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Our first pre-show match-up was between two new season two competitors, Maggie Chamberlain (1-0) versus Adrian Bruiser (0-1). Maggie was looking to build off her win against Trey Gambill while Adrian was looking to get back on track after his triple threat loss at Relapse. The match kicked off with Adrian Bruiser utilizing his massive size and strength advantage against Maggie Chamberlain by staying on the offensive and controlling the tempo. Anything Maggie tried to throw at Adrian, the big man was able stop her in her tracks. However, Maggie displayed true resilience and switched up her strategy by playing cat and mouse and slowly wearing down the big man. Bruiser began to look noticeably gassed, throwing errant punches and struggling to stay on his feet, while Chamberlain began picking him apart. Maggie was then able to go on a textbook rally, and finished Bruiser off with the Baby Driver.


Winner: Maggie Chamberlain via pinfall (12:09)

Our second pre-show bout was a Battalion matchup with more new season two competitors, The Patron Saintes of Sass and Class (1-1) versus Netflix and Kill (2-1). This was a total lopsided affair, with Sass and Class completely controlling he narrative. Eliza Lovecraft and Rachel Cole showed that they still have a lot of kinks to work out as a team, as Oceane and Sabina exposed them at every corner. OC and Sabby were able to cut the ring in half, giving themselves a huge advantage. After the two prissy pair battered their opposition to unrecognizable levels, they locked in their Savage Sass combo submission to score the victory.


Winners: The Patron Saintes of Sass and Class via submission (14:32)

welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The Union Battleground logo slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view distorts and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena.]

[Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are finishing up one of their hit songs as the camera angles pan all throughout the arena. As Knux finishes off his solo and bringing the song to a close, a huge fireworks display ignites and lights up the entire arena like a supernova! We now finally venture over to the broadcast booth to start the show.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to L!GHTS OUT #18! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed, alongside me is my partner Sebastian Riggs. We are live here in Tokyo, Japan at the Ryōgoku Kokugikan in front of 9,516 emphatic fans!


Sebastian Riggs - Dante, normally the crowd in Japan are quiet, reserved, and for the most part respectful, but they’re letting us all know tonight they want to see some action!


Dante Reed - Well they came to the right place! We’ve got a stacked show in store for you all. Tonight, we kick things off with a bout between Blake Archer and Alex Kincaid for one of the four horsemen medallions. And later in the night, we will see Viduus Morta take on Joe Stanton for the fourth and final medallion.


Sebastian Riggs - The winner of those two bouts will join Axton Pierce and Kimitsu Zombie in a Fatal 4-Way for the War Horse Championship. And as a reminder, the holder of that title gets a guaranteed shot at the Trench War Championship, as long as they hold on to it.


Dante Reed - After that, we have Muramasa-kokka’s Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn taking on Axton Pierce and Anton Chase in a Battalion match.


Sebastian Riggs - Muramasa-kokka has been destructive since banding together. It’s interesting that they have picked Pierce and Chase as their first targets, considering Pierce defeated Chase last season in his debut match. So we’ll have to see if this odd couple can rally together to take on two members of the crew that ambushed them.


Dante Reed - From there, we have another Battalion match scheduled as the debuting Unstoppable Force takes on Salvation’s Tommy Crimson and Nemesis!


Sebastian Riggs - Big challenge for the new team, let’s see if their name is justifiable here tonight.


Dante Reed - And then later on, sticking with the Salvation theme, we’ve got a bout that has to do with that mysterious cloaked Executioner for Salvation. Two weeks ago, Johnny Vachon was ambushed by The Executioner and was sent through a table with Finn Whelan’s signature maneuver, the Revelation 6:4.


Sebastian Riggs - Vachon believes that Finn is the person under the hood, but Whelan has declined such claims. Normally, I would have to side with Whelan, but when Salvation is involved, you just never know!


Dante Reed - Can’t put it last them, Bas, that’s for sure. Then we have our headliner, a semifinal match in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament with “The Burner” Flash Kassidy taking on “The Trench War Traveler” Emery Layton.


Sebastian Riggs - Kassidy has been on a roll since debuting in Union Battleground. If he can defeat Emery Layton tonight, he goes on to headline the Crown of the King Cobra PPV for that highly touted King Cobra Championship. The sky’s the limit for this young man.


Dante Reed - As for Emery, she has been dealing with a certain distraction everywhere she goes in the form of Dolan Farson And his client, known only as “The Mercenary”.


Sebastian Riggs - Emery just recently defended the Trench War Championship against Blaise Fader in UKWF. The result was just the same we’ve seen the last few times she’s competed. The Mercenary took out Fader in order to ensure an Emery Layton victory. Will we ever know who this masked man is and what his purposes are for constantly interfering in Layton’s matches?


Dante Reed - I hope we get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later. But finally we switch gears to our main event of the evening. The Outliers square off against The Firing Squad in a Coup de Grâce rematch for the Battalion Championships.


Sebastian Riggs - This rivalry has been heated ever since the season one finale, Dante. The Firing Squad has made a The Outliers their number one targeted mission. They certainly haven’t been subtle about calling out The Outliers’ in-ring absence.


Dante Reed - You have to agree though, The Outliers are the Champs, they go by their terms. I’m sure they were scouting out the teams to see who emerged as their first defense, and low and behold, it’s a familiar foe. But enough about that, it’s time for some action. Mike, take it away!

Don't Mess with Family





[Red and blue lights pulsate with the rhythm of the song as we pan across the crowd before resting on the stage. Sui and Mayumi come out and walk to the left side before Jordan and Rukia walk out and stand out to the right side. Kira and Kirito come out and stand in the middle before they all meet up in the middle of the stage and make a cut throat motion before throwing their hands up into an “X” shape. They make their way down the ramp before they circle the ring and slide in. They climb to the turnbuckles and look at the fans before meeting in the center of the ring where they make their signature pose. Kira now orders for microphones at the ring hands and starts cursing them out.]


Kira Izumi - "Konbanwa Tokyo... Ryōgoku Kokugikan... (It's feels so good to be back home in Japan! truely the best thing Axel's done this entire season. But there's another thing i wanna come out an' talk about. So if you will my fine people allow me.)"


[The crowd begins to give a mixed reaction. They know Kira from the MURAMASA stable in Legacy Japan, but these other people? not so much. The group gets far more cheers then the last few places they were at. Kira gives a quick smile before continuing to speak]


Kira Izumi - "(Thank you, thank you. Y'all're far too kind. Now our opponents tanight... Axton Pierce... Anton Chase... They may be popular in the rest of the world, they may have those idiots in the rest of the world hooked, but not y'all, no. You fans are smarter then that! Ain't you? No we ain't talkin' to the SCUM that are brainwashed by the suits above! We ain't talkin' ta ye idiots who worship those morons like Axton, Anton, Nemesis, Emery, and so on and so on... You idiots who worship these worthless gaijin who couldn't even tie the laces of the towel boys in most places here.)"


Kira Izumi - "(But ta our fans... ta the real fans, not the sheep who clap and cheer for any idiot that does a fuckin' flip or makes a comment about yer suck ass local sports team, naw this match comin' tanight is ta the fans who were here day one some months ago. 'Cause MURAMASA and MURAMASA-kokka don't lose in Japan. That's not an opinion, that there is a mother fuckin' fact. Now ta the two idiots out back, the thrown tagether team. Y'all ain't got no chance in hell beaten MURAMASA-kokka, especially me an' Jordan... Axel-Chan's done written you two sorry asses a one way ticket ta hell!)"


[Kira hands the mic to Jordan Rayburn and takes a 'back seat' letting him get more of the camera time.]


Jordan Rayburn - "(Japan! You know us... You know us by many o' names. Paranoia... Mind F*ck Overload... and now MURAMASA-kokka... this is the place that we were born... this is the place that Kira Izumi! Jordan Rayburn! We made our legacy as the greatest tag team of all time all through out this country! And tanight these sons of bitches in the Union Battleground are gonna see why we're tag team fuckin' gods! In Japan, MURAMASA don't lose... In Japan Kira Izumi... Jordan Rayburn... Don't lose. Especially ta some thrown together suck ass team like we're facing tanight! Axton-Chan, ya wanna know why we did what we did a few weeks back?)"


[Jordan gives a grin to the camera.]


Jordan Rayburn - "(Ya really wanna know? Well it's simple really, we're a family. A band of brothers and sisters who stand up for each other. If ya really wanna know a secret we don't really trust no one, but our selves really. So when it was just me an' you out alone at the end of the match... We just 'Jumped the gun' as you might say... 'pulled the trigger' Ooops!)"


[He says in a sarcastic way, mocking his opponents for later tonight]


Jordan Rayburn - "(We don't owe you two shit! and ya know what? Once we beat yer sorry asses, We're getting out old pals in Japan, and we're partying all! night! long!)"


[Kira takes the mic as Jordan lets out a loud and long woo, Don't know why though, must be a new fad he's in to this week.]


Kira Izumi - "(As for Axton-Chan... Anton-Chan... MURAMASA-kokka promises this! Tonight...) Down with the mother fuckin' gaijins...


[Kira spikes the mic as MURAMASA-kokka pose for a minute and leaves to their theme.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for One of the Four Horsemen Medallions! Introducing First, standing 6'9" and weighing in at 295 pounds, from Canton, Ohio, “The King of the Canines” Blake Archer!










Dante Reed - I don’t think Depeche Mode is dated.


Sebastian Riggs - You wouldn’t.


[Archer steps out from behind the entrance. He holds his fist up above his head and than precedes to make his way towards the ring. He reaches his hands out to his sides touching fingertips with those stretching out to touch him.]







[He stops and hits the steel rings steps than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans.]


Sebastian Riggs - There will be an obvious size advantage for Blake in this one.


Dante Reed - I’m sure Kincaid isn’t intimidated by that fact.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 240 pounds, from Platinum Coast, he is the Lion’s Road Heritage Heavyweight Champion, “The Bullet King” Alex Kincaid!


[The pounding opening drums to Hands Like Houses "I Am" bring the audience up to their feet, turning towards the entrance for the now familiar music of The Bullet King. From the back, Alex Kincaid strides out staring up into the back of the arena. From behind him, his wife steps out to rest a hand on his shoulder. Kincaid grins a bit at the audience, whispering something to her we don’t quite catch before starting to head down to the ring.]







Sebastian Riggs - The Bullet King will look to take aim at Archer, Dante.


Dante Reed - Yes he will. I think rEvolved can handle himself.


Sebastian Riggs - There’s a near seven foot monster in the ring that believes different.


[By now, Kincaid has made his way to the ring. He makes a full lap of the ring, slapping hands with a few audience members that reach out to him. He pauses at the corner of the crowd barricade to stand on the timekeepers chair, planting one foot on the top of the barricade and staring up into the back of the building. Then, he suddenly pops backward and slides under the ropes to his feet. Alyssa takes her place on the floor near his corner as he walks across the ring and climbs to the top rope, staring out over the audience. He nods, seemingly satisfied with the support of his people, before he hops down to the floor and begins to warm up in his corner to await the start of the match]


Dante Reed - Both of these men are looking for a win here to win a medallion and go on for a shot at the War Horse Championship.


Sebastian Riggs - I expect fireworks in this one. The referee comes in to call for the bell. We are underway!




[Blake dashes at Kincaid full speed aiming for a clothesline! Alex ducks and yanks the top rope down, which leads Archer to fall out of the ring after the missed clothesline.]


Dante Reed - Archer strikes first but Kincaid uses the larger wrestler’s own forward momentum against him.


Sebastian Riggs - Kincaid continues to mock the king of canines in this one.


[Archer gets back to his feet on the outside to find Kincaid grinning down at him from the center of the ring. Blake slides back in the ring. Both men charge at one with neither backing down. Archer goes for a spear but Alex turns it into a huge DDT! The crowd pops as he hooks a leg.]




Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Blake kicks out at one!


Dante Reed - Kincaid is looking to control this one in the early goings.


[Blake gets back to his feet to find Alex Kincaid charging at him once more. Archer catches his opponent then drives Kincaid up into the air! The following spinebuster shakes the entire ring. Both men remain on the mat as Blake recovers on his back after the high impact offensive maneuver.]


Dante Reed - The referee starts his count.


Sebastian Riggs - Blake Archer is back on his feet and Kincaid begins to stir.


[Archer watches on as Kincaid gets to one knee. He follows up with a huge big boot to Alex’s face! The shot causes the entire front row to wince. Kincaid falls through to the ropes then bounces off the apron onto the outside floor.]


Sebastian Riggs - A little payback for earlier.


[Kincaid slides back into the ring still in a daze. He gets to his feet only to catch a superman punch to the jaw! The violent shot sends Alex to the mat in a pile. Archer quickly hooks a leg.]






Kick out!


Dante Reed - Close! That superman punch came out of nowhere!


Sebastian Riggs - Kincaid kicks out then rolls over to the corner to regain his bearings.


[Archer gets back to his feet after the kick out to give chase. Alex comes alive in the corner then flies toward Blake with a big flying forearm smash! Kincaid follows up by returning to the corner to leap up on the middle turnbuckle. He then turns around to face out. Archer turns around to catch a missile drop kick to the jaw courtesy of Alex Kincaid!]


Sebastian Riggs - What is he doing?


Dante Reed - Not going for the pin.


[Kincaid hovers above his larger opponent, who lays flat on his back. Alex drops a knee onto the right leg of his opponent! The pain inflicted from the maneuver reads clear across Archer’s face. Alex then drops another knee into the same leg! He then takes up both of Blake’s legs then locks in a figure four leg lock!]


Dante Reed - The figure four is locked in! Kincaid has positioned he and Archer in the center of the ring.


Sebastian Riggs - Blake can not reach the ropes.


[Blake and Kincaid both face each other as Alex continues to apply pressure. The two men are tangled up as the crowd watches on in complete anticipation. Archer begins to rock left then right. He does this again and again.]


Sebastian Riggs - Archer tries in vain to counter this.


Dante Reed - He may have no choice but to tap here.

[Kincaid is screaming for Archer to tap, but Archer responds to his opponent then rocks with all he’s got right. He turns both men over onto their bellies essentially switching the pressure of the maneuver! Now it’s Alex Kincaid in pain and reaching out for the ropes.]


Dante Reed - What a counter! I thought Archer was done.


Sebastian Riggs - The big man has some real ring knowledge and his opponent just found that out.


[Kincaid digs both elbows into the mat then slowly begins to draw himself and Archer closer to the bottom rope. Blake presses both palms on the mat to adjust to be able to apply more pressure. All the while, Alex slowly creeps closer and closer to the ropes. Finally he reaches out and grasps hold of the bottom rope leading the referee to come in to break the hold. Blake gets back to his feet now limping as does Alex Kincaid on the opposite side of the ring. Kincaid notices the limp and charges immediately at Archer, who catches him for a exploder suplex!]


Sebastian Riggs - What a suplex! Now Archer is on the offensive.


Dante Reed - He has a hold of Kincaid now.


