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In the event’s first bout of the early evening, newcomer Danny Colt (0-0) went up against veteran Anton Chase (6-7). The match started off with a bang, both men showing off their quickness and athletic ability. Anton used his veteran knowledge to take control of the match early on, and was able to counter Colt’s attacks. The Dodge City Dynamo stayed hard at it, and showed a lot of heart as he slowly began to take over. Things looked to be going in Colt’s favor, until Anton Chase caught him off guard with a vicious superkick. Anton then went for the DeadEnd, a pumphandle flatliner, but Danny Colt escaped the pumphandle and reversed it into his trademark Kansas Klutch submission for the win!


WINNER: Danny Colt via submission (12:56)



The night’s second preliminary bout featured two debuting competitors with Faren Black (0-0) taking on Aliyah Jaxon (0-0). Even though Jaxon was at a clear size disadvantage, she was clearly dominant in this contest. She left little room for Black to build up any sort of offense, and ended his night early with her Facial Reconstruction curb stomp to earn the pinfall.


WINNER: Aliyah Jaxon via pinfall (6:09)

welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The Union Battleground logo slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view distorts and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena. At the conclusion of the opening montage, we transition to a captivating aerial view of the imposing Plovdiv Roman Theatre. The night is chilly but the skies are clear to encapsulate the shining stars above and an all round intoxicating aura. Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are ripping through one of their singles from their newest album “Insomnia” as camera angles pan throughout the crowd.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground bundled up to survive the cold.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in front of a fanatical crowd of 6,875, and this is L!GHTS OUT #20! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed and alongside me is my partner, Sebastian Riggs. Bas, tonight is the first show post-King Cobra, and we have a lot of history making moments to commemorate and also a lot of questions we hope to answer!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt! First, I want to congratulate Emery Layton and Kimitsu Zombie; for winning the King Cobra Championship and the War Horse Championship, respectively. Those two have become a staple in Union Battleground and earned well deserved victories two weeks ago. Now, Layton waits in the wings and can strike at any moment on the Union Battleground Champion, And Zombie isn’t far behind her as SHE can cash in the War Horse Title for a shot at the Trench War Title.


Dante Reed - Speaking of, our main event of the evening will have Kimitsu Zombie defending her War Horse Championship against Trixie. “The Prime Girl” as she’s known, still holds that #1 contender label from season one’s finale Coup de Grâce. She was set to get her shot at L!GHTS OUT #19, but Kimitsu attacked her before she could even reach the ring! Tonight, we settle any disputes as to who is the true #1 contender.


Sebastian Riggs - Our headliner for tonight has the newest member of Salvation, Aiden Deimos, going up against the scrappy Flash Kassidy. Kassidy has been in a constant battle essentially with every member of Salvation. He took down Ragnarok at Crown of the King Cobra in a violent grudge match, and now he’s on to another one. Aiden Deimos, However, dismantled Johnny Vachon at the same event, and now looks to continue his path with Kassidy. Two dominating forces collide!


Dante Reed - Also, we have Salvation member Tommy Crimson taking on the debuting Kai Stevens. By now, we know what Crimson is about, but Stevens is a wild card and we’re not sure what to expect. At the King Cobra PPV, Stevens foretold that he will be putting his opponents in body bags, and it kind of seemed like he was calling out Blake Archer specifically. Hopefully his mind is focused in on Crimson though, as “Main Event Tommy” is not someone you overlook!


Sebastian Riggs - Not only that, but we have a bevy of debuts tonight. Elina Cartel will be taking on Caden Walker, Maggie Chamberlain will be battling Josie Pleasure, and Joe Stanton will be taking on Rumble Reyes, who makes his singles debut in the Battleground.


Dante Reed - And one last debut, our opening bout. The first battle in this “War of the Worlds” is between representatives of Salvation and Elysium. Alexander Devin will take on the debuting Alyssa Daniels. If you all recall, at Crown of the King Cobra, Union Battleground Owner and Promoter Axel Graves came out with Elysium President Finale during the melee brawl at the end of SHIDO versus Nemesis, that also saw the return of Dick Devereaux. Graves had finally snapped at the constant ambush attacks from Salvation, and declared war against the unholy alliance. Not only that, but Finale dropped a bombshell, and revealed that Tommy Crimson was the man that kidnapped Elysium Owner Kelly Godless! It appears now that Union Battleground and Elysium have formed an alliance of their own to try and take down this infectious crew. Tonight, right now, is the first battle of this war, and it’s next! Mike, take it away!

taking back the battleground

[An ominous ringing fills your ears as the scene opens up on a darkened room. In the middle of the darkness we can see a single candle, lit and glowing the small table it rests on. The shuffling of feet is heard as we see Dick Devereaux step to the candle. His eyes peer towards the candle as it illuminates his bald head.]


Dick Devereaux - As I sat in the hospital bed looking at the white walls I contemplated getting up, ramming the IV down the Nurses throat, and going straight out to find Nemesis and the rest of Salvation. But that would've been the choice of an angry child. So instead of doing something stupid I sat down and healed. I had been through hell and back without a day of rest. I'm a human being and I decided instead of attacking with a head full of rage I would wait. Take the time to heal my body and let you forget. AND IT WORKED!


[Devereaux flashes an evil grin. We can see his tongue slither out of his mouth as he continues.]


Dick Devereaux - Nemesis, you moved on. You completely forgot about what you did to me. That was the biggest mistake you could have made. You were so focused on taking over the Battleground and burning down the entire world that you forgot all about Dick FUCKIN' Devereaux! Last you saw of me was when you took me down and beat me within an inch of my life. And then you smeared my blood over the Union Battleground Championship! I DID NOT FORGET NEMESIS! And you've forgotten about the blood debt that you owe me! I've come back to collect!


[Devereaux pulls up a black metal baseball bat, his signature weapon. We can see the light from the candle illuminating the bat. Each member of Salvation's name is written on the bat in white. Devereaux eyes the bat as he continues.]


Dick Devereaux - Nemesis, you might have led your group of cronies to many victories, but you've always had the numbers advantage. Every time we step in the ring against each other you've brought out someone new to take me down. You've royally pissed me off beyond the point of my control. But now you've gone and pissed off Axel Graves and Finale! Now you've not only got me coming for blood, but you've got Graves and Finale! How long do you think you can keep this up Nemesis?


[Devereaux waves his fingers over the flames of the candle as he continues, eyeing up the fire.]


Dick Devereaux - The end of Salvation is coming... And when I get my chance to strike... the Butcher will take back his Battleground!


[Devereaux covers the flame with his hand, cutting the scene to complete and utter darkness.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing Elysium Pro, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to roaring cheers from the crowd! She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. Her eyes then lock on the ring as her demeanor changes from pleased and happy to intense and focused. She marches down the ramp and leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope displaying her quickness and agility. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. She hops down from the turnbuckle and pulls the top rope to stretch in preparation for the coming match.]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels is on her way to making her Union Battleground debut. Daniels represents Elysium Pro and is a former Tag Team Champion with the late great Kevin Moss.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s a phenomenal competitor who’s made enormous strides in the short four months that she’s been pro. I got to say I’m excited to see her in a Battleground ring!


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 190 pounds, from New York City, New York, he is a member of Salvation, “The Prophet” Alexander Devin!




[Lights turn on and off around the entrance at random intervals as "Bad Moon Rising" by Mourning Ritual starts up, playing over the speakers. The video package on the tron shows a book laying on a table, its pages fluttering in an unseen wind, blank. A rough hand appears on screen, laying on the fluttering pages of the book to stop them from moving as the camera pans up then. Alexander is standing there in his black t-shirt and off white slacks, lip syncing to the following lyrics to the song.]






[As he mouths the last line of the song, he turns his head to face the camera and slams the book shut as the lights go off in the arena, the music quietly humming in the background as smoke starts to pour out from the entrance slowly. Lights rise up and flicker around the entrance as the music picks up again, flickering in time with the drums and guitars as Alexander makes his way out from the back, carrying that same book in his hand. He bears no smile on his face, only a calm resolute look as he stops at the top of the entrance for a second, scanning the crowd before opening his arms wide and walking down the ramp, lowering them as he gets to the ring. He climbs the steps and gets in the ring, walking to the middle and posing the same way that he did at the beginning.]


Dante Reed - And now, the member of Salvation, Alexander Devin is making his way to the ring. Devin has had a rough start to his Union Battleground career this season.


Sebastian Riggs - For sure, he’s lost his first two matches against Flash Kassidy and Elina Cartel, so I’m certain he’s laser focused here tonight. You know the reputation Salvation has when it comes to its member’s shortcomings.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both competitors are now inside the ring. The referee checks off with each one, and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[As the bell echoes out, Alyssa Daniels doesn’t hesitate to immediately close the distance with Alexander Devin. Devin steps forward and the two quickly lock up. Daniels struggles to hold her own, and Devin eventually overpowers her and tosses her straight to the ground. Alyssa quickly pops back to her feet only to see Devin standing tall bellowing out a maniacal laugh. Daniels rushes back in and again the two lock horns. Devin this times effortlessly spins them both and chucks Daniels into the corner. The Prophet rushes in and throws a massive lariat, dazing the second generation wrestler. Devin keeps the pressure and begins throwing devastating knife edge chops in steady, yet rapid succession. After a series of chops, Devin takes Daniels by the hair and flips her head over heels out to the center of the ring. As Alyssa rolls around in pain, Alexander taunts the crowd and draws a massive chorus of boos.] 


Dante Reed - Alexander Devin has taken control early in this bout.


Sebastian Riggs - Don’t count out Alyssa Daniels, though. We’ve seen her go to war and this is nothing for her to overcome.


[Devin picks Daniels up off the canvas, but catches her off guard with a dirty knee strike to the side of the head. Daniels looks dazed as she stumbles to keep her feet, and topples over to the ropes to try and catch herself. She is down to one knee and she rests on the middle rope, but Alexander doesn’t give her any relief and drops a knee to the back of her neck and starts choking her with the rope. The referee begins to plea with Devin, but he shows no mercy. The crowd again boo the Salvation member and this only adds fuel to the fire for him. Devin finally lets off, but quickly Irish whips Alyssa across the ring. On the return, Alyssa gets pummeled with a bulldozing spear and Devin hooks the leg for a cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Th -- Kick out!


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels still showing signs of life with the kick out.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s going to have to get something going here before Alexander Devin completely runs away with this.


[Devin gets to his feet and brings Daniels up with him. He throws a few jabs and backs Daniels into the ropes. Devin again Irish whips Daniels across the ring and back on the return throws a discus lariat, but Daniels ducks it! Alyssa runs the ropes again and catches Alexander off guard with a resounding springboard superkick! Devin ragdolls to the mat and Daniels pops up to her feet to the sound of a roaring crowd cheering her on! Daniels points to the nearest turnbuckle before making her way over and climbing to the top. The crowd continuously grows louder as it seems that Alyssa is looking to end it with her “Shot to the Heart” 450 elbow drop. Once she stands tall, Devin jumps up like a bolt of lightning and derails her momentum by tripping her off. Daniels crashes down and now sits on the turnbuckle, and Devin holds on to her as he climbs his way up the turnbuckle. Devin positions himself to execute a superplex, but Daniels fights him off with a flurry of body strikes. The two now stand high above and trade off punches back and forth. Then out from nowhere, Daniels locks Devin in a Muay Thai clinch and rocks him with a shattering knee smash! Then in one fluid motion, Daniels springs off the top rope and twists Alexander Devin around with a beautiful top rope hurricanrana! The two come crashing down as Devin takes the brunt of the impact. Daniels slowly crawls her way over to Devin and drapes her body over him for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thr-- Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out at two! I thought Alyssa Daniels that this one in the books!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s turned the tables here, now she’s got to drive this one home!


