Horncastle Arena

Christchurch, New Zealand

7, 930

Desktop 1920 x 1080

welcome to the show

[The previous scene slowly fades out, and then there is a moment of darkness. The Union Battleground logo slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view distorts and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Lights Out" by Royal Blood kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena.]

[Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are finishing up one of their hit songs as the camera angles pan all throughout the arena. As Knux finishes off his solo and bringing the song to a close, a huge fireworks display ignites and lights up the entire arena like a supernova! We now finally venture over to the broadcast booth to start the show.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, I am your host "The Doctor" Dante Reed alongside me is the one and only Sebastian Riggs, and this is L!GHTS OUT #17! We are here live at the Horncastle Arena in Christchurch, New Zealand in front of a jam packed crowd of 7, 930 diehard fans! Tonight we have a lot in store for you, as we finish up the first round of the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament matches, and also have another one of the four horsemen medallions at stake!

Sebastian Riggs - Right you are, Dante! Not only that, we have several competitors making their Union Battleground debuts! Firs up, we have the GWP World Heavyweight Champion Blake Archer taking on Joe Stanton in the opener. We have Maggie Chamberlain taking on the hometown hero Trey Gambill. We have The newest addition to the Battalion division, The Patron Saintes of Sass and Class taking on a pissed off Firing Squad. We have have the newest addition of Salvation, Tommy Crimson taking on Conor Tate.

Dante Reed - Right you are, Bas. Plus, our Horsemen Medallion match has Kimitsu Zombie taking on Kenneth James Bradford. And our two King Cobra Tournament matches, Flash Kassidy versus Trixie, and our main event, Terry McKenna versus Finn Whelan! Just about every match here tonight has a newcomer, which you have to believe there are going to be a lot of unpredictable moments tonight.

Sebastian Riggs - Absolutely, I'm excited to get things kicked off here!

Dante Reed - Well let's not waste anymore time then!


Earlier Today


[The debuting Patron Saintes of Sass and Class were currently sat inside their limo in the parking lot of the Horncastle Arena. L!GHTS OUT #17 was still a few hours from starting, but the two socialites were getting a bit restless. They had already checked and rechecked their flawless appearance several times. Oceane was dressed in an impeccable Saint Laurent jacquard silk and crocheted crop top with a deep, illusion V-neckline, high-waisted black leather shorts from the same fashion house, and black and gold spiked Louboutin heels. Her hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail and the French Phenom had already taken a dozen selfies of herself.]


[Her Grecian bestie was wearing a pair of high-waisted Good American jeans that laced all down the sides, a black leather Fleur du Mal bustier-style crop top and a pair of Louboutin Pigalle spiked silver pumps. Sabina was fluffing her Victoria’s Secret-style curls and pouting her berry lips (Mac Cosmetics ‘Rebel’ FYI) while staring at herself in her phone’s camera.]


[Ever since Noah Reigner had arrived to the building, the two girls had been watching him closely. With him today was his close friend and confidant, Andrew Wolfe. Both men were in and out of the building, but at the moment they were in deep conversation right by the back entrance.]


Oceane Jourdain - What could they honestly be speaking about that is taking so long?


Sabina Sainte - No amount of strategy is going to help Noah out tonight.


Oceane Jourdain - Certainly not from tubby over there. Why does Noah love fat people?


[Sabina pouted at her bestie and playfully hit her on the arm.]


Sabina Sainte - Tsk, OC! Dad bods are in and Andrew Wolfe’s dad bod is like Grade A.


[A smirk crossed her face as she looked Andrew Wolfe up and down and her bestie looked like she might hurl. Instead, Oceane rolled her eyes.]


Oceane Jourdain - Chubby chaser.


[Before Sabina could retort to her besties snide remark, they watched as Noah stepped away from Andrew and headed into the building. Wolfe took his phone out of his pocket and began texting as the sassiest and classiest superstars in Union Battleground exchanged devious looks. With a well-timed hair flip in unison, they got out of their limo and headed across the parking lot towards him. Oceane pointed to the dumpster and motioned for Sabina to go hide. Sabina made the absolute most disgusted face in the history of the world.]


Oceane Jourdain - Don’t act like that’s the grossest thing you’ve ever seen. You went with us on the stupid charity trip to Ethiopia. You’ve seen gross. Fly ridden children, bloated bellies.


[Oceane felt nauseous just thinking about it.]


Sabina Sainte - Fine but if this outfit gets ruined because I might have to touch a dumpster, I’m going to feed you to Rumble tonight.


[Oceane shuddered and made her way towards to Andrew. As she casually brushed past him, she let her Louis Vuitton bag drop from her hands.]


Oceane Jourdain - Pardon moi!


[Andrew looked up from his phone and immediately did a double take. Obviously because Oceane was stunning.]


Andrew Wolfe - Ahhh the princess opponent.


[Oceane smiled shyly.]


Oceane Jourdain - Nearly a princess. My engagement didn’t work out.


[She bent down slowly to gather her bag, not at all being subtle. Andrew Wolfe may be spoken for, but it didn’t stop him from leaning back and taking in the gorgeous backside of Oceane Jordaine. The French Phenom basically did the bend and snap as she stood back up and slung her bag over her shoulder. Andrew couldn't help but smile at the beauty as she took a step towards him. Placing a hand on his chest, she shook her head.]


Oceane Jourdain - You really should keep better company.


[Andrew went to roll his eyes but didn’t make it. At that moment Sabina had come up behind him and delivered a stiff kick to the back of his knees and he buckled. Oceane let out a laugh as he crumpled at her feet. Neither girl wasted a moment before they began laying the boots to him with their stilettos. After a few moments of stomping the hell out of him, Oceane grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked him to his knees. Bending over, she forced him to look her in the eyes.]


Oceane Jourdain - You are disgusting.


Sabina Sainte - Give Reigner our best regards.


[Sabina grabbed Andrew and held him up, his arms behind his back. Oceane took a running start and nearly took his head off with a big boot to the face. On hands and knees, he tried to get back to his feet. The girls stood laughing at the pathetic mess he was, until they got bored of that. Sabby grabbed him by the hair and threw him face-first into the brick wall next to them. They stood there and began congratulating one another for a job well done, giggling and just being obnoxious. Oceane took out her phone and both girls dropped down to either side of the injured Andrew Wolfe.]


Oceane Jourdain - Selfie time!


[They took several snaps and pics of themselves posing with Andrew and then both got to their feet. After brushing themselves off, they smirked. Oceane gave Andrew one last look of disgust and walked off. Sabina lingered for a moment. She bent down and gave Andrew’s dad bod a little squeeze. She smiled down at his jiggling stomach and whispered.]


Sabina Sainte - Never lose your dad bod. It’s flawless.


[And with a wink she sauntered off after her friend.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 6'1" and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is “The Scarlet Speedster” Joe Stanton!


Sebastian Riggs - And finally, the seventeenth edition of L!GHTSOUT!


Dante Reed - Up next we will see Joe Stanton take on Blake Archer! This should be a great match, Riggs. Two guys making their Battleground debuts!









Dante Reed - Stanton wears his sunglasses at night.


Sebastian Riggs - Let’s just hope it’s not to block out these bright lights. There’s no hiding from that here tonight.


[The thumping of the song and the darkening of the house lights cue the fans to put their hands together, clapping along with the tune as a blinding stage light creates a massive glare that blinds those in attendance and at home watching. When the stage light dims and some spotlights cast on the stage, Joe Stanton is there standing with his signature pair of sunglasses on. He looks out at the fans and he pumps his fist a few times in rhythm with the song before he heads for the ring and enters it quickly. Throwing his jacket to the side, Joe circles the ring pointing to the fans in attendance before he shadow boxes in his corner, waiting for the tune to end.]


Sebastian Riggs - Stanton looks ready to go. Blake Archer may halt his momentum in a hurry, Dante.


Dante Reed - Archer has wrestled all over the world. He comes to Union Battleground as a legitimate contender. Stanton is a very talented in ring performer in his own right. I think this one will be great.




Dante Reed - Depeche Mode?


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah. This guy gets it.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6'9" and weighing in at 295 pounds, from Canton, Ohio, “The King of the Canines” Blake Archer!


[Archer steps out from behind the entrance. He holds his fist up above his head and than precedes to make his way towards the ring. He reaches his hands out to his sides touching fingertips with those stretching out to touch him.]







Sebastian Riggs - Archer comes into this match as a champion for another organization. A broad skill set indeed.


Dante Reed - Stanton is a stand out. You will see.


[He stops and hits the steel rings steps than climbs them to the ring apron and stepping over the top rope into the ring. His charming smile is on his face while he poses for each side of the ring striking a reaction out of the fans.]


Sebastian Riggs - Archer is the larger athlete by a landslide. Stanton is going to need to use some of that speed!


Dante Reed - The referee comes in to call for the bell!




[The two men lock up in the center of the ring but the larger Archer gains the upper hand quickly. He tosses Stanton into the corner then follows up with a knee to the mid section! Joe falls to the mat after his lungs are robbed of all their air.]


Dante Reed - Blake utilizing his size against Stanton in the early going.


[Stanton leaps back to his feet after catching his breath which catches his opponent off guard. He kicks Blake in the gut leading him to bend completely over. Joe then hits the ropes and comes flying in for a tornado DDT! The crowd pops as he hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Archer kicks out at one!


Dante Reed - He’s back on his feet now too.


[Blake gets back to his feet quickly for such a large wrestler. Stanton follows up with a charge but Archer sticks out his foot and nearly takes off Joe’s head! He turns a flip in the air and after he lands, Blake hooks a leg quickly!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Joe gets a shoulder up!


Sebastian Riggs - That was close! Blake nearly picked up a victory right there. Close.


[Blake Archer gets back to his feet then follows up. Stanton stumbles to his feet and Archer catches him in an abdominal stretch!]


Sebastian Riggs - Archer is stretching his smaller opponent out now.


Dante Reed - Joe is reaching out for the ropes!


[Stanton reaches for the ropes with all he’s got while be contorted by his opponent. Finally he lunges slightly, just enough to rock he and his larger opponent forward. Joe then takes hold of the ropes! The referee comes in to break the hold! Archer releases it! Stanton goes to turn around but Archer catches him with a belly to back exploder suplex! The entire ring shakes as Blake hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Kick out at one by Joe Stanton!


[Archer gets to one knee while Stanton gets to a vertical base immediately. He catches Blake still on one knee and nearly takes his head off with a spinning heel kick! The crowd pops from the flush impact!]


Dante Reed - Did you see that?!? That was a picture perfect spinning heel kick.


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah, but it didn’t even take Archer off his feet!


[Archer falls back into the ropes then hits a knee again now breathing heavy. Stanton follows up by gliding through the ropes to get out on the apron. He then holds onto the top rope while watching Blake. As Archer goes to stand up, Stanton leaps up on the top rope then bounces across the ring for a beautiful flying forearm smash! The shot sends Archer through the ropes and he bounces off the edge before hitting the outside floor in a pile.]


Sebastian Riggs - Archer is busted open! He’s bleeding from his mouth now.


Dante Reed - He flew halfway across the ring for that forearm smash. Stanton came for a FIGHT!


… One!


Dante Reed - The referee has begun his count on Archer.


… Two!


[Archer shakes his head on the floor. He then reaches up and takes hold of the edge of the apron. He then uses his upper body strength to pull himself up. ]


… Three!


Dante Reed - He’s going to have to get back in the ring or lose by count out.


[Blake rolls into the ring to stop the count. Archer then gets to one knee leading his opponent to charge! Stanton rushes toward his opponent, who springs to life suddenly! Archer counters with a brutal spear! The crowd pops as Blake rolls off Joe after the violent maneuver to catch his bearings.]


Dante Reed - He nearly cut Joe in two with that spear!


Sebastian Riggs - He needs to go for the cover here.


[Blake gets to his feet but Stanton leaps to his suddenly. He catches Archer completely off guard with a sharp shot then a brutal uppercut!]


Dante Reed - Shoryuken!


[Stanton hooks one of the big man’s legs.]


.. One!


.. Two!


… Kick Out!


Sebastian Riggs - Archer gets a shoulder up at the last possible moment! What a kick out!


Dante Reed - Joe can’t believe it! So close.


[Stanton looks at the referee in disbelief after the incredible kick out. Joe gets back to his feet as Blake sits up! Stanton rushes over to him to follow up but Archer reaches out and grabs ahold of him by the throat! The crowd pops as Blake stands up while holding Stanton around the throat! Archer then chokeslams his opponent to the mat!]


