Nashville Municipal Auditorium

Nashville, Tennessee

10, 000

Desktop 1920 x 1080

:: commentary teaM ::

:: welcome to the show ::

[The final moments of the previous L!GHTS OUT replay  finishes, and then there is a moment of darkness. The Union Battleground logo slowly fades in and out in a rhythmic pulse synchronized with deep thuds of a heart beat. The view distorts and scratches out into darkness again. Then suddenly a countdown begins…]


... 5

... 4

... 3

... 2

... 1




[As "Fuel" by Metallica kicks in to overdrive, we open up with a montage of some of the biggest moments in Union Battleground's short history. We see Dick Devereux laying countless Pipe Bombs on to Dragasha Omega in the L!GHTS OUT #1 main event; we see Hannah Kristiansen cutting a promo during her open challenge debut; we see the formation of Salvation at the Fallout PPV; we see Emery Layton winning the Trench War Championship with The Prikasa;

we see The Outliers crowd surfing down at the Pico Rivera Arena at L!GHTS OUT #4.]


[Then we see a quick cut compilation of Nigel Crane laying out Maverick and then showing him destroying Jason Bourne's knee and then a split screen of both of them wheeled out on stretchers; we see a quick cut compilation of some of the biggest spots during Trixie and Anton Chase's ladder match at Fallout; and finally we see a quick cut compilation of Dick Devereux and Tweeder each hoisting the Union Battleground Championship during their two PPV main event bouts. An explosion engulfs the screen as we transition to the arena.]

[Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society are finishing up one of their hit songs as the camera angles pan all throughout the arena. As Knux finishes off his solo and bringing the song to a close, a huge fireworks display ignites and lights up the entire arena like a supernova! We now finally venture over to the broadcast booth to start the show.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Union Battleground's L!GHTS OUT #12! I am your host "The Doctor" Dante Reed alongside me is my partner "Diamond" Dick Thrasher. We are live here in Nashville, Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium in front of over 10,000 fans! And we are also just 9 days away from Guerrilla Warfare, where we will see 20 of the best competitors Union Battleground has to offer pick each other apart until one person is left standing. That lone wolf will then go on to headline the season finale pay per view Coup de Grâce for the Union Battleground Championship! However, tonight we have another jampacked show full of action. We will see our debut streak continue to 12 straight shows as we will watch three fighters make their debut's inside the battleground. We will also see Jove Belane take on Kimitsu Zombie as our main event of the evening. But also for the first time we will witness the Seattle Pro Endurance Championship be out on the line as the champion Billy Danielson takes on the challenger Cade Cameron!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Oh and don't forget we've also got Saint Saito back in action who's been suspended since Fallout, with her reinstatement papers on the line a gauntlet match!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - But first, our kickoff match is somewhat of a grudge match. These two fighters battled in a triple threat match two weeks ago, and while the two distracted each other, they cost themselves a chance to seal the deal. I'm talking about Mandi Morrison versus Cheyenne Walker. So with that, Mike, take it away!

:: the chosen one ::

[The arena goes dark as the off and on again style beginning of “El Phantasmo And The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” by White Zombie begins, when the song consistently hits it’s rhythm before the vocals kick in, the entrance way is engulfed in a deep, dark red spotlight with smoke seeping out of the ramp and entrance way.]







[From the thick smoke emerges Nemesis with Camila Martinez directly by his side, with Preacher flanking his other side as Sinister and Kreature follow behind them closely while that singular blood red spotlight now lights them up. The five of them stop at the top of the ramp for a moment, then continue on forward with “The Barcelona Black Rose” Camila Martinez evilly playing to the crowd while “The Alpha & Omega” Nemesis, Preacher, Kreature and Sinister walk to the ring in a straight forward manner with the spotlight staying on them as now.]


[Kreature slides under the ropes while Camila Martinez sadistically and seductively hangs upside down on the ropes, while Nemesis takes the steps up onto the apron and then enters the ring, with Preacher and Sinister following the same route behind him. Kreature rests in the corner with Sinister hovering over him with his arms crossed, as Preacher is by his side leaning on his elegant cane laughing methodically while Nemesis stands in the middle of the ring with Camila Martinez on her knees crawling between his legs facing the crowd with Nemesis stretching his arms outwards while leaning his head back as the singular blood red spotlight remains on them.]


[As the lights come on, Preacher, in his trademark red clergy dress suit holds the mic in his hand as the boos reign down on Salvation who look unfazed with Kreature and Sinister remaining in the corner as now in the middle of the ring, beside preacher, nemesis stands with Camila Martinez draped arrogantly and confidently over him.]


Preacher - He who believes in our Master, Nemesis and follows the path to Salvation is not condemned, but he who does not believe stands condemned already…for to deny is to allow your soul to decay and die!


[The fans boo as Preacher laughs, handing the microphone over to Nemesis who doesn’t even move, standing in all his glory with his stable surrounding him and his Barcelona Black Rose Mila Martinez still draped on him.]


Nemesis - Inquiring minds want to know why I helped Dick Devereaux…is Dick Devereaux the newest addition to Salvation?


[The boos pour down on Nemesis and Salvation as he pauses for a moment before continuing.]


Nemesis - Richard…I would like for you to come down here…


[Mila takes herself off of Nemesis as he stands even firmer now anticipating the arrival of the Union Battleground Champion Dick Devereaux. Without any music even playing, Devereaux emerges from the back with the Union Battleground Championship resting comfortably on his shoulder but instead of being his usual brash self towards the fans, Devereaux’s eyes are locked on Nemesis and Salvation who await him in the ring.]


[Dick Devereaux stops at the bottom of the apron and hesitates for a moment, to which Preacher walks over to the ropes and opens them for Dick Devereaux signaling with his hand for him to enter the ring, to which Dick hesitantly obliges, jumps up and gets in the ring, walking face to face with Nemesis, dropping the Title down by his side.]


Nemesis - Union Battleground’s Champion…Richard, I would like to introduce you to the group that will not only bring deliverance to this company but also, Salvation to you Richard…The Chosen One…


[Devereaux steps back looking around confused as Nemesis continues on.]


Nemesis - You see Richard, it was spoken of and etched in the fabric of time long before you were born into this world that you were meant to lead this company…this WORLD…to the Salvation it requires…


[Devereaux looks down trying to take all of what Nemesis is saying in while Nemesis explains further.]


Nemesis - Why do you think you bare the mark of OUR hand on your face? It is not by mere coincidence Richard, it has been implanted there subconsciously since the moment your lungs took in their first breathe…


[Devereaux looks up troubled, feeling the mark of the hand that is on his face, still trying to make sense of all of this.]


Nemesis - Take your rightful place Richard…together you and I will not only deliver Salvation to Union Battleground but we will spread Salvation throughout the world, into every man, woman and child’s mind and heart, for the world is ours to conquer.


[Devereaux with a blank stare on his face looks at nemesis and then towards the remaining members of Salvation, without a yes or a no, let a lone a fragment of emotion shown, Dick Devereaux proceeds to exit the ring and begins to walk up the ramp with his head down confused by everything that has just transpired.]


Nemesis - Oh and Richard…


[Devereaux stops in his tracks with his head remaining down but his back to the ring.]


Nemesis - We…I expect an answer by Guerilla Warfare!


[Devereaux stays still then continues on up the ramp, exiting through the curtain.]

:: mandi morrison vs cheyenne walker ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, standing 5'7" and weighing in at 113 pounds, Mandi Morrison!







["I am the fire" by halestorm hits the pa system, as Mandi walks out. She looks out to the crowd, as she walks down to the ring. She walks up the steps, before getting into the ring between bottom and middle ropes. She heads to her corner as waits for match to start.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Morrison now coming to ringside and tonight she looks to improve her 2-2 record.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Her record is .500 but that face is batting 1.000! ... That's a good thing for anyone who doesn't get baseball references!


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, from Boise City, Oklahoma, standing 5'6" and weighing in at 125 pounds, Cheyenne Walker!


[The Opening Riff of "Tough" starts up as a single spot light illuminates the stage.  As the singing begins, she appears at the top of the ramp.]







[She gives a smile, raising her arms in the air before starting to strut down the ramp.  She gets to the apron, flipping herself into the ring, she climbs the turnbuckle blowing double kisses to the crowd.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Cheyenne Walker is another newcomer inside the Battleground who made her debut two weeks ago in that triple threat match against Mandi Morrison and the victor Kimitsu Zombie.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Chey has got a lot of potential as evident from that triple threat match, but she's still a bit raw. Let's see what she can do in her first singles competition in Union Battleground.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Ok, folks, referee Joe Murray is calling for the bell and this match is underway!