[The crowd gasp as Devin kicks out, and the look on Daniels’ face matches the reaction. She keeps at it, though, as she stands and starts delivering shoot kicks furiously. Devin tries to stave off the attack as he gets to his feet, but Daniels’ speed it too quick for him. Devin nevertheless makes it to his feet, but Alyssa keeps the pressure on him with a monstrous European uppercut, causing him to backpedal on his heels. Daniels now goes to Irish whip Devin across the ring, but he uses his strength to reverse it and sends her running instead. On the return, Alexander Devin picks Daniels up for a sidewalk slam, but she counters it with a textbook tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Devin is stunned but stumbles back to his feet and walks right into a codebreaker!]


Dante Reed - Alyssa Daniels hits Alexander Devin with the Amnesia!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s hooking the leg for the cover!


Dante Reed - This one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!


Dante Reed - She did it! Alyssa Daniels wins in her Union Battleground debut bout!


Sebastian Riggs - Not only that, but she wins the first battle in this war against Salvation!


[Her music hits the PA and Alyssa Daniels celebrates her victory as the referee holds her hand up high. The crowd cheers the vibrant fighter on as she steps up on the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd. However, rustling from just outside the ring, a woman dressed in black from head to toe slides into the ring and attacks Alyssa Daniels with a steel chair! The unexpected ambush throws Daniels over the top rope and lands hard to the outside. The woman in black stands high on the now vacated turnbuckle and reveals to be WWH’s Legion!]


Dante Reed - That… That’s Legion!


Sebastian Riggs - What the hell is she doing here? And attacking Daniels no less?!


[The crowd now shifts to unanimous jeers as Legion takes it all in. She points to Alyssa Daniels who still lies outside the ring and then out to the crowd and with an ear-splitting tone, screams out “Follow the Path to Salvation!”]


Dante Reed - Has Legion joined forced with Salvation?


Sebastian Riggs - It appears so, Dante! This unit continues to grow and spread the infection throughout the industry!


[The scene opens on a harshly aged wall in a poorly lit setting and gradually the camera zooms out to reveal Joe Stanton's standing with his back against the wall and a black cloth blindfold over his eyes, tied around his head. His arms are placed between him and the wall. The Scarlet Speedster is dressed in his everyday clothes and he has his head bowed, as if waiting for something.]


Joe Stanton - The Firing Squad, it's been a means of execution that dates back to when it was bows and not guns being aimed at you, when it was arrows instead of bullets coming at you. Might not be the whole squad I have to face tonight but I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel that pressure from the competition. Reyes may not be a literal killer but you find an opponent of his that doesn't feel like they're dead after going a round with him in the ring and I'll show you a fantastic bridge I have for sale. One false move and I take a figurative bullet through the heart. I'm done.


[The One Punch Man smirks when he mentions that he's technically only got half of the Firing Squad. He bobs his head a little and there's a glee to his words when he talks about the competition. A shark toothed grin to his face.]


Joe Stanton - Some folks, they'd crack under the pressure, they'd fold like so much toilet paper, not me. I can feel it, that buzz, that electricity, that high that only something like pro-wrestling and only someone like an opponent like Rumble Reyes can provide me with. Maybe it's that brief moment before death takes you by the hand but I feel alive. This is the sort of thing that brought me to Union Battleground in the first place, the level of competition on this roster.


[In a humorous gesture Stanton cracks his neck when referring to people cracking under the pressure. He wets his lips and he presses on, rolling his shoulders and rolling on the balls of his feet when he talks about how he's feeling.


Joe Stanton - Call me a dead man, call me a man without fear, you'd probably not be wrong but even after tonight this will fade. For as excited as I am now, it'll be a memory tomorrow, why I say keep them coming. Keep lining up some of the very best in this industry and I'll keep showing why I'm quick on the draw.


[Rather flippantly Stanton talks about what he wants after this match with Reyes. He even brings his right hand out in front of him and does the classic gesture to bring it to the camera to emphasize how deathly serious he is. It's in the blink of an eye that he dramatically slugs the camera, knocking the device off of its perch when he talks about how quick on the draw he is. There's one last brief shot of the blindfolded Joe Stanton before the screen goes to static when the camera hits the ground.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is the IJPW Death Crown Champion, “The Scarlet Speedster” Joe Stanton!









[The thumping of the song and the darkening of the house lights cue the fans to put their hands together, clapping along with the tune as a blinding stage light creates a massive glare that blinds those in attendance and at home watching. When the stage light dims and some spotlights cast on the stage, Joe Stanton is there standing with his signature pair of sunglasses on. He looks out at the fans and he pumps his fist a few times in rhythm with the song before he heads for the ring and enters it quickly. Throwing his jacket to the side, Joe circles the ring pointing to the fans in attendance before he shadow boxes in his corner, waiting for the tune to end.]


Dante Reed - Joe Stanton is now making his way to the ring looking to continue his good fortunes after a successful outing at Crown of the King Cobra.


Sebastian Riggs - Stanton is one of those competitors who competes in a bevy of companies all over the world. Tonight, like you said, he’ll try to continue his streak by facing undoubtedly the biggest man in Union Battleground.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’8” and weighing in at 360 pounds, from Manila, Philippines, “Rumble” Reyes!


[The opening slow instrumental of "Descent" by Fear Factory hits, before picking up into its usual pace.]







[From back from behind the black curtain, slowly steps "Rumble" Reyes as towering as ever. He's got on his usual sunglasses, hiding his eyes from the public. He stands on the top of the ramp for a few moments, crossing his arms across his chest. He looks from the right side to the left side, and then back again as the crowd continues to frenzy. The spotlights converge on him, as he slowly makes his way down to the ring. He walks at the slow pace of the song, turning, and walking up the ramp. He pushes down the top rope, stepping over with one leg and then the other. Once inside the ring, he stands in the middle, raising a single fist in the air.]


Dante Reed - And now Rumble Reyes making his way to the ring. This is his singles debut in the Battleground, and you have to believe after losing for a third straight time to The Outliers for the Battalion Championships, he’s pissed off!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t argue with that. I’m sure he’s still banged up from that hellacious ladder match too, but for a man of his stature, I’d still hate to be the one crossing paths with him in the ring.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both men are squared away in their corners. Our referee checks off with each competitor one last time, and call for the bell! This match is underway!




[The rings and instantly Joe Stanton wastes no time and dashed across the ring at Reyes. The big man is at a stand still with his arms crossed, and Stanton catapults himself at the Manila Killa with a flying forearm smash! Rumble Reyes barely flinches at the attack.]


Dante Reed - What the hell…? That running attack barely even budged Reyes!


Sebastian Riggs - Well he’s built like a California redwood! You can’t expect to knock him down on the first chop!


[Stanton looks up at the big man with a look of shock on his face. Reyes continues to stand motionless, burning a hole through Stanton with his stare. The Scarlet Speedster fires back again with a flurry of quick jabs to the body, but again Reyes takes every blow with little reaction.]


Dante Reed - For someone who went to WAR just weeks ago, Reyes is showing no signs of any damage!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s not your average man, Dante. This guy could probably withstand a nuclear explosion with just his shades on!


[Stanton is relentless with his attack and starts to wear himself out. Frustrated in seeing Reyes’ willingness to take every shot, Stanton begins reeling back and throwing a combination of haymakers to the head AND body. At this point, Reyes is almost mocking him. Feeling a bit desperate and on a last ditch effort, Stanton executes a textbook spinning back fist that actually rocks Reyes! The stunned big man backpedals on his heels then lunges at The Scarlet Speedster, but Stanton follows up with the Shoryuken! Rumble Reyes drops to the canvas like a ton of bricks and Joe uses every ounce of his body to cover him!]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Scarlet Speedster” Joe Stanton!


Dante Reed - Holy shit! One Punch Man ends this bout in stunning fashion!


Sebastian Riggs - Never count out this guy, that right hand is registered as a deadly weapon!


Dante Reed - Another impressive victory for the IJPW Death Crown Champion! Folks stick around, coming up next we have the debut of Josie Pleasure as she is set to take on the returning Maggie Chamberlain!

pain for pleasure

[The scene cuts to a seemingly nervous Maggie Chamberlain as she's pacing back and forth. Already head-to-toe decked out in her lace beige crop halter and short-shorts, the brunette bombshell bit on her freshly manicured nails. She was almost comatose. Alyssa Kincaid is seen sitting down, watching Maggie with a furrowed brow. The two have been becoming closer and closer friends the more Maggie relied on Alex for support and encouragement.]


Alyssa Kincaid - Hey, breathe girl. I know it's not easy – trust me, after what Alex pulled in freaking India, I know you're probably assuming the worst.


Maggie Chamberlain - It's almost been a week. I mean, he's done this before, but it's only ever for a day or even a few hours.


Alyssa Kincaid - Men are a bit complicated that way, sweetie.


[Alyssa tilted her head as she looked at Maggie sympathetically. Maggie was still very much a young woman and although she had been with Carter for nearly 5 years, it still wasn't like anything reminiscent of a healthy marriage.]


Maggie Chamberlain - Maybe he texted me––


[Maggie went to reach for her phone, but Alyssa grabbed Maggie's hand.]


Alyssa Kincaid - Stop checking. You have to trust that this is just something he's doing to mess with you. No offence honey, but the way he talks to you over Twitter isn't exactly . . . reassuring. I just think he got upset with you and is trying to punish you before your first night back.


Maggie Chamberlain - He should be here supporting me.


Alyssa Kincaid - I know. You're right.


[Maggie sighed, sitting down next to Alyssa. Alyssa put a supportive hand on her shoulder.]


Alyssa Kincaid - You can't be thinking about this right now. You need to focus on Josie Pleasure. That woman is . . .


Maggie Chamberlain - Nuts.


Alyssa Kincaid - Yup. And you've been off rehabilitating for a couple weeks, now. I'll tell you the same thing I tell Alex – head in the game.


Maggie Chamberlain - I know I can do it, all the time off has done nothing but make me think about everything I can do better. I'm not nearly as worried about Josie as I am about Carter. I just wish I knew so I could focus clearly on this, Josie deserves me at 100% mental and physical health – so do the fans.


Alyssa Kincaid - Girl, I've seen you get tossed around by 7-foot monsters and you still come back swinging. You can handle anything.


[Alyssa stood up, urging Maggie to do the same.]


Alyssa Kincaid - Your match is about to start. Just breathe, go out there, finish that crazy bitch off quickly and then we can worry about all of this later.


[Maggie nodded, sending a quick smile and a hug Alyssa's way. Maggie could hear the beginning of "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" by Bowling For Soup"]


Maggie Chamberlain - Aaaaand that's my cue.


Alyssa Kincaid - Go get 'em, tiger.

Dante Reed - Welcome back to L!GHTS OUT! Presented by Union Battleground and projected to the masses worldwide by the Battleground Network!


Sebastian Riggs - Up next we will see Josie Pleasure face off against Maggie Chamberlain, Dante!


Dante Reed - I’ve heard of Pleasure and from what I gather she is a wild one.


Sebastian Riggs - What do you mean?


Dante Reed - Here nickname for one is Psycho Bitch. So there’s that.


Sebastian Riggs - She sounds honest. I admire that.




Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 5'9" weighing in at 120 pounds, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Josie Pleasure!


Sebastian Riggs - Josie Pleasure is a veteran but Maggie is one of the most popular wrestlers on the entire roster. This could become combustible very quickly.


[Josie steps onto the stage as she grinds her hips from side to side, slowly working her hands up the sides of her body then throws them up into the air displaying metal signs. She flashes a twisted smile as she strolls down the ramp never taking her eyes off the ring that lies before her. Once there, she rolls inside pulling herself to the center and arching her back in what is known in yoga as an upward facing dog. Pushing her ample breasts outward and throwing her head back in what can only described as orgasmic fashion. Making the men in the audience shout with catcalls and whistles.]


Dante Reed - Maggie Chamberlain could have her hands full in this one. Josie is no push over by any means and will want to win this one. She’s hungry as is Chamberlain. I also expect fireworks, Sebastian.







[Maggie steps out and twirls with her arms out as the fans jump to their feet. She starts heading down to the ring with a slight skip in her step mouthing the lyrics to her own entrance song.]


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5'5" weighing in at 122 pounds, hailing from Manchester, England, Maggie Chamberlain!






Sebastian Riggs - Maggie was injured by The Patron’s of Sass and Cass on a previous episode of L!GHTS OUT. She has since recovered and we are all thankful for that development.