Dante Reed - Chokeslam! And just like that, Archer is back in this one!


Sebastian Riggs - Blake needs to go for the pin!


Dante Reed - I think he’s got other plans.


[Archer wipes his bloody mouth from where his opponent busted his lip earlier. He then looks down at the blood and grins. He then hoists up Joe across his back. Blake then does a sitout crucifix powerbomb! He then rolls up Stanton using all his body weight to pin both Joe’s shoulder flush to the mat.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Stanton gets a shoulder up to break the pin!


Dante Reed - Archer is already back to his feet!


[Stanton begins to stir after Blake gets back to his feet. Archer walks over to his downed opponent and hoists him up once more. Joe comes to life! He leaps up and wraps an arm around the neck of Blake Archer. He then knees him in the gut then attempts to lift him! Joe has his head locked then uses his pure strength to lift his larger opponent up into the air! He performs a elevated cradle neckbreaker! The move shakes the entire ring! Stanton hooks a leg after both men hit!]


… One!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Archer kicks out at one! Now he’s getting up and looks pissed.


Dante Reed - Stanton isn’t backing down!


[Stanton allows Blake to stand up. They both nod at each other with respect then charge at one another! Archer catches Stanton with a clothesline but he pops right back up! Blake continues his momentum forward after the clothesline and bounces off the ropes. As Joe gets up, Archer nails him with a superman punch right on the jaw! The pop can be heard throughout. Blake goes for a pin after Stanton hits the mat!]




… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Kick out at one by Stanton! He continues to impress in this one as has Blake Archer thus far.


Sebastian Riggs - This is one hell of a match.


[Stanton leaps to both feet! The crowd pops as he then hits the ropes then slingshots himself at Archer, who struggles to get back to his feet. Joe gets to him at the perfect moment for a Pele’ kick! The shot sends Blake back down to one knee leading Stanton to hit the ropes once more and come in with a brutal knee smash! Archer hits the mat flat on his back.]


Sebastian Riggs - What a shot! He buckled Blake with that knee shot.


Dante Reed - What is Joe thinking?


[Blake reaches over on the mat and takes hold of the bottom rope. He then pulls himself up while Joe watches on from across the ring. Archer uses the ropes to regain his balance before he begins to turn around. This leads Stanton to take off leading Blake to turn around into a flash kick! The sudden and unexpected kick catches the multiple time champion off guard. Archer falls back into to the ropes and Joe follows up with a sharp punch then a violent uppercut!]


Dante Reed - Shoryuken!


Sebastian Riggs - Joe hooks a leg!






… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, "The Scarlet Speedster" Joe Stanton!


Dante Reed - Joe pulls it out! I told you not to count him out, Sebastian. He’s a really talented performer here in Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - It was an impressive win and I would say an upset. Stanton takes this one but Archer gave him one hell of a fight.


Dante Reed - Up next, we have the homegrown talent Trey Gambill taking on Maggie Chamberlain!

seek me

[The cosmos, a beautiful place if you know how to navigate them. In the center of the Milky Way, a supermassive black hole existed. All life might meet it one day, where it will be consumed. After that, no one could foretell what will transpire. The scene that this camera fixture found took place on some outer plane, or so it appeared. Inside of it was the man waiting for the outcome of Finn Whelan and Terry McKenna. Rodney Stillwater sat with his hands together as he watched a television screen. The ending of Joe Stanton vs. Blake Archer didn’t seem to sway his emotional neutrality. Instead, he turned the channel, having found out the winner. Stars filled the blank television screen, a channel of cosmic origin.]


Rodney Stillwater - Soon, the true war will begin. I was told that.


[He rose his hand, bringing a can of soda pop from across the room. It flew directly into his open palm, a display of telekinesis. The effect came with some outlandish noise, but the tab breaking open the top of the can seemed pedestrian enough. Rodney took a sip before placing it by his foot. He put his hands together again, watching the screen again. A myriad of faces came on the screen. All the people who had the possibility of advancing in the Crown of the King Cobra tournament. When they passed by one screen, Stillwater’s eyes narrowed.]


Rodney Stillwater - My physical presence isn’t known in that arena, but I’m always there. There isn’t a night that I will not be present. For I am a habitual watcher. I see this land as something unique, a place where denigration can pester. This tournament will serve as the catalyst for me to take hold of this company’s reigns.


[Rodney continued to look onto the television screen as the next match began to flicker on.]


Rodney Stillwater - If you’re so invested in my existence—


[He gave the camera a long look.]


Rodney Stillwater - Seek me.


[Then there was no more.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 6'0" and weighing in at 215 pounds, from Christchurch, New Zealand, Trey Gambill!





Dante Reed - And now we welcome the hometown hero!


Sebastian Riggs - I'm curious to see what thisguys is made up, Dante. You know he's going to go all out in front of his fans.


Dante Reed - No doubt, got to make his city proud!


["We Will Not Go Quietly" by Sixx:AM blasts throughout. The crowd boos as Trey Gambill walks out onto the stage. He holds up both arms to further taunt then makes his way down the steel ramp.]





Sebastian Riggs - Trey has the size advantage in this one for sure.


Dante Reed - Maggie always comes ready to go. I have watched tape on her and Trey may have his hands full here tonight.


Sebastian Riggs - Touche’.


[Trey climbs the ring steps slowly while continuing to taunt the crowd. He glides through the ropes then takes off his beanie and tosses it out into the crowd. A few fans dive for it while he grins then turns to face the entrance ramp awaiting Maggie Chamberlain. ]


Dante Reed - Gambill looks to be all business here tonight.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5'5" and weighing in at 122 pounds, from Manchester, England, Maggie Chamberlain!







Sebastian Riggs - Here comes Chamberlain! She is new to Union Battleground and will look to prove herself here tonight.


Dante Reed - She will turn more than a few heads tonight. Chamberlain has a very sound technique.


[Maggie steps out and twirls with her arms out as the fans jump to their feet. She starts heading down to the ring with a slight skip in her step mouthing the lyrics to her own entrance song.]






Sebastian Riggs - Maggie is being accompanied by her longtime boyfriend, Carter Brexley.


[Maggie's bobbing her head side to side, her boyfriend Carter Brexley walking out to the ramp behind her at this point. Maggie's swinging her hair as her vivid red lipstick illuminates her plump lips and pearly whites. She's moving from the left side to the right side of the guard rails serenading the fans as Carter catches up to her, dragging her by the arm away from the male fans trying to reach out and touch her. Maggie's smile fades slightly as she hurries to the ring apron.]







Dante Reed - Those lyrics are pretty clear.


Sebastian Riggs - She sounds like my kind of girl.


Dante Reed - Easy, Riggs. Don't want Carter after you!


[On the apron, Maggie poses with her fingers pointed high in the air and her hips poised to one side. She backflips over the top rope sauntering around the ring, still mouthing the words to her entrance song]









[She tosses her jacket over the rope to Carter as her music starts to fade and she stands in the corner interacting with her fans behind her.]


Sebastian Riggs - Both wrestlers are now in the ring and the referee comes in to explain the rules.


Dante Reed - Maggie faces down her larger opponent with zero fear in her eyes.


Sebastian Riggs - We will see about that. The ref calls for the bell!




[Gambill takes off toward Maggie full speed! He raises both arms up just as he reaches her then brings her hands down clasped for a huge double axe handle! Chamberlain hits the mat which leads Trey to follow up by hoisting up his smaller opponent. He positions her head between his legs then picks her up for a pump handle slam! Gambill hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


.. Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Maggie gets a shoulder up to break the pin!


Dante Reed - That pump handle slam was brutal. Trey put everything he had into that one.


[Chamberlain gets back to her feet in a bit of daze. Gambill charges at her again but she takes off right at him. Just as Trey reaches Maggie, she slides between his legs! Chamberlain gets back to her feet behind her larger opponent before he can react. She quickly hooks Gambill with a russian leg sweep from behind! The crowd pops.]


Dante Reed - What is she doing now?!


[Maggie then dives on top of her opponent to follow up with sharp elbow shots! Trey attempts in vain to cover up but Maggie continues to rain down sharp elbows. Finally one catches Gambill across his right eye leaving a nasty cut that begins to bleed.]


Sebastian Riggs - Chamberlain has busted Trey open!


Dante Reed - She came to fight!


[After busting him open, Maggie gets thrown off by Gambill! She flies into the ropes and gets tangled up. Trey uses the brief opening to catch his bearings and gets back to his feet. After he gets back to a vertical base, he wipes the blood from his brow then slings it on off in his opponents direction.]


Dante Reed - Gambill just figured out that he’s been busted open.


Sebastian Riggs - He doesn’t look too happy about it either.


[Trey charges in at Maggie but gets caught with a wicked backhand chop! A solid red mark pops up across his chest immediately. He looks down in total shock only to receive another sharp chop! Before Gambill can react, Maggie kicks him in the gut then catches Trey with a swinging DDT! Chamberlain quickly hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


[Maggie hits the mat with two balled fists after the kickout.]


Sebastian Riggs - Gambill gets a shoulder up but Maggie Chamberlain is clearly in control of this one.


Dante Reed - Indeed. She continues to impress.


[Gambill stumbles to his feet then both he and Maggie both charge at each other! Trey hits a swinging neckbreaker! He then hooks a leg.]


… One!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Maggie kicks out at one!


Sebastian Riggs - Now Trey Gambill is back to his feet and looks like a predator circling its prey at the moment.


[Maggie stumbles to her feet as her opponent continues to circle her. He comes in to grapple at her but she avoids his grasp! Chamberlain then spins and ends up behind Trey leading her to grab ahold of each his shoulders then drop back! Maggie drives both of her knees into Gambill’s back. Trey writhes in pain on the mat while she rushes to the nearest corner.]


Sebastian Riggs - What is Chamberlain thinking?


Dante Reed - She wants to win!


[Maggie hops up on the middle turnbuckle and uses it to bounce on up to the top. She hurries to turn around to face out just as Gambill stumbles to his feet. She squats at first on the top turnbuckle then stands up as Trey begins to turn. She leaps off looking for a cross body but he catches her! Gambill lifts her on up into the air over his head. Chamberlain’s eyes widen as Trey lifts her as high as he can. He then walks over to the ropes and tosses her at the announce table! She crashes and burns on the outside floor in a pile.]


Dante Reed - What a counter! Gambill catches her right of the air then throws her out of the ring and Maggie may be hurt.


Sebastian Riggs - Chamberlain begins to stir! Can you believe how tough this girl is?!


Dante Reed - She is getting back to her feet! Trey is in shock inside the ring!


[The crowd pops as she rises to her feet on the outside of the ring. The bump she took leaves her in a daze but she is up and aware. Maggie rolls back in the ring to roaring applause but it is short lived. Trey rushes over and grapples up Chamberlain from behind! He then drops back tossing his smaller opponent half way across the ring with a German suplex!]


Sebastian Riggs - That maneuver shook the whole ring!


Dante Reed - Trey crawls over to his fallen opponent. He may go for the pin here.


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think so, Dante.


[Gambill scoots over to Maggie then applies his version of the anaconda vice! The crowd boos while he locks the hold in on his smaller opponent.]


Dante Reed - This could be it! How can she reach the ropes from there?


Sebastian Riggs - Chamberlain is in real trouble now.


[Trey continues to apply pressure while Maggie thrashes about on the mat. She starts to fade as she digs the heels of her wrestling boots into the mat then pulls forward. The two scoot slightly and she continues this last ditch effort. The world begins to blur as she digs her heels in once more then pulls forward again. She then kicks her feet out at the ropes.]


Sebastian Riggs - So close!


Dante Reed - She just drug herself and the larger Gambill closer to the ropes. This is a heroic effort on Chamberlain’s part.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s done.


[Maggie digs in one more time as she fades. She kicks her feet out one last time before she passes out. Her left foot lands on top of the bottom rope. The referee rushes in to break the hold!]


Dante Reed - Is Maggie out cold?


[The referee comes in to check on Chamberlain who stirs. She gets stumbles to her feet. The ref sends both wrestlers to different corners for a second before calling for the match to continue.]


Sebastian Riggs - Maggie looks like she’s ok.


Dante Reed - That anaconda vice can put anyone out at any time.


[Chamberlain and Gambill both take off at each other once more. This time Trey lowers his body which he immediately regrets. He gets down to Maggie’s size leading her to leap and catch him with a picture perfect hurricanrana! The crowd pops.]





Dante Reed - Ohhh how the tide has turned here, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s still on the offensive.


