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In our opening Battleground Network Preliminary bout, the crowd saw the debut of El Landerson (0-0) against veteran Anton Chase (6-10). The match-up was a high flying affair, with many high spots throughout. In the end, El Landerson shocked the world by defeating Chase with his signature Landerson 619 to seal the victory.


WINNER: El Landerson via pinfall (14:12)

welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The distorted star logo that has become synonymous slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view glitches and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena. At the conclusion of the opening montage, we transition to a captivating aerial view of the ring, with the canvas and aprons murdered out in black and the ropes in a deep crimson red with a red eroded star in the center. An exquisite light show bounces all through the Royal Albert Hall to encapsulate an all round intoxicating aura. Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are ripping through one of their singles from their newest album “Insomnia” as camera angles pan throughout the crowd.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground.]


Dante Reed - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the Durban ICC Arena in Durban, South Africa in front of a booming crowd of 7,500  and this is L!GHTS OUT #23! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed and alongside me as always is none other than Sebastian Riggs! Bas, we are roughly two weeks removed from the gigantic War of the Worlds pay-per-view, and we are looking at a whole new landscape in Union Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, Dante. Two Sunday’s ago, we all witnessed to see not only some stellar performances from some outside competition in our traditional One Night Only matches, but we saw war waged all throughout the night. We saw TWO, count ‘em, TWO Championships change hands, with Kimitsu Zombie successfully cashing in her War Horse Championship over Emery Layton and Rogan MacLean to claim the highly coveted Trench War Championship; and also Salvation members Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos shocked the world by defeating The Outliers for the Battalion Championships!


Dante Reed - Unfortunately, Salvation’s good fortunes did not end there, as they would go on to steal a victory in the War of the Worlds Elimination Match, when another huge shocking surprise of Elysium Pro Owner Kelly Godless appeared, and turned his back on fellow Elysium Ambassador Alyssa Daniels!


Sebastian Riggs - My jaw hit the floor when Godless betrayed Alyssa and cost her and team Battleground the match. However, Daniels has a shot at redemption tonight as she faces her arch rival Legion in the Main Event for one of the Four Horsemen Medallions!


Dante Reed - That’s going to be a helluva bout, and I’m sure whoever walks away the winner, the battle between those two won’t be over. Our headline bout tonight is a special One Night Only Match here on L!GHTS OUT as Alex Kincaid is set to take on Owen Gonsalves!


Sebastian Riggs - When this match was announced, I got goosebumps just thinking about it. Kincaid and Gonsalves are two of the greatest technicians in this industry today. We’re going to see a clinic here tonight! I can’t wait!


Dante Reed - Also on deck, we will see two competitors coming off spectacular wins at War of the Worlds squaring off to try and continue the momentum as Joe Stanton takes on Finn Whelan.


Sebastian Riggs - Both of these guys have been on a hot streak as of late. I’d imagine whoever walks away the winner here tonight will get some major recognition. Two top competitors who aren’t afraid to duke it out, this has “Slugfest” written all over it!


Dante Reed - Tonight we will see not one but two of the Four Horsemen Medallions up for grabs, as we will also see Danny Colt taking on Josie Pleasure for a shot at the War Horse Title.


Sebastian Riggs - I love what I have seen from Danny Colt so far. He’s a fearless rookie who takes every challenge to heart. A few weeks ago, he nearly toppled Kimitsu Zombie for the War Horse Championship, And tonight he begins his journey from the beginning to get back in that position.


Dante Reed - You can’t count out Josie Pleasure either. The losses have stacked up on her, and she’s on the brink of snapping. She took a very tough loss at War of the Worlds against Blake Archer for the GWP World Title, But she too has a shot at redemption to get back on track towards a Championship opportunity. And finally, in our opening bout, we have Caden Walker taking on Alexander Devin. Two big brutes who are both coming off devastating losses. Only one of them will right the ship. So let’s not waste anymore time, Mike, take it away!


[We cut the camera outside to an unknown location. The night is warm and windy, with the breeze cooling it down significantly. A large building sits on the ground with fences attached to the outside leading to a large door. We suddenly see Dick Devereaux emerge from the door, slamming it shut behind him as he walks towards the camera. We can see he is worn down. He walks with a small limp as he comes to the camera and leans against a piece of fence.]


Dick Devereaux - After all this time I stand here, bruised and fuckin’ broken at the hands of Nemesis and Salvation. I’ve fought and fought, over and over again trying to take out this evil that has plagued the Battleground since Salvation first took me out. Nemesis has been obsessed with me since I first declined his offer. He saw something in me. He claims I was the chosen one. But the truth is, Nemesis was afraid.


[Devereaux chuckles to himself. He pushes off the fence as he begins to limp next to the fence, using it for a bit of support as he walks.]


Dick Devereaux - And what was he afraid of? Nemesis was afraid that he couldn’t beat me! Nemesis knew that in order to get his hands on the Union Battleground Championship he would have to either recruit me or destroy me. He chose the easy way out. I declined. And ever since I declined he has built an army around him to keep his throne. A throne, might I add, that was built off the back of Salvation.


[Devereaux shakes his head. He knows how weak Nemesis truly is and craves the chance at a one on one match with Nemesis to prove it.]


Dick Devereaux - Salvation is the only reason you are Champion Nemesis. And Salvation is the entire reason why I haven’t been able to get my hands on you and take back what is rightfully mine! Every single time I have you right where I want you, your cronies are there to do the dirty work while you take the glory. I’m done playing the games Nemesis! I’m done with the voodoo bullshit and the Army of trick or treaters attacking me every time I have you beaten! It’s time for the playing field to be equal.


[Devereaux exits where the fence is, opening it to get out. He begins to walk on a dirt road in front of the building, showing off more and more of this unknown location.]


Dick Devereaux - July First, Guerrilla Warfare, I am issuing the challenge to you Nemesis. The Butcher versus The Alpha and Omega. Dick Devereaux versus Nemesis for the Union Battleground Championship! But this time, we do things on my turf. The Slaughterhouse. Come alone, come with Salvation, I don’t care. But we do things at the Butchers Slaughterhouse!


[Devereaux points back at the building, which we know can see is an old Slaughterhouse that has long been abandoned. It was shut down years prior due to health violations. Devereaux stands in front, pointing back at the building. He grins as he continues.]


Dick Devereaux - This is the end Nemesis. We’ve fought for long enough and the time to get end this is now. Guerrilla Warfare will be the annihilation of Salvation! And I’m gonna’ leave each and every one of you bleeding like a stuck pig!


[Devereaux opens the door of his big black truck as he hops in and starts it up. Tires spin and the truck kicks up dirt as it pulls away from the Slaughterhouse and the camera. The camera focuses on the Slaughterhouse, eerily waiting to host the violent encounter.]


[Backstage, Caden Walker paces back and forth in his locker room, staring blankly forward. Clasped in his hands is his personal bible, his fingers gripping at the leatherbound book tightly. Nervous, it seemed. His lips moved unceasingly, mouthing prayers before his pacing ceased as the door to the locker room opened. Miss Sarin stood in the doorway, watching him pace with a calm elegance in her eyes before stepping forward.]


Miss Sarin - Prayers to God before this, your third matchup? I hope you understand that your prayers mean nothing, if the blood you spill in that ring isn’t sufficient?


Caden Walker - Of course I understand that, Miss Sarin. I ain’t ever gonna forget. I ain’t intendin’ to forget that either. I thought prayers would help me a bit...nerves.


Miss Sarin - You, of all people, Caden...have nerves?


[She laughed, adjusting her habit with a flick of her hand before her eyes focused hard on Caden. She slowly edged herself closer to Caden, drawing her fingers along the sides of his coat with that same twisted smile. Caden pressed his eyes closed again, seemingly trying to keep the memories that she so desperately wanted to bring back from coming to the front of his mind. It didn’t matter. They always come back.]


Miss Sarin - You, who murdered in cold blood countless people? You, who shed the blood of God’s children upon the earth that he formed for your own sick pleasure? No, Caden Walker, you are a beast that God saw fit to keep in his beautiful garden. And I am the beast tamer. So, Wolf of God, you must not have nerves. You must have your teeth bared, your claws sharpened, and your mind ready to revert into an animal like state. Because you will go out there tonight, shed blood, and walk back to us to prepare for the next one.


Caden Walker - And if I fail?


Miss Sarin - If you fail tonight...then you will pay your penance. With the only one who is able to give to you the penance that you would deserve.


[Her sadistic smile seemed to carve its way across her face as she looked back towards the doorway. The shadow of a female figure could be seen, her head bowed and fingers clasping a bible. What light could be seen shining on it, showed the bible itself was made of what seemed to be flesh. The woman’s eyes shined in the shadows, filled with nothing but malice and righteous fury. Caden couldn’t help but shudder looking at her before nodding his head to Miss Sarin. He rolled his shoulders back before breathing out, heading towards the Gorilla position.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 190 pounds, from New York, New York, he is a member of Salvation, “The Prophet” Alexander Devin!




[Lights turn on and off around the entrance at random intervals as "Bad Moon Rising" by Mourning Ritual starts up, playing over the speakers. The video package on the tron shows a book laying on a table, its pages fluttering in an unseen wind, blank. A rough hand appears on screen, laying on the fluttering pages of the book to stop them from moving as the camera pans up then. Alexander is standing there in his black t-shirt and off white slacks, lip syncing to the following lyrics to the song.]






[As he mouths the last line of the song, he turns his head to face the camera and slams the book shut as the lights go off in the arena, the music quietly humming in the background as smoke starts to pour out from the entrance slowly. Lights rise up and flicker around the entrance as the music picks up again, flickering in time with the drums and guitars as Alexander makes his way out from the back, carrying that same book in his hand. He bears no smile on his face, only a calm resolute look as he stops at the top of the entrance for a second, scanning the crowd before opening his arms wide and walking down the ramp, lowering them as he gets to the ring. He climbs the steps and gets in the ring, walking to the middle and posing the same way that he did at the beginning.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 275 pounds, from San Antonio, Texas, accompanied by Miss Sarin, Caden Walker!





[As the music begins Miss Sarin is the first to appear, calmly walking forward, her fingers clasping at the rosary around her neck as she smiles. A sinister grin cuts its way across her face as from behind her, Caden Walker makes his appearance. He stands rigid, his head down as he breaths steadily. Miss Sarin grips his arm pushing him forward as he walks uncertainly towards the ring, stopping at the apron as soon as he arrives. He seems to ponder it before slamming his skull against it, whispering pleas to the voices inside of his head to stop their screaming and let him focus before he slides into the ring. He slithers to the center of it, slamming his skull into the mat before lifting it up and letting out a roar to the crowd, having awakened his killing instinct as he crawls to the bottom rope, biting down against it in impatient fervor for his opponent.]




