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In our opening Battleground Network Preliminary bout, Josie Pleasure (0-1) faced off against Aliyah Jaxon (2-0). The bout started off fast and furious as both competitors tried to gain the upper hand. Pleasure took the lead early with various dirty tactics, and looked to carry it away. However, Jaxon’s battle-hardened mentality kept her in the fight and answered everything Josie had to offer. In the end, Aliyah Jaxon took home the victory with the Facial Reconstruction curb stomp.


WINNER: Aliyah Jaxon via pinfall (13:00)

welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The distorted star logo that has become synonymous slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view glitches and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena. At the conclusion of the opening montage, we transition to a captivating aerial view of the magnificent Verona Arena. The night is brisk but the skies are clear to encapsulate the shining stars above and an all round intoxicating aura. Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are ripping through one of their singles from their newest album “Insomnia” as camera angles pan throughout the crowd.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the Arena di Verona in beautiful Italy in front of a sold out crowd of 15,000 and this is L!GHTS OUT #21! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed and alongside me is none other than Sebastian Riggs! Bas, do we have a show in store tonight or what?


Sebastian Riggs - My god, do we! Tonight, every title is on the line! We will see Kimitsu Zombie defending her War Horse Championship against Joe Stanton! We will see Emery Layton defending her Trench War Championship against the recently unmasked mercenary Rogan MacLean! We will see The Outliers defend their Battalion Championships in a triple threat match against Alex Kincaid & Axton Pierce and also against Kira Izumi & Jordan Rayburn! But in our main event, we have Nemesis making his first defense as he faces off with “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - Not only that, but we will see Dick Devereaux returning to the ring since our season two kickoff PPV Relapse as he faces off against a familiar face in Viduus Morta!


Sebastian Riggs - We’ve also got Elysium Pro’s very own Alyssa Daniels taking on another member of Salvation with “The Executioner” Aiden Deimos!


Dante Reed - Also on hand, we have the grudge match between GWP World Heavyweight Champion Blake Archer squaring off against Kai Stevens!


Sebastian Riggs - And in our opening bout, we will see the return of the runner-up of the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan taking on “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!


Dante Reed - So let’s not waste anymore time with my monumental show! Mike, take it away!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Seattle, Washington, he is “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


[The lights dim in the arena and cast the arena in a red glow, and for a moment -- only a moment -- the crowd quiets down just a smidge. The guitar riff opening that carries throughout the rest of Asking Alexandria's "The Black" breaks out and brings the crowd to their feet -- both in a positive and negative reaction, completely mixed.]








[Just before the first line of the song, Finn Whelan has appeared not from the curtain, but from one of the visitor's entrances. He stops at the top of the steps for a moment, a slight smirk on his face as he glances at the people around him. He begins stepping down the stairs at a brisk pace, high-fiving a couple fans as he makes his way down to the ring.]


Dante Reed - The Seattle Saint making his way to the ring to kickoff the show tonight, Bas. You have to believe that he is still fuming from that narrow defeat by Emery Layton for the King Cobra Championship.


Sebastian Riggs - Absolutely, Dante. A newcomer to the Battleground, Whelan made it all the way to the finals, only to come up just short against the Trench War Traveller. It was an absolutely phenomenal bout, pitting the WWH World Champion against the Supreme XWA Champion for a guaranteed shot, anytime, anywhere for the Union Battleground Championship. If I must say so, I bet deep down Nemesis is a little relieved that Whelan came up empty handed. I’m sure he would have cashed it in the first chance he could. Be it at a convenience store or one of Salvation’s cult gatherings. Whelan is a true fighter and have proven he doesn’t quit.


[At the barrier, he slings himself over and slides immediately underneath the bottom rope and leaps to his feet in the center of the ring. He heads directly for the ropes in front of him, and hops up onto the bottom one, bouncing slightly as he looks back at the crowd, choosing a few choice words to share with them. He drops down from it, and pulls off his vest as he heads to the his place against the turnbuckle, leaning into it as his music fades out.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 209 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance and two people are seen behind the white smoke. The first person steps forward in front of the white smoke revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase as the second person emerges behind him, which is his manager Chris Wood. Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side with Chris Wood following behind him. Chase climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits his opponent while Chris Wood takes his position outside the ring.]


Dante Reed - And now, the seasoned vet Anton Chase coming to the ring. Bas, Chase has been on a bit of a slope lately, would you agree?


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah I’d have to agree with you on that. Since his long lasting rivalry with Trixie ending, he’s had a hard time rebounding and racking up consecutive wins. No doubt tonight will be a tough task to turn the ship around, but it’s why we compete. Stats on paper don’t mean shit!


Dante Reed - Alright, folks, both competitors are now squared away in their respective corners as our referee for this opening bout is Joe Murray and he’s quickly calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[As the bell rolls, Finn and Anton waste no time and close the distance in the center of the ring. The two circle a bit before locking horns in a collar and elbow tie up. Anton uses his shortness to his advantage and ducks under Finn to get a waist lock from behind. Anton looks to be attempting a German suplex, but Finn pops his hips out to keep leverage. Whelan now throws several back elbows to Anton’s temple, loosening his grip. Finn throws a final monster elbow but Anton is able to duck it, causing Finn to do a 180. Chase reacts quickly and tosses Finn with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Whelan slowly works his way to his feet as Anton sprints and lunges for a flying forearm smash, but Whelan counters with a massive enziguri! Chase stumbles back, but again rushes Whelan. The Seattle Saint is ready for The Wrestling God as he uses Chase’s momentum against him and floors him with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle.]


Dante Reed - Fast paced action right out of the gate here.


Sebastian Riggs - Whelan has been a step ahead of Chase. He’s got an answer for every move he’s thrown at him.


[Whelan picks Chase up by the hair and tosses him into the corner. Finn delivers a flurry of rapid fire knife edge chops, with each one getting a resounding cheer from the crowd. After the series of chops, Finn picks up Anton and scoop slams him back into the corner, and has him wrapped up in a tree of woe! In one fluid motion, Finn hops up to the top turnbuckle, and comes screaming down with a devastating double foot stomp! Whelan now hooks the leg for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Whelan is in total control now, and nearly ended Anton’s night early!


Sebastian Riggs - He looks to be laser focused here, Dante. Truly displaying his “wolf” mentality!


[Finn looks undeterred and pops to his feet, dragging Anton up with him. As the two men stand, Chase rakes Whelan’s eyes. With The Seattle Saint temporarily blindsided, Anton goes on a combo striking rampage. Anton finishes it off by stuffing Finn with a vicious superkick and Whelan hits the mat. Anton taunts the crowd and gets met with a chorus of boos. Anton brushes off the fans, then delivers a piercing knee drop onto Finn’s temple, then makes a halfhearted cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Anton now in control after that dirty take to the eyes.


Sebastian Riggs - All is fair in love and war, Dante! Sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes!


[Anton argues with the referee but Joe Murray insists of his count. Chase then goes back to Finn, pulling him up by the hair into a seated position. Chase then begins dropping punches in bunches, before bringing him up to his feet by the neck. Anton hooks the leg and snaps back with a crisp Russian leg sweep, then points over to the turnbuckles. Anton slowly makes his way over and begins to climb the ropes. He finally makes his way to the top, and before he can execute a high flying maneuver, Finn, in desperation mode, pops to his feet, lunges and trips up Anton! The crowd bursts into cheers as Anton bellows out in pain. Finn is now making his way up the turnbuckles, and with each step, the crowd grows louder. The Seattle Saint finally makes it to the top and gets Anton in an underhook facelock. He looks out into the crowd as they chant his name. Whelan finally lifts Anton up and the two come soaring down with Whelan’s signature lifting underhook DDT!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Finn Whelan just completely destroyed Anton Chase with the Titim Ceann!


Sebastian Riggs - Finn looks like he took a good licking too, both men are down!


[The crowd breaks into a “this is awesome” chant while both men lie motionless on the canvas. Referee Joe Murray checks on both men then continues to look on, not bothering to begin a standing ten count. The arena continues their chanting as Finn Whelan now begins to show signs of life. Slowly he crawls over to Anton and throws an arm over for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre—Kick out!


Dante Reed - No! Somehow Anton kicks out!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t believe it! Whelan can’t believe! The whole building can’t believe it!


[As the ref holds up the two count signal to the timekeeper, Whelan grips his hair and looks on in disbelief. Still undeterred, Whelan gets to his feet and struggles to bring Anton up as well. With both men up, Whelan grabs Chase and goes to Irish whip him, but Anton reverses and sends Whelan across the ring. On the return, Chase attempts a leg lariat, but Whelan ducks it. Whelan stops on a dime and as Chase turns around, he gets rocked with a clean Savate kick! Chase stumbles back in a daze but stays in his feet. Whelan steps up and drops Chase with a powerful short range discus clothesline! The crowd roars in excitement as Whelan stands tall and screams out to the crowd and pound his chest a few times signaling the end is near! Whelan rests on the ropes and waits for Chase to work his way back up. Slowly Anton makes it to all fours, and Finn finds this the perfect opportunity to spring off the ropes and come scorching down with a brutal curb stomp!]


Dante Reed - The Seattle Terror!


Sebastian Riggs - Whelan is in a roll now and looking to put this one away!


[Whelan looks down at Chase who looks to be unconscious at this point, then slowly to out to the crowd. Whelan slowly peels Chase off the mat but locks him in a pumphandle hold! The fanatic crowd cheers Finn on, as he finally lifts Anton up and drops him with a pumphandle reverse STO! Whelan then rolls Chase over to his back and makes a cover.]


Dante Reed - Revelation 6:4!!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s done! Chase is out! He’s hurt!


Dante Reed - Whelan makes the cover, this one is over!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, "The Seattle Saint" Finn Whelan!


[“The Black” by Asking Alexandria hits the PA system and the crowd explode into cheers. Finn makes his way to his feet and referee Joe Murray raises his hand in victory. Whelan points out to some the fans in the crowd and shows a debt of gratitude.]


Dante Reed - Stellar performance for “The Seattle Saint” in this opening bout, Bas.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, Dante. A great rebound victory over a seasoned veteran. If Whelan keeps his head in the game, there’s no doubt in my mind this guy will be holding Championship gold in the Battleground.


Dante Reed - It’s hard to argue that. For someone who came in and made his debut in the inaugural Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, advancing all the way to the finals, he’s certainly on the right path. Folks, stick around as we are just getting started! Coming up next, we have the grudge match between Blake Archer and Kai Stevens!


Sebastian Riggs - Can’t wait!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 227 pounds, from Long Island, New York, accompanied by Brian Church, he is “A Man Possessed” Kai Stevens!







[As "White Knuckles" by Alter Bridge superkicks through the P.A. system, the fans would descend into a chorus of jeers. Soon enough, to their chagrin, the entrance stage would become enveloped by fog, a light flashing rapidly across the entirety of the stage. As the fog becomes thicker, the lights in the entire arena cut out for a brief moment. When they return in sync with a shift in the theme song, the fog would slightly dissipate, revealing a man standing on the stage with his back to the ring, head slightly bowed. He'd sport a sleeveless black hoodie with the hood over his head, black Nike trunks with a steel blue waistline, black knee pads, black boots with steel blue laces, tread, and trim, a black elbow pad on his right elbow, and a black Nike compression sleeve with elbow padding on his left arm. The sleeve would be adorned by steel blue designs with the words "From Hell's Heart, I Stab at Thee" written on it. He'd, too, sport black tape around both wrists, wrapping around the thumb joint. As the guitars in the song become more potent and Myles Kennedy's angelic vocals graces your ears, the man would spin around, and KAI STEVENS would then throw both hands high over his head, placing the points of his thumbs together and the points of his index fingers as well, all fingers rigid and straight in a triangular shape, essentially a delta. As he does so, it sets off an assembly of blue pyrotechnics on the stage on either side of him. A moment in this pose passes before he slowly lowers and separates his hands, clenching his ring and pinkie fingers in whilst extending the rest in the shape of a gun. When he gesticulates firing both guns, one last launch of pyrotechnics would be sent into the air. Smirking arrogantly, he would toss his hands back, knocking back his hood to reveal a black headband and a black pair of Aviator sunglasses. He'd then amble imperiously down the ramp and towards the ring. Once he reaches ringside, he'd arrogantly scale up the steel stairs, then strutting to the middle of the apron with his inside hand clutching the top rope. After a moment of glaring out upon the legion vast of Union Battleground faithful, he would place his other hand on the top rope and slingshot up and over, landing with a soft thud in the ring. Next, he'd step confidently to the corner, where he'd climb to the middle rope and launch his hands into the air again in the same pose as earlier. He would follow this by bringing his arms down, right arm across his stomach and left arm behind his back, leaning forward in a bow. As he returns to a more vertical base, he would throw his arms out to his sides with his hands somewhat open and pointing out to opposite sides of the arena. Hopping down, he would pace back and forth, limbering up by cocking his head to either side to crack his neck.]


Dante Reed - Kai Stevens coming out here looking very focused after a tough loss to Tommy Crimson last week.


Sebastian Riggs - His manager Brian Church spoke with me earlier and said he is sure that Kai Stevens will walk out of here victorious tonight Dante.


Dante Reed - Is that so Sebastian? Kai Stevens certainly doesn’t lack in confidence, but it will take more than that to defeat this man heading out here next.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’9” and weighing in at 295 pounds, from Canton, Ohio, accompanied by Mary-Jane, he is the GWP World Heavyweight Champion, “The King of Canines” Blake Archer!










[Archer steps out from behind the entrance his beautiful fashion obsessed wife stepping out next to him. He holds his fist up above his head and she wraps her arms around his giving a heel poppin kiss. They then proceeds to make his way towards the ring. One hand holding her's and the other He reaches his hands out to his sides touching finger tips with those stretching out to touch him.]







Dante Reed - The King of Canines escorted by his lovely wife. Archer has not been shy at all displaying his pride in holding the GWP World Heavyweight championship.


Sebastian Riggs - He should be careful about it someone might take offense just like Kai Stevens appears to.


