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welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The distorted star logo that has become synonymous slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view glitches and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena. At the conclusion of the opening montage, we transition to a captivating aerial view of the ring, with the canvas and aprons murdered out in black and the ropes in a deep crimson red with a red eroded star in the center. An exquisite light show bounces all through the Royal Albert Hall to encapsulate an all round intoxicating aura. Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are ripping through one of their singles from their newest album “Insomnia” as camera angles pan throughout the crowd.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground.]


Dante Reed - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England in front of a rowdy crowd of 5,109 and this is L!GHTS OUT #22! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed and alongside me as always is none other than Sebastian Riggs! Bas, it’s our last show before War of the Worlds and a lot has culminated up to this point. Specifically, the reign of terror Salvation has continued to unleash. We’ve seen so many step up to the challenges but time and again so many have fallen.


Sebastian Riggs - Two weeks ago, we saw Flash Kassidy bring the heat to the Union Battleground Champion Nemesis, but unfortunately he came up just short, and the ensuing attacks from Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos was an apparent breaking point, as we saw the Battalion Champions, The Outliers, rush out to even the score and make the save. Tonight, in our main event, we will witness a monumental Trios bout as Flash Kassidy and The Outliers team up to face Nemesis, Viduus Morta, and Aiden Deimos! This building just might implode on itself!


Dante Reed - No doubt about it, that’s going to be a helluva match. Also on deck, our newest Trench War Champion, Rogan MacLean, will defend his title against a familiar adversary in Anton Chase.


Sebastian Riggs - These two are no stranglers to each other, having a lineage that dates back to the defunct Warped Wrestling and their renowned Total J Cup Tournament . I’m sure there’s bad blood between these two, and we might even see some of it spill out on the canvas!


Dante Reed - And As the rules dictate, Kimitsu Zombie will be defending her War Horse Championship against an eager and hungry rookie in Danny Colt.


Sebastian Riggs - Kimitsu has proven herself to be one of the fiercest competitors in the Battleground, but she better not overlook Danny Colt. He’s still wet behind the ears, but he’s shown an amazing display of ability, and you never know when an upset might happen and shock the world!


Dante Reed - Tonight we also have a bevy of singles matches where these combatants try to continue the climb up the rankings. We have Joe Stanton taking on Caden Walker, Finn Whelan taking on Rhyan Matthews, and Alyssa Daniels taking on André Jackson.


Sebastian Riggs - Matches like those are what you really have to pay attention to. Sure, nothing particular is at stake, but every win counts and brings you one notch higher on the totem pole, and every loss can be a devastating freefall to the cellar of the rankings.


Dante Reed - And finally, our opening bout is a Battalion match that has two odd couple teams squaring off with a ton of animosity towards just about everyone. Blake Archer and Trixie will team up to go against Josie Pleasure and Aliyah Jaxon. We know that Blake Archer and Josie Pleasure are set to square off for the GWP World Heavyweight Championship at War of the Worlds, thanks to GWP Owner Jeremy Peters booking the match back at Crown of the King Cobra. But we still haven’t received an answer as to why Aliyah Jaxon attacked Trixie at L!GHTS OUT #20. But not only that, Aliyah Kaxon and Josie Pleasure battles it out against each other jist two weeks ago! How on earth are they going to cooperate with each other?


Sebastian Riggs - That’s a loaded question, Dante. I feel like that match will be a total shit show, where that Battalion match may end up as a fatal four way!


Dante Reed - We’ll were about to find out as it’s coming up right now! Mike, take it away brother!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Currently in the ring, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 137 pounds, from Manhattan, New York, she is “The Empress” Aliyah Jaxon!


Dante Reed - Starting things off we have a Battalion match. The King of Canines, Blake Archer will team with The Prime Girl, Trixie and they will be fighting the team of The Psycho Bitch, Josie Pleasure and  The Empress, Aliyah Jaxon.”


Sebastian Riggs - Those two just had a match Dante so I am interested to see how well they can get along. Let’s not forget the amazing undefeated streak Aliyah Jaxon has been on and is so proud of, she plans to continue it here tonight.


Dante Reed - It will be tough Sebastian as Trixie is looking to get back to her winning ways and turn her luck around as well. Everyone is looking for that next victory as we approach War of the Worlds.




[Josie steps onto the stage as she grinds her hips from side to side, slowly working her hands up the sides of her body then throws them up into the air displaying metal signs. She flashes a twisted smile as she strolls down the ramp never taking her eyes off the ring that lies before her. Once there, she rolls inside pulling herself to the center and arching her back in what is known in yoga as an upward facing dog. Pushing her ample breasts outward and throwing her head back in what can only described as orgasmic fashion. Making the men in the audience shout with catcalls and whistles.]


Mike Dempsey - And her partner, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 120 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, “The Psycho Bitch” Josie Pleasure!


Dante Reed - I can’t help but notice that Josie has been parading about with that chunk of Ms. Chamberlin’s hair still. She really does want to live up to that psycho moniker.


Sebastian Riggs - She seems to me to be tired of coming up short, I wouldn’t want to be the one to push a psycho, I had an ex-girlfriend once that was psycho… man… did we have fun!


Dante Reed - I’m sure I don’t want to hear more on that. If Josie wants to pick up the win tonight she’ll have to learn to coexist with our next competitor.


[Aliyah insist on stating this one off arguing with Josie over it right off the bat. On the opposite side Blake ask Trixie if she cares and they shake on it as she exits to their corner.]










[Archer steps out from behind the entrance his beautiful fashion obsessed wife stepping out next to him. He holds his fist up above his head and she wraps her arms around his giving a heel popping kiss. They then proceeds to make his way towards the ring. One hand holding hers and the other He reaches his hands out to his sides touching fingertips with those stretching out to touch him.]







[He stops and hits the steel rings steps with his fist than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring after swiping his feet across the skirt of the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans.]


Mike Dempsey - Now entering the ring, standing 6’9” and weighing in at 295 pounds, fighting out of Canton, Ohio, “The King of Canines” Blake Archer!


Dante Reed - The King of Canines has had a lot on his mind with his old partnership with Josie Pleasure seemingly turned sour over the GWP World Heavyweight title around Blake’s waist. We could see a preview of what is to come between them at War of the Worlds.


Sebastian Riggs - That is if Archer gets in the ring, he said earlier that he might not even get into the ring with Josie for this one. We’ll just have to wait and watch I guess.”




[Trixie comes out of the curtain with a pair of sunglasses on for the entrance along with a denim waistcoat on. She poses at her side as she removes the sunglasses from her eyes. Next she lets the waistcoat fall off her as it slides off her arms. Trixie then walks down to the ring with a confident smirk to her.]


[She glances at the eyes and attention on her, but smiles accordingly. Her stride down to the ring is slow to allow for fans to get a glimpse of her. Trixie leaps onto the ring apron gracefully and stands on the apron for a moment to walk along it a step. There, she steps into the ring and writes with her finger "S,S" on the ring mat.]


[Afterwards, Trixie goes to the corner. She jumps and pulls herself onto the second rope to pose quickly for a picture and leaps down off the ropes. No sooner do her feet touch the ground does Trixie quickly get into her beginning pose. Right foot back, right shoulder slightly back and ready to strike. Lastly, tossing the sunglasses behind her to the corner she once posed on.]


Mike Dempsey - And his partner, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 131 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada, “The Prime Girl” Trixie!


Dante Reed - Trixie is on that search to get back on the winning side here in Union Battleground. This pair seems a bit odd to me, but both seem confident that they will get along better than the next two.”


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie in particular, sounded very focused that tonight is the night she returns to the win column. Her preparation for tonight’s L!GHTS OUT has been one for the books.




[Blake and Aliyah start things off, Blake in a fighting stance mirrored by The Empress as they circle the ring looking for an opening on the other. Aliyah strikes first with a kick to Blake’s knee, but he’s seen that a million times and shifts enough to soften the blow. He chuckles telling Aliyah nice try and she makes him regret giving her that moment as she swings down hooking up his left leg and knocking him down onto the mat, she drives her knee into the knee of the same leg she grabs and stands up doing it one more time for good measure. Aliyah still holds the leg transitioning into a single leg Boston Crab, but Blake has way too much juice left as he powers out of the move easily.  Aliyah is thrust forward as Blake makes it out of the move and the two turn to meet on another Aliyah with a low kick and Archer with a right hook. Aliyah staggers as the punch catches her on the jaw and Blake grabs his knee before hooking his arms around Aliyah’s head and pulling her into a side headlock.]


Sebastian Riggs - What a yawn fest Dante.


Dante Reed - This is a technical display I am used to seeing Archer use now, but Aliyah is painting a bullseye on that left leg as fast as she can. Right now Archer is in control with a side headlock wrenching it on tightly trying to cut the oxygen off from Aliyah Jaxson.


[She shoves him forward his arms being too big to have a good enough grip. Archer is sent into the ropes turning as he hits them rebounding back towards her as she jumps up her feet colliding with his face from a picture perfect dropkick. He falls backwards the ropes catching him and he shakes it off only for her to hit him with a flying forearm smash. She traps Archer in the corner delivering a few kicks and than pulling his wrist to Irish whip him at the opposite corner. Blake counters hitting her with a lariat clothesline. She his the mat on the back of her head and Archer stumbles back up to his feet. Trixie sees him breathing heavier and calls for the tag, he walks over and tags in Trixie without hesitation. Trixie picks up Aliyah standing her up before giving her a snap suplex and going for a quick cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Close call there, that lariat might have shook Aliyah more than we thought? What would you say Sebastian?


Sebastian Riggs - She looked like she might have landed on her head so it is hard to say, but it did look devastating Trixie might just need to isolate Aliyah and her team will have this in the bag.


[Trixie uses her Sexy Jawbreaker keeping Aliyah immobilized holding her into a front headlock as Trixie tags in Archer. The the two of them work together hitting a double suplex on Aliyah before Archer turns it into a pin attempt.]


... One!


... Tw— Kick out!


[Blake pulls her up and hits a belly to belly suplex, when he stands up Josie grabs him from behind almost attempting to rip out his hair like she did Maggie Chamberlain, Blake ducks and wiggles away from her while the Ref situates her back to her corner. From behind Aliyah hits Archer with a chop block to his knee she’d worked on earlier! Both of them fall to the mat, Archer grabs his knee the same one he’d hurt in his last match. He looks up at Trixie and reaches out his fingertips still being feet away from Trixie. Behind him Josie is screaming profanities at her teammate Aliyah, badly wanting in this match against Archer. Crawling to her corner Aliyah looks up brushing the hair out of her eyes so she can see, she is about the same length away as Archer is. They both reach out getting the tag!]


Dante Reed - Aliyah and Blake both get their respective tags! Here comes Trixie and Josie.


Sebastian Riggs - I think Josie seems disappointed, I don’t blame her Archer looks like his knee still might be bothering him from his fight against Kai Stevens.


[Josie enters the ring and so does Trixie stands up straight for a moment keeping eye contact with the psychotic vet. Josie is the first to make a move lunging at Trixie, but Trixie spins out of the way and locks her arms around Josie’s waist from behind. Quickly Josie counters with an elbow to the jaw, she turns and grabs a handful of her hair. She yanks it so hard Trixie shouted from the pain as leads Trixie to the corner she smashes Trixie's face into the turnbuckle. She looks back at Blake Archer and mouths something offensive at him before thrusting Trixie’s face into the corner a second time. Archer nearly enters the ring, but stops and thinks better of it as the Ref is right on top of him. ]


Dante Reed - Josie is having fun mocking The King of Canines, I believe she is taunting him via means of this abuse on Trixie.


Sebastian Riggs - Posturing doesn’t get anyone anywhere, it seemed Blake nearly fell for that old trick though.


[Josie does almost get a smile seeing Blake try to rush to his battalion partner’s aid, she yanks Trixie by the hair again ignoring the Ref’s warning to stop with the hair pulling. She teases Trixie that there is nobody to save her and slams Trixie at the turnbuckle a third time! Trixie blocks! She elbows Josie in the gut and than turns and delivers a backhand chop. Josie's chest stings as she grabs it, Trixie pulls back her hand and delivers the Hardest Slap EVER!]


Dante Reed - The HSE! Trixie surprises Josie pleaser with a WHAM of a slap!


Sebastian Riggs - Well she does call it the Hardest slap EVER!


[Trixie jumps up acting like it hurt her hand as much as it must have Josie. The slap sends Josie falling backwards and she collides hard on the mat. Josie seems dizzy, but the fire in her eyes is growing as she rolls to her stomach to prevent any pin attempts. She punches the mat with aggravation and pushes herself up to a standing position. Trixie grabs her from behind, she wraps her arms around Josie’s pinning them behind her head, she pulls back attempting a Dragon suplex, but Josie blocks it with her strength. Josie manages to reverse into a backslide pin. The official counts.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - I think Josie caught Trixie a little by surprise with that backslide pin, but both of these women seem to be exchanging a great back and forth inside the ring right now.


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie is hanging in there with the chaotic offense that Josie has perfected over the years. I think she might even be wearing her out Dante!


[Aliyah calls for Josie to tag her in, Josie huffs and puffs and starts to grin. She walks over and sticks a middle finger right in Aliyah’s face yanking it back quickly before she is able to tag herself in. Josie turns her attention back to Trixie sitting in her team’s corner. Josie dares Blake to tag in and he nods his head. He reaches down and tags Trixie as the fans pop to life as they are about to get a preview.]