Dante Reed - That’s true. She’s fought hard to get to this point of her career and Maggie refuses to allow anything to derail her.


[Maggie's bopping her head side to side. Maggie's swinging her hair as her vivid red lipstick illuminates her plump lips and pearly whites. She's moving from the left side to the right side of the guard rails serenading the fans as Carter catches up to her, dragging her by the arm away from the male fans trying to reach out and touch her. Maggie's smile fades slightly as she hurries to the ring apron]







[On the apron, Maggie poses with her fingers pointed high in the air and her hips poised to one side. She back flips over the top rope sauntering around the ring, still mouthing the words to her entrance song]


Dante Reed - Josie continues to stare down Maggie with a look of hatred across her face.


Sebastian Riggs - Pleasure looks pissed off already. I like her style.









[She tosses her jacket over the rope to Carter as her music starts to fade and she stands in the corner interacting with her fans behind her.]


Dante Reed - The referee comes in to explain the rules of the match up.


Sebastian Riggs - Pleasure has not taken her eyes off of Maggie since she came through the curtains.


Dante Reed - The referee calls for the bell! We are underway!




[Josie and Maggie strike out at each other while the bell still echoes throughout. Pleasure reaches up and yanks some of Chamberlain’s hair out! The shock and pain stuns the wrestler while Josie then holds it up and blows it back at Maggie in a taunting manner! Chamberlain then hits Pleasure square in the face with a right hook!]


Sebastian Riggs - She just pulled some of Maggie’s hair out!


[The referee warns Josie about pulling hair but she misses it due to Maggie hitting her in the face with combination shots after the open taunt.]


Dante Reed - I don’t think I have ever seen Maggie this angry!


[Chamberlain takes advantage of her shaken opponent by whipping her into the ropes. Maggie hits the ropes on the opposite side of the ring then comes flying back at her returning opponent. The two women meet in the middle of the ring and Maggie catches Pleasure with a big time clothesline! The momentum of both women causes Josie to nearly do a complete flip.]


Sebastian Riggs - Maggie continues her onslaught.


[Chamberlain kicks her lock of hair out of the ring still irate. Josie gets back to her feet stumbling a bit after a rocky landing from the vicious clothesline. Maggie approaches Pleasure, who takes off full speed at her! Chamberlain nearly gets cut in two with a spear from Josie! Pleasure rolls alongside Maggie to hook a leg!]


… One!


… Kick out!


[Josie hits the mat with frustration after the kick out. She pulls at her own hair then stomps on the mat with both feet while laying flat on her back.]


Dante Reed - Pleasure just threw a fit because of Chamberlain getting a shoulder up!


Sebastian Riggs - She is a self proclaimed Psycho Bitch for a reason I’m sure, Dante.


[Maggie rolls over onto her belly in order to get up when she feels Josie snatch up her right ankle from behind! Pleasure applies an ankle lock in the center of the ring. Chamberlain reaches out in every direction with both arms but no ropes are within her reach.]


Sebastian Riggs - Chamberlain is in trouble! She has nowhere to go!


Dante Reed - Look at Josie’s face. She loves inflicting pain on others that’s evident.


[Maggie shakes her head as the referee comes in close to watch for the tap. Pleasure continues to apply pressure causing Maggie to hold her arm out above the mat. The crowd wills her on however and rather than tap, she digs into the mat. Maggie shakes her head from side to side while using every bit of her strength to pull herself just a tad bit closer to the safety of the bottom rope.]


Dante Reed - Josie is doing real damage to the right ankle of Cheeky right now, Riggs.


Sebastian Riggs - Pleasure may have her here.


[Maggie reaches out and takes hold of the bottom rope with her left hand finally! The referee comes in to break the hold but Josie refuses. The ref has no option but to start a count on Pleasure for this infraction. She continues to hold the ankle lock on even after the count reaches two. Right before she can be disqualified, Josie releases the hold.]


Dante Reed - Does she want to be disqualified? What is she doing?


Sebastian Riggs - She released it before a full count but held it on as long as possible before a DQ could be rendered. Smart.


[The referee separates the two women then sends them to opposite corners of the ring. Maggie limps a bit but attempts to shake it off. The referee resumes the match and Josie charges but gets cut off by Chamberlain with a sharp back hand chop. Pleasure regains her balance before she can fall back into the ropes but Maggie hits her with another chop! Josie bounces off the ropes right into the awaiting arms of Chamberlain! She Irish whips Pleasure into the corner back first then comes flying in with a shoulder block! Maggie follows up with a flurry of punches in the corner before Josie can fall to the mat.]


Dante Reed - Maggie takes control!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s got a mean streak.


[Chamberlain pulls Pleasure out of the corner allowing her to hit the mat in front of the turnbuckles. Maggie then climbs up on those same turnbuckles until she reaches the top. Josie gets up just as Chamberlain turns around to face out at her. Before she can react, Maggie leaps off the top rope and performs a beautiful diving tornado DDT! The crowd pops as she hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Kick out by Josie Pleasure! Maggie can’t believe it.


Dante Reed - She has to have a short memory here because Pleasure is a veteran of this sport and the longer this match goes on the better her chances are.


[Pleasure staggers to her feet and is met by Chamberlain! Maggie throws a wild punch that Josie ducks then counters with a sharp elbow to the back of the head! Chamberlain falls forward slightly then Josie rips her feet out from under her from behind! Maggie hits the mat face first. Josie follows up by rolling Chamberlain over then going for a quick pin!


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Kick out by Maggie! She’s still alive in this one!


Dante Reed - These two women are going at it. No love lost in this one.


Sebastian Riggs - Chamberlain’s getting up!


[Maggie gets to one knee then back to both feet but catches a one armed bulldog from behind courtesy of Josie Pleasure. She then follows up quickly by getting Chamberlain back up to her feet by the hair of her head. Josie then irish whips Maggie into the ropes with everything she’s got! Chamberlain hits the corner full speed back first. The crowd grows quiet as The Psycho Bitch charges across the ring looking for a big boot in the corner. Maggie moves out of the way at the last possible second! The crowd pops while Josie gets her leg caught in the corner.]


Sebastian Riggs - Pleasure is caught up in the ropes! She better get loose because Maggie has come to life.


Dante Reed - She’s trying desperately to get free with little if any success.


[Pleasure gets loose then stumbles backwards slightly. She then turns just in time to catch a wicked Casadora Stunner! Maggie hits her finishing maneuver out of nowhere! The crowd cheers her on as she hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Maggie Chamberlain!


[Maggie works the crowd in the ring after a hard fought battle. The referee comes in to raise her hand high in victory.]


Sebastian Riggs - She’s done it! Maggie wins after hitting the baby driver.


Dante Reed - I thought Pleasure had her a time or two there but Chamberlain pulls it off. What a match!


Sebastian Riggs - We got more coming up too! Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen! Don’t touch that remote or mouse!

shake the hand that shook the world

[Suddenly, “Antichrist Superstar” by Marilyn Manson hits, much to the confusion of the crowd in attendance. The Plovdiv Roman Theatre goes quiet as the lights dim, a single spotlight near the entrance tunnel. A figure emerges in the shadows and steps into the light. Dolan Farson.]







[The crowd erupts in boos. But he’s not alone. The masked Mercenary joins him in the spotlight, his silver mask reflecting it, despite the hood that shadows the majority of the mask. The two make their way down to the ring, Farson with a mic in hand. Once they reach the ring, the music fades and the lights come back on. Farson, dressed nicely in a suit grins out at the crowd while his mercenary stands silently next to him.]


Dolan Farson - Last week, I spoke to Axel Graves about the fact that Emery Layton’s reign as Trench War Champion is due largely in part to the assistance from The Mercenary.


[The fans boo loudly in response to this claim. Farson pauses, smiling. He glances over his shoulder to The Mercenary, who nods once in approval.]


Dolan Farson - I also informed Mr. Graves that we’re ready to collect our payment. So, we are here now, to announce that we not only request a match against Emery Layton for the Trench War Championship… We demand it!


[The restlessness grows in the arena as the boos get louder.]


Dolan Farson - I mean think about it! Think about all of her defenses from around the world. The Mercenary was there to protect her and her title reign. If it weren’t for us, she’d have lost that championship a long time ago!








 [The crowd pops to the sound of Owner and Promoter of Union Battleground Axel Graves’ music. As usual, the lights dim low and the atmosphere shifts to blue while the entrance begins to seep out clouds of fog. After some time, the bossman emerges. Graves doesn’t waste any time playing to the crowd, just simply heads straight to the ring. Climbing up the steel steps, he pulls a microphone out of his back pocket and motions to cut he music.]


Axel Graves - Mister Farson, I’m so glad to see you’ve made it out here at the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!


[The crowd reacts to the cheap pop, although Farson remains stone-faced.]


Axel Graves - You and I are a lot alike. We don’t pussyfoot around, and I think that’s why we were able to strike a deal so effortlessly last September. But I must say, I hear your demands loud and clear. You guys held up your end of the bargain, and Axel Graves is a man of his word. So, at L!GHTS OUT #21, your client will get his title match against Emery Layton!


[And right on cue…]






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself Emery Layton emerges from behind the curtain, a mic in her hand. Over one shoulder, she has the Trench War Championship and connected to that by the buckles is her newly-won King Cobra Championship. It looks like a scarf of gold, silver and leather. But she doesn’t look in the mood to celebrate, as she saunters down to the ring. With a firm gaze on the Mercenary and Dolan, Em places herself in the center of the mat- Dolan and the Mercenary to her left and Axel to her right. Her entrance music fades, the cheers are more apparent for Union Battleground’s duel-champion. She allows the moment to linger for a moment before raising her mic.]


Emery Layton - My ears were burning.


[The Lethal Lackeen turns fully towards Dolan. The sharp-dressed man smirks as Emery surveys him for a moment. Normally this’d be the moment where she’d mock him, but she’s in no such mood. Instead she unclips her titles and holds up the King Cobra title.]


Emery Layton - See this? I went through some of the toughest in Union to get this. I literally travelled to a different city in a different country week after week to claim it. This is my ticket to the Union Battleground Championship, the title I came here to win over a year ago. You see gold and leather, I see a time bomb and I decide when it stops ticking. I did this on my own. But, this one…


[She now holds up the Trench War title. The Mercenary stares intently at it.]


Emery Layton - This one’s special. I won this at the Battle of Los Angeles in February of last year. I said since day one that I would make this the “fighters title” and every single time I defended this, all the person had to do was ask. I’ve kept this thing for over a year. The world ain’t seen a day where the Trench War Champion was NOT Emery Layton.


[Pulling the title onto her shoulder, Emery looks down for a second before proceeding.]


Emery Layton - Listen, fella- I try to be humble and modest, maybe make a few jokes here and there to calm the nerves and, hey, sometimes I wonder how the hell I manage to get from A to B in this sport, but I’ve done things that someone who comes from my background should never be able to do and I’m dead proud of that. I coulda stuck around in a Traveller’s settlement and had a million kids and been nobody, but I made myself a somebody instead. I did all of that on my own and I didn’t need no masked guy or a dude like you sticking his beaky nose in, tryna claim they made things happen. You didn’t make this happen...


[She turns to Axel.]


Emery Layton - HE didn’t make this happen, much as he might think he did…


[And finally she turns to the capacity crowd, circling her hand.]


Emery Layton - WE made this happen.


[The fans roar with approval. Em breaks her gaze from Dolan to focus on The Mercenary.]


Emery Layton - I dunno who you are, dude...but if you wanted this, all you had to do was ask, just like everybody else, but instead, you been sniffing around in my matches since the year began. Well you got my attention now, which means you got problem. LiGHTSOUT #21- you and me for the Trench War title?


[Em pauses, dramatically, listening out for the reaction before her face drops...]


Emery Layton - Nuh-uh.


[...and she plops down onto the mat. There’s a silence for a moment as Em sits cross-legged.]


Emery Layton - ...Well, I will if the dude over there shows us who he really is and takes that mask off right here, right now! If not, I’ll be washing my hair that night.