[Blake lifts his dazed opponent up on his back facing away from him. He then takes off and performs a sitout crucifix powerbomb! Before Archer can hook a leg, Kincaid somehow manages to roll out of the ring! The veteran move impresses both commentators.]


Dante Reed - Alex Kincaid with the veteran move there.


Sebastian Riggs - You can’t teach that kind of awareness.


[Alex uses the apron while standing on the outside to hold himself up. Blake walks over to him and Kincaid reaches underneath the bottom rope to trip his larger opponent up! Archer falls to the mat, leading Alex to drag him over to the ring post from the outside. Blake takes hold of the ropes but on the outside of the ring, Alex slams the large wrestlers right leg into the ring post! The referee warns Kincaid, who nods in compliance.]


Sebastian Riggs - Archer has held his own but Alex continues to work the right leg of the big man.


Dante Reed - I don’t know if he can continue if Kincaid keeps up his assault.


[Kincaid rolls back into the ring while Archer rolls around on the mat holding his injured right leg. Alex follows up by stomping the leg over and over. Blake continues to roll around attempting to escape the onslaught. Finally Archer gets to one knee but Alex follows up with a brutal running knee to the face! Blake hits his back looking up. Kincaid hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


Kick out!


[Kincaid hits the mat after the kick out with frustration. Alex gets back to his feet then walks over to Blake, who catches Kincaid in an arm trap! He then takes Alex to the mat essentially turning the tap into a crossface!]


Dante Reed - Archer has the crossface locked in!


Sebastian Riggs - They are awful close to those ropes.


[Archer pulls back with all he’s got attempting to break off Alex Kincaid’s head from his body. Kincaid reaches out and takes hold of the bottom rope. The referee rushes in to break the hold and to send both men to a corner before resuming the match.]


Sebastian Riggs - The referee breaks the hold after Alex gets the ropes. Archer is rolling now.


[Blake comes flying in with a big knee! The shot catches Kincaid in the gut leading him to bend right over. Archer then whips Alex into the ropes and catches him for a swinging neck breaker when the two men meet in the center of the ring.]


Dante Reed - Blake Archer looking strong here. That swinging neck breaker was picture perfect.


[Archer follows up by grappling up Kincaid, who counters with a back hand chop! The impact sends the big man back leading Alex to point at his chest.]


[Kincaid then leaps hits a jumping elbow drop on Archer’s chest. Blake falls back into the ropes then springs forward toward Alex, who catches him for a short arm lariat! The move takes the big man off his feet. Kincaid grapples him up then in a superb show of strength lifts up his much larger opponent. Camera flashes throughout catch the beautiful fireman's carry cutter.]


Sebastian Riggs - The Finishing Touch!


[Alex hooks Archer’s injured right leg.]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner for One of the Four Horsemen Medallions, “The Bullet King” Alex Kincaid!


[The crowd pops for The Bullet King. He walks over and helps Archer up after getting back to his own feet. The two men nod at each other in a show of real class and respect. The referee comes over to hold up Kincaid’s hand in victory while Archer limps up the ramp.]


Dante Reed - The Bullet King pulls it out. Blake Archer almost had him a time or two in this bout but he fought through all that adversity. Kincaid will now go on for a shot at the War Horse Championship at Crown of the King Cobra!


Sebastian Riggs - That was some real class after the match too.


Dante Reed - Folks, stick around as we have much more still to come. Up next, we have Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn taking on Anton Chase and Axton Pierce!

Crystal Clear

[L!GHTS OUT #18 was still just getting underway and the sold out Ryōgoku Sumo Hall was buzzing hard! Blake Archer and Alex Kincaid put on an exceptional War Horse Medallion match up that really primed the Japanese fans for the combat to come.]


[Backstage, Union Battleground crews still work at full steam; in droves they scamper from one end of the arena to the other, hauling equipment chests and pushing massive flat bed carts stacked high with gear. Resident reporter, Savannah Skye rounds a corner with purpose, weaving in and out of traffic. The camera quickly follows suit as she makes her way toward the locker room area. She approaches a room with its door ajar, as she opens it, The Outliers are there staring back at her.]


[The feed is piped through to the arena monitor while Savannah makes introductions.]


Savannah Skye - I'm here with The Battalion Champions, The Outliers to get a few words on their highly anticipated rematch with The Firing Squad! How are we doing, guys?!


[The signature lighthearted demeanor The Champs were so well known had been abandoned for straight-faced war paint. Each at an end of the couch, they sat unresponsive, championships draped over their shoulders. With each passing second, the silence grew more and more awkward.]


Savannah Skye - Uhh... The Outliers love competing in Japan, it goes without saying. Being so close to your old stomping grounds, with such huge buzz leading up to the event and so many fans tensely awaiting your match-up—what's it going to be like walking out to that sold-out crowd and competing in the main-event against Firing Squad for those Battalion Championships? What can we expect?


[Sawtooth kept his head lowered, eye contact was scarce.]


Sawtooth Grin - We always come correct when we're over here. Just like we did for that DTW event a few months ago over the holidays, during the off-season. Just a stones throw from Tokyo—the Saitama Super Arena. With the Battalion straps over our shoulders, we answered an open challenge and we fucking destroyed them at their own game. We represented UB to the fullest.


HeWhoCorrupts - We also made sure to spread the gospel like good little boys at WRPD REVIVAL in NYC.


[Genuine, charming, and creepy in equal measure, HWC waves to the camera.]


HeWhoCorrupts - The old gang says hi and sends you all their L.O.V.E (Level Of ViolencE)! Ai shiteru! Itsumo arigatou-ne! I mean Japan is to crazy what the Middle East is to oil: sitting on quantities that can supply the rest of the world for decades—and we say that with nothing but the utmost respect and admiration. It would only be right to uphold that great tradition—that unique cultural attitude—by bringing the high-octane insanity we're known for—they're gonna get nothing less than our absolute best and the same goes for Firing Squad. From pillar to post, basement to attic and back again.. we're gonna tear down the house down and leave the Firing Squad mangled and asphyxiated in the collapse. Plain and simple. Whether this amazing crowd will be laughing and clapping or stunned in silence, I can't say for sure, but I can say it's gonna be completely insane.


Sawtooth Grin - Expect to be entertained, moved, enlightened, challenged, inspired, affirmed, provoked. ALL that. And after we get done wrecking Compleigner and Fumble—be given a better understanding of the fragility of life.. to be reminded of how good it is to be alive and breathing.


HeWhoCorrupts - And being alive is great, wouldn't you agree? You can eat at Denny's, you can wear a hat whenever you want to, it's wonderful.


[Savannah can't help but laugh a little, she covers her mouth and softly clears her throat.]


HeWhoCorrupts - There ya go, it's okay to laugh. In fact it's encouraged when it comes to Firing Squad.


Sawtooth Grin - Laughs are cheap—we're goin' for gasps! Wait till you see, Savannah, gasps are where it's at!


HeWhoCorrupts - Precisely. Good luck keepin' your jaws from dropping open.. As far as the main-event goes, we've got 'em right where we want 'em. We're already in their heads, right? And lord knows we'll be demanding their absolute focus in the ring tonight. Every inch of space in their heads filled with possible strategies and outcomes—if they should blink or deviate—their entire world will obliterate. We'll be the ones cutting off the ring, pushing the pace and putting them THROUGH the paces. Best believe. At that point their pulse is in our palms—we control their very heartbeat. And their spirit? Well, we're gonna crush that once and for all, too..


[Grinning like the devil holding a full house...]


HeWhoCorrupts - So to recap: mind? CHECK. Body? CHECK. Spirit? ANNND CHECK! Ain't nothin' they can show us that we haven't already seen, so I'd say we've got our bases pretty well covered. Us on the other hand, you know we've added a few new wrinkles to our game.. a few new tricks up our sleeves..


[The Champions share a few inaudible whispers between the two of them; returning to a semblance of seriousness, they address their opponents directly.]


Sawtooth Grin - To our knowledge, you two ain't never competed in Japan, and we're gonna welcome you proper. NOW that we've been in there with you. NOW we've got a read on ya. Holes-a-plenty! Big gaps in you two fella's game! Been nothin' but sniveling snatches this entire time, so you'll fight emotional. All we've gotta do is wait—mistakes will be made. When that happens—and it will—The Outliers will be there to capitalize and exploit you.


HeWhoCorrupts - Those holes, those gaps, everything you're not prepared for.. everything you can't control.. that's STRANGE STYLE.. that's NO HOLDS BIZARRED.. exploiting every weakness.. adapting to whatever shape the battle takes.


[Nodding in complete agreement.]


Sawtooth Grin - Firing Squad, you might seem so strong.. you might speak so long.. but you've never been so wrong.. We don't walk around looking into cameras and telling people we're the best in the world and if we do, it's not to hear ourselves talk. We say it for the same reason they put warnings on packs of cigarettes or biohazard symbols on barrels of toxic waste, it's to let everyone know that fighting The Outliers is hazardous to your health.


HeWhoCorrupts - If you think we're just gonna lie down and die, you're in for a rude awakening. If you think you're just gonna walk in here and starch us in front of our people, get real.. ACT REAL. We won't go quietly into that good night, no sirs. We will rage.. we will rip and tear until it is done. If you leave here, you leave broken.. shattered to bits along with every promise you ever made and every lie you ever spoke. You're in our crosshairs, now.. we won't fire until we see the whites of your LIES and trust us, we won't miss. You're 'bout to get ERASED.. ghosted.. and the only thing anyone's ever gonna remember about Firing Squad, is what we did to you. When we seize the moment and turn the page, putting our best foot forward once it comes off your throats.. you'll probably be exactly where you are now, stuck on stupid. Face it, Hollow Men, this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.


Sawtooth Grin - Our question, Savannah, if we may be so rude—the one that's searing a hole in our minds—is what the devil are you two gonna do when its over—when it's decisive and crystal clear? When we're still holding these things?


[Together, The Outliers latch onto their titles and proudly hoist them up.]


HeWhoCorrupts - You're gonna hafta find somethin' else to fuckin' complain about!! HUH?! I'm sure you guys'll figure it out.


[In the blink of an eye, the pair of oddfellows abruptly snap out of their aggressive daze.]


The Outliers - Okay, Savannah, good to see you!! Thanks for droppin' by! Don't be a stranger! Say hi to your mother for me, have a great show, okay bye.


[All smiles, they politely back her out of their dressing room.]


Savannah Skye - This duo is the right blend of haunting and exciting, a two-man demolition crew hoping to carry on its habit of wrecking foes to stay atop the ever expanding tag division! The moment of truth is close at hand! Back to Dante and Sebastian in the booth!

Dante Reed - Thank you for joining us for another edition of L!GHTS OUT! Up next, we will see a Battalion match between a family faction that’s been hell-bent on destruction, and two of their victims.


Sebastian Riggs - Chase and Pierce will team up to try and exact some revenge on these two after ambush attacks at Burning Hammer and Relapse.


Mike Dempsey  - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Battalion Division match-up. Introducing first, the team of Kira Izumi and Jordan Rayburn, Muramasa-Kokka!






[Red and blue lights pulsate with the rhythm of the song as we pan across the crowd before resting on the stage. Jordan and Rukia walk out and stand out to the right side. Kira then comes out and stand in the middle before they all meet up in the middle of the stage and make a cut throat motion before throwing their hands up into an “X” shape. They make their way down the ramp before they circle the ring and slide in. They climb to the turnbuckles and look at the fans before meeting in the center of the ring where they make their signature pose.]


Sebastian Riggs - Now this is a cohesive unit, Dante.


Dante Reed - Kira and Jordan will look to put away this hodgepodge team of Chase and Pierce. Both Chase and Pierce were attacked on two separate occasions by this team.


Sebastian Riggs - Then those two fought each other at the end of season one. This one could be laced with the good stuff, ladies and gentlemen!


Dante Reed - This is pretty much a home game for Kira. This crowd already has a favorite in this one.


Mike Dempsey  - Now making his way to the ring, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 209 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!


Sebastian Riggs - The Wrestling God will team with The Bruiser from the Pool, Dante. Who ya got?





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance and two people are seen behind the white smoke. The first person steps forward in front of the white smoke revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase as the second person emerges behind him, which is his manager Chris Wood. Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side with Chris Wood following behind him. Chase climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits his opponent while Chris Wood takes his position outside the ring.]


Dante Reed - I don’t know, Sebastian. This team will be combustible to say the very least. Chase was beaten by Pierce on Season One’s final L!GHTS OUT. They have a healthy hatred already for one another and now they must work together to beat an established team.


Mike Dempsey  - And.. His Partner, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 190 pounds, from Liverpool, England, “The Bruiser from the Pool!” Axton Pierce!




[Out from the windwork comes Axton Pierce. Standing on the stage, he breathes in the atmosphere of the crowd, he wipes his hand down his face, then proceeding to walk towards the ring.]


Sebastian Riggs - Axton has a win over his partner and both men have a beef with Muramasa-Kokka.


Dante Reed - If they can work together they can win this match. Both men are very talented singles competitors, Riggs.


[Walking to one side of the ring, he climbs atop the apron and into the ring. He walks towards the nearest corner and climbs onto the turnbuckles, standing tall while looking out at the crowd. He lifts his arm, connecting the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers relaxed in the air. He comes down, as the music fades and awaits the ringing of the bell.]


Dante Reed - The referee comes in to explain the rules of the match up.


Sebastian Riggs - It looks like The Hardcore Redneck will start this one off for his team, Muramasa-Kokka.


[Axton and Anton appear to argue near their corner over who will begin the match. Chase shakes his head no to his partner and remains in the ring while Pierce gets on the apon obviously angered by the exchange.]


Dante Reed - It looks like Chase and Pierce are already making friends.


Sebastian Riggs - The referee calls for the bell! WE ARE UNDERWAY!




[Chase takes off at his unsuspecting opponent suddenly. Izumi warns Rayburn, who turns to meet the charging Anton Chase! He catches Jordan with a headscissor takedown! Anton then follows up quickly with a Japanese arm drag. After that he backs into the ropes toward Pierce, who slaps Chase on the back to tag himself in. Anton turns around as anger turns his entire face red. Pierce grins as he glides through the ropes.]


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think he was ready to tag out.


Dante Reed - Hey, what’s done is done.


[Axton gets into the ring and is meant by a Jordan Rayburn. He hits a Pele’ kick on Pierce, sending him to that mat. Jordan follows up by hoisting up his opponent on his shoulders then delivers a crowd pleasing fireman’s carry that transitions into a roundhouse kick.]


Dante Reed - Nasty!


Sebastian Riggs - Oh, man.


[Axton falls into Muramasa-Kokka’s corner sitting on his butt up against the turnbuckles. Jordan holds his boot flush against Pierce’s throat with his boot then holds the top rope to brace for more pressure. He holds Axton in place as he tags in his partner, Kira Izumi!]


Sebastian Riggs - Tag made! I think Chase is enjoying the beating his partner is receiving at the moment, Dante?