[As the ref signals for the bell to ring, both superstars circle the ring. Trying to find some leverage, Devin tries to take Caden down, but he counters with a kick to the gut. Grabbing Devin, Walker launches him with ease to a corner. Looking to the crowd, Caden gets a running head start but Devin counters with a kick to the face. Bouncing off the ropes, Devin attempts a clothesline, but Walker counters with one of his own sending Alexander Devin down hard to the canvas.]


Dante Reed - So far, Caden has been dominant in this match up. It's like looking at a whole new person. This Caden Walker we're looking at is focused and determined.


[With Devin down, Walker raises his arm for a two handed chokebomb, but Devin rolls away quickly to the outside. Trying to grab him, Devin pulls Caden's legs bringing the big man to the outside. With Walker momentarily dazed, Devin starts to drive his forearms into back of Caden's neck. Grabbing Walker, Devin attempts to irish whip him to the barricade but, Walker reverses it and it is Devin who goes into the barricade hard.]


Sebastian Riggs - Oh my god, that was a hard shot from Caden Walker. Devin could be hurt right now.


[As the ref continues his ten count, Caden rolls into the ring and back out to stop the count. Grabbing Devin, Walker rolls him back into the ring. Grabbing Devin's arm, he wrenches it hard in preparation for one of his signature moves. Dragging him to a corner, Walker shows athleticism as he scales the top rope. Jumping off, Walker drives his forearm into Devin's back knocking him back down to the canvas. Getting up slowly, Walker gets a running head start and clotheslines him back out of the ring.]


Dante Reed - Caden Walker is vicious tonight. He hasn't given Alexander Devin a chance to breathe since the bell rang. You gotta wonder if Devin has what it takes to get back into this match, right here.


[As the ref begins to count Devin out, Walker waits for him to get on the apron. Measuring him, Walker grabs Devin and throws him over the top rope back into the ring. Devin quickly gets back to his feet, but Walker puts him back on the deck with a Snap DDT, as he makes the first cover of the match.]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - I thought Devin was done there.


[Grabbing Devin, Walker drags him to a corner and begins to punch him like a man obsessed. Grabbing Devin again, he irish whips him to the ropes and catches him and lifts him up into the air for a spinebuster. But Devin counters with a DDT bringing some relief on his part. Staying on the offence, Devin begins laying haymakers to Walker's skull. Grabbing Caden, Devin takes him between the ropes and begins to choke him as the ref begins to warn him. Breaking on the four count, Devin bounces off the ropes and delivers a striking spear keeping the big man grounded. Going for a quick cover, Devin hooks the leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed -  Smart strategy by Devin, if Walker is grounded he can't utilize any of his power moves.


[Getting Walker in a front face lock, he attempts to wear the big man down. Cinching in the move, the ref asks Walker if he wants to quit and he shakes his no. Bouncing off the ropes, Devin delivers a leaping forearm smash followed by a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - This has been a back and forth contest so far. No one has the advantage at this point, but don't count either one out just yet.


[Not giving Walker the chance to recover, Devin grabs Caden and whips him to the ropes. Attempting a clothesline, Walker ducks and on the way back, they have the same idea and deliver a double clothesline knocking each other out. With both superstars down, the fans begin counting.]


















[Walker is up first as the crowd boo. As Devin slowly gets up, Waiting for him to get up and turn around, Walker runs at Devin and cracks him with the “Penatance”.]


Sebastian Riggs - PENATANCE!! THAT’S GOT TO BE IT!!!


[Going for the cover, Walker hooks the leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Caden Walker!


Dante Reed - That's it. Alexander Devin could not slay the monster tonight.


Sebastian Riggs - And in doing so, Caden Walker forgets all about his loss to Stanton a few weeks ago.


[As Miss Sarin congratulates Walker inside the ring, Caden keeps a sharp focus on the fallen Devin. As his custom, Walker rips a piece of Devin’s shirt off as a memento to his fallen opposition.]


Dante Reed - This Caden Walker is a disturbed man, no doubt.


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface with this guy’s potential, Dante.


Dante Reed - Maybe someday we’ll know what makes this guy tick, but for now we’re ready to switch gears and prepare for our first bout for one of the Four Horsemen Medallions. Up next, we have Danny Colt taking on Josie Pleasure!

are we cool?

The scene open up on Blake’s giant shoulder, over it is the diamonds and gold of the GWP World Heavyweight championship. The letters seem almost as deep and bejeweled at the Union Battleground championship looked before a giant red hand was stamped across it. The camera pans out a little further showing Blake on his cell phone.


Blake Archer - Yes I am being careful. I keep checking in don’t I? Alright then...


He spots a pair of black converse style high tops with knee high striped socks. His eyes keep traveling up to the dark denim mini skirt, and ripped crop top. Arm warmers are crossed over a round perfect bosom. Blake quickly scans past her chest, neck and chin right to those cold blue eyes he was expecting.


Blake Archer - Yeah babe I will call you back Josie just walked up. I’ll tell her, bye.


[He hangs up his phone and shoves it in his back jean pocket. Josie stayed silent, both of them know Blake is uncomfortable sometimes with silence. He nervously scratches his head.]


Blake Archer - Josie you, uh… I mean, I…


[She shocks him hard in the undefended shoulder and bites her lip before speaking.]


Josie Pleasure - Good job!


[The big guy has to bite his lip because it felt like she saved all of her punches for that last one. ]


Blake Archer - Thank-you. Uh Josie, you can’t say I didn’t give you a shot now. Can we put this behind us now? Why don’t you fight for something that can be yours… like the Union Battleground championship?


[She stare at him with narrowed eyes and her folded arms with the long awkward silence which gets him to second guess himself.]


Josie Pleasure - Fight for something that can be mine? Yes you finally got your head in the game and got one over on me, but don't get cocky it's not a good look on you. Union Battleground Championship sounds good.


[She shrugs her shoulders in a whatever kind of response as she unfolds her arms to adjust her backwards ball cap.]


Blake Archer - I mean if Shane is off making a name for himself somewhere else we can just do Legendary like we did in 2016. I know you always looking for that next fight, I learned that from you. The mind can’t get stagnant that way, but...you shouldn’t forget living either. You shouldn’t forget our family.


[Before he can say anything Josie puts her hand up to stop him.]


Josie Pleasure - Shane seems to always be doing his own thing lately and maybe you’re right I need to focus on family business. So why the hell shouldn't Legendary take over 2016 was the year of us and it deserves a repeat.


[She claps her hand onto Blake's shoulder.]


Josie Pleasure - Good thinking, guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Haha!


[He lets out a relieved sigh as things look like they can move forward from this competitive nature and focus on more important foes.]


Josie Pleasure - Don't be too relieved, we got a lot of hard work ahead of us and I need you to tap into that same determination and survival instinct you used against me.


Blake Archer - I suppose this means…. We cool?


Josie Pleasure - Yes, we're cool.


[She holds out her hand and he looks down at it then at her face. Blake puts his arms out and wraps them around her shoulders pulling her into a tight hug.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for one of the Four Horsemen Medallions! Introducing first, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 120 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, she is “The Psycho Bitch” Josie Pleasure!




[Josie steps onto the stage as she grinds her hips from side to side, slowly working her hands up the sides of her body then throws them up into the air displaying metal signs. She flashes a twisted smile as she strolls down the ramp never taking her eyes off the ring that lies before her. Once there, she rolls inside pulling herself to the center and arching her back in what is known in yoga as an upward facing dog. Pushing her ample breasts outward and throwing her head back in what can only described as orgasmic fashion. Making the men in the audience shout with cat calls and whistles.]


Dante Reed - Even though she’s a wild card and a bit on the crazy side, Josie Pleasure hasn’t had the best of luck in her short Union Battleground career.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, but a win here tonight could completely turns things around for her. She had an epic title bout with Blake Archer at War of the Worlds but came up short.


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 210 pounds, from Dodge City, Kansas, he is “The Dodge City Dynamo” Danny Colt!





[As the rock ballad kicks in, the crowd rise upto watch the stage, and from the back out steps Danny Colt! Colt is stretching his arms as he steps out of the back, but he stops after a few paces to throw both hands in the air, acknowledging the fans that are responding to him. Danny walks forward a few more steps and then jogs forward, hopping up onto the apron, before he jogs across to the turnbuckle. Climbing up on the outside, he throws both fists high in the air to applause from the crowd, before jumping off and into the ring. Stripping off his singlet, Colt dashes over and tosses it to the crowd, before he moves to his corner and continues his stretches, getting ready for the battle to follow.]


Dante Reed - This young blood has been on a solid run since debuting in Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - Danny Colt nearly defeated Kimitsu Zombie for the War Horse Championship. Tonight he starts his journey back at the very beginning. Let’s see what he can do!




[The two of them circle the center of the ring Danny hops around from foot to foot loosening up his neck. Josie applauds him arrogantly and reaches her hand into the center of the ring offering a handshake to start before the bell rings. He grins swelling up with a little bit of pride she’d offer such a gesture to him. He leans forward wanting to start things off with a handshake. Josie narrows her smile turning to a frown. She smacking his hand away and takes advantage of his shock by leaping over top of him with a lou thesz press.]


Dante Reed - Josie takes the early offense here in this match.


Sebastian Riggs - She looks focused tonight, Dante. She wants that medallion and that shot at the War Horse Title!


[Josie keeps on the attack hits lefts and rights one another another forcing Danny to his his hands up to block the strikes. She grinds the end of her elbow off his face before he pushes her away. With the separation she grabs ahold of his left arm and locks her legs over his chest before snapping her body weight backwards, but Danny locks his fingers so she can’t fully lock in the cross armbreaker. He wiggles and keeps his fingers locks so tightly his knuckles are turning white. Fans see the determination from Danny not to let the hold get locked in and start to cheer behind him wanting to will him on.]


Dante Reed - Look at the sheer willpower of Danny Colt!


Sebastian Riggs - Obviously he doesn’t want that armbar locked in, or it could be lights out for him! No pun intended!


[Josie nearly has Danny out on the mat, the Ref checks Danny’s shoulders and sees them flat on the mat.]


... One!


[The Dodge City Dynamo lifts his body with his heels and neck lifting his body off the mat. Without dropping the hold his hands have on one another Danny pushes his feet underneath himself maneuvering his weight around on top of hers pressing her shoulders down on the mat.]


... One!


... Two!


[Josie lets go of the hold and shoves Danny off her hard. He falls backwards, but manages to regain his balance. The two of them stand up at the same time, Josie having the veteran instincts to charge as soon as she does Spear before he is aware of what is happening!]


Dante Reed - Vicious spear by Pleasure!


Sebastian Riggs - Josie is fighting her back in control of the match!


[Josie rolls her body over his and wraps up his outside leg as she tucks her arm under Danny’s neck before lacing her hands together.]


... One!


... Tw—Kick out!


