Red Rocks Amphitheater

Denver, Colorado

10, 000

Desktop 1920 x 1080

The Battleground Network Preliminary bout featured a rematch between a young rookie El Landerson facing off against the seasoned veteran Anton Chase. Similar to their last bout, this match featured a foray of high flying maneuvers and both men gave the fans an exciting match to see. In the end, Anton Chase pulled off the victory after a dodgey low blow that setup his Chaos Theory signature.



• Pre-Recorded


[The fire of the familiar “pit of hell” as it’s known, where Tommy Crimson lost his life while holding Godless captive and Godless himself then pledged his allegiance to Salvation, roars high into the skies as if each flame is reaching for the stars. This time though, an altar similar to the one seen in the depths of the Vatican when Nemesis was present there, rests a few feet in front of the pit and lying on top of it is the sister of Dick Devereaux, Amanda. In front of the Altar stands Viduus and Nemesis with Preacher and the Speaker flanking each man they manage. The four men look down at Amanda who looks to be in a dazed state.]


Nemesis - She will be the vessel. She shall serve the cause well and bring us new purpose.


[With that, Preacher reveals another familiar sight; the same knife that took the life of Crimson and was used in Godless’ ceremony. Preacher cuts his palm and let’s his blood stain the blade, he passes it to Speaker who does the same who the hands it to Viduus who cuts his palm without a flinch and then he knife arrives to Nemesis. He slowly cuts his palm and let’s his blood intertwine with the rest of his faction’s. Nemesis walks over and wipes the blades now against his clean hand, soaking it in all of Salvation’s blood. He presses it upon her face and holds it while chanting.]


Nemesis - de nasl alkhalas yudkhiluk! de nasl alkhalas yudkhiluk!


[The pit of hell rages even more as Amanda suddenly breaks out of her dazed state, clutches onto her stomach area and sits upwards screaming as the blood from the handprint runs down her face. After a few moments of screaming she suddenly collapses back down onto the stone altar.]


Preacher - Is it done my Lord?


[Nemesis nods.]


Nemesis - The future of Salvation rests within her.


[All four men smile deviously as the fire rages on behind the altar.]



One Hour Later...


[The flames of the pit of hell continue to roar as we come back on the scene we left before. The altar rests quietly as the cracking of the fiery pit continues to burn brightly. Amanda Devereaux has now dropped from the altar, sitting on the ground against the altar. She is beaten, not physically but spiritually. She looks drained completely as her hand rests on her stomach. Suddenly, the silence is broken up as a large engine is heard roaring towards the altar. A gigantic blackened truck speeds up before screeching to a halt. The door swings open as Dick Devereaux hops out of the truck, aluminum baseball bat with saw blades fastened into them in his hand. He looks ready to fight, but he only sees Amanda alone. He drops the bat and kneels down as he grabs her by the hand. Tears begin to fall from her face as Devereaux begins to speak.]


Dick Devereaux - What did they do to you, Amanda?!


[Amanda doesn’t speak. Tears stream down her face as she releases his hand and places them on her stomach. Devereaux looks confused as he looks down at her hands. Suddenly, his face turns to shock as he looks at her in disbelief and terror.]


Dick Devereaux - Did… did he touch you… ?


[Amanda breaks down even more as she holds her stomach. Her tear soaked lips open up enough to whisper a few words.]


Amanda - The heir to his throne…


[Devereaux looks down as a single tear drops from his cheek. His hands clench into fists as he grabs his bat and lets out a monstrous roar, standing and swinging the bat over his head and slamming it down onto the altar. Shards of stone fall as he saw blades on the bat rip through the stone. Devereaux drops to his knees next to Amanda again. Amanda grabs Devereaux's hand and speaks, this time with urgency in her voice.]


Amanda - You have to help me Richard. You have to end this.


[Devereaux doesn’t even look up. Amanda grabs his face and pulls it up to hers.]


Amanda - You have to destroy his future…


[Amanda grabs a sharp piece of shattered stone and places it in the hand of Devereaux. Dick looks at it and shakes his head.]


Dick Devereaux - Are you fuckin’ crazy?! I’m not doing it Amanda! I’ve lost everything to Nemesis, I won’t lose you!


[Devereaux drops it and looks at Amanda. She sighs, feeling all hope lost. She looks to her dear brother.]


Amanda - I’m sorry Richard. This is the only way.


[Amanda grabs the shard of stone and raises it to her throat before slicing it wide open. Blood sprays as she falls to the ground in front of Devereaux. Dick grabs her by the throat, trying to stop the blood. He cries out for help as the blood pours from her large open wound. Amanda begins to fade as she raises her hand to his cheek and flashes a slight smile. Dick takes her hand as she continues to bleed. Her smile fades quickly as the blood pours from her throat, covering Devereaux in the warm red liquid. Her hand goes limp, followed by her body as the last breath leaves her lips. Devereaux is frozen, stuck in a state of emptiness. He holds Amanda in his arms as the blood continues to trickle from her throat. The tears begin to flow as Devereaux lays Amanda down on the ground and shuts her eyes with his blood soaked hand. He kisses her forehead before grabbing his baseball bat and standing to his feet. Dick wipes away the tears as his face begins to turn red with anger. He turns away from Amanda and hops in the truck before flooring it away from the scene, leaving the lifeless body of his poor sister, the last good of his life, laying in the dirt in her own blood.]


"Solemn the drums thrill; Death august and royal

Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres,

There is music in the midst of desolation

And a glory that shines upon our tears."