Dante Reed - It does appear that way, yes.


[Izumi comes into the ring and immediately resumes where his partner left off. He stomps Pierce a time or two then drags him up to his feet then whips him into the ropes. Chase swaps sides in the corner going around the ringpost on the apron so he can slap Pierce’s back when he hits the ropes.]


Dante Reed - Tag made!


[Pierce bounces off the ropes right back at Kira, who takes Axton off his feet with a violet forearm strike! Pierce hits the mat then rolls out of the ring holding his forehead while his partner begins to swap blows with Kira Izumi!]


Sebastian Riggs - These teams are tagging in and out at any time. Chase tags himself in but I don’t think Kira was aware that a tag was made.


[Izumi begins to gain control in the exchange in the center of the ring. He hits Anton with sharp strikes! Then begins using knee strike combinations to work chase into the corner. Suddenly Anton comes alive with kicks of his own! The speed of the shots leads Kira to attempt to block with defense rather than use offense. Chase gets the upper hand then vertical suplexes Izumi! Chase follows up by quickling grappling up Kira from behind for an inverted atomic drop! Anton then gets back to his feet then hoists Kira up quickly across his shoulders. He then transitions a fireman’s carry into a double knee buster! Chase pins Izumi’s shoulders to the man!]


… One!


… Two!


Broken up!


Dante Reed - Pin broken up by Jordan Rayburn!


Sebastian Riggs - He saves the match for his team.


[Axton Pierce reaches out from the apron for a tag but Chase ignores him completely. The referee sends Jordan back to his corner while Anton stalks Kira from behind, who stands up. Chase reaches his opponent and catches a spinning back fist to the mouth! Izumi then spins and catches Anton in the gut with a spinning heel kick, leading him to bend over. Kira then takes hold of the back of her dazed opponents head and performs a picture perfect sit out brainbuster!]


Sebastian Riggs - Did you see that impact! Izumi wants to hurt Anton Chase.


[Kira gets back to his feet quickly. He then takes hold of Chase with a headlock! Izumi then transitions the maneuver into a scorpion deathlock drop! Kira hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


Broken Up!


Dante Reed - Broken up by Axton Pierce! I thought Izumi had Chase.


Sebastian Riggs - Then be glad you aren’t a betting man, Dante.


[Pierce breaks up the pin and as Kira goes to sit up, Axton kicks him directly in the face! The shot immediately bloodies Izumi’s nose and sends him flat to the mat on his back. Axton then quickly gets back to his corner before Jordan can get ahold of him. Pierce then begins to reach out for a tag from Chase, who reluctantly begins to crawl toward Axton in the corner. Kira Izumi catches his bearings then does the same as Anton. Kira crawls slowly toward Jordan Rayburn.]


Sebastian Riggs - Both men are down in the ring but both are looking to tag out.


Dante Reed - Chase reaches out… almost…


Sebastian Riggs - Tag made!


[Chase tags in Pierce who bounces through the ropes completely fresh. He then gives chase to Kira Izumi, who reaches out looking to tag in Rayburn. Just before Axton can reach Kira however, he tags in Jordan! Pierce catches Jordan just as he comes through the ropes with a flurry of ripcord elbow strikes! Rayburn loses his balance and backs into the ropes then springs forward in a slight daze. Pierce catches him with a solid lariat!]


Dante Reed - Pierce has taken control of this one!


[Pierce heads to the corner while Jordan staggers to his feet. Axton leaps up on the middle turnbuckle then climbs up onto the top. He turns around to look out just as Rayburn staggers around to face him. Pierce leaps off performing a diving european uppercut!]


Sebastian Riggs - Axton is rolling.


[Pierce gets right back to his feet and follows up by hoisting up his fallen opponent, Jordan Rayburn. He then positions him for a sitout double underhook powerbomb! Axton performs one of his signature maneuvers that Pierce holds for a pin!]


… One!


… Two!


Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out by Jordan Rayburn! Kira is still recovering in the corner at the moment.


Sebastian Riggs - Pierce isn’t finished yet.


[Axton hovers above Rayburn, who breathes heavy on the mat. He then begins to situate Jordan for a muta lock. Rayburn attempts to fight it off but fails miserably. Pierce locks it in and his opponent has nowhere to go!]


Sebastian Riggs - This could be it! How can Jordan escape that!


Dante Reed - The crowd loves this hold. It’s very popular here.


[Rukia Matsuoka leaps up on the apron suddenly after standing ringside this entire time. The referee then turns his attention to her. Izumi slides through the ropes and rushes over, which leads the referee to turn his attention to him. When the referee turns his back to Rukia, she leans in through the ropes then spits a green mist into the face of Axton Pierce! This leads Izumi to ignore the referee then take off at Chase! Kira goes for a clothesline but Anton holds on and both men spill out of the ring. The referee turns to see the hold has been broken and now Rukia is out of the ring. Rayburn has a leg hooked on Pierce waiting patiently.]




… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey  - Winner of this match via pinfall, Muramasa-Kokka!


[The referee raises the victors hands while Chase and Pierce recover. Matsuoka helps Anton Chase into the ring by rolling him in underneath the bottom rope then gets in herself. The victors then turn their ire to Chase and Pierce. Izumi and Rayburn begin attacking Anton relentlessly. Jordan stands up Anton then Kira hooks him for the Kira Driver 91! Pierce stirs on the mat leading Rayburn to grapple him up then whip him toward Izumi who hooks him for another Kira Driver 91! Anton and Axton are both down and knocked out from the brutal finishing maneuver. Muramasa-kokka continue the attack, until rushing down the aisle like a blur is “The Bullet King” Alex Kincaid!]


Dante Reed - Alex Kincaid is coming to the ring!


[Kincaid baseball slides into the ring and quickly goes to work throwing punches in bunches to Jordan, Kira, and Rukia. Kincaid tosses Kira and Jordan over the top rope with a double closeline and then stares down Rukia. She pleads for him to stop, but Kincaid doesn’t oblige, instead he lifts her high up into a Gorilla press. He spots Kira and Jordan outside of the ring, and he tosses Rukia at the two like a dart! The group tumbles but quickly regroup themselves and scurry up the ramp.]

Enough is Enough

[In the corner, Axton Pierce sits with a microphone to his lips. He begins to laugh erratically.]


Axton Pierce - Jordan Rayburn... Kira Izumi... Muramasa-kokka. This shit has gone on long enough. First, you beat down Anton Chase at Burning Hammer. Then at Relapse, you take it upon yourself to attack me. And you’ve got your beef with Kincaid. And now, here we are again, same old song and dance. You can’t seem to keep your nose out of my business, so I want to make myself clear...




[The slow strumming of Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” begins to play, and with not much of a hesitation, Owner and Promoter Axel Graves steps out to center stage. He quickly calls for the music to stop and pulls a mic out to speak.]


Axel Graves - Before you continue on, Axton, I think I know where you’re heading with this. I think it’s what everyone wants. At L!GHTS OUT #19, let’s have ourselves a Trios Match. How about Kira Izumi, Jordan Rayburn, and that pesky Rukia Matsuoka versus Anton Chase, Alex Kincaid, and Axton Pierce! Now, I know you, Pierce, have a date with Kincaid at Crown of the King Cobra for that War Horse Championship, but for one night only, you guys can try to work together, alongside Anton Chase, and put this little issue to bed with Muramasa-kokka once and for all!


[Graves drops the mic and his music hits the PA again. Pierce, with look of satisfaction, nods his head while Kincaid and Chase look on with hesitation at each other about the news of teaming up in two weeks.]


Dante Reed - Well there you have it Folks! El jefe has spoken!


Sebastian Riggs - Pierce, Chase, and now Kincaid will team up together to get their first crack at revenge on this group. I’m not sure how it will go, but I know it will be entertaining!


Dante Reed - It seems like each man has an issue with one another, I don’t know if they’ll be cohesive enough to defeat Muramasa-kokka. But for now, we have to take a short commercial break. When we return, it’s Nemesis and Tommy Crimson versus Unstoppable Force! Stay tuned!




[The arena is calm when the lights go out. The crowd now sits anxious as the big screen comes to life. Crimson’s logo is plastered across a white screen. The bloody logo drips as a female blood curdling scream can be heard throughout. As the scream fades, “Presented by Fury Studios” flashes across the screen. The bright logo fades to a dark picture of what appears to be a forest. The night is filled with fog that paints a creepy picture to the entrance of the dark forest. A sign swings on a chain across the path. It reads in Japanese warning of committing suicide and that loved ones will miss you. Followed by a hotline for anyone contemplating suicide.]


[This is the location of Japan’s infamous, “Suicide Forest”. Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees. Twelve square miles of this forest is where many have found their end. Usually by hanging and sometimes by way of drug overdose. Japan folklore claims the site has always been a place of death and evil. “Ubasute” was believed to be practiced here, which was the practice of carrying an elderly parent or infirm into the forest only to be left to die. This night the forest sits quiet, however.]


[A man staggers down the path suddenly. An overhead drone films the unknown individual while other cameras do the same while being hidden throughout. The moonlight lights the clearing up as the man rushes through the fog toward the entrance of the forest.]


[A camera facing up the path switches to life. The dark picture suddenly focuses revealing another unknown individual watching on as the other staggers past the warning signs. The unknown person watching on has long red hair with a strange looking leather jacket. As he walks away from the camera it is revealed to be The Fury, Tommy Crimson. He quietly follows the other distraught individual, who has now made it into the forest.]


[Tommy creeps behind the man who continues down the path. Signs on both sides of the path warn of the pain suicide causes. The individual is revealed by moonlight to be a Japanese man in about his mid thirties.]


[Alongside the path are reminders of past suicides. Candles long put out by rain now sit stuck to rocks around trees with personal possessions left by the lost. The man in front of Crimson hunches over consumed with grief and crippled by depression. Tommy stalks him like injured prey through the dense forest.]


[After walking for a few minutes the man stops in front of a beautiful tree with low hanging branches. He then breathes in heavily and walks slowly to it off the path.]


[The man then presses his forehead up against the tree softly. Tommy watches on from a distance, now hiding behind a tree. The man then turns around and begins placing various items around the tree. No tent for this man like so many others here before him. He reaches into a knapsack to retrieve a few candles and a rope. The man carefully places his identification card down on the ground alongside the other items. It reads, “Ren Sato” in japanese. Ren then lights eight candles carefully. He then tosses the rope over his head onto a thick branch. Sato then locates an abandoned milk crate in the weeds and uses it to stand on while he gets the rope ready to end his life.]


[The foggy scene is unsettling with the hint of candle light in the forest. Crimson waits patiently until Ren Sato has the rope wrapped tightly around his throat while standing on the shaky milk crate. Crimson walks into view in the dim candle light.]


Ren Sato - 激怒 (Fury.)


Crimson - はい (Yes.)


Ren Sato - This means I don’t have to do this. I called for the spirits to send me a sign to go on and they sent you, Fury!


[Tommy circles the tree, careful to use a knife to dig an “X” into the bark hidden from Ren. Crimson walks back around the tree to face Sato, who speaks perfect English.]


Ren Sato - My wife died of cancer six months ago. I have four daughters with no son to carry my family name on. My name will not live on therefore, I dishonor my family. But now that I see you, I want to live!


[Crimson uses his knife to slice his right palm. He then balls it into a fist. Tommy then presses the bloody handprint across Ren’s face, marking him for Salvation forever. He steps back then looks into the eyes of the poor man before him.]


Crimson - You have come to kill yourself. A coward that would rather sit in piss than get a towel. Scum of the earth with no will to continue. Yes, you dishonor your family.


[A look of disbelief crosses Ren Sato’s face. He wrinkles his forehead with real displeasure. Then Sato uses his Union Battleground knowledge against Tommy.]


Ren Sato - You seek out the weak. One day, Emery Layton will tame the big bad wolf.


[Tommy leans in close to respond to Ren’s reference to the three little pigs fable.]


Crimson - Not even by the hair on her cunty cunt cunt.


[Sato is shocked my the brash nature of Tommy Crimson.]


Crimson - I’m not here to talk about her. She knows that I’m better. It’s you that I came to talk about, Ren.


[Tommy begins to circle the tree and Sato, who continues to be held in place by the rope while standing on his tippy toes on the milk crate.]


Crimson - You dishonor your family and those four bitches at home. You are a weak and pathetic man with nothing left to stand for. It’s you that I’ve come for. Do you feel that?


[The camera focuses in on Tommy as he halts directly in front of Ren Sato, his eyes solid white with his own “influence”.]


Crimson - You have no purpose. You will never excel because you can’t even make a son to carry on your name. All those that came before you will matter more because you aren’t a whole man.


Ren Sato - Yes… I… Am..


Crimson - No. You aren’t. Drown in my influence. Allow it take you where you can be free. Let that hate consume you whole. Let me in…


[Sato begins to thrash about nearly slipping off the crate! He holds his throat as he fights off Crimson’s influence.]


Crimson - You will only find purpose in the dead eye society. I have the key to the locked door you seek, Ren. Breath in my truth then face your destiny. AWAKE!


[Tommy screams at Ren from a side camera angle which begins to circle The Fury. As it gets directly behind him, Sato is revealed for the world to see. His eyes are solid white, alive with Tommy’s “influence”.]


Crimson - You Know What To Do.


[Crimson then turns and begins to walk toward the camera. Over his right shoulder, Ren Sato kicks the milk crate out from under his own feet. He swings from the rope. just out of focus over Tommy’s shoulder in somewhat of a blur. Tommy retrieves the knife from his pocket then raises up his jacket sleeve a bit. Small scars line down his arm like notches. He cuts the twenty third one in for Sato. This is how Tommy taught himself to get into others heads. This forest was his first hunting ground while becoming a star wrestling throughout Japan years prior. The “X” he carved into the back of the tree marks it to be cut and sent to FuryLand in Florida for furniture.]


[Crimson smiles into the camera briefly before addressing the entire Union Battleground roster.]


Crimson - I exploit weaknesses of any kind. Any flaw in your game will cost you against me. That fear you hold dear to hide from any and all.. I will find it. I will use it. I am coming for all of You.


[The infamous Fury Studios frightened female scream can be heard throughout. The scene fades back to L!GHTS OUT with Sebastian and Dante.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is a Battalion match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 445 pounds, the team of Billy and Tyler Anderson, Unstoppable Force!










[Unstoppable hits as Billy and Tyler walk down the ramp slapping hands with the fans, get in the ring. They climb different turnbuckles, and throw their hands up in the air. They get down, and walk to the middle of the ring as they pose for the fans then they put their fists together to show their unity as a team.]


Dante Reed - Coming to the ring now, we have two brothers making their debut in the Battleground. Bas, what do you know about these two?


Sebastian Riggs - Well the two are an experienced team and have a clash of styles that compliment each other well. But I’ll admit, they’re going to need to bring their A-game tonight!


Mike Dempsey - And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 428 pounds, the team of Tommy Crimson and Nemesis, Salvation!