Dante Reed - Things just got interesting finally the two people that will meet at War of the Worlds for the GWP World Heavyweight Championship.


Sebastian Riggs - This is the moment Josie has been waiting for all week Dante!


[Blake walks from one side of the ring and back to his team’s corner keeping his eyes on Josie. She grins nearly from ear to ear in a fighting stance ready for him to charge. He cracks his knuckles in his hands and than his neck he grabs ahold of Josie’s shoulder’s and she digs her thumbnails into the inside of his elbow’s to block the pressure of the collar and elbow tie up. He still manages to push her to the ropes near Aliyah who taps Josie’s back shoulder and enters the ring. She kicks Blake in the back of the knee and he drops, Josie gets angry wanting to know what the heck Aliyah is thinking?! She shoves her and Aliyah has had enough of it! She shoves Josie back, the two began getting up in each other’s faces. Blake tags in Trixie in the chaos and charges at Josie hitting her dead on with the Silver Shot!]


Dante Reed - Blake’s spear! The Silver Shot on Josie Pleasure!


Sebastian Riggs - Aliyah better look out!


[Trixie crashes into Aliyah with her Shining Apprentice! Trixie hooks the leg while going for the pinfall.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here are your winners, “The Prime Girl” Trixie and “The King of Canines” Blake Archer!


Dante Reed - There you have it what a match up ladies and gentleman.


Sebastian Riggs - If you ask me Josie robbed herself and Aliyah of a victory here tonight.


Dante Reed - I have to agree a little, their cohesiveness certainly lead to their downfall. Folks, stick around for more action. Coming up next, we have the debut of André Jackson as he is set to take on Alyssa Daniels!

quit playing games with my heart

[We cut backstage where the clattering of objects to the floor can be heard. Suddenly, Alyssa Daniels, dressed in her ring gear and ready to go, storms around the corner.]


Alyssa Daniels - C’mon, Legion…


[She looks down the corridor and sees nothing. There is no response to her call.]


Alyssa Daniels - Where are you?!


[The shout echoes down the corridor but that echo is the only response she receives.]


Alyssa Daniels - Let’s go, Legion! Thought you were going to show me this pain and suffering…


[This draws a response, albeit a strange one. Two voices, both sounding like they belong to Alyssa though slightly distorted, echoes the important words in the latter part of the sentence.]


Distorted Alyssa - Pain… Pain…


Distorted Alyssa - Sufferiiiiiiiing…


Alyssa Daniels - Stop it! Stop hiding! Come out and face me!


[The silence echoes loudly in response.]


Alyssa Daniels - Come out and fight, coward!


[Laughter responds to Alyssa this time. Oddly, the laughter sounds very similar to Legion’s voice but like a chorus of different laughs from all different directions, as if from multiple Legions. Alyssa is visibly furious at the mockery and looks down the hall to find the source.]


Voice- Ms. Daniels?


[Alyssa immediately turns and slams the source of the voice against the wall, her forearm at its throat.]


Stagehand - Ugh… I just wanted…


[Alyssa reels back in shock and releases the innocent man.]


Stagehand - I didn’t mean to… I was just… Your match is coming up.


Alyssa Daniels - I’m so sorry! I’m so…


[She shakes her head in dismay as she turns to hurry down the hall toward the inner arena. The scene fades.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 160 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, representing The Jesus Freak Camp, making his Union Battleground debut, he is “Da Human Torch” André Jackson!




[Andre Jackson comes out and bounces to the beat of the song, greeting the fans with high fives and then stops at the bottom of the ramp. He smiles at the fans taking in the scenery. Making his way up the steel steps with a lot of pep in his step, Da Human Torch looks real eager to get things going. Standing in the heart of the ring, the fans join in as he shouts “FLAME ON!”]


Dante Reed - Here comes one of the latest newcomers to the Battleground, André Jackson has his hands full in his debut bout.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it, Dante. This 20 year old young buck is coming straight out of the Jesus Freak Camp, and technically he can’t even legally buy the blood of Christ yet!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing Elysium Pro, she is “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to roaring cheers from the crowd! She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. Her eyes then lock on the ring as her demeanor changes from pleased and happy to intense and focused. She marches down the ramp and leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope displaying her quickness and agility. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]


Dante Reed - And now, the Elysium Ambassador, Alyssa Daniels is set to try and make it three straight victories in her young Battleground career.


Sebastian Riggs - She has shown to simply ooze talent, Dante. She’s been quite impressive taking down Alexander Devin and Aiden Deimos, two top notch members of Salvation. Although since her debut, she’s had another Salvation member, known as Legion, stalking her every move. I’m sure she’s looking over her shoulder at every turn.




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. She hops down from the turnbuckle and pulls the top rope to stretch in preparation for the coming match.]


Dante Reed - And now we have both competitors squared in the ring, ready to make a name for themselves here in the Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - Both of these competitors come from an extensive family who’s made their mark in the industry. I’m excited to see this chapter unfold!


Dante Reed - The referee now is checking with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell rings and Andre and Alyssa slowly move to circle each other. Da Human Torch is looking to make an impact in his Union debut, but he's coming up against the Heart of Infinity, and she's not in a good mood after the ambush from Legion last week. They circle slowly before Andre rushes in, only to be caught by Alyssa with an armdrag. Andre bounces to his feet and tumbles back towards Alyssa, who armdrags him again. Andre rolls with it this time, slipping out under the bottom rope to try and gather his wits, but that just leaves him in the drop zone as Alyssa bounces off the opposite ropes, then charges forward, leaps high, and crashes down on Andre with the Tope Con Hilo!]


Dante Reed - And Alyssa isn't wasting any time tonight! Daniels has just taken flight and made sure to give Andre Jackson a stiff welcome to Union Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - This is a great strategy by Alyssa. Keep the rookie off his feet before he can find his footing, and it may pay off early.


[Alyssa is the first to her feet, reaching down to grab Andre by his hair and rolling him back into the ring. Daniels climbs up onto the apron and sizes up Andre as he climb to his feet, before Alyssa slingshots herself up and into the ring, looking for a shoulder block, but Andre manages to catch her, hooking an arm around her head and falling with the momentum, driving Alyssa face first into the mat with a DDT! For his first offensive move in Union Battleground, its an effective one as London lets him know with a roar! The momentum is on Andre's side now, and he takes a moment to catch his bearings, before climbing up, and reaching down to drag Alyssa up with him. He greets the magenta haired woman with a nice knee to her ribs, following up with an elbow to the back of her neck to drop her to a knee, before taking two steps back to size up his target and then cracking her in the jaw with a nasty shin kick! Alyssa collapses backwards from that one, and now Andre pounces on her, hooking a leg for the cover]






Dante Reed - Alyssa firing a shoulder up off the mat, but this Andre Jackson kid certainly seems like he's ready to go, Riggs.


Sebastian Riggs - He certainly does, but he has to be careful. Too much, too early, and we've both seen plenty of times when the new guy burns out far too fast.


[Andre doesn't seem to be focused on that, instead quickly popping up and pulling Alyssa with him. The Human Torch is clearly looking to get his own fire going, as he pushes Alyssa back into the ropes and goes to whip her across the ring, but Alyssa puts on the brakes and reverses it, sending Jackson into the ropes. Andre bounces off, but then ducks under Alyssa as she leaps up on his return, but then Andre jumps up and bounces off the middle rope, and as Alyssa lands and turns around, she's grabbed around the neck and driven into the mat with a springboard cutter! Mister 313 has caught her again! This time though, Andre doesn't go for a pin instead springing up and going to the corner. Andre grabs the top rope and then leaps up and turns around, squatting on the top rope, and sizing up the gap ahead of him. It doesn't seem to faze him though because after a moment he takes flight with a Five Star Frog Splash....but comes down on knees!]


Sebastian Riggs - What did I tell you Dante? These rookies....they don't have the ring awareness yet to really time these moves, so they end up going for their big moves at the wrong time and it costs them.


Dante Reed - And its definitely going to cost Mr 313 here if Alyssa gets to her feet first!


[And Alyssa is the first one up. She's hobbling slightly from the impact of Andre's weight to her knees, but the Heart of Infinity isn't going to let that stop her, and as Andre reaches his feet, he's grabbed by the back of the head and then drilled with a stiff European Uppercut right across his jaw. Alyssa lets him stumble back a step or two, but thats only so she can get him to the perfect distance to slam him with a calf kick to his ribs, followed by a spin kick right to his gut. The Human Torch is feeling the shots as he doubles over in pain, and Alyssa seizes her chance, hooking his head in a tight clinch, and then slamming her knee up into Andre's face once...twice....three times and Andre just slumps to the canvas. Alyssa seizing her chance and pouncing on him for the pin!]






Dante Reed - Those knees caught Andre completely off guard, and I don't think he even knows where he is right now!


Sebastian Riggs - Alyssa knows it too. This is where veteran experience will topple rookie enthusiasm every time. Andre may have kicked out, but the lights still aren't on at the Jackson home.


[Alyssa can sense the blood in the water, and she backs up a few paces now, watching the woozy Andre roll onto his hands and knees, clearly trying to gather his surroundings, while the Heart of Infinity is all smiles as she senses a chance at Amnesia! Andre slowly climbs up, and as he staggers around Alyssa charges in, only for Andre's instincts to kick in, and he fires off a superkick catching Alyssa right in the jaw! Alyssa slumps to one knee from the force of the kick, but then her own instincts seem to kick in, as she hobbles back up, stumbling slightly, and it gives Andre the chance to size up his shot, and he leaps up, wrapping his legs around the back of Alyssa's neck, and then driving her down on top of her head with a poisoned frankensteiner!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit! Alyssa Daniels looks almost dead! The rookie may be stealing this one!


Sebastian Riggs - He's got her down, all he needs now is that killing blow and this match is his for the taking!


[Andre seems to sense as much, and he rolls out under the bottom rope. His eyes are glaring at Alyssa, as he watches her roll over and onto her hands and knees. Andre has a wicked smile on his face as he pulls himself to his feet, before he points a finger gun at Alyssa, and fires the trigger. Its Da 313 time! Andre takes a firm grip on the top rope and starts to shake in anticipation, eyes fixed on Alyssa as she slowly climbs up. Alyssa manages to push herself up on wobbly feet, and Andre takes off!]


[He leaps up and twists in the air, landing on the top rope on both feet, before he springboards backwards and turns......]


[And he is greeted by a jumping Alyssa Daniels, as she catches his head and drills her knees into his face with the Amnesia! Jackson never even saw it coming, but London did and they roar loudly as Alyssa slumps over the out cold Jackson and hooks both his legs!]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!


Dante Reed - And there you have it folks! Alyssa Daniels seals the deal once again against a hungry rook.


Sebastian Riggs - Give credit where it’s due. André Jackson was impressive in his debut, but unfortunately comes up short against the Elysium Ambassador.


Dante Reed - She’s on fire, and surprisingly, no sight of Legion! I think maybe Daniels has made a statement here tonight. Not just for André Jackson, but for Legion and the rest of Salvation! Folks, stick around, coming up next we have Kimitsu Zombie defending her War Horse Championship against another hungry rookie in “The Dodge City Dynamo” Danny Colt!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s going to be a barn burner! I can’t wait!

a new era, a new breed

[The scene opens up backstage, as the camera zooms out to see ‘Primetime’ Rhyan Matthews, standing in his locker room. Bending down, he plants a kiss on his Wife Kaden’s lips.]  


Kaden Notorious - Babe, you were great out there tonight. You’ve definitely got a big future ahead of you.


‘Primetime’ Rhyan Matthews - Thanks baby, and i’m glad you’re here every step of the way. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, but it’s been the best.


?? - I echo your Wife’s statement, you’ve got a big future in this business, Rhyan!


[Startled by the voice interrupting them, as Rhyan smiles as he see’s it’s Danny Colt, his opponent from Lights Out #21. Walking over to Danny, Rhyan offers him his hand.]


‘Primetime’ Rhyan Matthews - It’s good to see you, Danny. Didn’t think it’d be so soon. And thanks for the kind words, you’ve got a hell of a future in this business as well. It was a hell of a battle out there last week, the fans definitely got what they wanted.  


Danny Colt - Hey Man, I’m just grateful I got a chance to see you before my title match. I’m feeling pumped and ready tonight, and a lot of that comes off our amazing match last week. So thanks for bringing it.


‘Primetime’ Rhyan Matthews - I gave it my all, that’s all i can do. You done the rest and got yourself noticed by the management here. And i’ll be watching closely in your Championship match, good luck.


Danny Colt - Cheers Rhyan. Good luck to you as well. Finn’s a big name. Do well against him, and you’ll easily get noticed by management.


‘Primetime’ Rhyan Matthews - That’s my intention, bro. But asides from our singles career, i reckon there’s a space in the Battalions Division for a young, upcoming force. What do you reckon?


[Rhyan says with a grin towards Danny, extending his hand, hoping for an acceptance. Danny looks at the hand and then up at Rhyan and smiles, but shakes his head softly.]


Danny Colt - Let me think on it? I want to see how I go against Kimitsu tonight. No use me promising you a run as your partner, only to win a singles title and be tied up defending it.