[Em drops her mic on the ground and begins filing her nails while she waits. Farson looks at the Mercenary with uncertainty. Layton glares at him, waiting for him to reveal himself. Graves stands with his hands clasped around his microphone, patiently waiting. Finally The Mercenary steps forward and reaches up to his mask. The arena goes silent in anticipation as he peels the mask off and reveals himself…Emery Layton drops her nail filer and stands, her eyes nearly popping out of her head.]


Sebastian Riggs - That’s… That’s Rogan MacLean! A former UGWC World Champion!


[The arena erupts in mixed reactions as Rogan smiles a devilish grin. He takes the microphone from Farson, never taking his eyes off of Emery Layton.]


Rogan MacLean - I assume the challenge is accepted then, lass?


[He extends his hand, staring at the shocked face of Layton.]


Rogan MacLean - Go on. Shake the hand that shook the world.


[Emery refuses to shake his hand, and instead shifts her attention to Axel Graves. Confused, she turns to Axel.]


Emery Layton - I don’t get this. Why? Why do any of this?


Axel Graves - Look, Emery, there’s a reason why I made this deal at the end of season one. Let me first say, that there is no doubt in your abilities… There is no question of what you’ve accomplished here in Union Battleground and the world over. But that’s the key phrase, “the world over”. As you became a huge icon in this industry, winning championships all over and claiming the XWA Lord of the Ring Tournament, I began to fear that you were losing your sights on the Trench War Championship. I began to fear that you would defend that title somewhere… and lose it! So when Dolan Farson gave me the offer, it was an insurance policy I couldn’t refuse.


[Emery is still in total shock. Picking the mic back up, she raises it up.]


Emery Layton - Axel you...man, I just dunno what to...you-- you didn’t need to do this!


[Axel shows an obvious look of guilt as he continues his plea.]


Axel Graves - Emery, I’ve never doubted your ability. You are the longest reigning champion for a reason. But I couldn’t bear the thought of seeing, arguably, our most prestigious title in a different promotion. So I had Dolan and Rogan go around and ensure that title came back to the Battleground. There’s nothing more I can say, except you will be defending the Trench War Championship at L!GHTS OUT #21 in Verona, Italy against Rogan MacLean.


[All four individuals stare off intently as Graves lowers his mic and his theme begins to play over the PA. Ace slowly steps out of the ring and walks out with his head down.]


Dante Reed - I… I can’t believe what I just saw here, Bas.


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t know what’s more shocking. The fact that former UGWC World Champion Rogan MacLean is the man behind the Mercenary Mask, or the fact that Axel Graves had any shadow of a doubt about Emery Layton and the Trench War Championship.


Dante Reed - Folks, as we try to wrap our heads around what has just took place, we must take a quick commercial break. Coming up after the break, we will see the debut of Caden Walker as he is set to face Elina Cartel. Stay tuned!


Dante Reed - Welcome back to the twentieth edition of L!GHTS OUT!


Sebastian Riggs - We have a debut coming up next, Dante. You do any scouting on this new guy?


Dante Reed - Yes. I’m very good at my job.


Sebastian Riggs - Please. Continue.


Dante Reed - Caden Walker is a former prison inmate turned wrestler. He has an unorthodox approach that could throw a wrench in many opponents game plans.


Sebastian Riggs - I already like this guy.


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making his Union Battleground debut, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 275 pounds, from San Antonio, Texas, Caden Walker!





[As the music begins Miss Sarin is the first to appear, calmly walking forward, her fingers clasping at the rosary around her neck as she smiles. A sinister grin cuts its way across her face as from behind her, Caden Walker makes his appearance. He stands rigid, his head down as he breaths steadily. Miss Sarin grips his arm pushing him forward as he walks uncertainty towards the ring, stopping at the apron as soon as he arrives. He seems to ponder it before slamming his skull against it, whispering pleas to the voices inside of his head to stop their screaming and let him focus before he slides into the ring. He slithers to the center of it, slamming his skull into the mat before lifting it up and letting out a roar to the crowd, having awakened his killing instinct as he crawls to the bottom rope, biting down against it in impatient fervor for his opponent.]


Sebastian Riggs - Wow. Walker has a size advantage in this one without a doubt.


Dante Reed - Elina Cartel is the Elysium Hybrid Champion for a reason. She excels at adapting to her opponents, this one won’t be any different.




Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 115 pounds, from the City of Angels, she is the Elysium Pro Hybrid Champion, Elina Cartel!


Sebastian Riggs - Stardust excites the masses. She’s a very talented individual but the size of Caden will come into play.


Dante Reed - We’ll see. She’s a World Class technician, not some inmate.


Sebastian Riggs - Fake News.


[The lights in the arena turn down low. As the song begins to boom, Elina Cartel walks through the entrance and ignores the fans as she walks down the entrance ramp. Neon lights hit the audience and the ring in bright pinks, greens, yellows, and purples. The lights reflect off her chrome Xpert leather jacket.]


Dante Reed - Elina Cartel is a brilliant striker inside the squared circle which could be her key to victory against Caden Walker who is unproven on this level thus far.


[Elina walks right to the ring apron and in a single bound, leaps up onto the apron. She unzips her leather jacket and lets it fall to the ground behind her before stepping into the ring.]


Sebastian Riggs - The crowd loves Elina.


[She walks to the middle of the ring and extends her arms and her middle fingers before pulling them together to make a cross in front of her face. The music dies down as the lighting returns to normal as she makes her way to her corner to warm up for the upcoming bout.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both competitors are stationed in their corners. The referee checks off with them both one last time. 


Sebastian Riggs - Now he calling for the bell!


Dante Reed - This match is underway!




[The bell echoes throughout leading Elina to take off at her larger opponent! Walker goes to grab ahold of her but she counters by sliding between his legs and catching Caden completely off guard. Cartel ends up behind Walker and before he can turn she is back on her feet then nails him with a solid kick to the side of the kneecap!]


Sebastian Riggs - Charlie horse!


Dante Reed - That had to hurt.


[The solid awkward shot sends the big man down to one knee for a moment. This gives Cartel an opening and she bounces off the ropes then aims her ire at Caden Walker. He ducks low in with defensive intent but she nails him with a shining wizard! The crowd pops as she hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Kick out at one by Walker!


Dante Reed - He rolled out of the ring after that. Caden needs a moment to rethink his approach here.


[Cartel watches on from inside the ring as her opponent attempts to regain his composure. She looks behind her at the ropes then immediately races toward them. She bounces off the ropes and slingshots across the ring full speed. Elina dives through the ropes aiming for a suicide dive! Walker counters with a right hook that catches Cartel flush on the jaw! The sudden shot halts her momentum completely. Elina ends up in a pile directly in front of her opponent.]


Dante Reed - What a shot! Cartel took a risk that did not pay off.


Sebastian Riggs - Ya think? Caden nearly took her head off with that big right meat hook!


[Cartel stirs by shaking her head. Walker reaches down then pulls up back to her feet by the hair of her head while the referee begins his count. Caden then grapples her up into position between his legs before hoisting her high into the air looking for a powerbomb on the apron! Elina begins throwing punches down at her opponent to counter the maneuver leading Walker to spin slightly away from the apron. Cartel continues to use sharp elbows and stiff punches to the forehead of her opponent while high in the air on Caden’s shoulders. Walker carries her around aimlessly and ends up finally next to the security barrier. He pinches her on the side as hard as he can causing her instant pain. That slight hesitation by Elina is enough for him to powerbomb her onto the security barrier finally!]


Sebastian Riggs - Walker continues to punish Elina Cartel in this one. The referee’s count just reached three. They have got to get back into the ring.


Dante Reed - Come on. We all know this ref isn’t going to call a count out. Unless he wants to sit in the unemployment line Monday morning!


[Walker gets back into the ring while Cartel holds her back on the outside floor. The referee halts his count as Caden gets in the ring but watches close as Walker then rolls back out!]


Dante Reed - Smart move by Walker to reset the count.


Sebastian Riggs - Maybe he’s smarter than he looks!


[Caden makes his way back over to Cartel and lifts her back up by the hair of her head once again. As Elina reaches her feet she elbows back at Walker! She catches him square in the gut causing him to release his hold of her. This allows Cartel to make her way over to the ring then slide back in underneath the bottom rope. She gets to her feet quickly while holding her back. Caden rushes toward to ring in a rage. He slides underneath the bottom rope and as he comes up to his knees, Cartel catches him with a enziguri out of nowhere! She hooks a leg!]




… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out at one again by Walker!


Sebastian Riggs - Cartel wants to end this one but little success thus far in her endeavor.


[Cartel gets back to her feet quick utilizing her speed advantage over her larger opponent. She knees him in the face before Walker can stand up. She then gets alongside him and situates herself for a standing moonsault! At the last possible moment, Caden lifts up both knees leading his opponent to crash and burn. Cartel rolls around on the mat holding her ribs. Walker crawls over to her then pins both her shoulders flush against the mat.]


… One!


… Two!


… Th—Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Kick out by Elina! That was close!


Dante Reed - Close, indeed. Cartel had some momentum going but Walker stopped that real quick.


[Caden gets back to his feet then comes up from behind his unsuspecting opponent. He then hoists her up and delivers a ring rattling one handed electric chair driver! The maneuver silences the crowd but he does not go for a pin.]


Dante Reed - What is he doing!? Go for the pin!


Sebastian Riggs - I think the psychopath wants to inflict more pain!


[Walker gets back to his feet then hovers above his fallen opponent. Caden lifts her back up then Irish whips her into the corner with devastating force! Elina hits the corner wide open back first! She uses her arms to hold herself up in the corner while Walker comes flying in with a back elbow! The shot causes Elina to fall to the mat. Caden follows up by stomping down on her! Elina rolls out of the ring with pure instinct then falls to the outside floor.]


Sebastian Riggs - This guy came here tonight to fight. Did you see that elbow shot in the corner!


Dante Reed - Cartel is in real trouble.


[Walker gets back to his feet and watches as Elina pulls herself back up on the apron! After dishing out all that punishment she continues to fight. This causes pause for Caden. The referee begins his count on Cartel as she slowly pulls herself up onto the apron with the crowd behind her solid. She uses that motivation to roll back into the ring then spring to her feet. Walker is in shock as the smaller wrestler begins to circle him ready to fight more.]


Dante Reed - I told you to never count her out. He tried to stomp her guts out in the corner but she continues to stare him down in this one.


[Elina strikes out at her larger opponent with solid kicks and strikes catching Walker off guard. He begins to back up to defend but stumbles instead. Walker falls back into the ropes then springs forward when Elina catches him in the forehead with a solid knee! The crowd gets worked up while Caden lies on the mat with a busted open forehead!]


Sebastian Riggs - Cartel just cut the big man open with a knee to the face!


Dante Reed - She’s bringing the fight to him now!


[Walker hits the mat then rolls over. He can see droplets of blood hit the mat leading him to raise up slightly to touch his forehead. Caden realizes he’s busted open and puts his elbows down to push himself up but Elina stomps his head to the mat from behind! Cartel then uses all her strength to roll him over onto his back. She then heads for the corner and leaps up on the middle turnbuckle to boost herself on up to the top. Elina then turns out to face out at Caden.]


Dante Reed - High risk could pay off here.


[Cartel leaps off the top turnbuckle and camera flashes throughout catch the shooting star press forever. Walker rolls out of the way and Elina misses her mark completely! Caden gets back to his feet which leads Elina to force herself back to hers as well still in pain from the miss. She staggers toward her opponent, who catches her with a swift kick to the gut! Cartel bends over leading Walker to hook her for a powerbomb! He hoists Elina up high then takes off across the ring while still holding her. Caden throws her into the turnbuckle which snaps her head back with traumatic force. She falls face first on the mat and Walker quickly hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Caden Walker!


[The referee comes in to hold up Caden’s right hand up in victory. Walker takes his hand back then reaches into his pocket. He retrieves a pocket knife then opens it. Caden then walks over to Cartel while holding the knife.]


Dante Reed - Caden has won his debut here at Union Battleground but now has a knife! He’s already won why does he want to cut Elina for?