[The bell toll fades and immediately the two rush to the center of the ring and lock up. Mandi puts Cheyenne in a headlock and wrenches back. Cheyenne though quickly throws punches to Mandi's midsection to loosen the hold. Walker slings Mandi into the ropes and on the return drops her with a stiff shoulder check. Cheyenne now runs the ropes as Mandi gets to her feet and then leap frogs over her. Chey on the return goes for a closeline but Mandi ducks. On the return Mandi goes for a back body drop, but Cheyenne catches it and counter with a sunset flip into a pin.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


[Mandi kicks out after a quick two count and gets to her feet. Mandi and Chey tie up again, and Chey continues the offense with an arm wrench. Mandi winces in pain but soon delivers sharp elbows to the face of Cheyenne. Mandi is able to break free and instantly springs off the ropes and comes back with a running single high knee. Cheyenne stumbles on her feet in a daze, and Mandi follows up with a sit out face buster! Mandi quickly hooks the leg for a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Mandi Morrison takes control now!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - She better stay focused, Cheyenne has that farm girl strength that can really be the X factor in this match.


[Mandi looks peeved but quickly mounts Walker and begins slamming Cheyenne's head to the mat by her hair! After a five count the referee orders Mandi to stop, which she hesitantly obliges. Mandi gets to her feet and drags Chey up with her by the hair and puts her in a headlock. Mandi starts wailing punches onto the crown of Cheyenne, but out from nowhere Cheyenne delivers a vicious belly-to-back suplex!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - There's that strength you were talking about Dick!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I told you! Cheyenne looks like the girl next door, but don't forget she can knock that door down too!


[Mandi slowly gets to her feet but Cheyenne springboards off the middle rope and comes soaring in with a forearm smash that has Mandi stumbling toward the ropes. As Mandi clamps onto the ropes to keep her footing, Cheyenne springs off the other side and comes back, leaps over Mandi and delivers a hot shot that sends Mandi throat-first into the ropes and crashing down to the mat! Cheyenne is outside of the ring now and begins high-fiving the fans at ringside.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Cheyenne is showing off her jump skills by leaping over Mandi and hitting the hot shot!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Chey is showing she has exceptional strength and agility tonight!


[Cheyenne slides back into the ring, and stalks Mandi as she waits to get back to her feet. Mandi slowly does so, while clinching at her throat. Mandi stands and turns to face Cheyenne, and Cheyenne connects with a superkick that echoes through the arena! Mandi stumbles back in a daze while Cheyenne sprints towards the ropes and executes a handspring cutter onto Mandi!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Baker's Dozen! Cheyenne just flatlined Mandi with the handspring cutter!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Cheyenne is making the cover, this one has got to be over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Cheyenne Walker!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - What an impressive performance here tonight for Cheyenne Walker!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - No doubts about it, Dante. Walker showed some great resiliency and walks away with her first victory in the Battleground!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks, coming up next now, we have a match that continues the debut streak as Becky Balfour is set to take on Trixie!

:: anton, anton, anton ::



[Trixie comes out, and does a twirl to bend over and showcase her firm apple bottom to the crowd. She then turns around to flaunt her ring attire and bites her finger as she pauses on stage. She starts walking in a straight line down the ramp to really sway her hips and get the attention of the guys in the crowd, blowing kisses at the guys and enjoying the jealousy of the girls in the crowd. She steps onto the apron and gyrates her hips before stepping into the ring very slowly to allow all the photos to be taken, then stepping fully in and giving a playful wink to the referee as she sits on the corner.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Trixie is making her way to the ring, and it looks like she has some words before her match!


[Trixie stands before the Union Battleground crowd with her Trixie Championship belt sitting firmly on her shoulder wearing a jean jacket open over a duck egg blue tank top. The cuffs of her sleeves folded over as she ties her top together with a pair of black skinny jeans and slightly heeled black boots. Trixie stands there with a mic in hand as she takes center stage in the ring.]


Trixie - Anton Chase showed us all last week he just doesn't click with Beautiful Storm. When it was just me and Tornado, we won the first official Union Battleground tag team match as your original battalions.


[Crowd give Trixie a cheer with a "Beauuuu-Tiiiiii-fuuuuul" from one half of the crowd and the second ones coming in with a quick and loud "Storm!".]


Trixie - Anton Chase AGAIN ruins things when he's near me. He ruined our chance to go 2-0 against Salvation and that man tried to ruin my Trixie Championship belt.


[Trixie lets the crowd or some of them give Anton a mild jeer]


Trixie - He thinks I'll just forget about it, move on? I just won't. I am going to say it right here and right now that I want one more match with Anton Chase, to show him, to show Tornado, and to show you, the fans, that this Trixie Championship has validation. Guerilla Warfare, Trixie vs. Anton Chase with ME holding MY title and righting the wrong that Anton made at Fallout.


[She then lifts the title off her shoulder only slightly to show it to the camera.]


Trixie - Because this title is one I hold here and has been a big part of this company just like the Union Battleground titles. I won't allow Anton to just try and destroy this belt, a reminder that I beat him in our first confrontation and that I beat him in our last confrontation.


[Trixie drops the mic in an authoritative manner and she slowly walks to her corner as she prepares for her match.]

:: trixie vs becky balfour ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Standing in the ring at this time, from Las Vegas, Nevada, standing 5'6" and weighing in at 133 pounds, she is Trixie!


[Trixie stands in her corner already, pulling at the rope, stretching, and preparing for her match.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, standing 5'8" and weighing in at 122 pounds, The leader of #TheSociety, Becky Balfour!






['Youth Gone Wild' begins playing throughout the venue as Becky Balfour makes her way to the top of the entrance-way. Clad in a leather jacket hanging off her shoulders, she slowly makes her way to the ring with a dead stare in her eyes, focused directly on the ring. After walking up the ring steps and entering the ring, the outspoken but confrontational wrestler moves to the center of the ring where she sits down, waiting for the match to begin]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Becky Balfour is making her debut here in the Battleground tonight, and many have her pegged as a big underdog.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Dante that's part of the problem that she tries tries to fight off. She's misunderstood and in her own way, tries to right the wrongs in this world.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Well however you slice it, she's set to face the multiple time champion from multiple promotions. Referee Franklin Dean is calling for the bell!




[The bell tolls and both competitors stay stationed in their corners. Becky looks on in stern focus as Teixie plays to the crowd and playfully taunts Becky. The two begin to enclose in the center of the ring, then circle around to get an advantage point. The two go in for a tie up, but Becky at the last second takes Trixie down with an arm drag. Trixie being caught off guard looks a bit surprised. She gets back to her feet and lunges at Becky, and again Becky takes her down with another arm drag. Trixie now jumps straight back to her feet, aggravated, and bull rushes Becky. Trixie looks to attempt a forearm smash, but Becky counters with a kick to the midsection, then drops Trixie with a snap DDT! Becky hooks the leg for an early cover.]


... One!


... Tw-- Kick out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Becky Balfour is showing some tenacity early on in the match-up!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Trixie may want to adapt her strategy a bit!


[Becky keeps her focus and gets to her feet, dragging Trixie up with her. Becky keeps the pressure on and takes Trixie down with a Russian leg sweep. Becky bows runs towards the ropes, and delivers a springboard moonsault, but Trixie pulls her legs up, having Becky come crashing down into her knees! Trixie now goes to the offensive locking in an arm bar!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - And just like that Trixie has got Becky in a vulnerable position!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Trixie looks like she's got that locked in tight! She may have just caught Becky off guard and ending this thing early!


[Becky Balfour kicks her legs wildly to try and fight off the pressure applied to her elbow by Trixie. Her flopping allows her to inch her way towards the ropes and eventually is able to grasp the bottom rope to initiate a rope break. Trixie holds the submission just a bit long her than normal, but releases it and gets to her feet while the ref is chewing her out. Trixie ignores the warning and goes back on the attack with various stiff kicks to the body. After a combination of kicks, Trixie eases up and allows Becky to slowly rise to her feet. As Becky gains her footing, Trixie immediately goes back to the attack with a series of jabs and hooks, leaving Becky dazed even more so. Trixie finishes off the combo with a split-legged hangman's neck breaker! Becky drops to the canvas, and Trixie hooks the leg for a cover!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Sexy Neckbreaker!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Trixie has finished off plenty of opponents with this move, Becky may be in serious trouble here!


