to Toronto for the season finale of L!GHTS OUT at the Scotiabank Arena! I’m Dante Reed and for my partner Sebastian Riggs, good night!

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