- Laurence Binyon | "For the Fallen"

[Gradually the darkness fades away to open up with grainy footage of soldiers marching. Quick cut scenes interchange of soldiers saluting of various ranks. Then the famous scene of the US flag being raised on Iwo Jima. The suddenly... BOOM! Bombs exploding, missiles launched in rapid succession, and close range artillery fire race through as the beating of war drums increase in tempo. Finally, footage of an atomic bomb goes off, and the Guerrilla Warfare logo emerges through the plume of smoke.]


[We cut to an aerial view of the Red Rocks Amphitheater, where Scumbag Society drummer Maxx Moon is standing center stage surrounded by several other drummers dressed up in various modern soldier uniforms to ancient warrior garbs from all across the world. The crowd is at a steady tone, waiting in anticipation. Finally, Maxx Moon kicks in with a slow and steady drum roll, as the other members join in. The drums increase in volume and tempo as fire erupts through the stage floor with each heavy bass hit. The camera angles begin to pan all throughout the arena to catch the rabid fans in attendance.]

[The Scumbag Society finish off with an epic finale as we switch gears over to the broadcast booth to see the voices of Union Battleground.]


Dante Reed - Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado in front of 9,452 rowdy fans, and this is Guerrilla Warfare! I am your host “The Doctor” Dante Reed alongside me is my partner in crime Sebastian Riggs! Bas, do we have a hellacious show tonight or what?


Sebastian Riggs - Dante this is one of the biggest events Union Battleground has to offer. The penultimate pay-per-view of the season, we have to much here at stake tonight. Every Championship will be defended in that ring, and also we have the infamous Guerrilla Warfare battle royal bout!


Dante Reed - Indeed we do, Bas. Our main event of the evening is the final chapter between the longest storied rivalry we have seen in some time. Union Battleground Champion Nemesis will take on his archenemy Dick Devereaux in a Slaughterhouse Match! The winner must hang their opponent with a butcher’s meat hook!


Sebastian Riggs - We’ll say this early and often here tonight; graphic and violent content will be on display here tonight. Parental discretion is advised. Not for the faint of heart! Check with your doctor to see if your heart is healthy enough for this show! Nemesis and Devereaux have after each other in just about every way imaginable. It’s personal, Dante, and the future of Union Battleground rests in this match!


Dante Reed - Our headline bout is none other than the Guerrilla Warfare match itself! Twenty competitors will step inside this ring, where eliminations are only by pinfall, submission, or knock out! Whoever is the last one standing will be moving on to main event Coup de Grâce for a shot at the Union Battleground Championship!


Sebastian Riggs - I’m so pumped for that one, Dante. There have been some names swirling around the rumor mill with some intriguing possibilities. I can’t wait to see who all enters and who will stand victorious in that grueling onslaught!


Dante Reed - We also have our Battalion Championships in the line as the lone champion, Viduus Morta, will defend the titles in a two-on-one contest with The Outliers!


Sebastian Riggs - The Outliers are one of the most recognizable tag teams in this industry. I can’t think of anybody that does it better. But Viduus Morta isn’t some Joe Schmoe from the streets. This guy is a killer and don’t think for one second that he doesn’t walk out of here still holding those straps!


Dante Reed - A few weeks ago, our Trench War Champion Kimitsu Zombie issued an open challenge to anyone in this business. It looked like the playing field was stepping aside from trying to contest for the title, until Annie Zellor from HKW stepped up and took the offer.


Sebastian Riggs - Zellor has a well decorated resume, where she’s captured gold in just about every promotion she’s worked for. The world is waiting to see if Annie can unseat the champion and take the Trench War Title is to her home.


Dante Reed - We also have the War Horse Championship at stake, with a fatal four-way bout between Josie Pleasure, Elena DeDraca, Joe Stanton, and Alyssa Daniels.


Sebastian Riggs - Each if these competitors have fought tooth and nail to get here tonight. It’s anyone’s guess who will walk out at the War Horse Champion and number one contender for the Trench War Title.


Dante Reed - That’s our show for the folks. So without wasting anymore time, let’s kick things off with Trench War Championship bout! Mike, take it away!


[The show cuts backstage, to where Annie Zellor is standing by ahead of her upcoming Trench War title match against Kimitsu Zombie. A blend of excitement and apprehension on her face as the time draws closer for her to make her Union Battleground debut. Zellor is ready dressed in her ring attire, and a ‘Denver Divas t-shirt; her gaze drifting up to the camera as she notices it’s started recording.]


Annie Zellor – Heyyy guys. Well, tonight’s the night, huh? All the talking, the jokes, the threats. It all comes down to this, and if I can beat Kimi.


[Annie pushes her hair back behind her ears before taking a deep breath, exhaling slowly. She turns to directly face the camera, and Annie flashes a quick #grrface with the devil horns before speaking again.]


Annie Zellor – Well I didn’t come all the way to Denver, Colorado just to lose!


[She giggles.]


Annie Zellor – Two weeks ago when I laid out the challenge, I knew what I was getting into. I knew what Kimi can do in that ring, and what it’d take to beat her here tonight. And since then she’s, like, more than lived up to those expectations. And she’s shown herself to be one of the best wrestlers here in Union Battleground!


[Annie states, boldly. That smile still on her face as she gets ready to speak again.]


Annie Zellor – But you say that you’re gonna snuff out my flame?


[She shakes her head, mouthing the word ‘no’ as she does so.]


Annie Zellor – Nahh, that flames eternal now. Win, lose, or draw, that lights never gonna go out again. I know it, the fans here in the Red Rocks Amphitheater know it. And after this match, Kimi, you’re gonna know it too. Just like how you know I’m gonna bring the heat tonight, and pop you, POW!


[Annie feigns a right hook at the camera.]


Annie Zellor – Right in the kisser! And take that Trench War title from you before you come close to Emery’s record. And if you wanna prove me wrong, Kimi, then now’s the time! Bring it on!