... One!


... Two!


... Thre-- No! Kick out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Unbelievable! I thought Becky was toast!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Just goes to show her will to win Dante!


[Trixie rests on her knees as she looks on in shock. She stands to her feet and signals out to the crowd that she's ready to put this match to rest! She stands in the corner in a wide stance and the crowd increases in volume for the Vegas native. Becky begins to slowly get to her feet.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Trixie has had enough and looks like she's ready to end this night for Becky Balfour!


[Trixie waits patiently as Becky turns and delivers the Spicy Superkick! But wait! Becky evades the attack by ducking and then pulls Trixie by the back of her hair! Balfour screams into Trixie's ear, locks her in an inverted headlock, and then drops her with a reverse DDT! Becky goes for the cover!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Becky makes a statement with her signature finisher "Hear Me Out"! We just might be seeing the upset of the night!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - No! C'Mon Trixie!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Becky Balfour!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I cant believe it! Becky Balfour just took down the famous Trixie in her debut match in the Battleground!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - What did I say earlier, Dante?! People misjudge Becky Balfour, and look what she's done tonight! She's shocked the world by defeating the highly accomplished Trixie!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I have to wonder, Dick, if Becky was right in her claims that Trixie wasn't focused on this match because of her busy schedule in so many promotions? I mean, she came out here before the match and spoke only about Anton Chase, and seemingly giving little credit to Balfour!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - You may be right there, Dante. But one thing is for certain now, I don't think people are going to be taking Becky Balfour or #TheSociety lightly from here on out!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks stick around as we have much more in store tonight. He have to take a quick commercial break, but when we come back, we will see another debut in the Battleground as Isaiah Elliott takes on the Warped Wrestling Legend Crowbar! Don't go anywhere!

:: commercial ::

:: crowbar vs isaiah elliott ::

Mike “Drop” Dempsey – The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his debut tonight in Union Battleground, from Asheville, North Carolina, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 196 pounds, Isaiah Elliott!




[‘100 in a 55’ by Pop Evil begins to play over the PA system. The curtain moves aside and out steps Isaiah Elliott. He looks around to the fans in attendance, a smile on his face. He walks down to the ring, high fiving fans as he passes. He reaches the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. He moves to his corner and lowers his head as he gets his body loose and his mind focused on the coming fight.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - Our second of three fighters debuting tonight is Isaiah Elliott. He’s a complete unknown in any level of professional competition. Though, he has a reputation in his local Asheville area in the unsanctioned circuits as a humble man with a mean streak.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Well we’ll see what this guy can do. He’s being thrown in the fire tonight, facing a former Heavyweight Champion and a dual champion at that!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – No bones to pick about that, Dick. We’re talking about reputations; his opponent is known very well in Japan to have a brutal, violent streak that has been very controversial on many occasions.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Absolutely. And if you remember, Isaiah put Crowbar on blast! He basically called him a one-trick pony! I don’t know about you, but to me, Elliott just signed his death certificate with that statement!


Mike “Drop” Dempsey – And his opponent, from Long Beach, California, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 250 pounds, Crowbar!




[The lights go out as "Mustang Nismo" kicks in, red and white lights flashing to the beat. Crowbar walks out onto the stage as the whole place is bathed in red light, a spotlight only on Crowbar. He slowly walks down the ring eyeing off the fans with disdain, before walking up the steps and getting into the ring. He heads over to the corner of the ring and jumps up, sitting on the top turnbuckle.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - And here he is, Dick. The man we were talking about. Crowbar has had some of the most violent matches and situations the Battleground has seen.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Yes, even though he’s somewhat disappeared since he injured and shelved Malcolm Dred-King, Crowbar has a nasty reputation!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Alright folks, our referee for this match-up is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. Both fighters look ready in their corners, this match is set to begin!




[The bell toll only begins to wane as both Crowbar and Elliott bull rush each other and begin trading off heavy hooks and haymakers to the face! The crowd instantly roars as both men waste no time to kick this bout into overdrive. Back-and-forth each man connects, but obvious adrenaline is coursing through their veins as neither man is slowing down!]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – And here we go!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Looks like we got a “take no prisoners” kind of fight right now!


[Both men continue to assault each other, and the crowd only continues to rally behind them both. Crowbar now starts to edge Elliott, landing a couple consecutive strikes to Elliott’s single strikes. Crowbar now is gaining three-to-four strikes in a row and Elliott is showing signs of slowing down. Crowbar goes for three strikes in a row and tries a winding haymaker for a fourth, but Elliott blocks it, and brings them both down to the mat and Elliott has Crowbar locked in a Kimura!]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Holy shit! Isaiah Elliott has Crowbar in a Kimura lock right in the center of the ring!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – He’s got it locked in tight, this could be a quick one!


[Crowbar tries to fight off and escape the submission hold, but Elliott is too deep for Crowbar to make any separation. Crowbar decides if he doesn’t want to tap out, he needs to reach the ropes. He uses his massive size advantage to crawl his way over to the ropes while Isaiah hangs on. Crowbar finally makes it to the ropes, and Elliott immediately releases. Crowbar gets to his feet holding his shoulder, and before Elliott can get to solid footing, Crowbar begins to drive heel kicks to the back of the head of Elliott!]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Crowbar showing that sometimes, size DOES matter!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know, Dante! Crowbar has over fifty pounds on Isaiah Elliott. If Elliott wants to win this one, he’s going to have to use his speed because he can’t go toe-to-toe with Crowbar all night!


[Crowbar ceases his kicks to Elliott and pulls him up to his feet. He whips Elliott into the ropes, and on the return chops him down with a drop kick to the knees. Crowbar now bounces off the ropes, and comes back with a massive splash, and hooks the leg for a cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


[Elliott somehow manages to press Crowbar’s giant frame off of him and rotates out and gets to his feet. Crowbar springs himself off the ropes and lunges in for a close line, but Elliott ducks and hooks Crowbar in a full nelson. Elliott keeps the hold momentarily, and then bridges back for a dragon suplex! Crowbar looks stunned but somehow manages to get back to his feet. In a jolt of adrenaline, Crowbar sprints at Elliott for a spear, but Isaiah counters it with a sharp flying spinning elbow that completely rocks Crowbar and stops him dead in his tracks!]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Crowbar went for the Element Zero but Elliott sniffed it out and countered with the Facebreaker!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Crowbar’s eyes are in the back of his head! He’s not walking away from this one!


[Elliott drops to his knees and hooks the leg for a cover.]


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike “Drop” Dempsey – Here is your winner, Isaiah Elliott!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Dick I can’t believe it! Isaiah Elliott completely leveled Crowbar with that vicious elbow strike, and earned the victory!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – We’re two for two in debut victories so far, Dante! You think the landscape is shifting here in the Battleground?!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – It just might be, Dick! Two veterans of highly reputable accolades have taken consecutive losses tonight! I gotta say, Elliott came in with a severe disadvantage on size, but his persistence and accuracy earned him a 1-0 record in Union Battleground!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Incredible!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Coming up next, we'll see if our third and final debut can bring it home and sweep the field!

:: the chosen one (cont.) ::

[We cut backstage to see the Union Battleground Champion himself, Dick Devereaux, walking the halls. He has an almost blank expression on his face, like something is weighing heavy on his conscience. He passes by a small group of event staff, who shoot him a weary look of unsettling concern. Devereaux notices from the corner of his eyes, but brushes it off and continues marching on. Suddenly, our very own correspondent Savannah Skye pops out and tries to stop to interview the Champ.]


Savannah Skye - Mi-- Mister Devereaux... Can I have a moment of your time for a quick interview?


[Devereaux slows his pace to a halt. Devereaux hesitates for a second before giving her a half-interested nod. Savannah is immensely nervous and frightened during the encounter.]


Savannah Skye - Dick Devereaux, I'd like to ask you about the offer handed out to you from Nemesis and the rest of Salvation. They said they believe that you are their "Chosen One", bearing their mark. Have you made a decision on Nemesis' invitation to join forces with Salvation?


[Devereaux's blank stare gradually changes to a vexed one. Devereaux stands there in silence, staring at the raven-haired reporter. After an awkwardly long silence, Devereaux shakes his head, and walks off on Savannah Skye. Without getting any sort of confirmation, Savannah can only shrug off the blow off and skittishly scampers her way out of sight.]