[He stops and hits the steel rings steps with his fist than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring after swiping his feet across the skirt of the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans.]




[Kai unloads starting the match off delivering punches in a flurry to Blake as he puts his hands up to protect himself. Kai changes to delivering a thunderous chop! Blake doesn’t seem phased at the moment by the chop instead looking a little irritated. Kai second guessed and instead rushes to the ropes running off them. Blake picks him up, but Kai counters with a bulldog. Quickly Kai locks on a Guillotine Chokehold. Blake is back to his feet before the hold is fully locked in but Kai is strong enough to hang on. Blake starts to cough before twisting his body taking Kai with him dropping his opponent with a neckbreaker. Kai holds the back of his neac, but doesn’t stay down on the mat for very long. Blake is able to sit up before Kai punts him hard in the spine! Blake is jarred as he shouted out from the snap of Kai’s shin against his back. Kai sees this opening and drives his knee into Blake’s back while wrenching his hands around the King of Canines’ jaw.]


Dante Reed - Kai Stevens is staying on top of Archer to start this match off wanting to keep that big body mass on the ground.


Sebastian Riggs - Smart.


[Blake swings his arms to the left and than the right while Kai manages to counter his weight not letting him get out of this hold. The pain shooting through his back is starting to aggravate Blake and he clenches his fist before swinging blindly backwards and hitting Kai in the forehead, he does it again this time hitting him in the nose. Kai lets go of him stumbling backwards two steps in which time Blake is able to make it to his feet. The two men look at one another, Kai acts first going for a leg sweep only for Blake to hop over him. At first Kai seems surprised that Archer was agile enough to evade him, but chuckles it off as not a big deal. He locks up grabbing Blake around the collar, but Blake attempts to block him shoving back at him proving he is the stronger of the two of them. Kai is anticipating this and he kicks Blake hard in the gut making him bent forward. Kai backs up behind Archer and dives down to the mat shoulder first ramming it hard into the back of Blake’s knee. He cries out in agony grasping at his knee not being prepared for the blow. Kai stands up and continues the attack stomping hard on the same leg until Blake grabs ahold of his foot and shoves him back.]


Dante Reed - Nice block from Archer, but he still seems to be on the defensive in this one. The King of Canines might be feeling out his opposition.


Sebastian Riggs - He needs to figure him out quickly Dante, I haven’t seen Archer last too long when someone draws it out the way Kai is trying to. Things are still early.


[Kai rolls out of the ring and the fans boo. Blake starts to pursue him, but Kai trips him under the bottom rope. He yanks Archer over to the steel ring post, once more making the leg he is focused on his target as he slams it hard into the solid steel. Fans get louder with boos as Kai is unphased he grabs Archer’s leg and does it one more time even more aggressively than the first. Blake’s knee is throbbing as he favors it. Kai enters the ring again with the official telling him to move the match along. Inside of the ring Kai looks down at Archer the wheels inside his head turning. He bends down grabbing Blake’s legs and steps through them folding them over his and twisting Blake around into a picture perfect Sharpshooter!]


Dante Reed - Kai once more is focusing on those legs. He has that sharpshooter locked as tightly as he can on Blake Archer.


Sebastian Riggs - Yes, but those are some very big legs, how long will Kai be able to hold this lock on?


[Blake bites his lip and muscles himself up an Kai’s tight grip starts to slip so he drops the hold instead to kick the back of Archer’s leg before grabbing his head and seems to be going for a DDT, only Blake reverses it countering with a back body toss! Kai hits the mat holding his lower back before being clocked with a right punch from Blake trapping him in the corner. Blake delivers shoulder thrust into Kai’s abdomen three times before delivering a big belly to belly exploder suplex.]


Dante Reed - Here comes the powerhouse Blake Archer.


Sebastian Riggs - He doesn’t seem to have that kick, no pun intended with that knee bothering him.


[Blake steps tenderly on his leg Kai has been working on throughout this match but has his eyes zeroed in on Kai across the ring. He runs with a hop in his step colliding into Kai with an rushing European uppercut. Kai once more is bumped into the corner giving Blake the chance to unleash a series of strong strikes while he is stuck. Kai pushes against him and Blake grabs his arm pulling him down to the mat and trapping Kai’s arm. He quickly goes to lock his hands across Kai’s face, but Kai realizes what is happening and blocks the move before rolling to his back and kicking both his feet into Blake’s chest. The bigger man stumbles back giving Kai time to get back to his feet. Blake grabs Kai around the throat and lifts him up in the air hitting his signature thrusting chokeslam!]


Dante Reed - That is Blake Archer’s chokeslam he calls The Mark. It seems Kai Stevens was not expecting that.


Sebastian Riggs - Apparently not, Archer is going for the pinfall.


[He drops down to his knees and hooks Kai’s leg for the pinfall.]






Kickout! Kai gets the shoulder up right after the two!


[Not ready to give him back the momentum Blake grabs ahold of Kai’s feet and legs flipping him over on his belly and into a boston crab. He doesn’t seem phased at first until Blake decided to kneel down for more leverage and Kai could feel his spine overexerted the wrong way. He breathes heavily the pain seeping out in small cries as he exhales. The ropes are within a foot away. Kai reaches his arm out and pushes his body closer with his other arm. Blake doesn’t realize right away how him and kai are slowly inching towards the ropes until Kai’s fingertips bump the bottom rope. He turns his head and shoves his knee into Kai’s back causing even more pressure, but too late as Kai has his hand firmly around the bottom rope. The ref let’s Archer know it is a rope break and Archer releases it being a good sport. Kai lays on the mat for a few seconds before the tingling in his back goes down only for Blake to stomp hard on him, but the move jars his own leg as well causing his sore knee to sting as he taps his thigh trying to ignore it. He walks around Kai and pulls him up by the ears and then into a Gorilla press Drop. He sits up and looks at the top turnbuckle. A grin crosses Archer’s face and he rolls over Kai pulling him up with him as he stands. Blake hits and Oklahoma powerslam crushing Kai into the mat. Blake rolls over to the corner and uses the ropes to help pull himself up. He turns around once more looking at the turnbuckle something keeps crossing his mind.]


Dante Reed - What is Blake thinking here? He could be waiting for the Silver Shot?


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think so Dante, he seems to be thinking something more flashy right now.


[Blake steps out onto the ring apron and steps up onto the top turnbuckle looking down at Kai Stevens still lying prone on the mat. Archer gestures to the crowd quickly drawing a large pop from them before he leaps off the top rope through the air with his style of frog splash, Kai was waiting for him though and rolls out of the way. Blake landed chest first on the mat and clutched his torso in pain. He still managed to get up rather quickly only for Kai Stevens to catch him with a Pelé Kick! Blake stumbles down hard from the kick to his head, this time Kai is thinking of some high risk. He starts to climb the turnbuckle before thinking twice of it not at all concerned with catering to what the crowd wants to see. Brian Church is heard yelling off camera for him to stay on Archer. As the big man stands up Kai was waiting hitting a cracking Superkick off his jaw dropping Archer. Kai quickly covers him.]






Kickout! Blake manages to lunge his shoulder up at the last second!


Dante Reed - There is still some fight left in the King of Canines.


Sebastian Riggs - Yes but as Stevens likes people to know he is a man possessed, he wants to win. His manager Brian Church is keeping on him about chopping this larger opponent down. Though I admit watching Archer’s wife cheer him on is more entertaining.


[Along with the crowd roaring behind her Mary-Jane hits the ring mat shouting encouragement into the ring at her husband as he slowly sits up. Kai Stevens turns around to her and tells her to shut up! He pulls Archer up with a handful of his long hair and jabs him hard in the face with a closed fist punch. He doesn’t let Archer fall down balancing him at a vertical base and then position Blake for Full Stop, Kai’s ready for the Sitout Scoop Lift Powerbomb, only for Blake to reverse. He lifts Kai up with his back and  into a crucifix slam. Blake lays back across Kai’s chest as the Ref counts.]






Kickout! Kai gets the shoulder up again!


Dante Reed - Kai is able to kickout, you have to wonder if Archer had hooked the leg right there if Stevens might not have been able to get the shoulder up?


Sebastian Riggs - Well that is the past already Dante he can’t focus on that now. This could be a crucial point for Blake Archer if he wants to turn this around.


[Blake rolls back up and to his feet holding Kai’s head and than lifting him up vertically in the air. Just to showboat how strong he is Blake limps around the ring holding Kai there upsidedown. The fans start to become a little impressed with how long he can hold those 227 pounds, he transitions into a powerslam crushing Kai under his own weight into the canvas. Blake pushes himself up and backs up into the corner. He holds his fist out staring down Kai and pointing his other hand at him before rushing in and leaping in the air clocking him with a superman punch across the face. He back peddles into the opposite corner and holds the ropes this time talking to himself and shaking his head.]


Dante Reed - It looks to me that the King of Canines is looking for that Silver Shot and he is rolling with the momentum right now.


Sebastian Riggs - Kai is dazed right now Dante, I am not sure he sees what is happening. He is stirring back up, LOOK OUT!


[Before Blake can charge. Brian Church climbs up on the ring apron distracting Blake from targeting Kai for the Silver Shot. This also distracts the Ref. Stevens staggers up to his feet and looks around. Taking advantage of the Ref trying to get Brian Church off the ring apron. Kai Stevens kicks Archer in the nuts and hooks both his arms behind his back lifting Archer up hitting his finisher From Hell's Heart!]


Dante Reed - Kai Stevens just hit From Hell’s Heart on Archer! Brian Church just distracted Archer!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think Archer’s wife is too happy about how he hit that move.


[MJ pulls Church off the ring apron and kicks him in the nuts after watching it done to her husband. She screams at Kai in the ring. The Official turns around sees Blake down and gets into position counting.]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “A Man Possessed” Kai Stevens!


["White Knuckles" by Alter Bridge plays and Kai Stevens demands that the Referee raises his hand.]


Dante Reed - Kai Stevens capitalizes on a distraction from his manager Brian Church avoiding the Silver Shot and hitting From Hell’s Heart for the win. It was not the most noble of ways to win.


Sebastian Riggs - I think he owes Brian Church a huge thanks for taking that bullet for him Dante. Does it really matter how he won? This guy gets it a win is a win.


Dante Reed - I guess have to agree with you we did see different results for his client this week.


[Kai exits the ring all proud of himself and helping Brian stand up. He raises his arms talking some smack to the fans that boo him profusely. Inside the ring Mary-Jane is tending to her husband who is sitting up still favoring his knee.]

cross my heart

Dante Reed - I’m being told Savannah Skye is backstage with one of the competitors in our next match.


Sebastian Riggs - Interesting. Take it away, Savannah.


[The camera cuts in to Savannah Skye standing alone in the shot.]


Savannah Skye - Thank you, gentlemen! With me right now is Elysium’s own Alyssa Daniels!


[Alyssa steps into the frame on cue with a smile.]


Alyssa Daniels - Thank you for having me, Savannah!


Savannah Skye - Of course! From the moment you first arrived here at the Battleground, you’ve been deeply involved with this rivalry with Salvation. Were they the reason you came here?


Alyssa Daniels - No, not at first. When I first applied and was accepted, we hadn’t yet heard that they were holding Mr. Godless captive. I wanted to come here because, well, this is the Battleground! Only the best of the best compete in a Union Battleground ring! I wanted to represent that, to make my own legacy here but that’s taking a backseat for now. The first priority is to fight back against Salvation and show them that they can’t just take whatever they want. There are consequences for their actions, despite the fact that they’ve seen none until now.


Savannah Skye - How prepared are you to face Salvation’s Executioner, Aiden Diemos?


Alyssa Daniels - I’m very ready. I’ve prepared diligently and studied footage of his previous fights. I feel very confident about tonight.


Savannah Skye - Are you concerned that Legion might get involved? Aside from some Twitter banter, you haven’t publicly addressed her attack on you following your match with Alexander Devin.


Alyssa Daniels - Am I concerned? I mean, I guess I am. But I won’t let it distract me from picking up a victory over the Executioner. Looking beyond his ties to Salvation, he’s a tough competitor. I can’t afford to let my focus slip for one second just because Legion may or may not be planning to attack. As for her… Or them… Or whatever kind of circus she has going on upstairs… I know I haven’t seen the last of her but, more importantly, she hasn’t seen the last of me. Consequences, Savannah. One day soon, maybe as soon as War of the Worlds, Legion will face those consequences. For now, however, it’s time to face the Executioner.


Savannah Skye - Thank you, Alyssa!


Alyssa Daniels - Absolutely!


[Instead of going back to ringside, the camera follows Alyssa as she steps around the corner. She starts to walk past her locker room on the way to the ring but something on the door stops her cold. She reaches out and pulls down a folded piece of paper taped to the door. She steps away from the door and reads the handwritten text.]


Will you be my Juliet?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No


[She scowls at the paper and crumples it up, tossing it into a nearby trashcan.]




[Alyssa jumps, startled, and turns back to her locker room door, the source of the noise. Where before there was the taped note, there now was a red handprint. Droplets ran down the door from the handprint as she looked at it in disbelief. She looked up and down the hallway.]


Alyssa Daniels - Hello?


[There’s no response. She scowls as she looks back upon the bloody handprint and marches off toward the ring, ready to end the mind games and just fight.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing Elysium Pro, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to roaring cheers from the crowd! She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. Her eyes then lock on the ring as her demeanor changes from pleased and happy to intense and focused. She marches down the ramp and leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope displaying her quickness and agility. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]


Dante Reed - Two weeks ago, Alyssa Daniels made her debut against Alexander Devin, and gave an impressive performance for the victory.


Sebastian Riggs - Indeed it was impressive, but it was short-lived. Not long after the match, she was attacked by the newest Salvation member, Legion! I don’t know if Legion has her sights set on Daniels specifically, or if it was just that pack mentality that Salvation has been known to have.


Dante Reed - It’s hard to tell now, Salvation has been running rampant throughout the entire Union Battleground roster as of late.




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. She hops down from the turnbuckle and pulls the top rope to stretch in preparation for the coming match.]