[With that, Zellor pulls another #grrface, and throws up the devil horns once again as the scene fades out.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Trench War Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’4” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Staten Island, New York, representing the HKW Defiance, she is Annie Zellor!







[The sounds of “Jager Yoga” by CSS begins to play throughout the arena as Annie Zellor steps out from behind the curtain; the fans in attendance begin to cheer as Zellor keeps her head down, bouncing from one foot to the other in time with the music. She raises her head, rocking out as she looks out across the crowd. Annie stands there with her feet apart, raising one hand up high with the devil horns, before finally heading down the aisle.]


Dante Reed - Anybody that follows Union Battleground knows by now that it is common practice to have a few one-off guests take part in the action during our shows. But tonight is a Battleground first. Two weeks ago, Trench War Champion Kimitsu Zombie issued an open challenge not only to the competitors in Union Battleground, but to anyone in the business! And lo and behold, Annie Zellor answered the call!


Sebastian Riggs - Annie has admitted that no one would have expected her to accept the challenge, especially Kimi. When you look at what Annie has accomplished in her career, she’s capture gold in just about every promotion she has worked for. The biggest question in this bout is if she can shock the world and rewrite the record books and walk out of Guerrilla Warfare with the Trench War Championship!


Dante Reed - Can you imagine? How would the fans and media react if Annie captures the title and takes it home to HKW? I know one person who doesn’t want to find out, and that’s Owner and Promoter Axel Graves!


[Some HKW fans reach out for the high five, and for those fans Annie happily obliges. But she tries to drown out the small proportion of them who jeer her from a distance. Zellor climbs up the ring steps and stops on the apron, taking another moment to look out across the crowd before she flips backwards over the top rope to enter the ring. There, Annie heads to her corner and climbs a turnbuckle as she waits for this match to get started.]


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, representing the 4CW, she is the reigning, defending, undisputed Union Battleground Trench War Champion, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]







[Kimitsu Zombie calmly walks out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu and her Trench War Championship on like a bandolier across her body. Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle and she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowd's reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]







[She takes a long chug of shochu and spits a shochu mist into the air then screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring and holds her title up in the air waiting for the match to start.]


Dante Reed - The Trench War Championship is known to be a Fighter’s Championship. The one who carries it never backs down from a challenge, and that is the true personification of Kimitsu Zombie!


Sebastian Riggs - Win, lose, or draw, Zombie will never shy away from confrontation. Since her official debut in season one at L!GHTS OUT #9, she has consistently been a wrecking ball against anyone put in front of her. She will grind it out with the best of them and will do whatever it takes, and more often than not, comes out on top and it shows with that title around her waist.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we’ve got both competitors squared away in their corners. You take a look at each of these women and see they’re polar opposites in terms of personality but have quite similar wrestling styles. It’s going to be a great clash of strategy. Our referee for this bout is Joe Murray and he checks off with each competitor one last time and he is calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[As the bell tolls, both Zombie and Zellor begin to slowly close the distance while circling to keep position. As the two close the gap, Annie stretches her hand out in a show of respect to Kimitsu. Stalling with hesitation, Kimi eventually gives in and shakes hands, but before releasing her grip, Kimi pulls Annie in and rocks her with a short range clothesline! Annie shoots straight back up in fury and launches a flying clothesline of her own, but Kimi ducks it and wraps around Annie’s waist and throws her backwards with a German suplex! Annie however lands on her feet and perfectly times Zombie turning around and smacks her with a pele kick! Kimi stumbles back before using that momentum to spring off the ropes and charge back at Annie. On the return, Kimitsu flips Annie with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but again Annie lands on her feet. Annie times a superkick but Kimi catches it and hooks her up for a cradle suplex! Kimi holds on and bridges back for a cover!]


… One!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Both competitors flying out of the gate here! Kimi catches Annie with the suplex but only gets a short one count out of it.


Sebastian Riggs - It seems like with the similar styles, both competitors are able to sense their next moves and continuously stay one step ahead of each other. Zombie though took matters into her own hands right there!


[Zombie quickly mounts on top of Annie before she can react and starts dropping heavy punches to the face. Annie tries to cover up but eventually bridges up to knock Kimi off of her. The two stand back to their feet and immediately begin trading off punches. Annie begins taking control, mixing in several shoot kicks to keep Kimitsu guessing. With Annie now in full control, she Irish whips Kimi hard into the turnbuckles. Annie lines up and rushes in and slams into Kimi with a double knee strike! Annie continues the attack with a vicious discus clothesline in the corner and then follows it up with a textbook bulldog into the center of the ring! The crowd grows louder with cheers as Annie plays to the reaction by flexing her biceps towards Zombie. Annie patiently stalks her opponent and waits for Kimi to get back one her own feet. Just as Kimi begins to rise, Annie begins running the ropes. On the return, Annie perfectly times a beautiful satellite DDT that plants Kimi back down to the mat! The crowd erupts even louder as Zellor hooks the leg for a cover!]


… One!


… Two!


… Kick out!


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Annie Zellor completely stunned Zombie with an out-of-this-world satellite DDT!


Sebastian Riggs - She nearly took this one home with that incredible display of athleticism, Dante! Annie didn’t come here for the exposure, she came here to expose Kimitsu! And she’s doing a pretty damn good job right now!


[Annie slaps her hands on the canvas in a bit of frustration, but continues on with her offense. She brings herself to her feet while dragging Kimi up by the hair. Annie continues with her shoot kicks, tagging the legs and body, before Kimi lunges in for a collar and elbow tie up to stop the attack. The two tussle back and forth to gain control, but Zombie begins throwing sharp knee strikes to the midsection. Kimi Irish whips Annie across the ring, and in the return throws a clothesline, but Annie ducks. Annie then bounces off the ropes a second time, and ducks a flying forearm. For a third time, Annie springs off the ropes and this time catches Kimitsu off guard with a powerful front drop kick! Kimi stumbles back on her heels and catches herself by the ropes as Annie screams out “Rotten to the Core!”]