[Danny then takes Rhyan’s hand and shakes it softly, his eyes on the taller mans as he smiles.]


Danny Colt - And if you find yourself overwhelmed or under attack, I’ll have your back. That much I can promise you.


[Danny then lets go and turns to nod his head politely towards Kaden.]


Danny Colt - Ma’am.


[And with that Danny heads off down the corridor, ready for his title match while the camera stays on Rhyan and Kaden.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 210 pounds, from Dodge City, Kansas, he is “The Dodge City Dynamo” Danny Colt!





[As the rock ballad kicks in, the crowd rise up to watch the stage, and from the back out steps Danny Colt! Colt is stretching his arms as he steps out of the back, but he stops after a few paces to throw both hands in the air, acknowledging the fans that are responding to him. Danny walks forward a few more steps and then jogs forward, hopping up onto the apron, before he jogs across to the turnbuckle. Climbing up on the outside, he throws both fists high in the air to applause from the crowd, before jumping off and into the ring. Stripping off his singlet, Colt dashes over and tosses it to the crowd, before he moves to his corner and continues his stretches, getting ready for the battle to follow.]


Dante Reed - One of the newest additions to the Battleground, Danny Colt has been quite impressive over the last month.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it. Colt has gone 2-0 against the seasoned veteran Anton Chase and another newcomer Rhyan Matthews. His performance was impressive enough for Axel Graves to decide to grant him a championship opportunity. Let’s see if he’s up to the challenge!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, representing the 4CW, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]







[Kimitsu Zombie calmly walks out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu and her War Horse Championship on like a bandolier across her body. Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowd's reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]







[She takes a long chug of shochu and spits a shochu mist into the air then screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring and holds her title up in the air waiting for the match to start.]


Dante Reed - And now coming to the ring is one of the more tenured competitors in Union Battleground, and War Horse Champion, Kimitsu Zombie. Little Yokai is set to make her third title defense in as many shows since capturing the title back at Crown of the King Cobra.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s a bit baffling that Zombie has yet to cash-in the War Horse Title for her shot at the Trench War Title. It’s not been a secret she’s wanted to get back at Emery Layton, but she’s missed her shot! At least, in terms of getting the Trench War Traveler.


Dante Reed - No doubt she’s wanted her rematch against Layton, but two weeks ago Emery’s reign as Trench War Champion officially came to an end at the hands of Rogan MacLean.


Sebastian Riggs - But for right now, she looks focused on the task at hand, and that is Danny Colt! The other stuff will have to wait.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, looks like both competitors are squared away and ready for action. Our referee for this bout will be Joe Murray, and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell tolls and both competitors waste little time and close the distance. Colt And Zombie meet in the center of the ring and lock horns with a collar and elbow tie up. Danny uses his size advantage in its rarity and puts Kimitsu in an arm wrench. Kimitsu tries to throw several back elbows to escape the hold but Colt dodges each strike. Kimi then cartwheels out of the pressure and broomsticks Danny with a swift leg sweep. Danny is quick to react, though, and hits a kip up to get back to his feet before the two lock up once again. lol goes on the offensive and Irish whips Danny, but the Dodge City Dynamo reverses the whip and sends Zombie running the ropes. On the return, Danny attempts a leaping lariat, but Kimi ducks it. Zombie rebounds off the ropes and comes at Danny with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but Danny over corrects and lands on his feet. The Kansas Kid dials in and throws a spinning heel kick, but Kimi ducks and goes for another leg sweep, but Danny leaps over it. The two now simultaneously throw out a flurry of strikes and both continuously parry each one. Finally Kimi lands a clean shotei right on the button, causing Danny to stumble back. With the distance, Danny goes for a superkick, but Kimi evades it with a suicide kip up, and the two stop in their tracks for an intense stare down as the crowd erupts and breaks out into a chant.]





Dante Reed - Danny Colt and Kimitsu Zombie showing off their superior speed and athleticism early in this bout and the crowd is loving it!


Sebastian Riggs - It looks like The Dodge City Dynamo can go toe-to-toe with the Champ and we’re just getting started!


[The two competitors both nod in a subtle display of respect before going back to the action. Once again, they lock up and Danny quickly throws a knee to the midsection. Zombie hunkers over and allows Colt to sink in a front face lock and hurls Kimi over with a crisp snap suplex. Zombie is quick to get back to her feet though and rushes Colt, only for him to use her momentum for a textbook hip toss. Showing signs of frustration, Kimitsu blindly bull rushes Danny once more, Only this time he rocks her with a vicious European uppercut that sends her back on her heels. Zombie turns her back and stumbles over to grab the ropes to keep her footing, which Danny seized the opportunity to pounce with a crushing lung blower! The Kansas Kid then immediately hooks the leg for a cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Danny Colt has Kimitsu guessing and keeping one step ahead of The Champ!


Sebastian Riggs - Thought for a second we were about to see an upset with that brutal Long Branch Buster, but Zombie’s resiliency is very well known to be unparalleled in this business. I mean she’s a Zombie for crying out loud!


[Undeterred, Danny springs up to his feet and before Kimitsu knows what hit her, Colt crashes down with a sharp knee drop to the head. Danny pops back up, and drops another knee, this time to Kimitsu’s throat. Kimi rolls around in pain, and Danny stays close by and is able to lock Kimitsu into a hammerlock! Danny wrenches back with dominant force while Kimitsu tries to escape the hold!]


Dante Reed - The Dodge City Dynamo immediately goes to work on that shoulder. He’s playing it smart working on that joint to soften Kimi up for that Kansas Klutch!


Sebastian Riggs - Kimitsu better be careful, I’ve seen plenty of competitors tear a rotator cuff because they either couldn’t get out of it or refused to give in to it.


[After an unwavering struggle, Kimitsu Zombie finally makes her way to the rope, forcing the break. Danny respectfully obliges to the referee’s orders and releases the hold and stands back to his feet. Zombie works her way up with the assistance from the ropes and slowly makes her way towards Colt while loosening her shoulder. As she draws near, Danny changes levels and shoots in for a single leg takedown, but Kimi sprawls back and gets Danny in a front headlock. Immediately she begins throwing rapid punches while Danny tries to work back up to his feet. Still in the headlock, Colt tried to go for a Northern Lights Suplex, but Kimitsu blocks it with a leg hook. He goes for it again with a little added leverage with his hips, but Zombie again blocks it. Before Danny can try for a third time, Kimitsu rocks him with a jumping knee smash! Danny stumbles around to try and keep his footing, and Kimitsu lingers close behind. While Danny has his back turned and tending to his nose, Kimitsu reaches under and gets Danny in the clutches of a groin claw! The crowd goes wild as Zombie plays to them before bridging back for a textbook ballsplex! Kimi swoops on top for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Th—Kickout!


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie grabs this match by the… well, by the balls and is right back in the mix!


Sebastian Riggs - No shame in her game, Dante. She’s going to do whatever it takes to get the victory!


[Kimitsu quickly pops to her feet and begins to play to the crowd. She then heads over to her corner and grabs her bottle of Shochu and throws it back to the thunderous roars of cheers. She notices Danny slowly rising to his feet and she heads over and spits a heavy mist of Shochu in his face! Danny fumbles around clenching his eyes and Kimitsu goes on the attack, bouncing off the ropes and delivering a basement drop kick to Danny’s legs. Zombie then runs the ropes again and rocks him with a basement drop kick to the head! Colt now lies face down on the mat but Kimitsu doesn’t let up, and instead wraps around and hooks Danny in a La Magistral pin!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kimitsu is firing on all cylinders!


Sebastian Riggs - That Shochu must have gave her some liquid courage!


[Outraged, Kimitsu looks up at the ref and argues the count, but the ref stands his ground. Zombie eventually brushes him off and goes back to Danny, picking him up by the hair. Zombie begins throwing a vicious combination of kicks to the legs and body of Colt, keeping him guessing. She finally ties up with him and goes to whip him, but Colt reverses it and sends Zombie across the ring. Kimitsu uses this to her advantage and hits a springboard crossbody, but Danny catches her in a fireman’s carry! The crowd roars in anticipation, before The Kansas Kid finally drops the War Horse Champ with a Death Valley Driver! Both competitors lie motionless on the canvas as the crowd erupts into various chants.]


Dante Reed - The Dodge City Dynamo catches the Champ off guard and flips the script with the Dillon Drop!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s got to capitalize right now! Kimitsu is out cold!


[Slowly and with the crowd behind him, Danny crawls his way over to Zombie. In a last ditch effort, he slings an arm over top and the ref drops down for the cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Oh my god! I can’t believe Kimitsu kicked out!


Sebastian Riggs - I thought this was over for her, Dante. Her eyes were in the back of her head!


[The crowd gasps at the sight of nearly seeing a new champion and Colt looks up to the rafters in disbelief. Danny slowly works his way to his feet, while Kimitsu struggles to follow suit. Both competitors finally make their way to their feet, and with precision, Danny thumps Zombie in the midsection with a boot, and gets her in a double underhook! The crowd erupts as Danny looks to be going for the Dynamo Driver. As he lifts her up, Zombie uses the momentum to break free and reverses it into a standing Frankensteiner! In a daze, Danny stumbles back to his feet and tries to lunge at Zombie, but she strikes with a devastating low blow kick to the groin! With Danny hunched over, Zombie springs off the ropes and flattens The Kansas Kid with a ruthless axe kick!]


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie crushes Danny Colt with the Banzai God Kick!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s out cold! Kimi is making the cover!


Dante Reed - This one’s over!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground War Horse Champions, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - Another impressive and successful title defense by Kimitsu Zombie here tonight. She has truly become a War Horse within the Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it, Dante. Zombie has gone 5-0 now in season two, and shows no signs of slowing down! But you have to give all the credit to Danny Colt. He pushed Kimitsu to the limit! If it weren’t for that low blow, I think we’d be looking at a new Champion!


Dante Reed - That’s the beauty and the curse of the Battleground. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and pretty much anything goes. There’s no doubt in my mind that Danny Colt has a bright future here, and this is just a small setback.


Sebastian Riggs - All that’s left now is knowing when she will make her decision and announce her cash in for the Trench War Championship.


Dante Reed - That’s the million dollar question. But folks, we have to take a quick commercial break. When we return, we will see Finn Whelan taking on Rhyan Matthews, and so much more. Stay tuned!

defying the best

[The cameras fade into the back into one of the locker rooms where Finn Whelan is currently seated, wrapping his hands with black tape. He’s looking down intently at it, his focus on every move that he makes to make sure that the tape is wrapped decently. Next to him on the bench is an iPhone, lit up with a face that is unfamiliar to the Union Battleground, and he seems to be listening to the person on the other side as he prepares himself for his match.]


??? - ...honestly, I can’t believe they left you off the card.


[Finn shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly, stretching out his neck as he continues to wrap up the tape around his wrists as well.]


Finn Whelan - That’s what happens when you have someone who refuses to make a mockery of themselves on yet another pay-per-view. It’s fine. I’ll figure it out.


[The person on the other end of the line makes a huffing sound, her British accent harsher as she says her next words.]


??? - Still. Fucking still.


[Finn drops his hands and he looks down at the phone, picking it up and holding it at an angle in which the camera was able to see who it was. Though she was not known by Union Battleground audiences, she was known well by his other companies -- Elena DeDraca.]


Finn Whelan - It’s out of my hands, and we both know it.


Elena DeDraca - Unfortunately.


Finn Whelan - Honestly, I’m okay with not defending this year. Not because I don’t want to, but because it leaves me able to focus on the matches I have this week. If there’s anything I don’t want, it’s being shown up by a kid with less experience than I even have. I’ve been doing this a year, yeah. But still. I could lose focus, trip up a little, if I get overconfident. Like I did against Layton. I’m not about to do that again.


Elena DeDraca - Finn, the kid is in his second match--


Finn Whelan - My second match, I nearly broke off someone’s arm. You don’t underestimate people. Ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beefcake or if you’re weedy as fuck … you don’t underestimate. And I’m not going to underestimate Rhyan Matthews. Not this week, not next week, or the week after. Hell, I’d bet my title if I had to in order to prove I’m not messing around. Yes, even in Union.


Elena DeDraca - Would they even allow that though?


[Another shrug of his shoulders.]


Finn Whelan - I don’t know. Probably. Maybe not. You know how everything goes up and down there.


[Before he can continue, a loud pounding sound echoes on the steel door. Unidentifiable words are yelled, and Finn looks back at the door before he looks back to his phone.]


Finn Whelan - I’m not quitting. My goal is to go with the one loss and not gain anymore. While I’m sure that’s everyone’s desire, I know how to make it legitimate, and I fully intend to enter into Guerilla Warfare undefeated. But for now . . . I’ve got Matthews next. He’s resilient, but it’s not enough. Not against me, and at the end, I hope he’s learned something about this sport. Skill doesn’t come with just wrestling the best. It’s about defying the best, and proving once and for all that you’re more than able to handle yourself in the ring. And that nothing is going to be able to halt you in your tracks. I--


[Another pound at the door is heard, along with a producer yelling at him that it’s time to start heading down. Finn rises to his feet, muttering a quick ‘gotta go’ at Elena before turning off the phone.]


Finn Whelan - Nothing is going to stop my rise. Not again.



[The lights dim in the Royal Albert Hall, as the jumbotron springs to life as a women's voice starts talking.]