[Walker reaches down and carefully cuts a piece of Elina Cartel’s outfit off. He then closes the knife and tucks both items back into his pocket.]


Sebastian Riggs - Walker wants a keepsake and now he has it.


Dante Reed - Caden Walker impresses here in his debut but creeps me the fuck out.


Sebastian Riggs - Don’t be such a puss, Dante.


Dante Reed - Whatever dude. What do you think he’s going to do with that piece of cloth? I don’t even want to think about it. Folks, up next we have the in-ring debut of Kai Stevens as he’s set to take on Tommy Crimson!


[We cut to an over the shoulder view from behind Salvation’s lead disciple and the manager of the Union Battleground Champion, as Preacher stares out into the wonders of the night, overlooking most of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His long, somewhat greasy hair sways with the wind like a stray leaf would in an autumn breeze. The camera stays still over his shoulder as his words begin to echo.]


Preacher - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Lord Nemesis…


[The scene quickly cuts from the live feed of where Preacher was standing to overlook the city at night directly into a replay of Nemesis finishing off Malcolm San Cross with a devastating Enoch during their match at L!GHTS OUT #4 which was Nemesis’ Union Battleground in-ring debut.]


Preacher - And the Word was Salvation.


[With Preacher’s words, the video feed transitions into a replay of Nemesis looking up at Drew Stevenson while he is crucified in front of a live audience in New Orleans at the Fallout Pay-Per-View, which will also be remembered as the night Salvation formed.]


Preacher - For the kingdom of Salvation does not consist in talk but in power.


[Again, as if perfectly on cue, the scene cuts but this time to Nemesis’ victory in last season’s Guerilla Warfare match to earn the Number One Contender spot for the Union Battleground Championship. Quickly we switch to another shot, this one of the newly debuted Viduus Morta standing side by side with Nemesis over a broken Dick Devereaux after he was defeated at the Season One finale Coupe De Grace while the Union Battleground Championship is raised high.]


Preacher - While those who talk in a blasphemous manner towards Salvation and our cause will be damned to suffer by our power, only to lay crushed by our feet.


[Immediately now we begin cutting to quick shots of Dick Devereaux, Kuk Killswitch and Johnny Vachon being beaten and bloodied by Nemesis, Viduus Morta and the newly joined Tommy Crimson at Relapse, to Ragnarok costing Flash Kassidy his spot in the King Cobra Tournament, to Aiden Deimos being revealed as the Executioner while standing victorious over Johnny Vachon at Crown of the King Cobra and then finally to a shot of all of Salvation beating down SHIDO after the match between him and Nemesis ended in a no contest.]


Preacher - Yet still…the feeble wish to go to war with the all-powerful.


[Now we cut to a replay of Axel Graves and Finale coming out after Devereaux’s save for SHIDO and declaring war on all of Salvation while stating their issues with how Salvation has run roughshod around Union Battleground, along with the kidnapping of Elysium Co-Owner and brother to Finale, Kelly Godless.]


Preacher - We would tell you to be careful what you wish for Axel and Finale…


[The replays end and the scene cuts back to the over the shoulder view of Preacher as he hasn’t moved and still continues to look onto the nighttime skyline of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.]


Preacher - But in case you haven’t noticed…


[Suddenly, the camera spins around to a frontal view of Preacher to show him in his usual red and black clergy suit, leaning on his perfectly crafted cane while all of Salvation stands directly behind him; Nemesis is front and center with the Union Battleground Championship around his waist, as Viduus Morta stands to his left, who has the Speaker next to him as well as the newly added Legion standing beside the Speaker. To Nemesis’ immediate right is Aiden Deimos with Tommy Crimson beside him and Alexander Devin is at the end of the line. It looks like the whole group is situated behind the stage and jumbotron setup that Union Battleground has for its shows, out of sight from the crowd and in the upper right corner of Plovdiv Roman Theatre that has a few worn down columns behind them.]


Preacher - The war started a long time ago and there is no white flag any of you can wave to stop the Final Salvation…only the demise of you doubters and non-believers is to be had. Follow us to Salvation or be damned to destruction!


[Preacher begins to laugh in a sinister manner as we instantly fade to black.]



[A piano can be heard throughout. As it picks up speed, violins come in to compliment. Darkness consumes the arena suddenly then slowly a crimson red haze spills in. “Lux Aeterna” by Megaraptor blasts throughout. The piece of music made famous by Clint Mansell is covered to perfection by the metal instrumental band. Tommy Crimson suddenly struts out across the stage to roaring boos. One of the most hated men in the business of professional wrestling has arrived. Tommy adjusts his infamous human skin and face jacket. The leather shines in the red glow. The song picks up speed as the heavy guitars of Megaraptor come in. Crimson stops at the top of the ramp and holds both arms out from his body. He basks in the negative response.]


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first opponent, standing 6'2" and weighing in tonight at 173 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, he is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!


[Crimson walks down the ramp knocking signs out of fans hands as he does so. The fans relentlessly boo him for this. Tommy walks by the announce table, carefully he slowly drags three fingers from his left hand across the table top. He then slides in the ring then leaps back to his feet. Crimson holds both arms out from his body then spins to further taunt the crowd. The lights come back on as The Fury waits for the bell to sound.]







[As "White Knuckles" by Alter Bridge superkicks through the P.A. system, the fans would descend into a chorus of jeers. Soon enough, to their chagrin, the entrance stage would become enveloped by fog, a light flashing rapidly across the entirety of the stage. As the fog becomes thicker, the lights in the entire arena cut out for a brief moment. When they return in sync with a shift in the theme song, the fog would slightly dissipate, revealing a man standing on the stage with his back to the ring, head slightly bowed. He'd sport a sleeveless black hoodie with the hood over his head, black Nike trunks with a steel blue waistline, black knee pads, black boots with steel blue laces, tread, and trim, a black elbow pad on his right elbow, and a black Nike compression sleeve with elbow padding on his left arm. The sleeve would be adorned by steel blue designs with the words "From Hell's Heart, I Stab at Thee" written on it. He'd, too, sport black tape around both wrists, wrapping around the thumb joint. As the guitars in the song become more potent and Myles Kennedy's angelic vocals graces your ears, the man would spin around, and KAI STEVENS would then throw both hands high over his head, placing the points of his thumbs together and the points of his index fingers as well, all fingers rigid and straight in a triangular shape, essentially a delta. As he does so, it sets off an assembly of blue pyrotechnics on the stage on either side of him.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6'1" and weighing in tonight at 227 pounds, from Long Island, New York, he is “A Man Possessed” Kai Stevens!


[A moment in this pose passes before he slowly lowers and separates his hands, clenching his ring and pinky fingers in whilst extending the rest in the shape of a gun. When he gesticulates firing both guns, one last launch of pyrotechnics would be sent into the air. Smirking arrogantly, he would toss his hands back, knocking back his hood to reveal a black headband and a black pair of Aviator sunglasses. He'd then amble imperiously down the ramp and towards the ring. Once he reaches ringside, he'd arrogantly scale up the steel stairs, then strutting to the middle of the apron with his inside hand clutching the top rope. After a moment of glaring out upon the legion vast of Union Underground faithful, he would place his other hand on the top rope and slingshot up and over, landing with a soft thud in the ring. Next, he'd step confidently to the corner, where he'd climb to the middle rope and launch his hands into the air again in the same pose as earlier. He would follow this by bringing his arms down, right arm across his stomach and left arm behind his back, leaning forward in a bow. As he returns to a more vertical base, he would throw his arms out to his sides with his hands somewhat open and pointing out to opposite sides of the arena. Hopping down, he would pace back and forth, limbering up by cocking his head to either side to crack his neck.]




[The two men begin to circle. Tommy Crimson as always throwing shade in the direction of his opponent. The two men lock up, Kai gaining the initial advantage as he begins to drive Crimson toward the corner, but mere moments before his back hits the turnbuckle pads, Crimson rotates his hips and drops Kai into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Crimson hops back to his feet bounces off the opposite corner and delivers a huge knee to the back of the neck.

Crimson pulls Kai to his feet and tries a powerbomb, but Kai is able to counter, lifting him up into the air…CRADLE BACK TO BELLY PILEDRIVER! Crimson lands awkward on the top of his head. Kai holds the driver into a cover as the referee counts.]






…Thr—Kickout by Tommy Crimson!


[Crimson kickout throws Kai into the corner, Tommy rolls out of the ring and to the outside.]


Sebastian Riggs - It’s okay, Crimson is just taking a breather, he needs to reset.


Dante Reed - He may have to rethink his game plan for this match.


[Crimson looks in the ring at Kai, Kai pandering to the crowd. He rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope, Stevens tries to grab him but Crimson nails a couple punches to the mid-section doubling Stevens over. Crimson gets to his feet and with a kick to the midsection, doubling him over. Tommy bounces off the ropes… SHINING WIZARD!!]


Dante Reed - Crimson is looking to end this thing right now! He’s going for the Night Terrors!


[NO! NO! Kai Stevens ducks under the shining wizard, rolls him over…SUPERKICK! Sending Tommy through the middle rope. Somehow Tommy holds onto the ropes and settles onto the apron. Kai climbs through the ropes and delivers a boot to the gut…DDT ONTO THE RING APRON! Tommy’s skull collides with the hard metal edge of the ring and he falls to the floor.]


Dante Reed - So far Kai Stevens has been targeting that neck and face region, almost in a dominate fashion in the early goings..


Sebastian Riggs - Like you said though… a lot of match to go.


[Kai jumps down from the apron, grabs a table and throws it back into the ring. He slides it in after him and sets it up in the middle of the ring.]


Sebastian Riggs - What the hell does he need a damn table for.


[Kai climbs back out of the ring and begins to pull Tommy to his feet by his hair. Tommy is able to drive Stevens back and right into the barricade. Tommy stumbles back, takes a deep breath, and charges and clotheslines Kai over the barricade and at the feet of the front row of fans. Tommy reaches over and grabs Kai’s right arm and pulls it down hard onto the metal barricade.]


Dante Reed - It seems like Tommy is beginning to target the surgically repaired left shoulder.


[Tommy hops the barricade and delivers a big right hand. Kai answers with one of his own and they begin throwing lefts and rights at each other, back and forth! Crimson kicks Stevens to the midsection and then grabs him and throws him shoulder first into the barricade! Crimson doesn’t stop as he quickly walks up behind Stevens and hits him with a German Suplex ONTO THE STEEL CHAIRS! He walks over and mounts Stevens and begins with punches to the skull over and over again! Tommy Crimson gets up off of Stevens who rolls over and makes his way to his feet. Tommy grabs a hold of his left arm and climbs onto the barricade, HE GOES FOR THE FOREARM SMASH! NO! KAI COUNTERS INTO SPELLCHECK ONTO THE BARRICADE!]


Dante Reed - Both men are down! And the crowd is on their feet!


[Tommy somehow is the first competitor back to his feet. He stumbles for a moment, then picks up Stevens dragging him through the crowd. One at a time they begin to scale the platforms that surround the Plovdiv Roman Theatre. After the fifth level, Kai delivers an elbow to the abdomen, followed by another and another. Kai lifts Tommy up BACK BODY DROP ONTO THE STONE PLATFORMS! Tommy lands onto his feet, grabs a chair, and BRINGS IT CRASHING DOWN ONTO THE SKULL OF KAI STEVENS! The crowd explodes as the referee jumps.]


Dante Reed - Stevens has been busted wide open!


[Stevens drops to a knee but stumbles to his feet getting some distance from Crimson. Tommy charges with the chair, but Stevens ducks…PELE KICK! The kick connects with the top of Crimson’s skull. Kai struggles to his feet. He grabs ahold of Tommy, dragging his body to the edge of steps, placing his head on the level above the one the stand on. He grabs a chair and sets it up, standing on top of it as he leaps into the air, and DROPS THE POINT OF HIS KNEE TO THE BACK OF CRIMSON’S NECK! Crimson shouts in pain! Stevens quickly crawls back to Tommy, placing his knee on his spine and begins to wrench back on Tommy’s neck. Tommy struggling to find something that he can do to break the hold pain in his eyes.]