Dante Reed - Annie Zellor caught Kimitsu Zombie napping with her trademark “Rotten to the Core” routine!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s an homage to the Warped Wrestling legend Mr. Rottentreats and his wacky, clown-like trickery. Annie continues to pull out all of the stops!


[With Kimitsu still hanging on the ropes, Annie shows off her #grrface and bullrushes ahead. As Annie closes in, Kimi perfectly times Annie’s velocity and flips her head over heels over the top rope! Annie lands on her feet on the apron, but Kimi follows up with a pele kick that stuns Zellor! Annie stays up with wobbly legs as Kimi steps out and joins her on the apron. Kimi now bullrushes Annie and flattens her with a sling blade on the apron! Annie lies motionless for a moment and then Zombie kicks her off down to the concrete.]


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie planted Annie Zellor straight on the center of the apron! For anyone who’s ever set a ring up, they know that that outer edge is the hardest part of the ring.


Sebastian Riggs - Just as we were beginning to think Zellor was going to run away with this one, Kimitsu brings her back down to reality! She is a Zombie warrior. She is a fighter. You have to damn near kill her to keep her down!


[While Annie rolls around in excruciating pain, Zombie climbs back into the ring and playfully taunts the crowd in which she receives a mixed bag of cheers and jeers. Kimitsu notices Annie slowly beginning to rise to her feet, so she takes action and runs the ropes. On the return, Zombie hits a handspring backflip Sasuke Special and comes crashing down with meteoric force onto Zellor!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Zombie goes soaring through the air with a Sasuke Special onto Zellor and the two go on a collision course into the barricade!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s hard to believe that this is Zombie’s first pay-per-view as a defending Union Battleground champion, but make no mistake she’s pulling all the tricks out of the hat tonight!


[The crowd can’t help themselves but to cheer for the high spot. Both competitors lie on the concrete but Annie too the obvious brunt of it. Kimi powers herself up to her feet after a quick breather and soon begins stomping away onto Annie. The cheers begin to die down as Zombie lifts Annie up and starts smashing her face into the barricade. The fans in the front row begin a small chant, counting out each blow. After a ten count, Kimi grabs Annie by the arm and Irish whips her parallel down the ring. Annie stops in her tracks when she collides hard into the steel steps. The crowd winces at the echoing sound of flesh impacting metal and Annie looks completely dazed at this point. Kimi slowly walks over, taking in the varied responses at ringside. In one fluid motion, Kimi tosses Annie back in the ring and follows in right behind. The two slowly make it to their feet and in what looks like a desperation move, Annie throws a sloppy spinning heel kick, but Kimitsu is able to catch it. Zombie wags her finger, denying Annie’s attempt at a comeback, and rips her down with a vicious dragon screw. Kimitsu holds onto the leg and locks Zellor in a single leg Boston Crab!]


Dante Reed - Kimitsu Zombie is now in the driver seat of this bout and now focuses her attention on Annie’s leg.


Sebastian Riggs - Annie is totally out of it and looks gassed. Zombie just might have this one in the bag!


[Zellor begins kicking and screaming, trying to escape the submission, but Zombie has her locked in tight. With no way to escape, Annie begins crawling her way towards the ropes, forcefully bringing Zombie with her. It’s the crowd fully behind her, Annie gets within reach but then Kimitsu tears back and stomps on Annie’s hand several times before she can reach the rope! The crowd deflates as Kimi drags her opponent back into the center of the ring and continues wrenching back. Annie now appears to be unconscious and the ref decides to begin a technical submission count. He raises her arm once, and it drops straight to the mat. He raises it a second time, and again it flops lifelessly to the canvas. The crowd begins to grow with anticipation as the referee raises for a third and final time, and right before her hand hits the mat, Annie jolts it high in the air and the crowd goes wild! Kimitsu looks worried as Annie pushes herself up off the mat. Annie furiously begins bear crawling her way back over to the ropes, and like last time, Zombie tries to stomp on her hands, but Annie catches her leg and is able to kick Zombie off of her! Annie rolls out onto the apron to catch herself while Kimitsu begins arguing with the referee.]


Dante Reed - Amazing resilience by Annie Zellor! She looked to be finished right there but she dug deep and kept on fighting!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s proved to be a very worthy opponent and contender for the Trench War Title, Dante. This is THE Fighter’s Championship and she’s showing that she’s willing to go the distance and push past that point of no return!


[After a few moments, Annie begins to pull herself up to her feet with the assistance from the ropes. Kimitsu notices her scurrying and makes a B-line to her. Kimi grabs Annie and puts her in a front headlock and looks to suplex her back in the ring, but Annie stuffs any attempt by hanging on the ropes with her leg. Annie makes a quick decision and breaks free from Kimitsu’s grasp, and snaps Kimitsu down on the top rope with a hot shot! Kimi stumbles around clutching her throat and just as she least expects it, Annie springboards off the middle rope, into the ring, and catches Zombie with a devastating codebreaker! The building explodes into cheers!]


Dante Reed - Rough n’ Tumble II! Annie Zellor crumbles Kimitsu Zombie with her signature high impact maneuver!


Sebastian Riggs - This could be it, Dante! We have a new champion! Annie is making the cover!


… One!


… Two!


… Thre— No! Kick out!


Dante Reed - I don’t believe it! Kimitsu Zombie has somehow managed to kick out!