[The arena goes dark as the off and on again style beginning of “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women & Song) by White Zombie begins, when the song consistently hits it’s rhythm before the vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark blood red spotlight with smoke seeping out of the ramp and entrance way.]







[From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis and Tommy Crimson directly by his right side, with Preacher trailing behind while that singular blood red spotlight now lights them up. The three of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Preacher evilly playing to the crowd, showing off his long fingernails and signature laugh, while Nemesis and Crimson walk to the ring in a straight forward manner with the spotlight staying on them.]


Dante Reed - And here they are, Salvation! Union Battleground Champion Nemesis and newest member Tommy Crimson.


Sebastian Riggs - I’m curious to see how these guys work as a team. Individually, they’re work speaks for itself, but tag team wrestling is a whole other strategy.


[Tommy Crimson uses the apron to jump onto and enter the ring, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring, with Preacher staying out at ringside. Both Crimson and Nemesis warm up a bit while having a quick discussion of their game plan. Finally Crimson steps between the ropes onto the apron while Nemesis stays in the ring, eyes locked in the opposition.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, looks like Tyler Anderson and Nemesis will kick things off here. The referee is ready for action and he’s calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[Nemesis and Tyler chose to begin the match. The Union Battleground Champion seems to tower over his opponent. The two competitors circle the ring as chants for the Unstopple Force fill the Ryōgoku Kokugikan. The two tie up as the chants continue to echo, Nemesis muscling Tyler in the corner, despite his many attempts to stop him, he pins him against the turnbuckle. Nemesis begins to scream in his face as the ref goes to break the two apart, “You are nothing…Nothing!” The ref counts as he continues to try and break them apart.]










Dante Reed - Nemesis is asserting his dominance against Tyler here.


Sebastian Riggs - Nemesis is an aggressive fighter. He’s not one to give an inch.


[Nemesis finally let’s go, and as soon as he steps back Tyler drives a sharp forearm into his face. Nemesis wipes his face as a look of complete anger come onto his face. Regaining his footing in the middle of the ring, he charges. Tyler duck’s underneath and sprints toward the ropes. As Nemesis turns around Tyler goes for a spring board cross body to the big man but is caught out of mid-air and slammed to the mat. Tyler is drug back to his feet and is whipped back into a neutral corner. Once again Nemesis charges and this time delivers a massive clothesline. Tyler falls to the mat, shoulder and neck resting on the bottom rope. Nemesis places his boot on the base of Tyler’s throat and begins to drive the rubber edge in, pulling on the ropes to add more and more pressure onto the neck as the ref begins to count.]








Dante Reed - Again, Nemesis controls the pace here.


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think the Anderson's know what they’re up against here, Dante.



[The ref pulls him off of Tyler, who is now clutching at his throat gasping for air, his face nearly purple. Nemesis shoves the ref out of the way and drags Tyler back into the center of the ring as he goes for a cover.]






...Thr… No Kick Out by Tyler Anderson!


Dante Reed - Nemesis tried to end it early, but Tyler Anderson kicks out.


Sebastian Riggs - Even someone as powerful as Nemesis, he should know he’s got a little more work to do.


[Nemesis drags Tyler by his foot over to Salvation’s corner. Nemesis stomps down on his hand pinning him to the mat as the tag is made and Crimson comes into the ring. Delivering a springboard frog splash right of the bat as he falls straight into another cover. The ref drops down into a cover, but Billy streaks across the ring and breaks it up at two, before retreating back to his corner.]


Dante Reed - Crimson gets tagged in and executed a beautiful springboard frog splash!


Sebastian Riggs - Billy Anderson was quick to break it up, though. Give them credit, they show some knowledge in tag team wrestling.


 [As Crimson argues with the referee about Billy’s interference, Tyler drags his body toward his corner still gasping for air, grasping for the ropes, using them to crawl back to his brother. Crimson turns around and makes his way over to Tyler trying to stop him from the tag, but is too late as Billy jumps into the ring flying straight into a forearm knocking Crimson to the ground. Billy streaks across the ring delivering a dropkick to Nemesis, which causes him to fly off the apron and into the barricade. He walks back into the middle of the ring and drops a knee straight into the back of Crimson’s neck. Billy goes for another, but this time Crimson rolls out of the way. But Billy is quick to transform it into an elbow, and it connects to his sternum.]


Dante Reed - Billy Anderson is showing a little spark and rallying his team!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t believe what I’m seeing!


[Billy drags Crimson back to the middle of the ring, pulling him up to his knees, and delivers a massive knee lift. Crimson responds with a left open hand slap across his face. They begin to trade blows. Both competitors are stumbling after each one makes contact, Crimson slowly rising back to his feet. Billy hits two in a row, then three. Billy whips Crimson in the rope, but to no avail. Crimson goes for a clothesline, but it is ducked on the rebound. Billy slides under another clothesline attempt and picks the ankle, causing Crimson to fall face first into the ground. Nemesis stands up on the ropes trying to distract the referee. Billy sees this and walks over to the side of the ring and delivers a sharp forearm to the face sending him back to the floor. As he turns back around Crimson smashes a forearm across Billy’s face and raises his hands as he talks more shit to the fans.]


Dante Reed - Big mistake there, Bas. You can’t turn your back on Tommy Crimson.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, Crimson is a twisted individual 


[The arena echoes with boos as he does. Billy makes his way to his feet and as Crimson turns back around delivers a kick straight to his gut…NO! Crimson catches his boot and drags him into the middle of the ring, pulling hard on the boot he deliver a devastating clothesline. He walks over and tags in Nemesis. Nemesis grabs his opponent and lifts him high over his head, and gorilla presses him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Crimson has pulled Tyler off of the ring apron and dropped him to the ground with a beautiful German Suplex. Both men drag their opponents over to each other, and Crimson pulls a table out from under the ring! The Salvation members stack one man on top of the other onto the table. Crimson looks up at the crowd who continues to fill roar with anticipation with what is coming next.]


Dante Reed - Shit! Look out Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - Deuces! I’m out!


[Nemesis holds down the two men as Crimson begins to scale the  turnbuckle, he slowly rises to his feet…GODBOOKED THROUGH THE TABLE!! Both men crash throuth the unforgiving table as Nemesis slides back into the ring. Crimson slowly rises back to his feet, grabs Billy, and slides him back into the ring. Nemesis easily deadlifts Billy straight into the air…ENOCH! The devastating combination rips his opponent’s skull wide open. And as Nemesis slithers into the cover, blood rushes from the skull of his victim.]










Mike Dempsey - Here are your winners, Tommy Crimson and Nemesis... Salvation!


[Nemesis slowly rises to his feet as he towers over Billy‘s broken body. Crimson slides into the ring as the two celebrate a dominant victory before continuing a beat down! The referee tries to intervene, but Crimson and Nemesis draw their attention to the official, who quickly backs down and scurries out of the ring.]

World's Colliding

[With Billy and Tyler Anderson both down, the referee goes to raise hands of Nemesis and Crimson, while handing Nemesis his Union Battleground Championship and they rip away their arms from the referee and Nemesis tosses the title down to the mat with the two heading back towards their fallen opponents.]


Dante Reed - What are these two planning now?!?! Haven’t they done enough?!?


Sebastian Riggs - Apparently they don’t think they have Dante!


[Nemesis points first down to Tyler Anderson with Crimson lifting Tyler up to his feet. Nemesis puts Tyler’s head between his legs while Crimson quickly slides out of the ring and starts searching under the ring. He then slides out a table, quickly unfolds it and has it set up a few feet from the apron. Crimson now slides in and comes over to assist Nemesis with both men lifting Tyler up into a powerbomb position! Nemesis and Crimson run a few feet forward and proceed to powerbomb Tyler Anderson over the top rope and down through the table that Crimson had just set up causing a sickening thud when Tyler crashes through and hits the floor!]


[Nemesis and Crimson both look down at Tyler’s broken body on the outside and then look back at each other, both with sick and twisted smiles across their face. As if their minds are one, they both direct their attention towards Billy Anderson whose still not moving much from the pain inflicted upon him in their tag team match earlier as now Nemesis and Crimson begin to move in.]


Dante Reed - These two lunatics have broken Tyler Anderson in half and now it looks like they have bad intentions for Billy Anderson!


Sebastian Riggs - Nemesis told all of us that these two wouldn’t be enough Dante! He warned Axel that inferior competition like these two wound up being tonight is just not going to cut it!


[Nemesis pounces onto Billy, driving fist after fist into his skull while Crimson veers off and out of the ring once again and like before goes under the ring and pulls out another table, yet this time, instead of setting it up outside, Crimson slides the table into the ring and then hops back into the ring himself and begins setting it up. Nemesis now brings Billy to his feet and props him up onto the top turnbuckle with Billy’s back facing the inside of the ring as Crimson has the table perfectly lined up with the turnbuckle, just a few feet out from it.]


Sebastian Riggs - This doesn’t look like it’s going to be good Dante…


[Crimson comes over to hold Billy up on the top turnbuckle, so he doesn’t fall backwards and off while Nemesis steps forward and the camera zooms in on his sinister grin, then with a snap of his fingers, the table engulfs in thick, red flames and Nemesis backs up towards Billy.]


Dante Reed - They’ve set the table on fire!


[Nemesis now grabs Billy from under his left arm and Crimson grabs Billy from under his right as both men climb up to the second turnbuckle. After a split second of getting their timing down, Nemesis and Crimson now lift Billy Anderson off of the top rope perfectly and jump off, putting Billy Anderson through the flaming table with a beautiful top rope Crucifix Powerbomb as the whole arena goes wild.]


[As Billy isn’t moving while laying in the rubble of the burnt table and Tyler Anderson stills lays unconscious on the outside of the ring, Nemesis and Crimson stand proudly in the ring while overlooking the wreckage that they’ve caused as Nemesis yells out to the crowd.]




[And just like that, the arena lights completely cut off. Slowly, a dimly lit spotlight shines and focuses on Nemesis. A low bass tone begins to fill the arena, sending chills through the body. By the look on Nemesis’ face, this isn’t the work of Salvation or himself. The surrounding darkness around the spotlight burst into billions of brilliant specs of light,  racing throughout the arena at random. Then nothingness again. Complete and total darkness. The big screen now begins to light up revealing a message.]


I shall remove these false prophecies

Find me



-     SHIDO

[The crowd erupts into cheers once the message is fully displayed. Nemesis cracks a half-hearted smirk that quickly turns to anger as the arena lights slowly creep back on. Crimson pats his partner on the back and the two go back to celebrating their dominant victory.]


Dante Reed - What did I just see there? Was that a call out challenge from the Elysium World Champion to the Union Battleground Champion?


Sebastian Riggs - I believe so, Dante. There has been rumors swirling for some time now that SHIDO was interested in doing a Battleground Network tour. Could this be his first stop?


Dante Reed - That would be quite a tall order for SHIDO. If you all remember, he defeated our Trench War Champion Emery Layton in a nontitle bout during the off-season show Burning Hammer, and now it looks as though he’s targeting our other singles Champ! Folks, obviously we’ll keep check on this, but for now we’ve got more action ahead as next up, we have a battle for one of the four horsemen medallions; it’s Joe Stanton versus Viduus Morta next!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest will be a War Horse Medallion tournament match! Introducing First, standing 6'1" and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, Joe Stanton!


Sebastian Riggs - Looks like we have ourselves another Four Horsemen Medallion match up. Winner advances. No excuses.


Dante Reed - These two men match up on paper very well. Morta is a brawler who will stand toe to toe with Stanton throughout.









Sebastian Riggs - Wearing sunglasses at night in the old days was a guaranteed ass whipping but in the era of the safe zone, anything goes.


Dante Reed - Stanton competes all over the world at the highest level, Riggs.


[The thumping of the song and the darkening of the house lights cue the fans to put their hands together, clapping along with the tune as a blinding stage light creates a massive glare that blinds those in attendance and at home watching. When the stage light dims and some spotlights cast on the stage, Joe Stanton is there standing with his signature pair of sunglasses on. He looks out at the fans and he pumps his fist a few times in rhythm with the song before he heads for the ring and enters it quickly. Throwing his jacket to the side, Joe circles the ring pointing to the fans in attendance before he shadow boxes in his corner, waiting for the tune to end.]


Dante Reed - Stanton wants to advance to the War Horse Championship. Morta stands in his way and what a formidable foe indeed.


Sebastian Riggs - This one could steal the show. I still hope Morta breaks those sunglasses.


Mike Dempsey - Now making his way to the ring, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 195 pounds, from Parts Unknown, Joe Stanton!


Dante Reed - They say Elvis is in Parts Unknown also.


Sebastian Riggs - “They” dunno anything.


["Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.]







[The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely looking left and right scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.]


Sebastian Riggs - Viduus scares the hell out of me. The whole lot of Salvation does honestly.


Dante Reed - They are an intimidating force for sure.







[Viduus slithers under the bottom rope and licks his lips, ready to feast, as he crawls to the middle of the ring. Viduus rises slowly and tilts his head left inquisitively like a curious dog as the lights come back on.]


Dante Reed - Winner advances one step closer to the War Horse Championship. The stakes can’t get any higher for these two men.


Sebastian Riggs - The referee comes in to call for the bell! This one is under way!




[Viduus and Stanton begin to circle each with the echo of the bell still in each man's ears. Morta lashes out running full speed looking for a clothesline but Joe catches his right leg then fisherman suplexes Viduus! Morta gets back up with his back to Stanton, who backslide pins him.]


… One!


Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out at one for Viduus Morta! Stanton is rolling.


[Joe gets right back to his feet but the lighter and quicker Viduus is already charging at him from across the ring! He looks up just in time to catch a shotgun dropkick! The shot sends Stanton to the mat in a heap. Viduus follows up by grappling up then hooking him for a picture perfect DDT. Stanton’s head bounces off the mat from the maneuver.]


Sebastian Riggs - Joe just took a brutal shot to the noggin, Dante.


Dante Reed - Morta just spiked Stanton’s head like a football.


[Viduus hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out by The Scarlet Speedster at two!


[Morta and Joe both get to their feet and immediately begin swapping blows. Joe gets the upper hand with a european uppercut then whips the dazed Viduus into the ropes! Stanton attempts a clothesline but Morta ducks it! Joe stands all the way up after the miss then swings his right arm around catching the charging Viduus with a solid chop to the throat! The shot takes Morta completely off his feet. He then rolls underneath the bottom rope and onto the apron. Viduus desperately thrashes about attempting to catch his breath leading him to fall off the apron.]


Sebastian Riggs - What a counter! The chop nearly took off Morta’s head.


Dante Reed - That was violent. What’s Stanton thinking?


[Joe takes off as Viduus stands up on the outside. The two hundred and thirty five pound wrestler then leaps head first over the top rope! He flies through the air at Morta looking for a superman punch of epic proportions. The smaller Viduus uses pure strength and will to catch Joe! He then falls to a knee continuing the momentum of Stanton into a vicious backbreaker! The crowd is wowed by the magnificent counter.]