[The lights in the Arena di Verona grow dim as the crowd falls to an almost whisper. BUM! BUM! A sound of a heartbeat echoes. BUM! BUM! Then rising from what seems to be monks through the speakers, the sound of humming can be heard. BUM! BUM! This time the beats are paired with deep red flashes of light. On the stage stands a man, seen visible momentarily through the lights. Then it all stops. And as a red spotlight begins to brighten, focusing in on Aiden Deimos who stands in the middle of the stage, the "I bring the Darkness" by Jim Johnston rises with it. He throws off his hood and extends his arms outward, soaking in the rain of boos that seem to only fuel him.]


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Camden, New Jersey, he is a member of Salvation, “The Executioner” Aiden Deimos!


[As if the words brought him to life he begins his way down the ramp. Members of the crowd holding signs that read "F*** Salvation", "Follow What Path", shove the pieces of paper in his face. He looks over and sees a sign for Alyssa Daniels, he reaches out and tears it away from them. Holds it out in front of him and rips it in half, dropping it to the floor, and stepping on it as he makes his way to ringside. He stands at the bottom of the steel steps and looks up at the ring, as if it was some type of holy ground. He slowly begins to stomp his way up the steps and along the apron. Before entering the ring he wipes his feet on the apron, then slithers through the ropes. He makes his way to a corner, looking at the stage and sits down, crossing his legs in front of him.]


Dante Reed - “The Executioner” now makes his way to the ring, and after his loss by the hands of Flash Kassidy two weeks ago, you have to believe this guy is steaming.


Sebastian Riggs - Deimos is not one who takes losses lightly. He’s a renowned champion from other promotions and especially now that he is part of this unholy alliance, any mistake can be a fatal one!


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both competitors are now squared away in their corners. Our referee for this contest is Joe Murray. Murray now checks off with each side one last time, and he’s calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell tolls and both competitors begin closing in and circling. As they draw near, Aiden hoists his hand out, looking to go for a test of strength, but Alyssa isn’t buying it and instead throws a sharp side kick to Aiden’s ribs. The kick stuns Deimos only for a moment but aggravated him mostly. He lunges in and the two tie up in a collar and elbow lock. Aiden uses his strength and puts Daniels in an arm wrench. He pulls up as Daniels winces in pain before he starts dropping elbows to her shoulder. Daniels thinks fast and somersaults out of the hold and throws another sharp kick to break free of Aiden’s hold. Daniels begins firing off rapid shoot kicks to the legs and body while mixing in jabs to the head, keeping Deimos off guard. Alyssa then runs the ropes, and on the return goes for a crossbody but Deimos stops her dead in her tracks with a massive Superman punch! The crowd rain down boos as Deimos taunts the crowd.]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels started off firing out of the Gates, but Deimos just put a stop to it!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s got to keep her distance and pick her spots. Deimos is deceptively strong for his size.


[Deimos moves over to Daniels who’s still lying on the mat and takes his boot and begins roughing her face up. This draw even more boos but this only fuels the fire for Deimos. He then grabs her by the waist and deadlifts her up into barbaric German suplex! Deimos pops back to his feet and waits for Daniels to get up on her own accord. As she does and turns to Aiden, he quickly hooks her in and drops her with a cross legged fisherman buster! Deimos now hooks the leg for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - A kick out by Daniels keeps this thing alive!


Sebastian Riggs - Deimos is rolling now with purpose!


[Aiden argues with the referee about the count, but to no avail, he insists on the two. Deimos now to his feet begins repeatedly stomping away at the downed Alyssa Daniels as she tries to protect herself as much as possible. Deimos then switches gears and in rapid successions, delivers repeated elbow drops. Deimos now looks to the turnbuckle and makes his way over. As he climbs, the crowd continue to boo him, but still he feeds off it. As he makes his way to the top, he flips off the crowd as his sign of gratitude, but before he can make his mark, Alyssa Daniels dives and trips him up!]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels just turned the tides!


Sebastian Riggs - In a move of desperation, she trips Aiden Deimos off the top turnbuckle! This could get interesting!


[Deimos plummets down and lands hard in the post before bending back and getting caught up in a tree of woe position. Alyssa Daniels sees the opportunity and springs to her and springs towards her opponent. At the last second, Daniels baseball slides feet first straight into Deimos’ face! Deimos falls off of the post and rolls around in pain, and Daniels now takes the opportunity to make the climb up the turnbuckle! She struggles but slowly makes her way to the top. As she works to get her footing, some rustling becomes apparent at ringside. It’s Legion!! Legion springs up onto the apron and spits out a red mist, blinding Daniels! The referee is calling for the bell!]




Dante Reed - You gotta be kidding me! Legion is attacking Daniels again!


Sebastian Riggs - What is it with this chick?! If it hasn’t already, this has become personal now!


Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner as a result of a disqualification, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!


[As the crowd boos Legion, she takes Daniels by the hair and tosses her off the turnbuckle down to the canvas. As Legion steps into the ring, Deimos picks up Daniels and holds her up as Legion winds up in the corner. Legion sprints towards Daniels and flatlines her with a running single leg drop kick! Deimos then peels Daniels off the mat and demolishes her with the Judas’ Cradle! Both Salvation members now celebrate together as the unconscious Alyssa Daniels lies motionless on the canvas!]


Dante Reed - This is despicable, Bas! This is exactly why Axel Graves has declared war on this group.


Sebastian Riggs - Graves is a pretty lenient man when it comes to rules, but there’s no room for something like this in our sport! Total disgrace!

such a pain

[Backstage in the medical room you can hear the heavy breathing of Blake Archer as the medic is twisting and turning his knee examining it. He sounds more aggravated than in actual pain. His wife stands next to him looking like she can sense his frustration.]


Medical Staff - It just looks like a sprain, bet that sucker hurts!


[Blake shoots him a look to kill.]


Mary-Jane - Thanks, I can take it from here.


[She says getting rid of the man with horrid bedside manner. Blake slams his fist against the wall.]


Blake Archer - I let him get past me, the punk ass.


[The two of them hear a tisking and turn around to see Josie Pleasure walk into the exam room. She has on her tight short cut off jeans, her very tight white crop top and black ICP hat she has on backwards because she is a rebel. She shakes her head with a disappointed look as her eyes scan from his knee to Blake’s face.]


Josie Pleasure - What was that out there? It sure didn't look like your head was in the game and yet you think you're ready to face me? I've listened to you whine about how hard it's been here and no matter what ya do that you don't think you're getting over, but if that's the way you've been giving it all then I'm not surprised. Isn't that why you begged me here? I might have lost my debut, but I went down swinging. To think all ya got was a sprain.


Blake Archer - You're right I should have let him break my leg instead. It would make your life easier.


Mary-Jane - Love..


Blake Archer - What this is what she wants. Now days any grievance is considered wrong. It gets called whining by ignorant dimwits. Half the nation is unhappy and the other half wants them to shut up. I can see what you are doing. You want to bully me into losing focus.. You are more and more a pain the older we get.


Josie Pleasure - It's not about your injury or lack thereof, but the intensity of your effort. You know how I get so if you think I'm a pain now just keep being a lack luster star. Oh a break would have been slightly better.


[She said with a humorless laugh that made Blake tense up and MJ feels a chill crawl up her back. As Josie takes her leave exiting the doorway with that laugh trailing in her wake. Blake grumbles under his breath as the scene fades out.]


between us

[Fade from black. We find ourselves in the backstage area. We can hear the muffled sounds of car horns and screaming fans from the outside of the Arena di Verona. The words "EARLIER TODAY" appear across the bottom of the screen as we see a familiar face enter the venue for the nights show. A man, who dons an all black suit, he walks while rolling his suitcase alongside him. He stopped however by Savannah Skye, who determinedly approaches him for interview. The man in question?]


Savannah Skye - Axton? Axton Pierce?


[The “Bruiser from the Pool” stops and looks to her.]


Axton Pierce - Oh, hey. Sorry didn’t see you there.


Savannah Skye - Axton, I wanted to talk to you about the events that transpired at Crown of the King Cobra.


Axton Pierce - Yeah, what about it?


Savannah Skye - Well for starters, your performance in the match was nothing short if not impressive but it was the actions of certain individuals that prevented you from securing the win.


Axton Pierce - Oh, you mean the chairshot to the head followed by the skewers being forced in afterwards? Yeah, that wasn't the best time for it, maybe it was the best time for them. I should've known they'd do something. They always do. I should've been paying more attention, that's all.


Savannah Skye - You can get your revenge tonight as you and Alex Kincaid team up again for a chance at the Battalion Championships against The Outliers and MURAMASA-kokka's Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn. I'm sure you and Alex have been talking about your gameplan going into tonight, care to give us a taste?


Axton Pierce - Alex and I have been talking to each other, yes, but why would I want to spoil things? One thing is certain, though. The Outliers won't have to do much. This fight is between us and MURAMASA-kokka, the Battalion titles are just a bonus prize.


[Axton smiles before going on his way to the locker rooms, leaving Savannah by herself.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 243 pounds, from Washington DC, representing Tide of Blood, “The Butcher” Dick Devereaux!




["Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits and the lights begin to flash violently to the beat. The ramp puts out smoke as red lasers begin to strobe around the arena. Dick Devereaux comes out from the back through the smoke with an irritated look spread across his face and a water bottle in hand. He looks around before he begins to nod his head to the beat and begins to pour the water bottle over his head. He tosses the water bottle into the audience as he continues to nod his head to the beat. He begins to bend over as he holds his bald head. He then violently starts to bang his head as he begins to punch himself over and over again. Dick then flips his wet head up and raises his fists before lowering them and beginning down the ramp. Dick is now at the end of the ramp as he runs and hops up onto the apron. He looks around before spewing off a few hateful words before stepping into the ring through the ropes. Dick walks over to the farthest turnbuckle and steps to the second rope. He looks around and then bends down and starts to head bang, letting water from his head soak the crowd below. He then flips his head up and raises his fists slowly before hoping down. Dick walks over to the ropes and steps on the middle one with his right leg and the bottom one with his left as he bounces on the ropes, staring at the crowd. His music dies down as Dick ditches his leather jacket and waits in the corner, pacing back and forth.]


Dante Reed - Tonight, right now, Devereaux gets a crack at redemption against the man that played a major key role in Dick Devereaux losing his Union Battleground Championship at the end of last season.


Sebastian Riggs - No one could forget that gruesome battle between The Butcher and Nemesis in that 7th Circle of Hell Match. And no one could forget Viduus Morta making his debut during that match; emerging through the ring canvas and dragging Dick Devereaux into that pit! Like you said, Dante, Devereaux steps his first steps at revenge towards Viduus, towards Salvation, and towards Nemesis!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 195 pounds, from unknown origins, he is a member of Salvation, Viduus Morta!


["Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.]







[The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely looking left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.]







[Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and licks his lips, ready to feast, as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises slowly and tilts his head left inquisitively like a curious dog as the lights come back on.]


Dante Reed - Dick Devereaux's war against Salvation continues right now! Viduus Morta has been something of a right hand of Salvation, if there's been one. You have to believe Devereaux would see it as a major feather in his cap if he got a win over Morta on his way to getting his hands of Nemesis!


Sebastian Riggs - True, but Morta's arguably the second highest ranking member of the faction for a reason. He's collected a series of wins over several top stars from across the industry here in Union Battleground and been a thorn in more than one person's side on the roster.


Dante Reed - Devereaux is no slouch though. If there's a man Nemesis fears on this roster, it's him and you can see why if you look at his career.


Sebastian Riggs - All I'll say is that short of putting every Salvation member on the shelf, if he wants a fair crack at Nemesis he may want to consider trying to make some friends on the roster and make the numbers even. Salvation is as unstoppable as they are not just because of their talent but also because they by far outnumber everyone else present in Union Battleground.


Dante Reed - Can’t argue with that but Devereaux’s only allies, Kuk Killswitch and Johnny Vachon, were also put on the shelf by Salvation members new and old! But as we digress, our referee for this contest checks off with each man and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Dick Devereaux runs at Morta and he sidesteps him so that he can run the ropes, right into Speaker's waiting hands that trip up Dick, making him mad more than anything. To show this to him he boots Speaker in the face through the ropes and looks like he may do more if not for Morta clubbing him from behind. Viduus pushes down on the back of Dick's neck, choking him against the top rope for as long as the referee is willing to allow it to transpire. When that's over he lays in some punches to Dick's kidneys, more or less pushing him along on the ropes till he's got him backed into a corner.]


Dante Reed - Even WITH Dick booting Speaker in the face the distraction still served its purpose! This match is all Viduus Morta so far!


Sebastian Riggs - Honestly I think he might've been better off just targeting Morta and THEN attacking Speaker! 


Dante Reed - It's a gamble either way as had he done that Speaker may have interjected himself again!


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah but he might not be cornered either!


[Leaning down, Morta delivers some nasty shoulder thrusts that look like they might make Dick spew before he stands back up and he takes him by his hand to whip him across the ring and slam chest first into the opposite side's corner! Morta comes rushing in and squashes Devereaux in the corner with a particularly devastating looking closeline! Pulling him out of the turnbuckle by the head Morta goes for a backbreaker but Dick slugs him right in the face to stop that. He takes him by the back of his head and he smashes Morta's face repeatedly into the top turnbuckle, the fans counting along with every blow that Morta suffers. Very briefly Dick lifts Morta up and drops him face first onto the top turnbuckle with a snake eyes!]


Dante Reed - The tide is turning! 


Sebastian Riggs - Don't get TOO excited, we've seen this before! Salvation's been at the mercy of many people only to end their matches standing tall!


Dante Reed - It's satisfying to see him lay into Morta in such a fashion though!


Sebastian Riggs - It's not like he can possibly make Morta any uglier either!