[Danny powers out right before the two count! He escapes the pin much easier than Josie did his. She flies off him and punches the mat with both her fist the force helping her jump to her feet. Josie meets Danny with a HARD right hand jabbing him right between the eyes as he made it to his knees. Josie grabs his wrist as he wobbles backwards and tosses him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Josie ducks and Danny dives over her rolling his back off hers and landing on his feet behind her. The two stand up once more into a stare off. Their stand still doesn’t last long as Danny strikes Josie with a kick catching her by surprise, he grabs her neck swinging her around with a snapmare. Josie is a little slow getting up with Danny wasting no time keeping the fast pace he dives forward into a spear of his own, Josie seen this one coming and squeezes her arms around his neck countering his spear with a DDT!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! What a counter!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s the type of awareness a rookie like Colt can learn from a veteran like Josie!


[Josie stands up and shoving the heel of her foot into Danny’s neck. She grabs ahold of his arm and places her foot into his chin before jerking his arm against the pressure. She is pulling his arm while pressing her weight into his upper chest attempting to snap Danny’s arm out of his shoulder. Danny in desperation grabs ahold of her ankle tripping her to the mat, he flips her over on her stomach tucking her ankle under his arm and applying a single leg crab.]


Dante Reed - Danny Colt is looking to wear down Josie’s knee and lower back with that submission.


Sebastian Riggs - Smart strategy. You can’t chop a tree down with one swing, you gotta work at it.


[Josie has a look of pain on her face, but instead of shouting punches herself in the face, she crawls over to the corner pulling his weight with her while Danny wiggles and shouts trying hard to get her to tap. The agony searing down her leg through her body finally break Josie enough to make her let out an angry roar of frustration. Josie shakes her head and powers herself forward four inches before falling down to the mat her hand firmly grasping the bottom rope forcing the break.]


Dante Reed - And Josie makes it to the ropes to force the break!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s gotta recompose herself here.


[Josie starts to laugh and rest in the corner up against the bottom turnbuckle. Danny looks at the ref and then at the bottom rope near Josie. She mocks Danny for how close he thought he was to making her tap holding her fingers within and inch of one another. She smirks and pulls herself up with the ropes. Danny rushes her ducking before she can grab for him leaving nothing but air for her, he shifts his good arm around her right thigh pulling her shoulders to the mat with a school boy pin.]


... One!


... Tw—Kick out!


[Josie kicks out. They stand up and Danny uses his speed to dropkick her as she does so. Quickly hits her with a leaping senton and turns fast applying a side headlock. Josie struggles and claws at his arms to get him to let go but Danny only applies more pressure the more she struggles cutting off the flow of oxygen.]


Dante Reed - Danny now working the neck, not leaving anything out of the equation.


Sebastian Riggs - I commend his efforts, but I Maybe would have went back to the knee.


[Josie lets her limbs relax, Danny loosens his grip as she does this thinking Josie must be passing out. She grabs his arm as he loosened up and flipped him over onto his back. Josie regains her breath while Danny stands up, but she clocks him with a series of punches and a kick to the jaw knocking Danny back into the ref. The two collide hard in the corner and Josie charges seeing her chance with a running big boot. She sandwiches Danny and the Ref in between herself and the corner knocking their heads off each other’s. Danny staggers forward and the Ref collapse to the ground.]


Dante Reed - The ref is out!


[Danny shakes his head and eats a stiff clothesline by Josie, she glances over at the Ref being down and she kneels down next to Danny raking his face. Danny rolls to his stomach and shoves Josie away as she tries to pull him to his feet. Before she can react Danny superkicks Josie!]


Dante Reed - BOOM! Superkick!


Sebastian Riggs - A great equalizer, Dante!


[Danny goes for the pinfall thinking he has stolen the win, but realizes the official is still dazed and confused on the mat in the corner. He releases the pin to walk over and help the Reforee out, he asks him if he is ok and the official shakes his head. Josie comes up behind Danny and delivers a low blow! He cries and holds his groin, his face appearing like he has just eaten something sour. Josie hits her Cattle Mutilation!]


Dante Reed - No, are you kidding me?! What a dirty move!


Sebastian Riggs - That low blow just cut Danny’s momentum entirely!


[Josie sits on Danny’s chest and holds his knees against her chest shouting for the Ref to hurry up. He nearly falls trying to get down to count the pinfall.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Psycho Bitch” Josie Pleasure!


[Josie rolls off of Danny and outside of the ring while he stays crumbled up in the ring in pain from the low blow. Josie laughs and brushes her hands together feeling pretty proud of herself.]



the land of the godless

[We’ve been here before. Green, tattered grass with small rocks scattered along the outside while bushes and surrounding trees that were just beginning to blossom the last time they were seen are fully lash and swaying gently in rhythm with the chilled breeze that rushes into fluctuate the still, warm, night air. Pitch blackness hasn’t consumed the area either as a flickering, glowing amber light gives off shadows from bodies as well as the surrounding brush.]


[Finally, after a few moments of sight seeing, we catch up with the light source that is a roaring pit of flames, the same pit that once held Godless prisoner and is the last know residing place for Tommy Crimson’s corpse which one can only assume is nothing but ashes floating amongst the air as they rise with the embers of the raging inferno pit.]


[About twenty feet out from the flames, in a large circle of their own are the cloaked druids we’ve come to associate with Salvation on so many different occasions. Focusing in now on a group of individuals that stand about fifteen feet from the pit of fire and inside the circle of druids. Nemesis is only wearing black jeans with black boots to fully show off his chest and face as the fire reflects off of him giving an even more menacing look than usual to him, one that would even bring the Devil himself to his knees. His headpiece flails in the breeze as Preacher stands next to him in his usual blood red clergy outfit, though this time with the added luxury of holding the Union Battleground Championship over his shoulder for Nemesis. To Nemesis’ left and right are his most trusted associates, the Union Battleground Battalion Champions, Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos. Aiden’s partial mask can’t even cover up the evil grin of accomplishment smeared across his face as the Battalion Championship glistens on his shoulder. Viduus, not to be outdone, looks utterly frightening and defines intimidation while his expressionless face would annihilate the world if looks could kill. Speaker stands next to him, doing the same as Preacher; holding Viduus Championship proudly.]


[In front of the group of Champions though is Elysium Pro Co-Owner Kelly Godless who now looks cleaned up but with the fire to his back, his face is complete blackness as if to symbolize the darkness that has taken over him as he is down to both knees on the ground, standing before Nemesis directly.]


Preacher - So now, promise Salvation with an oath sworn in our name. You will continue to show allegiance to Lord Nemesis, to our cause and to our name. Give thy solemn pledge!


[Kelly Godless looks up towards Viduus and nods. He now looks toward Aiden and nods. Finally, he looks straightforward and nods to Nemesis. A sinister smirk overtakes Nemesis’ face as he holds out his right hand. Preacher turns around, picks something up off of a cut down tree stump that was behind him and hands it to Nemesis. This too looks familiar. It’s a knife but not just any knife. The curvature of the handle, length of the blade and bloodstain that covers almost all of the blade, along with the spray marks on the handle prove it to be the same knife that Godless used to stab Crimson in the neck with to end his life.]


Kelly Godless - I pledge my life to Salvation, as well as my soul to the cause for I have bare witnessed to the light that came from the darkness and I embrace it not only as my own but also as my meaning…my purpose.


[Nemesis smile extends even wider.]


Nemesis - Good my child. You have proven your loyalty to us as unwavering.


[Now, Nemesis takes the blade and like we saw all the way back in Season One with Mila’s initiation, begins to cut open his hands until it draws blood. Still on one knee, Godless bows his head for a moment and then raises it up to look directly at Nemesis. Reaching straight forward and placing his hand directly across Godless’ face, Nemesis rests it there for a moment, then lifts it off of Godless’ face to reveal a bloody handprint across his face, Salvation’s mark. As if on cue, the flames begin to roar a little bit louder and reach towards the stars a little bit higher before finally settling down.]


Nemesis - Now rise. No longer will you brand the name given to you by man, Kelly is no more. I am what I am like you will now be what you are and have always been; Godless. Nothing more, nothing less.


[Godless now rises to his feet, his eyes raging like the fire in the pit, only problem is that Godless still has his back to the pit of flames and still has yet to face them.]


Nemesis - Come now. We have a task for you to complete. We mustn’t keep Richard waiting.


[The six men begin to walk away as the druids separate to let them pass by as we fade off to a Guerilla Warfare promotional package.]

Match writer dropped out, will add ASAP.

WINNER: Joe Stanton via pinfall (Shoryuken)

new kid in town

[It was not clear what the UNION BATTLEGROUND cameras were searching for when wandering down the hallway. Obviously they were trying to give the viewer a behind the scene journey. Here and there members of the roster where spotted following their routine. Eating, talking or getting ready for their matches.]


[It was then when an unknown figure walked around the corner. Dressed fully in black and her head covered by a hoodie. The female figure appeared to be slightly confused and cursing under her breath. When the camera came closer she spotted them, letting her hoodie fall back. Elena DeDraca. Newest member on the roster and sister to Finn Whelan. The expression on her face was serious, almost stoic.]


Elena DeDraca - Anything I can help you with?


[There was some mumbling and nodding. The only words she really gathered were ‘You’ and ‘Introduction’. For a long moment nothing happened then she put down her bag, folding her arms in front of her chest.]


Elena DeDraca - I see, I see. So this is this whole ‘New kid in town’ game. Not that I haven’t done that billions of times -- but it never fails to annoy me. Which way to go, what words to choose. But for the sake of it, let’s make it easy. Shall we?


[Elena rolled her neck several times, her eyes never leaving the guy behind the camera. He was hardly out of his teens -- sweating for his life.]


Elena DeDraca - My name is Elena DeDraca. I will pretend people will be pleased to meet me, but let’s not get too delusional. For people that follow this industry longer than a week, they probably have heard my name before. Or even seen me perform. I have been part of this illustrious business for over ten years. And even though this probably makes me a veteran -- there is always something left to do. Something left to learn. And most importantly someone left to beat.


[A small laughter escaped her.]


Elena DeDraca - I didn’t come here to make friends. I am not here to claim some fame, sorry to disappoint. I have been around too long to build my confidence on things like that. Maybe that sounds old fashioned but I am simply here to fight. It is as easy as it is poetic. I am not one of those flippy floppy performers -- those that take your breath away with their moves. I am not one to play mind games either. I am a warrior. And that is all I have ever been. Nothing is ever personal unless you make it that. That is the only advice I can really give when it comes to my person. But don’t consider yourself safe with that statement. If you stand in my way, no matter who you are, I will run you down. And that is the fucking truth.


[She would playfully cover her mouth before shrugging her shoulders.]


Elena DeDraca - I am not quite sure of the rules in UNION BATTLEGROUND. Will I get fined for swearing on television? Are we live? So many questions but we are drifting off. I have seen some of the big names here. Applause for all that you have done and the things you are still going to do. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Just don’t get too comfortable. The wolves will not alarm you before they strike. There will be no warning from either of us. We do what we do best: Fight.