:: giving in to the darkness ::

[The opening riffs begin as we pan around the arena and soon focus on the stage.We see rain falling from high up as chains drop just below the BattleTron.]





[Kira walks out holding his Bokken. He walks through the rusted chains and stands in the "rain" with Kirito following behind him. He lifts his bokken up and waves it across the arena.He walks down the ramp glaring at fans. He walks around the Arena before he jumps onto the barricade and stares and intimidates the near by fans before jumping down and walks up the steps and slaps the apron before jumping over the ropes and climbing to all four corners of the ring.]





[He hops down before banging his head on the top turnbuckle ten times and pulling his head back to a bridge on the mat while simultaneously spitting out blood mist.He rolls over to all fours before creeping into a sitting position into his corner.]




[Still seated, Kira extends his hand out between the ropes, and is handed a microphone. He remains seated, gazing coolly out at the entrance portal.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - What could this freakshow possibly have to say?


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be riveting.


Kira Izumi - Sato-Chan.


[There is no answer, so Kira gets a little more forceful.]


Kira Izumi - Come out, Sato-Chan!


[There is no music, no fancy lighting, no pomp and circumstance. Izumi Sato just makes her head out from the back. Gone is her usual white and hot pink attire, replaced by black and hot pink and a black boxer's robe with the hood drawn up over her bowed head. Kira continues to speak as she slowly makes her way to the ring.]


Kira Izumi - That's it, come to me, Sato-Chan.


[He rises to his feet with help from the ropes as she enters the ring.]


Kira Izumi - The Darkness is waiting, Sato-Chan; her arms long for your embrace. Surrender to her.


[Kira extends his arms out as if to hug her.]


Kira Izumi - The Mistress knows your pain, Sato-Chan. Give in, and she will make it all go away.


[Izumi Sato seems to consider what he's said, as Kira still stands there, arms open awaiting her embrace.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Don't do it, Izumi!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Don't listen to him. Jump in with both feet!


[Izumi takes a step toward Kira, who nods his head and grins like a cheshire cat, but then she stops - shaking her head.]


Izumi Sato - No!


[She turns to walk away, but then stops, shaking her head wearily as her voice falters.]


Izumi Sato - Never.


[But before she can take another step, Kira places a surprisingly gentle hand on her arm.]


Kira Izumi - Look at yourself, Sato-Chan.


[He turns her gently before slipping the hood from her head. The Pure Heart Warrior looks abnormally pale despite her Japanese ancestry. Her hair is a mess, her makeup is three weeks old, and there are big dark rings around her eyes.]


Kira Izumi - Up there on the Battletron, look at what has become of you.


[Izumi turns, looking up as instructed at a close-up of herself.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - She's definitely seen better days, that's for sure.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Shut up, Dick.


[Fresh tears stream from Izumi's eyes as her voice quivers and her knees grow unsteady.]


Izumi Sato - Help--


[She turns toward Kira.]


Izumi Sato - Help me.


[Her knees give out, and she falls into Kira's still open arms. Burying her face in his shoulder, a fiendish grin spreads across his masked features.]


Kira Izumi - Easy there, we've got you now. The Darkness will make all that pain go away. But first, she has one final request. You versus me at Guerilla Warfare, in a Japanese Deathmatch.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - No way! Izumi Sato isn't in the right frame of mind for that kind of match!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Can you name the last person who was in their right frame of mind for that kind of match?


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Well no, but--


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Exactly!


[Pulling away slightly, but still within Kira's grasp, Izumi somehow gathers up the cognitive wherewithal to consider what he's said. Finally she sighs, a mixture of resignation and also a hint of coolness in her voice.]


Izumi Sato - Hai, very well. What use is there in fighting Her anymore.


[Kira places a hand on the back of her head and gently pushes her face into his shoulder as he cradles her with the other arm to massive boos from the crowd.]


Kira Izumi - I promise, it'll be all over soon enough.


[He then helps her to her feet, and ushers her from the ring as outraged fans hurl plastic beer cups at them as they leave.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Man, I never thought I'd see what we just witnessed here tonight.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - You gotta' give it up to Kira though. He's got Sato hook, line, and sinker now.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I just hate to imagine what will go down in that Japanese Deathmatch at Guerilla Warfare.

:: kira izumi vs cassius reed ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contests is scheduled for one fall! In the ring at this time, from Shinhidaka, Hokkaido, Japan, standing 6' even and weighing in at 200 pounds, accompanied by Kirito Izumi, representing Full Intensity Wrestling, Kira Izumi!


[Izumi stands in his corner with his wife by his side as he merely raises a fist in the air when his name is called.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Kira Izumi is probably just as decorated as a multi-time champion all over the world as he is bat shit crazy!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He likes to toy with people psychologically as we just witnessed him convincing Izumi Sato surrender to his "Darkness". I don't know, Dante. Whenever I see this guy it makes me want to call a priest and an exorcist!


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, making his debut in Union Battleground, from Atlanta, Georgia, standing 6' even and weighing in at 205 pounds, he is Cassius Reed!







[As the intro to “You Suck” by Pour Habit blasts throughout the arena out from the back bursts Cassius Reed! Wearing a black boxer's robe, with golden trim, he shadow boxes at the top of the ramp a moment, before posing, turning and spreading his arms wide, revealing the legend "KING CASSIUS" written on the back in golden sequins. Spinning round once more with kick of the leg, he suddenly sprints down to the ring at full pace! Sliding in under the bottom rope, he quickly rolls onto his back before kipping up with a flourish! Giving a quick smirk, he unfastens the belt of the robe, before turning and leaping to the top of the nearest turnbuckle, spreading his arms wide once more, and allowing the robe to fall, open, about his exposed chest. With a cocky wink and kiss to the crowd, he hops backwards off the ring post, dropping the robe off of his shoulders, before bundling up his robe and placing it in the official's chest, telling him to "take care of this, sucka."]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Cassius Reed, or as he likes to be known now as "The Iron King" is also quite accomplished.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's a man that's traveled all over the world and has won numerous championships and just recently the Phoenix Wrestling Iron King Tournament. Now, he's making his presence known in the Battleground!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Alright folks, both men are squared off in opposite corners as referee Franklins Dean calls for the bell!




[The bell rings and both competitors cautiously stand their ground in their respective posts. Cassius Reed begins to play the crowd by shouting "Long Live the King". Kira though stands perfectly still staring across from Reed. The Iron King slowly makes his way over to Izumi and initiates a collar and elbow tie up. Both men are roughly equal in height and stature and struggle with one another to gain the edge. Kira puts Reed in an arm wrench, but Cassius quickly somersaults out of it, Kip up, and nails Kira with a kick to the face. Reed begins to run the ropes and comes back for a closeline attempt, but Kira ducks it. Reed on the return is greeted with a pele kick by Izumi!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Swift kick by Kir Izumi!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I think Izumi just kicked Reed back even further in time!


[Reed throws a knee to the gut and then puts Kira in a headlock. Cassius begins pummeling away at Kira's face and backs him into the ropes. Izumi throws a few punches to the midsection of Cassius to loosen the hold, then whips Reed across the ring. On the return Cassius regains control with a thundering Superman punch, knocking Izumi into the corner! Cassius picks the masked man up to the top rope and climbs his way up. Without hesitation, Cassius quickly springs off the ropes and sends Izumi crashing down to the mat with a hurricanrana!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Funkensteiner!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Damn that's funky! This one is over!


[Cassius looks out into the crowd as they cheer for the high-flying finisher. Cassius instead of going for the cover, goes back to the turnbuckle! He grasp at the top ropes, and delivers a split legged corkscrew moonsault on to Kira Izumi! Cassius now goes for a pin!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Cassius Reed!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Incredible! Cassius Reed put the nail in the coffin tonight and all three debuting competitors earned a victory tonight!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Cassius won pretty soundly, it makes me wonder if Kira's so called "Darkness" is nothing more than a fever dream of his! But regardless, he's got Sato wrapped around his finger now.

:: xion ben-judah vs douglas armatage ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Staffordshire, United Kingdom, standing 5'11" and weighing in at 126 pounds, representing the XHWF, "The Bearded Bad Ass" Douglas Armatage!






[As “The Vengeful One” by Disturbed plays Douglas walks out from the back strangely calm compared to the music the is playing. A smile crosses his face as he stands atop the entrance and straightens his beard and Mustache then waves at the crowd as he walks down to the ring. Walking up the ring steps he steps between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring turning to each side and waving at the crowd before removing his towel and hanging it in the corner.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Beard Father is making his way down to ringside now, and is continuing his search for his first victory here in the Battleground.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's going to have a steep hill to climb tonight against Xion Ben-Judah if he plans to earn that win tonight.


