Tucson Convention Center

Tucson, Arizona






a rivalry that knows no bounds

[The end credits of "2 Fast 2 Furious" on Spike TV roll through with the infamous theme song by Ludacris fading out. Silence fills then the Union Battleground logo flickers in and out sporadically, then nothingness again. Instead of our opening montage, we cut backstage seeing Anton Chase warming up for his opening match against Honor Wrestling's Adrien Pierce. He's bouncing in place, stretching his legs, and shadow boxing intermittently. Then suddenly a familiar voice for Anton is heard.]


??? - Well look who we have here...


[Anton turns and is stunned momentarily  and then somewhat confused  to see Trixie, his archrival from Redemption Wrestling, here at the Convention Center tonight. Chase grows noticeably frustrated when he sees that she is wearing the Redemption Genesis Championship around her waist, which she captured from Anton at Redemption's Winter Solstice event via a cheap low blow, and her signature custom Trixie Championship.]


Anton Chase - Trixie? What the hell are you doing here?


[Trixie smiles and let's out a giggle, while caressing her Championship belts.]


Trixie - Oh, sweetie, you didn't hear? Mr. Graves obviously watched our match at Winter Solstice, and was so impressed by my decisive victory for this Title, no... Wait, I'm sorry, this one, this Title... he was so impressed that he offered me a spot in the Union Championship Tournament... In fact, he was so amazed, that he even scheduled me in tonight's Main Event. But... you have fun with your opening match tonight... TOODLES!


[Trixie struts off camera and Anton just looks on in a fit of rage, as we cut to begin our opening montage.]

we interrupt this program

[Fade back in to a scene showing a long, winding road deep in the night in the middle of what looks like to be an unmarked desert area. Scattered street lights, some flickering to hang on to their final watts of life, illuminate a rough pavement path. In the distance is a headlight, bobbing up and down the hills and valleys. As the light draws near, a deep and thunderous rumble resonates and increases in volume until we see a vivid silhouette of a biker barreling down the road. As the biker approaches collision of our view, a quick four count on an open hi-hat crashes as we begin our video montage.]



[As the shredding riffs of lead guitarist Kirk Hammett fill the void, "Fuel" by Metallica ushers in a montage beginning with Adrien Pierce delivering the Perfect Passion. Then a shot of Anton Chase hitting the Chaos Theory from the ring steps to the outside mats. A shot transitions to Tweeder on the main stage, raising and revving his signature weed wacker. A final shot shows old footage of Crowbar raising both the WARPED World and Evolution Championships, as the logo to L!GHTS OUT crashes in with an explosion.]


[The opening montage fades away, and we venture to a view of the packed Tucson Convention Center. The camera angles change quickly to different areas of the arena, showcasing a bevy of signs for several fighters...]










[A thunderous firework display ignites and sends the crowd into complete pandemonium. A final camera view comes to focus to our broadcast booth...]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to Union Battleground L!GHTS OUT! We are here live at the Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona in front of a jam packed crowd of 9,275! And alongside me is my colleague "Diamo--"


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - "Diamond" Dick "Whip it out and bash 'er" Thrasher!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Really? I thought you promised the network you wouldn't do that anymore.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Dante, I can't help myself. I did good at the premier show, but I have to be me! I gotta do me! Like the saying goes, I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not...


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Well, true statement, there. But just be mindful, we don't want to get kicked off the air! Anyway folks, back to the action; tonight we have in store for you the second half of the first round match ups in the Union Championship Tournament. And currently now, standing in the ring, is the head honcho himself, Axel Graves!


[Cut to Axel standing in the center of the ring, mic already in hand, and he wastes no time and begins his speech.]


Axel Graves - Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to second edition of Union Battleground's L!GHTS OUT, here at the Tucson Convention Center! Now, I came out here to give a little recap of the tournament and a bit of an update. Last time we were on air, we watched AWE's Brandon Collins advance to the next round...


[The crowd gives a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers.]


Axel Graves - We witnessed an epic battle between XWA's Trevor Miller, and the eventual victor Malcolm Dred-King.


[The crowd gives a big pop to both of these competitors]


Axel Graves - And we watched in our Main Event, two warriors tear the house down in Dragasha Omega and Dick Devereaux!


[...And the crowd goes wild!]


Axel Graves - But there was one match that I've yet to mention. The match between Alec Villiers and Sakaguchi Kyoshi.


[Crowd starts a chant: SA-KA-GU-CHI! *clap, clap, clap clap clap* SA-KA-GU-CHI! *clap, clap, clap clap clap*]


Axel Graves - Now Villiers went on to win that bout, albeit a bit unorthodox. However, Villiers will no longer be with us. All I can legally say, after the show, Alec decided to make some poor choices, and will not be continuing on in the Tournament. Therefore, Sakaguchi will advance to the Quarterfinals and take the win against Villiers via Forfeit. L!GHTS OUT #3 will now feature Sakaguchi Kyoshi versus Malcolm Dred-King!


[The crowd erupts in unanimous cheers, and build up a back-and-forth chant.]


["SA-KA-GU-CHI!... M-D-K!...SA-KA-GU-CHI!... M-D-K!...SA-KA-GU-CHI!... M-D-K!...]


Axel Graves - And now, on to tonight! Tonight in our Main Event, we will witness the debut of the Hall of Fame Carnage Wresting Icon, Twee--




[‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by Saliva explodes magnificently out of the PA System in a manner that’s all but too fitting for creating an interruption spectacular like no other. The music blares loudly before tapering off into a more controlled volume as a red carpet is rolled out from the stage and down the ramp. It takes a long-awaited moment but soon enough the world is graced with the presence of the only man that would dare interrupt the speech of the owner.]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks! It's "The Main Man" Hunter Grand coming to greet us!


[It’s Hunter Grand.]

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Hah! I can't wait! This man is truly a spectacle, a true Wonder of the World.


[Hunter Grand stands at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand. He’s decked out in one of his more expensive suits, complete with a scarf around his neck. The whole ninety yards. He takes his time as he looks down at the ring and seems to be glaring in Axel Graves’ direction. It’s hard to tell until he brings the microphone up to his lips.]




"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Bask in it, oh Grand One!


[Hunter Grand smiles just a little bit. He holds that smile for the duration of the crowd’s reaction to him. He’s savoring it. He’s drinking it in. It’s why he does this in the first place. To annoy them.]


[Axel Graves, though, has a show to run and he can’t allow such blatant wasting of time to continue.]


Axel Graves - What are you do--


Hunter Grand - Shhhhhhhhhhush.


[Hunter Grand has the microphone up to his mouth and one arm extended with a shushing forefinger extended towards Axel Graves.]


Hunter Grand - Don’t ruin the moment.


[Axel looks on in confusion and growing frustration, but allows the man to continue.]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Are you kidding me? Hunter Grand comes out here, interrupting the boss, then shushes him... on his own show!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Grand has got some balls to pull off this stunt.


[Hunter Grand takes some time to stand there and allow the crowd to react to his blatant disrespect. Though, to look at his face, it would be easy to tell that he believes he’s completely justified in these actions. Actions that take him another long moment to head all the way down the red carpet, to the steps of the ring. It takes him another long moment to take the steps up to the apron. This is followed by another long moment to walk down the apron to the center where he turns to look out at the crowd again. It takes him a few more choice seconds to embrace the boos before he climbs into the ring.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Come on, dude! He's killing so much time here, we got a show to run!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Well, he definitely knows how to make a Grand entrance!