"Here to stay

Even when I'm gone

When I close my eyes

Through the passage of time

Kings never die."


[The voice stops, the lights brighten and the jumbotron focuses on a man, wearing a hood covering his face.]


?? - I’m home.


[He pulls his hood back as the sold out crowd in the Albert Hall rise to their feet and explode into a frenzy.]


Dante Reed - Oh shit, that’s Rayne Young. He’s teased he was going to come, but no one thought it was a reality.


Sebastian Riggs - And I wonder what his intentions are. Because I thought he was retired, the last I heard?


Dante Reed - That’s one thing about Rayne Young, he’s retired so many times, no one believes him when he does.


[With a huge smile, Rayne stands outside the Royal Albert Hall.]


Rayne Young - Surprised? Well PW:D was a monumental cockup on my part. I can’t go from becoming from the legendary wrestler that I am, to a successful owner without a few hiccups. But when I was running PW:D I realized it’s not what I want to do.


[That news gets a huge pop from the sold out crowd.]


Dante Reed - - Does that mean?


Rayne Young - And as it’s a big weekend for my boys from Tottenham tomorrow.


[A few fans in the crowd begin a “Yid Army” chant in reference to Tottenham, which brings a smile to Rayne’s face.]


Rayne Young - And I thought I’d stop by this great venue. But not only that it gives me a chance to see a place that I’ve had my eye on for quite sometime now. Will you see me in a Union Battleground ring at some point? That’s up to Axel Graves. He knows it’d be a mistake to pass up the opportunity to sign me up. My name transcends this industry. I was part of the greatest generation of superstars to grace the ring. And I’ve still got something left in the tank. I’ve still got something left to give. Like Tottenham Hotspur, I’m on the verge of greatness once again. And I hope that’ll be here, in Union Battleground. So Axel, do what’s best for business. Royal Albert Hall, I’m home.


[With those last words, the jumbotron fades to black as the scene fades out.]



[The lights flicker on and off, as all eyes focus onto the stage. Just as they do, the titan-tron lights up as the opening to Throne by BMTH begins to play over the P.A system. A single spotlight starts to focus on the stage entrance as a silhouette of a man can be seen walking out onto the stage with a huge smirk etched over his face.]


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 230 pounds, from Tujunga, California, he is “Primetime” Rhyan Matthews!


[The crowds not really sure what to make of Rhyan yet, as he casually and confidently walks down the ramp, smirking for the entirety of it. Rhyan seems to make the ladies fall at his feet, as the men glare on in jealously as he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring, as he music begins to die down. Rhyan walks past his opponent and the referee to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, looking out onto the fans, nodding. As he music finally comes to a finish, he turns around and looks at his opponent before jumping down from the corner.]


Dante Reed - Rhyan Matthews is looking to get things back on track after losing his debut match two weeks ago against Danny Colt.


Sebastian Riggs - You have to think, for Matthews it’s gotta be hard for him to see Colt getting a title shot after that bout. A lot of woulda coulda shouldas.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Seattle, Washington, he is “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


[The lights dim in the arena and cast the arena in a red glow, and for a moment -- only a moment -- the crowd quiets down just a smidge. The guitar riff opening that carries throughout the rest of Asking Alexandria's "The Black" breaks out and brings the crowd to their feet -- both in a positive and negative reaction, completely mixed.]








[Just before the first line of the song, Finn Whelan has appeared not from the curtain, but from one of the visitor's entrances. He stops at the top of the steps for a moment, a slight smirk on his face as he glances at the people around him. He begins stepping down the stairs at a brisk pace, high-fiving a couple fans as he makes his way down to the ring.]


Dante Reed - Finn Whelan is looking to build onto his win from two weeks ago against Anton Chase.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, another victory here tonight would definitely help re-establish himself here in the Battleground.


[At the barrier, he slings himself over and slides immediately underneath the bottom rope and leaps to his feet in the center of the ring. He heads directly for the ropes in front of him, and hops up onto the bottom one, bouncing slightly as he looks back at the crowd, choosing a few choice words to share with them. He drops down from it, and pulls off his vest as he heads to the his place against the turnbuckle, leaning into it as his music fades out.]


Dante Reed - Alright ladies and gentlemen, it looks like both competitors are squared away in their corners, ready for battle!


Sebastian Riggs - Like I said earlier in the night. Matches like these can build those unsung heroes out of nowhere. There’s nothing at stake except pride and proof.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, the referee is calling for the bell and this match is underway!




[The two men circle the ring, looking deeply at one another as the referee signals for the two men engage. Rhyan immediately goes after the  smaller competitor, right after right back Finn into the corner. Whelan ducks a big right hook, Matthews turns on a dime and connects with a huge haymaker connecting solidly with Finn’s jaw. Matthew’s quickly follows it up with another right, but this time when Finn ducks he is able to hook his arms around Rhyan and immediately hits a snap suplex that drops him on the back of his neck straight into the corner. Finn hops back up to his feet pushing off of the opposite corner before delivering a both knees straight to the chest! Rhyan falls to the ground, and Finn immediately drags him back to his feet throwing him into the ropes. Matthews rebounds off of the ropes, Finn pushes him up into the air and deliver a POP-UP LUNGBLOWER! Finn drops down into the cover.]








Dante Reed - Kickout by Rhyan Matthews!


[Finn rises to his feet, and without missing a beat lifts Rhyan to his feet. Matthews is able to overpower Finn and push him into the rope, and as he bounces back into the middle of the ring he runs straight into a huge discuss clothesline. Whelan crashes to the ground hard. Rhyan pulls him up to his feet and whips him across the ring, on the rebound goes for a big boot, but Finn is able to duck under it. Finn bounces off the ropes once more but runs straight into a boot to the gut doubling him over. Rhyan lifts him up, bouncing him off the top rope and slamming him down for a huge sit out powerbomb! He holds it for a cover!]








Dante Reed - Kickout by Finn Whalen!


Sebastian Riggs - A pinfall attempt a piece, someone needs to take control now.


[Rhyan drags Finn to his feet and throws him back first into the corner. Finn’s back collides with the lightly padded metal that lines the turnbuckle. Matthews charges toward him and Finn spins out of the way, quickly following it up with a huge knife edge chop to the center of his chest. With a grin on his face he deliver another, then another, before you know it they shots are rapid fire, Rhyan’s chest is blistering red. Finn runs and bounces off the rope and on his way back hits a huge boot to Rhyan’s face. Finn lifts him up and into the tree of Woe. He grabs a hold of the top rope and bouncing off the middle rope and delivers a huge double foot stomp. Rhyan crashes to the mat as Finn pulls him into the middle of the ring for the cover.]








[Finn drags his competitor to his feet and whips him across the ring. Rhyan bounces off the ropes and  straight into a shoulder check. Both men don’t budge. Finn runs back off the ropes and is caught by a boot to the gut doubling him over. Matthews grabs him by the waist and hoists him up into the air and drops him neck first onto the turnbuckle with a Buckle Bomb.  Finn stumbles out of the corner and straight into a DEADLY INNOCENCE! The spear nearly splits Finn Whelanin half! Matthews crawls into the cover.]







Dante Reed - Another kick out by Finn Whelan!


Sebastian Riggs - He's down but not out! This man is a fighter's fighter!


[Finn defiantly throws his shoulder off of the mat, resilient. Matthews pulls him up off of the canvas and delivers a huge knee to the abdomen. He pulls up Finn’s jaw and delivers a huge right hand. Dropping him to the floor. He pulls him up once more then drops him back to the ground with another huge right hand. Finn stumbles to his feet and Rhyan grabs him hoisting him high above his head, and Guerilla Pressing him up. He circles the ring as the crowd grows in awe. And with one massive push he throws Finn over the top rope and too the outside. He crashes into the barricade.]


[Rhyan Matthews looks out of the ring at Finn, who is struggling to get back to his feet, trying with everything he has to hoist himself up using the barricade. Matthews begins to scale the turnbuckle, frequently checking outside the ring at Finn. He reaches the tope rope... rising slowly to his feet and leaps through the air…Straight into a cutter! Finn was able to catch Rhyan in midair and drop him straight onto his head. Both men are down as the crowd looks on.]

Dante Reed - Amazing awareness by The Seattle Saint!


Sebastian Riggs - I don't know why a big man like Matthews is trying to pull off some aerial attacks! Rookie mistake!


[Finn is the first man to his feet, using the barricade to struggle to his feet. He grabs Rhyan and slides him into the ring. Finn slides into the ring and backs straight into the corner watching on as Rhyan struggles up to a knee. Finn charges...SEATTLE TERROR! NO! Rhyan lifts his body up, throwing Finn sky high, then is ripped out of the air with a huge DEADLY INNOCENCE! The spear sends Finn to the ground clutching at his ribs. Rhyan immediately drags him to his feet, throwing his arm over his head and looks out to the crowd. He lifts him high above his head! NO! Finn drops a knee down on the top of his skull. Matthews lowers Finn back down, TITIM CEANN!!! Finn drags him back to his feet frantically… Revelation 6:4! Finn hooks the leg!]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!

Dante Reed - There you have it folks! Mark this one in the books, Whelan continues on the right path for another night.


Sebastian Riggs - He came prepared, that's for sure. Like I said, he's a fighter's fighter. He won't take anyone lightly, whether they're a seasoned vet like Anton Chase, or a rookie grappler like Ryan Matthews.

the oncoming storm

[The feed of the shows cuts to a grainy, CRT quality shot of the backstage area where Joe Stanton's standing-by. He's already in his gear for his match ahead of him, along with his signature shades and leather jacket. Even with the glasses on it's clear that Joe's staring down the camera filming him, standing there in silence for a moment. His left hand produces a microphone from out of frame, bringing it up and he gives it a little tap tap to make sure it's on.]


Joe Stanton - Complacency is one of the deadliest enemies for a professional wrestler. One can get complacent with whatever's right in front of their faces, whether it's a rival or a sworn enemy or a championship or some other momentary desired goal. Fighting the same people, in the same ring, in front of the same fans can dull your senses as a fighter in ways that you have no idea until you're laying on the mat and wondering what you did wrong when something new comes along.


[The Scarlet Speedster bares his teeth when he talks about complacency, his tone getting heated like he's talking about some old villain he's met. He lists off with his fingers the various reasons that a fighter can get complacent with their lot in life. A tiny smirk forming when he points out what can be a result of such an phenomenon occurring.]


Joe Stanton - It's one of the reasons why I travel like I do, why I work for as many promotions as I do, why I'll take the special attraction and one-off matches that I do. Because it allows me to view the forest, view the trees, it gives me a larger scope and context for everything that's happening in our industry. For every talent that's in our industry right now that's absolutely killing it, and the talents that are coming into their own & are on the cusp of becoming the next big thing in this sport. For all of the different styles that are on the rise and that are ever evolving, changing and becoming something special like we've never seen before.


[Nodding and shrugging over one of the reasons why he does what he does, Joe thumbs his nose and he grins when he explains what this affords him. There's an almost child like nature to him when he's describing the kind of talent it lets him see firsthand, how he can watch the sport's various ebb and flow.]


Joe Stanton - It was why I issued an open challenge at Crown of the King Cobra, I wanted to see who out of the industry would step up, who would come out of their comfort zone like I do practically every week to come fight me here.


[Holding up one finger, Joe reminds the audience of some of his reasoning behind issuing the open challenge. Memories of his match with Hayden already flooding his mind by the way a hint of sly slips into his grin. He handles the microphone, moving it in his hand and he scratches at the back of his head before he makes a sharp inhale.]


Joe Stanton - It's why for War of the Worlds, I couldn't think of doing anything better than doing it again. I issue an open challenge to anyone, anywhere in the wrestling world. You. Me. And a wrestling ring. Nothing fancy, just an exhibition mat-


[Joe Stanton never gets to finish that sentence because somebody clubs him from behind with a forearm! The camera's shot is shaken slightly from the cameraman being startled though after a moment to settle it the lens picks up the attacker that's continuing to pummel on Stanton's back! It's Mark Storm! Storm throws Joe head first into a lighting fixture, having the heavy metal structure fall onto Joe! Storm goes to advance and Joe tries to free himself though before either can do much officials arrive and separate the two, keeping Storm at bay while they try to check on Joe. Storm pauses, now right in front of the camera, and he turns to look directly into it and mouths the word "Accepted" before running off to leave the officials to help & tend to Joe.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 275 pounds, from San Antonio, Texas, accompanied by Miss Sarin, he is Caden Walker!





[As the music begins Miss Sarin is the first to appear, calmly walking forward, her fingers clasping at the rosary around her neck as she smiles. A sinister grin cuts its way across her face as from behind her, Caden Walker makes his appearance. He stands rigid, his head down as he breaths steadily. Miss Sarin grips his arm pushing him forward as he walks uncertainly towards the ring, stopping at the apron as soon as he arrives. He seems to ponder it before slamming his skull against it, whispering pleas to the voices inside of his head to stop their screaming and let him focus before he slides into the ring. He slithers to the center of it, slamming his skull into the mat before lifting it up and letting out a roar to the crowd, having awakened his killing instinct as he crawls to the bottom rope, biting down against it in impatient fervor for his opponent.]


Dante Reed - Coming to the ring now is quite an imposing individual. Caden Walker made a stellar debut, defeating Elina Cartel at L!GHTS OUT #20, driving her to move to the front offices of a place called Fight Union.