[Trey gets back to his feet shocked by the maneuver by his small opponent. Maggie follows up by crawling through his legs, leading him to pick her up essentially setting her up for her finishing maneuver! She hits her version of the Casadora stunner! The move wows the crowd and she quickly hooks her opponents leg to push his shoulders flush against the mat.]


Dante Reed - Baby Driver!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Maggie Chamberlain!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t believe it! She pulled it off!


Dante Reed - That Baby Driver finished him off. Gambill looked over her and paid the price for it.


Sebastian Riggs - Maggie wins this one. Trey is still out after that high impact stunner. He’s asleep and Chamberlain’s a winner.


[Chamberlain and Brexley celebrate in the ring as the crowd praises the performance. The couple embrace after the referee releases Maggie’s hand after raising it high.]


Sebastian Riggs - Chamberlain worked her ass off for that win.


Dante Reed - Nothing comes easy in Union Battleground. The best in the world compete here and we continue to prove that with how successful season two has already been thus far.


Sebastian Riggs - Agreed. We will be right back ladies and gentlemen with more LIGHTSOUT! Presented by Union Battleground!


[After Maggie Chamberland was successful in her Union Battleground debut against Trey Gambill, we’re taken backstage to find The Firing Squad members - “Rumble” Reyes and Noah Reigner - standing in the loading area of the arena. Rumble, as normal, stands motionless while Noah stands to his side, his hands busy. His right hand wraps tape around his left. Both are dressed in their ring gear, ready to go into battle tonight against the debuting team of Oceane and Sabina. Even with his head lowered and strands of hair hanging in front of his eyes, we can still see a smirk creeping onto his face.]


Noah Reigner - You gotta’ love the arrogance and the false sense of entitlement from two people who have never stepped foot into a ring before.


[Noah quickly moved his head up, his hair whipping out of his eyes.]


Noah Reigner - I know you two princesses are somewhere, sitting on your thrones - so listen up. Tonight is not about first chances at a new career, tonight is about the Firing Squad sending a statement to the Outliers - wherever they are. Nothing that happened in So Cal between Rumble and I matters. The only thing that matters is that this entire company takes note that the best tag team here is the Firing Squad.


[He ripped the tape and patted it flat against his wrist.]


Noah Reigner - Tonight we’re gonna’ send a message to every team on this roster, and we’re going to use you both to do so. Digging up our pasts, blasting our relationships and making fun of win - loss records won’t mean shit when you step up against us. You’re out sized, out matched and..


[Noah smirked and looked over his shoulder at Rumble for a second.]


Noah Reigner - ..And out gunned. Tonight’s going to be a long night for the two of you, and to the rest of the Battalion division? This is your last warning to step out of our way. Our sights are set on the Outliers and if we have to? We’ll shoot you ALL down. It makes no difference to me.


[And that was when Noah brought up both arms, feigning like he held an assault rifle. Rumble did the same thing, and simultaneously they fired at the camera - sending us to black.]




[The lights dim inside the Horncastle Arena as a droning opening guitar plays over the speakers. The audience rises to its feet, as Hands Like Houses I Am signals the arrival of Alex Kincaid to the building. The Bullet King walks out from the back, standing at the top of the aisleway and staring out over the audience. He's not scheduled to compete tonight, and so, he's not dressed in his ring gear. Still, by the track pants and Union Battleground t-shirt he's come to the ring in he's stayed mobile enough that a fight might not be out of the question.]







Dante Reed - Last week, we saw this man pick up a win in a grueling triple threat match against Noah Reigner and Adrian Bruiser. But that might not be what everyone remembers about Alex Kincaid's first night here in Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - What people are going to remember is that he was crazy enough to pick a fight with Kira Izumi! Every single member of MURAMASA-kokka is dangerous, and Kira is the most dangerous of them all. If Alex is smart, he's going to come out here and apologize!


[Kincaid circles the ring and collects a microphone from the timekeeper, grinning and exchanging a few words with him the camera doesn't quite make out. He takes a step back and rolls under the ropes. He walks to the corner and climbs the ropes, taking a seat on the top turnbuckle as his music slowly dies down. He looks back and forth to the crowd, impressed by how many people have been packed into the building, before he begins to speak.]


Alex Kincaid - What an absolute whirlwind couple of weeks I've had. In the last month, I've been all over the world. I've run myself ragged. I love wrestling but goddamn, does Alex Kincaid HATE travelling. I hate walking up at three in the morning to hit the gym because I know I'm not going to have time later. I hate hopping on a plane and knowing that I'm not sure I'm going to know what day it is when I land on the other side of the world. I hate driving down the highway, looking at those beautiful New Zealand beaches and knowing I'm not going to have any time to stop and soak it in.


[That gets a cheer from the crowd and he grins a bit again.]


Alex Kincaid - But I do it, because it needs doing. Because nothing in the world makes me feel alive like walking out here in front of all of you and feeling this place go absolutely nuclear. Everything I do, whether it's the travel, or the public appearances, or finally learning to give a good goddamn about Twitter everything in my life exists to support this. To support professional wrestling. But this year, that mission changed a bit. Because while my number one goal has always been to support professional wrestling I never needed professional wrestling to support me back. I get to do the job I love, I get to be married to the most beautiful woman I've ever met and I get to slap the taste out of any man who runs his mouth to me. That's what every man wants. That's the dream job. That's the life.


[The crowd cheers and he hops down off the buckle, energized by the audience. He paces around the ring for a moment and seems barely able to hold his energy in. But then he stops, holding one hand up toward the crowd to directly address them.]


Alex Kincaid - But this year my life changed. I've made a lot of mistakes, done a lot of things that I shouldn't have done. But I'm trying to do better. I'm trying to give back. So...earlier this year my wife and I took someone in. Someone like me. Someone who never got fair chances. So I gave her one. Imagine how that is for me. Imagine what it's like for a professional malcontent like myself to have not just a wife, but a little girl at home that I've got to support. So yeah, I'm a bit defensive. Last week, I show up at my first Union Battleground show and there's something in my locker room that basically tells me someone's decided to use my family to get under my skin. I heard it was Kira Izumi-


[The reaction from the audience is mixed, but seems to edge toward cheers. Kincaid clicks his tongue and nods at the reaction of the people before he continues.]


Alex Kincaid - Yeah. Heard it was Kira Izumi. And unlike some people out there, I'm not gonna get a microphone and get all passive aggressive about it. No, I go for more aggressive aggressive. So I walked dead in his lockerroom, got in his face and I told him that if he ever pulled that again I was going to hit him hard enough to knock whatever dumbass part of his brain thought that was a good idea clean out of his head! But...it's been a while. It's been long enough that I had some time to think about it. Had some time to consider that maybe I was wrong, because I didn't see it. I didn't see him come trash my locker room, didn't see him leave that note on my wall. But that doesn't mean I-




[He's interrupted by Scandal's Take Me Out. Kincaid shakes his head, surprised, as Kira Izumi makes his way out from the back. Kira walks down the aisle, wearing the mask he typically wears before his matches, and slaps hands with a few fans as the commentators speak over the scene]


Dante Reed - Combustible elements here Sebastian. Last week, it took almost everyone we had backstage to pull these men apart.


Sebastian Reed - I think I was right! I think we were actually about to hear an apology from Kincaid! It's a good thing too, because Kira Izumi is NOT the guy you want to pick a fight with!


[By now, Kira has climbed into the ring. He faces the crowd and holds his hands high in an X, before turning and facing Kincaid. He slowly takes off his mask, locking eyes with The Bullet King. Kincaid tries to say a few words to some fans at ringside, playing it off, but he takes an obvious step back when the other man gets in the ring.]


Kira Izumi - Shut the fuck up! Ya think I give a rats ass about yer excuses? You were wrong and you know it Kincaid! You ran up on me for no damn reason. You think I wouldn't come out here ta let ye hear a peace o' my mind? Well buddy yer sorely mistaken. Man that little girl of yers must be wishing you never had her now. I mean a punk ass lying sack o' shit like yer self. A little bitch like you is just the father any kid would want, right?


[Kincaid paces the ring and nearly explodes at Kira. But he forces himself to stay calm, walking over to the opposite corner and taking a deep breath to collect himself]


Alex Kincaid - Well, you're out here now aren't you? Don't worry, I'm not out here to pick a fight. I'm out here...I'm out here because sometimes even I have to admit that I've screwed up. Sometimes, I've got to eat a little crow and admit that I got a little emotional and I lashed out when I should have been listening. Last show, you and me brawling in that locker room, that's no way for me to start in his company. So in the interest of moving forward amicably with Union Battleground and squashing this thing with you and me before it gets out of hand I'm out here to apologize-


[The crowd doesn't love that. The fans, itching to see the two men come to blows, start booing Kincaid trying to make peace. He grins a bit, waving a hand to get them to die down, before he continues.]


Alex Kincaid - Look, truth is, I don't know whether or not you were involved in messing up my locker room at Relapse. I shouldn't have come at you the way I did. So man to man, I apologize...for now. Because last time, you told me that you had nothing to do with it. That you wouldn't be coming at my family. I hope that's true. Because if it isn't? If I find out you were lying to me? No amount of security on earth is going to save you from me. But for now? For now? Yeah, Kira, I apologize.


Kira Izumi - Apology? Ya callin' that there an apology? My worthless father gave me a better apology than that! I ain't acceptin' that weak shit! If you want to apologize get on yer damn knees and beg for my forgiveness. Oooo, or better yet, How 'bout ya beg ta each and every single member of MURAMASA-kokka actually? 'cause that shit ya pulled last week was disrespectful as all hell.


[Kincaid seems stunned. He shakes his head, frustrated, and then walks away for a minute. He turns and comes back at Kira and for a minute it looks like he's going to throw hands with him...but again he doesn't. Instead, he raises the microphone and speaks again.]


Alex Kincaid - So...guessing you're not going to be apologizing to me then?


Kira Izumi - Yer real somethin' ye know that? Yer really somethin! Yer a real smart ass... and there's a few kinds o' folk who I just cain't stand. Sorry fer you, that smart asses is one of them. Now I suggest ye git ta kneeling bafore I kick yer teeth in an' make you look like a little bitch in front of yer wife and kid... Now we don't want that do we? So I’d kneel NOW if I were you...


[Kira says this with a bit of anger and rage behind it. Clearly frustrated now.]


[Kincaid nods slowly, listening to Kira's words. And then, he shrugs.]


Alex Kincaid - Well...I guess there's only one thing to say then. Apology accepted.


[Suddenly he lashes out with a right hand! Kira finds himself battered with a trio of rights before Kincaid goes to whip him across the ring. But he reverses the momentum, sending Kincaid flying off the ropes! He grabs him when he comes back, picking him up to look for Weight Of My Pride! At the last second though, Kincaid slips off the other man's back and lands on his feet behind him. When Kira turns, Kincaid scoops him up over his shoulder to look for The Finishing Touch! But this time Kira escapes and lands on his feet! Kincaid turns around and eats a MASSIVE knee to the face from Kira! Kincaid is staggered and Kira scoops him in a pair of underhooks, picks him up and drops him on his head with The Kira Driver '91! Kincaid is out!]


Dante Reed - Kincaid is out! Kincaid is OUT! Kira has just knocked out Kincaid with the Kira Driver '91 in the middle of the ring!


Sebastian Riggs - That's what he gets! Don't pick a fight you can't win!


[Scandal hits the speakers again, and Kira points down over the ropes talking trash to Kincaid. Slowly, The Bullet King raises his head while he holds onto his aching neck. Absolute fury burns in his eyes as we cut away from the ring with Kira getting the last laugh for tonight.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 225 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, “CT” Conor Tate!







[As the instrumental blasts through the arena the lights dim, and several small spotlights come together on the stage forming a pool of silver light. A small explosion of silver sparks shoots up from the floor to the delight of the fans, and "C.T." Conor Tate steps through the curtain into the lights as the smoke lingers around him in the air. He doesn't smile or pose. His jaw is clenched, and his eyes blazing with intensity as he stares at the ring. He cranks his neck from side to side and rolls his shoulders as he bounces from foot to foot in anticipation before breaking for the ring in an all out sprint. The fans cheer as he bursts down the ramp to ringside and slides underneath the bottom rope and into the ring, sliding a few feet on the canvas before rolling to his feet.]


Dante Reed - Coming to the ring right now is the guy who started off as a one-off talent for our season two kickoff PPV, and worked himself into a Union Battleground contract, Conor Tate!