Sebastian Zombie - She part of the Zombie Clan! You can’t kill what’s already dead!


[The crowd is on their feet and simultaneously cheering on each competitor with split chants. For a moment each competitor lies on the canvas catching their breath, but soon they each begin to struggle up to their feet. Annie is first up, soon followed by Kimitsu. Both warriors are staggering, but Annie lunges forward and hits Zombie with a ruthless knife edge chop. The smack echoes out and gets a resounding reaction from the crowd. Kimi winces, but then winds back and delivers a knife edge chop back to Annie. Again the crowd unanimously reacts with a flinching howl. Each competitor now begins trading off knife edge chops back and forth and each piercing shot the crowd enthusiastically reacts to. Each woman’s chest is now glowing red from the multiple chops but neither seem to let up. Finally, Kimitsu ducks under a chop and hooks Annie up and slams her into the turnbuckles with an exploder suplex! Kimitsu tried to work fast and picks Annie up and sets her on the top rope. Kimi sluggishly begins ascending the turnbuckle and appears to be setting up a superplex, but Zellor fights it off with haymakers to the rib cage. Annie fires off several more and has Kimi aborting her setup, and Annie kisses her Fist and rocks Zombie with a straight right hook! Zombie gets stunned and like a lumbering tree, she freefalls back down to the canvas. Annie wobbles around looking dazed in her own right, and then follows suit and free falls down to the canvas, landing on top of Zombie for a pinfall attempt! The referee slides in for the count!]


… One!


… Two!


… Thre—Kick out!


Dante Reed - This is absolutely incredible! Both of these competitors have completely exhausted themselves, giving everything they have, and yet they still find someway to keep fighting!


Sebastian Riggs - These women are running on fumes at this point, Dante. Neither one of them are willing to give up, but I can’t possibly imagine either lasting much longer.


[The crowd explodes as Zombie kicks out of the pinfall attempt and both competitors lie motionless on the mat while the crowd tries to amp them up. Annie is first to scurry to her feet and struggles to pick up Kimitsu. Both competitors are stumbling on their feet, but then Annie begins throwing a flurry of shoot kicks to the body. Kimi tries to block each shot but can’t keep up, so instead she takes matters in her own hands and begins throwing shotei shots to Annie’s face. Annie is now on the defensive and tries to parry the open palm strikes, while Kimitsu comes in with a winding haymaker. Zellor ducks it and grabs Kimi from behind in a waist lock. Zombie tries to break free, but then Annie changes levels and cops a feel on Zombie! Annie bridges back for a boobplex! But Kimi lands on her feet! Annie starts to celebrate with her back towards Kimi, and Kimi reaches under and bridges back and slams Annie with a vagplex!]


Dante Reed - Are you kidding me?! Kimitsu Zombie landed on her feet after the boobsplex and took Annie for a ride with a ball — uhh… What would you call that?


Sebastian Riggs - A pussplex, Dante! She grabbed her by the pu—


Dante Reed - Aye! Aye! Easy now, Bas! You can’t go talking like that! Who do you think you are, the President?


[Kimitsu pops straight up to her feet and looks off into the crowd with a maniacal stare. She directs her attention to Annie who’s struggling off the mat, and throws a thumbs down gesture, signaling the end. Kimi springs off the ropes and comes crashing down with an axe kick to the back of Zellor’s head. Like a rag doll, Annie plummets to the mat. Kimitsu doesn’t go for the cover, instead she bounces off the ropes again, and for a second time she rocks Annie with an axe kick to the back of the head.]


Dante Reed - Not one, but two Bonzai God Kicks! This one is over, Bas. There is no way Annie can fight through this.


Sebastian Riggs - Kimitsu isn’t taking any chances here. She put the nail in the coffin with a sledgehammer! And now she’s finally hooking the leg for the cover! This is it!


… One!


… Two!


… Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, AND STILL Union Battleground Trench War Champion, “Little Yokai” Kimitsu Zombie!


[The bell sounds and Kimitsu immediately rises to her feet to celebrate her victory. With arms raised high in the air, the referee wraps the Trench War Championship around her waist and clips it together for her.]


Dante Reed - She’s done it! Kimitsu Zombie retains here tonight in her first pay-per-view defense against a more than worthy opponent in Annie Zellor.


Sebastian Riggs - Both of these women gave everything they had, and it looked like this could have swung either way. Annie Zellor stepped up to the challenge when no one else would, and nearly overcame The Little Yokai.


[While Kimitsu continues to celebrate, Annie struggles to get upright as she’s visibly shaken, dazed, and confused. Kimitsu walks over to Annie and helps her up to her feet and stretches out her hand towards Annie. The HKW representative stares awkwardly at the gesture before finally accepting the handshake and the two take a bow to the cheering fans.]


Dante Reed - What a great display of respect there. Both of these women have it their all and they recognized the drive each one has.


Sebastian Riggs - There’s no question these two fought their asses off tonight. And it’s great to see some sportsmanship in this day and age.


Dante Reed - Folks don’t go anywhere, coming up next we have the Battalion Championships in the line as Viduus Morta takes on The Outliers!


[The scene fades in to the locker room of Alyssa Daniels. She sits on the bench, rubbing her hands together. She appears nervous as she ponders the night ahead of her. Her eyes seem to flick back and forth as she thinks. A sudden knock at the door snaps her out of her trance and she jumps in her seat.]


Alyssa Daniels - Yeah?


Voice - Ms. Daniels, I’ve got someone here to see you.


[Alyssa jumps up and hurries to the door. She opens it cautiously. On the other side, a member of Union Battleground Security stands with an excited young lady, not much younger than Alyssa. She’s grinning widely enough that it makes your cheeks hurt just seeing it.]