[Her concentration was broken when she spotted a familiar face. With a rather graceful move she bowed down to grab her bag and started to walk. But not without one last look over her shoulder.]


Elena DeDraca - And before I forget it, you are welcome.

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a One Night Only Match! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 236 pounds, from Bearing, Alberta, Canada, accompanied by Alyssa Kincaid, he is “The Bullet King” Alex Kincaid!


[The grinding opening notes to Leaf XCEEDs “Storm Eagle" bring the audience up to their feet, turning towards the entrance for the now familiar music of The Bullet King. From the back, Alex Kincaid strides out staring up into the back of the arena. Alex bounces up and down in the aisle-way, hyping himself up. He strides to one side to stare out into the audience and then jogs back to the other as Alyssa Kincaid steps out from the back to accompany her husband. ]




[He makes a full lap of the ring, slapping hands with a few audience members that reach out to him. He pauses at the corner of the crowd barricade to stand on the timekeepers chair, planting one foot on the top of the barricade and staring up into the back of the building. Then, he suddenly pops backward and slides under the ropes to his feet. Alyssa takes her place on the floor near his corner as he walks across the ring and climbs to the top rope, pointing one finger into the air and staring out over the audience. He nods, seemingly satisfied with the support of his people, before he hops down to the floor and begins to warm up in his corner to await the start of the match]


Dante Reed - At War of the Worlds, we saw how far this man will go to protect his family. He managed to defeat Kira Izumi, one of the most dangerous competitors in wrestling. But tonight? Tonight is all about respect.


Sebastian Riggs - Kincaid has spoken highly of Owen Gonsalves in the past. He’s called him the greatest technical wrestler in the world. He’s looking to test himself tonight.


Dante Reed - Be careful what you wish for.


Sebastian Riggs - You ain’t kidding.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Melbourne, Australia, representing the FGA, he is “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves!


[The lights inside the Durban ICC Arena dim and we hear the pounding bass of Run the Jewels “Blockbuster Night Part I”. ‘Indestructible’ Owen Gonsalves emerges from behind the curtain, dressed in his bomber jacket. He takes a moment to take in the sheer scale of the arena, slowly turning to show off the Union Jack on the back of his jacket. He pops his collars up and heads down the aisle, giving a few quick high fives to fans that reach out for him.]








[Owen gets inside and heads to his corner, pulling off the bomber jacket and handing it off to the referee. He cracks his knuckles, rolls his shoulders and starts bouncing on his heels in the corner to throw a few practice jabs. The referee comes in for a check, and Owen holds his boots up to allow him to check for weapons as the commentators introduce him.]


Dante Reed - You can call him Indestructible, you can call him The Submission Alchemist, you can call him the High Flying Messiah...if you’ve never seen him before you are in for a treat tonight.


Sebastian Riggs - IYH Champion, 4 time VSW Heavyweight Champion and a founding member of one of the hottest brands in pro wrestling in Shootcamp. Owen Gonsalves is a world travelled competitor making a special one night appearance here in Union Battleground.


Dante Reed - Kincaid put out an open challenge last week, looking to go back to his wrestling roots after months of wild brawling. Owen was more than happy to accept the challenge.


Sebastian Riggs - Owen got this good by constantly seeking out new challenges, by constantly looking for new opponents. That constant quest for self improvement brought him here tonight.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both competitors are now squared away in their corners! Our referee for this bout is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal! He checks off with each man one last time and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell rings and neither man leaves their corner. Owen Gonsalves stretches against the ropes, his eyes locked on the other man across the ring. Kincaid takes a step out, nervously, and then thinks better of it. He squats in the corner and converses a bit with Alyssa at ringside. His manager gives him some encouragement and he walks across the ring to meet Owen in the middle. The Submission Alchemist heads out with one hand extended, reaching out for a knuckle lock from his opponent. Kincaid reaches up for the other man's hand and then, at the last moment, pulls his hand back. He seems to think better of it and he takes a moment to walk around the ring, adjusting his tights and watching Owen. Owen gives a nonplussed little shrug to the referee, mildly amused by Kincaid being unwilling to tie up with him as Kincaid heads back to the corner. He rests his hands on the top turnbuckle, arms draped across the ropes in a neutral corner, and he takes a deep breath.]


Dante Reed - We're underway here, and a bit of a slow start from Alex Kincaid. He looks a bit reluctant to get into it, doesn't he partner?


Sebastian Riggs - I think it's important to remember exactly who Owen Gonsalves is, Reed. Understand, this guy is a top ten...maybe top five pick for the literal best mat wrestler in the world. No matter how much of a game Kincaid talks, that's got to be intimidating.


[Kincaid takes the middle of the ring and reaches up for the knuckle lock again. But Owen goes low, suddenly shooting forward in an amateur style high crotch shot to spin up behind him into a waistlock. Kincaid drops his base low, hips forward to stop Owen from capitalizing on his sudden positional advantage. He arches back, using his hips to pop Owens hands free and coming around to the back with a standing switch. He shoves Owen's head down and goes to apply a side headlock on the other man. Owen's technical pedigree shines through though, as he effortlessly shoves Kincaid free of the hold and escapes. A stunned Kincaid pivots to get back on the attack only for Owen to grab him and snapmare him over to the canvas. Owen steps back, winding up a big running kick as Kincaid desperately wheels onto his belly to try and prevent the shot. But a moment before Owen can devastate Kincaid with a big running punt to the head he pauses in place, standing over his older opponent on the canvas. Owen grins, squatting down a bit and giving Kincaid a playful pat on the head before moving backward to his corner again. A frustrated Bullet King slams his hands on the mat and rolls out of the ring for a reset.]


Dante Reed - A little bit of mind games there from Owen.


Sebastian Riggs - You know, it's like you see in jujitsu tournaments right? Guys who play knee on belly really heavily. The position sucks. Hard to breath, hard to move, all that. But it's the feeling of so utterly being dominated that really breaks you down. The mental aspect is what's hard to overcome.


[Kincaid walks a lap of the ring, taking a breath and looking to compose himself. Owen waves him back into the ring and then takes a seat on the middle rope, holding the ropes open for Kincaid. Alex is visibly frustrated and he heads to the steps on the opposite side of the ring to reenter. He comes through the ropes and goes after Owen again, this time immediately clamping on the side headlock. Owen tries the same escape as last time but this time Kincaid wrenches on the hold and slides the headlock to the canvas. Kincaid grits his teeth, planting his feet on the canvas and lifting his hips off the mat to wrench the hold in as hard as he can. It proves to be a tactical error though, as his hips off the canvas give Owen enough room to slip himself a bit closer and roll Kincaid onto his back into the first pinning predicament of the contest!]


... One!


[Kincaid releases his headlock and keeps rolling, coming up to his feet as Owen too quickly rolls up. Kincaid moves forward, going for the side headlock again but this time Owen changes tactics. He lets Kincaid grasp the hold and steps backward with it, letting the bigger man bounce off the ropes and then using the momentum to push the hold lose and send Kincaid running across the ring. Owen sends Kincaid smacking off the mat with a drop toe hold, grabbing Kincaid's foot to keep him planting and then barrel rolling sideways to grab a hold of the side headlock again!]


Dante Reed - Wow. Just wow. Absolutely amazing, just an entirely different level of mat wrestling on display there.


Sebastian Riggs - It's just the little things that separate a guy like that from everyone else. That half second there, holding the toes of Kincaid so he can't get off the mat to counter the headlock again makes all the difference. Fantastic.


[Owen grins at the crowd as there's a brief smattering of boos from the Union Battleground faithful at own of their own being dominated on the canvas. Despite Owen's technical ability, Kincaid's sheer size allows him to fight his way back to one knee. Owen transitions, sliding to the front facelock for a moment before he laces his hands around Kincaid's face. Alex reaches up, slapping at them for a moment to try and reach between Owen's fingers to prevent him from fully locking in a cravate. It proves to be a useless effort though, as Owen is able to secure the classical European hold. Owen wrenches in, rolling Kincaid's neck sideways with a fierce snarl of exertion. Kincaid scrambles sideways with the momentum of the hold, crossing the ring and getting his foot outside the ropes. He wraps one arm around the middle and shouts for the referee to break the hold. Bruce O'Neal shouts at Owen to break the hold and “Indestructible” immediately lets the hold go and backs toward the other side of the ring. Kincaid turns away from the ropes and climbs back in, staring daggers at Owen. Owen squats a bit, waving him in and telling Kincaid the break was completely clean. Alex scowls, and charges across the ring. Owen darts forward to meet him, absolutely blasting Kincaid with a sudden European uppercut! Another! Another! Kincaid is on wobbly legs as Owen grabs a hold of his wrist and winds it up and over, bringing it cashing down across his own shoulder with a devastating armbreaker! Alex winces in pain and throws a big, looping left haymaker! Owen grabs it in mid-flight, lacing it up into a top wristlock and then darts forward. He slides down to the mat, letting Kincaid's elbow slam off the canvas with a devastating thud!]


Dante Reed - Kincaid lets his temper get the best of him there, and Owen uses it against him!


Sebastian Riggs - That's always been the problem with Kincaid Reed. Tons of talent, but he's too hot blooded to get the job done. A guy like Owen can play him like a fiddle.


[Kincaid tries rolling off toward the ropes again, but this time Owen sees it coming. He rolls Kincaid onto his stomach and plants his shin against his bicep, reaching across his body to lace up his wrist in a modified arm and wrist hold. Alex lets out some words that surely makes Union Battleground management glad they own the network, and he searches for a way to get himself free. Owen transitions to the fingers, bending his index and ring finger back. When he goes to readjust his position slightly, it allows Kincaid and opening to slide in and under the armlock. He sits up, and when Owen goes to move in on him Kincaid accidentally cracks him under the chin with a lucky headbutt. Kincaid doesn't realize it, turning to face Owen and hopping up to his feet. He drives his shoulder into Owen's midsection and pushes him back into the corner, coming right up with a snapmare! He rolls Owen to the canvas and darts forward, looking for a sliding dropkick but at the last moment Owen rolls out of the way! Kincaid is left sitting for a moment, and an irritated Owen throws a brutal shoot kick to his back! Kincaid rolls sideways and Owen follows to hit him with another kick! Then another! Kincaid gets to the ropes again, rolling onto the apron but Owen charges over to throw a few brutal kicks to Kincaid's head through the ropes! Bruce O'Neal, our referee, begins a five count but Owen seems wholly oblivious to it until he gets to about a four and he steps in between both men to separate them. The referee backs Owen up from the ropes, admonishing him for his conduct and Owen wipes a bit of sweat off his nose as he seemingly calms down for a moment. A dazed Kincaid rolls back under the ropes, taking a second to shake the cobwebs out of his head.]