Sebastian Riggs - For a greenhorn, Tate shows a ton of potential. At Relapse, he was able to defeat veteran Rob Sharpe with a great strategy. Tonight, however, he’s got his work cut out for him as he faces a veteran again but he’s arguably at the peak of his prime!




[A piano can be heard throughout. As it picks up speed, violins come in to compliment. Darkness consumes the arena suddenly then slowly a crimson red haze spills in. “Lux Aeterna” by Megaraptor blasts throughout. The piece of music made famous by Clint Mansell is covered to perfection by the metal instrumental band. Tommy Crimson suddenly struts out across the stage to roaring boos. One of the most hated men in the business of professional wrestling has arrived. Tommy adjusts his infamous human skin and face jacket. The leather shines in the red glow. The song picks up speed as the heavy guitars of Megaraptor come in. Crimson stops at the top of the ramp and holds both arms out from his body. He basks in the negative response.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 173 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, he is the newest member of Salvation, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!


[Crimson walks down the ramp knocking signs out of fans hands as he does so. The fans relentlessly boo him for this. Tommy walks by the announce table, carefully he slowly drags three fingers from his left hand across the table top. He then slides in the ring then leaps back to his feet. Crimson holds both arms out from his body then spins to further taunt the crowd. The lights come back on as The Fury waits for the bell to sound.]


Dante Reed - The newest member of Salvation, Tommy Crimson definitely made an impact in his debut.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it, Dante. Crimson was revealed to be the third member in that instant classic “Prisoners of War” match, and was the man that won the match with that gnarly crossface submission. But now, it’s one on one, let’s see what these guys’ have got!


Dante Reed - Alright fans, both men are now at their respective corners and the referee is calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[As the bell echos, Tate and Crimson methodically close the distance to the center of the ring. Crimson holds his hand up high, challenging the bigger man for a test of strength. Tate cautiously locks one hand and as he goes for the other, Crimson throws a big boot to the gut and catches the rookie off guard. With Tate toppled over, Crimson quickly grabs Tate by the hair and connects with a falling double knee facebreaker and Tate ricochets and lands flat in his back! Crimson walks over to pick Tate up, but Conor strikes with a textbook single leg takedown and quickly gets top mount. Tate’s bigger size keeps Crimson in check long enough for him to slide up and get The Fury in a tight headlock. C.T. starts firing off jabs straight to Crimson’s face. Somehow Crimson is able to get to his feet, and starts laying in several sharp elbow strikes to Conor’s ribs. Tate loosens the hold and allows Crimson to drop him with a back suplex side slam! Tommy jolts to his feet and delivers a crushing springboard moonsault! Tommy hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Tw—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Quick kick out by Conor Tate! Crimson is looking to try to take control of this bout.


[Conor Tate’s quick kick out annoys The Fury but he keeps the pressure with a flurry of strikes. Crimson gets to his feet and brings Tate up with him, but then Tate snaps and starts delivering punches in bunches! Tate is relentless and keeps Crimson on his heels and guessing. Tate has Crimson backed up into the corner, then starts delivering vicious forearm strikes! Crimson finally has had enough and pushes Tate off. Crimson rushes at the rookie, but Tate uses the momentum for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Tate is quick to hook the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Tw—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Conor Tate is in full control right now!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s on fire! He’s not giving Crimson an inch!


[Tate doesn’t hesitate after the kick out and goes immediately to a ground and pound approach. Tate continues to lay the hammer until Crimson is finally able to bridge out and fight to his feet. Tate goes to tie up, but Crimson stops him in his tracks with a blinding eye poke! Before Tate even knew what hit him, Crimson drivers a crushing head butt, disorienting the Boston native even more. Tate is now swinging wildly to try and defend himself, but Tommy catches him with a fireman’s carry and then drops him with a neckbreaker!]


Dante Reed - What a move by Tommy Crimson!


Sebastian Riggs - A desperate move, but effective! The crowd’s letting him have it, but Crimson is now in control!


[While Tate wallows in pain on the canvas, Crimson steps out into the apron and taunts the crowd, causing the crowd to rain down even more jeers. Crimson waits for Tate to get back to his feet like a lion stalking his prey. Tate struggles to get back to his feet, and as he does, Crimson has perfect timing for a springboard blockbuster! Crimson now hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Tommy Crimson is rolling now!


Sebastian Riggs - But Conor Tate is not giving up! This man has taken everything Crimson has given and still keeps fighting!


[Crimson now is now getting heated with referee but doesn’t stray from Tate. Crimson picks Tate up and goes for an Irish whip, but Tate overpowers him and reverses. Crimson bounces off the ropes and on the return gets flattened with a disastrous spine buster! The crowd erupts as both men lay motionless!]


Dante Reed - The Beantown Bomb! Conor Tate has rocked Tommy Crimson!


[With the crowd rallying behind him, Conor crawls his way over to Crimson and drapes an arm over his chest for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Th—Kick out!


Dante Reed - Three! No! Tommy Crimson kicks out!


Sebastian Riggs - don’t know how he did it, Dante! Conor Tate drove him down and I thought that was it!


[The crowd is in awe at the sight of Crimson kicking out. Both men struggle to get to their feet at the same time, but Conor is up first. He looks to be waiting for his patented spear as Crimson struggles to his feet. As he does, Conor bull rushes and goes for the spear, but Crimson lays up a knee that connects between the eyes! Tate drops like a ton of bricks and now Crimson is stumbling his way up the turnbuckle! Tommy gets to the top and without any theatrics, catapults himself off with a high angle senton! The impact bounces both men off the canvas, but Crimson turns to lay chest-to-chest for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!


Dante Reed - I don’t believe it! This one’s over, Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - Tommy Crimson countered the Boston Strong Spear with a knee smash that ultimately led to the GodBooked and the finish! What a win by Crimson!


Dante Reed - Got to give Conor Tate all the credit here tonight. He took everything and didn’t quit, but eventually Crimson was able to put him away! Folks, stick around as we have much more ahead of us. Coming up next, we have the Battalion matchup between The Firing Squad and the debuting Patron Saintes of Sass and Class!


Sebastian Riggs - Can’t wait!


[The camera focuses on Johnny Vachon, who seemingly had just arrived in the arena. He makes his way down the long hallway towards the locker room. Passing multiple stage hands as he closes in. He reaches out and grabs the doorknob, but in the corner of his eye he catches a shadow figure pass by. He pauses and looks out into the darkness]


Johnny Vachon - Anyone there?


[A moment passes and  nothing responds, feeling satisfied he swings open the locker room door. Making his way over, he  tosses his bag into the foot of his locker. The bag lands with a thud, as he begins to remove his jacket. As he slides it off he sees a figure move in the shadows in the showers. He stops once more.]


Johnny Vachon - Ok. Whatever fucking perv is lurking around trying to see my Dwayne Johnson better show themselves right now!


[Johnny, fed up from the disturbance tosses his jacket on it hook, and makes his way towards the showers. He flips on the switch, looking into the showers the room is empty. He shakes his head as he turns around flipping off the switch…BAM!]


[Vachon is floored as he is dropped to the ground, standing over him is the Executioner of Salvation! The hooded man begins to brutalize Johnny. Left after left send Vachon back to the floor. He pulls him to his feet and throws him back first into the lockers, the metal doors warp from the impact. Vachon crawls to a seated position. The Executioner charges, delivering a massive shinning wizard, driving the point of his knee straight into the Gutter Trash’s skull. Vachon’s head is driven straight into the locker.]


[Blood begins to run from the forehead of Johnny Vachon as the Executioner grabs the table that sits against the wall and drags it out into the middle of the room. He goes toward Johnny, and Johnny looks up and gives the Executioner the double middle finger! Johnny fights back… lefts and rights startle the Executioner. But he quickly stops Vachon with a huge high knee to the rib cage doubling him over. He drags him over next to the table… Revelation 6:4, a pumphandle flatliner, through the table! The Executioner stands over Vachon’s broken body as the lights flicker, when they come back on the Executioner was gone, written on the ceiling above Vachon are the words, “THE KINGDOM OF SALVATION REIGNS!”


Dante Reed - Could... Was that Whelan?!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Battalion Division match-up. Introducing first, the team of Oceane Jourdain and Sabina Sainte, The Patron Saintes of Sass and Class!


[Instrumental sirens and snare dream beat fill the P.A. system and immediately the lights dim down low. Everyone's attention turns to the stage, waiting for the arrival of Oceane Jourdain and Sabina Sainte. They know this because the video screen above the entrance way flickers on and showcases a video package for the two. This mix of sirens, snare drum pattern and techno-ish rhythm lasts a few seconds before Iggy Azalea's voice is heard.]


Sebastian Riggs - Alright Folks we are moments away from our Battalion bout!


Dante Reed - We have a Battalion division match up. We will see, The Firing Squad versus The Patron Saintes of Sass and Class.


Sebastian Riggs - Boy, that’s a mouthful.


Dante Reed - I’ll say.





Dante Reed - A win here could do wonders for Sass and Class.


Sebastian Riggs - The Firing Squad are a respected tag team and these ladies will have a tough row to hoe here tonight.


[On cue with the introduction of vocals, the girls make their appearance. They both walk out through the curtain, Oceane leading - high stepping a little as the lights flood down on her. Her arm is reached back and her fingers laced with Sabina's as she emerges, an extra sway in her step. The two beautiful women stop together in the centre of the spotlight, giving a little pose to the crowd. Oceane biting on her gloved index finger, and Sabina popping her hips in either direction sexually. This lasts a few short seconds before both smile and begin their descent down to the ring. The ring announcer does his introductions as they walk down, announcing "Oceane Jourdain" first, which is when Sabina points to her bestie. "and Sabina Sainte" is announced next, and Oceane returns the favor by pointing to her. After which, the two link hands again and continue their way down. Once at ringside, they turn and approach the nearest set of steps with Oceane still leading. They don't release hands until Oceane steps onto the apron. This is when they split, each going their opposite way. Sabina walks along the apron to mid-ring while Oceane enters from her side. Oceane walks through the ring, joining Sabina at the ropes again. Sabina lays across the middle rope, hooking a leg over the top and extending the other high in the air. Oceane climbs the ropes, one foot on the bottom rope while the other steps over the ropes and hooks over the top. She smiles that seductive smile of hers as she stares out into the crowd. They keep this pose a few brief moments before Oceane steps down and Sabina slips through the ropes completely. They meet up again in their corner, talking to each other and giggling at their opponent's expense.]


Sebastian Riggs - Here comes The Firing Squad!


Mike Dempsey - And their opponents, the team of Noah Reigner and Rumble Reyes... The Firing Squad!




[The lights go out, leaving the audience in wonder as they cheer anyway, nothing ever boring happens when the lights go out. When the tron comes alive, and the music hits, it's a sound of a drum coupled with some static. Various guns can be heard, mixed together into an electro-esque mix, with the same drums, and flashes of actual guns going off in the video. By this point, the audience already knows who is coming, and have already began to display their reactions of love or hate. After the first 20 seconds or so, the song stops for a quick second. When it kicks back in, more lights kick on all over the place, spotlights going every which way. From behind the black curtain, both Noah Reigner and "Rumble" Reyes - the Firing Squad - step out.]


Dante Reed - This team has been impressive thus far here at Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - They’ve defeated everyone in their path, except The Outliers. I mean, they are as legitimate as it gets in the division. These two women have a chance here tonight to make a real statement.


[They pause on either side of the ramp, making rifles with their arms and trying to time it at the mix of the song. As expected, Noah is a bit more hyped for the match, making his way down to the ring first. Of course, it's just Rumble's natural response to everything, he seems to only have one emotion as he slowly walks down to the ring with this arms crossed across his chest. Noah slides under the bottom rope, jumping up onto the second rope as Rumble is getting down to the ramp. Reyes takes the stairs, naturally, pushing the top rope down and walking over. All the while, Reigner has been pretending to gun down the audience. Once Reyes gets into the ring, he stands in the center, facing the side Noah is on. Together they pose again with "rifles", before Reigner hops down.]


Sebastian Riggs - These men have high aspirations. They should not look past Sass and Class because it will cost them.


Dante Reed - Agreed. The referee comes in and looks like Sabina and Noah will start this one.


Sebastian Riggs - The ref calls for the bell!




[Reigner rushes at Sainte! He then begins throwing sharp shoot kicks at her. First he kicks at her legs on either side ending with a swift spinning heel kick! The shot sends Sabina back into the turnbuckle back first. Noah follows up by taking off at her full speed. He then nails his dazed opponent in the chest with a running double knee in the corner! After Sainte hits the mat, Reigner hooks a leg!]


… One!


… Two!


… Broken up!