Security - This is--


Alyssa Daniels - Lizzie!


[Lizzie Bennett, Alyssa’s step sister, hurries forward excitedly. Security reaches an arm out late to stop her and misses. She embraces Alyssa tightly. Alyssa returns the embrace with an equal measure of enthusiasm. The member of security opens his mouth to make a statement but closes it. He just smiles, nods, and walks away as the situation is clearly under control and welcomed. Alyssa guides Lizzie into the room and closes the door.]


Alyssa Daniels - I didn’t know you were coming!


Lizzie Bennett - I know! Mom wanted it to be a surprise! But I wanted to see you before your big night, see how you’re doing.


[Alyssa shivers involuntarily but quickly attempts to cover it.]


Alyssa Daniels - Oh, I’m fine.


Lizzie Bennett - Then why did you shiver?


Alyssa Daniels - Just a little cold in here.


[Lizzie quirks an eyebrow.]


Lizzie Bennett - It’s pretty warm in here. And besides, you like the cold! You always kept turning the thermostat down to sixty-five, no matter how many times you got yelled at.


[Alyssa sighs.]


Alyssa Daniels - I’m nervous. This is a big night. My first opportunity at a championship, an opportunity to get the chance to headline Union Battleground’s biggest show, possibly a chance to get revenge on…


[She trails off, clearly not wanting to burden Lizzie with her war against Salvation.]


Alyssa Daniels - It’s just a night full of opportunity.


Lizzie Bennett - You’ll do great! You always do. I mean, you’re practically undefeated here!


Alyssa Daniels - Almost.


[Her tone comes out a little rougher than intended. Lizzie grimaces.]


Lizzie Bennett - There was once, and the person that beat you was undefeated too, so you can’t really be blamed for that, right?


[Alyssa smiles at Lizzie.]


Alyssa Daniels - You know Elena is undefeated too, right?


[Lizzie waves a hand dismissively.]


Lizzie Bennett - For, like, the next half hour.


[Alyssa barks out a laugh.]


Alyssa Daniels - Well, thank you for the vote of confidence. If I can pull it off, she isn’t gonna make it easy.


Lizzie Bennett - Then you have to go fight in Guerrilla Warfare.


[Alyssa takes a deep breath and lets it out slow.]


Alyssa Daniels - I know. Elena’s more than enough for anybody in one night, but there’s no way I’m gonna call it quits on an opportunity like that because I’m ‘too tired’ or ‘too beat up.’ It’s what I have to do.


Lizzie Bennett - And you’ll do it. You always have. When we were kids, you never gave up on your sports events because you were tired or sore. You’re built for this.


[Alyssa looks Lizzie in the eyes. Lizzie smiles softly. Alyssa’s eyes begin to shine just a bit brighter as she turns away.]


Alyssa Daniels - Thank you, little sis. I hope I make you proud out there.


[The scene fades.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Battalion Championships! Introducing first, the challengers, they are the team of Sawtooth Grin and HeWhoCorrupts, The Outliers!




[In that instant, a lone spotlight catches The Outliers cutting through the haze of fog and echo. They’re submerged in blue and red light, more shadow than flesh. They pause to raise theor arms, exuding a playful menace. They continue to prowl toward the ring, wading through the sea of people and patting them on the back.]


Dante Reed - I’m not going to sit here and lie, The Outliers looks naked without those Battalion straps, Bas.


Sebastian Riggs - I know what you’re saying, Dante. These guys have held tag team gold everywhere they have been. Tonight they look to regain those titles and they look like they’re focused as ever.


[One by one, The Outliers hop over the fence and roll into the ring. They circle along the ropes with an ominous eye-of-the-storm calm until Sawtooth Grin starts contorting his rail-thin body into a series of strange, unnerving positions--his spindly silhouette seems downright inhuman. Hewhocorrupts is twisting and twitching in front of the digital images, his bony shoulders undulating in the shadows, creeping out of the dark. By the end, they're entangled around the ring post like a pair of raw nerves and coursing with current like a frayed wire. The Outliers stare into the camera with the focus of a dagger plowing its way through thick heavy walls. The Kubrick stare. A look known to sour wells and make women barren. A look that would burn right through you. Gasoline rainbows and road flares.]


Mike Dempsey - And their opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 195 pounds, from unknown origins, he is the reigning, defending, undisputed, sole Battalion Champion, Viduus Morta!


["Cry Little Sister begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire in a falling dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.]







[The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely looking left and right scanning the crowd with one Battalion Title wrapped around his torso, and the other over his shoulder. He opens his trench coat for the crowd to see and boo as the titles are fully revealed. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.]







[Viduus slithers under the bottom rope to the center of the ring and licks his title as he remains crouched like a praying mantis looking out at the crowd. Viduus rises slowly and tilts his head left inquisitively like a curious dog as the lights come back on.]


Dante Reed - If there ever a man that could carry a team Championship on his own, it would be Viduus Morta!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t believe what we’re about to witness, Morta single-handily defending the Battalion Championships against one of the most dominate teams in the industry. I honestly can’t decide who has the advantage. Morta is a warrior and would love nothing more than to successfully walk out with those belts.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, both teams, if you will, are now squared away in their respective corners, and it looks like we will have Morta and Grin starting this one off. The official is checking off with each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match up is underway!