[Hunter Grand wanders around the ring to waste everyone’s time before he finally decides to bless everyone with some more words.]


Hunter Grand - Finally… Hunter Grand has arrived.


[Hunter Grand holds his hands up to the crowd before returning to his own more important words.]


Hunter Grand - Albert Graves. You and The Grand One have quite a bit to talk about. And what better time or place to speak about your disrespectfully heinous actions than right here at L!GHTS OUT. Right here in front of what amounts to a mere smidge of Hunter Grand’s glorious Grand Wagon. Which, by the way, you are not invited to join so don’t even think about asking. You have much forgiveness to beg for instead. Now then…


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Oh, shit! He called him Albert! Ha ha!

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Is Grand trying to get himself fired or get his ass kicked? Or both?!


Hunter Grand - Before I give you an opportunity to explain yourself, Alice, I want to make something perfectly clear. His Royal Grandness has decided to let you off with a warning… this time. You see, Hunter Grand knows all about the troubles you’ve been having since word got around that The Grand One would be attending this very event tonight. I understand that you’ve lost some of your so-called talent here at Union Battleground. I understand that you’ve been pacing back and forth, tearing out the hair of your Barbie Dolls, trying to figure out where you went wrong. I can say with total authority that you’ve done something right instead. You’ve hired me. The Grand One. His Royal Grandness. The End All, Be All of Sports Entertainment. And people like Sandra Phoenix, Winthrop Blake, Tracy Miller… these people have decided to vacate the premises in light of The Grand One’s arrival. I dare say they each have made the greatest decision in their lives.

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Preach! Truth! 


[Axel Graves stares at the paused speaking Hunter Grand for a moment before turning to look at the crowd. He didn’t want them to find out like this but he has to say something. He brings the microphone up to speak…]


Axel Graves - You’re not wrong, Hunter. The Battleground has lost some talent in the last few days. Xander Phoenix, Wynona Blake, Trevor Miller and most recently we’ve had to say goodbye to Chloe Driscoll. It has been a bit of a rough week but there's a line a mile long beating on my office door begging to get in here.


Hunter Grand - Ah, yes, Zoe Driscoll. A hack if there ever was one. On my own authority, I’ve taken the liberty of doing you another favor, Alfalfa Graves. The mediocre talent here at Union Battleground doesn’t deserve the best but The Grand One has decided to hire, on his own dime, a new backstage interviewer, a close and personal friend of mine, a journalist of the highest integrity and one of HGX’s most well traveled women: Micki Marks.


[Hunter Grand turns towards the stage and grins when nothing happens. No music. No lights. No fanfare. Nothing.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Umm... Okay?

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - This guy must walk bow-legged because his balls are so big! Coming out here, dogging The Boss, dogging the company, and now, hiring his own staff. This shit is ridiculous!


Hunter Grand - Yes, I know. Once more The Grand One has gone above and beyond the call of duty to save another company from certain death. His Royal Grandness has done it before and it looks like Union Battleground may need to be renamed Union BattleGrand.


Axel Graves - Ok, listen up. Obviously your brain is losing oxygen, and you're not talking or thinking straight. So why don't you get your head out of your ass and get some fresh air! I don't need your "staff", I don't need your "money"... All I need from you is to come out to this ring and put on a f---ing show for these fans!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Oop... careful there, Mr. Graves! The FCC and Spike TV doesn't much care for the F-bomb.


Hunter Grand - Indeed, you need some time to think about yet another generous offer from Hunter Grand. Take your time, Arnold Graves. The Grand One isn’t going anywhere. He has an interview to prepare for as well as victory to secure later tonight. You, my unnecessarily verbose friend, get to sit back and watch your ratings reach an all time high due to the presence of The Grand One.


[Hunter Grand pauses for the sheer dramatic effect that it creates.]


Hunter Grand - You’re Welcome.

anton chase vs adrien pierce

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is part of the Union Championship Tournament. Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, standing at 5'9" and weighing in at 210 lbs., Representing Redemption Wrestling, "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase!





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance way and a person is seen behind the white smoke. The person steps forward in front of the white smoke, revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase. He makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side. He climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits his opponent.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And his opponent, hailing from the Estate of Perfection...




[The arena lights turn to a red hue as you see the outline of a perfect physique silhouette on the screen. ‘THE BODY’ in maroon letters is shown above the silhouette with the name ‘ADRIEN PIERCE’ below it. As ‘Concentrate’ by Xzibit hits the PA system the red hue turns into a light show of red and white that matches the beat. The camera pans down to ‘The Body’ Adrien Pierce standing on the stage with his back towards the ring. Before the ring announcer can say anything, ‘The Body’ Adrien Pierce begins to announce himself. The fans begin to boo.]


Adrien Pierce - Ladies, feast your eyes. Germs be jealous and wish you had this body. I am the perfection in every matter of life. Nothing is better. Nothing more perfect than me. ‘The Body’ Adrien Pierce!  


[Adrien Pierce turns around with a smug look on his face as he begins to walk down the ramp to the ring. A smile comes over his face as he sees two attractive women sitting near the aisle. He flexes for them and then brushes his shoulder as if something landed on him and he’s brushing it off his body. He walks to the ring steps, climbing them and motions for the referee to come over and open the ropes for him to enter the ring. Unsatisfied with how the referee opens the ropes for him, he motions for the referee to step back and enters the ring himself as if he can do it better his way. He walks to the center of the ring as the lights come on and flexes as the fans boo him louder than when he was walking to the ring.]




[Referee Joe Murray calls for the bell and this match is underway. The two stare each other down, seemingly plotting for an attack. They lock horns in the center of the ring, and Pierce straight up shoves Chase down to the ground by a corner post.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Dick we got quite a lopsided match up here to kickoff L!GHTS OUT. Pierce is a whopping 6'2" -- 240 pounds... He's got almost half a foot and 40 pounds on Chase.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - The name Perfection didn't come by accident, Dante. He's a genetic freak of an athlete and uses the tools that God gave him to build the masterpiece that is, Adrien Pierce!


[Chase gets back to his feet and runs towards Pierce and looks to attempt a superman punch, but instead gets leveled by a short burst lariat by Pierce. "The Body" wastes little time and begins to stomp and kick Chase repeatedly, then ends the combo with a heavy elbow drop.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Pierce is using his size advantage early with Chase, keeping the pressure on him and not letting up.


[Pierce rises back up and spreads his arms out wide to play the fans, and basks in the chorus of boos. He turns back around to see Anton on all fours trying to get back to his feet, and Pierce stops him on his tracks with a running knee to the ribs. Chase drops back down and is in obvious pain.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Chase has yet to build any sort of offense against Pierce.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's overmatched. Pierce is simply too big and too strong for Anton.