[Jourdain breaks up the pin!]


Sebastian Riggs - Oceane with the save! Now all four wrestlers are in the ring!


[Reyes comes in to get Jourdain but she slips underneath the bottom rope and to the outside quickly. Rumble doesn’t give chase and walks back over to his corner. Noah begins to circle Sainte, who is laid out on the mat.]


Dante Reed - The referee has regained order now but Sabina is in real trouble.


Sebastian Riggs - Reigner is in complete control now.


[Noah hoists up Sainte then whips her into the ropes. She bounces off then slingshots back at Reigner! Noah goes for a clothesline but Sabina ducks it. She then bounces off the ropes behind Noah. Reigner turns around to catch a running DDT from Sainte!]


Sebastian Riggs - What a counter!


Dante Reed - Both wrestlers are down now.


[Reigner begins to stir in a slight daze while Sainte begins to crawl toward her corner. Noah shakes his head to clear the cobwebs leading Sabina to crawl closer and closer to Jourdain. Reigner stumbles to his feet suddenly! He then dives for Rumble in his own corner just as Sabina tags in Oceane!]


Dante Reed - Tag's made! Now Rumble and Jourdain are legal!


[Rumble dashes through the ropes as does Oceane across the ring. They meet in the center of the ring and Reyes catches a palm thrust to the throat from Jourdain! The crowd boos and the referee warns her sternly.]


Sebastian Riggs - He’s tall. She couldn’t help it.


[Oceane catches her larger opponent bent over slightly holding his throat and nearly takes his head off with a super kick! Reyes hits the mat flat on his back leading Jourdain to go for a pin!]


… One!


… Two!


… Broken up!


Dante Reed - Save by Noah!


[Jourdain gets to her feet after the pin is broken up. She walks over to Rumble and he comes to life! Reyes whips her into the corner then follows up with a huge splash! The crowd pops as Oceane falls forward, Reyes snatches her up from behind in a bearhug!]


Sebastian Riggs - Rumble has the bear hug locked in! The crowd loves this one, Dante.


Dante Reed - These are two very talented teams. Jourdain shows little fear in the shadow of the larger Rumble Reyes.


[Oceane struggles to get free with little success. Reyes shuffles his feet forward to get in the middle of the ring away from the ropes. Jourdain looks like she’s fading but suddenly drops her head low. Out of nowhere, Sabina comes flying in off the top turnbuckle with a diving dropkick! She catches the big man flush on the jaw to break the hold!]


Dante Reed - Oceane looked out on her feet but her partner saves the day with a picture perfect drop kick from the top turnbuckle.


Sebastian Riggs - Now the entire landscape of this match has changed. Reyes has not moved since the break but now Jourdain crawls slowly toward her corner in a daze.


[Noah stomps on the apron to get Rumble’s attention. He works up the crowd to get the big man up and it does lead him to stir. Sabina reaches out for a tag as far as she can on the opposite apron. Reigner continues to stomp the apron even after Jourdain reaches up to tag in Sainte.]


Sebastian Riggs - Tag made! What is Sainte doing?


Dante Reed - She has higher aspirations.


Sebastian Riggs - I see what you did there.


[Sabina gets the tag then immediately climbs up on the turnbuckle from the apron. She gets to the top and dives off at Reyes, who still lays flat on his back in the center of the ring. Sainte hits a double footstomp to rob all the air from her opponents lungs. She quickly hooks a leg of the big man.]


… One!


… Two!


… Broken up!


Dante Reed - Save by Noah Reigner! He once again breaks up the pin. Now Rumble is stirring.


[Reyes reaches out for Noah, who gets back to his corner quickly after breaking up the pin. Rumble reaches out as does Reigner while Sabina comes up from behind the big man. She takes hold of his ankle just as he tags in Noah! Reigner hits his unsuspecting opponent with a swinging neck breaker! The maneuver takes her off her feet leading Sabina to lose her hold on the big man, Rumble Reyes.]


Sebastian Riggs - Reigner gets the upper hand back for his team immediately!


Dante Reed - Reyes has made it back to the apron while Noah gets Sainte back to her feet.


[Reigner gets Sabina up then hooks her for a delayed brainbuster. The spot leads the crowd to pop. Noah leaps back to his feet and quickly follows up by getting Sabina back up to her feet. Noah works up the crowd before he situates his opponent for a swinging leg hook fireman’s carry slam!]


Dante Reed - The Hard Goodbye!


Sebastian Riggs - Noah hooks a leg!


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Sainte gets a shoulder up at the last possible moment. Reigner nearly had a W right there.


Dante Reed - He’s following up!


[Reigner gets back to his feet then hovers over his downed opponent. She takes hold of his leg, leading Noah to bend over to get back ahold of her. Sabina counters with a double knee facebreaker out of nowhere! Reigner hits the mat in a complete daze. Reyes now stomps on the apron in his corner as Noah did before for him. Sainte crawls toward Jourdain after buying herself some time.]


Dante Reed - Nice counter by Sabina Sainte! She took Noah off his feet with that one.


Sebastian Riggs - These girls are mean. Mean, I tell ya.


[Oceane continues to reach out and finally both women slap hands to make the legal tag. Jourdain comes through the ropes with real speed. She gets to Noah, who finally has gotten up to one knee. Jourdain continues her forward momentum with a violent shining wizard! The shot takes Reigner back off his feet. Oceane then quickly rushes over to the corner where Sabina looks on. Jourdaine then leaps up on the middle turnbuckle then bounces on up to the top. She then turns to look out. Oceane then leaps off holding both arms out from her body! She hits a beautiful flying headbutt on Noah Reigner! Jourdain then hooks a leg to push Noah’s shoulders flush against the mat.]


… One!


… Two!


...Th-Broken up!


Sebastian Riggs - WOW! Rumble Reyes saves this match for The Firing Squad. I don’t think Noah Reigner would have kicked out.


Dante Reed - I don’t know about that. Oceane is completely frustrated.


[Reigner gets to his feet in somewhat of a daze after Reyes breaks up the pin. Jourdain tags in Sabina completely consumed with frustration after the break. Rumble Reyes suddenly drops off the apron and circles the ring. Oceane notices this and hops off the apron after the tag while Sabina looks at Noah for a moment before deciding to get into the ring. On the outside, Reyes hammers a charging Jourdain with a brutal clothesline! The shot takes her off her feet but Rumble gets back up then gets in the ring right behind Sabina, who has glides through the ropes finally.]


Sebastian Riggs - Sabina is in trouble now. She has Reyes behind her and she doesn’t know it while she is totally focused on Noah Reigner.


[Reigner suddenly comes to life and charges at Sabina. He drop kicks her in the shin while Reyes catches her from behind with a bulldog! The incredible tag team maneuver leads the crowd to pop!]


Dante Reed - What do they call that!? Amazing!


Sebastian Riggs - I bet it has a name next week. Incredible!


[Reyes rolls out of the ring while Reigner hooks Sabina’s left leg.]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Winners of this match by pinfall, Noah Reigher and Rumble Reyes, The Firing Squad!


Sebastian Riggs - What a match! That one had it all, Dante. I thought Sass and Class was going to beat Reigner and Reyes but they pull it out.


Dante Reed - They have big dreams here in Union Battleground. They get a win here to move up in the tag team rankings and closer to the champions.


Sebastian Riggs - You know the champs have already took notice of this team. Sass and Class have nothing to be ashamed of here tonight. Both of these teams wanted the win.


Dante Reed - Indeed. We will be right back ladies and gentlemen with more LIGHTSOUT! Presented by Union Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - Stay tuned!


[The scene cuts just after the victory to Maggie Chamberlain and Carter Brexley, who were getting ready to leave the venue to celebrate. A limo had pulled up outside and the two are seen walking towards it, Carter throwing his jacket over Maggie's exposed shoulders. The camera catches up to them, a huge, vibrant and toothy smile encumbering Maggie's face.]


Carter Brexley - Did you blokes see 'er tonight, yeah? So fuckin' proud of 'er.


[He pulls her in with enough force to send her stumbling into him as he plants a kiss on her temple.]


Maggie Chamberlain - I really couldn't have done it without you.


Carter Brexley - Well, we all know that, but . . .


[Carter winks at the camera as Maggie's smile turns into more of an awkward grin.]


Carter Brexley - Let me tell you somethin', ye? Watch out for this girl right 'ere, I'm tellin' yah, whatever bullshit yah saw out there just now, Maggie ain't like 'em. She doesn't need friends, she doesn't need a partner or some bullshit 'bestie' for fuck sakes – she's got me, a four-sided ring, and more talent in 'er fuckin' pinky fingah than them twats out there, ye?


[Maggie nervously giggled, putting a hand on Carter's chest as they approached the limo to silence him a little bit.]


Maggie Chamberlain - I think what we mean to say is that I'm not here with some exaggerated personality; I'm here to work and prove something to my family and to myself. I came with very little baggage and it's just the beginning for me. I've barely been at this a year and I'm learning so much that, as small as this win may be, I'm treating it like it's the biggest and best of my career until the next one comes along.


[Carter opens the door to the limo for her, leaning on the door with his arm as Maggie stopped just before getting in.]


Maggie Chamberlain - There are a lot of people who want fame, fortune, popularity, they travel in packs for safety and to hide from the real people who want to make a change in this business, and that's me. I've got the bug now, I've got that fire under me and I'm not going to stop. I have him –


[She points to Carter.]


Maggie Chamberlain - —and I have me, and a passion and love for what I'm doing. You're not going to want to miss this!


[She winks, hunching down into the limousine as Carter was quick to follow with one last sentiment . . .]


Carter Brexley - And if any'a you assholes put your hands on her again, I'll kill ya.



[We cut backstage to Trixie who is just finishing watching the video of her opponent Flash Kassidy.]


Trixie - "Flashy"?..."Flashypoo"? I mean wow, the fact his girl calls him those names or how wrong she was about me.


[She watches the video a little more, the contents a little bit inaudible but she can't help but find it amusing, how outdated and shallow Charlie's insults are to Trixie. She looks up with a look that says "Can you believe them?"]


Trixie - "Prance around half-naked on some reality show?" Charlie Bloom, I hope you're ok, because you're not making any sense.


[The camera pulls back to reveal Trixie's true attire. Black shorts with knee high boots leaving just a small part of thigh actually on show, kickpads on her legs. Her front covered mostly by a black one piece top and leaving her arms bare if not for elbow pads and a wristband on her left.]


Trixie - Honestly? If this is "half-naked", then I wonder how mature Charlie Bloom really is. Clearly someone hasn't done their homework, but then again, how many brain cells would she have left after she's smoked a few acres of 'special herbs'?


[Said while doing quotation marks for emphasis with her free hand.]


Trixie - I've apparently "slutted it up" where if she had a little money left to buy a Battleground Network subscription, the "fine ass" Bloom would totally see I'm an original who has worked hard in building this battleground. You may be red eye blind to it, but the boss knows.


[And Trixie sets her iPad down into her bag after locking the screen as she stores her michael kors handbag in her locker and closes it with a simple back kick and a smirk across her pink lips. Just reveling in the feeling of returning to the Union and her mission on being a champion.]


Trixie - But "Flashypoo" will end up number two in this contest. Because if you don't see one person who can take you on? I'm going to be the first of a LONG list of people who are going to scratch loss after loss into your record. Em, Dick, The champ himself, all will, Kassidy.


[She puts on her denim jacket and lets it hang off her shoulders open.]


Trixie - After tonight, how sweet would it be to face Em in another title opportunity? I'm going to find out.


[Followed by a little shrug.]


Trixie - Sorry, "Flashypoo", like Charlie did in that precious video, I'll superkick your butt, right out of this tournament. Lock and Load.


[And she puts on her glasses before marching off towards the ring with a game plan in mind.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for one of the four horsemen medallions! Introducing first, standing 5'5" and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, representing 4CW, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]




[Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu. Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie has made herself damn clear that her focus for season two is getting back at that Trench War Championship. And it all begins again here tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s on the road to redemption, and tonight she battles for one of the four horsemen medallions. If she earns that, then she’ll go on to Crown of the King Cobra for a shot at the War Horse Championship. And if she succeeds at winning that title, then she earns a guaranteed shot at the Trench War Title. It’s a long and winding road, but nothing she’s not capable of.


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 204 pounds, from Atlanta, Georgia, “Mr. Hotlanta” Kenneth James Bradford!






[KJB struts out with his sunglasses on ignoring the fans boos, he tries to hypes them up as they boo his smiling face. He gets down to the ring and takes his glasses off and throws them to the side and makes his way up the stairs, he looks around and quickly goes through the ropes and spins around with his arms out as he drops to his knees and shouts "You love me!"]