Sebastian Riggs - Gotta say, I like the name... But with Walker, something’s not right with that guy. He’s certainly a few fries short of a happy meal, but it seems as though this equally unknown Miss Sarin guides this man with his decisions. I’m curious to see what she’s cooked up for us here tonight.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is the IJPW Death Crown Champion, he is “The Scarlet Speedster” Joe Stanton!









[The thumping of the song and the darkening of the house lights cue the fans to put their hands together, clapping along with the tune as a blinding stage light creates a massive glare that blinds those in attendance and at home watching. When the stage light dims and some spotlights cast on the stage, Joe Stanton is there standing with his signature pair of sunglasses on. He looks out at the fans and he pumps his fist a few times in rhythm with the song before he heads for the ring and enters it quickly. Throwing his jacket to the side, Joe circles the ring pointing to the fans in attendance before he shadow boxes in his corner, waiting for the tune to end.]


Dante Reed - And now, Joe Stanton warms up in the ring, ready to take on this twisted psychopath . I don’t know how, but he looks prepared for this fight.


Sebastian Riggs - Joe has shown some tremendous ability here in season two. No doubt he wants to get back on track, after being narrowly defeated two weeks ago against the War Horse Champion, Kimitsu Zombie.


Dante Reed - No doubt, Bas. He’s looking to rebound here tonight against a very tough opponent. And now, our referee for this contest is calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[Stanton and Walker go face to face, well more like face to chest. As Joe doesn't wait for the bell to be rung and drills Caden with a couple of right handers, followed by a couple of left handers, which rock Walker somewhat. Stanton drives his boot into the sternum of Walker and grabs his head and hits a DDT, planting Caden’s dome into the canvas.]


Dante Reed - Great early offensive from Joe Stanton. Clearly out to win this match and continue his ascent here in the Battleground.


[Stanton springs back to his feet and delivers a variety of knee strikes to the head and body of Walker, as the big man tries to defend himself. Stanton doesn't relent and drills his boot right into the face of Caden Walker. The big man shakes it off and smiles, getting to his knees. Stanton drills his knee right into the side of Cadens head, before grabbing him and pulling him to his feet. Wrapping his arms around his body, Stanton summons up an incredible amount of strength and puts Walker on his back, with a huge Gutwrench Suplex as the ring begins rocking back and forth.]


Sebastian Riggs - What a show of strength from The Speedster there. Walker has got 40lbs on him.


[Getting to his feet, Stanton wipes some sweat from his brow after just suplexing Caden. Joe walks over and grabs Caden by the hair and pulls him to his knees, but Caden hits him with an elbow to the gut, before getting to his feet and hitting Stanton with a Two Handed Chokebomb. Walker rolls of Stanton and after getting to his feet, runs at the ropes and comes back of them and hits a running leg drop right across the upper abdomen of Joe Stanton. Caden pushes Stanton away from him as he gets to his knees.]


Dante Reed - You can't keep the big man down. Caden is now looking in control of this match, after Joe's fast paced start.


Sebastian Riggs - Have to say, Walker hasn’t impressed me so far.


Dante Reed - Really? You just said a minute ago...

Sebastian Riggs - I know what I said!


[Walker grabs Stanton and lifts him onto his feet, before then lifting him into the air. And showing off his power, Caden lifts him up for a gorilla press. After two or three presses, Walker releases him and goes for a Sitout Spinning Powerbomb, but Stanton as he comes down manages to and pulls out all the stops and DDT's Walker once again to the canvas. This time he doesn't waste any time and floats over and hooks his leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


[Stanton grabs Walker and drags him to his feet and Irish whips him off into the ropes. As Caden comes back towards Stanton as he and Walker take one another down to the canvas with a double clothesline.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!


[As both men are down and out, Joe Murray started a double count out.]


... Four!


... Five!


[Stanton is the first to begin moving.]


... Six!


... Seven!


[And Joe is now up to his feet, as he walks over and picks Walker up, who was playing possum and cracks Stanton with a stiff uppercut, forcing The Speedster backwards on his feet. Caden lifts Joe off his feet and onto his shoulders, before running over and throwing him off, face connecting witth the corner turnbuckle. Caden runs at the ropes, hitting them hard and coming back at Stanton fast who turns around and Walker almost takes his head off with a Superkick.]


Dante Reed - What a shot from Caden Walker, right between the eyes of Joe Stanton. That's going to hurt.


[Walker walks around Stanton and smiles from ear to ear, as he stands over him and runs his thumb across his throat, signalling the end for Joe Stanton. Grabbing him by the arm, he pulls him up to his feet, but Joe has other ideas and manages to hit a swinging reverse STO.]


Sebastian Riggs - Somewhat surprisingly, Stanton is up and manages to somehow put Caden Walker to the canvas.


Dante Reed - He might’ve lost out to Kimitsu last time out, but The Speedster is a formidable competitor.


[Stanton doesn’t waste a single second, and runs out and grabs Caden by the hair, dragging him to his feet. And takes him back down to the mat with Rock’n’Roll Suplexes. After the third suplex, Caden stumbles around and the Speedster grins, before drilling his boot into the sternum of Walker, before lifting him onto his shoulder.]


Dante Reed - This is it!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s setting him up now. This one's over!


[Stanton looks out onto the crowd in attendance and drills Caden to the canvas with “Funeral For A Son” and hooks the leg.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Scarlet Speedster” Joe Stanton!


Dante Reed - What an upset! The One Punch Man does it again, this time with his patented Piledriver.


Sebastian Riggs - Whatever it takes to seal the deal! I have to wonder what’s in store for Caden Walker when it comes to his advisor or mentor or whatever you want to call Miss Sarin.


Dante Reed - Whatever it is, I hope I’m nowhere near it. Folks, stick around, coming up next we have the Trench War Championship on the line as Rogan MacLean makes his first defense against “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!

go big or go home

[We cut somewhere backstage to a dimly lit room. In the corner we can see the silhouette of a man sitting on a steel fold out chair. The man has his head hung low, and with the huge spiked mohawk, we know that it is Johnny Vachon. The camera slowly pans closer to the figure hidden by the shadows, while his head slowly rises.]


Johnny Vachon - I’m tired. Tired of being thrown down at the bottom while people like Dick Devereaux get every chance I should have. I came to Union Battleground to win. But so far I’ve been playing second fiddle to The Butcher. I’m sick of being held down. It’s time for ol’ Johnny Boy to get back on track!


[Although you wouldn’t know it by watching at home or on the big screen, but Vachon reeks of heavy alcohol. He slowly rubs the stubble on his chin before continuing.]


Johnny Vachon - It’s time that I make something of my Union Battleground career. And here’s how it goes. I’m issuing an open challenge to anyone in the Battleground. And to make things a little more interesting, I’ll put my Battleground career on the line! Let’s see who’s got what it takes to step up to the plate with a challenge like that. At War of the Worlds, I go big, or I go home!


[Vachon slowly lowers his head back down to the ground as the scene slowly fades out.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Trench War Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 209 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, he is “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance and two people are seen behind the white smoke. The first person steps forward in front of the white smoke revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase as the second person emerges behind him, which is his manager Chris Wood. Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side with Chris Wood following behind him. Chase climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits his opponent while Chris Wood takes his position outside the ring.]

Dante Reed - Anton Chase makes his way to ringside now, and he's got a major uphill battl

Sebastian Riggs - He seems to have forgotten his history, as earlier in the week he proclaimed that he took Rogan MacLean down during Warped Wrestling's Total J Cup Tournament back in 2016. We ran the numbers, and let's just say we may be bringing Chase in for some medical evaluations after the show...


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Galway, Ireland, he is the reigning, defending , undisputed Union Battleground Trench War Champion, Rogan MacLean







[The heavy beginning to "Antichrist Superstar" shakes the arena, and Mr. Farson first steps from the curtain, followed by Rogan MacLean, wearing his mask and hooded vest. He gazes down at his waist, where the Trench War championship belt is wrapped snugly. Some of the fans shout out the "Hey!" parts from the song. Rogan makes his slow stride down the entrance ramp as Farson eyes the crowd with a grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. The two get to the ring and Rogan pulls himself to the apron, peeling off his mask and staring out at the crowd. Farson waits in the middle of the ring and Rogan steps through the ropes. Once he reaches the center of the ring, Rogan kneels on one knee and touches his fist to the canvas, with his head bowed respectfully. He stands and removes his championship belt, holding it with one hand high above his head, before setting it in front of him on the canvas, and kneeling down once more, head bowed to the championship this time.]


Dante Reed - Bas, I'd be lying if I said it  feels real that Emery Layton is no longer our Trench War Champion.

Sebastian Riggs - It's definitely a strange sight to see someone else holding that title. She has absolutely left her mark on that championship, and I'd argue that she elevated it to be a more prestigious championship than our very own Union Battleground Championship!

Dante Reed - You could certainly make that argument. But now we must learn to love again, so they say. The fact of the matter is, Rogan MacLean is our new champion.

Sebastian Riggs - Let's see now if he can surpass Emery's historic reign!

Dante Reed - That's a tall order. One that I'm not sure anyone could honestly achieve, and that's not a knock on Rogan's abilities. But right now, we have a fight to call!



[Things open up rather strangely as MacLean removes the Trench War Championship from around his waist as he sits atop the corner turnbuckle, and hands it to someone at ringside. Anton stands in the opposite corner not taking his eyes off of MacLean, and this has not gone un noticed by Rogan who has not either as the two have locked eyes since the second Rogan took a seat upon the top turnbuckle. The crowd is at a fever pitch to see these two in the ring together. Neither of them moves a muscle as the crowd begins to chant for the two combatants.]

Dante Reed - You can already sense the tension between these familiar foes, Bas.

Sebastian Riggs - Incredible atmosphere right now. We're about to see some fireworks!


[Anton is unaffected by the crowd as his gaze never leaves that of Rogan MacLean, however MacLean begins to look around the arena with a evil grin on his face, laughing at the crowd… he claps his hands together as if to say, “Okay let’s do this!” MacLean springs off the ropes a few times as Anton waits for him in the middle of the ring, they circle each other’s and then suddenly… they lock up! They jockey for position back and forth, as they attempt to gain the upper hand on each other, when Rogan manages to shift it into a side headlock! But Anton quickly lifts Rogan backwards and drops him with a side backdrop! They both spring to their feet, and the crowd bursts with excitement! The two meets in the middle of the ring, as they begin to talk back and forth in the center, but to where most people would trash talk they seem to have a mutual respect for one another and them both back away, ready to hit a restart!]

Dante Reed - Interesting exchange here.

Sebastian Riggs - If I didn't know any better, I'd say, deep down, these guys have some shred of respect for each other. If nothing else, they come from the same Warped brotherhood, with the likes of other Union Battleground stars Malcolm Dred-King and Crowbar.


[They each spring off the ropes on opposite sides of each other, when they meet in the middle of the ring, Chase thinks quickly and moves just out of the way, raising a knee and nailing Rogan in the gut as he flips over his leg landing on the mat, Anton wastes no time, he locks in a seated headlock from behind, trying to cut off MacLean’s air supply, but MacLean slowly turns and struggles out making it to his feet, and delivers three elbows to Chase’s midsection breaking the hold he shoves his off into the ropes, unexpectedly he runs straight behind his and as soon as Anton hits the ropes and springs off MacLean nails his with a clothesline and the two topple over the top rope to the floor below! They get up, and Anton hits some blows to MacLean’s midsection as he looks to slide his back into the ring, but he manages to put some distance between the two of them. MacLean stumbles backwards trying to get his air back, but as soon as he turns around, Anton has gotten up on the ring apron and springs off and nails a superman punch to MacLean to the arena floor!]


[Anton grabs MacLean and tosses back in the ring, under the bottom rope, he ascends the turnbuckle, as MacLean gets to his feet he jumps off the turnbuckle executing a perfect corkscrew moonsault right onto MacLean as they both go crashing to the mat! Anton grabs his leg going for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kickout by MacLean!

Dante Reed - Stellar high flying action by Anton Chase!

Sebastian Riggs - High risk, high reward. He's got a shot at redemption for this title as well.


[Anton jumps back to his feet, looking to use his speed to his advantage, he jumps up to the shoulders of Rogan MacLean just as he gets to his feet looking for a hurricanranna, but MacLean thinks fast and turns it into a pop up powerbomb! Anton crashes down to the mat, as MacLean falls to a seated position himself as he tries to slow the pace down, so he can get his wits about him. Anton lays on the mat grabbing his back, but he will not be put down that easily. The two of them make it back to their feet and begin trading blows… but then a block by MacLean! Followed up with a blow to Anton, another block, followed up by another blow! And this and this! MacLean backs Anton up against the ropes and slings his across the ring, this time he hits the mat and Anton hops over top of him, he springs to his feet as he comes back to him and he connects with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head of Chase! He crashes to the mat and MacLean quickly looks to end the match, as he looks to lock in the machine, but before he can clasp his hands Chase knows exactly what he is looking for and he struggles and scoots the ropes before he can lock it on, and the ref calls for MacLean to move away.]

Dante Reed - Great awareness by Chase there.