Dante Reed - Did you see that!? I thought Joe had him on the proverbial ropes but no. Viduus Morta is alive and well in this one, ladies and gentlemen.


Sebastian Riggs - That was insane and Joe has not moved since.


[Morta walks over to Stanton then grapples him up by the hair of his head. He then whips Joe into the apron back first! Viduus then rolls his larger opponent into the ring to break the referee’s count which has reached three on both men. Stanton lies on his side while clutching at his back.]


Dante Reed - Joe Stanton has previously injured his back and may have again here tonight. That high impact backbreaker has done some damage.


[Joe gets to one knee slowly as Viduus creeps up from behind him. Stanton swiftly spins around and catches Morta out of nowhere with a kick to the gut. Joe then knees Morta in the face with a solid shot! The crowd pops at the violent impact. Viduus falls back on his feet a bit then falls forward where Joe grapples him up. Morta is helpless as Stanton straddles his head then reaches down to wrap both arms around him. He then lifts him up and charges across the ring. The turnbuckle bomb shakes the ropes then springs Morta forward flat on his belly. Stanton quickly follows up by rolling Viduus over onto his back then hooking a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Morta kicks out at two!


Dante Reed - What a match! These men both want to advance in the tournament. Neither will give an inch in this one.


[Stanton appears a bit frustrated after the kick out. He looks at the ref but does not argue the count whatsoever. He then turns his attention back to Viduus, who has gotten back up to his feet during the brief opening. Joe takes off at Morta, who catches him with a spinning heel kick! Viduus follows up by quickly rolling Stanton over on his belly in the center of the ring. He then begins to stomp down on Stanton's back. Joe rolls around on the mat attempting to avoid the sharp stomps to his already injured back. Morta gets warned by the referee which leads him to grapple up both legs of Joe Stanton. He then applies the double leg boston crab in the center of the ring!]


Dante Reed - Viduus has the boston crab locked in! There is nowhere for Stanton to go now.


Sebastian Riggs - How bad does he want it?


[Morta sits down further and further on Joe’s back to apply more and more pressure. The superstars spine is being bent like it hasn’t in a long time. The referee watches close for a tap but Stanton refuses. He digs both elbows in then prepares to crawl to the ropes. The heavier of the two men, Joe pulls himself toward the ropes slowly. Viduus attempts to halt his attempts with little success.]


Sebastian Riggs - Morta has Stanton bent like a pretzel right now. I don’t see how he survives this.


Dante Reed - He’s making his way toward those ropes!


[Stanton continues to slowly pull Morta’s and his own weight toward the bottom rope. He reaches out but the rope is two inches away. So close. Joe begins to fade from the pain and falls flat on the mat. The referee rushes in to pick up Stanton’s left hand. He lifts it up then drops it. It hits flush on the mat so he picks it up once more. Again, the referee drops Joe’s hand and it lands on the mat lifeless once more.]


Dante Reed - If Stanton’s hand hits the mat again…


Sebastian Riggs - It’s over. T-K-O.


[The crowd cheers for Joe loud as the referee picks his left hand up for the third time. Morta continues to sit further down on Stanton’s back as the ref drops his hand. Gravity draws it the mat but just before it hits, Stanton comes alive! The crowd erupts as he halts his hand from hitting the mat a third time. Joe reaches out then lunges forward. He grasps hold of the bottom rope to break the hold. The referee then stands both men up.]


Sebastian Riggs - That Boston crab took a toll. It shows.


Dante Reed - Joe continues to favor his lower back. The referee calls for this one to resume.


[Joe rushes at Morta and delivers a beautiful flash kick! The crowd pops as Viduus hits the ropes then bounces back at Stanton. Joe follows up with his finishing maneuver, Shoryuken! Morta hits the mat flat on his back and Joe falls down on top of him then hooks a leg.]




… Two!


...Thr.. Kick out!


[The crowd is shocked by the kick out. Morta kicks out just before the referee’s hand touches the mat a third time. Stanton can’t believe it. His jaw drops a bit from pure shock. Viduus sits up then turns to look at his opponent. The wild look of Morta creeps Joe out but he doesn’t let it show.]


Sebastian Riggs - That was close! I thought Joe had him.


Dante Reed - Viduus Morta refuses to lose. This match has been a great one. Both men have thrown everything they have at each other.


[Morta gets to one knee but is still dazed a bit. Stanton comes at him but Viduus comes alive with a spear! The brutal impact robs Joe of all the air in his lungs. Viduus follows up by getting his opponent back to his feet quickly. He then grapples Stanton up from behind. He then lifts Joe up in a suplex that transitions into a facebuster!]


Dante Reed - The Awakening! This one's over!


Sebastian Riggs - What a violent maneuver!


[Viduus hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner for One of the Four Horsemen Medallions, Viduus Morta!


Sebastian Riggs - Morta advances with a War Horse Medallion!


Dante Reed - So there it is, set in stone! At Crown of the King Cobra, we will see Axton Pierce, Kimitsu Zombie, Alex Kincaid, and now Viduus Morta battle it out for the War Horse Championship!


Sebastian Riggs - The winner of that bout holds the rights to a shot at the Trench War Championship. I can't wait to see that one!


Dante Reed - No doubt it'll be a barn burner. Folks, we have to take a quick station identification, but when we come back, we've got a King Cobra tournament match, a Battalion Championships match, and more!

Go Right Ahead

[The cameras switch to the backstage area once more, as the crowd celebrates the prior victory. Well. Mostly backstage. Sitting on the stairs on the outside of the main arena floor sits Finn Whelan, his legs dangling over the side as he watches the crowd below run and get their concessions in between so they can munch on whatever the fuck Japan has made recently (face it, they make the strangest stuff . . . and most of the time, it turns out decent). With his hand's shoved into his pockets, he's not particularly noticeable as one of the wrestlers tonight, because he looks like any other gaijin trying to enter Japan and look cool. He has his hood up over his head, and seems to be chewing on something, which turns out to be botan. Because we're going full Asian tonight.]


Finn Whelan - Look at them. Wrestling wasn't born here, but it's celebrated more than it ever has been in the United States. Deathmatches are prominent staples, and the competitors are known to go harder than any of their American counterparts. One of these Japanese people shows up in America, the whole world goes to shit and it's like it's fucking New Years all over again.


[He snorts lightly, and turns his head to look at the camera -- slightly. Just enough to see one of his eyes beneath the hood.]


Finn Whelan - This isn't the first time I've been here. Probably the third or fourth, and every time, this crowd is always louder than the ones back home. Certainly more polite, but louder. Perhaps its one of those times where the Japanese don't feel like they have to hold onto their traditions, to their courtesies. To be fair, I was hoping to face off against Rodney Stillwater in the Crown of the King Cobra tournament here, in Hokkaido, but then . . . we had to have Shit-For-Brains think that I had seen him as relevant enough to attack without warning. I don't generally like dressing up like a Dementor from Harry fuckin' Potter and attacking people, but if everyone wants to think that, sure -- go right ahead.


[Finn inclines his head, raising a hand with a two-fingered salute and presses his fingertips to his forehead, flicking them off sarcastically. He sets both arms on the rail and leans onto it lazily.]


Finn Whelan - Look. I watched CWC Slaughterhouse. Croy Calhoun fucking destroyed Johnny Vachon and their match didn't even happen because dear ol' Johnny was lying unconscious, which is honestly a sight that most of us should be used to seeing by now, especially Vachon since he finds himself blacked out enough to puke all over his own bathroom. And it'll be the same thing you see tonight -- Japan, Union fans. Vachon will be lying prone with his shoulders on the mat after he gets taken out with a Revelation 6:4 and counted out with a 1-2-3. It won't be anything different for him, lying somewhere he has no fucking clue where he is and completely fucked out of his mind. But for me, it'll be a continued ascendancy. A skilled technical wrestler one week, a man who starred in a main event on a pay-per-view in the next, and then it'll be onto Rodney Stillwater, and then in the future, Flash or Layton.


[He leans back, pushing himself up off the floor and rising to his full 6'4" height. With a smirk, he turns to face the camera fully.]


Finn Whelan - Don't think I haven't forgotten about all of you. I'm going to be watching Flash Kassidy and Emery Layton like a hawk tonight. I want to see the future of what I could be facing at Crown of the King Cobra. And Stillwater . . . don't think your elusiveness is going to save you next week. There's tricks up this sleeve of mine as well, and I don't intend on falling to someone with no history, and nothing to gain. The only path you'll find is to the bottom of the hill. But for now, you all get to see the result of what happens when you think you can blame me for your ineptitude. Go right ahead and believe what you think is the future, but I don't intend on failing tonight. And I don't intend on failing at any time through the tournament. That championship? It's mine. And there's literally nothing you can do to stop me.


[As if the television set was one of the old CRT versions that you saw the flash of white light as you shut it off, the screen goes blank, cutting to commercial.]


Eyes on the Prize

[Backstage after his match with Alex Kincaid we see Blake Archer packing up his bag with his attractive wife, who is standing behind her husband brushing out his hair and placing it into a ponytail for him. She pops her head up and looks right at the paparazzi and pushes the hot lights of the cameras away.]


Mary-Jane - Sorry this is for wrestlers only and their family. Who are you? No press right now. My husband is too busy to answer your questions.


[Blake looks at her and raised his brow and than looks directly at the cameras.]


Blake Archer - I can't be like that hunny. What is it you guys want? Want to rag on me about losing?


Paparazzi #1 - A lot of people thought you wouldn't beat Alex here tonight. Some people talk about you being a multi-time champion but unable to get the job done in Union Battleground. Now that you are without a war horse medallion what is next for the King of Canines? Why is it that you don such a stranger moniker?


[He shakes his head with disappointment in the questions, but isn't triggered by them either.]


Blake Archer - I do hear people talk about me being a loser. What is it that you said sweetie?


Mary-Jane - They just don't know you yet my love.


Blake Archer - Right. Now people can keep looking at me and thinking that book looks way to good looking for me to pick up and read. My grubby fingers might smudge up the cover and I don't want to ruin perfection and I get that. However nobody has the right to talk down to me until they get in that ring and step up to me. I'm not happy about it that Alex won tonight. He claims he is a changing man, but he still seems like a dick to me. I personally will not shed a tear over anything that happens between him and Kira.


Paparazzi #2 - What about the name? A lot of memes and humor surrounding it.


Blake Archer - Of course. The king of Canines? Simple at least to me, but people tend to shun things they don't understand. Around this other federation they wanted to call me the big dog. I have no idea why really, but I just went with it. Mary-Jane was born in the year of the dog it became a running gag. Now it is almost like a part of me because I started my televised career as The Bulldog after one of my idols from growing up. 2018 is the Year of the Dog for the Chinese calendar, it is motivation to make this year, my year.


[His wife nudges him and he leans his ear towards her.]


Mary-Jane - The War horse medallion sweetie.


[She reminds him and than puts her arm around his sliding her hand down his forearm and into his hand. He smiles big remembering he better say something about that.]


Blake Archer - Oh right. Union Battleground isn't just the place with stiff competition, the championships here mean something. When I carry around the GWP World Heavyweight title I don't take it lightly. I want the title respected and I aim to bring that attitude here to Union Battleground just like I do everywhere else. Anyone in this company wants a piece of the GWP World Heavyweight champion, if anyone thinks that they are worthy of fighting for such an honorable belt than they can find me right here on Union Battleground. I don't just want this championship though, I want something from Union Battleground too. The one with my eye on it is the Trench War championship, because I can't win the Battalion titles by myself.


[The hot couple laughs as do a few of the paparazzi, but one shouts out of the small group.]


Paparazzi #3 - Or could you?!


Blake Archer - I probably could, but why would I want to? I don't have time to be silly with all of you. I have noticed the amount of people trying to push me down, maybe it is my looks, or the way I sound when I talk? Either way I've been letting it get to me and what type of message does that send? I am not sure what people's problem with me is to be honest, but some people do look up to me. So forget those haters. I am out here trying to do something I always dreamed about, I am going after something that I haven't been able to stop thinking about for the last year. Maybe I am too old, maybe I can't compete with the new generation, there is a lot of maybes...but, that isn't going to stop me. Perhaps the bullying or hazing whatever you want to call it has just motivated me? The times of hating myself are over, I've been in too many great matches to let myself think that way. Kids get bullied everyday and they get told to shrug it off what about people that can't? They don't need to be ashamed of having that mental issue. I have that and it is a struggle but I get through it and on to the next challenge. No matter how many times I get knocked down I am always going to get back up and rather it is because of the War Horse championship or because I manage to earn one out right in 2018 you will see Blake Archer ... ME, fighting for the championship I came here for.


[They swarm him wanting more answers to more questions, but his wife and manager shews them away while her husband and her walk off out of the building.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 205 pounds, from Spook City, representing Slaughterhouse Wrestling, “Gutter Trash” Johnny Vachon!




[“America” By Deuce hits the airwaves as the lights begin to flash to a darkened green. Johnny comes walking out from the back with his custom Punk leather jacket, the words “Gutter Trash” written in green spray paint across the back. A half smoked cigarette hangs from his mouth as he stops at the top of the ramp and takes a deep drag before extending his two middle fingers towards the crowd. He pops the cancer stick back in his mouth before beginning down the ramp, shrugging off the shouts of the fans. Johnny comes to the ring as he takes another drag from the smoke and drops it on the ground before stomping it out with his boot. He slides into the ring and pops to his feet before walking to the farthest turnbuckle and hoping up. He eyes the crowd for a few seconds before flashing a single middle finger towards the fans. He hops down and ditches his jacket before propping himself down in a seated position in the corner, waiting for his opponent.]


Dante Reed - Bas, Johnny Vachon is looking to get back on track after that unsuccessful Prisoners of War match at Relapse.


Sebastian Riggs - You’re right, and I think that match has affected him a bit. Since aligning himself with Devereaux and Killswitch for that match, he’s been stalked and attacked by a hooded individual that we only know them as “The Executioner of Salvation”. Two weeks ago, Vachon was ambushed by this person, and was laid out with a Revelation 6:4. Vachon took it upon himself to request this match, believing the person under the hood was Finn Whelan.


Dante Reed - Whelan has denied such accusations, and I have to side with him. But we’ve seen some crazy stuff in the Battleground, so you can truly rule it out!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Seattle, Washington, he is “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


[The lights dim in the arena and cast the arena in a red glow, and for a moment -- only a moment -- the crowd quiets down just a smidge. The guitar riff opening that carries throughout the rest of Asking Alexandria's "The Black" breaks out and brings the crowd to their feet -- both in a positive and negative reaction, completely mixed.]


Dante Reed - And now here comes The Seattle Saint. Like we alluded to, he’s denied these accusations brought on by Vachon, but he’s not someone who backs down from a fight, so my guess is he’s out here to clear his name!


Sebastian Riggs - I know he takes pride in his work ethics and his will to fight anyone, but do you think it’s a smart move to take this exhibition bout while he still has a King Cobra semifinals match to contest in two weeks?