[Viduus Morta glares forward, staring down the Outliers as Sawtooth Grin is the first one to enter into the ring of the duo, wiping his mouth and smirking. Viduus doesn’t look overly afraid of facing these odds on his own, and as soon as Sawtooth lowers his arms he charges, driving his shoulder into Grin’s stomach driving him into the turnbuckle as he continues to charge directly into his stomach. The ref tries to tear them away from each other, but Viduus simply shoves the ref aside, throwing in harder and harder shoulder tackles before stepping back and delivering a knife edge chop directly to Grin’s chest. Grin cries out in agony, falling to the bottom turnbuckle with a pained thud before looking up at Viduus, who is running to the opposite side of the ring. He waits at his turnbuckle corner, glowering down at Grin before charging, sliding into him with a running clothesline into the bottom turnbuckle as Grin screams out in agony before being dragged towards the center of the ring, away from Hewhocorrupts. Viduus quickly mounts Grin, throwing heavy handed hammer fist punches to the jaw and side of Grin’s head before Grin can throw him off, rolling away from him with a groan of pain. Viduus is quick to rise to his feet, breathing out rapidly before charging and delivering a soccer kick to the stomach of Grin, causing him to let out another very vocal groan of agony. Viduus backs up again, running in for a second kick, only to have it be caught by Grin, who starts to rise up to his feet, holding the leg of Viduus before whipping him forward, throwing him face first into the mat, giving them separation at last. Grin is quick to respond to this advantage, leaping onto the back of Viduus and wrapping his arms around the neck, locking in a sit out sleeper hold as he tries to catch his breath. Viduus throws his arms up, trying to throw in an elbow against Grin before finally throwing an elbow hard enough to throw him off. Grin grunts, holding his chest before slowly rising up to his feet as he clutched his chest. Viduus rose up to his feet, breathing heavily before motioning for Grin to stand up. Grin stands, but as Viduus moves to attack he shoots backwards tagging in Hewhocorrupts.]


Dante Reed - Viduus Morta showing his scary deceptive strength against Sawtooth Grin.


Sebastian Riggs - Grin looked like he was caught off guard, but was able to make the tag. ‘Crupts fights like he’s shot out of a cannon, lets see how he fares with the Salvation member.


[Hewhocorrupts races forward, delivering a hard clothesline to the throat of Viduus, who thuds against the ground harshly. Hewhocorrupts turns, with a smirk on his face before reeling back as Viduus slowly rises up to his feet. HWC glares before bouncing off the ropes delivering what...is supposed to be a discus clothesline. It would be rather insulting to Discus Clothesline’s to call it that to its face, but that is technically what it is. Viduus ducks the strike rebounding off the ropes himself and as HWC turns, Viduus fires back, blasting him with a running forearm smash as he pushes against the ropes. He hangs himself up on the ropes, staring at the audience with a grin on his face before looking down at HWC. Viduus spits on HWC’s body before lifting him up, throwing a knife edge chop into his chest. HWC responds with a chop of his own, which causes Viduus to simply laugh in response as he delivers a chop back to HWC. HWC winces before growls in his face, delivering another chop, which Viduus responds with another chop. HWC glares at his eyes before delivering a hard forearm into the jaw of Viduus. Viduus winces before throwing a hard forearm into the jaw of HWC. HWC backs up, before shooting forward and delivering a hard elbow into the jaw of Viduus. Viduus drops to a knee before throwing a punch to the stomach of HWC. HWC grunts, before throwing a hard knee into the jaws of Viduus, which fully forces him to drop to the ground. HWC pants, shaking his head before tagging in Grin as Grin rushes towards the downed Viduus, dragging him up to his feet and throwing him into the corner, delivering a few heavy handed strikes before following up with a hard headbutt.]


Dante Reed - Viduus has been wounded and The Outliers look to take full advantage of the situation.


Sebastian Riggs - They’re going to have to keep the pressure on him, Dante. Any bit of wiggle room and Viduus could unleash.


[Sawtooth laughed to himself, throwing a hard punch to the skull and moving to go for one other punch, but Viduus seemingly awakens, throwing a hard strike once again to the jaw of Grin. Grin winced backing away from Viduus, who responded by trying to charge forward, only to be stopped by HWC gripping hold of his hair and dragging him to the ground. Grin wiped his jaw, clearing it of blood that had formed on it before starting to stomp on Viduus. Viduus tried pulling away, only for HWC to drop down on the floor, throwing strikes at Viduus to keep him inside the ring. Grin backs away before running forward, dropkicking Viduus out of the ring completely, as HWC nods, seemingly understanding what the two are going for. The Outliers climb back into the ring, moving to go to the top rope, aiming for the Eraserhead. Viduus starts to rise to his feet, though he’s still kneeling down. The Outliers nod before springboarding off the top rope, only for HWC to be caught with a chairshot to the stomach, dropping him to the ground as Grin moves directly past Viduus, thudding against the ground with a harsh splat. Viduus drops down, grabbing hold of Grin and throwing him into the ring slowly.]


Dante Reed - The Outliers tried to end it right here but Viduus snuffed them out!


Sebastian Riggs - Morta’s in-ring awareness is amazing. It’s like he has a sixth sense and can keep one step ahead.


[Viduus grunted trying to get Grin back to his feet before shaking his head as he simply planted a hard knee to the jaw of Grin, watching his head roll backwards. Viduus reached down, picking him up fully this time and whipping him into the ropes. Viduus runs the ropes on the other side, going for the Soul Reaper, only to be stopped by a swift boot to the stomach by Grin, who rebounded back faster than anticipated. Grin quickly follows that up with a stunner, planting him with the Thumbsucker. He slides into the cover, nodding to the referee as he hooked both legs.]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Are you kidding me?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone kick out of the Thumbsucker!


Sebastian Riggs - This is not good for The Outliers, Dante. Viduus feeds off of pain and torment. He’s only growing stronger with each shot!