Dante Reed - It's so easy for a contest like this to get heated. There's a healthy amount of respect between these guys but there are still healthy egos there. One headbutt is all it takes to see some sparks fly.


Sebastian Riggs - If not for that headbutt though, this thing might be over. Kincaid needs to get this off the mat. He's simply not going to be able to match Owen on the canvas this way.


[Owen is waiting when Kincaid takes the middle of the ring again, grabbing his arm to drag and twist it over. He digs his elbow into the back of the arm, grinding down on it to tr and take Kincaid to the canvas. The Bullet King resists as best he can, staying on his feet at first but eventually the pressure is such that he has to plant one hand to the canvas to stay on his feet. Owen uses the three points of contact to his advantage, hopping up and over Kincaid and arm dragging him to the mat on the opposite side. He snatches Kincaid in a headscissor, while keeping a hold of the arm. He angles the armlock sideways, wrenching the elbow of his opponent and Kincaid cries out in pain. Like a shark smelling blood, Owen seizes on the opportunity and releases the headscissor. He rolls to his knee, pulling at the arm downward to try and lock a kimura in. Kincaid, with his thirty pound weight advantage, tries to use his sheer strength to stop him from locking the hold in. The Submission Alchemist drives his head into the bicep, pushing it backward and forcing Kincaid to fight in both directions at once. Kincaid drives his body forward, rolling on top of Owen for what looks like it's going to be a quick rolling pin. The crowd cheers Kincaid finally getting back in the contest, as he keeps going though the hold and rolls into a cross armbreaker! Owen sits up, his fingers clenched together to stop Kincaid from fully extending the hold. Kincaid is ready for this though, turning the pressure of the hold sideways in a wide sweeping semicircle to break the hands! But Owen quickly recovers, reaching up to clutch his own bicep with his own arm in a fashion quite similar to a sleeperhold. Kincaid tugs at the arm, yanking back as hard as he can but he's unable to break this new defense. Owen waits for him to pull and rolls with Kincaid, stacking him up on his shoulders for a pinfall!]






Kincaid barely lets go in the nick of time!


Dante Reed - Absolutely fantastic counter wrestling there from Owen Gonsalves!


Sebastian Riggs - We've talked about it already, but again, that's the difference between most guys and The Technical Spectacle. You'll see tons of guys try to hold their fingers together to stop the cross armbreaker, but there aren't nearly enough guys doing that rear naked choke defence to the armbar. Hope there are young wrestlers out there rewinding that clip on YouTube.


[A defiant Kincaid suddenly smacks Owen across the face! Owen returns one of his own, both men on their knees in the middle of the ring. Kincaid smacks Owen again! Then one more! Owen grabs a handful of Kincaid's hair, yelling something the cameras don't quite make out in his face as both men get back to their feet. He blasts Kincaid under the chin with a big uppercut, and then slides sideways to smash Kincaid in the midsection with a huge muay thai style kick to the ribs. Kincaid wheezes and doubles over as the air is driven from his lungs, and Owen uses the chance to grab his defenseless opponents arm again. He laces his own arm inside, fully locking in the kimura. Then, Owen hops up and wraps his legs around Kincaid to lock him into the Equivalent Exchange! Kincaid cries out in pain, desperately trying to stay on his feet and pushing both of them back toward the ropes again. Owen's back is against the ropes, thankfully sparing Kincaid from him rolling into the Krukenberg. Kincaid reaches out with his other hand to grab the top rope and just like before the referee begins the count! Owen shakes his head defiantly, refusing to break the hold, but at four Kincaid steps off the ropes and gives a frustrated yell. He forces his arm free, popping Owen's feet back onto the canvas and escaping the Equivalent Exchange! With Owen standing again, he gives him another brutal smack across the face! He hooks him into a front facelock and picks him up, before drilling him into the canvas with an absolutely devastating brainbuster! Owen and Kincaid are both down in the middle of the ring! The crowd is on their feet!]


Dante Reed - What an absolute show of defiance by Kincaid! I was sure that armlock would finish him off!


Sebastian Riggs - But how much damage did he do to himself in escaping that Kimura? He was barely able to hit that brainbuster and he certainly wasn't able to capitalize! If Kincaid is going to turn this contest around, it has to happen now!


[Kincaid gets to his knees, holding his shoulder and wincing in pain. He stumbles up to his feet and into the corner, yelling out at the audience for their support. Owen is dazed, but refuses to stay down and fights his way up as well. Kincaid meets him in the middle and hits him with a brutal chop across the chest! Then one to the head! The chest! The head! The chest! The head! Owen is forced backward into the corner by the onslaught of chops, and Kincaid whips him across the ring. The Bullet King lives up to his name, charging across the ring at absolutely breakneck speed to smash into Owen with a big stinger splash! He whips him back into the other corner and comes back in, chopping Owen across the chest and snapmaring him to the canvas! He his the ropes again, flying into Gonsalves with a big sliding dropkick to the side of his opponents head! Kincaid nods his head, slowly gaining momentum and pulls Owen up to snapmare him again before hitting another sliding dropkick! He makes a cover!]






[Owen gets a shoulder up. Kincaid nods to the referee, anything but surprised that didn't finish Owen off, and he gets back up to his feet. He pulls Owen up and chops him across the chest, grabbing him by the back of the head to pull him into the corner. He pushes Owen into the corner and pulls him back out, using a quick armdrag to take Owen over to the mat in a seated position. He bolts forward, sliding forward on his belly and coming back up to his feet with shocking speed to hit another dropkick to the front of Owen's head! Owen goes down, eyes glazed over as Kincaid grabs a hold of his leg. He wraps his hands around Owen's ankle and shin, turning his leg the opposite way. It's enough to make Owen wince in pain, sitting up to try and go back on the attack only for Kincaid to kick him back down to the canvas while keeping the grip on his leg. Kincaid drops his elbow into Owen's knee, then stands up to drop another huge elbow! He then wraps his arm around Owen's shin and drives it down to the canvas very much in the manner of a DDT to his leg. Now it's Owens turn to crawl back toward the rope, trying to create some distance between the two men. Kincaid goes to advance on him, and Owen lays back with a few upkicks to play his guard. Kincaid tries to grab at his his feet, and for a moment looks like he's going to have some trouble getting around the legs. But suddenly he manages to snatch Owen's foot again and throw a few big kicks to the back of Owen's knee!]


Dante Reed - Kincaid may have bought himself an opening here with that flurry of offense. And as we've seen so many times, The Bullet King goes to work over his opponents leg.


Sebastian Riggs - That leg attack sets up all of his offense. It softens up the knee for that Straight Shooter half crab, and it can slow them down enough to set them up for the From On High frog splash.


[Owen manages to shake his leg loose and throw a kick into Kincaid's rib, momentarily getting some distance between the two men. He gets back to his feet, but that just allows Kincaid time to come back in and grab a hold of him again. He picks him up off the canvas and drives him down into his knee with a shinbreaker! He then whips Owen around to the canvas with a big dragon screw takedown! Owen winces, as Kincaid grabs a hold of the leg and pulls him out to the middle of the ring. He wraps his arm around the shin and starts trying to turn him over for the Straight Shooter! The crowd cheers mightily, but Owen fights the hold. As Kincaid goes to take a step over Owen turns in and drops his own foot into his shin and pulls Kincaid in, using his attempt to lock the hold in to go back to the side headlock again! But Kincaid surprises him by immediately yanking him up into the air and planting him into the canvas with a big backdrop suplex! Owen tries to stand up, dazed from the blow, and Kincaid flies across the ring to clothesline him over the top rope to the floor! Owen is sent head over heels, scrambling to his feet on the floor only for Kincaid to suddenly come sailing through the ropes and crash into him with a suicide dive!]


Dante Reed - And Kincaid sends Owen Gonsalves into the boards! My god, what a shot!


Sebastian Riggs - We're starting to see Kincaid open up some offensive options in this match. He needs to keep the pressure up!


[As if he can hear the announcers coaching, Kincaid grabs Owen and rolls him back into the ring. He follows after and heads to the corner, climbing up to the second rope. Owen stands back up and turns, only for Kincaid to come off the ropes with a missile dropkick from the second! The Technical Spectacle is sent tumbling head over heels, again rising to his feet as fast as he can to meet a desperate, charging Kincaid. This time Owen is ready and he meets Kincaid with a knife edge chop. Kincaid roars in defiance, grabbing Owen by the face and pie facing him back into the corner. He smacks Owen with another chop and pulls his leg across the rope, throwing some kicks to the side of the same knee he's been targeting ever since he managed to get back on offense. He grabs the leg and pulls Owen back out of the corner, before yanking him around to the canvas with a Dragon Screw leg whip! He pulls Owen to the middle and goes for the figure four leglock! As he turns though, Owen sits up. He yanks Kincaid to his back and traps him in a Rear Naked Choke!]


Dante Reed - And just like that Kincaid is in danger again! Owen's got that chokehold on tight!


Sebastian Riggs - What did I say about trying to go hold for hold with Owen? What's he thinking? This has got to be it Reed!


[Kincaid thrashes desperately, trying to find a way to the ropes but he can't seem to find a way out! On the outside, Alyssa points to the ropes and shouts at him to fight for them. Hearing his manager's guidance, Kincaid struggles toward the ropes. Owen shakes his head, frustrated, and throws downward heel kicks into Kincaid's midsection but Alex takes the blows and manages to get a hand on the ropes! Again, Owen takes every second of the referee's five count and the Union Battleground fans let him hear it. Owen is too focused on the task at hand to be bothered by it though, moving to go back on the attack and grabbing a hold of Kincaid's wrist. Still close to the ropes, Alex reaches up to grab the second. With the help of the ropes, Kincaid quickly nips up to his feet! Owen is stunned for a second, and Kincaid twists into the blow and throws a big forearm over the top to nail the other man in the face to get his arm free. He steps again and hits another! Now it's Kincaids turn to go after the arm, yanking Owen in and then sending him to the canvas with a side russian legsweep! Kincaid drops into a cover!]






[Owen gets a shoulder up! Kincaid shows some visible frustration again, looking to the referee as if he doubts the count before he heads into the corner to the second rope. He measures Owen, waving for him to get to his feet. Owen turns and covers his face, expecting another one of those dropkicks off the second but instead this time Kincaid aims the kick specifically at Owen's knee! Owen collapses to one knee, holding his leg in pain and hobbling back up to his feet. Kincaid moves in and grabs a leg, picking Owen up for the shinbreaker again. He drives him down across the knee and then hauls his opponent into the air, slamming him back down on the mat with another backdrop! Kincaid makes a cover!]






[Owen kicks out again, with more authority than last time, and glares at Kincaid as The Bullet King moves to go back on the offensive. Kincaid reaches one hand toward his head, which proves to be a mistake as Owen suddenly snatches the hand and yanks Alex in for a triangle choke. Before he can lock the hold though, Alex hops up to his knees and rolls over into the pinning combination!]