[Anton rolls out of the ring, knowing how close that was to being locked in. He takes a deep breath, as Rogan sits on the ropes and welcomes his back into the ring. Anton gets up on the ring apron, as MacLean takes a few steps back and Chase fearlessly gets in the ring. The two circle each other’s once again, but this time when MacLean goes for a collar and elbow tie up Anton nails him with a kick to the knee, doubling him over, he grabs him and delivers a quick vicious fisherman neckbreaker! Using his speed once again, he delivers a double leg drop to again try to take away MacLean’s air. He picks up MacLean and delivers a short arm clothesline but doesn’t let go of his hand picking him up and hitting another one! Picking up MacLean off the mat he walks him over and begins to slam MacLean’s head into the turnbuckle pad over and over again! Then to the second pad… again and again! Then he lets him go and MacLean stumbles backwards holding his forehead as he falls to one knee. Anton sees his opportunity and he executes a running bulldog! He goes for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kickout by MacLean!

Dante Reed - Anton Chase is gaining some traction early in this bout!

Sebastian Riggs - Listen to the crowd! They're loving every minute of it!





[Anton gets up looking for a cradle piledriver but MacLean escapes and the two are back at their feet and Anton nails a discus clothesline! But MacLean pops right back up to his feet! And nails Anton with a roundhouse kick knocking his down to the mat! He pops back up and neither of them seems to be able to get the upper hand, Anton gets up looking for a spinning heel kick, but MacLean blocks it and knocks Anton to the ground! He grabs his legs looking for the sharpshooter, but he kicks him off! Anton springs back to his feet and the two of them lock up in a collar and elbow tie up! The action is getting fast and furious now, MacLean slides Anton into a side headlock but he quickly slips out into a standing switch, but MacLean reacts quick and reverses it into a standing switch of his own he clasps his hands before he can escape and goes for a German Suplex, but Anton flips and lands on his feet!!! He runs at him looking for a hurricanrana jumping up but MacLean ducks down and he hops over top of him! But then before MacLean can react he turns around into a Pele’ Kick!]


Dante Reed - Anton Chase is leaving it all out there in the ring!






[MacLean gets back up but is dazed stumbling as Anton springs back to his feet and as he grabs Rogan he locks in the sharpshooter! MacLean struggles in the move, but much like Anton before him he struggles and squirms to the ropes before it can be locked in completely and gets the toe of his boot on the bottom rope! The ref calls for the break and Anton slap his hands to the mat in frustration, as he lets go and rolls backwards to a standing position. Like Anton did earlier MacLean rolls outside the ring to catch his breath, this time Anton walks over and sits on the middle rope inviting MacLean back into the ring. MacLean looks up at him, smiling and nodding. Anton backs off and MacLean comes back into the ring. They tie up again and MacLean moves quickly and throws Anton to the ground with an arm drag take down and holds on locking in an arm bar. Anton bites his lip in pain as he slaps his shoulder and pushes back to his feet, but MacLean doesn’t release the arm bar, and kicks Anton in the stomach trying to knock his back down. Anton drops to one knee, but drops to his back, nips up and reverses the arm bar, twisting and flipping MacLean and he goes to the mat! Anton goes for a quick leg drop but MacLean moves out of the way quickly and popping back to his feet he grabs Anton’ leg making his fall to his shoulders on the mat, the slides on top of his for a pin, but he kicks out immediately getting to his feet, and the to stop both in a ready position and look at each other and pause.]



[MacLean smiles as he begins to clap his hands which is followed by the crowd, as they circle each other’s and tie up once again! This time MacLean backs Anton back up into the turnbuckle and the ref tries to break them up MacLean lifts his arms and then gives Anton a little pat on his cheek and then backs up. Infuriating Chase he sprints at MacLean who knows exactly what he just did, and grabs Anton flips his with a hip toss! Anton slaps the mat, knowing he just let that happen, he collects himself and gets back to his feet. Anton runs at MacLean looking to clothesline him over the ropes that he is standing next to, but he ducks under and flips his over the top rope and Anton falls to the arena floor right out in front of the announce position! Anton gets back to his feet and turns around just in time to see MacLean fly through the middle rope with a suicide dive and the two CRASHES into the barricade!]

Dante Reed - Look out!

Sebastian Riggs - Rogan MacLean is digging deep now to try and turn the tides!


[MacLean and Anton both lay on the arena floor, it’s not clear who got the worst of that move. The ref starts the count as MacLean grabs the ring apron pulling himself to his feet, as Anton crawls over toward the turnbuckle post, grabbing his lower back. With his back turned to him, MacLean sees this as the perfect time to get in a big blow, but Anton is playing possum and he nails a drop toe hold and MacLean goes face first into the steel steps!!! Anton in a seated position, sits pulling his hair out of his face, the speed of the match finally taking its toll as he looks over at MacLean who sits stunned in a seated position his head resting on the steps. Anton slowly gets back to his feet, and throws MacLean into the ring, and he rolls under the bottom rope flipping MacLean over on his back who is limp from hitting the steps. He drapes one arm over his chest…]


... ONE!


... TWO!


... THR— Kick out!



[Anton lays face down on the mat… as MacLean lays on his side. Both competitors struggle but make it back to their feet, both wobbling trying to get their balance. With a burst of energy as MacLean turns around Anton hits A HUGE FLOAT OVER DDT! He again rolls over and drapes one arm over MacLean… The crowd counts along…]


... ONE!


... TWO!


[MACLEAN TWISTS AND SLIDES OUT OF THE PINFALL COVER…PUNT TO THE SKULLL OF CHASE! MacLean looks down at  Anton as he frantically drags him to his feet, lifting him up on his shoulders… One Winged Angle! MacLean hooks the leg!]


Dante Reed - There it is! The Call of Cthulhu! This one's over!

... ONE!


... TWO!


... THREE!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground Trench War Champion, Rogan MacLean!

Dante Reed - What a match! Rogan MacLean successfully defends his Trench War Champion!

Sebastian Riggs - Gotta give credit to Anton Chase. He put up one helluva fight, but tonight it wasn't in his cards. No questions about it now, MacLean is the man to beat!

cashing in

[The Royal Albert Hall is hustling and bustling with excitement, as L!GHTS OUT presses on.]






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself Emery Layton emerges from behind the curtain, a mic in her hand. Over one shoulder, she has the King Cobra Championship but the other shoulder is notably bare. For the first time in over a year, Em is not carrying the Trench War Championship to a Union Battleground ring, and her discomfort shows. The former champion, with an uncharacteristic lack of fanfare, reaches the bottom of the ramp and rolls under the bottom rope, squatting to her feet. As The Feud’s cover of the Kate Bush anthem fades out, the cheers become all the more apparent. While mic’d up and ready to talk, Emery exercises some self-restraint and just stops. She just listens. Those fans are still behind her. She can feel it.]



*clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*


*clap* *clap* *clapclapclap*


[Slowly, she raises her mic to her mouth.]


Emery Layton - Y’know, after the month I’m having, that means a lot, you guys.


[Cheering! The capacity crowd are loving it.]


Emery Layton - But we gotta talk about the big, mask-wearing elephant in the room, yeah? Rogan MacLean is Trench War Champion and after four-hundred and four days...I ain’t.


[And cue the booing. He nods her head.]


Emery Layton - Oh man, don’t worry. Trust me- I done more than just ‘boo’ these last few weeks. I, uh...listen, I said loadsa times what the Trench War title meant to me. That title- oh, that title...before I became the Trench War Champion, people usedta look at me and say “there she goes, that little chancer who ‘grew too big for her gypsy camp’. She can’t win the big one”, but every single day I wore that title, it was a message to those people to say “Yes I Can”, and it wasn’t till then that people started taking notice and I got the opportunities I’d fought years to get.


[She pauses for a moment, slowly dropping to the ground, say cross-legged.]


Emery Layton - Listen, I ain’t one to blame others for my shortcomings, know what I mean? Like, I take stuff on the chin and move on, usually. But you lot saw what happened. If Dolan hadn’t interfered, I might still be here with that title on my shoulder, I dunno. What I do know is that I made history and I am glad about that. I am very, very proud of what WE made the Trench War Championship into. This dirty, no-good pavee...and all of you, who kept on caring. But--


[Em is cut off by applause from the Union Battleground faithful. Resting her chin on her fist, she waits for a minute, allowing it to fade out.]


Emery Layton - ...But y’know what? If I’m gonna lose a title that I went outta my way to help define and make the prize it is today, I at least wanna lose it on MY terms, not cos some skinny stickman with his Pingu nose got involved. THAT ain’t how Emery Layton goes down, that ain’t how we stop the Trench War Traveler. So Rogan MacLean, I wanna invoke my rematch clause at War of the Worlds, and we’re gonna do this properly, we’re gonna do it the right way! And if we don’t...then if you think the way you two followed me round the world was bad, you ain’t even gonna be able to blink without seeing me. So whaddya say? I know you’re here and I ain’t going nowhere till you gimme an answer!


[Em stays perfectly still, as she waits for the new Trench War Champion to answer. Rogan gazes at her with a smile and rolls into the ring. The boos rain down as he grabs a microphone and steps into the middle of the ring.]


Rogan MacLean - I don’t disagree with anything you’ve just said, lass. You were a great champion, you’ve every reason to be proud of your title reign. But you’ve become so… predictable.


[He laughs as he pulls the mic away from his mouth, grinning from ear to ear.]


Rogan MacLean - - Everything you’re saying, I knew you’d say. Hell, Emery, I’ve known for months what you would say at this very moment. You remember when I said this is a war of the minds? And that I’m already in yours?


[His grin turns evil as Dolan climbs into the ring, flanking Emery from the left. Emery takes a step back and glares from Rogan to Dolan, back to Rogan.]


Rogan MacLean - Easy, lass. He’s simply illustrating my point. And you know I’m in your head. And I’m making myself at home, yeah? So you want your rematch? In Ireland?


[He pulls the mic back again, his grin never fading.]


Rogan MacLean - You got it, Ms. Layton. Emery Layton Versus Rogan MacLean at War of the--






[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out Kimitsu Zombie walks out to a surprised reaction from the crowd. There seem to be half as many people cheering as there are booing. Kimitsu Zombie walks out with the War Horse Championship around her waist. She carries a shochu bottle with her and walks up to the ring and charges in. Farson quickly climbs out of the ring and evades the confrontation. Kimitsu walks up to Rogan MacLean and glares at him for a moment before getting right in Emery Layton’s face. ]







[Kimitsu holds out her hand for the microphone, but snatches it from Emery who looks like she is doing everything in her power just to stay calm.]


Kimitsu Zombie - Just a moment! Just a damn moment! You, Emery. Where do you find the guts to come out here? How do you show your damn face now and do this. You disappointed these people. You disappointed yourself. Worst of all you disappointed me. Do you know how long I’ve been thinking about ending your reign for that title? The only reason I even came back to Union Battleground was to come and rip that title from your hands. Then you go ahead and lose it. To him?! All my hopes were trashed. Then that trash went up in flames just now when you come out here and try to take my rightful spot?


[Kimitsu Zombie shakes her head at Emery as she backs off. She stares at both Layton and MacLean as she stands in the middle of the ring and takes off her War Horse Championship to the cheers of the fans.]


Kimitsu Zombie - I was the best in this ring during Season 1 and you still outshone me because of that title. I am the best in Season 2 as well yet you still outshine me by moving on. You try to outshine me again by trying to skip me and steal my rightful challenge. No, Emery. Not this time. If you want to use your rematch then you go ahead. Make my dream come true, but I’m going to be right there with you to make sure I get at you. I’ll kill two birds with one stone and get both of the things I’ve been waiting for. I’m going to cash in this title for my shot now. At War of the Worlds it’s going to be Rogan MacLean against Emery Layton, AND Kimitsu Zombie. See you there, you bastards.


[Kimitsu throws the mic down, takes a sip and spits it out in a spray at the both of them before leaving the ring.]


anytime, anywhere

[The cameras backstage find The Bullet King, Alex Kincaid standing in an empty locker room. He takes a slow walk around and takes a deep breath. He’s dressed in jeans, an Emery Layton t-shirt and a blazer. Certainly, he isn’t expecting to compete tonight. With that said, it’s clear he’s expecting something. He’s practically vibrating with energy as he turns back to the camera to address some words to the audience.]


Alex Kincaid - It started...here. It started backstage in a locker room just like this one. Where I rolled up, my first night in Union Battleground and I walked into my locker room only to find the place trashed. Now, I know how this game works, and if there’s one thing the Bullet King can tell you it’s that something like that happens for one reason only...to send a message. So I go looking to hear who sent that message. Now, the backstage scoop is that it’s Kira Izumi. So how do I handle it?


[He walks out of the locker room and invites the camera to follow, grinning a bit and swinging a hand toward it in a mock slap.]


Alex Kincaid - I get in his face, and I crack him in the mouth. Because it’s like the man said….you come at the king, you best not miss. And for the last two months he and I have scrapped all over the world. I’ve won some, I’ve lost some, but most of the time? Most of the time when he and I end up facing off there’s someone else in the ring. It’s in a four way. It’s in a tag. It’s in an environment where he and I don’t get to settle our business.


[Alex shoves a door open and the camera tracks with him through a parking lot. Several dozen fans are lined up in the lot, and the second they spot Kincaid they erupt in cheers. Alex grins and walks over to the barrier to slap a few hands, continuing his explanation.]