[Tucking his head under Morta's arm, he uses that to help lift him up onto the top of the turnbuckle and Devereaux is quick to scurry up there beside him leaving the fans buzzing in anticipation. He only gets that far with this plan however before Morta starts elbowing him in the face and trying his hardest to escape this dangerous situation the two of them find themselves in. It's a headbutt from Devereaux that subdues Morta long enough for him to take proper hold of him and send him crashing down with a German Superplex off of the top rope! Both of them hit the mat in a heap! Dick just as lifeless as Morta!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit! A devastating German Superplex! 


Sebastian Riggs - Both men are DEAD on the mat!


Dante Reed - Dick was going for a big maneuver but can he capitalize?!


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah! Not lot of good it'll do him if he can't capitalize on it!


[A flicker of life returns to Dick and he crawls for Viduus, draping an arm over him for the cover and the official is quick to get into position for the count.]


... One!


... Two!


[He gets as far as a two count before the ref notices that Vidus’ leg found its way onto the bottom rope to break the pin. Both men lay on the mat for what feels like a lifetime before Dick starts inching for the ropes and using them to pull himself back up onto his feet, Morta starting his slow trek back up to his feet too.]


Sebastian Riggs - I'm wondering what either of them has left in them after that!


Dante Reed - Dick may not have gotten the pin there but Viduus might've only delayed the inevitable! 


Sebastian Riggs - I don't know, I feel like you can't count out Salvation till they're actually beaten.


[With Devereaux getting to his feet first he pounds on Morta's back with some clubbing blows, working him over before he tosses him through the ropes and being mindful to keep him on the apron. Dick slips out between the ropes himself and he positions the two of them, setting them up and he actually makes his powerbomb on the apron a running variant! Which works against him when in mid-throw of Morta Speaker swipes Dick's legs out from under him, face planting him and having both both splat against the apron simultaneously!]


Dante Reed - Come on, referee! That was blatant interference! 


Sebastian Riggs - Speaker's being reprimanded, not that I think it'll do much good! 


Dante Reed - That powerbomb wasn't as crisp as it normally is but I think the damage was still done!


Sebastian Riggs - I'd say, Morta still fell neck first!


[Gritting his teeth and pushing himself up, Dick grabs Morta and tosses him back inside and follows in after him, putting the boots to him and generally working him over with some stomps before hitting an elbow drop on him for good measure. Eyeing them first, Dick hits the ropes and he comes off of them looking for his Hand Grenade but Morta puts his knees up and leaves Dick to convulse in agony over jumping spine first onto some knee caps. Pulling himself together, Morta picks up Devereaux and performs a rather sloppy german suplex that he rolls through on and he performs a second somewhat sloppy german suplex on him. Using what energy he has left to float through a second time, Morta sets Dick up and delivers the Awakening before going for the cover.]


Dante Reed - The Awakening! This one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Viduus Morta!


Sebastian Riggs - What'd I tell you, man? It's best not to get your hopes up about Salvation's defeat till it happens!


Dante Reed - This is a minor setback for Dick, but this is by no means over between Salvation and him. Mark my words, Dick Devereaux will not rest until he dismantles Salvation.


Sebastian Riggs - If this is any indication, he's got a long road ahead of him though. 

zombie Apocalypse

[Cold open on a pair of blood covered boats, more blood dripping onto the hard pavement below that they're walking on as smoke or maybe fog sweeps by this traveler's legs. A slow pan upwards shows that their jeans are practically in tatters and are also blood covered, their Led Zeppelin t-shirt in a tragic state though their leather jacket is in rather good condition all things considered, just a little blood on it. The pan continues till the blood soaked face of Joe Stanton is visible, wearing his signature sunglasses though one of the lenses is cracked and missing a shard of it. Showing his one eye, an eye that's filled with a killer's instinct. He shuffles along, a slight limp to his walk.]




[The undead! Zombies are swarming Joe, consuming him in what looks like endless waves! The Scarlet Speedster just keeps swinging for the fences, punching any zombie that gets too close and sending their faces bursting! Screaming out, Stanton manages to barely fend off the pack enough for him to move freely. He starts moving, not stopping, never stopping, punching at anything that moves that comes within arm's reach of him. Blood splattering everywhere!]




[Pissed off, Joe storms through his family's house grabbing the bare essentials. He breezes through the place he used to consider his only safe haven from the world, grabbing his bag and hardly giving any of it a second look. Those words burning in his head, fueling him, pushing him closer and closer to the door. The only thing that makes him hesitate is the sight of his younger brother standing in the threshold and even that's for a moment. He takes a step forward and...]




[Everything's failed him, he isn't sure if he even has the strength to get his arm up for the Shoryuken after the way May crushed it earlier. He isn't thinking straight, he's a wounded animal, a desperate animal, and so he's doing something risky, he's doing something he'd never normally do. A quick glance to ensure the table's still behind them is all it takes, that's all the time May needed to stir and the self proclaimed Manolith is upset. Joe tries to put his arms up but those tree trunk arms burst through his defenses and clobber him all over again. They take hold of him, put him in position and it's in the moment that he's on the shoulders of a man he had called a friend that everything seems to freeze. His entire life flashes before his eyes as if trying to take his mind off of it, distract his mind from it, make him think about anything but what's about to happen to him and what it means.]


[Joe Stanton flies through the air.]


[He crashes through the table from atop the turnbuckle.]


[His back burns in ways it's never done before.]




[Staring in her eyes right now, Joe thinks about something he's never thought about before. Even with her. He's known he's loved her for years now, that's no great mystery to him. But he's never seen himself as the settling down type, not from a resistance to it, more...he doesn't even know anymore. But in this moment in time it washes away and all he can think of is the question he never thought he'd ask someone, finding that question flooding his mind, and dripping down into his mouth so that it's right on the tip of his tongue.]


[He's going to ask her to marry him.]




Joe Stanton - You read from the Book of the Dead?




[Stepping out of his Impala, Joe Stanton surveys the road kill that is the zombies on his front bumper and the parking area of Arena di Verona, brimming with the undead. Joe Stanton slips on his shades and he starts walking forward, heading straight for the door. Naturally it doesn't take long for the unwashed undead masses to notice fresh meat and start shambling towards him, Joe swings as soon as one gets near him and while initially faring well they start piling up on him and ganging up on him. He always manages to avoid any bites but their clawing and swiping at him does slow down his progress on subduing them.]


[The undead! Zombies are swarming Joe, dog piling him in what looks like endless waves! The Scarlet Speedster just keeps swinging for the fences, punching any zombie that gets too close and sending their faces bursting! Screaming out, Stanton manages to barely fend off the pack enough for him to move freely. He starts moving, not stopping, never stopping, punching at anything that moves that comes within arm's reach of him. Blood splattering everywhere!]


[During one rather explosive blood splatter a zombie takes a swipe at Joe's face, knocking his sunglasses off and breaking the one lens. He headbutts the zombie before reaching for his sunglasses, dropping to the ground and letting another maul his shirt and cut him deep enough that he starts bleeding. Fresh blood in the air only seems to make them all the more frenzied, practically falling over themselves to shuffle over to him. Stanton pushes forward, forcing them to let him take small steps in progression while he does his best to put them away.]


[One particular zombie is stubborn though, handling Joe and pawing at him, and generally being a persistent bugger. Rearing his fist back, Joe gives the zombie a right that in of itself nearly shatters the skull of the zombie, but Joe keeps unloading rights onto the head of the zombie until its head is little more than mush. His right hand dripping in its blood.]


[Cold cut on a pair of blood covered boats, more blood dripping onto the hard pavement below that they're walking on as smoke or maybe fog sweeps by Joe's legs. A slow pan upwards shows that their jeans are practically in tatters and are also blood covered, their Led Zeppelin t-shirt in a tragic state though their leather jacket is in rather good condition all things considered, just a little blood on it. The pan continues till the blood soaked face of Joe Stanton is visible again, wearing his signature sunglasses though one of the lenses is cracked and missing a shard of it. Showing his one eye, an eye that's filled with a killer's instinct. He shuffles along, a slight limp to his walk.]


[Ignoring the zombies still wandering the parking lot, Joe Stanton lumbers towards the entrance to the backstage area and he pushes open the door to step through.]








Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 230 pounds, from Tujunga, California, “Primetime” Rhyan Matthews!




[The lights flicker on and off, as all eyes focus onto the stage. Just as they do, the tron lights up as the opening to Throne by BMTH begins to play over the P.A system. A single spotlight starts to focus on the stage entrance as a silhouette of a man can be seen walking out onto the stage with a huge smirk etched over his face.]


Dante Reed - Here comes the first of these two newly debuting competitors in Union Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - Matthews sure looks set for action and Primetime here Dante!


[The crowds not really sure what to make of Rhyan yet, as he casually and confidently walks down the ramp, smirking for the entirety of it. Rhyan seems to make the ladies fall at his feet, as the men glare on in jealously as he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring, as he music begins to die down. Rhyan walks past his opponent and the referee to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, looking out onto the fans, nodding. As he music finally comes to a finish, he turns around and looks at his opponent before jumping down from the corner.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 210 pounds, from Dodge City, Kansas, “The Dodge City Dynamo” Danny Colt!





[As the rock ballad kicks in, the crowd rises up to watch the stage, and from the back out steps Danny Colt! Colt is stretching his arms as he steps out of the back, but he stops after a few paces to throw both hands in the air, acknowledging the fans that are responding to him. Danny walks forward a few more steps and then jogs forward, hopping up onto the apron, before he jogs across to the turnbuckle. Climbing up on the outside, he throws both fists high in the air to applause from the crowd, before jumping off and into the ring. Stripping off his singlet, Colt dashes over and tosses it to the crowd, before he moves to his corner and continues his stretches, getting ready for the battle to follow.]


Dante Reed - This should be a good one folks!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t wait to see what these two hungry young lions in Union Battleground can do!


Dante Reed - The referee checks off with each competitor and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Colt and Matthews start off with a friendly gesture by quickly exchanging a handshake. The two step back from each other for a moment and then come right at each other. Rhyan Matthews immediately gets Danny colt into a headlock and Colt tries to push him off, but Matthews locks it in harder. Colt slowly makes his way to the ropes and puts his leg onto the middle one. This forces Matthews to break the hold and back up off of Danny Colt. As Matthews backs away, Colt grabs his arm and whips him into the turnbuckle chest first. Colt follows up by charging in as Matthews backs up from the impact with a huge bulldog!]


Dante Reed - It started off friendly but the competitive side is beginning to show!


Sebastian Riggs - You can’t worry about making new friends if you want to reach the top Dante!


[Matthews is down and taken off guard. He begins getting up and Colt comes running in looking for a soccer-style kick but Matthews manages to block the kick, grabs a hold of Colt’s leg and lifts Colt up, slamming him back down with a thunderous spine buster that shakes the ring. Matthews is back up to his fit and sizing Colt up. Danny is up and Matthews manages to lift him straight up over his head into a Gorilla Press position!]


Dante Reed - What strength shown by this youngster!


Sebastian Riggs - Rhyan Matthews has got about twenty pounds on Danny Colt and he’s using it to his advantage early on Dante!


[Matthews holds Danny for a few seconds and then slams him down to the mat. With Colt flat on his stomach and writhing in pain, Matthews tries to move in by grabbing Colt’s foot looking to apply an ankle lock. Colt wastes no time and quickly gets to the ropes, not even letting Matthews lock it in. Matthews backs up once again and once again Colt tries to take advantage but Matthews is prepared and sidesteps a right hand with a drop toe hold. Matthews slides over Colt’s back, gets him in a headlock, lifts him up to his feet and attempts a DDT but Colt manages to reverse it with a release northern lights suplex!]


Dante Reed - What a great counter by Danny Colt whose looking to get some offense going here!


[Danny Colt sees the chance to move in and does so without hesitation by dropping a knee to the throat of Rhyan Matthews! Matthews clutches his throat, gasping for air as Colt now double stomps Matthews in the chest, right on the lungs to cause even more problems to Rhyan’s breathing! As Matthews grabs at his chest, Colt goes back to dropping another knee across his throat and as Matthews rolls onto his stomach in pain, grasping at his throat, Colt now connects with a leaping senton across his back, rolls Danny Colt over and makes the pin.]








Sebastian Riggs - Matthews got his shoulder up at two Dante!


Dante Reed - Danny Colt has quickly turned the tide of this match by literally not giving Rhyan Matthews a moment to breathe!


[Colt gets up and lays in a few kicks across Matthews’ chest. Colt now makes his way towards the turnbuckles and begins climbing them until he gets to the top. Danny Colt flies off, attempting a Frog Splash but Rhyan Matthews gets his knees up to give Danny a dose of his own medicine by knocking the wind out of him. Danny now rolls around clutching at his stomach as Rhyan is up to his feet. Matthews walks over to the opposite end of the ring from where Colt is still rolling around on the mat. Rhyan Matthews is in the corner now, leaning forward and staring at Danny Colt whose starting to rise up!]


Dante Reed - What’s Rhyan Matthews thinking here?


[As Danny gets up, he turns around and is met by a charging Matthews who almost takes Colt out of his boots with a massive spear!]


Sebastian Riggs - Deadly Innocence Dante! That spear could end this!


[Matthews gets on top of Colt and hooks his leg for the pin.]










Dante Reed - And Danny Colt just manages to kick out!


[Matthews shakes the failed pin attempt off as he brings Danny Colt up and sends him towards the corner and into the turnbuckle back first. Matthews charges in and connects with a clothesline with the impact causing Colt to start moving forwards out of the corner. Rhyan lines Colt up and comes out of the corner with a superkick attempt but Colt must have done his homework and knew to expect the sequence as he side steps the attempt like he has eyes in the back of his head. Matthews goes stumbling forward and Colt grabs him from behind, hooks Matthews in and drives him backwards with a dragon suplex.]


Dante Reed - What ring awareness shown by Danny Colt there!


Sebastian Riggs - He must have done his research on Rhyan Matthews!


[Colt is back up and starts laying into Matthews with a few more kicks, after that he decides once again to head towards the turnbuckle. Danny makes his way up but doesn’t look to be attempting a move while Rhyan is down. Instead, he waits for Matthews to slowly get up and then leaps off with a huge blockbuster that flattens Matthews back down to the mat. The impact took a bit on Colt too who is slow to get up but does so nevertheless. Colt comes in, grabs Rhyan by the right leg and begins trying to turn him over into a single leg crab.]