[As we get back to the action, we enter a split screen, one half is the ongoing match, the other shows via satellite HONOR Wrestling Owner Zack Goldman in the backstage office of HONOR's ShowDown event in New York. Goldman is watching on a sleek flatscreen and looks to be paying close attention to his representative of Union Battleground.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks, looks like we have a special viewer. As we can see, the owner of HONOR Wrestling Zack Goldman is keeping tabs on his employee, Adrien Pierce.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - If I'm not mistaking, Pierce just recently earned himself a shot at HONOR's Prestige Championship, and Mr. Goldman probably just wants to watch Pierce work his way into bringing the Union Championship over to ShowDown!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Well I know Pierce earned his shot after completing a 6-pact challenge by forfeit from his last opponent after a backstage attack left them unable to compete, and judging by tweets sent out from him, Goldman isn't quite convinced that Pierce had nothing to do with it.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Why would Pierce be involved in a sneak attack? Do you honestly believe a man that is the pinnacle of perfection would stoop to an ambush attack to earn his keep? I mean, look at him right now, he's manhandling Chase as we speak!


[We come back full screen to the live action, where Pierce has picked Anton up by his hair, and starts delivering some heavy punches. Pierce takes Chase and whips him into the ropes. Chase bounces back and ducks a close line attempt, springs off the other side, comes back and he's able to counter Pierce's bid for a scoop slam with a Satellite DDT that shakes the ring!]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Looks like Anton Chase hit some smelling salts and has finally woke up now!


[Pierce pops straight back up, only to look furious at the counter. Adrien bounces off the ropes and goes for a big boot, but Anton catches his leg, and hits a Dragon Screw takedown. Chase holds on to the leg and locks in a single leg Boston Crab, but the strength of Pierce quickly breaks the hold. Chase doesn't let up and starts to drop heel kicks to the knee of Pierce.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Chase is now gaining some momentum, and is chopping away at Pierce's knee.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Pierce is built like a Sequoia Tree, it's gonna take more than that for Anton.


[Chase picks Adrien up by the hair, yet Pierce breaks his grip, and starts again dropping haymakers. Pierce's combo gets blocked, and Anton hits him with a jawbreaker and stuns the big man. Chase then hits him with an inverted atomic drop, then a corkscrew neck breaker. And Chase makes a cover.]




...And a kick out.


[Chase picks Pierce up, and swings him into the turnbuckle, and follows right behind him to quickly hit him with a close line. Anton picks Pierce up and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Chase climbs up but Pierce starts hitting him with punches and elbows, knocking Chase off balance. Anton regains his composure with a quick combo of knee strikes and punches of his own, and continues his ascend. Chase motions to the crowd the universal signal for a Hurricanrana, and goes for it... But no! Pierce holds on to Chase's legs, leaving him hanging upside down. Pierce muscles Anton back up, and hits a massive powerbomb off of the middle turnbuckle, sending the crowd in a crazed fit.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - My God! Adrien Pierce stops Anton Chase dead in his tracks, and shifts the momentum with a devastating powerbomb!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I think Anton might be dead!


[Pierce hooks the leg.]




...3! No! Chase shoots his arm up to escape the pinfall!


[Both men lie on the canvas and the referee begins his count. Pierce is up in time to stop the count, and picks Anton up in a deadlift, and drills him with a ferocious German suplex. He hits him again, again, and again. Four Suplexes now leaves Chase limp like a rag doll. Pierce gets up, and comes crashing back down with a rolling knee drop to Anton's head. Adrien picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Chase flips over a bent over Pierce and springs back off the ropes only to be met with a Lou Thesz Press! Pierce again hammers down vicious blows to Chase. Adrien now rolls Anton over and clamps him in a camel clutch.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - I don't know how much more Anton can take. He's out up a fight, but Adrien is simply too powerful.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Anton needs to give up! He's gotta know by now he's not walking out of this victorious.


[The referee checks in on Anton to see if he submits. Anton is refusing to give up, trying to fight his way out of the hold. Chase now appears to be losing consciousness, but he's yet to give up. Suddenly Anton is somehow able to get his legs underneath him and start to gain some leverage. He gets his arms unhooked and gets to a bear draw position, all the while Adrien still on his back clamped down. Chase manages to get to his feet, lifting the bigger man up with him. Chase back pedals and slams Pierce into the turnbuckle and finally gets free from the hold.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - You gotta be kidding me! Chase somehow gets to his feet with Pierce strapped on his back like a damn anaconda and somehow manages to break free!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Dynamite comes in small packages. At least, that's what I tell the ladies....


[Chase moves forward to get some distance from Pierce. But as he turns around, Adrien goes for a belly-to-belly suplex. But Chase rolls with the momentum and flips over to land on his feet. Pierce gets back up in confusion, and the pause becomes costly, as Adrien eats a super kick from Chase! Anton grabs the stunned Pierce and sets up and delivers the Chaos Theory (Styles Clash). Chase rolls him over for the cover.]






[Ding ding ding]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The winner of this bout and advancing to the quarterfinals of the Union Championship Tournament, "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase!


Winner: Anton Chase via pinfall (Chaos Theory)

comMercial breAK

Representing AWE | Brandon Collins

The Expert teaches a lesson



[In the Convention Center there are various shots of the of the audience before the lights in the arena go out. Confusion rains over the crowd for a few seconds before Counting Stars by Nujabes plays throughout arena signaling the arrival of The Expert Brandon Collins. The fans start to boo yet a few cheers can be heard as a lone spotlight shines on the stage to reveal Brandon on the stage. He's dressed to kill wearing an expensive looking black and blue designer suit and shoes. He stands on the stage examining the crowd before slowly walking to the ring as the spotlight follows him. He's smugly smirking at all the fans booing him. He arrives at the ring yells at a ring attendant to hand him a microphone. Once he is handed one he climbs the ring steps and enters the ring. He stands in the middle as the music slowly starts to fade out and the lighting goes back to normal.]

Brandon Collins - Ladies and gentlemen shut your damn mouths cause The Expert is speaking.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Shut up, dammit! The Expert is about to teach us a lesson!

[The boos get even louder now as he just continues smirking. He waits for the crowd to quiet down before resuming.]

Brandon Collins - The Expert told you. He told you all he would win. Many of you didn't believe him. You all thought that the young kid had a chance against The Expert, but guess what, you were all wrong. The Expert will admit the kid did have a little more fight in him than The Expert thought he would have and that has to be commended. But in the end The Expert got the job done and defeated Chris Andrew soundly and without much effort. You see, The Expert needs to win not just to progress in the tournament, which he will ultimately win, but prove to all of you and every single one of those Twitter nerds who say The Expert's washed up or The Expert sucks. Well by defeating Chris Andrew without breaking a sweat proved that The Expert isn't going to be like one of those sad old wrestlers who make a comeback and get their ass handed to them by the young blood. No, The Expert proved that he hasn't lost a step. But... but The Expert can see all you people now tweeting about him, talking about how he lost his match on AWE. Flukes happen. Bindy Trent got lucky, end of story. She didn't soundly defeat The Expert like he defeated that rookie nobody. Now The Expert i...."

[He stops as the fans starts to chant "YOU SUCK"! Brandon gets another smirk on his face as he waits for them to finish.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - What are these idiots talking about? Don't they know a sound technician when they see one?


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - The Bleacher Creatures have spoken!