Dante Reed - And right now we have another Union Battleground debut with Bradford. He’s had a bit of success in other promotions, but tonight he’s got a tall task in front of him.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt about it, Dante. I’m just a little worried he’s not fully prepared for Kimi. From reading his social media accounts, it seems like he’s constantly trying to chase some tail, and failing miserably! I hope he’s not taking advice from “Diamond” Dick Thrasher!


Dante Reed - Well I can’t comment on that, but I will say that the referee is not wasting any time with this and he’s calling for the bell! This one’s under way!




[Kimitsu charges right of the bell, and drives KJB back first into the turnbuckle with a huge dropkick. She quickly climbs back to her feet and bounces off the opposite corner and delivers a huge double knee shot to the chest of KJB. He falls to the corner as she soaks in the crowd’s admiration. She pulls him up to his fee and shoves him back into the corner. She grabs the rope and begins to drive kick after kick into his stomach. Huge arching shots as her foot and shin collide with his abdomen.  He falls back to the mat, and delivers a huge kick to the side of the head!]


[She drags KJB out of the corner, and begins to scale the turnbuckle. Once she reaches the top she looks back at him. A smirk on her face as she delivers a beautiful moonsault, land perfectly on the chest of KJB. She holds into the cover]






… Kick out by Kenneth James Bradford!


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie getting some great hang-time off that moonsault!


Sebastian Riggs - Textbook move. It’s clear that she’s got a renewed focus.


[Both competitors rise to their feet, advancing toward one another and lock up in the center of the ring. KJB extends his arms to drive her back, as soon as he does Kimitsu kicks her leg over and LOCKS IN A FLYING ARMBAR! KJB instantly locks his hands to avoid the pressure. He stacks her up!]






…Kickout by Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - Great move by Zombie but even better move to counter!


Sebastian Riggs - It forced Kimitsu to break the hold and kick out of the pin. Solid awareness by KJB.


[KJB lifts her off the mat…POWERBOMB! NO! Kimitsu slides down the back and turns KJB around. Picture perfect leg kicks drop him to a knee. She now transitions straight into boxer jabs. Rights and lefts straight to KJB’s jaw. Mr. Hotlanta is reeling…SPINNING BACK KICK TO THE TEMPLE FROM KIMITSU! NO! KJB DODGES AND ROLLS HER UP! But Kimitsu uses the momentum to return to her feet…SPINNING BACK KICK! IT CONNECTS! SHE COVERS!]






…Thre…Kickout by Kenneth James Bradford!


Dante Reed - Quick in her toes, Kimitsu nearly caught Bradford!


Sebastian Riggs - A lot of back and forth right there!


[Kimitsu instantly pulls him up to his feet, driving him into the corner as she does. She takes a step back and charges back to the corner and delivers a running dropkick to his jaw! KJB drops down as Kimitsu bounces off the opposite corner and once again driving her boot to his face with another dropkick! But KJB rolls out of the way and to the outside of the ring. Kimitsu is able to run up the top rope. KJB turns around, just as Kimitsu DIVES AND DELIVERS A HUGE CROSS BODY! Kimitsu kips up to the roar of the crowd!]




Dante Reed - The crowd is on their feet for Zombie!


Sebastian Riggs - She can’t let it get to her head, a lot is at stake here! But god damn what a high risk maneuver!


[KJB slowly climbs to his feet, but only to run into a huge SPEAR! NO! KJB is able to deliver his knee straight to her abdomen doubling her over, once again he looks for the powerbomb, but this time it connects ONTO THE STEEL BARRICADE! He pulls her to her back to herfeet. Lifting her up with a vertical Suplex clutch, and slamming her stomach first onto the barricade! The air can be heard leaving her lungs as he climbs up to the apron. He looks back at her and deciding it’s not good enough he begins to scale the turnbuckle. Reaching the top of it, the ref is begging for him not to do it, and you can see him, scream at the ref as he takes to the sky! DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP TO KIMITSU DRIVING HER STOMACH STRAIGHT INTO THE BARRICADE! KJB crashes to the ground and both competitors are down! The crowd continues to go ecstatic as the referee checks on the two competitors that lay ringside!]




Dante Reed - My god, now Bradford is taking it to the skies!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt you can see both of these competitors want this win!


[KJB is the first of the two back to his feet. He stretches out his back and peels Kimitsu off the floor and throws her into the ring, following her into the ring. She slowly begins to crawl to her feet as KJB begins to stalk her. She rises up, using the ropes as she regains her footing turning around and straight into…EGO TRIP! NO! KIMITSU DUCKS UNDER THE CLOTHESLINE! SUPERKICK FROM KIMITSU! NO! QUICK SHOT! THE RUNNING KICK CONNECTS! HE FALLS INTO THE COVER THIS ONE IS OVER!]






…Th…Kickout by Kimitsu Zombie


Dante Reed - No! A kick out by Zombie! I thought this was over!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s got that fighting spirit, Dante! You’d have to run her over with a Mac Truck, and only then you might stop her.


[KJB looks shocked! The desperation move failed him, he looks at Kimitsu as if asking how in the hell she was able to get her shoulder up. He looks up at the ref and asks him if he was sure, once the ref confirms he makes his way over to Kimitsu and pulls her to her feet by her hair. He locks her in a pumphandle clutch, lifting her in the air…NO! She counters  and delivers a huge kick to the back of the knee, doubling him over she bounces of the ropes…BANZAI GOD KICK! SHE FALLS INTO THE COVER!]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - And so it begins! Kimitsu Zombie wins here tonight and has punched her ticket to Crown of the King Cobra for a shot at the War Horse Championship.


Sebastian Riggs - She, along with Axton Pierce, now wait for the final two medallion winners in the coming weeks. Should be some exciting stuff!







[Out from the woodwork comes Axton Pierce. Standing on the stage, he breathes in the atmosphere of the crowd, he wipes his hand down his face, then proceeds to walk towards the ring. Walking to one side of the ring, he climbs atop the apron and into the ring. He grabs a mic from the ringside staff as his music fades out and the crowd cheers him on.]




Axton Pierce -  A couple weeks ago at Relapse, I faced off with a man, whom I beat, whom I granted his first loss here in the Battleground. If that wasn’t enough to make me feel good, I ended up winning a medallion that granted me a chance at winning gold. I climbed the turnbuckle and showed it off like one would usually do when they win something of value. And then… and then I get hit with a chair by said man’s girlfriend. Keep in mind, I was still on the turnbuckles, so my ass free falls to the outside, and boys and girls, that wasn’t even the half of it! To make matters worse, I was helplessly attacked by a group of spineless individuals, who think the whole world belongs to them.


[Axton begins pacing around the ring. The damage from the post-match attack is very evident.]


Axton Pierce -  MURAMASA-kokka. I don’t play too lightly with attacks from behind, I think that shit is gutless. Up till now, I had no beef with any of you, I was just doing my job out there against Rayburn but now you’ve truly fucked up. Now… right now, my problem is with all of you! I don’t care if Graves gives me a partner or not but next week, I want all of you in this ring and I will not stop until each of your fucking heads are at the end of this here boot!


[He stops as a smile comes upon his face.]


Axton Pierce -  Oh, and Jordan? I’d be careful with where you leave that girlfriend of yours… because who’s to say that a random bruiser from Liverpool won’t invoke a killing curse upon her before setting out… for the rest of the clan. Mata chikaiuchini o ai shimashou.


[He winks before dropping the microphone as “THE NEW REALITY” hits the arena speakers. He exits the ring and walks up the ramp to the sounds of the crowd cheering him on.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a first round match in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament! Introducing first, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 213 pounds, from Pontiac, Michigan, “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!









[With lights flashing and a strobe light going off Flash comes out the back in a cloud of smoke. His signature Glasses on his face which was also branding a extremely cocky smirk. He straightens out his golden coat and looks around the arena, laughing to himself before pointing down to the ring. Flash starts to make his way down to the ring, a real sense of style, swag if you will in his step. With every step it was as if he didn't have a care in the world, vibing out to his own theme music as he continues down the ramp.]


Dante Reed - Alright, Bas, here he is, The Burner of the Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - Man, was he impressive in his debut match at Relapse or what? He simply out-manned Alexander Devin and really punctuated his status of deserving to be in this tournament!






[As he gets closer to the ring he slows his step, looking out at the audience one more time, seemingly brushing their reactions off like it was a chip on his shoulder. Flash quickly jumps into the ring showing off this athleticism in the process. He then runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, laughing at the audience while still dancing to his theme music. He points out into the crown before back flipping off the top rope and landing on his feet. As soon as he does land however, he quickly rolls over into his corner. Flash takes off his jacket, leaving his glasses on until the very last second.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 131 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada, “The Prime Girl” Trixie!




[Trixie comes out of the curtain with a pair of sunglasses on for the entrance along with a denim waistcoat on. She poses at her side as she removes the sunglasses from her eyes. Next she lets the waistcoat fall off her as it slides off her arms. Trixie then walks down to the ring with a confident smirk to her.]


[She glances at the eyes and attention on her, but smiles accordingly. Her stride down to the ring is slow to allow for fans to get a glimpse of her. Trixie leaps onto the ring apron gracefully and stands on the apron for a moment to walk along it a step. There, she steps into the ring and writes with her finger "S,S" on the ring mat.]


[Afterwards, Trixie goes to the corner. She jumps and pulls herself onto the second rope to pose quickly for a picture and leaps down off the ropes. No sooner do her feet touch the ground does Trixie quickly get into her beginning pose. Right foot back, right shoulder slightly back and ready to strike. Lastly, tossing the sunglasses behind her to the corner she once posed on.]


Dante Reed - And now coming to the ring, our current number one contender to the Trench War Championship. Like the champ Emery Layton herself, Trixie has some big opportunities ahead of her.


Sebastian Riggs - She has the Trench War Title shot in her sleeve, and if she wins this tournament, she’ll be the ceremonial King Cobra Champion, and have a Union Battleground Championship shot anytime, anywhere! She’s got the chance to become the Battleground’s first dual champion!


Dante Reed - Indeed she does, and she has the momentum from season one’s ending. Alright, both fighters are in their corners and our referee is quickly calling for the bell!


Sebastian Riggs - This match is underway!


Dante Reed - ... That’s my line!




[Both competitors charge at each other locking up with a single arm collar tie. Wasting no time as they begin to through rights at the same time. Over and over, shot after shot. The two warriors begin to back away slightly allowing them to begin trading blows, first Flash then Trixie. Trixie finally seems to be getting an upper hand as she mixes up the punches with leg kicks forcing Flash to back up, bouncing him off the rope and sending him across of the ring. On the rebound Flash ducks, a clothesline bouncing off the middle rope and goes for a spring board, Trixie moves out of the way, and Flash lands on his feet and they standoff, staring directly at each other as the crowd erupts at the sequence. They begin to circle the ring and lock up once again, Flash shows off his strength as he drives Trixie into the corner, the ref order for them to break up, attempting to pull him off as he begins his count!]


Dante Reed - Flash is keeping the pressure on Trixie early in this one.


Sebastian Riggs - You have to keep the distance close with her. She’s got those deadly kicks, if she gets in range, she’ll lay you out before you even knew what hit you!


[One…Two…Three…Four! Flash finally lets go!]


[He slowly backs up, but not before receiving a huge left handed smack that drops him to a knee. Trixie drives a knee straight into the jaw of Flash dropping him to the ground. She extends her arms out wide as the crowd boos and he seems to enjoy the response. Trixie pulls her opponent to his feet by his hair, only to deliver a dropkick, causing Flash to bounce off the ropes and run straight into a discus clothesline. Cover by Trixie!]






…Kickout By Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - Solid move by Trixie to use the velocity of that spin to take Kassidy down.


Sebastian Riggs - She’s relatively new in the industry, but she’s been in a lot of companies and has had a lot of matches and has seen a lot of setups.


[Flash rolls over and reaches out for the ropes laying his chest across the bottom rope, but Trixie Emerald kicks the bottom rope knocking it straight into his throat. Flash clutches at his throat as Trixie lifts him to his feet. Hooking both arms and delivering a huge future shock DDT. Flash bounces off of the mat from the impact and lands next to the ropes, wisely he rolls out of the ring and crashes to the floor. Trixie rolls out of the ring runs around the corner and delivers a massive shinning wizard to Flash. She pulls him back to his feet, but Flash finally showing some sort of life as he drives Trixie back first into the ring apron. Standing up and delivering right after right, backs up and charges SHINNING WIZARD! Trixie’s head driving straight into the steel of the ring apron, Flash throws his opponent back into the ring as he climbs to the top rope. He looks out across the crowd and signals that it is over as he stands up leaping through the air…CORKSCREW 450 SPLASH FROM FLASH STRAIGHT INTO A COVER!]