Dante Reed - Danny Colt is attempting a single leg crab here!


Sebastian Riggs - But he can’t turn Rhyan Matthews over Dante!


[Danny Colt continues trying to struggle until finally Rhyan Matthews uses his other leg to kick Danny Colt in the chest, sending him flying back into the ropes. Matthews gets up and Colt comes running in with a leaping lariat but Matthews manages to duck it. Once Colt regains his footing and turns around he is hit with a leaping lariat from Matthews instead that sends Colt flying back to the mat. Colt is quickly back up and as if he didn’t learn his lesson from last time, comes running in with a wild lariat attempt again! Colt once again misses but this time when he turns around, Colt is hit with a spear by Matthews!]


Dante Reed - Deadly Innocence again!


[Matthews picks Colt up to his feet and signals to the crowd that the end is near. Rhyan sets Danny up and lifts him up in position for a Jackhammer but as he’s hold it, Colt begins driving his right knee down into the top of Matthews’ head. Colt falls down behind Rhyan after a few knees, jumps up and drives both of his knees forward, with the momentum driving Rhyan Matthews stomach first to the mat with Colt on his back! Danny Colt wastes no time and positions Matthews arm into place behind his own head and locks in the crossface to complete the Gargano Escape!]


Dante Reed - Kansas Klutch locked in by Danny Colt!


Sebastian Riggs - And there doesn’t look to be any escape in sight for Rhyan Matthews!


[Matthews tries to fight out of it but this causes Colt to rear back in the hold and finally Rhyan Matthews has no choice but to submit causing the referee to call for the bell and Danny Colt to release the hold.]




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Dodge Coty Dynamo” Danny Colt!


Dante Reed - Another impressive victory by Danny Colt, bringing it to 2-0, and making his L!GHTS OUT debut a successful one.


[As the music plays and the crowd cheers on, Colt celebrates as the referee holds his hand up high. Danny celebrates only for a moment as he notices Rhyan is slow to get up and clutching his shoulder and neck. Danny walks over and helps the man up and then offers another congratulatory handshake. Matthews accepts and the two embrace in a respectful display of gratitude. The crowd cheers both of them on with a “that was awesome” chant.]


Dante Reed - Danny Colt and Rhyan Matthews showing a great deal of respect for one another. It’s a rarity in this day and age, but it’s always great to see some sportsmanship over showmanship.


Sebastian Riggs - These two love this business and what it’s about at it’s purest form. Great all-round bout!


Dante Reed - Folks, coming up next we will have our triple threat Battalion Championships Match next!

push over

Charles Florence - Let me just go through this.

[Trixie's agent, Charles Florence appears behind his desk with a folder in front of him. She had been called in to meet him over what he said would be a future direction for her.]

Charles Florence - So, you said you'd change the result of last year's tournament by winning this year and you didn't. You would beat Flash Kassidy and didn't, you would take the title away from Zombie, and didn’t…. why are you in Union Battleground exactly?

Trixie - I-

[She is interrupted, Charles wasn't interested in excuses.]

Charles Florence - Because you're superkicking your way through people globally in Prime, you beat Joe Stanton on that SAP show, you're a contender for the VPW Tag titles, CWC's Junior Heavyweight title and yet, in Union you don't do anything, Miss Smith.

[She sat there, feeling like she was answering the principal.]

Charles Florence - What is the point in doing Union Battleground if you don't fulfil these promises?

Trixie - I'm trying to. I'm trying to win something in Union. I did what I could against Zombie and I came close.

[He pulls out from his drawer a cigar to make a point, close but no cigar. Leaving Trixie visibly conflicted.]

Charles Florence - I think, if you're going to put yourself in Union, cost expenses on travelling on this tour their doing then start bringing in some publicity. I want wins, I want a strong client, because I don't represent losers. Get that record of yours in the green, more wins than losses, Miss Smith. Starting right now, in Union I want you smashing through people. I want people to think a damn hurricane hit your opponent. Get your act together otherwise you leave Union or you drop me.

[For reasons yet to be told, Trixie couldn't really drop him.]

Trixie - Fine. I will.

Charles Florence - I'll send an email to Graves about booking you in a match against someone. That will be all.

[Trixie collects her handbag, slinging it over her arm and walks out of the office as the screen fades to black with the Union Battleground logo appearing with a static buzz before black.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a triple threat match for the Battalion Championships! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 240 pounds, from the Platinum Coast, he is “The Bullet King” Alex Kincaid!


[The pounding opening drums to Hands Like Houses "I Am" bring the audience up to their feet, turning towards the entrance for the now familiar music of The Bullet King. From the back, Alex Kincaid strides out staring up into the back of the arena. From behind him, his wife steps out to rest a hand on his shoulder. Kincaid grins a bit at the audience, whispering something to her we don’t quite catch before starting to head down to the ring. ]







[By now, Kincaid has made his way to the ring. He makes a full lap of the ring, slapping hands with a few audience members that reach out to him. He pauses at the corner of the crowd barricade to stand on the timekeepers chair, planting one foot on the top of the barricade and staring up into the back of the building. Then, he suddenly pops backward and slides under the ropes to his feet. Alyssa takes her place on the floor near his corner as he walks across the ring and climbs to the top rope, staring out over the audience. He nods, seemingly satisfied with the support of his people, before he hops down to the floor and begins to warm up in his corner to await the start of the match.]


Dante Reed - This is the first we’ve seen of Alex Kincaid for competition since his unsuccessful bid for the War Horse Championship at Crown of the King Cobra.


Sebastian Riggs - But he did appear two weeks ago and laid down this challenge. After declaring himself the “workhorse” of the Battleground, he threw the proposition to Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn to square off between he and Axton Pierce. And low and behold, Axel Graves makes the match a triple threat Battalion match for the titles!




[Out from the windwork comes Axton Pierce. Standing on the stage, he breathes in the atmosphere of the crowd, he wipes his hand down his face, then proceeding to walk towards the ring.]


Mike Dempsey - And his partner, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 190 pounds, from Liverpool, England, he is “The Bruiser from the Pool” Axton Pierce!


[Walking to one side of the ring, he climbs atop the apron and into the ring. He walks towards the nearest corner and climbs onto the turnbuckles, standing tall while looking out at the crowd. He lifts his arm, connecting the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers relaxed in the air. He comes down, as the music fades and awaits the ringing of the bell.]


Dante Reed - Similar  situation with Axton Pierce as it is with Alex Kincaid. He too was sidetracked of the War Horse Championship, which has led us to Pierce and Kincaid forming this alliance.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s like the saying, “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Pierce and Kincaid have similar adversaries that’s brought them together.


Mike Dempsey - And their opponents, the team of Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn, Muramasa-kokka!






[Red and blue lights pulsate with the rhythm of the song as we pan across the crowd before resting on the stage. Jordan and Rukia walk out and stand out to the right side. Kira then comes out and stand in the middle before they all meet up in the middle of the stage and make a cut throat motion before throwing their hands up into an “X” shape. They make their way down the ramp before they circle the ring and slide in. They climb to the turnbuckles and look at the fans before meeting in the center of the ring where they make their signature pose.]


Dante Reed - And now two members of Muramasa-kokka, Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn, make their way to the ring. These guys have caused about as much chaos as anybody.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt they’ve made a lot of enemies. From attacks on Anton Chase, to Axton Pierce, to Alex Kincaid. They just seem to like to cause anarchy here!


Mike Dempsey - And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 345 pounds, the team of HeWhoCorrupts and Sawtooth Grin, they are the Union Battleground Battalion Champions, The Outliers!




[In that instant, a lone spotlight catches The Outliers cutting through the haze of fog and echo. They’re submerged in blue and red light, more shadow than flesh. They pause to raise the Battalion Championships, exuding a playful menace. They continue to prowl toward the ring, wading through the sea of people clutching at the titles and patting them on the back.]


Dante Reed - It’s the team that’s as bizarre as they are talented, The Outliers are in the house!


Sebastian Riggs - Every time these men step onto that stage, the house just explodes! No doubt about it, they’re poised and bring the noise!


[One by one, The Outliers hop over the fence and roll into the ring. They circle along the ropes with an ominous eye-of-the-storm calm until Sawtooth Grin starts contorting his rail-thin body into a series of strange, unnerving positions--his spindly silhouette seems downright inhuman. Hewhocorrupts is twisting and twitching in front of the digital images, his bony shoulders undulating in the shadows, creeping out of the dark. By the end, they're entangled around the ringpost like a pair of raw nerves and coursing with current like a frayed wire. The Outliers stare into the camera with the focus of a dagger plowing its way through thick heavy walls. The Kubrick stare. A look known to sour wells and make women barren. A look that would burn right through you. Gasoline rainbows and road flares.]




[Kira Izumi, Axton Pierce and Hewhocorupts stand in the ring starting off. Axton dashes for Kira the two lock up, but Kira tosses Axton off of him. HWC was waiting rushing towards the two of them and hitting a perfectly timed shining wizard on Axton. He stands up and ducks under a running forearm from Kira. HWC grabs him around the waist, but Kira wedges his thumbs under the grip he has. Kira stomps on HWC’s foot and jumps back striking him in the head with a pale kick!]


Dante Reed - Amazing athletic ability out of Kira Izumi, everyone is starting this match off hitting hard.


Sebastian Riggs - The Battalion Championships are on the line Dante would you expect any less?


[Axton gets to his corner tagging out to the Bullet King he steps in. Kira Izumi is the first to strike, but Alex Kincaid meets him center of the ring the two of them viciously punching each other in the side of the head with short jabs. Axton Pierce hits Jordan Rayburn as he stepped through the ropes entering illegally with a Bicycle Kick. The Official stays with them to ensure they return to their corners while center ring Alex Kincaid Irish whips Kira to the empty corner, but Kira is fast using the turnbuckles as steps before flipping off the top rope and down onto Alex with a moonsault!]


Dante Reed - Axton and Jordan are barely able to stay contained in their team’s corners.

Sebastian Riggs - They need to get control of their emotions Dante, the champs will not let that slide.


[Hewhocorupts was able to get to his corner and tag in SawtoothGrin during all this and Grin is not about to be left out. He strikes Kira first then turns and rushes into Alex with a slingblade clothesline. Grin goes for a cover..]




[Kira dives at him and Grin rolls off Alex and towards his corner as Kira hits Alex he makes the tag to Hewhocorupts. Kira grabs HWC hitting him in the side of the head and into a headlock. Kira swings his body behind HWC wrapping his arms around his waist pulling back delivering a German suplex! Kira bridges the move going for a pin of his own.]




[Alex delivers an elbow to Kira’s midsection breaking up the count right away. Alex rolls over to his corner and reaches up tagging Axton in.]


Dante Reed - Two quick pin attempts these teams are quick to tag in and out. Axton is in legally now.


Sebastian Riggs - That is the point of a tag team match Dante, you stay fresh having a partner to tag out to.


[Axton comes in meeting eyes with Kira, but he backs up to his corner tagging in Jordan Rayburn. The crowd gets excited as these two rivals enter the ring together. Axton is the first to strike with a kick to the midsection. He tries to Irish whip Jordan to the ropes, but he is blocked and gets a sidewalk slam instead. Jordan gets back up not forgetting about the champions Hewhocorupts is backup in his corner making the tag to stay fresh Sawtoothgrin meeting Jordan center ring jumping headbutt.]


Dante Reed - No love loss between Jordan and Axton, but The The Outliers showed great teamwork capitalizing with that quick tag catching Jordan off guard.


Sebastian Riggs - There is a reason these guys are the Battalion Champions.


[Jordan grabs his face upon impact and Grin grabs his arm Irish whipping him to his team's corner. He gets another tag to HWC’s and Irish whips Jordan to the opposite corner running behind him and getting down on all fours, HWC’s rushes into the ring fast behind them leaping up to Jordan as he hits the corner. Hewhocorupts keeps going delivering a running "Bomaye" knee strike to Axton before he is able to tag in his partner. Grabbing Axton by the head he pulls him center of the ring, delivering a T-Bone suplex. HWC covers Axton.]




Kira breaks up the count!


[Alex Kincaid rushes in the ring and hts a Clothesline thrashing Kira into the ropes and sending him over them to the outside floor. Alex exits the ring and grabs Kira before he tosses him towards the steel ring steps, only Kira counters and sends Alex instead crashing into the ringside steps. The metal clangs as his shoulder hits it and he falls to the ground holding onto the spot that hit.]


Dante Reed - Alex looks prashed from that collision with the steel ring steps.

Sebastian Riggs - Kira is not happy about Alex clothes-lining him out of the ring, he is still feeling it.


[Kira is hardly unable to stand seeming dizzy from hitting the floor a little bit ago. He yells loudly and charges at Alex in a fit of rage, Kira Kira Knee! Alex dodges out of the way at the last second! Kira’s knee strikes the steel steps sending him into a world of hurt.  Alex holds onto the ring apron steadying himself while back in the ring his partner is recovering. Axton sits up looking around while behind him Jordan stands up a bit wobbly, but takes a swing at HWC striking him hard with an Uranage. HWC takes a step back but keeps his balance. Axton hits Jordan with a lariat! The two collide like a car hitting a wall. Axton attempts a brain buster only for Jordan to counter with dropkick! Jordan takes the chance to grab him from behind delivering a Tiger Suplex, he has his shoulders pinned.]






Hewhocorupts breaks up the count!


Dante Reed - That Tiger Suplex was not enough the third man in the ring was there to break it up.


Sebastian Riggs - That is what makes these multiple man matches so difficult to compete in.


[Hewhocorupts clubs Jordan in the back of the head, he almost lifts him with a German Suplex, Jordan is able to block it. HWC releases him Jordan hits him with a Pele Kick out of desperation. Axton staggers back up catching his breath quickly. He then rushes into the ropes coming back at him lifting his knee into Jordan’s gut with a kitchen sink. Jordan flips forward and onto the mat, he grabs his stomach, but pushes himself up to his knees before anyone can pin him. Axton improvises applying a Dragon Sleeper to him from behind. Jordan takes a moment to realize what is happening as the pain wakes him up fast.]