Brandon Collins - As The Expert was saying before he was so rudely interrupted. The Expert is going to stop talking about his dominance of the unimportant rookie and the fluke that occurred. He has to look forward and focus on his next challenge. According to the bracket, The Expert is supposed to be facing some man named Dick. The Expert doesn't know a lot about this Dick and to be honest he doesn't care to know much about him at all. All The Expert knows is Dick is a very unfortunate man who has to go one on one with The Expert aka the best wrestler in the world aka the future Union Battleground Champion. You see Dick, you shouldn't be looking to go into the ring with The Expert trying to win. The Expert has already won the match. You should be looking to survive without having your career ended or brought to screeching halt by a serious injury. You have a few weeks to prepare so The Expert is hoping you use the time wisely. And The Expert has spoken."

[He starts smirking once again then begins to leave the ring, but then...]



["Renegade Cavalcade" by Ash blares out from the loudspeakers, stopping The Expert before he could leave the ring. As Chris Andrew appears on the stage, the Tucson crowd welcomes the Arizona native with a huge pop. Collins instead seems far from being impressed, as he stares, snooty as usual, at the young man. Chris walks down the ramp with a quick pace, exchanging high fives with some of the fans in the front row. Once at ringside, he is handed a microphone, before climbing the steps and entering the ring. Collins steps backwards, obviously not amused with Andrew's interruption but still looking at him with superiority. Once inside the ring, Chris gets in his face, trying to irritate The Expert, who just shrugs. Stepping back, Chris raises the microphone to his lips.]

Chris Andrew - Hold on a second Brandon. We get it, you're a windbag, you love to boast and hear yourself saying how great you are... There's one thing though you forget to say in your interesting...

[He yawns.]

Chris Andrew - ... speech. That despite all your efforts... Pardon me, despite all The Experts efforts, despite how many times The Expert was oh so convinced he had this rookie beaten, The Expert had to cheat in order to keep me down for three seconds.

[Chris turns now to address the fans.]

Chris Andrew - Now The Expert might tell you that he didn't cheat, that he outsmarted me, but you guys and me? We all know the truth. The Expert is a FLUKE!

[Turning back to Collins, he finds him smiling boastfully.]

Chris Andrew - That's right Brandon. The Expert is nothing but a nickname at this point. It could have been the real shit some years ago, but now... You can very well be the only one still believing it's a thing. Or maybe not... That's why you had to steal a win from a rookie? Because you realize that you're not half the wrestler you used to be? Let's face it Brandon, all you have is a bag full of cheap tricks. Without it, you could never beat me, not with those weak and clumsy shots, not being so slow and predictable...

[The Expert has heard enough, and stops Andrew mid-sentence with a heavy right haymaker, a quick left jab, and now a flurry of strikes. The crowd is beginning to boo Collins out of the arena, when Andrew catches a break and ducks another attempt at a haymaker. Collins goes spinning like a vinyl record, in which Andrew hooks Collins' arms and executes a Dragon Suplex!]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Chris Andrew ducks a shot and hits a Dragon Suplex! A signature maneuver of The Experts!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I'm telling you, Doc. These kids nowadays have no respect to their superiors! Such an ungrateful little bastard!

[The crowd starts rallying behind Chris Andrew, who seizes this opportunity to go to the top turnbuckle. Andrew starts motioning to the crowd, and hits a Corkscrew Senton Bomb!]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Chris Andrew goes up top to the high rent district and delivers a Canyon Dive onto Collins!

"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He's made a big mistake here, Dante. Don't think for one second that The Expert is going to let this go unnoticed!

[The crowd goes wild for Chris Andrew as "Renegade Cavalcade" by Ash hits the PA system once more. Andrew hops out of the ring and heads to the back as Brandon Collins begins to slowly get to his feet and obviously upset at what just took place.]

emery layton vs hunter grand

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is part of the Union Championship Tournament. Coming to the ring at this time, standing 5'6", from Anywhere and Everywhere, representing the XWA, she is, Emery Layton!





[As "Somewhere Else to Be" by VAST hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself, wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear, emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people have turned out. Her eyes are closed as she's swaying her head to the beat of the very unusual entrance music she uses, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now. Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket as she skates up the steel steps and climbs the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, it's quite obviously not loud enough for her, as she lifts her arms up, indicating for them to get louder. Once the eccentric Irish traveller has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. One final time, she holds her arms out, a pleased look on her face that just screams 'yes, I am quite good, feel free to cheer me'. Finally, removing her jacket she throws the battered old thing to the outside and finds a corner of the ring to sit down in, legs flat out, as she waits for the match to begin.]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, from The Grandest Place On Earth, standing at 6'2" and weighing in tonight st 220 lbs, representing the Hunter Grand Experience, he is "The Main Man" Hunter Grand!





[The arena falls into a cloak of darkness. Grand-O-Vision kicks in on the Wall of Grand, showing the Sunset Strip Skyline in all of its neon glory. A pair of hands looks to be lifting up the city of Las Vegas as Ladies & Gentlemen by Saliva starts pouring through the PA system.  One after another, gold hued spotlights swirl around the arena, before collecting on the stage at the top of the ramp. It is there that a huge set of red, crushed velvet curtains have been erected. Flanking the curtain set up are six incredibly scantily clad females of the busty persuasion, three on each side. The seventh girl takes her sweet time with pulling the curtains open to reveal God's Grandest Gift: Hunter Grand, decked out in his wrestling attire and wearing his shimmering gemstoned Robe of Grandeur and some slick shades. When he makes his presence known, the Wall of Grand starts flipping through various highlights of Hunter Grand in action, inside or outside of the ring.  Hunter takes excruciatingly slow steps from within the curtains, his hands going up and out to present himself to the crowd. At a first glance it might make him look as though he's showing off the women, but they are there to make him look even better, not the other way around. He takes a few steps towards the ramp, before stopping and waiting for the spotlights to hit him center. During this stop, a pair of girls rush to the front of him and sets down a huge roll of red carpet, which Hunter kicks and it rolls down the ramp and towards the stage. Now, it is safe for the The Grand One to make his walk.  His walk is almost too slow as he strides to the beat of his music, taking his time and making sure that his interactions with the fans look as though he is beloved by them. Which may or may not be the case. He grabs  someone's drink and pose for a picture with it, before pouring it out on them. He goes for a high five with someone, before quickly aiming for a slap upside the head. Knowing he's protected by the girls surrounding him and the barricade, he enjoys every moment of ruining the fans' day as he wanders through and to the ring.  Once at the ring, he holds his arms out and one of his girls peels the Robe of Grandeur off him and the others climb up onto the apron. He takes the robe from the girl and gifts her with a kiss on the cheek before laying it out on the floor in front of him. It is then that she drops down onto it, on all fours. Hunter reaches up to grab the outstretched hands of two of his women and they pull him up towards the apron, as he uses the kneeling girl as a "step" to get to the apron. As he turns around to raise his hands to the crowd, the girls bend to open the ropes, allowing His Royal Grandness to climb through them and he heads to the center of the ring. One after another, the girls duck through the ropes after him, coming up on both sides of him. The final girl crawls in, wearing the Robe of Grandeur, and she kneels in front of him, facing out to the crowd.  Hunter Grand has Arrived.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Wow this guy really knows how to make a Grand entrance!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I'll say! I wonder if he could hook me up with one of these ladies' numbers?