Owen kicks out at one!


Dante Reed - A blistering series of nearfalls there.


Sebastian Riggs - Kincaid might be starting to break through. We saw almost that same pinning combination earlier get countered with an armbar, but he got a quick nearfall off it that time. I think – OH!


[The announcers react with shock as Owen suddenly nails Kincaid in the face with a sharp upkick from his back. Alex staggers back, holding his jaw and Owen comes back at him with a big rolling elbow! He shoves Kincaid into the corner and hits him with a speedy series of forearm smashes, driving The Bullet King all the way to a seated position. Owen crosses back to the opposite corner and before flying into the air and absolutely devastating Kincaid with a Draco Meteor in the corner! Owen quickly rolls up and yanks Kincaid out of the corner, snaring him into a cravate once again! Kincaid tries to go for the ropes again, but instead Owen whips him over into a suplex out of the cravate! Kincaid sits up and goes to turn, trying to go back on the offense before Owen can go on the attack but this time when Owen charges in for his penalty kick it’s for real! The blow absolutely smashes into Kincaid’s chest and face! He’s down! Owen with another cover!]




[A kickout at one! A kickout at one! Kincaid gets a shoulder up and rolls onto his stomach, desperately throwing all of his energy into escaping. Kincaid rolls onto his knees, waving Owen in and telling him to come back on the attack. Owen sneers in contempt, more than up for the challenge, and steps into the pocket to throw a series of quick alternating slaps to Kincaids face. The Bullet King forces himself up, leaning himself against Owen to get to his feet. He dodges a shot and steps back, ducking underneath another wide slap from Owen Gonsalves and spinning behind his back, hooking his arms and sending Owen rolling to the mat with a quick armdrag. When Owen gets up, Kincaid grabs a hold of his arm and armdrags him over to the canvas! He springs in front of Owen, figure fouring his legs across and grabbing a hold of his arms. He steps over Owen’s body, tying his leg back under his arm to lock and stretching his other leg all the way across to lock down the figure foured leg! Owen is left in a unique submission hold, with Kincaid left laying on his hip staring back at him.]


Dante Reed - Taking it back to the canvas! Something a little bit unique from the Bullet King here!


Sebastian Riggs - Typically, when we see Kincaid try to take it to the canvas it’s with that old school Canadian grinder style or those pretty British snakepit holds. That strategy failed him. So now, maybe reaching back a little further. Reaching back to that lucha libre training from early in his career.


[Indeed, the hold seems to have stymied Owen for the moment. He looks back and forth, rocking his body a bit on the canvas to try and find an escape. He manages to kick his leg out, getting himself free from the hold and then turning to try and grab a hold of Kincaid. The other man proves ready though, sliding underneath and yanking on Owen’s shins to flatten him out to the canvas. Kincaid rolls on top, quickly shoving Owen’s face into the canvas and then when he goes to pull himself up dropping down onto the small of his back! Owen quickly finds himself tied up in the Camel Clutch!]


Dante Reed - Camel Clutch! Camel Clutch!


Sebastian Riggs - No...wait a second here, I’m starting to see a strategy forming. That’s not just a camel clutch, Dante. That’s La De a Cabello! The horse collar choke! You don’t get more old school in lucha than that!


[Still, for Owen this move is old hat. The experienced technician climbs forward, end over end bit by bit to drag Kincaid toward the rope. At the last moment, Kincaid stands up and lets Owen some space to go and force himself up. The moment Owen gets to his feet, Kincaid grabs a hld for the rear waistlock. Owen, sensing a likely German Suplex coming, throws a back elbow that cracks Kincaid in the mouth. With all the damage done to him already, Kincaid is nearly out on his feet from the blow. Owen turns back, locking Kincaid into a front facelock and then hauling him into the corner. He shoves Kincaid back and drives a series of quick knees to the gut, driving the air out of Kincaid’s lungs. Owen squats low, getting his base underneath Kincaid and driving upward with his shoulder to lift his heavier opponent to the top turnbuckle. On the floor, Alyssa shouts for her husband to fight back but Kincaid seems dazed from Owen’s relentless assault. He climbs up to the buckle and hooks Kincaid up, looking for a superplex! The crowd rises to their feet, expecting the final blow but Kincaid throws a series of punches into Owen’s ribs! Owen is forced to release the hold to try and swat the punches away and Kincaid desperately shoves Owen off of the top turnbuckle! Owen lands in the ring with a thud!]


[Kincaid stays balanced on the top, holding onto the ropes for assistance and trying to shake off the blow. This proves to be all the time his opponent needs, as Owen suddenly dashes across the ring and springs off the second rope to hit a huge dropkick to the chest of Kincaid! Alex is sent tumbling off the ropes, landing hard on the apron and then falling to the floor! Kincaid is out on the floor, Owen left in the ring. The crowd goes wild inside the Durban ICC Arena! Owen stares out through the ropes, spotting his opponent starting to stir. He stands up, hesitantly, and looks around the building as a wicked idea seems to occur to him. Alex has headed to the barricade, reaching out to a few of the fans in the crowd to help pull him up and get back in the contest. Kincaid stands and turns, as Owen takes a deep breath and charges across the ring. He sends himself soaring over the top, turning his body inward and smashing down onto Kincaid with the Fosbury Flop!]


Dante Reed - Are you kidding me?!


Sebastian Riggs - I know it’s a stereotype, but we say it for a reason Reed! What a manuever! My god! And BOTH men are down!


[Indeed, the referee has begun a ten count for both men on the floor. It inches upward toward five before both men stir, crawling toward the ring. Owen manages to get into the ring first, watching as Kincaid goes to climb through and back into the ring. But he’s met by a furious Owen, throwing brutal kicks to his chest as he tries to get back inside! Each blow lands with a heavy thud, with Kincaid wilting on the apron before he can get back inside. Owen shakes his head at the crowd, reaching out to pull Kincaid back inside by one arm. A dazed Kincaid finds himself locked in a waistlock before Owen pulls him out, spins him around and absolutely batters him with the Darkest Lariat! Kincaid is down! Owen hooks the leg!]








[An absolute hair away from the fall and Kincaid manages to get his shoulder off the canvas! Owen stares at the referee in disbelief, sure that the big combo of offense would be enough to finish Alex off. On the mat, Kincaid rolls off to one side and tries to get to the edge of the ring again as he has so many times in the previous contest. Owen follows him and wraps his arms around his neck, roughly yanking him away from the ropes in a sleeper hold. Kincaid gets dragged back to the canvas in the middle of the ring and dropped onto his stomach, with Owen pulling his head back to lock him into the cravate again! Kincaid moves to climb back to his feet, but Owen snakes one of his legs around in front of Kincaid's midsection to stop him from getting back up.]


Dante Reed - Owen has gone back to that cravate repeatedly in this match, and it’s proven extremely effective in controlling Kincaid’s momentum when he begins these brief flurries of offense.


Sebastian Riggs - But the Union Battleground crowd is starting to get behind him!


[Indeed, the crowd inside the arena have started clapping along and trying to spur Kincaid back into the contest. He grits his teeth, forcing his body downward to make Owen extend his leg to keep it hooked around his rib. Eventually the distance is too much and Owen is forced to relinquish the hook. This gives Alex the space he needs to get himself back to his feet, inch by inch as the crowd spurs him on! He gets up, again going back to the reliable back elbow to Owen’s ribs to try and get him to relinquish the hold! This time though, Owen is prepared! He ducks back at the last second, grinning as he dodges one of the elbows and yanking Kincaid down to knee him in the face out of the cravate! Kincaid’s head pops back, holding his nose as Owen dashes across the ring. He springs off the ropes, gaining momentum for a huge attack only for Kincaid to duck the blow in the last second and scoop him up over his head in a reverse Argentine backbreaker! Kincaid spins, hooking Owen’s head and arm with one hand and clasping one leg around the other with his other arm! Kincaid drops to his knees, yanking on both sides to rack him against his neck and shoulders in an incredible display of power! Owen is locked in La Atlantida!]


[Owen reaches for the ropes with his free hand, but finds himself unable to make it anywhere near them. Kincaid desperately tightens the hold, pulling as hard as he can! Owen holds up a hand and yells in pain, and for a moment the crowd buzzes excitedly as it looks like he’s going to tap out! But Owen violently shifts his weight backward, forcing Kincaid to tumble to his back and slam him into the canvas face and rib first! Both men are down on the canvas!]


Dante Reed - Once again, Kincaid going back to his arsenal of lucha libre influenced holds. Owen was forced to slam himself off the canvas to stop himself from submitting to La Atlantida there!


Sebastian Riggs - Just barely escaped! Just barely!


[Both men force themselves to their feet, and Owen attempts to take advantage of the opportunity by charging in with a flying knee! Kincaid just barely dodges the blow, and when Owen turns around he lights up his chest with another knife edge chop! Owen winces in pain, but returns one of his own! A frustrated Kincaid grabs Owen by the face and drives him backward into the corner, nailing him with blistering chop after chop that drives Owen back. Kincaid yanks him back out by his arm, hooking him up in a fireman’s carry as he attempts the Red River Crossing! Before he can hit the move though, Owen slides off of his shoulders and back to his feet! Kincaid turns around and Owen scoops out his legs again, rolling on top of him for the pin! The referee barely gets a one though, before Kincaid bridges up! He keeps Owen’s midsection locked in and stands up, turning Owen inward into a powerbomb position! Owen finds himself scooped up into the air! Owen throws punches downward, trying to avoid the impact. Kincaid switches tactics and folds Owen down into a fireman’s carry! He throws Owen off his shoulders and plants him into the canvas with The Red River Crossing! Kincaid collapses from exhaustion though, unable to make the cover. It’s nearly ten seconds before he manages to roll himself forward and weakly drape one arm across Owen’s chest. The referee dives in for the cover!]






[No! No! Owen gets a foot on the ropes! The camera zooms in between the ropes, finding an absolutely dumbfounded Kincaid staring shocked out at the audience. His manager is apoplectic on the outside, shouting for Kincaid to take advantage of the opportunity. Kincaid pulls Owen up, using his shoulder to push him into the ropes and send him across the ring again. Owen reverses momentum, Irish whipping Kincaid across the ring. He throws a clothesline, but with his speed slowed from shaking off damage from the Red River Crossing it’s slow enough that Kincaid manages to slip underneath it! He reaches back and hooks Owen in with both arms, looking for the backslide! Owen resists, shaking his head and dragging Kincaid backward toward the ropes on the other side. Kincaid drops though, slowly dragging Owen down to the canvas with him! He bridges forward, completing the backslide! Owen kicks his feet desperately as Kincaid goes for the final count!]






THR - No!