Dante Reed - Axton has that submission on tight this could be what wins his team the match!


Sebastian Riggs - He would love to get the victory with a submission over Jordan Rayburn I bet you that.


[Jordan groans and panic begins to set in as he swings his arms punching Axton in the shoulders. Still Axton keeps his grip, now tightening the hold even more. From the side HWCs delivers a dropkick knocking both of them down. He is back to his feet fast and goes to his corner where Grin is waiting for the tag.]


Dante Reed - The challengers are both down, the champions have an opening right now.


Sebastian Riggs - That they do and the fans certainly seem excited about it.


[Grin has his seights on Axton Peirce hitting him with The Thumbsucker! Axton is sprung backwards and out of the ring under the bottom rope. Hewhocorupts has Jordan in position and hits him with the DISASTERPEACE!]


[Hewhocorupts rolls to the outside his partner Grin is already there on the opposite side. The Outliers springboard off the top rope in perfect unison. Each of them hits a dropkick to the dazed Jordan Rayburn in both sides of his head. Hewhocorupts rolls out of the ring stomping on Alex Kincaid for good measure while Grin covers Jordan in the ring.]










Mike Dempsey - Ladies and Gentleman here are your winners AND STILL Union Battleground Battalion Champions, The Outliers!


Dante Reed - The champions retain once again!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t help but think that if the challengers hadn’t had so much beef with one another they might have stood better chances.


Dante Reed - That’s a distinct possibility, Bas. But one thing’s for certain, The Outliers continue their roll as undefeated Champs! Folks, stick around as we continue our block of Championship bouts. Coming up next, we Kimitsu Zombie defending her War Horse Championship against Joe Stanton!


the journey, man.

[The scene opens on the IJPW Death Crown Championship and the Grindhouse Tag Team Championship before a taped up hand scoops them up, the camera following them initially with its shot to reveal their thrown over the shoulder of somebody. A quick zoom out reveals Joe Stanton is standing somewhere backstage, dressed for battle, sunglasses naturally on. His features are of a similar steely resolve, his usual smile absent from his face. Stanton tilts his head to glance down at the championships on his shoulder, he adjusts them to ensure they're both being captured by the lens before turning his attention back to it.]


Joe Stanton - Tonight isn't about Aokigahara Zombie. I kept his name out of my mouth, out of my promotional material against you out of a professional respect for both of you, and out of respect for the championship that you hold. You are your own person, your own wrestler, your own champion. Your private life is irrelevant to that championship that you hold, to your career, to Union Battleground.


[The Scarlet Speedster chooses his words carefully and with a sympathetic tone to them. He really had no intention of bringing Aoki up or the drama plaguing his opponent's life as of late.]


Joe Stanton - On the final thing I have to say on that note, Kimitsu, I'm not Aokigahara Zombie. Despite our similarities.


[He waves a finger before he resumes holding tight to the championships on his shoulder.]


Joe Stanton - It's true, I like to fight, I like competition, the challenge of pushing myself beyond the limits of a normal person, beyond the limits I had the day before. But to assume I've never been a man to carry a cause...


[Trailing off, Stanton sighs and he pinches at the bridge of his nose. He stays like this for a few seconds, seemingly at a loss.]


Joe Stanton - I have carried the banner of causes in the past, when I've felt passionate enough about something to do so. I do not rush to carry a cause because it has to be something important, it has to matter. A fighter that rushes to carry any cause at any given time is as foolhardy as a fighter that stands for nothing. I stand first and foremost for pro-wrestling and taking the sport to new heights as best I can by testing myself, pushing myself, and bettering myself to have different and unique matches that are unlike anything anyone has seen, by trying to make myself a face of our industry and represent it to the best of my ability.


[Speaking plainly, Joe shakes his head when he confesses he does not rush into causes. He makes a big swiping motion to show how bad it is for someone to rush to pick up causes is. Holding up his index finger, Joe recites what his current cause throughout the wrestling industry is. Slowly he brings his index finger down till it's pointed at the lens that's filming him.]


Joe Stanton - Tonight, that cause brings me to you. A champion. Where through trial and tribulations in that ring we will see who on this night is the better wrestler. Who between us has earned to hold the War Horse Championship more.


[Again, his tone becomes more friendly when he describes where this cause has brought him. His finger wags with the start of every sentence he starts. The Guy in Shades nods his head at the end of his statement and the shot fades out before transitioning back to ringside.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is “The Scarlet Speedster” Joe Stanton!









[The thumping of the song and the darkening of the house lights cue the fans to put their hands together, clapping along with the tune as a blinding stage light creates a massive glare that blinds those in attendance and at home watching. When the stage light dims and some spotlights cast on the stage, Joe Stanton is there standing with his signature pair of sunglasses on. He looks out at the fans and he pumps his fist a few times in rhythm with the song before he heads for the ring and enters it quickly. Throwing his jacket to the side, Joe circles the ring pointing to the fans in attendance before he shadow boxes in his corner, waiting for the tune to end.]


Dante Reed - Joe Stanton making his way to the ring, and Bas, he’s had a bit of an up and down tenure so far in Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - I agree with you. Right now, though, he’s been on the upswing; having the victory at Crown of the King Cobra over Michael Hayden, a longtime rival; and just two weeks ago, defeating the monster Rumble Reyes with that monster one punch that he’s known for! Tonight, he’s got a big opportunity to capture Union Battleground gold as he’s about to face-off against the War Horse Champion!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, representing the 4CW, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]







[Kimitsu Zombie calmly walks out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu and her War Horse Championship belt on like a bandolier across her body. Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowd's reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]







Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie is looking to make her second title defense tonight. You have to wonder when she will cash it in for a Trench War Championship bout?


Sebastian Riggs - Everybody knows that she has been fighting her way back to get to Emery Layton. Her loss against the Trench War Champ at the season one finale Coup de Grace has been the one thing on her mind this season, and she hasn’t been subtle about it.

[She takes a long chug of shochu and spits a shochu mist into the air then screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring and holds her title up in the air waiting for the match to start.]


Dante Reed - As you mentioned, Zombie has been laser focused on getting back to Emery Layton. Later tonight, Layton will be defending that Trench War Title against The Mercenary that we all now know to be Rogan MacLean. It’ll be interesting to see how things unfold. But right now, she has to focus on retaining this title.


Sebastian Riggs - Hundred percent. Zombie must retain the title tonight if she wants to get that Trench War Title shot.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we now have both competitors in the ring. Our referee for this contest will be our very own Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. “The Heel” checks off with both fighters one last time, and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Right out of the gate, Stanton sprints forward. He misses a running spinning heel kick as Zombie ducks, sprinting past. She ricochets off the ropes and goes for a sling blade on Stanton, but Joe slips out of the way. Zombie lands on her butt and Stanton hits her with a toe kick right between the shoulder blades. He picks her up and quickly executes a fisherman’s suplex. He bridges for the pin, but Zombie kicks out before the count even gets started. He pulls Zombie to her feet again and hits a Russian leg sweep. He immediately follows it up with a standing shooting star press. He makes the cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


[Stanton continues to capitalize on his attack. He pulls her to her feet once more. This time Kimitsu leaps up and hits Stanton with a DDT.]


Sebastian Riggs - Fast action thus far. Zombie with a beautiful DDT just planted Joe Stanton!


Dante Reed - Joe has been impressive. That standing shooting star was a thing of beauty.


[Zombie stands quickly, then stomps Stanton hard in the gut. She’s quick to continue capitalizing, bringing Stanton up to his feet and she goes for a dragon screw, but Stanton blocks it. He pulls his leg out of her grip, and dropkicks her to the canvas. He pulls her up to her feet, whipping her into the ropes. She sprints back and Stanton lifts her up into the air. But Zombie counters and hits a front dropkick! Stanton crashes to the mat! Zombie capitalizes and hits a few stomps before pulling him up to his feet and whipping him to the corner. She sprints forward, a battle cry echoing in the arena as she splashes into him. Stanton collapses in the corner and Zombie sprints across the ring, then back and hits a sprinting double knee strike to the corner! She makes the cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Th --  Kick out!


Dante Reed - Hell of a championship match we’ve got here ladies and gentlemen, the fast paced action is nonstop!


[Zombie pulls Stanton to his feet, and Stanton takes advantage of her frustration, jabbing a kick out to her knee and putting her down into kneeling position. He moves quickly, as he knows he needs to do… Proto Buster! Out of nowhere! Kimitsu Zombie bounces off the mat and Stanton makes the cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Thr-- Kick out!


[But Zombie seems dazed! Stanton is feeling it, he pulls her up and sets her up… He lifts her into a tombstone piledriver position.]


Sebastian Riggs - Here it is! Stanton setting her up for the Funeral for a Son!


Dante Reed - Or perhaps in this case, a Funeral for a Daughter!


[Zombie begins kicking her feet and slides down Stanton’s back. Stanton ducks a strike and accelerates to the ropes. He bounces back and leaps into a cross body. CATCH ME!!! He wastes no time and pulls Zombie to her feet. Northern lights suplex! He bridges!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre-- Kick out!


[Stanton though, seems to have Kimitsu Zombie right where he wants her. He pulls her to her feet again and locks her up into a belly to belly position—but Kimitsu counters with a headbutt! Stanton staggers backwards. Zombie stomps Stanton in the knee and Stanton falls, bent forward…]


Sebastian Riggs - Bonzai God Kick!!!


Dante Reed - She hooks the leg for the cover! This one’s over!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - And Kimitsu Zombie retains once again! An incredible contest for both fighters here tonight.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it, Dante. Stanton showed great poise in this one, but came up just a little short. He’s got a lot of talent, and if he sticks with it, he’ll be making a lot of noise here in the Battleground. But tonight is Zombie’s night.


Dante Reed - Stay tuned, folks, we have more to come, and more championship bouts in the wing. Coming up next, we have Emery Layton defending her Trench War Championship against Rogan MacLean!

a shepherd and her flock

[The camera opens upon the sight of the mangled church that had been seen previously with Caden Walker. Although lifeless, and devoid of all that made a church a godly building of majesty and wonder, there was still an air of spiritual power inside of this building. If feint. As the light of the sun began to shine down upon the building, it grew more and more and more obvious that the cameraman was not alone. It was then that footsteps began to sound off, growing louder and louder the closer they drew.]


Miss Sarin - And the people shall bow their heads and prayer. Reverent of the Shepherd who has been sent to guide her people to the promised land. God did not ask for those who were healthy to follow him, for that is not the will of a healer. No, you see God asks for the sick. For those who aren’t healthy of mind and body. Now, I am not God, I don’t claim to be...but I am his loyal shepherd.


[The Camera quickly turns, shining forth onto the form of Miss Sarin, bedecked in her Nun attire. A golden cross with a single ruby shining forth in the center. As she moved she stretched out her hand, showing behind her a large table, with three shadowy figures seated just behind her.]


Miss Sarin - As the Lord’s shepherd, I have made it my mission to gather forth a flock worthy of his name. A flock that would show just what his grace looks like. What his power and glory truly looks like in the hands of a mortal like me. And I have found just such a flock. And that flock will find its place. Here in this place known as Union Battleground, my flock will show just what the power of the Lord and his eager Shepherd can do. Come, let me show you...my beautiful Flock.


[She leads the cameraman with a gentle smile, as their footsteps echo along the ground. The closer they get the more the shadowy figures begin to materialize into focus, becoming more and more genuine. The first form to appear was that of the imposing figure of Caden Walker. Tall, bearded, body seemingly housing a dangerous spirit with murderous intent.]


Miss Sarin - You’ve met the newest acquisition of my flock. He is the Wayward Lamb. The one who wandered away from the path. This is Caden Walker. A powerful force. A true brute of a human being. But I have molded him. I have shaped his form to fit that of the will of the Father. You all have seen the results. A Penitent being who will truly bring the glory of God to Union Battleground.


[Caden raises his hand up, holding with it the piece of cloth that he had ripped away from Elina Cartel. He lifted it to his nose, taking a deep breath of it before placing it onto the left sleeve of his jacket. He lifted up a small needle and thread, slowly starting to sew the cloth into his coat.]


Miss Sarin - Of course, I did say he was my newest. Allow me to show you my youngest. A truly gifted person. He is knowledgeable in the lord. Pious. A true believer. A favored child. He is my devout Preacher. This is Konomari Nachikage.


[The camera moves more and more forward until it reveals a figure of Japanese descent. The man wears a thick coat, the patterns of it printed with different prayers in Kanji. His eyes glimmer with a light of fury and honor, focused on the bible that he has clasped in his hand.]


Miss Sarin - Oh I wouldn’t interrupt him. This is his very specific time for reading and understanding. And if he is interrupted...well...the fury of the Lord runs through him. It’s rather dangerous to interrupt him. But he isn’t the only one. You see...he is my youngest. But my first acquisition is truly my favorite. Truly the greatest accomplishment of the Lord. She is filled with the power of the Lord. She is his soldier. A soldier of God and the guardian dog of my flock. She has since lost her name for the glory of the god. She is known only by the name that God has given her. She is Magdalena. My Soldier.


[The last figure remains in the darkness, drawing back so that she couldn’t be seen. Her eyes focused on the stained glass window, depicting Jesus on the cross. Her eyes shine in the darkness however. Glowing with fury. Unbridled. Unrestrained. The camera shook in his hands, the fear palpable as her eyes focused on him.]


Miss Sarin - It’s ok. She won’t hurt you. Not yet. You see, Union Battleground will only see a taste of the flock. A small taste. Before we descend like the fire that consumed the sinful lands. Before we carve out our own Eden in this place. You all only have one option truly. Follow us...follow like the flock that you all have become. My flock. The only flock. The true flock. This is a message to Union Battleground. We are here. We are coming.