[The bell sounds and we're under way. Emery is in a staggered stance with her fists up to her cheeks, but Grand is still in the euphoric moment from his entrance. He motions to one of the ladies in his entourage from the outside, and she hands him a wad of cash in a custom "Hunter Grand" emblazoned money clip. Grand steps towards Emery, and motions for her to take it.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Looks like Hunter Grand is trying to bribe Emery.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - If I were her I'd take the money and run! I heard she sleeps in her car! With a cat!


[Emery looks at Hunter in disgust, but then has a change of heart. She reaches out and takes the money. Hunter grins as he has the notion that he just won the match via forfeit. He slowly turns around and raises his hand in the air, signaling a victory. He turns back to Emery and offers a congratulatory handshake, but then Emery hits him with an enziguri!  She stuffs the clip in her tights and goes back after Grand with a switchblade kick. Layton mounts and hammers down a combination of punches to the grounded Hunter Grand. She finally gets up and spreads her arms wide and plays to the fans.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Emery pulls a fast one over Hunter Grand.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - D'ya, d'ya think she's going to keep that money?


[Hunter Grand sits up and begins barking orders and obscenities to his entourage. Before he can get up, Emery springs off the ropes and hits Grand with a front drop kick. She picks him up by his grandiose hair, and throws him into the turnbuckles with an Irish whip. Emery follows right behind Hunter and hits a splash... No! Hunter Grand counters with a big boot to the face.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Hunter Grand turns the tables with what he calls the Expensive Tastes.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - For someone who lives in her car, she's probably ate plenty of boots, and of course Hunter Grand's was the best!


[Layton stumbles a few steps back, which sets up a springboard bulldog from Grand. While down on the ground, Hunter Grand locks in a sleeper hold and also a body scissors. Layton fights to escape but Grand's size advantage lets him lock it in tight. You can hear him saying to Layton, "Shhh, the grown ups are speaking!"]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Grand has got Layton locked in a sleeper/scissors combo hold.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Emery may be done for here. Grand is just too strong.


[The referee keeps a check on Emery, seeing if she taps out. She keeps fighting for the ropes, but Hunter's size keeps her put in place. She seems to be losing consciousness, and the ref notices she's becoming unresponsive. He begins to check for a technical submission, raises her arm up, lets go, and it drops straight to mat.]




[The ref repeats himself, and again, her arm thuds to the canvas.]




[Hunter's facial expression grows in excitement, like a kid on Christmas morning, and for the final time, the ref raises her arm, and let's go...]





...NO! Emery keeps her up, and the fans go crazy!


[Emery gets a surge of adrenaline, and somehow gets up to her knees with Hunter still locked in. Layton begins head butting Grand square between the eyes. Each blow dazes Grand more and more. Out of nowhere, Layton does a modified gator roll and flips the script with Hunter Grand now on his back. The referee delivers the count.]






... And a close kick out by Grand!


[Grand releases the submission hold and shoves Emery off of him. Shocked at the near pinfall, Grand stomps up to his feet, and the two together trade off punches. Hunter begins to get the upper hand, and starts rallying jabs left and right. He finishes it with a European uppercut. Grand now bounces off the ropes and goes for a close line, but Layton ducks in time but gets leveled with a springboard shoulder check. Grand picks Layton back up and whips her into the turnbuckle. Hunter sprints toward her and goes for the Expensive Taste once again, but Layton sidesteps in time and Grand gets racked.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Ooh, right in the Grand Jewels!


[Hunter unravels himself off the ropes, but as he turns around, Emery hits him with a monkey flip. Grand flips over to his back, and in a daze, staggers his way back to his feet. Emery takes the opportunity to hop up to the top turnbuckle in one motion, waits for the right moment, and then pounces onto Grand and connects with The Prikasa! Emery jumps onto Grand and makes the cover.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Layton delivers the Prikasa! This one is over!








[Ding ding ding]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner by pinfall, and advancing to the quarterfinals of the Union Championship Tournament, Emery Layton!


Winner: Emery Layton via pinfall (Prikasa)

he's coming

[The Imperial March by John Williams begins to play. A single overhead spotlight illuminates an overly exaggerated left trapezius airbrushed onto nude colored spandex.]

NASA has predicted a meteor of epic proportions within the coming weeks.

[The camera cuts to a flexed and equally exaggerated & airbrushed left bicep. These camera cuts continue showing off the exquisitely airbrushed muscles of an unknown figure.]

Union Battleground is in its direct path.

[The camera cuts to the pectoralis majors of this muscular spectacle.]

Prepare your bunkers and rations!

[Pulling back, the view goes blurry from the glint of golden stars upon the mask of The Mega Star; performing a double bicep pose.]

The Mega Star cometh!

commercial break

Representing XWA | Emery Layton

a blast from the past

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Folks welcome back to L!GHTS OUT, coming up here in just a few moments we will watch two brawlers in Nigel Crane and Crowbar go toe-to-toe but first we have a special guest here tonight on commentary, Malcolm Dred-King! Now MDK and a former WARPED alumni Crowbar have a bit of history, in fact it was MDK's first opponent at WRPD #96 in over a decade. Let's take a look...

[WRPD #96: MARCH 11, 2016 | This is exciting. It's the in-ring return of Malcolm Dred-King, a man who we haven't seen in -this- capacity in nearly a decade? And Crowbar is coming off an impressive win in a 3 Way FnX Match that saw him defeat the monster Creed and Omen, who couldn't handle the loss and is no longer with the company! Crowbar really knows how to make an impact. But so does MDK, who is showered with streamers by the wrestling fans before the match begins. Mr. Rottentreats made a point to walk out and sit at the commentary table for this match, spectating with his Evolution Title on his shoulder. - The two heavyweights had a HARD hitting match. Mr. Rottentreats served as a bit of a distraction for much of the match, shouting things out at the wrestlers in the ring. Both men did their best to focus on the task. Treats got up on the apron and held his title up asking who wanted it more. Shortly after, Crowbar looked to capitalize on MDK with the KFO Cutter, but MDK turned it into BORN BETTER, the End Of Days into a Crossface and Crowbar tapped out! Mr. Rottentreats points at MDK and then at his title and laughs as he leaves MDK in the ring to celebrate his victory.]

"The Doctor" Dante Reed - And now, folks, please welcome out "The Question Beyond X" Malcolm Dred-King!





[From out the back, clad in a black flack jacket and wrestling gear with a chain around his neck, an obvious homage to the Junk Yard Dog, emerges Union Battleground Superstar Malcolm Dred-King. As the crowd cheers he makes his way to the ring calling for a microphone.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Hello Union Battleground!


[The crowd erupts with cheers.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Look I know I'm not scheduled to compete tonight, but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, the fans, for your energy and for your support. Around this time last year, I was thinking about leaving the business all together. But you guys, you helped reenergize me and for that I thank you.


[The crowd cheers even louder as a MDK chant starts to permeate the arena.]