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, from Tel Aviv, Israe, standing 6'4" and weighing in a 220 pounds, Xion Ben-Judah!


[All the lights in the arena collapse into darkness and the violin rock intro to Skillet’s hit “Not Gonna Die” begins to echo throughout, much to the approval of the resident crowd. A spotlight shines on the entrance stage and Xion Ben-Judah stands in the middle of it, dressed in black and white including a matching sleeveless coat. He outstretches his arms and looks up into the unknown as the first lyrics of his chosen theme song echo in the arena.]






[Xion looks stoically ahead as he begins his journey to the ring with the spotlight following above him. When Xion reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope, smoothly pops up to his feet, and heads to the center of the ring. There, again, he outstretches his arms and looks up to the heavens as the arena lights return. He then removes his coat and paces around waiting for the match to begin.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - XBJ had quite an impressive debut victory against the extremist Damon Xalvador, and tonight he goes up against a more technical wrestler in Douglas Armatage.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Technical wrestling is something that Ben-Judah is most comfortable with I believe. Although he showed he can adapt to whatever style is being thrown at him. He's and exciting upstart here, and will only continue to rise!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Alright folks, both men are now in the ring warming up and our referee for this match is Joe Murray, who is calling for the bell now!




[The bell tolls and both fighters slowly make their way to the center of the ring. Armatage stops midway, causing Ben-Judah to halt and circle. Armatage begins to play to the crowd by rubbing and stroking his manly beard. He gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, and Douglas embraces the half-hearted cheers and jeers. Douglas Armatage turns back to face Xion, when Ben-Judah nearly smacks Armatage's head off with an absolute stunning text book superkick! Armatage's stumbles back on his heels and tries to keep his eye lids open, while throwing wild jabs to try and defend himself. Armatage is obviously in another dimension after that kick, and Ben-Judah drives an easy boot to the midsection curling Armatage over his knees. Xion Ben-Judah places Douglas Armatage in a powerbomb position, lifts him up, and sets him up & drops him with his version of the Gory Neckbreaker!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - What in the world just happened?! Xion Ben-Judah just destroyed Douglas Armatage!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - We may need a medic on Doug. He's completely out cold!


[Xion rolls Douglas over to his back, and cradles the leg for a pin cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Xion Ben-Judah!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - What an impressive victory for Ben-Judah tonight!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - All he needed was two moves to advance himself up the rankings here tonight! I think Ben-Judah had a harder cardio workout coming to the ring than actually defeating Armatage here tonight.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - He caught Armatage slipping, caressing his beard for what he calls the "Beard Army", and capitalized on the opportunity! Folks, don't go anywhere, we have to take a short commercial break. But when we come back, we will see Saint Saito back in action for the first time since Fallout as she battles in a gauntlet match. Stay tuned!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - We need to call in extra security!

:: commercial ::

:: saint saito vs zane, savage, collins ::

[We come back from commercial to see Ryan Zane standing in the ring fixing his gear awaiting the arrival of Saint Saito.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a gauntlet match for reinstatement! Currently in the ring, Ryan Zane!


Mike “Drop” Dempsey - And his opponent, making her way to the ring, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, ”The New Ace of Pro Wrestling" Saint Saito!




[The hard notes of Little V's remix of Shoji Meguro's "I'll Face Myself" blasts through the venue speakers, and the fans explode in thunderous cheers and boos. Moments pass before the New Ace of Pro Wrestling, Saint Saito, slowly emerges from behind the curtain and steps onto the stage, wearing a beautiful black, red and fur cape over her red ring gear. Saito remains on the stage for a few moments, stretching out her arms in a simple pose. She had a bored look on her face as she looks over the crowd, but after a few more moments she decides to lower her arms and then slowly make her way down to the ring. She ignores the cheering and booing fans as she approaches the ring, still looking bored with each step she takes. As soon as she reaches the foot of the ring in front of the commentary table, Saito suddenly stops and turns, frowning at the two commentators as though something was different about them. "Where are the other guys?" says Saito, her eyes shifting between Dante and Thrasher. Dante Reed: "...Uh...what do you mean?" "Where are the other guys?" repeats Saito, impatiently. "Dante, and the other guy. What's-his-dick...Thrasher!" Dick Thrasher: "That's us, Saito! That's Dante Reed and I'm Dick Thrasher. You don't recognise us?" "Bullshit, you're Dick Thrasher!" replies the New Ace, staring at Thrasher like she had no idea who he was. "Thrasher's 300lbs and has a shitty goatee. And you!" Saito turns back to Dante, telling him, "You look like a reject from some shitty CW show. Seriously, I've been gone a couple weeks and they replace a couple guys I'd like to kill some time--Who are you?" Dante Reed: "Seriously, Saito, we're--" Dick Thrasher: "Shutthehellupdante--Totally not those other guys, Saito! We're...that's, um, and I'm...um..." Saito eyes Thrasher for a good couple of seconds after he stopped talking, and then Dante and back to Thrasher, when she suddenly tells them both... "Fuck you." And with that, Saito turns to the steel steps and slowly climbs before slipping through the middle rope. As the fans keep on cheering and booing her, Saito spirals across the ring mat before twirling in place in the center when she stops. She stretches out her arms once again, the bored "surely there are better things for me to do" look still etched on her face. She remains in place for a few seconds before stepping over to the corner, untying her black cape and handing it to a member of the ring crew. Afterward, she then turns her back to lean lazily against the padded turnbuckles as she waits for the match to begin.]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saint Saito has quite the task here as she has to run the gauntlet to earn her reinstatement back into Union Battleground!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Axel has lost his fuckin’ mind even giving this crazy bitch the opportunity to come back! She should be fired for what she did! Not only did she assault us but she also “copped a feel”…she sexually harassed me Dante!


[As soon as the referee calls for the bell, Saito charges Zane and obliterates his face with a jumping knee smash that cause blood to squirt straight up into the air from Zane’s nose as he falls backwards, flat and out on his back]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saito Smash to kick the match off! Zane could be out!


[Saito covers as the referee gets in position to make the count]








[Saito gets off of Zane’s limp body and rolls him out of the ring, turns to the entrance ramp and signals for the next competitor when Mike Savage emerges from the back, sprinting quickly to the ring and then slides in under the ropes. He gets to his feet and stands face to face with Saint Saito as the referee signals for the second match of this gauntlet to begin]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – After disposing quickly of Ryan Zane, Saito is ready to take on Mike Savage here as the second opponent here in this gauntlet!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – She’s not going to catch a guy like Mike Savage off guard like she did to Zane!


[Savage goes to throw a boot into the midsection but Saito catches it and then proceeds to take Savage’s head off with a beautiful roundhouse kick that drops him to the mat. Saito yells something in Japanese at Savage and then proceeds to viciously kick him in his head repeatedly]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – I think Saito is not only well rested but ready to fight after that extended layoff!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I think she’s hungry Dante! Sounded like she just ordered Tempura in Japanese!


[Saito picks Savage up to his feet but he quickly pushes her back and off of him.  Saito looks pissed that he would even try and fight back and attempts a running forearm smash that Mike Savage just manages to sidestep it. Saito recovers, turns around and Savage begins throwing rights and lefts that back Saito up against the ropes. Saito gets Savage off of her with a quick chop to the throat then lands a running Yakuza kick that flattens Savage once again]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saito is not allowing Savage to really get the upper hand here!


[Savage slowly gets up to his feet and realizes Saito is coming at him again, so he swings wildly with a right hand which Saito grabs, uses Savage’s momentum to roll him to the ground and right into a Kimura Lock that has Savage writhing in agony as Saito wrenches his arm and wrist with the hold]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Kimura lock by Saito has Mike Savage in deep trouble here!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – He better be careful! This crazy bitch will snap his arm Reed!


[As Saito applies more pressure, the arena echoes with a loud SNAP! as Savage taps out right after the sound of his wrist breaking fills the air while the referee signals that it’s over and forces Saito to let go of the hold, helping Savage get out of the ring and seeking immediate medical attention for him]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saito seems to have snapped Mike Savage’s wrist with that Kimura Lock!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – I told you she would Dante!