Dante Reed - That’s a good point, Bas. Finn’s opponent next week, Rodney Stillwater, has been resting ever since he defeated Elina Cartel at Relapse, and you have to imagine Whelan will be at some sort of a disadvantage when he finally faces The Pathfinder.


Sebastian Riggs - Well I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, but for right now, we’ve got a fight to call!








[Just before the first line of the song, Finn Whelan has appeared not from the curtain, but from one of the visitor's entrances. He stops at the top of the steps for a moment, a slight smirk on his face as he glances at the people around him. He begins stepping down the stairs at a brisk pace, high-fiving a couple fans as he makes his way down to the ring.


At the barrier, he slings himself over and slides immediately underneath the bottom rope and leaps to his feet in the center of the ring. He heads directly for the ropes in front of him, and hops up onto the bottom one, bouncing slightly as he looks back at the crowd, choosing a few choice words to share with them. Before Finn can turn around, Johnny blasts him with a running forearm smash to the back of the head!]


Dante Reed - Johnny Vachon isn’t waiting around! He just decked him with a nasty forearm, the red is calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The impact of the surprise attack causes Finn to hang halfway over the ropes. Vachon quickly climbs the nearest turnbuckle and comes crashing down with a top rope leg drop, causing Finn to fully topple over and outside of the ring! The crowd erupts with the early high risk move, and gives Vachon some adrenaline. Both men are outside of the ring now as Vachon pulls Whelan up to his feet. Johnny grabs Finn by his jet black hair and begins ramming his head repeatedly against the barricade! The crowd gets riled up but Johnny just flips the front row off and chews them out. Johnny directs his attention back to the action, but Finn strikes with a sharp elbow to the midsection. Johnny hunkers over and Finn begins dropping a combination of forearm and elbow strikes to the back of the head. Whelan then grabs Johnny by the arm and Irish whips him straight into the steel steps, causing a thunderous boom that electrifies the crowd.]


Dante Reed - Well it appears that these two want to give the crowd a better view and have started things off outside of the ring.


Sebastian Riggs - That’s the beauty of Union Battleground and Axel Graves’ Rules. As long as it stays one on one, anything is fair game! Graves’ love for violence and his desire to see a clear cut winner creates a very unique environment here. The competitors in here don’t need to worry about count outs or DQs, as long as it stays even!


[Finn cautiously makes his way to his grounded opponent, and lifts him up by his Mohawk. Finn returns the favor and starts smashing Johnny’s face into the steps then finishes it off with a tiger suplex! Finn looks pumped up and quickly throws Johnny back into the ring before digging under the ring. Finn pulls out a couple of chairs and slides into the ring with them. He folds one out while keeping the other in his grasp. Vachon is still down on the mat and Finn goes for the attack, hitting a running knee drop on Vachon’s head with the chair as added leverage! Finn rolls Johnny over a makes a quick cover.]


... One!


... Tw — Kick out!


Dante Reed - Finn Whelan has brought out the artillery and is chopping away at Johnny.


Sebastian Riggs - This may be the start of something insane here! Both of these guys are Ultraviolent junkies! May want to have the medics in stand by here!


[Finn doesn’t allow Johnny’s kick out to bother him, instead he springs back up and brings The Gutter Scum with him. Finn grabs a handful of Johnny’s green Mohawk and the two go on a ride and the destination is a one-handed bulldog onto the folded out chair! The chair nearly collapses completely by the impact, and now Vachon has got a gash between the eyes. While Johnny lies on the canvas beginning to bleed, Finn slides back out of the ring and again starts digging under the ring apron. After a few moments, The Seattle Saint pulls out a table and slides it into the ring. But he’s not done there, he pulls out another table and slides it into the ring. And for a third time, Finn pulls out a table and sets this one up on the outside. Whelan slides back into the ring, and leans one table into the corner. Whelan now goes to grab the other table, but Vachon is now up on his feet, chair in hand, and he’s swinging for the fences! Johnny Vachon lays out Finn Whelan with a monster chair shot! Whelan drops like a rag doll while Johnny runs the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault while using the chair as a shield! The crackling of the chair assisted moonsault causes the crowd to audibly wince in unison and Vachon hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Johnny Vachon is giving Whelan a dose of his own medicine!


Sebastian Riggs - These two have a constant thirst for violence, Dante! It’s gonna have to take more than that!


[Vachon argues with the referee but soon blows him off and goes back to work on Whelan. Vachon throws a few quick jabs to keep Whelan dazed as the two stagger back up to their feet.  The two lock up, and Johnny tries to Irish whip Whelan across the ring, but Whelan reverses it. Vachon bounces off the ropes and on the return he uses his momentum to executive a stunning tilt-a-whirl DDT! Whelan gets spiked on the crown of his head and fumbles between the ropes and onto the apron. The crowd cheers for such an athletic display despite it being executed by Vachon, but Johnny taunts the crowds compliment. Johnny continues on the offensive and picks Finn up to his feet from over the ropes. Finn hangs on from the apron as best as he can while Johnny pummels him with stiff jabs. Then suddenly, Vachon shows off his speed by grabbing Whelan in a cutter position and hitting a standing shiranui to the outside and comes crashing down through the table! Shards of wood explode on impact as the crowd can’t help but react in astonishment!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit! Johnny Vachon just delivered The Descending Angel onto Finn Whelan to the outside and through the table!


Sebastian Riggs - What a phenomenal display of agility by Vachon! Although I think he sacrificed himself and took a hard landing too!


[The crowd grows loud now as Vachon slowly rises through the rubble. He struggles to pick Whelan up but finally does and throws him back into the ring. Vachon follows suit and rolls on top of Whelan for a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Th — Kick out!


Dante Reed - No, not enough to put him away!


[Vachon’s aggravation is growing noticeable at this point, as he stomps back up to his feet. Vachon pulls Whelan up with him and whips him into an open corner. Whelan however puts a foot up to stop himself colliding into the turnbuckles. Vachon gets heated and rushes the corner only for Finn to hit him with a back body drop into the turnbuckle! Vachon smashes into the corner and gets his foot caught and he hangs upside down in a Tree of Woe. Whelan notices the predicament Johnny is in, and in one swift motion, Whelan hops up to the top turnbuckle! Whelan taunts Vachon before springing himself high off the ropes and crashes down with a double foot stomp! Whelan sees he now has Vachon immobilized, so he goes and sets up the other table lying in the ring. Whelan drags it over to the corner and then sets Vachon up on the top turnbuckle. Whelan makes the climb up to the top and works the crowd to get fired up. The Seattle Saint gets an underhook on Johnny and lifts him up into an avalanche DDT through the table! The crowd roars as Whelan slowly fights his way out of the rubble and goes for a pin!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thre — Kick out!


Dante Reed - No! Johnny Vachon somehow finds a way to kee this one alive!


Sebastian Riggs - I thought Whelan had this one wrapped up, Dante. You don’t see too many people getting up from a high impact move from the top rope like that!


[Finn stares out with a look of astonishment, but he doesn’t deter from his task. Whelan and Vachon are in a snail’s race to get to their feet. From out of nowhere, Vachon pops up and rocks a bent over Whelan with a superkick! Johnny’s signature Spit Take Kick stuns Whelan! Johnny now is starting to get amped up and looking to finish this one. Then suddenly the arena lights begin to flicker! The crowd begins to buzz as they see “The Executioner of Salvation” suddenly appear at the bottom of the ramp! Vachon takes notice and threatens the faceless being and baiting them to come into the ring. The hooded being doesn’t move a muscle, but then outta nowhere Johnny gets rolled up in a schoolboy pin by Whelan!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


[Wheelan gets the pin and quickly slides out of the ring before the ref can raise his hand in victory. Whelan and Vachon now begin to bicker back and forth. Whelan can be heard saying “I told you it wasn’t me!” while pointing across the ring at the hooded figure. Vachon brushes it off with a double middle finger to Whelan, and as he goes to turn around, The Executioner Spears him right through the corner leaning table!]


Dante Reed - Well there you go! Seeing is believing! Finn Whelan isn’t The Executioner of Salvation.


Sebastian Riggs - But... Could it be Blake Archer? This mysterious cloaked person just rocked Vachon with what looks like Archer’s Silver Shot!


Dante Reed - I don’t know what to believe anymore, Bas. I think this is just another mind game from Salvation; continuously terrorizing any relations to Dick Devereaux. Folks, stick around, coming up next we have our Crown of the King Cobra semifinals match as Flash Kassidy is set to take on Emery Layton!

A valuable lesson

[From the back, Dolan Farson steps out. The arena breaks out in a loud chorus of boos. Farson grins in response, stepping up to the ring and entering, a microphone in hand. As the booing finally dies down, Farson lifts the microphone to his mouth.]


Dolan Farson - Hello, old friends.


[The crowd boos louder than before. Farson grins, holding the microphone behind his back as he clasps his wrist with his free hand. He brings the microphone back up to his face.]


Dolan Farson - I don’t know how many of you follow Emery Layton as she travels the world and the seven seas… defending the honor of the Union Battleground Trench War Championship… but, in the case that you don’t, I’d like to show you some footage of what happened at UKWF’s Rebirth show… Boys…


[He signals for the boys in the back to roll the footage, and they oblige. The footage shows Emery Layton getting dropped on her head by her opponent, before Dolan Farson himself distracts the referee and allows the Mercenary to plant a stiff chair shot to Blaise Fader. The Mercenary then drags Layton on top of Fader and leaves the ring. The footage ends with Layton being confused as her arm is raised in victory. In the ring, Farson chuckles.]


Dolan Farson - As you can see, Emery Layton would have lost the title, had it not been for my client, the Mercenary, making sure that she kept the strap. Now… I can’t help but feel that she’s been acting a bit… ungrateful… for our services. So let me make something crystal clear.


[He holds out a parental index finger in front of him.]


Dolan Farson - It’s not all about you, Ms. Layton. The Mercenary and I have a job to do. Whether you’re compliant or not, we will not be incompetent in achieving our goals. So whether you like it or not… Ms. Layton… you will hold the Trench War Championship, and the Mercenary will make sure of it, until we decide it’s time for your reign to come to an end.


[Farson starts to leave the ring, then a thought comes to him and he comes back to the center of the ring with an amused grin.]


Dolan Farson - Tell me something, Ms. Layton… what’s it like to have absolutely no control over your title reign? Does it… lose its value? Does its shimmer fade? Does it feel tainted?


[His face twists into disgust.]


Dolan Farson - …it should!


[He tosses the microphone to the mat and walks out of the ring. On his way out, he threatens to smack a young fan, before thinking better of it and continuing on his way.]

Dante Reed - Welcome back to L!GHTS OUT! Up next, we will see a Crown of the King Cobra tournament match.


Sebastian Riggs - We will see Flash Kassidy take on Emery Layton in what could steal the show here tonight. Both of these wrestlers are on top of their game.


Dante Reed - Layton is already a champion all over the world not to mention Union Battleground Trench War Champion already.


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is schedule for one fall, and it is a semifinals match for the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament! Introducing First, standing 5'10" and weighing in at 213 pounds, from Pontiac, Illinois, “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!









[With lights flashing and a strobe light going off Flash Kassidy and Charlie Bloom make their way out to the stage. Flash in his signature coat and glasses. He bobs his head to the beat of the song before spinning around in a circle, a very cocky demeanor about him. He stops and faces the audience, slowly starting to slide his glasses down his nose as he looks over at Charlie, who gives him a determined grin. Flash licks his lips, before putting his arm around her shoulders, and beginning to head down to the ring. Flash was still vibing out to his own music, moving his head and free arm to the beat. ]


Sebastian Riggs - Kassidy can flat out wrestle. Em will have her hands full in this match. Flash wants to headline the next pay per view.


Dante Reed - You think Layton doesn’t? She came here to win tonight too. You heard her, she’s got a monkey on her back about Union Battleground Tournaments. She wants to get to the finals, and win this whole thing!






[As they gets closer to the ring Flash slows his step, looking out at the audience one more time, seemingly brushing their reactions off like it was a chip on his shoulder. Flash gets a running start, leaving Charlie behind as he jumps into the ring showing off this athleticism in the process. Pausing for a moment inside the ring, he waits for Charlie to walk up the ring steps and opens the ropes up for her. As soon as she is in the ring he then runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, He gazes out over the audience, before letting out a slight giggle in his not so sober fashion. He then points out into the crowd at random before placing one foot on the top rope, and back flipping off, landing directly on his feet. As soon as he does land however, he quickly rolls over into whatever corner Charlie has stationed herself at. Flash gives her a quick kiss on the lips before removing his jacket, and sitting back in the corner. Waiting till the very last second to remove his shades.]


Dante Reed - Flash looks ready for the challenge ahead. I think this match will be a great one, Bas. Both wrestlers are on the upswing but like you said earlier tonight, there can only be one.


Sebastian Riggs - That’s a fact. And here comes the Trench War Champion!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent… Making her way to the ring, standing 5'6" and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Anywhere and Everywhere! Representing the XWA, she is your Trench War Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself- wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear and her and Trench War Championship around her waist- emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people who have turned out. She's nodding her head, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now.]


Sebastian Riggs - I never bet against this young lady but Kassidy is legitimate in every sense of the word. She may take an L here tonight, Dante.


Dante Reed - I’ll believe it when I see it. She’s one of the best wrestlers in the world. Not just here but on a global scale. Flash is no slouch himself, however. But you can’t deny his inexperience may play a factor here.


[Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she unclips her title from around her waist- holding it one hand as she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket with the other, skating up the steel steps and climbing the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, Em lifts the Trench War Championship into the air for all to see. Ooh, she's chuffed to even hold it in her hands. Once the eccentric Irish traveler has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. Once she's in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upper body falls backwards and she holds the Trench War Championship up in the air with both arms right up. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and crawls into her corner, removing her jacket and dumping the battered old thing to the outside as she sits down, legs flat out with the title now draped over her knees, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - Both competitors are in the ring now.


Sebastian Riggs - They share a brief stare-down. Both of these superstars want a win. I expect fireworks galore.


Dante Reed - The referee hands off Layton’s belt and calls for the bell. One of these two will headline the next pay per view. The stakes could not be any higher. This match is underway!




[The bell rings and both wrestlers begin to circle one another. They lock up in the center of the ring then fight for supremacy for all of Japan to see. Kassidy swings the smaller Emery around then gains the upper hand with a hard shove! Layton falls back into ropes leading her to slingshot forward back at Flash! He catches her with a sharp kick to the gut! Layton bends over and he catches her with a sitout jawbreaker! The smaller Emery bounces into the turnbuckles. She wraps her arms around the top ropes on either side of her body to stop from falling flat on the mat. Flash uses the opportunity to backup slightly to get a running go at Layton. He comes flying in with a Yakuza kick! Emery hits the mat and Kassidy quickly falls down on top of her. The crowd pops as he hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Emery Layton gets a shoulder up! Flash is in control of this one in the early goings here.


Dante Reed - That kick in the corner was vicious.