[The Cameraman was forcibly pushed back by Miss Sarin. Pushing him back further and further, until he was nearly outside. More and more until he was shoved all the way out of the church.]


Miss Sarin - I promise, this is only the beginning.

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Trench War Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, accompanied by Dolan Farson, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Galway, Ireland, he is Rogan MacLean!







[The heavy beginning to "Antichrist Superstar" shakes the arena, and Mr. Farson first steps from the curtain, followed by Rogan MacLean, wearing his mask and hooded vest. Some of the fans shout out the "Hey!" parts from the song. Rogan makes his slow stride down the entrance ramp as Farson eyes the crowd with a grin pulling at the corners of his mouth. The two get to the ring and Rogan pulls himself to the apron, peeling off his mask and staring out at the crowd. Farson waits in the middle of the ring and Rogan steps through the ropes. Once he reaches the center of the ring, Rogan kneels on one knee and touches his fist to the canvas, with his head bowed respectfully.]


Dante Reed - Finally, here comes the man that has been stalking Emery Layton wherever she goes to defend the Trench War Championship. He’s a man of many names, “The Hydra”, “The Engine of Chaos”, and most recently, “The Mercenary” Rogan MacLean!


Sebastian Riggs - Former UGWC World Champion, UGWC Chaos Champion, UGWC Co-op Champion, WARPED Junior Heavyweight Champion. His accolades are as impressive as much as they are a proclamation. Rogan MacLean has proven to be a cerebral assassin in and out of the ring. His technical skills are equally matched by his mind games and will be arguably the toughest opponent Emery Layton has faced in Union Battleground.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing at 135 pounds, from Anywhere and Everywhere, representing the XWA, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground Trench War Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself- wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear and her Trench War Title around her waist and the King Cobra Championship over her shoulder- emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people who have turned out. She's nodding her head, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now.]


Dante Reed - Listen to the crowd’s reaction to our longest reigning champion, “The Trench War Traveller” Emery Layton! Bas, the only thing longer than Emery’s ever growing list of nicknames are her list of accomplishments! She’s currently the Supreme XWA Champion, the Union Battleground Trench War Champion, and the King Cobra Champion! On top of that, she’s received countless awards from all over the world!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt she’s the most decorated competitor that Union Battleground has to offer! I remember watching when she first debuted in the Battleground, she was this quirky, uncoordinated, and aimless woman who had an insurmountable amount of untapped talent. We’ve seen her evolve to become this “fighter’s champion”, taking on all oppositions wherever they may be. Tonight is no different for Emery Layton.


[Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she unclips her Trench War Title from around her waist- holding it one hand and the King Cobra Championship in the other for a quick pose before resting them in her shoulders. She pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket, then skates up the steel steps and climbs the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, Em lifts the Championships into the air for all to see. Ooh, she's chuffed to even hold them in her hands. Once the eccentric Irish traveller has spent enough time up there, she hands the King Cobra Title off to a ring crew member and then Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. Once she's in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upperbody falls backwards and she holds the Trench War Championship up in the air with both arms right up. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and crawls into her corner, removing her jacket and dumping the battered old thing to the outside as she sits down, legs flat out with the title now draped over her knees, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - And now we are moments away from seeing fireworks here at the Arena di Verona!


Sebastian Riggs - Rogan MacLean hasn’t taken his eyes off of Emery from the moment she stepped out. No doubt he’s come prepared, but I have to wonder how to you prepare for someone who is as unpredictable as Emery Layton?!


Dante Reed - No doubt she comes with a heavy arsenal attack, but MacLean is a master of counter and leverage. Both fighters are now squared away in their corners, and our referee for this Championship contest will be our very own Senior Official, Bruce O’Neal. He’s checking off with each competitor one last time and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Emery and Rogan both tentatively approach the middle of the ring, either one knowing what to expect from the other. As the meet, Rogan lifts his right arm in the air indicating he wants Emery to match up with him in a test of strength. Emery looks around for a moment which shows her reluctance but then turns back, gives a slight shrug and leans forward, grabbing a hold of Rogan’s right hand with her left. Rogan puts up his left arm and Emery goes to grab his left hand but he quickly gets her in a twisting wristlock as Emery begins patting her elbow in pain for only a split second before she does a quick somersault roll frontwards, spins around on the mat and flips up to her feet using the momentum to not only get out of the wristlock in quite the athletic way but to also flip Rogan over on his back down to the mat as the crowd cheers.]


Dante Reed - What a fantastic display of athleticism by the Trench War Traveller!


Sebastian Riggs - She never ceases to amaze Dante!


[MacLean tries to get to his feet quickly but Emery is already running in and hits Rogan with a shining wizard that just about takes Rogan’s head off! Rogan rolls out immediately and tries to gather himself as he clutches his mouth while his manager Dolan Farson checks in on him. By doing so, both men turn their backs to the ring and Emery sees an opportunity present itself. Emery charges towards the far ropes, hits them and comes off charging towards the ropes above Dolan and Rogan. Farson notices her at the last moment, steps to the side and attempts to warn Rogan. MacLean turns around confused to see Emery leaping over the top rope and coming down on him hard with a cross body that sends both to the floor as the fans roar at Emery’s willingness to risk it all!]


Dante Reed - Emery is literally flying right out of the gates here Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - Rogan has about sixty-five pounds on her Dante, she’s going to have to come with big, high impact moves if her Title reign is going to live to see another day!


[Emery is up, grabs Rogan by his head, tosses him into the ring and stops for a moment to give a hard glare towards Dolan Farson both because she doesn’t trust him and for his role in this whole ordeal. Emery regains her focus and rolls back into the ring but in that moment she took to waste on staring down Farson, MacLean gathered himself and is right on top of Emery before she can get back up with hard right boots, stomping away at her while holding onto the top rope. Rogan now grabs the middle rope, places his knee across Emery’s throat and begins using the force of his knee to choke her while the referee is in there with the mandatory five count. Rogan breaks at four and a half, grabs Emery by the hair to bring her up to her feet and then drives her back down to the mat with a huge short arm lariat that causes Emery to flip over and land on her stomach from the force!]


Dante Reed - What a lariat! Rogan MacLean may have turned the tide here!


[Rogan uses the tip of his boot and begins nudging the side of Emery’s head a few times before raising his arms and looking around towards the crowd, drawing a course of boos in response. MacLean brings Layton up to one knee who tries to throw a quick strike but Rogan counters by grabbing her by the right wrist and driving in a hard strike with his right knee! MacLean keeps a hold of Layton’s right wrist and she tries to throw a left with everything she has but now Rogan grab her left wrist! Rogan’s now holding Layton’s arm’s outwards, savors it for a second and then jumps, hitting Layton with a double stomp directly to the face causing her to crumble down to the mat!]


Dante Reed - The Champ may be out!


Sebastian Riggs - Rogan was just toying with her Dante!


[Rogan now rolls Emery, who is once again on her stomach, over onto her back and hooks the leg for the pin as the referee makes the count.]








Dante Reed - Em kicked out!


[Wasting no time, MacLean doesn’t think about the fact Emery just kicked out and goes back to work on her with a few stomps to the chest. Rogan now moves around to her legs and grabs them, hooking each one under each one of his own arms and starts trying to turn Layton over!]


Sebastian Riggs - Rogan MacLean looks to be going for some sort of modified Boston Crab, perhaps a Lion Tamer!


Dante Reed - If he turns the Champion over then it could be lights out indeed for her!


[Emery manages to get her left leg loose and kicks Rogan directly into the kneecap, hard enough to cause him to drop down to one knee and let go. Emery rolls backwards and is quickly to her feet. Layton runs a few feet and sends Rogan flying back with a Busaiku Knee Attack while he was still on one knee!]


Dante Reed - Rogan MacLean just had to Eat The Music courtesy of Emery Layton!


Sebastian Riggs - This could be her chance Dante!


[Layton scurries over and covers Rogan MacLean as the referee hits the mat to make the count.]








Dante Reed - MacLean manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat!


[Like Rogan did earlier when Emery kicked out, Layton gets right back on top of Rogan, giving him not a second to think as Emery grabs Rogan’s head off of the mat and begins delivering nasty looking forearms. After about five or xi, Layton gets up and with quick pace, makes her way over to turnbuckle and begins climbing it until she gets to the top. Rogan is sitting up now and shaking out the cobwebs while Layton is just stalking him from the top but suddenly Dolan Farson climbs up onto the apron and comes over to Emery Layton. He first begins mouthing a few words to her but she only glances over with a smile, knowing what’s awaiting his client and refocuses back towards Rogan.]


Dante Reed - That snake Dolan Farson is trying to distract the Champion!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s not working though Dante! She’s got Rogan lined up for the Prikasa, this is going to be it!


[MacLean is starting to get up and seeing that arguing won’t work, Dolan runs over and grabs a hold of Layton by the ankle, grasping onto it for dear life. Emery struggles for a moment and then finally kicks him off causing Dolan to fall onto the apron ass first. Emery turns around and starts yelling at him while Dolan smiles in response!]


Dante Reed - What’s he smiling about?


[Rogan now comes from behind, grabs Emery up off the top rope while her back was turned and directly into the electric chair position!]


Sebastian Riggs - That’s what Dante! He distracted her enough for his client to get the Champion up in position for the Call of Cthulhu!


[As Rogan reaches up trying to get Emery’s head forward to drive down and finish off the move, Layton begins firing off a fury of quick rights causing MacLean to stagger a bit. Emery now sees the chances and while sitting on his shoulders already, hits MacLean with a massive reversed hurricanrana!]


Dante Reed - What a move! What a fight!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t argue with either of those things Dante!


[Both competitors lie on the mat in exhaustion now as Dolan begins slams on the apron, yelling at his client to get up first. Layton is first to her feet though but Rogan is not too far behind. The two meet in the middle where this all started and Rogan throws a right that Emery blocks and then retaliates with a forearm smash of her own that connects. Rogan now moves in and fakes with a right hand, which causes Layton to prepare for the block, but instead he drives a left boot into her gut. Rogan now bounces off of the ropes but Layton was ready and ducks it, rolling forward a few feet. Emery is quickly up with her back to Rogan who starts to turn around as Layton comes at him with a beautiful looking back handspring cutter which flattens Rogan onto the mat face first but the impact causes him to flip over and onto his back!]


Dante Reed - Emery Layton just took out the challenger with Strange Phenomena! This could be it!


Sebastian Riggs - What a perfectly executed back handspring cutter, Rogan’s out Dante!


[Emery Layton now crawls over to Rogan MacLean to make the pin. As soon as she does and the referee gets into position, Dolan Farson hops up onto the apron and begins yelling at Emery and the referee! Emery gets up off of Rogan and makes her way towards Dolan whose still giving her a piece of his mind. The referee has now joined and is telling Dolan to get down. Emery has had enough and grabs Farson by the collar! She looks around at the crowd who roars in approval and rears back a forearm smash when suddenly, Emery is elevated into the air and turned around towards the middle of the ring! Rogan has her once again in the electric chair position but this time since Emery is caught by surprise, Rogan has no problem reaching up, grabbing the back of her head and driving her forward into the mat!]


Dante Reed - That rat Dolan Farson once again cause a distraction! This time Rogan MacLean was successful in hitting the Call of Cthulhu!


Sebastian Riggs - Dolan Farson did his job Dante, as dirty as it may have been and now his client could highly benefit from that!


[Rogan makes the cover as the referee makes the count.]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND NEW Union Battleground Trench War Champion, Rogan MacLean!


[The fans in attendance are completely floored! A stunned silence becomes instantly deafening as Rogan MacLean receives his new Trench War Championship with a hand raised high in the air in victory. Dolan Farson is seen at ringside nearly jumping out of his boots celebrating. Farson then slides in the ring and embraces his client’s newest title as Emery is still down on the canvas in a total daze. Our announces struggle to find words for what we all have just witnessed.]


Dante Reed - I don’t believe it!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s over! The reign is over!


Dante Reed - February 26, 2017 to April 6, 2018... 404 days and it’s over!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t know what to say, Dante. I’m completely stunned! I cannot process what just happened...


Dante Reed - Rogan MacLean, in his debut bout, defeats Emery Layton and will take home the Trench War Championship. I don’t know where we go from here, Dante.


Sebastian Riggs - All I can say, is that this is a historic moment! For the first time ever, Emery Layton is no longer the Trench War Champion!


Dante Reed - As shocking as this is, the night's not over! We still have one more Championship bout tonight. Nemesis puts his Union Battleground Championship on the line against Flash Kassidy, and it’s next!

seeing things

[With an already amazing show having unfolded before your eyes, we now turn to the backstage area where Flash Kassidy and Charlie Blooms are in the locker room area. Flash had just finished getting ready for his match and Charlie was looking through her phone. She pauses her scrolling for a moment and looks up at Flash, there was a sense of pride in her eyes as she put the phone down next to her and admired the view before her. Flash starts to do his usual warm up routine, a lot of stretching and bending in order to get himself nimble. You could almost see just a speck of worry on his usually very confident face, Charlie notices this and decides to speak up.]


Charlie Blooms - You’re going to do great out there my love, I have all the confidence in the world that you are going to walk out as the new Union Battleground Champion! You deserve it, since day one you have been busting your ass off! No one thought much about us when we first arrived, but you showed them all! You proved that you could be the guy who holds the company on his shoulders, you proved that the smallest dog in the fight does have the biggest bite!


[Flash grinned as he listened to her words of encouragement.]


Flash Kassidy - Who you calling small?


Charlie Blooms - You know what I mean, with ya sexy ass! I’m just saying, you have nothing to be worried about…You’re high above Salvation remember?


Flash Kassidy - Thass true, just this is my biggest challenge to date… And I gots the whole locker room countin on me to pull through! I got the fans countin on me to put this big baddie down… I don’t want to let these folks down boo.


[Charlie seductively gets up from the bench she had been sitting on, catching Flash’s attention as she almost floats over to him. Charlie places her hands on Flash’s cheeks and looks him in the eyes.]


Charlie Blooms - You got this babe.


[Flash leans his face forward locking his lips with hers, sharing a romantic embrace.]