[The audience sucks in a shocked breath as Owen manages to kick out of the pinning attempt yet again! Kincaid stays on offense this time, immediately grabbing a hold of Owen and starting to pull him up. But Owen darts forward, throwing a short headbutt to Kincaid's ribs that buys him a bit of time. He gets up, suddenly leaping up and cracking Kincaid under the jaw with a European uppercut! But a defiant Kincaid returns with a chop, driving Owen backward into the corner of the ring! He looks to grab for the Irish whip, but Owen steps around him and inside sends Kincaid pinballing across the ring to the other corner. But Kincaid flies back in return and - with a roar of fury - leaps into the air to completely decapitate Owen with the Flying Lariat! With Owen down on the canvas, Kincaid crawls to his hands and knees and looks to the corner of the ring! He leaps up to his feet, using the last of his energy to rush across the ring and leap over the ropes. He scales the turnbuckle, exhausted, forcing himself up to the very top rope.]


Dante Reed - This is it! This is it Riggs! Kincaid has floored Owen with the Flying Lariat! He’s looking for that Frog Splash!


Sebastian Riggs - Can he do it? No!


[Kincaid From On High!...but no one is home! Kincaid smashes into the middle of the ring like a comet, coming up holding his ribs to his feet! Owen quickly gets up, rushing across the ring and rolling Kincaid up with an O'Connor roll! But Kincaid desperately kicks him loose, before the referee can drop for the count. Both men meet in the center of the ring, trading blows with each other yet again with brutal chops to the chest! It’s Kincaid who breaks first, as one particularly blistering chop makes him collapse to one knee. A frustrated Owen grabs Kincaid and hurls him over the top rope to the floor! The camera stays with Owen as he drops to his own knees, taking a few deep breaths to try and find his wind after an absolutely grueling contest. The camera pans over his shoulder though, finding Kincaid hanging from the ropes by his hands! Owen looks back and seems stunned by what he sees, heading across the ring after his opponent. Kincaid pulls on the ropes, skinning the cat upward! Owen grabs at him, trying to snatch him as he comes over his shoulders but instead Kincaid lands on his knees behind him and immediately rolls him into a school boy!]






[But Owen twists sideways, rolling Kincaid into an omoplata to look for the Krukenberg! Kincaid is ready though, forward rolling on one shoulder to avoid the move and coming up to his feet with a hold of Owen’s ankle! Kincaid hooks his arms around Owen’s ankle, and yanks him over into the Straight Shooter! Owen is locked up in the half crab! Owen cries out in pain, reaching forward and pulling himself toward the ropes! Kincaid squats down, struggling desperately to keep his opponent still but Owen crawls hand over hand toward the ropes. He reaches a hand out, grasping for the bottom strand-]


[BUT KINCAID PULLS HIM BACK TO THE MIDDLE! Owen is bent backward even more, Kincaid stretching his long leg back so that his foot is nearly over his head! Owen raises a hand again, as referee Bruce O’Neal drops to the ground and asks him if he wants to submit! Owen’s face is a mask of agony, one hand is raised in the air and he looks like he’s about to submit! But instead, Owen plants both hands and forces himself upward! It buys him just a little bit of space, enough space for him to spin onto his back! Kincaid tries to reestablish the hold, but instead Owen snaps another kick out from his back right into his opponents shin! Kincaid winces in pain and eats another kick to the shin! A third kick collapses him to his knees! Owen snares him in the omoplata and rolls him to his belly! Kincaid tries to fight loose, reaching for the same ropes he pulled Owen from a moment ago! Owen reaches across, grabbing his other arm and trying to pull it back. Kincaid resists as best he can, only for Owen to start slamming open hand palm strikes into the back of his bicep to force him to pull it back from the ropes! Owen wraps his arm into the Krukenberg! Kincaid keeps fighting, trying to crawl forward and Owen leans back on his hip, snapping brutal kicks into the back of Kincaid’s head! Over and over, the flat of Owen’s foot is driven into the back of The Bullet King’s skull! He slumps over, eyes closed, and the referee leaps up and calls for the bell! Owen releases the hold and hops up to his feet!]




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “Indestructible” Owen Gonsalves!


Dante Reed - Owen Gonsalves has done it here tonight after an absolute war!


Sebastian Riggs - These men promised us something special, and they certainly delivered tonight. Owen has come out with a fantastic victory, but Kincaid has nothing to be ashamed of.


[By now, Alyssa Kincaid has made her way into the ring and kneels in the middle of the ring to check on her husband who has just regained consciousness and sits in the middle of the ring. Alex holds his hands against his head, looking absolutely devastated at the loss he’s just taken. Owen Gonsalves gets his hand raised by the referee and then heads to the middle of the ring. He drops to one knee and the two men exchange a few words that aren’t picked up by the camera. Then Owen reaches out and shakes Kincaid’s hand. The crowd cheers the display of sportsmanship, as Owen rolls out of the ring to the floor.]


Dante Reed - In the end, what we just saw is what this sport is all about. Two men proving themselves. Sportsmanship. The sport of kings.


Sebastian Riggs - What a match!


[The camera stays with Owen Gonsalves, holding his hands up and posing for the cheering audience. Inside the ring, Kincaid sits against the corner turnbuckle with the smallest smile on his face as we cut away from the ring.]

Dante Reed - Folks, stick around as we take a short commercial break. When we come back, it's our main event! Alyssa Daniels and Legion square off for the first time for one of the Four Horsemen Medallions! Stay tuned!

don't give up

[We go backstage to a hallway filled with equipment technicians. They all seem to be working meticulously to confirm that everything is good to go as the night presses on. A few look up in the direction of an unseen hallway, alerted by commotion.]


Voice - Where are you? I know you’re here!


[Zipping around the corner like a woman on a mission, Alyssa Daniels bypasses the startled techs and continues to call down the hallway.]


Alyssa Daniels - Kelly!


[The camera follows her down the hall and away from the commotion. She rounds another corner to an empty hallway.]


Alyssa Daniels - Where in the...


[She trails off in thought and shakes her head. She mutters to herself, just barely audible to the camera’s microphone.]


Alyssa Daniels - Me searching hallways for people is becoming a cliche...


[The lights in the hallway flicker briefly, catching Alyssa’s attention.]


Alyssa Daniels - That’s gotta be you, Kelly. Look, I’ve gotten word that Elysium is pressing on. It’s going to operate with or without you. You can come back, ditch these creepers. Don’t give into their indoctrination.


[No response. Alyssa sighs and shakes her head.]


Alyssa Daniels - Don’t give up on us, Kelly.


[She turns and walks back from whence she came. As she rounds the corner out of sight, the lights flicker again. A figure appears now at the end of the hallway in the distance. The form looks familiar.]


[It looks like Kelly Godless.]


[The lights flicker again and just as quickly as it showed up. The figure is gone again. The camera fades to the view of the empty hallway.]


JULY 1, 2018




Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for tonight’s main event of the evening! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for one of the Four Horsemen Medallions! Introducing first, standing 5’3” and weighing in at 137 pounds, from Aokigahara, Japan, she is a member of Salvation, “The Queenslayer” Legion!


[The voice of a young child begins to ring out through the arena as it goes dark.]



You come to me…

With your poison and your misery…

Oh, Death…

You come to sting…

With your poison and your…





[Like a rock concert the stage explodes with pyro spark columns as Halestorm's "Miss the Misery" goes on a full audio assault. The lights strobe for several seconds in sync with the music as fog billows out onto the stage. It's concealment is short lived as out from this mist ‘The Twisted One Who Is Many’ begins to slither with wisps of fog trailing off of her as she makes a fast paced stride for the ring.]


[She sports black leather tights with string laced open seams exposing skin on each thigh, strapped, silver studded and capped knee high boots, fingerless gloves and a studded leather strapped bra top that is under a motorcycle jacket which itself is decorated in chains, spiked shoulders and studded arms. Legion’s logo is emblazoned across the back of the jacket as well as the black and green haired wrestling murderess arrives at ringside with a running leap under the ropes and over the apron, neatly sliding to the center of the ring where she rises to a low crouch.]


[She shoots off a sly, sinister grin as she stands and begins head banging to her music for a moment. Legion then bursts for the nearest ring post and crouches atop of it, with that dark smile never leaving her face, even as she back flips off the top and landing on her feet, backing right up into the opposite corner where she slides down for a seat on the second turnbuckle, legs spread apart and gloved hands on the top rope as she awaits her next victim.]


Dante Reed - Legion finally made her in-ring debut at War of the Worlds in that Main Event Elimination Match, where we all saw that Salvation prevailed and sealed the victory.


Sebastian Riggs - She played a key role in that victory, Dante, but tonight she is in there one on one with some Championship aspirations on the line!


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing Elysium Pro, she is “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to roaring cheers from the crowd! She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. Her eyes then lock on the ring as her demeanor changes from pleased and happy to intense and focused. She marches down the ramp and leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope displaying her quickness and agility. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. She hops down from the turnbuckle and pulls the top rope to stretch in preparation for the coming match.]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels has been on fire, no pun intended, since debuting in Union Battleground. But one thing that has plagued her has been Legion.


Sebastian Riggs - Both debuted on the same night, when Legion ambushed Alyssa after “The Heart of Infinity” won her debut match. Since then, it’s been a back and forth battle. They met for the first time during the War of the Worlds Elimination Match, and that was the spark to ignite this rivalry to new heights.


Dante Reed - Tonight, they finally face off one on one for the first time. The winner of tonight’s main event will also earn one of the Four Horsemen Medallions for their shot at the War Horse Championship! Our fighters are now squared away in their corners and our Senior Official Bruce O’Neal is calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell echoes out and the crowd instantly grows louder as Legion and Daniels commence a heated staredown from across the ring. Legion breaks the intensity by bellowing out her trademark laugh, only instigating Daniels to come at her. Alyssa cautiously moves forward and thus brings Legion to follow. The two meet in the center and Legion throws a wild haymaker, but Daniels catches it and counters with a low kick. Legion dodges it and counters with a sweeping kick, but Daniels dodges that and launches a soccer kick at the now grounded Legion, but Legion dodges it and kips up back to her feet. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie, but Legion pushes Daniels back onto her heels. Daniels lunges in and lock horns again, this time sending Legion across the ring with an Irish whip. On the return, Daniels goes for a superman punch, but Legion ducks it and continues running the ropes. Back on the return, Legion goes on the offensive with a flying forearm, but Daniels ducks it. Legion once more runs the ropes, but Daniels follows behind and catches Legion at the ropes with a thundering clothesline that sends Legion spilling outside of the ring! Daniels wastes little time by running the ropes herself, and when returning, launches herself over the top with a tope con hilo onto Legion!]


Dante Reed - Fast action right out the gates here, Bas! You can sense the bitterness between these two!


Sebastian Riggs - Legion has poked and prodded Alyssa for months now, and Daniels finally gets her chance at Legion! I expect her to unload on her!