[As medics attend to Mike Savage who lies at ringside in utter pain, Saito is leaning over the ropes yelling more Japanese towards the fallen Mike Savage, not seeing that her final opponent Brandon Collins has entered the ring behind her. Collins grabs her by the shoulder, spins her around and decks Saito with a huge clothesline that knocks her over the top rope beside the medics who have now helped Mike savage to his feet and are walking him out]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – This gauntlet match is spilling to the outside now!


[Collins exits the ring and goes to pick Saito up by the hair but she lands a quick kick to the head of the bent over Brandon Collins that sends him stumbling back. Saito gets up, runs and lands a front dropkick sending Collins crashing back into the barricade. With Brandon Collins slumped up against the barricade, Saito hits him with the running forearm smash that Savage ducked earlier in the gauntlet sending his head violently back into the barricade]


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Can even one of these damn jabronis get the upper hand on this psycho broad?


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saito looks like she won’t be denied her reinstatement Dick!


[Saito gets Brandon up to his feet and tosses him under the bottom rope into the ring, sliding in behind him. Saito heads to the corner, bends down and is stalking Brandon Collins, waiting for him as he starts to rise up to his feet]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saito looks to be lining Brandon Collins up for the finish here!


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – Jesus no! The workplace is about to be dangerous again!


[As Collins gets up to his feet, Saint Saito charges at him with all of her speed and takes Collins out with a brutal jumping knee smash directly to his face]


“The Doctor” Dante Reed – Saito Smash! This should be it!


[As Collins lies there motionless, Saito drapes over him as the referee gets into position and makes the count]








Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, Saint Saito!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - My god, Dante, I don't think she even broke a sweat!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - She definitely made short work out of these three opponents, who which may all be seriously injured!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I'm Dante, hold me! Don't let go!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Get off me, man! You are a former wrestler for crying out loud! Ladies and gentlemen, coming up next is our monumental featured match, as the Seattle Pro Endurance Championship is on the line!

:: billy danielson vs cade cameron ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for submission, TKO, or by a Championship Committee decision and it's for the Seattle Pro Endurance Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, standing 5'9" and weighing in at 183 pounds, "The Shimmering Star" Cade Cameron!







["Can You Feel It" by Family Force 5 begins to play inside the arena.  Cade Cameron pushes his way through the entrance curtain. He has a big smile on his face as he immediately heads toward the ring slapping as many hands as possible on his way down the aisle.]


[Cameron takes a running start, jumping up into a powerslide to the end of the apron. Hopping up to his feet, Cade takes a long jump up into a headstand on the corner turnbuckle before pushing off, falling back onto his feet, facing the corner in a “superhero landing.” After a pause, he looks up, stands, and removes his sunglasses.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Historic match here tonight, Dick. For the first time under the Axel Graves regime, a foreign promotion's championship is put on the line in the Battleground!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I can't wait, Dante. The rules for the Endurance Championship blends very well with the environment of Union Battleground.


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, standing 6'4" and weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the reigning Seattle Pro Endurance Champion...Billy Danielson!







["Over" by Drake begins to play when the lights go out. The crowd erupts as they begin to cheer in excitement as the lights turn back on...Billy Danielson walks out from the curtain. His arms wide in confidence.]


[Billy Danielson turns around and walks down the ramp high fiving the fans before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring confidently heading to his corner to await introductions.]


[Danielson removes the belt from his waist and points at the Endurance Championship while holding it up over his head before handing it off to the referee who then raises the title before handing it off and motions for the bell!]




"The Doctor" Dante Reed - This will be Danielson's third defense of the Endurance Champion in as many weeks. A true definition of a champion right here!


[The Champion reaches out his hand to his challenger, and they shake hands. They circle around each other, then Billy Danielson and Cade Cameron lock up; Cade grabs a wristlock, but it's quickly reversed into one of Billy's own! He takes Cade down with a snapmare, and tries for a kick, but Cade falls back to the mat; Billy tries an elbow drop, but Cade rolls out of the way! Cade kips up to his feet as Billy rolls to his, and the two face off again!]


[Danielson pushes Cade up to the ropes; he whips him off! Cade ducks a clothesline, ducks under a leapfrog, does a front flip over a prone Billy, then hits a Pele kick when he rises! Billy stumbles back into the ropes, but explodes off them with a massive European uppercut, taking Cade to the floor. Cade tries to get up, but Danielson drop kicks Cade back to the ground.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Champ is taking an early lead here tonight.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's the Endirance Champ for a reason, Dante.


[Billy mounts Cade, and punches him multiple times in the head. Cade wiggles free, and they both get to their feet. Billy hits Cade with several chest chops, sending The Shimmering Star reeling! He spins Cade around, looking for a backdrop suplex, but Cameron flips back over his head, landing on his feet! Danielson turns, and gets caught with a trio of forearms, backing him up to the ropes! Cade whips him off, and catches Billy with a hurricanrana on his return!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Great combination by Cade that finishes with a hurricanrana!


[Cade hits Billy with a series of kicks, but Billy catches the last one, he goes to flip Cade, but Cade lands on his feet. However, The moment Cade lands, Billy levels him with a massive clothesline. Cade shakes his head, and Billy grabs him by the stomach, lifting him up, and hitting him with a gut-wrench slam. Billy brings Cameron to a sitting position, and locks in a front headlock. Billy lifts Cade all the way up to the top in vertical suplex position, and slams Cade down with a Falcon Arrow. Cade groans, and the referee begins to count. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Cade gets to his feet.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Close call from Cade Cameron there.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I wouldn't say that, Dante. He gets a 10 count, I would think it'd be wise to take advantage of that.


[Cade runs at Billy, who catches him and lifts him up into the air - no! Cade perches momentarily on Billy's chest before flipping backwards, landing on his feet! There's a moment where both men seem stunned it worked, then Billy goes for a lariat, but Cade ducks! He runs toward the ropes, flipping forward into them hands-free and bouncing back onto his feet, flying back at a charging Danielson with a cutter! Billy lays on the mat as the referee begins to count. 1… 2… 3… Billy gets up, still clenching his face.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Champ takes a short standing count there, looking ready for more action.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Yeah but he should have taken a little more time, he still looks a little loopy from that cutter.


[Cade tries to whip Billy, but the fifty-pound weight difference proves to be a challenge as Billy whips Cade into the ropes hard, making Cade topple over the top rope! Billy stands there waiting for Cade to get back in the ring, as Cade takes a second to collect himself. Cade climbs up, cautiously, but Billy reassures him that he won’t attack Cade. Cade doesn’t buy this, and tries to get the jump on Billy by spring boarding towards Billy, but Billy takes Cade with a giant leaping spear, bringing Cade down with a large thud. Danielson yells in triumph, as Cade coughs and the referee counts again. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… Cade rolls onto his knees as Billy grabs Cade into another front headlock.]


[Billy hits Cade with a few knee-lift, before lifting Cade up in vertical suplex position. Cade knees Billy in the head, making Billy set Cameron down behind him. Cade hits the rope, hitting Billy with a lariat, but he doesn’t take him down. So, Cade bounces off the ropes again, and hits Billy again, but still can’t take him down. Cade goes for a third time, but Billy pops up Cade, and lets him crash to the ground. Billy hits the ropes himself with a lariat of his own, but Cade bends backwards to avoid it. Cade and Billy cross the ropes, and they crash into each other with cross-body splashes, but Billy’s weight advantage makes Cade fold in half. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… Both men make it to their feet, but barely.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I think the ref was counting both men. Imagine what would happen if they'd both were TKO'd?


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Well in that situation I'd have to say you do the "champion's advantage" and keep the belt on Danielson.


[Billy puts Cade in the corner, and climbs up, looking for some mounted punches, but Cade slips out from underneath, and pulls’ Billy’s leg, making Billy smash his face on the top turn buckle. Cade puts Billy back in the corner, and now it’s Cade that climbs up, looking for a tornado DDT! He spins out, but Billy tries to put him down on his feet, blocking the DDT...but Cade jumps back up, locking in a guillotine choke! It's not deep enough to send Billy out for the count, and he runs Cade into the far corner to break it! Cade tries to lock the guillotine back in, but is launched across the ring with a modified backdrop suplex!]