…Kickout by Trixie!


Dante Reed - Flash Kassidy is showing off his high flying abilities here with that 450 splash.


Sebastian Riggs - Very impressive for this young blood!


[Flash wastes no time to mount on top of Trixie and begins to rain down lefts and rights. He stands up to his feet and climbs through the ropes onto the apron and waits as Trixie staggers to her feet. Flash leaps off the top rope, CUTTER! What a move by Flash, he lifts his opponent back to her feet and lifts her straight into the air hold him there for a second and delivers a BRAINBUSTER! He crawls into a cover!]






…Kickout by Trixie


[Flash lifts her to her feet and whips her into the rope. On the rebound Trixie ducks a clothesline and bounce off the middle into a springboard moonsault. Flash somehow catch Trixie out of the air and transitions straight into A PILEDRIVER! He hops to his feet and goes for a standing moonsault, but Trixie rolls out of the way and down to the floor as Flash lands face first onto the mat. Trixie is on her feet outside the ring, climbing up onto the apron. She leaps over the ropes and delivers a leg drop to Flash, she goes straight into a cover!]






…Kickout By Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - Great awareness by Trixie to avoid the moonsault.


[Flash is able to roll out of the ring and lands on his feet. Trixie weaves through the middle rope and reaches down and tries to pull Flash back into the ring but receives a hard forearm for her efforts. Flash drags Trixie through the rope her feet on the rope and her head resting on Flash’s shoulder, he points to the crowd as he drops down into a CUTTER on the outside! Trixie lands hard on the floor as Flash high five some members of the crowd. He pulls Trixie back up to her feet and goes to whip her into the barricade, but Trixie counters it straight into an Irish whip of her own sending Flash into the steel steps! Flash’s forehead drives straight into the edge of the steps busting him open. Trixie throws him into the ring, crawling straight into the cover!]






…Kickout By Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - Kassidy is looking to be in a bad spot here.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s staying focused, but Trixie is proving to be too much for him right now.


[Trixie can’t believe it as she wipes some of Flash’s blood off of his arm as he pulls Flash to his feet, he stumbles as Trixie lifts him into the air and delivers a solid body slam. Trixie watches as Flash rises to a knee, Trixie takes off bouncing off of the rope and delivers a Hurricanrana DDT! FLASH’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF OF THE MAT AND STRAIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! TRIXIE SAYS THIS IS OVER AS HE FALLS INTO A COVER!]






…Kickout By Flash Kassidy!


Sebastian Riggs - Look at how much heart The Burner is showing here. That should have been a three count!


[Trixie can’t believe it as he peels Flash’s limp body off the ground and throws him into the ropes. Flash bounces off and receives a massive BULL HAMMER ELBOW! THE SHARP ELBOW SHOT COLLIDES WITH JAW AS FLASH FALLS TO THE GROUND! Trixie with a look of frustration pulls Flash in between her legs, pulling him up by the waist of his pants and DELIVERS A SPIKE PILEDRIVER! NO! FLASH COUNTERS INTO A SOMERSAULT! Trixie spins around on her knees and straight into A SHINING WIZARD! FLASH CRAWLS TO THE TOP… JUICY LUCY! HE HOLDS THE SHOOTING STAR PRESS LEG DROP INTO THE COVER!]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner and advancing into the semifinals of the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - He’s done it again!


Sebastian Riggs - I’m telling you Dante, Flash was my dark horse to win this whole thing! He’s you and dumb, but he’s got that heart that only the top veterans normally possess. He’s got some insane intangibles!


Dante Reed - As the rounds gets closer, the competition gets stiffer. Next round, Kassidy will face off against the Trench War Champion herself, Emery Layton!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s a PPV Main Event quality match right there, can’t wait to watch it!


Dante Reed - Coming up folks, our second King Cobra Tournament match. It’s Terry McKenna and Finn Whelan, and it’s next!


[The arena goes dark as the off and on again style beginning of “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women & Song) by White Zombie begins, when the song consistently hits it’s rhythm before the vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark blood red spotlight with smoke seeping out of the ramp and entrance way.]







[From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Tommy Crimson directly by his right side, with Viduus by his left side and Alexander Devin flanking Crimson with both Preacher and The Speaker trailing behind while that singular blood red spotlight now lights them up. The six of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with Preacher evilly playing to the crowd, showing off his long fingernails and signature laugh, while Nemesis, Crimson, Viddus, Devin and The Speaker walk to the ring in a straight forward manner with the spotlight staying on them.]


Dante Reed - Salvation looks more formidable then ever Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t even argue that point Dante after seeing what these guys did to Dick Devereaux, Johnny Vachon and especially Kuk Killswitch at Relapse! They literally took no prisoners in that Prisoners of War Match!


[Viduus slides in under the ropes and Tommy Crimson uses the apron to jump onto and enters the ring, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring, with Devin, The Speaker and Preacher following the same route behind him. The Speaker and preacher head to the corner of the ring, while Nemesis stands in the middle of the ring with Tommy Crimson, Viduus and Alexander Devin by his side as Nemesis begins stretching his arms outwards while leaning his head back as the singular blood red spotlight remains on all of them as the ring fills with smoke. Nemesis brings his head forward and the lights begins to come on as Preacher is now standing in front of the group with a microphone in hand as the boos engulf the arena, reigning down upon Salvation.]


Preacher - For Nemesis, the God of the Battleground, all things created will bow: all creations in the heavens, hell and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things that have been created will bend to Nemesis and the Kingdom of Salvation!


[Boos and chants of “Devereaux! Devereaux! Devereaux!” now begin to pour in as Preacher brings the mic up to Nemesis’ mouth, as if the Champion himself can’t be bothered to hold the mic. Nemesis has the Union Battleground Championship slung over his right shoulder as the golden plate glistens from camera flashes throughout the crowd reflecting off of it and begins to speak into the mic as Preacher continues to hold it at mouth level for Nemesis.]


Nemesis - Instead of chanting the name of the fallen Butcher, why don’t you peons do something useful and maybe send Richard a card or something? It’ll give him some purpose for when the doctors manage to awake him from his coma.


[Nemesis and Salvation sadistically laugh together as the chorus of boos begins to grow even louder.]


Nemesis - From the moment my feet first touched down in Union Battleground, I told each and everyone of you in the crowd and in the back, whether new here or a veteran, that not only was I going to restore the proper hierarchy of this company and the world by obtaining the Union Battleground Championship but I also said that I would begun a cleansing like none ever seen before upon the Battleground. Fast forward to Season Two and not only have I claimed the Union Battleground Championship for my own but look at what we have done to men who portrayed themselves as false gods like Anton Chase, men who’ve tried to bear the burden of being heroes like Xion Ben-Judah, look how we have handle misguided souls who have strayed off the path like Kreature, Mila and Sinister…but most importantly, I want every single one of you to take a good, long, hard look at how we’ve handled non-believers and those who oppose what we are trying to accomplish like Kuk Killswitch, Johnny Vachon and of course, my personal favorite; Richard Devereaux.


[As the boos grow to a now deafening level, Nemesis doesn’t even flinch as he continues on.]


Nemesis - A dawning of a new day has fallen upon Salvation with the additions of Viduus Morta, Alexander Devin and “The Fury” Tommy Crimson. Although, it seems this may end up being the day of reckoning for the rest of Union Battleground, isn’t that right Crimson?


[Tommy adjusts his jacket with a sly grin. The crowd boos as Nemesis hands Crimson a mic.]


Crimson - Yes. You people can’t even comprehend what will happen next. That nugget between your ears doesn’t have the necessary processing power for what you are witnessing right now. Historians will label us Gods. Authors decades from now will write books about Salvation’s hostile takeover of professional wrestling. How it changed what we do and how we do it as a whole profession. The day of reckoning has come. Oh, yes.


[Tommy walks across the ring holding the microphone. He faces out at the crowd then holds it up close to his lips once more while his eyes glow solid white.]


Crimson - I am here to spread my “influence” all in the name of Salvation. I will ravage the minds of anyone backstage that dares oppose us. No amount of therapy can rid your minds of the sticky cum stained madness left from my mindfuck. You will be smitted by the Wrestling God’s personally. That’s us, Salvation. I will wreck the Union Battleground roster in the coming weeks just as I have done since April of last year anywhere I set foot in a wrestling ring. Just ask V... I Murder All That’s Good.


[Tommy turns away from the crowd and hands the microphone over to his stablemate of destruction Viduus Morta. Viduus, exchanging glances with the Speaker chuckle to themselves as the Speaker takes the mic from Tommy’s hand and he walks the center of the ring. He pauses for a moment to look around the arena and take in the hostile atmosphere.]


Speaker - Good.....what does it even mean Tommy? Hmm? What does good mean? Is Conor Tate good? Is Devereaux good? How about Vachon or Kuk?


[It has become increasingly difficult for The Speaker to continue with louder and louder cheers with each name he drops. He lowers his microphone and laughs as he waits for the crowd to shut their mouths.]


Speaker - Viduus, Nemesis, Tommy, Devin....this is not just another faction that one of the “good” guys can run through. This is not just another “good versus evil” story. THIS is your reckoning like Nemesis alluded to earlier. Professional wrestling fans....prepare yourselves for the glory and the Revelations that are to come. Tommy said he murders all that is good...but the truth is we will devour all that oppose. Good. Evil. It does not matter which alignment you choose....we will end all of what you perceive to be correct or wrong and rise up it all! Our reign will be without end. Embrace Salvation and don’t even HOPE to be spared if you do not walk the path!


[The Speaker laughs as Alexander Devin now has the mic and a crazy look in his eyes while he now begins to speak.]


Alexander Devin - Every word you all have spoken, has only brought you all closer to the moment of your own impending downfall. You cannot hope to stand up to the might...and force of this coalition. For we are the truth that doubters dare not think about for the consequences that await them are too grave to even comprehend!


[Devin keeps staring forward as the boos continue to come down on the stable while he holds the mic straight forward for Preacher to come grab. Preacher comes back and places it to the level of Nemesis’ mouth whose got an evil grin painted across his face, as if he knows with this group in tow, he truly can conquer all.]


Nemesis - Now do you all see? I have gathered these “artists” of carnage and violence so that together we shall use Union Battleground as our canvas to paint a landscape of pain, suffering and utter annihilation with the blood of all of you…our “muses”. Whether you’re an idiotic, stoned out of your mind hipster with the vocabulary of a mentally handicapped child, a rookie claiming the Crown of a non-existent Bullet Kingdom or whether you are a false idol whose done nothing but taken the Title from a two-bit Champion in the fed you reside in, it doesn’t matter…we will bathe in your blood and bask in your destruction by our hands if you dare to even speak blasphemous upon us.


[Preacher begins to lower the mic but nemesis grabs his hand and brings the mic back up to this mouth.]


Nemesis - And as the eradication of you all continues…so does our expansion. I really hope those who have thrown their subtle or subliminal “shots” get down on their knees and repent tonight because if not…you words have accumulated a debt that requires payment…with your torment and agony.


[Preacher begins laughing manically as “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women & Song Mix) by White Zombie kicks in over the arena again and Salvation begins to make their exit out of the ring as we cut back to Dante Reed and Sebastian Riggs at the commentary booth.]


Dante Reed - My god, some harsh and impactful words from the Union Battleground Champion and the rest of Salvation!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s pretty clear Dante, they don’t intend to put up with people even saying a bad word about them by putting the whole locker room on notice and I think this is one warning everyone in the back should take very seriously!


Dante Reed - You’re right Bas, especially since what’s happened to Dick Devereaux who is still recovering from the beating he took fro Salvation at relapse that cause his hospitalization!


Sebastian Riggs - You have to wonder though Dante, whose going to step up in Devereaux’s absence?


Dante Reed - You’re guess is as good as mine Bas! Folks, coming up next is our main event! A Crown of the King Cobra Tournament match as Terry McKenna is set to take on Finn Whelan! Stay tuned!

Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the main event of the evening! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a first round match up in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament!


[The crowd pops loudly, growing in excitement.]


Mike Dempsey - Introducing first, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 202 pounds, from Seattle , Washington, he is “The Seattle Saint” Finn Whelan!