[Kai Stevens shoves his head into the concrete as he finally breaks the hold. Kai looks around, at the ring, then toward the titantron set. Back and forth until he decides, pointing up toward the top of the jumbotron. Stevens grabs Crimson’s long blonde hair and begins to drag him towards the top of the arena. Closer and closer they get until they are mere feet from the bridges that span the distance between the top row and the flat floors that sit across the pillars that stand high above the jumbotron set.]


[Tommy drops to a knee, seemingly spent, Kai pulls harder, he moves in closer...forearm to the gut. Tommy rises to a knee and delivers a second shot to the gut. He rises to his feet and delivers a boot to the gut. He grabs Kai by the tights and throws him shoulder first into the back wall. Kai Stevens lets out a yell from the constant abuse to the repaired shoulder, blood still running from his face.]


Dante Reed - Both of these men have taken a beating here tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - Tommy Crimson isn’t going to have any of that shit.


[Crimson grabs a hold of Stevens and drives his head into the concrete wall, again and again his skull collides with the cold hard stone. He lets go and Stevens falls to the ground his back, Crimson takes a step back…NIGHT TERROR INTO THE CONCRETE WALL.]




[Kai Stevens, spitting blood from his mouth, starts to crawl away, toward the direction of the platforms that sit above the tron. Crimson, with a devilish smirk on his face begins to stalk his opponent. Tired of waiting Tommy stomps on the head of Kai, driving him face first into the ground. Tommy pulls him to his feet and drags him over to the edge of the metal bridge the Union Battleground Staff had set up, lifts and drops on the metal mesh with a BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE STEEL!]


[Tommy lifts him to his feet and for a moment the men disappear, only to reappear seconds later towering over the ring…15 FEET IN THE AIR! The two men begin trading blows, left and rights, back and forth the men go. As the inch their way closer to the edge. Kai ducks a right hand! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX HE ROLLS THROUGH… CRIMSON COUNTERS WITH A MINDFUCKED! Tommy lifts Kai to his feet, takes a few steps back AND THROWS HIM OFF OF THE PLATFORM THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!]


Dante Reed - HOLY SHIT!




[The referee sprints to check on Kai Stevens who lays in the rubble of the table that he had placed himself. Tommy walks over to the edge looking down at Kai Stevens’ lifeless body.]


Sebastian Riggs - Tommy No! Don’t do this!


[Tommy takes a deep breath and TAKES FLIGHT! GODBOOKED FROM THE PLATFORM!  Tommy crash directly onto the sternum of Kai Stevens! Crimson and Kai both let out a huge scream…Tommy crawls and drapes his arm over…]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!


Dante Reed - What an incredible finish here for Tommy Crimson! This man showed no regard for his own personal safety and was able to continue his streak while stunting the newcomer.


Sebastian Riggs -Got to give Kai Stevens credit though. It wasn’t an easy feat to debut against this psychopath, and he put up a great fight, but it just wasn’t in his cards tonight.


Dante Reed - Folks, stick around as we have our headliner and main event bouts left to go!


[The droning opening notes of Hands Like Houses “I Am” hit the house speakers and the audience inside the Plovdiv Roman Theater rises to its feet as they recognize the now familiar entrance music of Alex Kincaid. The song explodes to life and Alex walks out onto the aisle-way, his back to the people as he stares up into the night sky. He turns to face the ring with a grin on his face, amazed at the unique venue Union Battleground has found itself in this week. As he’s not set for action tonight, he isn’t dressed to compete. The Bullet King has gone for a smart looking three piece suit, black pinstripes with his usual orange tie and pocket square. He stares out over the audience and slaps hands with a few fans who reach out for him as he takes his traditional long walk around the ring.]


Dante Reed – Controversy seems to follow this man everywhere he goes, and there’s no final example of that than the conclusion of Crown of the King Cobra’s War Horse Championship match.


Sebastian Riggs – What an impressive performance from him in India though, Dante. You had to be amazed by some of the incredible double team offense showed off by Kincaid and Axton, it looked like both men formed an a temporary alliance that may have led to one of them taking title gold…until MURAMUSA-Kokka got themselves involved.


[Kincaid climbs up onto the apron and takes a microphone from a ringside technician. He steps inside and takes a quick walk around to burn off some of his excess energy. His expression hardens, and he points down toward the ring.]


Alex Kincaid – Ladies and gentlemen, we are standing inside the Plodiv Roman Theater in Bulgaria and my name is Alex Kincaid. And you might have noticed, I’m not on the card this evening. So why did I fly myself all the way over here on my own dime? Why I have exposed myself to another sneak attack by Kira Izumi, the TSA rifling through my stuff and the most dangerous natural hazard of Eastern Europe – Vampires – to stand in front of all you people?


[He stares into the crowd, shoulders rising and falling with deeply frustrated breaths.]


Alex Kincaid – Because I’m here to do what I always do, I’m here to be honest. I’m here to tell you things that I might not want to say, but all of you BADLY need to hear. My entire life, I’ve been obsessed with one thing: Professional wrestling. It’s given me the lowest lows, and you can believe me when I tell you that it’s given me the highest highs. When I get that victory, when I hear that bell ring…It’s a sickness, it’s an addiction, it’s a feeling like nothing else in the world And sometimes that’s made me a pain in the ass to deal with. Sometimes, it’s meant that companies would rather hire the ten thousandth idiot rookie from the ‘Serious wrestling, kickpads and butt metal’ set that a professional who has been doing this for nearly two decades. But I get it. I understand that attitude. I understand this is all about entertaining the people, and nothing makes a show less entertaining than an unhappy locker room. But Union Battleground was different. Union Battleground said it didn’t matter where I’ve screwed up before, I come in here and I take my shot. I get whatever I’m strong enough to take.


[He points again to emphasize his point and the crowd cheers on his speech. Alex gives them a thankful nod and walks to the other side, addressing his next remarks toward the fans in the opposite seat.]


Alex Kincaid – Since day 1 when I walked in here all I’ve asked for is opportunity. And I’ve been given chance after chance, to come out here and prove to everyone in that locker room that I’m everything I say I am. Am I at the top of the card? No. I am the wrestler of the year? No. But am I the guy, where when the people in the stands head home they’re telling themselves ‘I wish we could see more of that guy?’ Absolutely. Show after show, I put on the match that makes the highlight reel. I put on the match that gets people showing up next week. Warhorse Champion? No, maybe not. I’m the workhorse of Union Battleground. And at Crown of the King Cobra I was finally set to put all this Kira drama behind me and move on to championship gold. I was so close to that satisfaction, so close to getting that win that feels like nothing else in the world…and then Kira and Rayburn decided to pay me and Axton a visit after we nearly ran through everybody. And I think you all saw how I felt after the match, how much it affected me. I stormed out of the arena. I didn’t answer my phone, I didn’t go home, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think about anything other than how Kira Izumi needs to PAY for what he did to us.


[Alex walks back to the opposite side of the ring, pointing at the hard camera again]


Alex Kincaid – That’s right, I said us! Because you didn’t just rob me. You robbed Axton. You robbed these people. Hell, you even robbed Kimitsu because – and we’ll settle this sometime Zombie – there’s always that ‘what if’ when nonsense like that happens at the end of the match. So, I’d say we’ve got a problem here. I’d say we need to find a solution to it. So I’ve got a proposition, since clearly you two didn’t get enough of us in Shanghai. Next edition of Lights Out, I say both of you walk down the aisle instead of jumping out of the crowd like cowards. I say you face Axton and I under the bright lights and I say we lay the kind of ass kicking on you that makes you realize it’s time to put this thing to bed once and for all! That’s the match, you bring whoever you want and we have ourselves another chapter of the Kincaid/Kira headstomping world tour! See you next show!


[He tosses the microphone over the ropes, dismissively and underhanded before he hops down to the floor. He strides up the ramp and heads backstage without another word, leaving a cheering crowd behind.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 213 pounds, from Pontiac, Illinois, he is “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!










[With lights flashing and a strobe light going off Flash Kassidy and Charlie Bloom make their way out to the stage. Flash in his signature coat and glasses. He bobs his head to the beat of the song before spinning around in a circle, a very cocky demeanor about him. He stops and faces the audience,  slowly starting to slide his glasses down his nose as he looks over at Charlie, who gives him a determined grin. Flash licks his lips, before putting his arm around her shoulders, and beginning to head down to the ring. Flash was still vibing out to his own music, moving his head and free arm to the beat.]










[As they gets closer to the ring Flash slows his step, looking out at the audience one more time, seemingly brushing their reactions off like it was a chip on his shoulder. Flash gets a running start, leaving Charlie behind as he jumps into the ring showing off this athleticism in the process. Pausing for a moment inside the ring, he waits for Charlie to walk up the ring steps and opens the ropes up for her. As soon as she is in the ring he then runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, He gazes out over the audience, before letting out a slight giggle in his not so sober fashion. He then points out into the crowd at random before placing one foot on the top rope, and back flipping off, landing directly on his feet.  As soon as he does land however, he quickly rolls over into whatever corner Charlie has stationed herself at. Flash gives her a quick kiss on the lips before removing his jacket, and sitting back in the corner. Waiting till the very last second to remove his shades.]


Dante Reed - Flash is looking for redemption here tonight. Salvation has tormented this promising young star for weeks.


Sebastian Riggs - Kassidy claimed on twitter he was putting it all out there here tonight.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Camden, New Jersey, he is a member of Salvation, “The Savior of the Forgotten” Aiden Deimos!







[Monk chants can be heard at a low tone until the heavy riff of “I am the Darkness” by Jim Johnston featuring Tommy Vext rips over the PA system. “The Demon of Camden” Aiden Deimos makes his way to the main stage at a slow tempo and dignified in style. He looks over the fans, and points straight at the ring. He methodically makes his way down the aisle way that leads to the ring. He stops at the base and takes in a deep breath, rolling into the ring and awaiting the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - The Executioner was revealed to be this man. Salvation gets stronger each week seems like, Riggs.


Sebastian Riggs - Aiden adds even more dimension to possibly the strongest stable in wrestling.


Dante Reed - The referee calls for the bell!




[The two men immediately lash out at each other. Flash catches Aiden in the side of the hard with a charging elbow! Deimos falls back into the ropes then springs back forward. Kassidy follows up by clotheslining Aiden out of the ring! He bounces off the apron and ends up on the outside floor.]


Dante Reed - Flash strikes first!


[Kassidy then glides through the ropes and gets out on the apron. Slowly Aiden gets to his feet to stand up alongside the apron. Flash takes off down the apron to catch Deimos with a solid knee to the face! Aiden hits the floor once more leading Kassidy to leap down off the apron.]


Sebastian Riggs - Kassidy continues his offense here in the early goings.


[Flash gets down on the floor then hoists up Deimos then attempts to irish whip him towards the ring steps. Aiden counters this with his own irish whip sending Kassidy into the steel ring steps shoulder first!]


Dante Reed - Aiden with the counter!


Sebastian Riggs - Deimos rolls back in the ring while the referee begins his count on Flash Kassidy.


[Flash shakes his head on the outside floor while leaning up against the ring skirt. After the referee’s count reaches three, he stands up then quickly rolls back in the ring. Aiden attacks as soon as Flash is clear of the bottom rope. Kassidy manages to get back up to his feet but catches a sharp discus elbow smash! The shot from Deimos sends Flash to the mat on his back. Aiden quickly follows up by pulling Kassidy up by his neck. He then positions Flash’s head between his leg to perform a picture perfect michinoku driver! Deimos quickly hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Flash kicks out at one!


Sebastian Riggs - Aiden is back up!


[Deimos takes off toward his opponent in a mad dash as Flash gets to one knee. Kassidy takes off at his charging opponent and nails Aiden with a big time drop kick to the knee! The shot causes Deimos to do a complete flip in the air. The maneuver wows the crowd.]


Sebastian Riggs - Did you see that?! He did a complete flip!


Dante Reed - What a match! These two want it!