[Billy picks Cade up for a power bomb, but Cade hits a right hand! He spins himself around on Billy's shoulders, into a victory ro-NO! He's got an ankle lock applied instead! Billy's in the middle of the ring, but he uses his weight and momentum to launch Cade across the ring with a roll. Cade kips up, as Billy Charges him, and boxes Billy’s ears. He dropkicks Billy’s knee, making the champion collapse down to the mat. Cade goes to the nearest ring post, and jumps to the top buckle. Cade turns around, looking for the Shimmering Star Press, as Billy pops up, and slams on the ropes, making Cade fall into the tree of woe. Billy picks up Cade by the head, and hits him with a #Fantastic Code Breaker. The referee begins his count 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7…. 8… Cade rolls out of the ring.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Excellebt strategy by Cameron there to roll of of the ring, stop the count, and regain his composure.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's got the mentality to be a champion, but he's got a tough path to go through with Billy Danielson.


[Billy rolls out too, and hits the stumbling Cameron with a massive forearm smash. Billy slams Cade’s head into the barricade, and whips Cade back into the ring. Cade gets to his feet before Billy can get any offense in and the two begin to trade desperation blows to each other. Each shot is stiffer than the last!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - We got a back-and-forth brawl going on right now!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Yes! I love it!


[Danielson cracks Cade with a discus elbow strike, which has Cameron reeling. Billy goes for a right hand, but he challenger ducks. Cade takes off to the far side ropes! He jumps up, springboard, SHINIGAMI! Kick right to the face of Billy Danielson, and the referee is checking. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… Billy barely makes it to his feet in time. Cade looks stunned at Danielson, as Billy get to his feet.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Wow, we just about saw history in the making!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Danielson keeps this match alive by the skin of his teeth!


[Cade, still in shock, hits the ropes, and goes for a superkick, But Billy ducks it, and grabs Cade up in a Full Nelson, looking for the #Fantastic Billy Bomb, but Cade spins out. Cade grabs Billy into a headlock, and rolls backwards with Billy in the C2-RG rolling guillotine!  Danielson tries to fight back and refuses to tap so Cade rolls again to further choke Danielson. Danielson starts to fade, and the referee calls for the match.]




Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND NEW Seattle Pro Endurance Champion, Cade Cameron!


[The referee hands Cade his new title, as ring aids check on Billy. Billy shoves the aids out of the way, and marches over to Cade Cameron. Billy gets in Cades face, and Cade looks like he’s ready to fight again, but instead Billy raises Cade’s hand in a show of respect! Billy points to Cade, and the crowd erupts! Billy shakes Cade’s hand, and gives him a hug. The former champion leaves the ring, as Cade continues to celebrate his title win.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Wow! Dick I can't believe it! Cade Cameron pulls out the victory and now is the proud holder of the Endurance title!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - We said this would be a historic match, and these two delivered! What a great display of sportsmanship by Billy Danielson as well. These guys are a class act!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks, we are now down to the final act of the night. Coming up, is our main event! Kimitsu Zombie vs Jove Belane. Next!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - This match was so good, I think I need a smoke break!

:: kimitsu zombie vs jove belane ::

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is tonight's main event! Introducing first, from Kimitsu, Japan, standing 5'5" and weighing in at 125 pounds, she is Kimitsu Zombie!




[Sayonara, Perfect World blares out and Kimitsu Zombie darts out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform. She holds her arms up and screams with her tongue out then struts to the ring where she climbs a turnbuckle and repeats the yell. She jumps down into the ring to wait.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Dick, Kimitsu Zombie has been on a roll since officially debuting in Union Battleground. Tonight, she headlines L!GHTS OUT in what is certainly her toughest challenge yet.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - She's tough as nails, but you're right, she's got a lot on her plate here tonight, a victory here tonight in this match will surely propel her into the elite class in the Battleground.


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, from San Pedro, California, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 205 pounds, accompanied by Harvey Lohman, he is Jove Belane!




['Turbo Killer' by Carpenter Brut hits the PA system and drowns out the sound of the crowd. Just as quickly as it entered, it quiets down for a section of organ music before Jove Belane steps through the curtains. He's wearing a hooded sweatshirt and has his trainer right behind him. To his left is his representative, Harvey Lohman. The group head down the long cooridoor towards the ring. Jove ignores the attention of the fans who reach out for him. Harvey grants them a wicked and somewhat insincere smile as he goes. Finally they make their way ringside and await further instructions.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Jove Belane is a fascinating enigma. During his debut match in the Battleground he showed flashes of brilliance in defeating Azrael Kahn. However, his last bout he seemed a little out of sorts in the triple threat match. I'm not quite sure he was prepared for the three-way aspect that comes to the pro wrestling territory.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Oh I bet he's familiar with three-ways, but you're right, not in the professional wrestling sense. He watched as the match was decided without his say in the matter. And to add salt in the wound, the winner of that match received a shot at the Union Battleground Championship the following show. We'll see here shortly if what transpired gave him a regrouped focus in the Battleground.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Alright folks, referee Bruce O'Neil is calling for the bell, this match is underway!




[Kimitsu feints several strikes at Jove, and finds her attempts matched evenly by a Jove Belane just as deft at evasion and feinting on his own. The two strike at one another unsuccessfully in a series before Kimitsu lands a lucky ridgehand side chop into Jove’s throat which catches him off-guard and staggers him backward. Seeing an opening, Kimitsu moves in and locks Jove into a headlock she couples with a series of punches that don’t last long as Jove reverses and slams a stiff kick into Kimitsu’s back to stun her then wheels her backward with an impressive German Suplex to stun the crowd!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Crisp German suplex by Belane!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Zombie just ricocheted off the canvas!


[With Kimitsu down, Jove moves in for a knee drop but Kimitsu rolls swiftly out of the way, and in one fluid motion rolls to her feet and drops Belane down to the canvas with a DDT and follows it with a cover attempt!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Zombie going for the early cover!




[Kickout by Belane. Kimitsu grips Jove by the head, driving her fist into his face repeatedly while she drags him up to his feet and whips him for the ropes. On the rebound Jove ducks a clothesline attempt and spins in place and aims another kick for Kimitsu only this time she smacks the kick away before it lands and slams a rolling savate kick into Jove’s side that sends him tumbling forward! With a staggered Jove Belane, Kimitsu rushes him and aims a bulldog to put him down, only Jove ducks the attempt and Kimitsu sails past him and lands on her backside with a painful bump! Jove wastes no time seeing his opening and closes in to apply a rear-naked choke to Kimitsu!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Belane is utilizing his awareness to divert the attack and kept the pressure on Zombie by swiftly locking in the submission.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Kimi better be careful, Belane is in his element right now.


[Exasperated, Kimitsu struggles at first as Jove looks to gain some leverage with the hold, but Kimitsu finds her positioning and gets a foot on the ropes with enough time for a rope break!]



"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Zombie now using her in-ring awareness to force Belane to break the hold.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Great quick thinking to avoid any serious damage.


[Jove is on his feet, dragging Kimitsu with him. Once standing he unleashes an onslaught of kicks that backs Kimitsu up into the ropes then whips her for the corner turnbuckle! Following her in with a sudden shining wizard into a bulldog to ramp up the crowd! Belane goes for a cover.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Jove Belane is amped up with that flurry of strikes that sets up the shining wizard to a bulldog combo!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Belane is making a cover now!




….Tw —


[Kimitsu kicks out forcefully and delivers an elbow up into Jove’s chin for his trouble that leaves him resting back on his haunches clutching his jaw. Kimitsu is up to a seated position and driving another elbow back into Jove’s chest that drives him down to the canvas, and Kimitsu follows the move through forcing Jove onto his stomach and into a half boston crab!]


[Kimitsu works the Boston Crab with painful fits and starts. She works on Jove’s spine, wrenching and twisting and bending before Jove digs in and starts to crawl for the ropes. Kimitsu, upon feeling Jove moving, quickly drops back and hooks a crossface onto Jove to halt his momentum!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Zombie is showing some great adaptation!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - She's not letting off on Belane. Which is probably the first time he's wanted a woman off of him!


[Kimitsu wrenches on Jove’s neck now, working the Crossface with enough force to slowly, and forcefully bring Jove up to his feet and slams a stiff elbow into Jove’s spine! Keeping him off-guard she slams him down to the canvas with a german suplex and quickly moves in for the cover!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Zombie somehow musters the strength for a bridging German suplex!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - This is incredible!


… One


… Two


[Kickout right after two for Jove Belane and Kimitsu isn’t entirely pleased. She grips Jove by the hair and pulls him to his feet only to be surprised by a stiff knuckled strike into her midsection that doubles her over! Jove swiftly rolls her up into a cradle pin!]