[The lights dim in the arena and cast the arena in a red glow, and for a moment -- only a moment -- the crowd quiets down just a smidge. The guitar riff opening that carries throughout the rest of Asking Alexandria's "The Black" breaks out and brings the crowd to their feet -- both in a positive and negative reaction, completely mixed.]








[Just before the first line of the song, Finn Whelan has appeared not from the curtain, but from one of the visitor's entrances. He stops at the top of the steps for a moment, a slight smirk on his face as he glances at the people around him. He begins stepping down the stairs at a brisk pace, high-fiving a couple fans as he makes his way down to the ring.]


Dante Reed - Here comes Finn Whelan! Making his Union Battleground debut in the main event of L!GHTS OUT!


Sebastian Riggs -  And in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, no pressure huh?


[At the barrier, he slings himself over and slides immediately underneath the bottom rope and leaps to his feet in the center of the ring. He heads directly for the ropes in front of him, and hops up onto the bottom one, bouncing slightly as he looks back at the crowd, choosing a few choice words to share with them. He drops down from it, and pulls off his vest as he heads to the his place against the turnbuckle, leaning into it as his music fades out.]


Mike Dempsey -   And his opponent, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 185 pounds, from South East London, England, representing Rebellion Pro, he is Terry McKenna!







[The opening beat of “Hail” by Kano blasts through the venue, and the arena's lighting darkens slightly. A handful of spotlights, blue and red, light up the entrance area, awaiting the arrival of Terry McKenna; though he is in no rush. At the 1 minute mark, when the beat reloads, McKenna finally walks out from the back with a stern look on his face. A look of displeasure falls upon his face whilst scanning the crowd, and after sometime has elapsed, McKenna cranks his neck and rotates his wrist. Bringing both hands up to the collar of his jacket, McKenna goes to do his signature collar pop, but is quick to hesitate. Instead, he brings his hands out in front and flips off the audience groaning at his sight. Mouthing something inaudible to a few members sitting in the aisle, McKenna makes his way down to the ring. Hopping up onto the apron, McKenna wipes his feet on the apron before entering the ring and retreats over to the corner, removing his jacket and waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - McKenna looked very impressive at Relapse by taking care of Brian Crucifix and quite easily might I add.


Sebastian Riggs - We are definitely going to see what Finn Whelan is made of very quickly here in Union Battleground Dante!


[The match starts as McKenna and Finn lock up in the center of the ring. They struggle for a moment but eventually Finn overpowers McKenna and tosses him down hard on the mat! McKenna gets up and they circle each other again but as Finn moves in, McKenna backs up to the ropes and puts his leg over the middle rope, forcing the referee to push Finn back towards the center of the ring. As Finn moves back, McKenna hurls a few insults his way and then makes his way to the center of the ring slowly. Finn runs at McKenna and clotheslines him down hard to the mat, on top of Terry and begins pounding McKenna's face and head with stiff rights and lefts! McKenna struggles to block this onslaught and eventually has to roll out of the ring to evade it.]


Dante Reed - Look like Finn came to play and he means business!


Sebastian Riggs -  I don’t even think terry McKenna expected this Dante!


[McKenna slides back in and they go to lock up again but McKenna moves behind Finn and starts to hit him with stiff forearms to his lower back. Finn falls to one knee but pushes McKenna off of him. McKenna bounces off of the ropes and dropkicks Finn in the side of the head. Finn is down and McKenna bounces off of the ropes, coming back to jump and drive a knee hard into Finn’s chest. Finn gets up slowly as McKenna has him lined up, runs and drives another knee into Finn, this time targeting his gut and hooks his arms for a double underhook suplex but Finn, out of desperation, drives his head upwards and headbutts McKenna a few times in his stomach, causing him to release Finn’s arms and as McKenna backs off, Finn turns around and jumps, hitting McKenna with a Pele kick, with both men down on the mat now as Finn is catching his breath.]


Dante Reed - Whelan was able to come back there and avoid a double underhook suplex, which could have been detrimental!


Sebastian Riggs -  Great ring awareness there shown by Finn!


[Finn gets up first, goes to pick up McKenna but McKenna rams his head into Finn’s stomach with a headbutt of his own and brings himself up. McKenna starts to hit Finn with wild jabs straight to the face and body. McKenna knees Finn in the midsection and then shoves him back, hard into the corner. McKenna runs at Finn for a corner clothesline but Finn moves out of the way and McKenna crashes into the corner! As Mckenna comes backwards out of the corner clutching his chest in pain from the collision, Finn steps in front of Terry, grabs McKenna in a stunner like position and then flips backwards up into the air, coming down behind McKenna and reverse DDTing Terry, all in one smooth motion completing the Asai DDT! Finn scrambles over to cover him!]


Dante Reed - ScRM by Finn Whelan! What a move! This could be it already!








[McKenna kicks out but Finn wastes no time to pick him up and throws McKenna back into the turnbuckle hard! Finn takes a few steps back and runs at McKenna but McKenna manages to lift his leg and drives his boot right into a Finn's face who was running full speed cause him to stumble back. McKenna comes out of the corner running up towards Finn and hits him with a nice swinging neckbreaker that crashes Finn down to the mat.]


Dante Reed - Nice counter by Terry McKenna as he looks to swing momentum back his way!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s got to stay on him here Dante!


[McKenna gets up and starts to stomp away furiously at Finn’s body until the ref is forced to break it up. McKenna shoves the ref out of the way and picks Finn up to his feet, sending Finn bouncing off of the ropes and when he comes back, McKenna throws a wild clothesline which Finn ducks, then Finn bounces off the opposing ropes and comes back at McKenna, hitting him with a huge flying forearm smash! McKenna goes down to the mat hard and Finn springs back up quickly, grabbing McKenna and lifting him up to his feet. Finn sets McKenna up and drives him back down with a Cradle Piledriver!]


Dante Reed - McKenna is in bad shape here Sebastian! Finn Whelan’s offense has been relentless!


Sebastian Riggs -  You can tell he really wants that Crown of the King Cobra Dante!


[McKenna now manages to stumble up to his feet, groggy and in pain but Finn sees an opportunity to capitalize on and moves in, starting to feed terry McKenna with hard rights and lefts that back him up into the corner! After a few moments, the ref ends up pulling Finn back off of McKenna who takes advantage by raking Finn in the eye as the referee has a hold of him! McKenna pushes the referee out of the way, seeing his chance and begins throwing rights and lefts, followed by stiff kicks to the gut to keep Finn off balance and then finally Terry McKenna gets Finn in a Gutwrench Powerbomb position, lifts him up and drops Finn into a double knee backbreaker!]


Dante Reed - Stamp of Approval by Terry McKenna! Out of nowhere!


Sebastian Riggs - He made most of the chance given to him Dante!


[Terry crawls over and covers Whelan.]








[McKenna picks Finn back up and tosses him into the corner once again then follows up with a big corner splash! Finn falls down to the mat and McKenna starts taunting his downed opponent. Finn jumps up and tries to catch McKenna off guard with another Pele Kick but McKenna sidesteps it. Finn gets up quickly and then both men run at each other and clothesline each other down to the mat at the same time.]


Dante Reed - Both men are down here!


[Both men begin stirring on the mat and then slowly begin getting to their feet. McKenna grabs Finn and quickly hits him with a Gutwrench Suplex! McKenna takes a second, lying on the mat to gather himself before getting back up. Finn slowly gets up to one knee and McKenna starts to take the top turnbuckle pad off. ]


Dante Reed - What is McKenna doing?


Sebastian Riggs -  It looks like he may have some bad intentions here Dante!

[The referee comes in and stops McKenna and as the referee is now distracted by having to put the turnbuckle pad back on, McKenna moves in, grabs Finn and starts choking him against the bottom rope as the referee’s back is turned! As soon as the referee finishes putting the pad back on, he turns around and runs over, breaking up the choke applied by McKenna! McKenna gets up and starts arguing with the referee, getting in his face as Finn quickly scampers over, grabs Terry McKenna by the tights and rolls him up!]








Dante Reed - Finn Whelan almost caught Terry McKenna sleeping there!


[McKenna is clearly taken by surprise as the camera focuses in on his face. Both men get up and lunge towards each other, only to have Finn drive his knee into Terry’s face! McKenna falls to the mat face first clutching it as Finn falls back himself against the ropes to recover for a split second. Finn comes back running at the downed McKenna, only for McKenna to jump up and hit Finn with a huge spinebuster! As Finn is down, McKenna takes advantage by laying in right and left boots! Eventually McKenna wears Finn down and begins circling his opponent]


Dante Reed - What’s Terry McKenna looking to do here?


Sebastian Riggs -  Instead of stalking his opponent, he needs to move in Dante!


[Finn now gets up and receives a boot to the stomach from terry McKenna who moves around Finn as he clutches his gut and McKenna goes in for a Brainbuster, managing to get Finn up but Finn while straight up in the air, manages to shake loose and falls behind Terry McKenna. As quickly as possible, Finn grabs terry into a pumphandle position, lifts him up and drops him down to the mat face first!]


Dante Reed - Revelation 6:4! This one's over!


[Finn Whelan hooks the leg of Terry McKenna as the referee makes the count.]








Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, and advancing to the semifinals of the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, "The Seattle Saint" Finn Whelan!

Dante Reed - Finn Whelan wins! Whelan wins! He's going on to the semifinals!

Sebastian Riggs - What a fight! What an amazing performance by these two men. It's a shame that someone had to lose. Got to give McKenna props though, man, he fought his heart out in this one. This is going to sting a little bit.

Dante Reed - Well there you have it folks, Finn Whelan advances to the next round. We have Emery Layton versus Flash Kassidy, and Finn Whelan versus Rodney Stillwater! Two amazing matches left to determine would will go on and fight for that King Cobra Championship! But folks, that's all the time we have here tonight, we'll catch you in two weeks when we head on over to Tokyo, Japan! Good night!

my name is...

[We fade into a bar. The interior is extravagant, and well kept. The smell inside is nice, not the typical smell of smoke and cigarettes that most bars have. It may or may not be closed—there are no customers, it doesn’t seem. Standing near the bar, talking to some unfamiliar faces, is the somewhat familiar Dolan Farson. He’s been making appearances in Union Battleground of late, with Relapse being the most noteworthy. He turns towards the camera once he notices, a grin slowly creeping.]

Dolan Farson – Hello. My name is Dolan Alexander Farson. You can all call me Farson. Unfortunately, my client can’t be here today. He has… other… priorities at the moment. I’m of course referring to The Mercenary.

[He smiles, letting out a short laugh as he steps forward.]

Dolan Farson – Maybe we’ve begun our adventure here somewhat unnoticed by most. I know that Anton Chase has noticed us, though. Besides him, who knows if anyone has picked us up on their radar. Maybe for the best. After all, the wolf who does not howl before the hunt is more dangerous than the wolf who does.

[His eyes narrow as he slips behind the bar and grabs a glass, and a bottle. The label is too hard to see in the dim lighting of the bar, but it looks expensive. He pours himself a drink and holds the glass in his hand. It’s clear that he’s arrogant and proud of his business moves he’s made thus far.]

Dolan Farson – And, Mr. Chase, if you don’t already know, our attack on you at Relapse wasn’t personal. You were just in the wrong match, at the wrong time, on the wrong night. It was simply business. A veteran like yourself, the many years you spent in Warped, I expect you to understand. Loved the company, by the way. I was a huge fan. But that’s neither here nor there. We may not have gotten a lot of attention quite yet. But it’s all a matter of time. Before long, The Mercenary and myself will be at the center of attention.

[He takes a gulp of his drink, and immediately pours himself another. He lifts the glass in front of him, and it looks as if he’s about to take a drink, then thinks better of it.]

Dolan Farson – I would just love to tell you all more about myself, and my plans going forward. But, I’ve got a flight to catch.

[He turns to one of his associates—or lackeys; either term seems to be an accurate description of the few people standing around in the bar.]

Dolan Farson – Have we contacted him? We’ve got a lot of business to get to.

[The lackey nods behind sunglasses. Farson gulps his second drink and winks at the camera before excusing himself, his lackeys following. As he nears the exit, he stops abruptly and turns.]

Dolan Farson – Oh yeah. If it isn’t obvious already, Mr. Graves and I have reached an agreement—a permanent agreement, so you’ll be seeing us around for quite a while. Get used to it. Squeeze all you can out of Nemesis and Dick Devereaux while you can. They’ll be yesterday’s news when my client rises.

[He laughs as if he had just told a fantastic joke, then opens the door, letting in the bright sunlight, and leaves.]

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