[Layton gets back to her feet. Kassidy comes at her, leading her to take off at Flash full speed. She nails him with a running forearm smash then bounces back up to her feet then whips herself off the ropes while Flash gets back up. Emery slingshots back at him for another running forearm smash!]


Dante Reed - Layton is on the offensive now! She’s rolling.


[Emery continues her momentum while Flash shows his resilience to her offense. He gets to one knee and she hits him with a shining wizard out of nowhere. Kassidy hits the mat in a heap and the Trench War Champion hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Flash kicks out at two! The speed of this match is something else.


Sebastian Riggs - These two are both speed demons and fly all over the place. I expected nothing less from these two.


[Both wrestlers get to their feet but Flash is still dazed a bit. Emery whips him into the ropes and on the return, he catches her for a tilt-a-whirl arm drag! Layton hits the mat and Kassidy follows up by leaping up into the air! He comes down on Emery’s chest with all his weight with a double foot stomp! Flash leaps back to his feet and hovers above his fallen opponent briefly before attempting a standing moonsault! Layton lifts up both knees leading Kassidy to crash and burn! He holds his ribs after the counter on the mat. Now both wrestlers lay flat on their back as the Japan faithful thoroughly enjoy the match being put on before them.]


Sebastian Riggs - The referee begins his count but these two just took a short breather.


Dante Reed - Short, indeed. They both are now back up!


[The two wrestlers circle each other again after the brief rest on the mat. They strike out at the same exact time to lock up once more. Layton uses a knee to the gut to gain the upperhand on her larger opponent. When Flash bends over she catches him with a knee lift! Kassidy hits a knee and Emery dashes for the turnbuckles. Flash gets up and gives chase. Layton gets to the corner and leaps up on the middle turnbuckle then looks between her legs with her back to a charging Flash Kassidy. She leaps off backwards and catches Flash with a picture perfect reverse frankensteiner. The Trench War Champ hooks a leg.]


.. One!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Flash gets a shoulder up at one and a half! He wants to win and headline the next pay per view. He’s showing real toughness in this one.


Sebastian Riggs - They are swapping blows now!


[Emery Layton and Flash begin swapping punches in the center of the ring. Kassidy catches Emery across the chest with a sharp back hand chop that sends her back. He then follows up with a single leg mushroom stomp! Flash then puts some distance between he and Layton. He then rolls on the mat then ends up flipping on top of Emery with all of his weight!]


Sebastian Riggs - Rolling thunder! Kassidy continues to impress here tonight.


Dante Reed - As is Layton. She always comes for a fight and never backs down from one.


[Emery gets to one knee in a daze. Flash continues his onslaught with an elbow shot to the back of Layton’s head! She wobbles a bit after the violent shot. Kassidy hits her with another sharp elbow to the back of the head and the second sends her flat to the mat. Flash quickly hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - The Trench War Champion kicks out at one!


Sebastian Riggs - They are both back up already! There is no quit in either of these two. I would say heroic if it didn’t sound so damn cliche.


[Emery and Flash circle each other once more. The two wrestlers breath heavy but neither back down at all. Layton takes off suddenly at Kassidy and catches him with a dropkick to the face! The shot sends him through the ropes and onto the apron.]


Sebastian Riggs - That running drop kick stopped Flash dead in his tracks.


[Kassidy uses the ropes to pull himself up. He’s surprised Layton didn’t follow up and looks over at her. A wide smile covers her face. Emery has both hands out in front of her body motioning her opponent to “bring it”. Flash obliges immediately by gliding through the ropes. The two wrestlers begin swapping shots again. Layton uses her left leg to kick at Flash but he snatches it up! She then counters with an enziguri with her free right foot! Emery Layton gets back to her feet then hoists up her opponent from behind. She then delivers a nasty backstabber! Flash hits the mat in a pile. Emery quickly hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Whew, that was close. Flash gets a shoulder up at the last possible moment. Amazing effort on his part.


Sebastian Riggs - They are going at it again!


[The two wrestlers swap punches once more. The crowd watches on in complete anticipation. Kassidy nails Emery with a solid right uppercut! The shot sends her back. He follows up by dashing at her full speed! Flash hits a beautiful swinging neck breaker. Emery hits the mat but Kassidy doesn’t go for the pin.]


Dante Reed - What’s he doing now?


Sebastian Riggs - Making a miscalculation looks like.


[Kassidy hits the ropes just behind him which slingshots him back at Layton, who gets up suddenly! She counters his charge by catching him then lifting him up into the air, which he turns into his Koopa Drop. A running elevated DDT! Kassidy then turns and rushes over to the closest corner turnbuckle. He bounces off the middle rope up onto the top turnbuckle with cat like balance.]


Sebastian Riggs - Kassidy wants to put Emery away here, Dante.


Dante Reed - Yeah.. He..







Sebastian Riggs - What is this!?







[“So Cold” by Breaking Benjamin plays throughout. Kassidy watches the entrance ramp while still perched atop the top turnbuckle. Ragnarok walks out onto the stage!]


Dante Reed - That’s Ragnarok from Carnage Wrestling! What’s he doing here!?!


Sebastian Riggs - He clearly did not want Kassidy to win this match. What kind of shirt is he wearing?!


[The bright lights hit Ragnarok revealing he is wearing a Salvation t-shirt! Kassidy is stunned by this and now paying no attention to his opponent, who has gotten back to her feet. Ragnarok walks down to the ring staring Kassidy down the entire way.]


Sebastian Riggs - He needs to pay attention to one of the best in the world that he’s currently in the ring with.


[Ragnarok stops at the ring steps and looks up at Flash, who looks back at him. The staredown continues while Emery rushes to the corner where Kassidy is perched. She bounces up on the middle rope to surprise the unsuspecting Flash Kassidy! The Trench War Champion then wraps her both arms around his neck before he can react and leaps off. The top rope cutter wows the crowd. Layton pins Kassidy to the mat as Ragnarok watches on from ringside.]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner and advancing to the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament Finals, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!


Dante Reed - The Trench War Champion does it! She wins and will headline the next pay per view. She could possibly become a dual champion here at Union Battleground, Sebastian.


Sebastian Riggs - She continues to shine above the rest for sure. Wrestler of the year and now she’s well on her way to holding two title belts. She’s one of the biggest stars in all of UB, Dante.


Dante Reed - Flash Kassidy has nothing to be ashamed of but Ragnarok cost him this match. I think he could have won if not for the distraction. What’s he doing now?


[Emery Layton gets her hand raised in victory by the referee, who hands her the Trench War Championship. She then leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. Once she’s out of the ring, the newest Salvation member slides in the ring.]


Dante Reed - He’s not done with Flash.


[Kassidy stirs a bit. He then slowly wobbles to his feet, completely exhausted and still dazed. Flash finally stumbles to his feet while Ragnarok watches on from behind him. Kassidy turns around and Ragnarok nearly takes his head off with a super kick! He then hits his chest indicating his loyalty to Salvation.]


Sebastian Riggs - Ragnarok has a bone to pick with Flash Kassidy. You know Flash won’t let this stand.


Dante Reed - What a superkick! He nearly took his jaw off.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s like I told you, Dante. Salvation wants to take over wrestling and there’s no resistance against it. Zero.


Dante Reed - We’ll see how this unfolds. But you’re right, Salvation will stop at nothing, and I bet ever since Kassidy took out Alexander Devin at Relapse to get into this tournament and basically shit all over the group, they’ve probably plotted this attack since then! Folks, coming up next is our main event! It’s The Outliers and The Firing Squad for the Battalion Championships, stay tuned!

You're Welcome

[Instrumental sirens and snare dream beat fill the P.A. system and immediately the lights dim down low. Everyone's attention turns to the stage, waiting for the arrival of Oceane Jourdain and Sabina Sainte. They know this because the video screen above the entrance way flickers on and showcases a video package for the two. This mix of sirens, snare drum pattern and techno-ish rhythm lasts a few seconds before Iggy Azalea's voice is heard.]





[On cue with the introduction of vocals, the girls make their appearance. They both walk out through the curtain, Oceane leading - high stepping a little as the lights flood down on her. Her arm is reached back and her fingers laced with Sabina's as she emerges, an extra sway in her step. The two beautiful women stop together in the centre of the spotlight, giving a little pose to the crowd. Oceane biting on her perfectly manicured finger, and Sabina popping her hips in either direction sexually. This lasts a few short seconds before both smile and begin their descent down to the ring. The ring announcer does the introductions as they walk down, announcing "Oceane Jourdain" first, which is when Sabina points to her bestie. "and Sabina Sainte" is announced next, and Oceane returns the favor by pointing to her. After which, the two link hands again and continue their way down. Once at ringside, they turn and approach the nearest set of steps with Oceane still leading. They don't release hands until Oceane steps onto the apron. This is when they split, each going their opposite way. Sabina walks along the apron to mid-ring while Oceane enters from her side.  Oceane walks through the ring, joining Sabina at the ropes again. Sabina lays across the middle rope, hooking a leg over the top and extending the other high in the air. Oceane climbs the ropes, one foot on the bottom rope while the other steps over the ropes and hooks over the top. She smiles that seductive smile of hers as she stares out into the crowd. They keep this pose a few brief moments before Oceane steps down and Sabina slips through the ropes completely. They meet up again in the center of the ring, praising one another and giggling as their music fades out. Once the music has faded, Oceane and Sabina both motion for microphones to be handed to them. Once they’re obliged, they each tap their microphone to make sure it’s working.]


Oceane Jourdain - “Testing, testing.”


Sabina Sainte - “Do you think they can hear us?”


Oceane Jourdain - Bonjour Japan!”


[A chorus of jeers rain down on the girls, proving that they aren’t exactly the most popular kids in Union High. Sabina covers the microphone with her hand.]


Sabina Sainte - “They totally hear us.”


Oceane Jourdain - “Like most definitely.”


[Both girls take a moment to bask in the jeers. They point at each other while mouthing “I love you” and seeing who gets the most jeers from the audience. It’s pretty equal. They’re probably the few people that live for the hate. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After a few moments, Sabina holds the microphone to her lips and smirks.]


Sabina Sainte - “Listen up Haters!”


[More jeers. This time she just begins to yell over them]


Sabina Sainte - “Sabina Sainte and Ocean Jourdain are here to stay. You can’t keep us in the dark and you certainly can’t ignore us! We are your future Battalion Champions and you just better get used to that idea. I mean honestly, you’re welcome. You don’t deserve us but here we are anyways, just always doing the Lord’s work and giving to those in need.”


[This didn’t impress the audience who continues to boo. Sabby rolls her eyes and places a hand on her hip.]


Oceane Jourdain - “Despite the fact people rudely tried to keep us off the show, here we are. The second we lost to Noah and the fat one, social media, trash mags, and every other news outlet in between blew up with news of our failure. Some tried to sugar coat it and say we did great, and blah, blah. But nearly all of them agreed on one thing; we’d tuck our tails between our legs and take off.”


[Oceane pauses for a moment to let the crowd agree with her, and obviously they do. No one believed that the two girls were in it to actually stick around.]


Oceane Jourdain - “That’s not what we’re about. We are rich and we are perfect, but we are also competitors. And we are here to prove that. We aren’t blind to bullshit. We see and hear everything. Our presence alone seems to piss off people for whatever stupid reason. Stuff like that is what we live for and exactly why we plan to make ourselves known during tonight’s Battalion Championship match.”


Sabina Sainte - “Did you really think you’d get rid of us that easily?”


[Sabina mocked the crowd and made a face at them.]


Sabina Sainte - “Not gonna happen! So we’re going to sit our perfect, designer-clad behinds at ringside tonight so we can see who ends up leaving Japan with OUR titles! Whoever wins should hold them real tight because they won’t be yours for much longer. Show us what you’ve got, boys.”


[She winked into the camera and both girls started giggling and being obnoxious. Then they began posing in the ring making championship belt motions over their own waists. After a few moments of that, they slipped out of the ring and took their seats at ringside.]

Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for tonight’s main event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Battalion Championships! Introducing first, the challengers. Weighing in at a combined weight of 546 pounds, the team of “The Assault Rifle” Noah Reigner and Rumble Reyes, they are The Firing Squad!




[The lights go out, leaving the audience in wonder as they cheer anyway, nothing ever boring happens when the lights go out. When the tron comes alive, and the music hits, it's a sound of a drum coupled with some static. Various guns can be heard, mixed together into an electro-esque mix, with the same drums, and flashes of actual guns going off in the video. By this point, the audience already knows who is coming, and have already began to display their reactions of love or hate. After the first 20 seconds or so, the song stops for a quick second. When it kicks back in, more lights kick on all over the place, spotlights going every which way. From behind the black curtain, both Noah Reigner and "Rumble" Reyes - the Firing Squad - step out. They pause on either side of the ramp, making rifles with their arms and trying to time it at the mix of the song. As expected, Noah is a bit more hyped for the match, making his way down to the ring first. Of course, it's just Rumble's natural response to everything, he seems to only have one emotion as he slowly walks down to the ring with this arms crossed across his chest. Noah slides under the bottom rope, jumping up onto the second rope as Rumble is getting down to the ramp. Reyes takes the stairs, naturally, pushing the top rope down and walking over. All the while, Reigner has been pretending to gun down the audience. Once Reyes gets into the ring, he stands in the center, facing the side Noah is on. Together they pose again with "rifles", before Reigner hops down.]


Dante Reed - Finally, The Firing Squad’s requests have been answered here tonight.


Sebastian Riggs - Ever since the season one finale, Coup de Grâce, Reigner and Reyes have been relentless at getting another crack at the Champs. They’ve taken down the Osaka Rebels at Burning Hammer, they took down The Patron Saintes of Sass and Class, and I’d say without a doubt, they are the rightful number one contenders for the Battalion Championships. Let’s see what they got in store for the champs! They definitely look prepared here tonight.


[The house lights come down and the audience can't help but rise to their feet. Lighters pop up everywhere, the flames flickering in the darkness like neurons firing in the brain. They're joined by the neon glow of hundreds of cell phone screens hoisted into the air, emitting soft halos of light that further illuminate the arena. Excited murmurs ripple through the crowd amidst dissonant waves of ambient fuzz. It sounds like crackling arcs of electricity climbing up a giant Jacob's Ladder. After a gradual build in its intensity and the addition of low-frequency rumbles...]


[The building is suddenly flooded by a vivid rush of colors. A macabre clash of contrasting hues: lush magenta and candy blue. A rich, heavily saturated lighting scheme reminiscent of Mario Bava or Dario Argento stains the arena. As the crowd basks in the swirl of light, the towering video monitor slowly fades in with images that are trapped in limbo between feelings and reality. A kind of cinematic petri dish with a thematic fixation on dystopian nightmares and hostile extraterrestrial encounters. They attempt to put you in the desert of your consciousness while it writhes within the meat sack that is your body. We’re not talking screensaver fodder here, either--imagine blackened veins being tugged from some sickly creature’s neck wound and you’ll get an idea of the eye candy on display. Why not a human figure that looks primordial and evolutionarily incomplete ascending through an almost blinding inferno to either enlightenment, release, damnation or maybe all three. The crowd stands there with the images glowing in their eyes. Stendhal Syndrome. A visual bludgeoning that is dreamlike, unsettling and mysterious.]