[Kimitsu kicks out, full of surprise as she glares at Jove who is clearly winded and in pain from her previous assault. Kimi staggers to her feet almost simultaneously with Jove and drops him down with an angry DDT she works into a triangle choke!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Zombie is showing some adaptation as her ground work has been phenomenal here tonight.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - She's definitely done her homework on Jove Belane and is putting up a fight!


[Jove squirms futilely before opting, instead, for some unexpected offence. He slams an open palm strike up into Kimi’s face to stun her, then slams his fist into her midsection effectively loosening the triangle choke before it does further damage! Jove pulls his head free and moves into position to slam mounted punches down into Kimitsu but she’s quickly sliding away before Jove can capitalize further.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Belane breaks free from the triangle choke and looks to gain some ground here.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's definitely displaying a great counter attack strategy. He's been able to escape or break free from Zombie's ground attack every time.


[Kimitsu is on her feet red in the face and flustered, but so is Jove and once more they meet to feint strikes at one another before Kimitsu aims a kick for Jove’s midsection and he counters with a single leg takedown. He moves furiously into a series of mounted punches that Kimitsu wasn’t prepared for!]


[The blows have Kimi in a bad way, but not so bad as to prevent her from unexpectedly driving both knees up into Jove’s sides to startle and topple him sideways. Once more Kimi slides up to her haunches and rushes Jove from a crouched position to slam an elbow into Jove’s sternum! In pain Kimitsu is energized and onto her feet! She moves off the turnbuckle and returns to hit a Banzai God Axe Kick!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Banzai God Kick!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Belane just got rocked! This one might be over!


[Kimitsu goes for the cover!]








[Jove kicks out, much to Kimitsu’s chagrin! The crowd is a wall of sound as Kimitsu drags Jove to his feet and slams several more strikes into his face to keep him winded only to be met with some return strikes that staggers her right back before he slams her down to the canvas with an enziguri kick!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Belane musters enough energy to kick out, and in return gives Kimitsu a swift enziguri!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - These two have been back and forth and both look equally gassed!


[Jove is clearly running on fumes as he staggers and stumbles to Kimitsu and forces her to her feet. She slams another fist into his midsection, but not to be deterred he fires a shot right back that keeps her winded. But, surprisingly, Kimitsu keeps firing shots and soon Jove and Kimitsu are once more trading shots. Neither is giving or losing ground! The blows are fast and furious before Jove stuns the crowd, and Kimitsu with a 540 crescent kick that stuns everyone, including Kimitsu, who fells onto the canvas! Jove goes in for the cover!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Here comes The Storm! Out of nowhere Belane drops Zombie with the devastating crescent kick, this one is over!










Mike “Drop” Dempsey - Here is your winner, Jove Belane!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - What an amazing display of combat here tonight, Dick. Belane and Zombie gave everything they had here tonight, but in the end, it was Jove Belane's Earth-shattering Crescent Kick that was the deciding factor!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Hopefully the kick doesn't trigger something in Kimitsu like it did with Azrael. But make no mistake about it, Kimitsu fought her ass off tonight and even in defeat, showed that she belongs in the Battleground and is going to be a perennial competitor.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks, that's all we have here tonight. The next time you see us we'll be at the Bridgestone Arena, ready to kick off Guerrilla Warfare!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I can't wait! Imagine 20 of the Battleground's best staking their claim for a shot at the Union Battleground Championship! There's no telling who will walk away the winner and #1 contend--

:: guess who's back ::




[The lights go out and "Walk" by Pantera begins to play. The crowd in unison sings the first verse and finally the famous chorus hits and rocks the arena.]







[The lights come back on inside the arena and we see the UltraViolent Icon Tweeder standing at the top of the entrance ramp holding a weed whacker in one hand and an open beer in the other. The crowd surrounding him goes absolutely crazy as Tweeder chugs the beer before tossing the foamy, empty can into the crowd.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Are you kidding me?!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - It's Tweeder! The UltraViolent Icon is back in the Battleground!


[The weed whacker blade spins slowly as the engine idles. The heavy guitar riffs continue to blare through the PA system yet they barely cut through the loud cheering of the Bleacher Creatures - especially as Tweeder revs the engine to that extremely dangerous weapon! Tweeder soaks in the energy from the Nashville crowd before he heads down to the ring. Most people thought they had seen the end of Tweeder after Fallout.]


Tweeder - Did you really think you had seen the last of me? Have you forgotten I am one reason why Union Battleground has it’s own network? Don’t worry, it is good to be back. Especially after April being one shitty month. Now I know two people who might be surprised, but interested in why I am here. One of them is Dick Devereaux... the SECOND champion of Union Battleground. Dick thinks he has bested me and the era of "The Butcher" is here. Last time I checked, while being a butcher is a noble profession hundreds of years ago, you were still considered a peasant. So Dick, keep holding my title for just a bit longer because I will reclaim it when the time is right.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Tweeder just called out the Champ!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Don't think he's forgotten about that absolutely brutal "Falls Count Anywhere" match at Fallout. That fight never even made it inside the ring as a matter of fact!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Right, but he didn't exactly challenge him outright... So what's he doing out here tonight?


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Shh! Let the man speak!


Tweeder - Now the second person that might be wondering why I am taking up precious air time on the Battleground Network is Axel Graves. Now that is a fair question and one I am sure everyone would like to know. I could have sent an email to axel.graves@unionbattleground.net if I wanted a rematch with Dick. Axel, while that is something I want to talk to you about, that isn’t it. Instead, it is about making Union Battleground all the talk once again and causing the ratings to jump even higher. So with that said…I am placing my bid to enter the tournament for the Battalion Championships!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Wow, Dick! Tweeder came out here to throw his name in the hat for the Battalion Championships Tournament!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's looking to become the first competitor to hold two different titles in the Battleground!


Tweeder - Now I don’t have a partner…yet and maybe I won’t! We will just have to see. I will fight off every tag team by myself if I have to. I want to help add to the legacy of Union Battleground and what better way to do it, but by entering another tournament.




[The slow and heavy twang from picking on some guitar strings pierce through the PA system as "Ain't No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins to play. The arena lights dim down and the entire arena shifts to a dark blue hue as the crowd stands in attention and roar out in anticipation of the Owner and Promoter of Union Battleground. After a while of build up, Axel Graves emerges and steps out to the center stage. The crowd cheers even louder to see Graves' appearance.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Hold the phone!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Graves is in the house!


[Graves continues to look on throughout the crowd as he pulls out a microphone from his back pocket. The arena lights slowly brighten back up and the music slowly fades out. Axel continues to look on, and listen to the fans' reaction.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - It looks like Graves is in just as much shock as the crowd tonight!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I think he's trying to process Tweeder's declaration.


[Axel releases a slight smirk and raises the mic up to his chin as he finally begins to speak.]


Axel Graves- Well well well... If it isn't "The UltraViolent Icon" himself... motherfucking Tweeder! How's it been my friend? Long time no see. It's great to see you back here in the Battleground and it's even better that you came back with a new focus and a new drive.


[The crowd starts rallying a chant as Graves pauses momentarily.]


Axel Graves - I have to admit that I wouldn't expect anything less then some bat shit crazy banter coming from you. I mean after all, like you said, you were a big part of us getting kicked off Spike, and in a bizarre butterfly effect, helped create the Battleground Network which now has seven partnered promotions.


[Graves begins to pace a little on stage as he switches gears.]


Axel Graves - I've kept my eye on you since your hellacious main event match against Dick Devereux at Fallout, and you're right, you've had a bit of a rough couple of months. I noticed that you were eliminated from the Monarchy of Anarchy Tournament in your home turf Carnage, and I've noticed you've taken a couple of tough losses in the mix of it all.


[Axel pauses once again, scratches his chin, then continues on.]


Axel Graves - Which makes me believe that you coming out here by yourself, placing your bid in the Battalion Championships Tournament as a solo competitor, some screws were knocked loose during your rut.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Tweeder is famous for his hardcore style of fighting.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I'm sure he's lost s few brain cells over the years, Dante. But that's what makes him exciting to watch. No one knows what he's going to do next... Hell he probably doesn't even know most of the time!


Axel Graves - Now, as the first Union Battleground Champion under my regime, I will play along with your proposal of an inverse Freebirds rule. There are very few people who I think could pull some crazy shit off like this, and you sir are one of them. However, heed my warning; I strongly recommend that you find yourself a partner because I have a been in constant talks with former and current tag team champions all around the world, and believe me this tournament will be no walk in the park. Good luck, Tweeder, and welcome back!

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