Alex Kincaid - You’d think that this would be simple. That it would just be get in the ring and trade some shots, ask for some one on one encounter to finally get this thing done. To finally answer the question once and for all who is better man. But this stopped being about the better man long ago. Did I step to Kira a little early? Did I make assumptions that he ran his mouth about my family? Yeah, yeah I did. Was that a mistake? Am I the bad guy in this situation?


[He walks away from the fans, giving them a final quick little wave and heading across the lot to reenter the building on the other side. Off in the background, we can hear the announcers hyping up the crowd. He stops for a second, and turns back to look at the camera again. His expression hardens and he makes a beeline toward the entrance way.]


Alex Kincaid - Who. Cares?


[He heads up the steps toward the entrance way and the camera cuts to a view of the ring. The grinding opening guitar to Hands Like Houses “I Am” cue up in the building and the crowd cheers as the song explodes to life. Kincaid walks out from the back, pausing on the top of the aisle to pace back and forth and stare over the sea of fans in the Royal Albert Hall. He heads to the ring, snatching a microphone from the announce desk and sliding into the ring. He walks to the corner and climbs to the second, raising one pointed finger high in the air before he hops back down to the canvas. The music dies down and he paces the ring, continuing to address his comments to Kira backstage.]


Alex Kincaid - Who cares Kira? Who gives a damn about how this started? Because it’s turned into something very, very different. It’s turned into obsession. It’s turned into a fight where you and I both know we won’t be able to move on until we hash this thing out. So how do I want to do that? Seems obvious to me. This started back there, started with a brawl...and I think that means we should do this thing Falls. Count. ANYWHERE! What do you have to say about that?


[Alex paces back and forth waiting for Kira to come out. A few seconds pass before we see three blurs rush into the ring. They start ganging Alex in the middle of the ring. They pull off a combo of kicks and strikes before we can see that it's the members of MURAMASA-kokka. Kira soon follows his fellow members and comes out through the crowd. He enters the ring as his fellow members hold up Alex who curses and struggles as their grip tightens.]


[Kira gives a devilish smile before getting closer to Alex. Alex spits in Kira's face before edging him on even more. Kira wipes the spit off his face and and then bounces off the ropes and hits Alex square in the face with his patent Kira Kira Knee.]


Kira Izumi - You know Alex... Falls Count Anywhere sounds pretty fun. Oh and Alex, for yer shit back there... well all's I gotta say is... YER DEAD!

Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s main event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Trios Match! Introducing first, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 223 pounds, from Pontiac, Illinois, accompanied by Charlie Bloom, he is “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!










[With lights flashing and a strobe light going off Flash Kassidy and Charlie Bloom make their way out to the stage. Flash in his signature coat and glasses. He bobs his head to the beat of the song before spinning around in a circle, a very cocky demeanor about him. He stops and faces the audience, slowly starting to slide his glasses down his nose as he looks over at Charlie, who gives him a determined grin. Flash licks his lips, before putting his arm around her shoulders, and beginning to head down to the ring. Flash was still vibing out to his own music, moving his head and free arm to the beat.]










[As they gets closer to the ring Flash slows his step, looking out at the audience one more time, seemingly brushing their reactions off like it was a chip on his shoulder. Flash gets a running start, leaving Charlie behind as he jumps into the ring showing off this athleticism in the process. Pausing for a moment inside the ring, he waits for Charlie to walk up the ring steps and opens the ropes up for her. As soon as she is in the ring he then runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, He gazes out over the audience, before letting out a slight giggle in his not so sober fashion. He then points out into the crowd at random before placing one foot on the top rope, and back flipping off, landing directly on his feet.  As soon as he does land however, he quickly rolls over into whatever corner Charlie has stationed herself at. Flash gives her a quick kiss on the lips before removing his jacket, and sitting back in the corner. Waiting till the very last second to remove his shades.]


Dante Reed - One thing you cannot deny about Flash Kassidy, is that the man is without fear! Week in and week out, he has battled the entire group of Salvation and hasn’t backed down for a second.


Sebastian Riggs - Whether that’s a blessing or a curse is up for debate, but you’re right, he will stare at the face of danger without batting an eye. Union Battleground needs a man like The Burner!


Mike Dempsey - And his partners, weighing in at a combined weight of 345 pounds, they are the Union Battleground Battalion Champions, Sawtooth Grin And HeWhoCorrupts, The Outliers!


[The house lights come down and the audience can't help but rise to their feet. Lighters pop up everywhere, the flames flickering in the darkness like neurons firing in the brain. They're joined by the neon glow of hundreds of cell phone screens hoisted into the air, emitting soft halos of light that further illuminate the arena. Excited murmurs ripple through the crowd amidst dissonant waves of ambient fuzz. It sounds like crackling arcs of electricity climbing up a giant Jacob's Ladder. After a gradual build in its intensity and the addition of low-frequency rumbles…]


[The building is suddenly flooded by a vivid rush of colors. A macabre clash of contrasting hues: lush magenta and candy blue. A rich, heavily saturated lighting scheme reminiscent of Mario Bava or Dario Argento stains the arena. As the crowd basks in the swirl of light, the towering video monitor slowly fades in with images that are trapped in limbo between feelings and reality. A kind of cinematic petri dish with a thematic fixation on dystopian nightmares and hostile extraterrestrial encounters. They attempt to put you in the desert of your consciousness while it writhes within the meat sack that is your body. We’re not talking screensaver fodder here, either--imagine blackened veins being tugged from some sickly creature’s neck wound and you’ll get an idea of the eye candy on display. Why not a human figure that looks primordial and evolutionarily incomplete ascending through an almost blinding inferno to either enlightenment, release, damnation or maybe all three. The crowd stands there with the images glowing in their eyes. Stendhal Syndrome. A visual bludgeoning that is dreamlike, unsettling and mysterious.]




[Then, without warning, the music hits and the PA system practically detonates. Incinerating, razor-sharp sheets of sound reignite the entire audience who erupt with cheers: it's The Red Chord's "It Came From Over There" heaving back and forth between groove and fury effortlessly. Relentlessly. The barrage of bowel-churning death metal grind builds up to a powder keg-like crescendo when the synth finally explodes into a psychedelic moog pattern courtesy of Sigh’s Mirai Kawashima.]


[In that instant, a lone spotlight catches The Outliers cutting through the haze of fog and echo. They’re submerged in blue and red light, more shadow than flesh. They pause to raise the Battalion Championships, exuding a playful menace. They continue to prowl toward the ring, wading through the sea of people clutching at the titles and patting them on the back.]


Dante Reed - Two weeks ago, The Outliers came to the aid of Flash Kassidy after a 3-on-1 beatdown from Nemesis, Viduus Morta, and Aiden Deimos. They’re typically not one’s to stick their nose in someone else’s business. But this was a breaking point for these two comrades, and enough was enough.


Sebastian Riggs - Like Kassidy, Grin and ‘Crupts are two that never back down from a challenge, and like you said, they had seen enough of Salvation constantly taking over the Battleground. Tonight, we are about to see a battle of epic proportions!


[One by one, The Outliers hop over the fence and roll into the ring. They circle along the ropes with an ominous eye-of-the-storm calm until Sawtooth Grin starts contorting his rail-thin body into a series of strange, unnerving positions--his spindly silhouette seems downright inhuman. Hewhocorrupts is twisting and twitching in front of the digital images, his bony shoulders undulating in the shadows, creeping out of the dark. By the end, they're entangled around the ringpost like a pair of raw nerves and coursing with current like a frayed wire. The Outliers stare into the camera with the focus of a dagger plowing its way through thick heavy walls. The Kubrick stare. A look known to sour wells and make women barren. A look that would burn right through you. Gasoline rainbows and road flares.]


Mike Dempsey - And their opponents, accompanied by The Speaker and Preacher, the team of Viduus Morta, “The Executioner” Aiden Deimos, and the Union Battleground Champion “The Alpha and Omega” Nemesis, they are Salvation!


[The arena goes dark as the off and on again style beginning of “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women & Song) by White Zombie begins, when the song consistently hits it’s rhythm before the vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark blood red spotlight with smoke seeping out of the ramp and entrance way.]







[From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Viduus Morta directly by his right side, Aiden Deimos by his left side and both Preacher and The Speaker trailing behind while that singular blood red spotlight now lights them up. The five of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Preacher evilly playing to the crowd, showing off his long fingernails and signature laugh, while Nemesis, Viduus, Deimos and The Speaker walk to the ring in a straightforward manner with the spotlight staying on them.]


Dante Reed - Bas, Nemesis, Viduus, and Deimos have become three of the most dominant forces in the Battleground. No one has seemed to be able to put a stop to their reign of terror. Some have slowed them, but ultimately paid a higher price as a result.


Sebastian Riggs - Since their inception back at the Fallout pay-per-view in April 2017, Salvation has delivered a message to the entire Union Battleground roster. Their mission is to burn the foundation down and rebuild it in their image. Each week, they lay another layer of brick of their kingdom.


[Viduus slides in under the ropes and Aiden Deimos uses the apron to jump onto and enters the ring, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring, with The Speaker and Preacher following the same route behind him. The Speaker and Preacher head to the corner of the ring, while Nemesis stands in the middle of the ring with Viduus and Aiden by his side as Nemesis begins stretching his arms outwards while leaning his head back as the singular blood red spotlight remains on all of them as the ring fills with smoke. Nemesis brings his head forward and the lights begins to come on as Preacher and The Speaker slowly exit the ring while Viduus and Aiden take their stand on the apron.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, here we are! The main event of the evening!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s looking like we’re going to see Kassidy and Nemesis start things off! These two have unfinished business!


Dante Reed - Our referee for this contest is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. He checks off with Kassidy, and then with Nemesis. Both fighters are ready for war and he’s calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell tolls and the two men that closed the show two weeks ago once again stare each other down across the ring. This time around, though, there is no tense standstill. This time, Flash comes barreling across the ring, lunging at the Union Battleground Champion. Kassidy comes flying in with a Superman forearm, knocking the Champ back into his corner. Kassidy then unloads on Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos who are caught off guard with flurries of punches! However, Nemesis regains his composure quickly and boots Flash in the gut, quickly putting an end to his fast attack. Nemesis stuffs Flash in a jackknife spot, lifts him up, and launches him to the center of the ring with a crucifix powerbomb! Nemesis stays on the offensive and pounces Kassidy, unleashing a furious ground and pound attack.]


Dante Reed - The Burner came firing out of the gates, but Nemesis quickly put a stop to it.


Sebastian Riggs - He poked the bear! Never poke the bear!


[Nemesis finally relents from the ground attack, only to show his brute strength with a deadlift German suplex! Nemesis then taunts the crowd only to be audibly pummeled with unanimous boos. The Alpha and Omega then disrespects The Burner by placing a boot on his chest for a cover.]


… One!


… Tw-- Kick out!


Dante Reed - Nemesis is showing no remorse and no respect to Kassidy.


Sebastian Riggs - Are you shocked? The Union Battleground Champion is not someone who shows any respect, especially to someone who’s against his cause.


[Nemesis scoffs at the fallen Kassidy before hoisting him up to his feet by his neck. The Battleground Champ ties up with Flash before Irish whipping him across the ring. On the return, Nemesis looks to go for a back body drop, but Kassidy greets with him a devastating Yakuza kick, knocking the demigod back into the ropes! Kassidy runs the ropes again and comes back with lightning speed to deliver a gruesome dropkick to the knees, knocking The Harbinger of Revelation down a peg. Nemesis struggles to get back to his feet, only for Flash to connect with a Shining Axe Kick, effectively knocking the bigger man to the canvas. The crowd erupts into cheers as Flash plays into the reaction.]


Dante Reed - Kassidy quickly recovers and has Nemesis reeling after those high impact strikes to his knees.


Sebastian Riggs - Smart play by Kassidy. Chop the big man down by the knees, and make him struggle to hold his own.


[While Flash continues to play to the crowd, ‘Crupts hops off of the apron and begins digging under the apron! The front row begins to get especially rowdy as he pulls out a briefcase. As he unlatches and opens the briefcase, the same emerald glow seeps out, causing some confusion and curiosity from the crowd. Crupts then pulls out a massive handful of joints, blunts, pinners, spliffs galore and tosses them out to the crowd like he’s Oprah Winfrey! He’s shouting “You get a doobie, you get a doobie! Everybody gets a doobie!” He tucks a couple back behind his ears while still gripping a fatty in hand. ‘Crupts hops back up to the apron before sparking it up and passing it to his homie Grin! While the party seems to just be getting started, Nemesis crashes the fun by rocking Flash again with a big boot to the gut and impaling him with a hammerlock cradle DDT. The boos again pour down from the arena as Nemesis simply stares at the Battalion Champs with a sinister smile. Nemesis picks up The Burner and whips him into his corner with brutal impact. Flash can barely hold himself up by the ropes, grimacing from the pain. ‘Crupts then strikes up an idea and places the blunt between Flash’s lips! Flash takes a monster rip and then rushes out of the corner and flatlines Nemesis with a single leg mushroom stomp! The crowd bursts into cheers as Flash stands overtop the Champ, then exhales a giant cloud of smoke from his lungs! Flash now drops down for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Flash Kassidy just received a recharge from the ‘Crupts and nearly ended this night early!


Sebastian Riggs - Just what the doctor ordered, Dante!