[Alyssa lands on her feet after her textbook tope con hilo and pumps up the cheering crowd. Daniels drops down onto Legion and begins a vicious ground and pound attack. Alyssa then gets to her feet, dragging Legion up with her, and rolls her back into the ring. Legion slowly gets to her feet while Alyssa climbs up to the apron, and perfectly times a springboard hurricanrana! Daniels is now filled with adrenaline and runs the ropes. On the return, Daniels crashes down onto Legion with a standing shooting star press and hooks the leg for an early cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels is coming at Legion with all cylinders firing, Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - In her mind is all the times Legion has attacked her. All of the mind games, and everything she did at War of the Worlds! This is payback time!


[Legion kicks out with fury and the two get back to their feet. Daniels throws a punch, but Legion blocks it and throws a vicious jab of her own. Legion then throws several knife edge chops to the chest, and backs Daniels up into the corner. Legion begins choking out Alyssa with a boot to the throat and the referee begins his standard four count. O’Neal pleads for Legion to release, and after an extended period finally obliges. The Queenslayer then goes back to throwing several knife edge chops before Irish whipping Daniels across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. Alyssa stops herself before impact and springboards off the corner ropes into a crossbody onto the unsuspecting Legion! Daniels tries to hold on for a cover but Legion kicks free before the ref can drop down to make a count. Both fighters are back on their feet and lock horns. Legion goes on the offensive with a knee to the midsection, and again whips Daniels across the ring. Daniels’ ring awareness comes into play as she again springboards off of the ropes, this time rocking Legion with a superkick! Legion drops to the mat like a ragdoll and Alyssa quickly starts to ascend the nearest turnbuckle.]


Dante Reed - Jesus, Bas, it looks like Daniels is trying to end this one early! I think she’s going for the Shot to the Heart!


Sebastian Riggs - I told you, Dante, she’s got so much pinned up rage towards Legion, she wants to embarrass her tonight! And an early exit is just the right thing!


[The crowd jolts to life as Daniels steps up to the top rope and gestures for her signature high flying move. Daniels then flips over for the 450 elbow drop, but at the last second, Legion rolls out of the way, leading Daniels to crash down to the canvas with considerable impact. Legion lets out her piercing laugh before slowly picking up Daniels. Legion picks up Daniels and powerbombs her into the turnbuckles and Daniels ragdolls straight down to the mat. The Queenslayer props Daniels up in the corner, then gets a running start, and crashes in with a Bronco Buster! Daniels tries to work her way up to her feet with help from the ropes, but Legion stops her in her tracks with a vicious knee to the temple, and then begins choking her out with the ropes! Again referee O’Neal barks out his count and orders Legion to let go, but this time she shoves the ref away and presses on. The crowd rain down boos on Legion but she simply feeds into it and taunts the crowd while The Heart of Infinity struggles to break free.]


Dante Reed - Legion now has gained control in the match up and is making Alyssa Daniels suffer.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s breaking the rules knowing that the ref isn’t going to call this match with a DQ. With a medallion at stake, Graves always orders his officials to keep the match alive as long as no outside interference comes into play.


[Finally, Legion releases Daniels from her grasp but belittles the Elysium ambassador by smacking her around a bit. Gradually Alyssa gets back to her feet, and when she turns to face Legion, Legion picks her up in a fireman’s carry, and plants her with a facebuster in the center of the ring. Legion then hooks a leg for a cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Th—Kick out!


[Legion looks up to the referee in anger about the count. She gets to her feet and begins jawing off at him but he holds his ground. Legion goes back to Daniels and begins stomping away all over her head and body. To finish off, Legion stands on Daniels’ hair and pulls her up the arms. The crowd cry out with jeers as Legion presses on and the referee trying to put an end to it. Finally she lets go and hits a leg drop for good measure. Legion then picks Daniels up to her feet and throws a flurry combo of forearm smashes, backing Alyssa up into a corner. Legion is unloading on her, then whips Daniels across the ring, crashing into the opposite turnbuckle and dropping to the mat. Legion sees the opportunity and rushes over for another Bronco Buster, but this time Daniels escapes in time, sending Legion crashing into the buckles.]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels makes a crucial escape, and may have possibly turned the tides back in her favor!


Sebastian Riggs - It's been back and forth between the two, Dante, we could see a finish at any time at this point! These women have to stay focused!


[Daniels gets a shot of adrenaline with the cheering crowd now behind her and picks Legion up for a powerslam into the turnbuckle! Alyssa has Legion trapped upside down in a tree of woe and she takes a few steps back as the crowd begins to rumble in anticipation. The Heart of Infinity comes firing out like a bullet and collides into Legion with a baseball slide right between the eyes!]


Dante Reed - A devastating baseball slide right in the face!


Sebastian Riggs - Daniels has Legion right where she wants her now! It’s time to capitalize!


[The crowd is on their feet as Daniels begins to pick Legion up off the mat. Alyssa throws a few forearm smashes, continuing to disorient Legion. Daniels Irish whips Legion across the ring, but Legion reverses it and instead sends Daniels running the ropes. On the return, Daniels dodged a lunging clothesline, springs off the ropes again, and Legio goes for the Ronin’s Revenge Claymore Kick, but Daniels ducks it, stops dead in her tracks, and catches Legion with the Amnesia! The codebreaker flatlines Legion as she’s sprawled out on the mat. Alyssa crawls over top of her and makes the cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner for one of the Four Horsemen Medallions, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Alyssa Daniels just put Legion to sleep with the Amnesia! Daniels has gone one up on her bitter rival!


Sebastian Riggs - And not only that, Alyssa earns one of the Four Horsemen Medallions and will earn a shot at the War Horse Championship!


[The bell continues to ring out into the arena as the crowd cheers in Daniels. Alyssa gets her hand raised high and is awarded the medallion. She climbs up the turnbuckle to show it off to the fans.]


Dante Reed - That was an incredible display of ring awareness by Daniels. She sniffed out the signature kick from Legion and countered it with her own powerful signature move. She has been on an absolute year since debuting, she’s definitely earned it here tonight!


[Just as Alyssa was slowly descending the turnbuckle, Legion finally makes it back to her feet, and clocks Daniels as she turns around with the Ronin’s Revenge! Daniels drops to the mat and the crowd quickly turns on Legion. The Queenslayer kneels down and pries the medallion out from Daniels’ hand! She quickly rolls out of the ring and makes a B-line up the ramp and through the stage entrance.]


Sebastian Riggs - Woa, what the fuck just happened here Dante?!


Dante Reed - Legion just stole the medallion right out of Alyssa’s hands!


Sebastian Riggs - But Daniels won that fair and square! She’s earned the right for that medallion! Legion doesn’t think that she can walk into that title match like that can she?


Dante Reed - Bas I wish I had the answers to that. But this is the Battleground, who knows how this will unfold! Folks, that’s all the time we have tonight, catch us in two weeks as we make our way down to San Juan, Puerto Rico! Good night!

i hung my head



[...Suddenly the door springs open and it’s our resident “cold sore of commentary”, our “dirtbag of the dirtsheets”, “Diamond” Dick Thrasher.]


Dick Thrasher - Oh, sorry boss. I didn’t know you were with someone.


Axel Graves - It’s alright, Dick. What is it?


[Thrasher steps inside and closes the door. He approaches Graves with an envelope in hand.]


Dick Thrasher - I was sorting the mail and had this for you. It doesn’t have a return address so I’m not sure how it got through to here, but I thought I should deliver it personally to you.


[Graves looks confused as Dick hands him the envelope. It’s hand written with simply “Axel” wrote on it. Graves opens it up and reads the letter. His jaw nearly hits the floor as he stares at the paper.]


Dick Thrasher - Wh— What’s it say, boss?


[Graves sits frozen for a while before finally turning the paper over to Thrasher. The letter simply says “It’s time to collect”.]


Dick Thrasher - What the fuck? That can’t be, can it?


Axel Graves - I know that hand writing. Dick, he’s coming.


[Thrasher looks panicked, seemingly knowing what Axel’s vague remarks are.]


Dick Thrasher - Well what the fuck?! We can’t pay him just yet! What do we do?


[Graves sits there scratching at his beard before a light bulb moment jolts him.]


Axel Graves - You know the saying, it’s hard to hit a moving target... that’s just it... we go international!




[The first message received at Burning Hammer by the alleged unknown financial backer of Union Battleground is something that has burrowed in Axel Graves’ mind like a bad hallucination. The thought of not having the capital to pay his dues, and the consequences that would follow was like a lucid nightmare of being stuck in quicksand with no help in sight. He’s been absent from on camera for the most part as a result, aside from the current War with Salvation.]


[Which leads us to the aftermath of War of the Worlds. Salvation had just run rampant through their competition. Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos captured the Battalion Titles in shocking fashion, while Nemesis, Ragnarok, Legion, and the seemingly spellbound Kelly Godless reigned victorious in the Main Event Elimination Match.]


[After the fans had filed out, and the building was essentially a ghost town, Axel Graves stayed back and sat alone in his private office. While in his ring gear with sweat beading down and around noticeable lacerations across his face, he sat on a bench seat next to his locker with his head hung low. The thoughts of his control over Union Battleground slipping out of his grasp has weighed heavy on him. Salvation has grown stronger than ever, and his constant fear of reconciling his debts has pushed him beyond his limits.]


[Axel was at his breaking point. He fights back tears with thoughts racing through his head of what his grandfather Phillip Graves, the founder of Union Battleground, would say if he saw how the state of the Battleground has become. To stymie off the flooding emotions, Axel grabs his bottle of Jameson from his locker and takes a swill of the whiskey without a flinch.]


[Graves sat alone, tipping back the bottle, for what felt like an eternity, but then the deafening silence was broken by the ringtone of his cell phone. He picks it up and sees it’s an unknown number with an unknown location. He tosses it into his gym bag. Not a moment too soon, his phone rings again, this time antagonizing him, but he lets it go. He takes a few more swigs before his phone chimes, indicating a voicemail. Perplexed, he picks the phone out from his bag and holds it up to his ear to listen to the message.]


Voicemail - … Hey bro, did you think that by leaving the States I was gonna forget about ya? You know better than anyone, I never forget anything! I’ve kept up with the numbers, and I don’t like what I see. You’re sinking hard! You guys haven’t sold out a show all season, your streaming network has promotions folding left and right like a fucking lawn chair, and your little MMA project has drummed up ZERO interest! I want my fucking money, plain and simple. I’m not gonna stop until I find you, and when I do, you better have it. ‘Cause if not, you’re fucking dead! … If Grandpa saw how you’ve lost control of Union Battleground, he’d roll over in his grave.


[Axel’s heart dropped to his stomach and turned pale as a ghost. He knew who it was. With everything he had, Axel mumbled under his breath.]


Axel Graves - … Gunnar!

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