Malcolm Dred-King - Part of that is forgetting about the past and forging ahead to the future. One which includes me becoming the first ever Union Battleground Champion. I've already advanced to the quarterfinals in the tournament and it's not a guarantee that I will represent my half of the bracket with the talent left. But I'd be foolish not to do my due diligence and scout THIS half of the bracket; actually one match, one person in particular. I can't wait to see up close the matchup of...


[The lights go out much to the surprise of everyone, when they come back up Malcolm Dred-King is joined by his wife and newest Union Battleground signee Echo Blackwhisper. As he takes a step closer to give his spouse some affection she puts a hand up, and stops him in his tracks.]


Echo Blackwhisper - Nope... Let's revisit the past for a minute, shall we? Last year in Japan, we were to say good bye. Promises were made, then HE happened. As the months started piling up, I started to tell you it wasn't worth it. HE wasn't worth losing yourself, losing us. But you didn't listen. Even as the collateral damage kept piling up, you wouldn't listen. So I left, hoping you would listen.


[She pauses for a minute, allowing this to sink in.]


Echo Blackwhisper - But you didn't, it became about the Malcolm Dred-King brand, the Malcolm Dred-King legacy, a brand and legacy WE built. Together through sacrifice and hard work, and yet YOU let him take that from us. You became someone different, a fraud, and I wasn't going to wait around and see you destroy everything we worked hard for. I thought after what happened on New Years you would come to your senses. But you didn't and without consulting me, without consulting your family, you signed on with Union Battleground.


[She stops for a moment and shakes her head.]


Echo Blackwhisper - Then it occurred to me, I am a third generation wrestler my damn self, my family name in this business was respected and I made the choice, to build the Malcolm Dred-King brand at the expense of my Grandfather's, my mother and my fathers name. I helped navigate everything else outside of this ring but truth be told, you and I both know who the better wrestler is in the house of Dred-King.


[She smirks and nods.]


Echo Blackwhisper - Plus our daughters have never seen me wrestle, much less compete in the same company as their father and when I say compete that is precisely what I intend to do. From this point on when we are here, I'm not your wife, I'm not your manager. I'm Echo Blackwhisper... Union Battleground competitor, future champion and I am telling you for the world to hear... don't get in my way.


[She leans into him as if to whisper but puts the mic up for the world to hear.]


Echo Blackwhisper - You betrayed us... and the Clown helped you do it.


[She flips the microphone to the mat and leaves a visibly shaken Malcolm Dred-King in silence. Echo heads to the backstage area, and after a while, Malcolm, in a sort of trance, makes his way to the broadcast booth to scout the upcoming matchup, like he planned to do.]

nIgel crane vs crowbar

[Ding ding ding]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


[The Bleacher Creatures in unison chant ONE FALL!]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey - and is a first round match in the Union Battleground Championship Tournament! Introducing first...




[The lights go out as "Mustang Nismo" kicks in, red and white lights flashing to the beat. Crowbar walks out onto the stage as the whole place is bathed in red light, a spotlight only on Crowbar. He slowly walks down the ring eyeing off the fans with disdain, before walking up the steps and getting into the ring. He heads over to the corner of the ring and jumps up, sitting on the top turnbuckle.]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey - Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and fifty pounds! He hails from Long Beach California! He is CROWBAR!


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - We have already been on a wild ride tonight in Tucson! Six spots have been filled in the quarterfinals! Now to decide one more! The ever-impressive Crowbar is in the ring, soon to follow is the British Brute Nigel Crane! I can tell your right now that this is not going to be a catch-as-catch-can classic.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - I find it surprising that Axel Graves would assign Mr. “Squeaky Clean” himself, Franklin Dean to this match. With his propensity for violence, you would think he would be content letting these two men tear each other apart.


“The Doctor” Dante Reed - MDK, what an unexpected pleasure! What brings you down here?


Malcolm Dred-King - Scouting Reed, scouting. I’m already one step closer to becoming the first Union Battleground Champion, I need to make sure I am ready for two wrestlers who I could possibly face in the finals.

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - That is quite fair. I would expect nothing less than the best from the wily veteran.

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - You think that Crowbar or Crane could face you in the final?

Malcolm Dred-King - Of course. Anyone who is still in this tournament has an opportunity. There are no weak links in this tournament. I have to be ready for anything.

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Well we will see; Crowbar and Crane might kill each other before you get a chance to face them.

Mike “Drop” Dempsey - … Introducing next, his opponent! He weighed in today at two hundred and forty-six pounds and hails from Leeds, United Kingdom. He is NIGEL CRANE!



[The song "Reckoning" by Killswitch Engage queues and Nigel Crane steps onto the entrance ramp. He stares at the crowd, scowling angrily as he stomps his way to the ring. He uses the middle rope to hoist himself onto the ring apron before stepping between the ropes. He takes the corner and stares menacingly forward.]

[Dempsey steps out of the ring. Crowbar and Crane do not waste a second. One moment the two are in opposing corners and the next they are face to face at the center of the ring, shouting profanity at one another. Franklin Dean, without making a second thought about getting in between the two raging bulls, forced himself in between the two wrestlers. Dean admonishes the wrestlers commanding the two back to their corners. The crowd boos as they are denied the violence that had come to see.]

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - I think Dean is working for the wrong damn promotion!

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - The rabid crowd is letting Franklin Dean know exactly how they feel about getting in between Crowbar and Crane.

[After Crowbar and Crane eventually and begrudgingly relent, Dean calls for the bell.]


[Crowbar and Crane sprint to the center of the ring. Both men throw swift stiff punches into the side of the others face. Dean screams for the two men to stop with the closed fist but the two men do not heed the ref’s warning the punches become stiffer, Crowbar gets the upper hand as he places Crane into a vicious side headlock. Crowbar wrenches on the neck, twisting it to unnatural directions. Crane throws Crowbar against the ropes and throws another swift punch to the face, forcing Crowbar to the ground. Crowbar shoots off the mat to face Crane. Franklin Dean is screaming at both men as they glare into one another’s eyes. Crane has a cut over his head and Crowbar has a gash on the side of his cheek.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - My word! This match has just started and already both men are busted open!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - What do you think of this competition MDK?

Malcolm Dred-King - Exactly what I thought it would be, vicious. But nothing I cannot handle.

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - I think Franklin Dean may have a conniption.

[The two men go back to the fists, throwing them violently into each other’s face. Crowbar throws Crane against the ropes and hits a vicious standing clothesline. Crane grabs Crowbar’s legs and pulls him to the ground. Crane leaps off the campus and drives his elbow into the back of Crowbar’s neck. Crane attempts to pick up Crowbar, but Crowbar is ready. Crowbar grabs the leg of Crane and twists him into a leg drag takedown. Crowbar attempts to lock in a knee bar, but Crane is quick to punch the wrestler off of him. With another swift kick to the face, Crowbar relinquishes Crane’s leg. Crane and Crowbar get back to their feet. Crane goes for a brutal haymaker, but Crowbar ducks the punch and steps behind Crane and hits a reverse overhead suplex.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - A reverse overhead suplex! I think that was the first actual wrestling move in this match.


“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - This is vicious! I love it!

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - You know Mr. Graves loves it!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - What do you think MDK?

Malcolm Dred-King - It is hard hitting, I don’t deny it. But I hit harder. That is something Crane and Crowbar need to remember.