[Flash waits for Aiden to stumble to his feet then charges in for a beautiful hurricanrana! The maneuver bounces Deimos on the mat and he ends up in the corner against the turnbuckles slouched over a bit. Kassidy stands from across the ring and a smile crosses his face. He then charges across the ring and hits Aiden with a violent yakuza kick in the corner! Deimos falls face first to the mat. Flash wastes no time in rolling over then pinning his opponent.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Flash almost got him!


Sebastian Riggs - Almost doesn't count in the business we are in.


[Flash gets back to his feet after the kick out while Aiden Deimos rolls out of the ring. Kassidy taunts his opponent from inside the ring.]


Sebastian Riggs - Deimos needs a breather.


Dante Reed - I’d need one too after that.


Sebastian Riggs - You would be laying on your back sucking air still if Flash kicked you in the mouth like that.


Dante Reed - Touche’.


[Deimos circles the ring while Flash follows him with his eyes from inside. Aiden slides in the ring then leaps to his feet and both men begin swapping blows. Flash hammers Deimos with an elbow sending him back. Kassidy then takes off at Aiden, who kicks him in the gut. Deimos hooks him for a brainbuster onto a knee! The violent maneuver causes even the announcers to wince.]


Dante Reed - Flash is busted open!


Sebastian Riggs - Pin him!


[Aiden rushes over to the corner while Kassidy lays flat on his back in the center of the ring. Deimos gets up on the middle turnbuckle then bounces up to the top.]


Sebastian Riggs - He’s going to make sure Flash stays down this time.


[Deimos leaps off pumping in mid air aiming for a huge frog splash! Kassidy raises up both knees just as his opponent leaps off the turnbuckle! Aiden hits ribs first across two kneecaps.]


Dante Reed - What a counter! I thought Aiden was going to close this one out.


[Deimos rolls around the ring suffering with possibly a cracked rib. Flash uses the ropes to get back to his feet on the opposite side of the ring. Aiden finally gets to his hands and knees when Kassidy charges across the ring at him. Deimos leaps to his feet to meet his incoming opponent. He attempts a spinning heel kick but Flash ducks it and counters with an atomic drop!]


Dante Reed - Flash Kassidy is on a roll now!


Sebastian Riggs - Aiden appears dazed and in real jeopardy right now.


[Kassidy catches his unsuspecting opponent for a leaping reverse STO! The crowd pops while Flash taunts Aiden. Deimos staggers to his feet and Kassidy approaches all the while smack talking. Aiden suddenly takes off full speed at Flash catching him totally off guard. Aiden hits him with a superman punch out of nowhere! Kassidy hits the mat on his back while Deimos looks over at the corner. He then takes off and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Flash doesn’t move and lies on his back in the center of the ring. Aiden turns around on the top turnbuckle to face out at his opponent. He leaps off aiming for a flying headbutt! Deimos hits Kassidy with the high impact aerial maneuver then hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out by Flash Kassidy! What a match! I thought Aiden had him for three on that one.


Sebastian Riggs - That was close. Super close.


[Deimos hits the mat with frustration after the count. He turns to the referee to argue the count. Flash shakes his head while sitting up after kicking out. Aiden continues to argue his case when Kassidy yells something at him leading Deimos to turn. Flash takes running at him and Aiden catches him then lifts him up into the air where Kassidy turns it into an running elevated DDT!]


Sebastian Riggs - Koopa Drop!


Dante Reed - What is he doing!?


[Flash rolls out of the ring then makes his way to a corridor just out from the ring of the ancient theatre. He disappears for a moment as the referee starts his count. Aiden is laid out on his back in the center of the ring. Finally Kassidy turns up on the pillars above the stage after using a staircase. The crowd goes wild as he leaps up on the edge hovering high above the ring.]


Dante Reed - He’s not going to leap off that is he!? That fall could kill both men!


Sebastian Riggs - Flash is tired of Salvation. He also warned of this on twitter earlier today. Now he’s standing on the small roof high above the ring that’s held up by pillars. He’s willing to die to beat a Salvation member.


Dante Reed - Oh my god.


[Kassidy leaps off aiming for Deimos in the ring. The crowd grows silent while Flash flies through the air for what seems like forever. Finally he nails Deimos with a crowd pleasing shooting star leg drop!]


Sebastian Riggs - THEY ARE BOTH DEAD!


[Kassidy and Aiden end up alongside each other after the incredible aerial display by Flash. He rolls over with his last bit of energy to pin Aiden Deimos.]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - I can’t believe it, Bas! Flash Kassidy has delivered another upset victory over Salvation!


Sebastian Riggs - If we’re keeping track of scores for tonight, that’s two for the good guys, and one for that demented Tommy Crimson and Salvation. I have a feeling things are just beginning to heat up in this War!.

next challenger

[Backstage Blake and his wife Mary-Jane are standing in front of a TV monitor. They are watching the Kai Stevens and Tommy Crimson match. He leans to the side and looks over at her with a smart type of smirk. He tosses his hair over his left shoulder and places the same side hand on his hip.]


Blake Archer - I think he needs to find a new gimmick, a killer just doesn't suit him. Tommy Crimson looks very alive and not inside a bag. Now this whole Norman Bates...Impaler thing, I think that actually suit Tommy pretty good.This kid right away underestimated things in Union Battleground. I did the same thing didn't I Mary-Jane?


[He laughs at himself thinking he is funny while she thinks for a moment and nods in agreement.]


Mary-Jane - You did and against Emery at Homecoming, and ...


Blake Archer - I got the point. All those talks about body bags and I am still trying to outlive the one I caused. I knew Tommy wasn't going in a body bag. A lot of your words seemed like...talk. Everyone talks, unless you are a mute. While you were speaking did you realize that you also have to show action? Deep down I know I should have beaten Joe Stanton, but… he took more than I anticipated. I respect that. I have grown from that. I often like to think that just one thing could have made the difference between Alex Kincaid and myself’s match-up. I have trained harder to find that one thing. The fact is that no matter what I kept going forward, I didn’t want to look back no matter how much the pain had me wanting.


[His eyes seem to nearly roll into the back of his head from the sheer bother of all this. His wife encourages him massaging his shoulders.]


Blake Archer - Ugh, what a pain you’ve become. You know who you are. I've had plenty on my mind following The Crown of the King Cobra. Emery Layton put her name in the Union Battleground history books again defeating Finn Whelan to become the first Crown of the King Cobra champion, oh and don't forget she is the first double champion in the company's history. It takes more than holding a title to be a champion. Family… competes, but safely. Even a group of backstabbers, liars, cheats, thieves, they all put their deceitful ways aside for family.


[His grip on the GWP World Heavyweight Championship gets tighter showing the grip by how white his knuckles grow.]


Blake Archer - Kai Stevens. That was a bold statement, how did you live up to it? You claimed you hadn’t heard of Tommy Crimson… interesting, I had. Bet Josie did, but she will never admit that. I didn’t just stroll right into Union Battleground, I watched, I waited. I knew I was going to make my debut during season two and I have. Other champions that come here, they carry their titles and they are proud, but they go “home” and they take their championships with them. What home have I really got? Mr. Peters toys with me while he calculates things for his sleeping company. I handle it though, he is after all just a Netflix executive what could he possibly know about professional wrestling? He did make the right choice naming Josie the next challenger.


[He holds up his title and admires it for a second, then sighs before continuing on.]


Blake Archer - You always wanted this Josie didn’t you? We both know what type of monsters you’ve fought. Next L!GHTS OUT I am challenging Kai Stevens, he seemed to have a lot to say and I’m always a guy that likes action. You’ve been vacationing with Shane while I’ve been touring. I am the one out there representing our club, representing GWP. I have been the one defending my title taking shots… alone.


Mary-Jane - I been here love.


[He laughs.]


Blake Archer - Yes… my lovely wife my life. If her hand wasn’t holding mine I think I would cut it off. Kai Stevens found himself facing The Fury, he is more than man. Can he even be killed? A little secret of my own, I am more than just a mere mortal. Would it look it right now? Just because I am not in my true form doesn’t make me any less of what I am. Anyway I am dealing with you next week, this week I have much more important things that have brought me to Bulgaria.



Dante Reed - Welcome back to L!GHTS OUT #20!


Sebastian Riggs - Dante, we’ve got Kimitsu Zombie going up against Trixie shortly, but before that we’ve got Savannah Skye standing by with a new recruit to the Union Battleground roster.


Dante Reed - It’s always a pleasure to hear and see from Savannah. Take it away.


Savannah Skye - Thank you guys. I’m standing here next to a man, that looks perfectly sculpted. Seems too good to be true. Rhyan Matthews, welcome to Union Battleground, what brings you here?


[Rhyan smiles as Savannah can’t quite keep her eyes of his naked torso.]


Rhyan Matthews - Thank you, Savannah for the compliment, and you can call my Rhyan.


[He takes a second to compose himself.]


Rhyan Matthews - Union Battleground is where the best ply their trade. And that’s what I intend to be, Savannah. The best. Lights Out #21 will not only see me make my debut here in Union Battleground, but my first ever competitive match in this industry. And Savannah, despite my inexperience, despite me being a complete rookie, I know I’ve got what it takes to become a legend. I’ve got what it takes to become the absolute best, not only what this company has to offer, but this industry. I’m going to take it all over with a storm.


[Taking a slight breath, before continuing.]


Rhyan Matthews - People might look at this and think, he’s arrogant. It’s not, it’s confidence. I’m confident in my abilities. Savannah, just look at me.


[Savannah can’t help but look, smiling in the process.]


Rhyan Matthews - I’ve got the perfect body. I’m conditioned beyond belief, there’s no one on this roster that could go the distance with me in terms of strength and endurance. And once I hone the wrestling side of it, I’ll be damn near unstoppable. And you best believe when the time is right and he’s still holding that Union Battleground Championship, then Nemesis you best believe, I’m coming for you.


[Savannah takes a step back and looks shocked.]


Savannah Skye - That’s a tall order, Rhyan. He’s unbeatable and the best Union has to offer. And with Salvation at his back, I think he’s damn near unstoppable.


Rhyan Matthews - But everyone loves a good underdog, Savannah. Just like North Jackson High School against Fort Payne. Somehow the game was tied with 17 seconds remaining. And North Jackson only had two men on the court, to Fort Payne’s five. And do you know what happened next, Savannah? North Jackson made the basket and won the game by two points. You know what makes a man dangerous? When he’s got nothing to lose. And when I go into battle against Nemesis and Salvation, I’ll have exactly that. Nothing to lose. And it won’t be pretty, Savannah. The winds of change is coming in Union Battleground, and I’m going to be at the forefront of it all.


[Just as Savannah was about to respond, a voice is heard behind both of them.]


Trixie - Oh really?


[Turning around, Rhyan smiles as he sees Trixie coming into shot, as he walks over and wraps his huge arms around her.]


Rhyan Matthews - That is so. Glad to finally see you. It’s been a long time in the making.


Trixie - Totally. But I'll leave you with Savannah. I've got some personal business with Kimitsu and her attack on me. Catch you later though, sweetie.


Rhyan Matthews - Good luck, not that you need it. And most definitely.


[Rhyan grins as Trixie smiles at him, before walking away and ready for her match up next.]


Sebastian Riggs - Well, that was our newest member. The ‘Primetime’ Rhyan Matthews, and he’s certainly one confident lad. But he’s not bright!.


Dante Reed - Definitely not. Wanting to go after Nemesis and Salvation straight off the bat. And what’s his relationship with Trixie? Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?


Sebastian Riggs - I’m sure we’ll find out about those two in the coming weeks. But he’s certainly brave, and it remains to be seen if he has a bright future here in Union Battleground.

Dante Reed - Alright folks, it is time for main event of the evening!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s right. We will see Zombie defend her new War Horse Championship since winning it at Crown of The King Cobra!


Dante Reed - She outlasted three other legitimate contenders to become the inaugural champion.


Sebastian Riggs - Kimitsu Zombie debuted professionally two years ago come April. She’s already a champion. That says plenty.


Dante Reed - Zombie finds herself against another legitimate contender here tonight in Trixie. These two match up well and this could get wild fast.