Flash Kassidy - I love you… And you right!


[Charlie lets go of Flash’s face as the two stare into each other’s eyes in a loving manor. But that soon turns sour as a voice begins to echo over the scene, seemingly coming from inside their own heads.]


Voice: Destruction and disappointment await you…not the victory and glory you so naively wish to attain…


[Both Charlie and Flash look around as the voice is strikingly familiar being that it sounds like the Union battleground Champion himself Nemesis but he is nowhere to be seen.]


Flash Kassidy - You heard that, right boo?


[Charlie can only nod as she looks to be visibly weirded out as much as she is confused. Flash looks around the locker room for a moment, under tables, in the shower area, in the bathroom stalls and every crevasse but to no avail, as Nemesis is nowhere to be seen.]


Flash Kassidy - Maybe that headband got us hearin ish…


[Flash walks over to the sink, leans over it and turns on the tap to start running some cold water while Charlie makes her way over. Charlie begins rubbing Flash’s back as he keeps his head down. Flash cups some of the running water in his hand and splashes it on his face, doing this a few more times, hoping to regain his focus a little bit, brushing what he and Charlie had just heard aside.]


Charlie Blooms - You good babe?


[Flash looks back quickly, flashing a smile and a nod, before grabbing a towel off the side of the counter. He turns back towards the mirror and begins wiping his face. When Flash pulls the towel down and looks into the mirror we see the reflection the Union Battleground Champion Nemesis looking directly back at him! Charlie notices it too and lets out a screech while scampering backwards. Flash looks stunned but quickly looks behind him to see if Nemesis is standing there only to see that no one is there! Charlie looks over frantically too as well noticing it’s only still the two of them in the locker room. Flash, Charlie and the camera all simultaneously turn back towards the mirror which only shows the reflection of Flash Kassidy whose standing in front of it with Nemesis nowhere to be seen.]

Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s Main Event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 213 pounds, from Pontiac, Illinois, he is “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!










[With lights flashing and a strobe light going off Flash Kassidy and Charlie Bloom make their way out to the stage. Flash in his signature coat and glasses. He bobs his head to the beat of the song before spinning around in a circle, a very cocky demeanor about him. He stops and faces the audience,  slowly starting to slide his glasses down his nose as he looks over at Charlie, who gives him a determined grin. Flash licks his lips, before putting his arm around her shoulders, and beginning to head down to the ring. Flash was still vibing out to his own music, moving his head and free arm to the beat. ]


Dante Reed - Since his debut, Flash Kassidy has been one of the most talked about competitors in Union Battleground. A man that made it to the semifinals in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, he has since been in a bitter tangle with the entirety of Salvation.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s picked apart just about everybody that Salvation has thrown at him. Tonight, he gets his shot at the big man, and he gets a shot at taking home the Union Battleground Championship! Tonight has to be the biggest moment in this young man’s career. A chance to be the one who issues Nemesis his first defeat, a man who takes the title away from the grasps of Salvation. No doubt the entire locker room is behind The Burner!










[As they gets closer to the ring Flash slows his step, looking out at the audience one more time, seemingly brushing their reactions off like it was a chip on his shoulder. Flash gets a running start, leaving Charlie behind as he jumps into the ring showing off this athleticism in the process. Pausing for a moment inside the ring, he waits for Charlie to walk up the ring steps and opens the ropes up for her. As soon as she is in the ring he then runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, He gazes out over the audience, before letting out a slight giggle in his not so sober fashion. He then points out into the crowd at random before placing one foot on the top rope, and back flipping off, landing directly on his feet.  As soon as he does land however, he quickly rolls over into whatever corner Charlie has stationed herself at. Flash gives her a quick kiss on the lips before removing his jacket, and sitting back in the corner. Waiting till the very last second to remove his shades.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 255 pounds, from unknown origins, he is the leader of Salvation, the reigning, defending, undefeated, undisputed Union Battleground Champion, “The Alpha and Omega” Nemesis!


[The arena goes dark as the opening chords of “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie begin to surround the fans of the arena. With each audio moan on the track’s opening sequence, the arena flashes a deep dark red then as the guitar kicks in the lights slowly begin to rise to a dim setting and we see Nemesis kneeling at the top of the ramp with the Union Battleground Championship glistening around his waist, as a single red spotlight shines down on him while Preacher laughs methodically, leaning forward on his cane by Nemesis’ side.]







[As Rob Zombie’s voice kicks in, Nemesis raises his lowered head, outstretches his arms, raises to his feet and then proceeds forward slowly towards the ring with the arena remaining dark and the lone red spotlight following Nemesis’ path accordingly as Preacher is walking by his side, laughing evilly to the crowd and scaring children with his long, vampire-like fingernails. Nemesis walks by the fans not phased in the slightest by the cheers and chirps with his eyes solely focused on the ring before him. Nemesis approaches the ring steps with Preacher now trailing behind, begins to walk up them, stops at the final step, unstraps the Union Battleground Championship from his waist, jumps directly onto the top turnbuckle and outstretch his arms while kneeling down, lifting the Union Battleground Championship high in the air as smoke fills the ring. Nemesis then hops down into the ring walking directly into the center of the squared circle where he falls to both knees, places the Union Battleground Championship on the mat before him and lowers his head similarly to how he was on the entrance ramp as Preacher again leans on his cane, standing by his side with his sinister laugh echoing even through the music playing. As the music continues, Nemesis simultaneously raises his head and outstretches his arms as the lights come on and the music stops.]


Dante Reed - And here he is, the undefeated, undisputed Union Battleground Champion, Nemesis. Every individual he has faced, not one walked away victorious over The Harbinger of Revelation.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s at an impressive 9-0 and looking to go into the double digits with his first official title defense. Get ready folks, we’re about to see some fireworks!


Dante Reed - Ok ladies and gentlemen, both of our fighters are now in the ring squared away in their corners. Our referee for this bout is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. Bruce checks off with each man ready for action and he calls for the bell! Our main event is underway!




[As the bell tolls, the crowd is in pandemonium. Both men stand their ground, staring off at each other with fierce intensity. Nemesis finally cracks a smirk and this sets off Flash. The Burner roars out with a loud battle cry, beating his chest like a silverback gorilla. The crowd begins to get behind Kassidy as they chant his name. Suddenly, both men simultaneously break from their corners and close in to the center. No punches thrown, but both men continue staring down, nose-to-nose. Nemesis looks down at Flash with his half foot height advantage as Flash starts jawing off at the monster. Finally, Nemesis has seen and heard enough and clutches The Burner by the throat! In one swift motion, the Battleground Champion lifts Kassidy high above and launches him down to the mat! Undeterred Flash springs up to his feet, and motions for more! Both men charge each other like raging bulls, and as Nemesis lunges for a flying forearm, Flash baseball slides under his legs. Both turn to each other, and in unison begins throwing punches in bunches!]


Dante Reed - Here we go!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s on now baby!


[Each man continues their attack, not relenting for one bit. Flash slowly begins to show more damage to do The Alpha and Omega’s sheer size advantage, and his tempo starts to slow, allowing Nemesis to get two shots in for every one of his. Nemesis continues his leverage, eventually backing Flash up into the corner. Nemesis keeps his pressure on Flash, now throwing elbows and body shots as the referee makes his standing five count. As usual, Nemesis stretches his time allowance, but eventually lets off to avoid any disqualification. Nemesis then grabs Flash and Irish whips him across the ring and he crashes hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Nemesis dials in and rushes his opponent and goes for a spear, but Flash leaps up just in time, causing Nemesis to collide into the ring post!]


Dante Reed - The Champ showing off his sheer strength early in the match, but The Burner displays his speed and agility!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s probably the thing that will keep Flash in this bout. He’s gotta play the cat and mouse game. Use his speed to his advantage and try to keep Nemesis guessing.


[Nemesis slowly wedges himself out from the turnbuckle, rolling his shoulder in obvious pain. As he turns around, Flash catches him with a textbook sitout jawbreaker, causing the Champ to stumble back and into the corner. Flash now seizes the opportunity and begins dishing out a flurry of kicks and punches to Nemesis. The referee gives his standing five count, but Flash isn’t letting up! The ref continues to plea, but Kassidy ignores his orders. Finally the ref has no choice but to physically pry Flash out from the corner. Flash struggles to get back at Nemesis with the ref doing everything he can to block him. With the refs back turned to Nemesis blocking Flash, Nemesis steps in and a plume of fire bursts out of his palm, blinding Kassidy!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit! What the fuck did I just see here?!


Sebastian Riggs - That is some straight up David Blaine shit right there! The Burner just got burned!


[The ref looks on, oblivious to the voodoo trickery of what just happened, and Flash crouches down holding his face. Nemesis steps back into the corner before rushing at Flash and obliterating him with a Canadian Destroyer! Nemesis holds on afterwords for the pin!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


[Nemesis steps to his knees and looks down at Flash who is still holding on to his face. A sinister smile grows on him as he begins to smack around Flash by the head, spouting off insults. The Harbinger of Revelation then ascends to his feet and grabs hold of Flash by the waist, and lifts him up for a monstrous deadlift German suplex! The collision echoes through the Arena di Verona as Nemesis keeps his grip and sends him off for a second German suplex! On cue, Nemesis rises once more with Flash, this time tossing him back with a release German suplex, and the crowd rains down on him with furious boos as he taunts the crowd.]


Dante Reed - Nemesis has taken full control in this match. Not only does Flash have to worry about the size and strength of Nemesis, but also his black magic!


Sebastian Riggs - That sorcery was the catalyst that sparked Nemesis’ turn here, and he hasn’t looked back.


[Nemesis finally brushes off the crowd and goes back to his opponent. Flash continues to lie on the mat reeling in pain. He slowly struggles to get up, but only makes it to all fours before Nemesis comes raining down with a vicious penalty kick to the temple. Flash drops and looks to be unconscious while Nemesis picks and holds him up. Nemesis folds Flash back, pulling on his hair, and sinks him in an inverted face lock. Again, Nemesis taunts the crowd to the sound of boos as he finally lifts Kassidy and drops him with a spinning inverted DDT!]


Dante Reed - The 3:30!


Sebastian Riggs - Nemesis has ended people’s careers with this move! This one could be over! He’s hooking the leg!


… One!


… Two!


… Th—Kick out!


[The crowd bursts into cheers to see The Burner showing signs of life, and Nemesis looks to grow frustrated. The Champ stomps his way up and forcefully picks Flash up and throws a sharp knife edge chop. Flash winces in pain but before he can react, Nemesis sends him running the ropes. On the return, Nemesis throws a spinning back elbow, but Kassidy ducks it. Kassidy runs across the ring, springs off the ropes and catches Nemesis with a springboard backflip reverse DDT! The crowd absolutely explodes into cheers as Nemesis and Flash lie motionless on the canvas!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Out of nowhere Flash Kassidy has turned the tides and planted Nemesis with the Poppin’ the Trick!


Sebastian Riggs - Right there he showed his quickness and agility and caught Nemesis off guard! He’s got to capitalize on this now!


[As the crowd cheers him on, The Burner slowly begins to make some movement. With tremendous struggle, he crawls his way over to Nemesis and drapes himself over top for the cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre—Kick out!


[The arena gasps at the sight of the near fall and Kassidy looks up to the night sky in disbelief. After awhile of both men catching their breath, the two slowly struggle up to their feet. Once standing, Flash throws a stiff right hook, and Nemesis returns one right back. Back and forth, both men now are trading blows and neither one is letting up. Then without warning, Flash springs up and rocks Nemesis with a flying knee smash that puts him on the backs of his heels! Kassidy wastes no time, bounces off the ropes and steps up for an elevated DDT! But NO! Nemesis thwarts the Koopa Drop attempt and catches him in a fireman’s carry! Kassidy tries to kick and fight his way out, but Nemesis’ hold is too strong. The Alpha and Omega drops him with the GTS and quickly follows it up with a Kinshasa before making the cover!]


Dante Reed - No! Nemesis caught him with the Enoch! This one’s over!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground Champion, “The Alpha and Omega” Nemesis!


Dante Reed - God dammit! I thought he had seen the end! But to no avail, Nemesis once again will walk out of here tonight undefeated and still the Union Battleground Champion.


Sebastian Riggs - A perfect 10-0, Dante! Unblemished record!


[As Nemesis is handed his belt, he steps up to the turnbuckle to taunt the fans some more. On cue, the boo birds come out in droves. Then suddenly, Viduus Morta and Aiden Deimos make their way to ringside.]


Dante Reed - Wait a minute, what the hell are they doing out here?


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t know, Dante! The match is over, the belt stays within Salvation… There’s no reason for them to be out here!


[Viduus and Aiden slide into the ring, and without hesitation, begin stomping away at the fallen Flash Kassidy. Deimos picks him up and plants him with the Judas Cradle. Next Viduus steps up and throws down with The Awakening!]


Dante Reed - What’s the point of all this?


Sebastian Riggs - They’re teaching him a lesson, Dante. And that lesson is don’t mess with Salvation!


[All three men celebrate together inside the ring before picking Flash up for a third time. As it looks like they’re about to setup a triple team move, a roaring cheer ensues beginning by the main stage.]


Dante Reed - What’s going on?


Sebastian Riggs - It’s… It’s… The Outliers!


[Out from the back come The Outliers sprinting down the aisle! The Battalion Champs slide in head first and quickly begin unleashing their no holds bizarred tactics! A wild scrum transpires with the renowned tag team setting the tempo. Soon enough, the Salvation members retreat out of the ring, leaving Sawtooth Grin, ‘Crupts, and Flash Kassidy standing tall in the center of the ring!]


Dante Reed - It appears we have ourselves some new players up to bat against Salvation, Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - These guys are as tough as they come, Dante! Look at what we’re seeing right now! Grin, ‘Crupts, and Kassidy, as The Burner likes to say, all standing high above Salvation!


Dante Reed - Folks that’s all we have for tonight. Tune in in two weeks when we’ll be at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England! Maybe we’ll find out what’s to come! Goodnight everybody!

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