[Crowbar, quick to capitalize, picks Crane up and hits him with a standing clothesline. Crowbar goes for the pin.]

… 1


[Crane shoots off the ground and throws a swift uppercut that connects perfectly under the chin of Crowbar. Crane jumps off the mat and grabs the staggering Crowbar, lifting him in to a belly to belly suplex. Crane shoots up and runs the ropes as Crowbar sits up. He is quickly met with a running knee to the face courtesy of Nigel Crane.]

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher – OH! That will earn Crowbar a dentist appointment.

[Crane goes for the pin.]

… 1


[Crowbar jumps to his feet, kicking Crane in the head. Crowbar straddles Crane and begins to reign punches into the side of the head of Nigel Crane. Franklin Dean screams at Crowbar as he begins to count. Crowbar, irritated leaps off Crane and gets into the face of Franklin Dean. Dean does not blink as he explains to him that closed fists are illegal.]

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Come on! We are here to watch violence! What the fuck is this play by the rules bullshit?!

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - The referees are under strict orders to be lenient on these calls. I guess Franklin Dean decided not get the memo.

Malcolm Dred-King - Violence is inevitable in Union Battleground. Dean is fighting an uphill battle. Like you said, Dante, you just gotta let these things slide.

[As Crowbar grunts in frustration, Crane seizes the opportunity to attack Crowbar with a clubbing blow from behind. The crowd boos Crane as he takes the underhanded tactic of attacking someone with their back turned. Crane picks up Crowbar and delivers a European uppercut. He lifts Crowbar into the air to hit a gorilla press slam. Crane goes for the pin.]

… 1

… 2


[Crane picks up Crowbar and throws him into the turnbuckle. He runs to the other end and throws his body into the back of Crowbar’s knee. Crane picks up Crowbar putting him in the corner and runs to the other end of the ring for a second chop block. Crane charges, but Crowbar knew what was coming. Crowbar slipped through the ropes, grabbed Crane, and sent him catapulting into the ring post. Crane hits with a dull thud.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - OH! That is going to hurt! His shoulder might be destroyed after that.

[Crowbar grabs Crane’s arm and wrenches it over the ring ropes. Franklin Dean begins to count 1, 2, 3, 4, and Crowbar breaks the hold. Crowbar grabs Crane and pulls him outside. Dean screams at the wrestlers to get back in the ring. Crowbar throws Crane into the stairs who hits with a dull thud. Dean begins to count slowly to ten. Crowbar turns his attention to MDK.]

Malcolm Dred-King - What do you want?!

[Crowbar and MDK begin to scream at one another as MDK throws off his head set.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - Crowbar and MDK are at each other’s throats!

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - Crowbar needs to pay attention to the match. Dean is at 5 and Crane could get up at any minute.

[Crowbar and MDK get into each other’s faces. But Crane, ever the opportunist, leaps up and hits Crowbar from behind. Crane, grabs Crowbar, picking him up for a pump handle slam which he executes on the announce table, shattering it as they hit the ground. Franklin Dean has had enough as he screams at the referee to ring the bell!]

[The bell sounds]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - What is this?

[Crane turns to the referee screaming at him, but Dean is screaming at Dempsey to announce the end of the match. MDK makes his way to the back. Crowbar, who is up to his feet, clinching his back is starring perplexed at the referee as well.]

Mike “Drop” Dempsey - The winner of this match as a result of a disqualification and ADVANCING in the Union Battleground Championship tournament, CROWBAR!

[The crowd boos at the referee, throwing drinks at him as he defiantly sticks his nose in the air, knowing he did a job well done. On the outside Crane throws the ring steps and begins to throw fans out of chairs as he storms through the arena. Crowbar, while looking relieved that he is moving on, has a look of disappointment as he makes his way to the back.]

“The Doctor” Dante Reed -What a shame. That was a great match ruined by a referee decision.

“Diamond” Dick Thrasher - While technically correct, I definitely feel cheated on this situation.

“The Doctor” Dante Reed - Just imagine how Crane feels… Well everyone. Seven wrestlers have made it to the second round. Only one more match to go. We will be back soon with our main event between Carnage Wrestling's UltraViolent Icon Tweeder and Redemption Genesis Champion, Trixie.

a promoter's proposition

[Axel Graves sits in his office, relaxing and sipping a drink from a tumbler. He is looking over various papers on his desk when the door to the office is kicked in and the imposing Nigel Crane steps into the office. His face is in a scowl and his aura emanated unbridled anger. Graves looks at Crane, sipping his drink, and appearing unphased by the raging Crane.]


Nigel Crane - What the f--- was that Graves?! I signed on with this thing because I thought I would get to f---ing fight and low and behold, I get SCREWED out of a chance at the Union Championship by a f---ing zebra with an inferiority complex!


Axel Graves - I know, I know. Franklin Dean is a pain in my ass. I don't even like him, personally.  But he's been a friend of the family.


Nigel Crane - How do you expect me to kick ass if I am left on a god damn collar!


Axel Graves - Listen, Dean’s call is what it is. He will be dealt with by me personally. But I do have to say, I liked what I saw from you.


Nigel Crane - Then over turn the f---ers call and give me another shot at the belt.


Axel Graves - … No, I can't do that.


Nigel Crane - No?! Well then f--- you! I didn’t-


[Graves holds up a hand and Crane, while agitated, relents.]


Axel Graves - I’m not putting you back in the tournament. But I do have to tell you Crane, I do love what I see in you. You are the epitome of what I was looking for in Union Battleground. You are big, you are pissed off, and most importantly, you are one violent specimen. It's too late now to overturn Dean's call, but I do have a proposition, that I am hoping you will consider.


[Nigel begins to calm down a little, and sits down in the chair opposite of Graves.]


Nigel Crane - I'm listening.


[The scene fades to black as the two men begin to discuss in a more civilized tone.]

twEedEr vs trixiE

Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's Main Event! The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is the final match in the opening round of the Union Championship Tournament! Coming to the ring at this time, standing at 5'6" tall and representing Redemption Wrestling, she is Trixie!




[Trixie comes out and does a twirl to bend over and showcase her firm apple bottom to the crowd. She then turns around to flaunt her ring attire and bites her finger as she pauses on stage. She starts walking in a straight line down the ramp to really sway her hips and get the attention of the guys in the crowd, blowing kisses at the guys and enjoying the jealousy of the girls in the crowd. She steps onto the apron and gyrates her hips before stepping into the ring very slowly to allow all the photos to be taken, then stepping fully in and giving a playful wink to the referee as she sits on the corner.]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Finally! The moment we've all been waiting for! Trixie is in the house!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Indeed she is, Dick. Trixie has quite an established resume, and currently holding several titles in multiple companies, and tonight she digs her path at adding on another one.


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - And her opponent, standing at 6'3", weighing in tonight at 230 lbs., from Glasgow, Scotland and representing Carnage Wrestling, "The UltraViolent Icon" Tweeder!