[Then, without warning, the music hits and the PA system practically detonates. Incinerating, razor-sharp sheets of sound reignite the entire audience who erupt with cheers: it's The Red Chord's "It Came From Over There" heaving back and forth between groove and fury effortlessly. Relentlessly. The barrage of bowel-churning death metal grind builds up to a powder keg-like crescendo when the synth finally explodes into a psychedelic moog pattern courtesy of Sigh’s Mirai Kawashima.]


Mike Dempsey - And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 345 pounds, the team of HeWhoCorrupts and Sawtooth Grin, they are the Union Battleground Battalion Champions, The Outliers!




[In that instant, a lone spotlight catches The Outliers cutting through the haze of fog and echo. They’re submerged in blue and red light, more shadow than flesh. They pause to raise the Battalion Championships, exuding a playful menace. They continue to prowl toward the ring, wading through the sea of people clutching at the titles and patting them on the back.]


Dante Reed - And here they are! The world renowned tag team, the Battalion Champions, The Outliers! Bas, these two guys certainly know how to make an entrance!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it, Dante! Just listen to this crowd! These guys are not only known for their tag team prowess, but they are two of the best in the mic, and it’s certainly hard to find anyone who can hold a candle next to their theatrics! These guys get me so amped! AHH!!


[One by one, The Outliers hop over the fence and roll into the ring. They circle along the ropes with an ominous eye-of-the-storm calm until Sawtooth Grin starts contorting his rail-thin body into a series of strange, unnerving positions--his spindly silhouette seems downright inhuman. Hewhocorrupts is twisting and twitching in front of the digital images, his bony shoulders undulating in the shadows, creeping out of the dark. By the end, they're entangled around the ringpost like a pair of raw nerves and coursing with current like a frayed wire. The Outliers stare into the camera with the focus of a dagger plowing its way through thick heavy walls. The Kubrick stare. A look known to sour wells and make women barren. A look that would burn right through you. Gasoline rainbows and road flares.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both teams are now squared away in their respective corners, and it looks like we will have Noah Reigner and ‘Crupts starting this one off. The official is checking off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This main event match up is underway!




[Noah Reigner and HWC decide that they will start the match for their respective teams. The two men look coldly and deeply into one another’s eyes, this heated rivalry only seems to get hotter. You can see Sawtooth Grin on the apron, keeping an eye on The Patron Saintes who sit at ringside. The two men in the ring begin to circle one another, Reigner with a slight jump in his step as the speedster looks to take advantage of the quickness edge he has. The two men lock up, quickly HWC’s power takes over as he viciously ducks under and delivers an awkward German suplex, that plants Reigner directly on his shoulder. Reigner lets out a holler as he lands. He however is able to use his speed to rotate his hips, and locks in a side headlock.]


[HWC shoves Reigner off and into a neutral corner, charges, and eats the bottom of Reigner’s boot. HWC stumbles backwards into the middle of the ring as Reigner runs and slides on his back between HWC’s legs. Looking up at his opponent and delivers both feet to his opponent’s chest, sending the bigger competitor back into the corner. HWC immediately charges out of the corner, only to get dropped to the mat with a low dropkick to the knee. Reigner quickly reapplies the side headlock but has to improvise as HWC begins to power his way to his feet, and Reigner delivers a quick arm drag. This creates some space as both men stop and look at one another.]


Dante Reed - Noah Reigner is using his technique to control the pace early here.


[The frustration in HWC’s eyes seem to boil over as he charges at Reigner, in an attempt to catch his opponent HWC begins to chase Reigner around the ring. Reigner sprints toward the ropes and is able to hold onto the top and middle rope and swing himself, causing HWC to awkwardly go flying through the ropes and crash onto the floor. A smile comes across Reigner’s face, as he is able to adapt his style to frustrate his opponent. HWC slowly begins to climb back into the ring. His pride surely taken a hit as the two men once again begin to circle the ring. As HWC gets to his corner, he is able to tag in his opponent.]


Dante Reed - Quick Tag, and now Sawtooth Grin is in!


Sebastian Riggs - The Caged Glory Dragon Champion matches up quite well with Reigner in regards to the grappling and technical side of this bout. Let’s see if he can shift the momentum here.


[Sawtooth Grin climbs into the ring, he looks at Reyes in the corner and points to him, demanding for the big man. Reyes points at himself in response, and receives a nod from the champion. Reigner walks over and tags in his partner, “Rumble” Reyes. Slowly Reyes begins to advance toward Sawtooth Grin, getting closer and closer as Grin begins to back into the neutral corner. Reyes mere feet from the champ lunges for him, Sawtooth ducks and delivers a hard stiff right hand to the kidney, followed with a kick to the back of the knee, followed by another, and another. Reyes falls to his knees facing the turnbuckle, as Sawtooth darts across the ring bouncing off of the opposite corner and delivers a massive dropkick. Driving Reyes head first into the turnbuckle. He pulls him out of the corner and falls into a cover!]






…Thr — Kickout by Rumble Reyes!


Dante Reed - Surprising move to call out the big man!


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah but he’s chopping him down slowly! Not a bad game plan honestly. It’s like in prison, you take out the biggest mother fucker there, then no one will mess with you!


[Sawtooth wastes no time locking the big man into a front headlock, his arm deep, tightly wrapped around the challenger’s neck. Slowly Reyes is able to power his way back to his feet, shoving Sawtooth off and into the ropes. As he rebounds off he gets trucked with a huge shoulder check dropping him to the ground. Reyes drags Grin to his corner, he picks up his legs and slingshots Sawtooth into a huge elbow. Reyes holds onto it as Grin falls backwards onto his knees, a quick tag in and Reigner Leaps over the top rope and delivers a beautiful leg drop. Reyes rolls out of the ring as Reigner hooks the leg for the cover and the referee falls for his count.]






…Thr — Kickout by Sawtooth Grin!


[Sawtooth Grin shoving his way free and begins to crawl toward his teammates outstretched hand. Reigner however is able to cut him off with a boot to the side of the face. He charges toward the corner and shoves HWC off of the ropes to the ringside area.  Noah turns around straight into a huge superkick by Grin. Reigner bounces off of the ropes and into a code breaker! Sawtooth frantically crawling to his corner, only to notice his partner isn’t there. He uses the ropes to climb back to his feet. He charges Reigner…Rocket Kick! The single leg dropkick from Reigner connects to the Jaw of Grin! He crawls into the cover.]






…Thre — Kickout by Sawtooth Grin!


Dante Reed - A lot of back and forth here, but Noah seems to hold the slight edge.


Sebastian Riggs - True, but at any given moment Grin can turn it around. It’s anyone’s game right now.


[Sawtooth Grin looks over at his corner, where his partner is still absent. He decides to climb back to his feet, Grin looks at Reigner, who charges him, and drop toe hold! Reigner is sent throat first into the middle rope. As he lays their HWC is able to deliver a huge left hand to the jaw, followed subsequently with Sawtooth leaping over the ring ropes into a leg drop to the back of Reigner’s neck. Sawtooth slide back into the ring and tags in HWC. HWC climbs into the ring and hooks both of Reigners arms, he lifts him up into a piledriver clutch as Sawtooth climbs to the top rope…Double foot stomp to Reigner straight into the piledriver! HWC goes into the cover!]






…Broken up by Reyes!


Dante Reed - Excellent double team move by The Outliers!


Sebastian Riggs - Reigner got saved by that behemoth Reyes!


[Reyes drops the double fists to break the count, but as he stands up he eats a huge right hand. But it doesn’t seem to phase him. He stands straight up and looks directly at Sawtooth Grin. Huge right hand, big arching haymakers connect with the jaw of Grin. He goes for the clothesline, but Grin is able to duck under it rebounding off of the ropes and delivering a big leaping uppercut. Reyes stumbles, determined to take down the big man, Grin does it once more this time it drops the big man, who rolls out of the ring. Grin turns around and straight into a Brain Dead Buster from Reigner! The stalling brain buster connects, as Reigner shoves Grin out of the ring. He turns his attention back to HWC who delivers a huge boot to the abdomen double over Reigner…DISASTERPEACE! HWC crawls into the cover!]


... One!


[Reigner throws his foot on the ropes.]


... Two!


[The ref doesn't see it!]


... Three!


... NO!


Dante Reed - Holy shit! It was almost déjà vu for The Firing Squad!


[The referee says no fall! He sees the foot on the ropes. HWC thinks he won the match, he is leaning against the ropes telling the stage hand to give him his title. Reigner slowly stumbles back to his feet. HWC turns back around and walks straight into a Spinebuster from Reigner! Reigner knowing he has HWC all alone drags him back to his feet…The Reigner Special! The maneuver connects in the middle of the ring! He covers!]




[Sawtooth Grin climbs to the top rope.]




[He leaps through the air!]


…Reigner moves!


[Sensing Grin, Reigner moves out of the way causing Sawtooth to land directly on top of his partner! Reigner throws Sawtooth out of the ring, and falls into another cover!]








[The crowd EXPLODES as just mere moments from the referees three count, HWC defiantly throws his shoulder into the air. The kick out had such power that Reigner leaves the ground and lands a couple feet away. He’s shocked as he crawls into his corner, yelling for Reyes to get up as his eyes don’t leave HWC!]


[Reyes isn’t moving but HWC has, so Reigner decides its time to attack. He begins to stalk his opponent, but as he goes to attack, Sawtooth Grin grabs ahold of his foot. Distracted, Reigner forgets about HWC for a moment and then gets blasted! Sawtooth slides into the ring as Reyes pulls Reigner to his feet, lifting him high on his shoulder in the electric chair. He backs into the middle of the ring as Grin bounces off the ropes. HWC drops him down in front of him STRAIGHT INTO THE THUMBSUCKER!! Reigner is down and out…HWC crawls into the cover!]








[Reyes immediately turns his attention to Grin, throwing him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. So hard that Grin collides with the steel and the continues to fall out of the ring and to the floor! He turns back to HWC as the two big men of their tag teams stand nose to nose. You can see the two rivals verbally joisting, the referee trying to regain control of the match. He slowly is able to back Reyes  to his corner, trying to get the  challenger out of the ring. Meanwhile, Reigner stands behind  HWC, quickly drops to one knee and delivers a LOW BLOW! HWC slumps from the stiff shot to the groin, Reigner rolls him up. The referee still distracted with Reyes who is now frantically pointing to the pinfall.]




[Reyes finally stops yelling for the ref to turn around and climbs out to the floor. The ref turns around into the count!]








[Reigner can’t believe it. He walks over and tags in Reyes. Reigner lifts HWC to his feet and grabs him from behind. Reyes bounces off of the ropes and delivers a huge European uppercut straight into a German Suplex from Reigner! Reigner holds it there as Reye falls on top of HWC’s legs. The referee drops for the count.]






…Thre…Kickout by HEWHOCORRUPTS!


[Reyes looks over at Reigner, and he rises to his feet motioning that it was over! Reyes lifts HWC up in the Gory Special Hold. Reigner climbs into the ring and sprints across the ring bounces off the rope…SUPERKICK FROM GRIN! Reigner drops to the floor, and “Rumble” Reyes drops HWC, charging Grin. Grin pulls down on the top rope and Reyes gets sent flying over the top rope. Grin looks out at Reyes, grabs onto the top rope and pulls him self up and over into a cross body. He frantically climbs onto the apron. HEWHOCORRUPTS across from him. Reigner unaware of what is happening slowly climbs back to his feet, stumbling into the middle of the ring…ERASERHEAD!!!! Sawtooth Grin covers, HWC watches for Reyes.]












Dante Reed - Wait a minute... Grin made the cover, but I thought Crupts was the legal man?


Sebastian Riggs - I’m not sure, Dante. There was so much going on, I lost track!


Dante Reed - Folks, I’m not 100% here, but we may have had another controversial finish here. We’ll have to go back to the tapes, but for now, The Outliers are still Champs! That’s all we have for tonight folks! Check us again in two weeks as we make our way over to Shanghai, China at the Mercedes-Benz Arena! Good night!

The Knight

[As the previous match draws to a close, the screen suddenly cuts away from the match and begins to flicker with random images, but then stops at a doorway. The camera comes up to the door, with it slowly opening as we enter and the door slams shut behind the cameraman as if it knew instinctively that he had entered, indicating the cameraman was sought out. After looking back at the door shutting behind him, the cameraman turns around and so does his vision, revealing that he is now in front of a lake, with a door on the other side of it. The camera begins to move straight forward, thinking of crossing the lake and coming to the other door but the camera stops moving as there was a lingering smell of death that always existed when she was near, or at least if she had been there. The camera looks down at the water, and notices a few souls have been trapped in there as they swim frantically about. They look up at him, then try to reach for the camera as it backs away, lowered now to the ground with the cameraman himself crawling on his arms, as a black cloaked woman with her face mostly covered has appeared from behind him. She looks down at the camera, staring at the man holding it behind the lens, puzzled as to where he has come from but she knows the doorway was finicky from time to time, allowing strangers into her world, sometimes without her permission. The cameraman tries to stand up as she grabs him.]

The Knight - “Intruder… I do not like intruders here…that thing tends to make my home full of those who are not worthy of me.”

[The Knight drags the cameraman away from the Lake of Souls, then takes him over to where she has her chopping block set up for wood, places his head on it while she place her foot on his head. She looks down at the helpless cameraman, then back out to the lake and picks up a shiny axe made of a metal unlike anything we’ve seen before as it glistens.]

The Knight - “You know, the last group of intruders that came here, did not manage to survive the night because I did not allow it. You on the other hand, happen to be alive right now because I am currently allowing you to breathe.”  

[The Knight binds his hands behind him and then stands him back up. She was clearly not happy with having visitors but she knew the door would only allow those few that needed to be there to pass, so she figured he had some sort of purpose.]

The Knight - “Walk…”

[She slings the axe over her shoulder, beginning to escort him past her cabin where there was something glowing on the mantle, the cameraman notices and is visibly curious but she pushes him forward aggressively into the forest. The cameraman seems to be afraid what she may be about to do because he got a sense of evil from her but then she smiled and cackled loudly.]

The Knight - “Salvation only comes to those who deserve it but to those who do not, a swift death shall follow.  A beautiful ending is what shall be bestowed upon those who do not follow the path. Salvation is home, are you ready to begin your own journey home?”

[She kicks the cameraman in the knee causing him drop down to both knees. She takes in the cameraman’s whimpering, basking in it as she leans forward deviously chuckling in his ear.]

The Knight - “Any last words intruder?”

[As the cameraman can not manage to stammer anything out, out of nowhere a hand reaches out for him, through a doorway which appears out of nowhere in front of him just as The Knight had begun to take a swing! She screams with all of her rage as the scene slowly fades with her deafening screams echoing.]

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