[Once Nemesis kicked out, Viduus Morta steps into the ring and begins stomping away at Flash Kassidy. The referee tries with all his might to separate him away and order him back to the apron. Meanwhile, HWC rolls in and delivers a textbook back handspring double knee drop onto Nemesis! HWC slides back to the apron before the ref notices any foul play. Both Flash and Nemesis are battered on the mat, each slowly making their way to their corners! With much suspense, Flash and Nemesis both simultaneously make the tags! Sawtooth Grin enters the ring while Aiden Deimos follows suit!]


Dante Reed - Here we go! Round two! Fight!


Sebastian Riggs - Two masterful technicians who also dabble in the ultraviolent arts!


[Grin and Deimos charge at each other like raging bulls. Grin takes the offensive immediately with a crossbody flying forearm! Both men hit the mat and Grin continues with a fast striking ground and pound. Deimos is able to use his size advantage to get back to his feet, and the two trade off punches back and forth! Aiden then feints a superkick to get Grin sidetracked, then rocks with him a brutal shining wizard! Sawtooth stumbles back on his heels, trying to stay neutral, while Aiden runs the ropes. On the return, Deimos comes soaring in with a high impact spear! Deimos holds on to the legs for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Blazing speed here with these two, and Deimos is looking to now have the upper hand.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s definitely got the size advantage on Grin, which certainly comes into play, but Grin is a former MMA Champion, he can absolutely hold his own! They’ll have to drag him out in a body bag before he relents.


[The Executioner springs up to his feet and argues with the ref, going nose-to-nose with the Senior Official. Bruce O’Neal however doesn’t back down from his stance, and actually pushes back on Deimos. Aiden shoves him aside and turns back to Grin, taunting him to get back to his feet. Grin stumbles his way up, and Aiden begins throwing monster hooks and jabs, keeping the Battalion Champion guessing. Sawtooth eventually catches his pattern and starts parrying some throws and countering with a combination of his own. The two continue trading blows until Grin changes levels and comes in for a double leg takedown. Deimos however catches it in time and sprawls back, keeping Grin at a distance. Deimos is able to land some punches while hes sprawled out, and this forces Grin to regroup and get back to a standing neutral position. Deimos however lunges in a locks horns with a collar and elbow tie up. The Executioner uses his strength advantage and Irish whips Sawtooth across the ring. On the return Aiden throws a wild Superman Punch, but Grin catapults himself first and connects with a flying triangle choke! Aiden and Grin drop to the mat with great impact and Grin is locked in tight!]


Dante Reed - Sawtooth Grin turns the tides with a textbook Flying Triangle!


Sebastian Riggs - Aiden is in serious trouble! He’s either gonna have to tap out or risk having his shoulder popped out of its socket! He’s wrapped up like a white grape White Owl!


[Aiden tries to fight out of the submission, but Grin keeps his leverage and position. Deimos continues to squirm, but it’s of no use, as at this point Grin looks to be effortlessly clenched. Suddenly, on the apron, Hewhocorrupts pulls one of the joints hanging from his ears out and sparks it up. After taking a few tokes, he reaches over the middle rope, and hands it to Grin! Grin takes it with his free hand and takes a massive rip and bellows out a massive plume of smoke. The crowd erupts into cheers and laughter.]


Dante Reed - My god, Kassidy and The Outliers may be on the job, but that doesn’t mean they still cannot celebrate the “holidaze”!


Sebastian Riggs - These guys are wild, man. They definitely walk to the beat of their own drum!


[After a while, Viduus Morta has seen enough and decides to enter the ring. He rushes over and crashes down on Grin with a leg drop, breaking up the submission hold. Viduus picks Grin up by his flowing mullet-hawk mane and continues up with a terrorizing military press. Morta walks over to the edge of the ring and tosses Grin out of the ring and the Battalion Champ crashes down to the outside barricade like a meteor. Meanwhile, his partner in crime HWC steps in and catches Viduus off guard with a Flying knee. Deimos then goes to catch ‘Crupts off guard with a running clothesline, but HWC sniffs it out and tosses Deimos out of the ring with a back body drop!]


Dante Reed - Aiden Deimos and Sawtooth Grin are both out of the ring. Technically speaking, that counts as a tag in traditional Trios rules.


Sebastian Riggs - Looks like Hewhocorrupts and Viduus Morta will now be the legal men after taking out their oppositions.


[‘Crupts and Viduus stare each other down from across either side of the ring. HWC starts getting himself psyched up and rallying with the crowd before rushing Viduus like a mosquito on speed! HWC barrells in with a massive shotgun dropkick, tossing Viduus into the turnbuckles. HWC then steps back and rushes in again and looks to go for a flying knee, but Viduus catches him in midair, and in one flowing motion, tosses him with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles! HWC is now caught upside down in a tree of woe, and Viduus now back pedals slowly to get some distance. And like a charging bull, Viduus rushes in and collapses HWC with a brutal spear and HWC folds down to the canvas like a lawn chair. Viduus doesn’t let up from there though, as he deadlifts HWC straight up off the mat and drives back with German Suplex, bridging back for a pin attempt!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre -- Kick out!


Dante Reed - Shit, Bas. ‘Crupts is taking a beating right now from Viduus Morta.


Sebastian Riggs - Morta isn’t the most physically imposing competitor, but his strength is very deceptive for his size. He’s probably one of the pound-for-pound strongest wrestlers in the entire industry.


[Viduus looks furious from the kick out and immediately mounts HWC and begins a vicious ground and pound attack. Morta then steps up and brings ‘Crupts up with him and Irish whips him across the ring. As HWC gets to the ropes, he bounces off the middle rope, and impales Viduus Morta with a springboard hurricanrana! The crowd continues to rally behind the dynamic doobie brothers with Flash Kassidy playing them up on the apron. While Viduus and ‘Crupts lie motionless on the mat, Grin slowly makes his way up to the apron with a skateboard in hand! Grin wedges the board between the top and middle ropes in the corner, and then grabs HWC’s attention. ‘Crupts slowly makes his way to his feet and struggles to bring Morta up with him. The two finally stand tall, and ‘Crupts slings Viduus into the corner, crashing in and snapping the board in two! The crowd’s resounding response fuels HWC and he starts flailing around, making his usual unusual facial expressions. With Viduus still in the corner holding onto the ropes for leverage, Sawtooth Grin and Flash Kassidy each pick up a half of the broken skateboard. Then, like cymbals in a marching band, the two clash each piece together on either side of Morta’s temple! Finally, Nemesis has seen enough and decides to step into the ring, with Deimos following suit! This provokes Kassidy and Grin to step in too!]


Dante Reed - Oh shit! We have all six men inside the ring! Senior Official Bruce O’Neal might just want to step out and let this one play out!


Sebastian Riggs - We’re ‘bout to see a devil showdown!


[Nemesis sneaks up behind HWC and hits him with a rolling inverted cutter! As he steps back up to his feet, Kassidy comes barging in with a running Yakuza kick! Deimos rushes over to make the attack, but Kassidy pulls down on the top rope and sends Deimos spilling back out to ringside! Sawtooth Grin, Hewhocorrupts, and Flash Kassidy all direct their attention to the Union Battleground Champion and hoists him up to his feet. All three men are five foot and some change, but they somehow are able to pick up the imposing six foot four demigod and set him on the shoulders of Flash Kassidy. The three then run over and toss Nemesis out of the ring with a triple powerbomb! Nemesis crashes into Deimos and the barricade, effectively knocking both men out cold!]


Dante Reed - Flash Kassidy and The Outliers are rolling! And surprising for this match, I don’t mean a blunt!


Sebastian Riggs - All three are in sync right now and just disposing members of Salvation left and right!


[The trios celebrate with each other after tossing the Union Battleground Champion out of the ring, but almost forget about Viduus Morta! Morta finally recoups and shoots out of the corner aiming at Grin, however Grin sees him closing in. As Viduus lunges at Sawtooth, the dual combat sport athlete lowers his shoulder and throws Viduus with a back body drop! While in midair, Hewhocorrupts catches him and slams him with a buckle bomb! Sawtooth Grin follows it up by running up the chest and springboarding off of Viduus, like a modified wall backflip. Morta then face plants down to the canvas, and Flash Kassidy hops up to the top rope in one fluid motion. He plays to the crowd for a moment then delivers a monster shooting star press leg drop!]


Dante Reed - Jesus Christ! What did I just witness?! A no holds bizarred triple move combination by The Burner and The Outliers!


Sebastian Riggs - And Kassidy finishes it up with the Juicy Lucy!


Dante Reed - He hooks the leg! This one’s over!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!


… No!


Dante Reed - Are you kidding me?! Alexander Devin and Ragnarok just pulled Kassidy off Morta from the outside!


Sebastian Riggs - Goddammit! This is why we can’t have nice things!


[The crowd goes into pandemonium with a chorus of boos as Devin and Ragnarok begin beating down The Burner. Referee Bruce O’Neal cannot even call for the bell when he gets ambushed by Nemesis and Aiden Deimos from behind. From there, they direct their attention to the Battalion Champions and lay out a vicious beatdown. Finally, Viduus Morta rises to his feet and joins in with Nemesis and Deimos, attacking the duo. Then without warning, the former Union Battleground Champion Dick Devereaux comes sprinting down the aisle!]


Dante Reed - Look Bas! It’s Dick Devereaux!


Sebastian Riggs - And he looks pretty pissed off!


[Devereaux makes it to ringside and turns the corner to where Devin and Ragnarok are continuing the attack on Kassidy. As he makes the tun, he comes flying in on Ragnarok with his signature spear, the Homing Missile! Devereaux doesn’t stop there, and launches a big boot to the gut of Alexander Devin. Devereaux picks him up and drives him hard with a powerbomb into the ring apron! The Butcher slides into the ring, but before he can get to his feet, Nemesis, Viduus, and Deimos start laying the boot to their ultimate foe. Kassidy moves in stealth mode and makes his way up to the top rope, and mows over the three Salvation members with a Red Arrow! Before Kassidy can celebrate his theatrical high flying maneuver, Salvation’s newest member Legion slides in and blinds The Burner by spitting green mist into his face!]


Dante Reed - And now Legion is out here adding to the chaos!


Sebastian Riggs - There’s bodies flying everywhere, I can’t keep track!


[With Kassidy blindsided, Legion bounces off the ropes and flattens Kassidy with her signature Claymore kick, The Ronin’s Revenge! The crowd now starts throwing empty beer cups, nacho trays, and any other trash they can get their hands on into the ring at the Salvation members. Legion goes to try and help up her comrades, when all of a sudden Alyssa Daniels slides into the ring from outta nowhere with a steel chair in hand! Before Legion knows what hit her, she’s decked with a crushing chair shot to the back of the head! By now, Devin and Ragnarok enter the ring, Sawtooth Grin and ‘Crupts follow not far behind, and now all we see is an all out war of five-on-six!]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing the gates of hell opening up and a relentless unholy war has officially erupted!


Sebastian Riggs - The tensions have finally boiled over! No waiting until May 6th, the War of the Worlds have started now!


[The crowd continues in chaos. The ring filled with pandemonium. The commentators look on speechless in shock. Suddenly, the arena goes L!GHTS OUT.]



the great escape

[The frigid night has cooled the air to the point that a thin, mist-like fog blankets the ground as it hovers a few inches above it. It’s rather quiet and still at first but that’s quickly broken by the sounds of a male voice, though it’s muffled either due to the distance or the location of where it’s coming from. Rocks and small bushes which are just beginning to blossom seem to be barely noticeable as the visual moves by them in a quickened pace, as the source of the voice is being sought out. In the distance we can now hear the male voice grow a concerned tone over it as it’s starting to become somewhat more audible.]


Male - How the fu—?!?!?


[A somewhat familiar sounding voice is cut off and can now be heard audibly gurgling. A different male voice can be heard grunting, groaning and yelling in a violent manner. Finally, the edge of what appears to be the same pit we’ve seen multiple times before from Salvation is reached, yet no longer are there voices, noises or odd sounds to be heard, instead just a dead silence. Unexpectedly, a hand pops up over the edge from inside of the pit. The man pulls himself up to level ground and stands upright to reveal a bloodied, beaten and malnourished Kelly Godless, the long time hostage of Salvation and Elysium Pro Owner. He looks worse for wear due to his ripped and tattered clothes, as well as his face, hands and every visible body part being covered in blood and dirt. Godless looks back down towards the bottom of the pit.]


Kelly Godless - I thought that fucking guy would never shut up.


[Kelly Godless dusts himself off, straightens out his shirt like it even matters and begins walking straight forward out of the scene with a vengeful look upon his face. Instead of following Godless though, the descent into the pit begins to somehow try and make sense of his escape. After moving southwards for a few moments, the bottom is reached to reveal a man laying in a motionless heap with a puddle of blood by his head that’s growing by the moment. Noticeably, the knife that Tommy Crimson once stuck into the side of the pit is nowhere to be seen but upon further investigation, it’s revealed that its lodged in Tommy Crimson’s throat, who is the motionless man lying on the ground. The knife's handle is protruding out of his neck after Godless somehow got a hold of it and used it to cut himself free which is clear by the cut rope lying next to the turned over chair Godless was once seated on. The hollowness of Crimson’s soulless dead eyes stare a hole through the viewer. Fade out.]

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