Sebastian Riggs - Let’s hope so! Here comes Trixie!





Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship! Introducing first, standing 5'6" weighing in at 131 pounds, she hails from Sin City, "The Prime Girl" Trixie!


[Trixie comes out of the curtain with a pair of sunglasses on for the entrance along with a denim waistcoat on. She poses at her side as she removes the sunglasses from her eyes. Next she lets the waistcoat fall off her as it slides off her arms. Trixie then walks down to the ring with a confident smirk to her.]


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie wrestles all over the globe but calls Union Battleground her home.


Dante Reed - She’s a fierce competitor in the squared circle. Trixie could win this title her tonight.


[She glances at the eyes and attention on her, but smiles accordingly. Her stride down to the ring is slow to allow for fans to get a glimpse of her. Trixie leaps onto the ring apron gracefully and stands on the apron for a moment to walk along it a step. There, she steps into the ring and writes with her finger "S,S" on the ring mat.]


Dante Reed - The crowd loves Trixie wherever we go. She’s definitely a fan favorite, Riggs.


Sebastian Riggs - That’s the truth. She signs autographs often too. She’s loyal to her ever growing fan-base for sure.


[Afterwards, Trixie goes to the corner. She jumps and pulls herself onto the second rope to pose quickly for a picture and leaps down off the ropes. No sooner do her feet touch the ground does Trixie quickly get into her beginning pose. Right foot back, right shoulder slightly back and ready to strike. Lastly, tossing the sunglasses behind her to the corner she once posed on.]


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie looks ready to roll and now we await our new War Horse Champion’s arrival!


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5'5" and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, representing the 4CW, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground War Horse Champion, Kimitsu Zombie!







[Kimitsu Zombie calmly walks out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu and her belt on like a bandolier across her body. Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowd's reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]


Dante Reed - Zombie earned that War Horse Championship in the match of her life. I expect nothing less from this superstar here tonight.


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie doesn’t appear to be too impressed.


Dante Reed - Then she should look closer.







Dante Reed - Kimitsu and Trixie both want to be champions but one has achieved while the other stands across the ring just as hungry as ever. This crowd is behind Trixie but will that be enough?


[She takes a long chug of shochu and spits a shochu mist into the air then screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring and holds her title up in the air waiting for the match to start.]


Sebastian Riggs - We are about to find that out. Zombie hands her War Horse Championship over to the referee.


[The referee takes the belt then holds it up high while Kimitsu and Trixie stare each other down from different corners of the ring. The referee calls for the bell after handing the title off to a ring hand.]




[Zombie  and Trixie begin to circle one another. They size one another up while doing so. Finally at once they both strike out at one another! They lock up in the center of the ring. Trixie swings Kimitsu around then Zombie swings her around. They still cling to each other but suddenly Trixie tosses Kimitsu to the mat with a vicious judo throw!]


Dante Reed - Trixie throws Zombie to the mat!


[The Prime Girl then follows up with a kneebar before Kimitsu can react! She locks in the hold then applies as much pressure as she can!]


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie has locked in a kneebar! Her MMA background may be able to slow down the faster Zombie in this one, Dante.


[Trixie continues to apply pressure while Kimitsu digs into the mat and attempts to pull herself and Trixie toward the ropes. The referee comes in close to watch for a possible tap. Zombie shakes her head in complete defiance then drags herself closer to the security of the bottom rope. She digs in the mat then lunges out as far as she possibly can in a mad dash.]


Dante Reed - Rope break!


Sebastian Riggs - Little Yokai breaks the hold and now the referee stands both women up then sends them to different corners.


[The referee resumes the match. Kimitsu meets Trixie in the middle of the ring but before they can lock up, Zombie nails The Prime Girl in the face with a brutal headbutt! Trixie falls back on her heels leading Kimitsu to hit the ropes then slingshot back at her opponent full speed ahead.]


Sebastian Riggs - Here Comes Zombie!


[Kimitsu nails Trixie with a missile drop kick! The momentum built up by Zombie sends Trixie to the mat in a pile after catching two heels to the face. She gets right back up to her feet then stumbles back at Kimitsu who arm drags her quickly into the corner! Trixie lands in the corner back first after the maneuver. Zombie uses her speed to rush directly across the ring to the opposite corner. She then takes off at Trixie in the opposite corner! Kimitsu hits her opponent with double knees! Trixie falls face first on the mat leading Zombie to hook a leg!]


… One!


… Rope Break!


Dante Reed - The crafty veteran puts a foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin at a count of one!


[The referee breaks up the pin then allows both women to stand up. He resumes action which leads Zombie to charge but she gets caught with a fisherman suplex into a bridged pin!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Wow! Trixie almost won the War Horse Championship right there, Dante.


Dante Reed - That maneuver caught Zombie completely off guard.


[Trixie smiles at her opponent as both women get back to their feet to stare each other down once more. The Prime Girl strikes first with a solid right hook to Kimitsu’s right jaw. The unexpected lick sends the champion back then she bends over slightly leading Trixie to follow up with a split legged jawbreaker!]


Dante Reed - Trixie has all the momentum in her corner at the moment.


[Trixie then quickly leaps back to her feet then pulls Zombie up and whips the dazed wrestler into the ropes. The Prime Girl then waits for Kimitsu to bounce off the ropes then right back at her. Zombie counters with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors! The maneuver wows the crowd but Trixie rolls back to her feet stumbling a bit as she does so. Zombie follows up with a standing frankensteiner!]


Sebastian Riggs - Did you see that!?


Dante Reed - Yes I did, Riggs. Kimitsu showing real resilience in this one, Ladies and Gentlemen.


[Trixie ends up flat on her back in the center of the ring but rather than go for the pin, Zombie has other plans. Kimitsu rushes to the corner in a mad dash. She quickly leaps up on the bottom turnbuckle then bounces up to the middle one. She carefully then climbs onto the top turnbuckle while facing out at the crowd. She then leaps off backwards looking for a moonsault. Trixie rolls out of the way at the last possible moment.]


Dante Reed - Miss! The veteran rolls out of the way at the last possible millisecond. Amazing.


Sebastian Riggs - Zombie may be hurt. She hit that mat hard and has not moved since.


[Trixie pulls herself back up to both feet by using the ropes. Kimitsu rolls around on the mat then slowly gets to one knee with her back still to her opponent. Trixie gets right up behind Zombie just as she stands up leading her to catch Kimitsu with a russian leg sweep! The Prime Girl immediately follows up after getting back to her feet with an arm stretch on Zombie!]


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie is now back in control of this one.


Dante Reed - Rope Break!


[Kimitsu reaches out with her free hand and takes hold of the bottom rope. The referee rushes in to break up the hold.]


Dante Reed - Thus far Zombie has had an answer for everything Trixie has thrown at her.


Sebastian Riggs - And Vice Versa. Both of these young women are talented wrestlers.


[Trixie charges back at Kimitsu once the referee resumes the action. Zombie catches her with a throat chop that takes Trixie off her feet completely! Kimitsu then watches on as The Prime Girl staggers back to her feet in somewhat of a daze. Zombie waits patiently while her opponent gets to her feet. Kimitsu then hits the ropes behind her to slingshot herself at Trixie with real speed! Zombie reaches her opponent in the center of the ring just as Trixie turns around. Kimitsu hammers her full speed with a shotei!]


Sebastian Riggs - What a move! Zombie continues to impress.


Dante Reed - Now what’s she doing?


[Kimitsu follows up by gliding through the ropes to get out on the apron. She then waits while her opponent again gets back to her feet. Zombie leaps up on the middle rope then on up on the top rope in an incredible show of balance. She then leaps off looking for a springboard body splash but Trixie catches her in mid air then falls back to continue the momentum by heaving Zombie back over her head! The counter sends Kimitsu through the ropes and out onto the apron. Zombie then falls off the apron and hits the outside floor with real force. The crowd pops after the incredible counter.]


Dante Reed - What an incredible match. Both of these women want the War Horse Championship. Trixie doing anything to win it while Kimitsu will do anything to keep it.


Sebastian Riggs - They both came for a fight and are doing just that, Dante!


[The referee begins his count on the champion while Trixie recovers in the corner. The referee counts one then two. Trixie suddenly realizes she can’t win the championship with a count out. This leads her to immediately roll out of the ring to find Zombie.]


Sebastian Riggs - I think the number one contender realized this one has to be finished inside the ring. A disqualification would mean Zombie retains.


Dante Reed - Indeed.


[Trixie gets to Kimitsu on the outside then hoists up the champion to roll her back into the ring. She then leaps up on the apron then bounces through the ropes only to find Zombie back on her feet! Kimitsu faces away from her opponent attempting to shake the cobwebs in her head. This leads Trixie to chop block her from behind! Zombie hits the mat on all fours. She quickly gets to one knee only to meet Trixie hovering above her. Before Kimitsu can react Trixie plants her with a picture perfect spike DDT!]


Dante Reed - She planted Zombie with that DDT. Brutal!


[Zombie pops up but not before Trixie. She nearly takes off Kimitsu’s head with a superkick! The shot sends her opponent to the mat flat on her back. Trixie then goes to the opposite corner and waits for Zombie to stand up. The crowd goes wild as Kimitsu slowly gets to her feet with shaky knees at best. She is still bent over when she turns around to see a charging Trixie looking to hit her version of the shining wizard! Zombie shuffles her feet in the corner quickly to counter with a drop toe hold! The maneuver causes Trixie to hit the middle turnbuckle face first!]


Sebastian Riggs - What a counter!


[Trixie bounces back after her face smashes the middle turnbuckle. She manages to somehow stay on her feet after the impact. Kimitsu ends up directly behind Trixie, who backs right into the awaiting arms of Zombie! She wraps both of her arms around Trixie then falls back with a german suplex that rattles the ring! Zombie releases it in mid air causing Trixie to land on the back of her head!]


Dante Reed - Kimitsu is now on the offensive!


Sebastian Riggs - Let’s see a replay of how Trixie’s head just bounced off that unforgiving mat.


[Zombie gets back to her feet then watches while Trixie struggles to shake off the after effects of the release german suplex. She gets on all fours while Kimitsu watches close from the corner. Trixie slowly pushes herself up with both arms extended out leading Zombie to take off across the ring at her full speed once more. The Prime Girl pushes herself up almost to one knee when Kimitsu comes flying in with a axe kick to the back of the head!]


Sebastian Riggs - BANZAI GOD KICK!


Dante Reed - Zombie hooks a leg! This one's over!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground War Horse Champion, Kimitsu ZOMBIE!


Dante Reed - What a match, Riggs! This one had everything and the pace was simply amazing.


Sebastian Riggs - Trixie fought hard but comes up short on this one. What can I say? Zombie is on fire.


[The referee hands the War Horse Championship to Kimitsu then holds her hand up high in victory. Trixie doesn’t stir at all. Zombie throws her belt over her shoulder then exits the ring. The crowd reacts to something leading Kimitsu to stop and look with curiosity. The commotion was caused by Aliyah Jaxon, who has now jumped the security barrier from the crowd.]


Sebastian Riggs - That’s The Empress! What’s she doing here?


Dante Reed - Not for Zombie. She just made that clear.


[Jaxon doesn’t even look at the champion because her focus is in the ring. Kimitsu holds her title high then backs up the ramp watching Aliyah the whole way. Jaxon slides in the ring just as Trixie has rolled over and began to push herself up once again. The crowd boos wildly when Aliyah charges at the totally unsuspecting Trixie from behind. Jaxon puts her foot on the back of Trixie’s head then drives it into the mat with a horrific curbstomp!]


Dante Reed - Get someone out here!


[Aliyah gets down on her knees to hover above Trixie after the vicious attack. She whispers something to her then grins wide.]


Sebastian Riggs - I think Jaxon just sent a message delivered by way of smashing Trixie’s face deep into the mat.


Dante Reed - Message received. Thank you for joining us, Ladies and Gentlemen!


Sebastian Riggs - I am Sebastian Riggs and he is Dante Reed signing off. Join us next week for a huge show that you won’t dare want to miss! Goodnight!

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