[The lights go out  and "Walk" by Pantera begins to play. The crowd in unison sings the first verse and finally the famous chorus hits and rocks the arena... RE! SPECT! WALK! ...what did you say? RE! SPECT! WALK! ...are you talkin' to me?  The lights come back on inside the Tucson Convention Center and we see the UltraViolent Icon Tweeder standing at the top of the entrance ramp holding a weed whacker in one hand and an open beer in the other. The crowd surrounding him goes absolutely crazy as Tweeder chugs the beer before tossing the foamy, empty can into the crowd! The weed whacker blade spins slowly as the engine idles. The heavy guitar riffs continue to blare through the PA system yet they barely cut through the loud cheering of the Bleacher Creatures - especially as Tweeder revs the engine to that extremely dangerous weapon! Tweeder turns his attention towards the ring, and he begins to walk down the entrance ramp with a purpose!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - We've got a living legend coming to the ring right now, DDT. The UltraViolent Icon is perhaps Union Battleground's biggest draw and we are about set to start tonight's Main Event and put a close to the opening round of the Union Championship Tournament.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Doc, you're right about that! This guy is known all over the industry, and with good reason. A 5 time World Champion on top of countless other title reigns, and the 2016 OWF Pool of Blood winner. This guy can put up a fight!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Senior Official Bruce "The Heel" O'Neal will be directing this contest and it's about to begin!




[Referee Bruce O'Neal calls for the bell and this match is under way. Tweeder wastes no time in going after Trixie, but she ducks at a lockup attempt and circles around. She quickly lays into Tweeder's legs with quick kick strikes. Tweeder blocks the kicks, and counters with a quick 1-2 jab. Tweeder forces her back to the ropes, and whips her across the ring. Trixie comes back to jump up and deliver a swift Hurricanrana onto Tweeder, sending him to his back. He does a kip up to get back to his feet, and charges after her. Trixie jumps up and goes for what looks like another Hurricanrana attempt, but Tweeder counters with a vicious powerbomb. With Trixie down, Tweeder runs and hits a springboard moonsault, then hooks the leg.]



... Quick kick out


[Tweeder rolls her over, and goes for a crippler cross face, but Trixie counters quickly with an armbar. Tweeder keeps his composure, and uses his size and strength advantage and picks Trixie up off of the canvas with his arm still locked in, and delivers another powerbomb.]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Trixie is heavily undersized for this fight, giving up about eighty pounds and roughly an eight inch height difference.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - If she plans on winning, she's going to have to use her speed and keep him close, because Tweeder is much too strong for her to try to do any ground work.


[Tweeder climbs to the top rope, and goes for a flying elbow, but Trixie is quick enough to evade it, sending Tweeder crashing in on his elbow. She picks Tweeder up off the ground by his beard, then hits a neck breaker. It's her turn now as she climbs to the middle ropes, and springs off to hit a double foot stomp onto the chest of the UltraViolent Icon. Trixie makes a cover.]




...kick out at two.


[Trixie stomps in frustration and argues with the ref's count. She turns back to Tweeder, but he springs himself up for a short range spear. He picks her up by the hair and slings her into the turnbuckle. Tweeder follows close behind her, and connects with a close line. Trixie goes stumbling forward as Tweeder steps up to the middle ropes. He waits for her to turn around, and Tweeder rocks her with a Tornado DDT, then makes a cover.]




...3! No, a close escape by Trixie.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Tweeder delivers a nice Tornado DDT, but Trixie somehow manages to escape.


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - He better be careful to that pretty face!


[Tweeder gets to his feet, and deadlifts Trixie up by her waist, and continues the momentum for a hard hitting German Suplex. He keeps his hands locked in and deadlifts her again, and goes for another German Suplex, but Trixie manages to stick a leg between his and blocks the suplex attempt. She starts raining down elbows to Tweeder's face and eventually loosens the hold. The two run to the ropes, and  Tweeder goes for a roll up pin, but Trixie hangs on the the ropes. Tweeder gets to his feet, but Trixie is quick to go for the Sexy Superkick, but Tweeder ducks in time, and instead Trixie lays out the referee!]


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - "The Heel" O'Neal is down!


[Tweeder looks at the ref who is laid out like a rag doll, then turns with a sinister look towards Trixie. Trixie looks nervous, and quickly slides out of the ring. Tweeder doesn't hesitate and springboards off the ropes and drills Trixie with an over the turnbuckles suicide dive! The splash send both wrestlers crashing into the barricades. The crowd erupts.]




"The Doctor" Dante Reed - This is the stuff we have all been waiting for from Tweeder! The dude is an absolute maniac!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I just wish it wasn't against poor little Trixie


[The two lay lifeless on the ground for a while, then Tweeder slowly is the first to get up. He picks Trixie up into a military press and slams her down onto the top of the barricades. Tweeder is now fired up and starts playing to the crowd, and points to his weed wacker.


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - No! He couldn't! He'd be tried for attempted murder!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Think of the kids! Especially the prepubescent boys that look up to Trixie, and down, and cock their heads to the side...


[Tweeder rolls Trixie back into the ring, then heads over and grabs his signature weapon. He slides into the ring, wielding the lawn tool, and grabs Trixie by the hair. As he lifts her up, she stops him dead in his tracks with a low blow!]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - The ultimate equalizer!


[Tweeder drops to his knees and groans in pain. Trixie now is slow to get up. She sets her sights in on the weed wacker, and grabs at it. But suddenly we hear a thunderous roar from the crowd, and out from nowhere slides in Anton Chase! Before Trixie can do any damage with the tool, Chase spins her around, winds back, and drops her with a kick to the groin!]


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - Holy s---! He just cun--


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Don't say it! You trying to get fired, or get us cancelled?


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - - Sorry... Sorry... He just "C-Word" punted her!


[Trixie is curled over, and Anton Chase sets up and delivers the Chaos Theory onto Trixie! Chase drags Tweeder over on top of her, and slaps the referee around to wake him up. O'Neal comes to, and slowly makes the count.]














[Ding ding ding]


Mike "Drop" Dempsey - Here is your winner by pinfall, and advancing to the quarterfinals of the Union Championship Tournament, The UltraViolent Icon, Tweeder!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Oh my god, Anton Chase runs into the ring and gives Trixie a little taste of her own medicine from Redemption Wrestling's Winter Solstice!


"Diamond" Dick Thrasher - I might have to go in there and give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Dante!


"The Doctor" Dante Reed - Well folks, that's all the time we have tonight. Join us on L!GHTS OUT #3, where we will complete the quarterfinal round where the most recent winner Tweeder will battle Crowbar, Anton Chase will face Emery Layton, Malcolm Dred-King will take on Sakaguchi Kyoshi, and "The Butcher" Dick Devereaux will square off with "The Expert" Brandon Collins. Good night everybody!


Winner: Tweeder via pinfall


Segment: A Rivalry knows no bounds - Axel Graves

Segment: We Interrupt this Program - Axel Graves/Hunter Grand

Match: Anton Chase vs Adrien Pierce - Axel Graves

Commercial: AWE

Segment: The Expert Teaches a Lesson - Brandon Collins/Chris Andrew/Axel Graves

Match: Hunter Grand vs Emery Layton - Axel Graves

Segment: He's Coming - The Masked Megastar

Commercial: XWA

Segment: A Blast from the Past - Crane/WARPED/MDK

Match: Crowbar vs Nigel Crane - Nigel Crane

Segment: A Promoter's Proposition - Nigel Crane

Match: Tweeder vs Trixie - Axel Graves

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