[Viduus manages to kick out, forcibly which shocks Grin as he rises to his feet. He glares down at him, before throwing multiple strikes to his face, screaming to the sky before pointing to the corner as HWC dragged himself up, offering his hand for a tag. Grin moved forward, quickly tagging in HWC, who slid into the ring with a groan as he held his back. He drew into the ring, as Viduus tried struggling up to his feet, only for him to be grabbed in a powerbomb held double arm chicken wing. HWC yelled to the crowd before pulling him up for the Ganso bomb, and planting him to the ground with the Disasterpeace! Quick cover as well!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - What?! Viduus Morta just kicked out of the Disasterpeace! I don’t believe it! Is there anything that can stop this man?!


Sebastian Riggs - Dante, he’s proving it right now that’s he’s not a mere man! He’s a living nightmare and The Outliers can’t wake up!


[Viduus kicks out of this as well! HWC glared down towards him, grabbing him by the hair and screaming, “Why?! Why don’t you stop?! Why don’t you give up?!” Viduus spits into HWC’s face, infuriating the man before HWC throws his head against the mat. With a sigh he pointed to Grin, aiming up to the top rope as he himself scales the ropes as well. Viduus seems to know what is coming but shakes his head anyway, his body shaking as he starts to rise up. The crowd is on their feet as Viduus rises up, holding a middle finger to both Oddfellows before they both leave the top turnbuckles, delivering the Eraserhead double dropkick to the skull of Viduus, both stars clamoring on top of him for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here are your winners, AND NEW Union Battleground Battalion Champions, The Outliers!


Dante Reed - I don’t believe it! Finally The Outliers were able to topple the otherworldly beast and reclaim their Battalion Beauties!


Sebastian Riggs - Viduus Morta took an incredible amount of punishment that would wipe out a small country. I thought he was going to pull it off, but The Outliers kept the pressure on him and showed why they are one of today’s greatest tag teams in this sport!


Dante Reed - Folks, while we pick apart the destruction we just witnessed, we have to take a short station identification break. When we return, we have the fatal fourway match to determine the new War Horse Champion. It’s Josie Pleasure, Elena DeDraca, Joe Stanton, and Alyssa Daniels, next! Stay tuned!


[We cut backstage to find Elena DeDraca keeping to herself walking down one of the many hallways as she seems to feel a presence. An annoying presence. Union’s own Savannah Skye pops up next to her with a live mic in hand.]


Savannah Skye - Um...Hi...Elena?


[Elena turned around in a lazy manner. Welcomed by a cheeky blonde with a microphone in her hand.]


Elena DeDraca - Yeah?


Savannah Skye - Well I just wanted to get your thoughts on your match tonight. Especially since you’ve already faced and defeated two of them in Josie Pleasure and Joe Stanton. Do you think it’s fair they are in this Fatal Fourway with you and Alyssa Daniels?


[For a long moment nothing happened. Elena looked at the girl, it was some sort of a dirty look. Observing so to speak. She brushed her fingers through her hair, grinning.]


Elena DeDraca - Honey, you sure you are competent enough for that job? Like doing research and all that? They are in the match, because those are the rules. They all three been awarded with one of the Medallions -- just like myself. So they probably done something right before facing me. I am a bitch, but not that kind. They deserve their spot. Just too bad it won’t get them their desired piece of the cake. I could be highly offended in the way Josie and Joe presented themselves after failing -- but I got the bigger picture in mind. Which means, myself and three people will battle for a big prize. And I will take it home.


Savannah Skye - Josie Pleasure seems to be very dismissive over your very public battles as of late, talking about how she knows pain. Do you believe that to be a mistake on her part?


[The previously displayed grin faded quickly.]


Elena DeDraca - My public battles? You mean the things I never wanted to be public but you have zero chance to avoid them when you have a certain fame? I gotta be clear what we’re talking about, dear. You mean my divorce? Or the fact I have been in a deathmatch versus my brother? Or was it me giving up an undefeated streak and title? In the end it really doesn’t matter. Miss Pleasure can toot her own horn as much as she wishes, doesn’t make a difference. The truth is, she doesn’t know me or what I have been through. And obviously has not paid any attention. Pain has been my fuel for the past 29 years. I have been through hell and back. I lived in the dirt and had literally no food for weeks. But none of this broke me. I am standing tall and having the success this young dumbo wishes for. One word of advice though, if you wanna expose me -- dig harder.


Savannah Skye - Your strength and tenacity as well as your battles are well documented but out of your three opponents who, if any, do you believe can rival that kind of past?


Elena DeDraca - Rival? I highly doubt that this is a contest about who ate more shit, Sav. And I really don’t care about their past or future. It is about the here and now. And if we are honest with each other -- we are our own worst enemies. I have doubted myself half my life till I found the one thing I am good at. Wrestling. I have been in the ring with some of the best competitors. I have defeated as many as I possibly could. So empty threats and half hearted screams for help will not make me change my ways. Josie can wiggle her butt. Joe can pretend he is into this fully, when we all saw him not giving a rats ass. And Aly Pooh? She can try to drive down the mysterious path. Sugar, I done that for decades. And honestly, I done it better and still do till that very day.


Savannah Skye - You have had a storied career and I don’t want to have you look past this match but, should you win the War Horse Championship, do you have eyes on contenders or anyone in Union who has impressed you?


[Elena let out a sarcastic laughter. She licked over her lips in a seductive manner, thinking.]


Elena DeDraca - You know winning this title will give me a lot of opportunities. Number one, keep it for a good while and defend it. Which sounds like fun. But the holder of the War Horse Title also is granted the chance to challenge for the Trench War Championship. Can you imagine? Elena DeDraca versus Kimitsu Zombie? The big seller. And yeah I am highly confident she will retain her title for some time, sue me. I am known for making smart decisions, right? So let’s see how that title feels around my waist and go from there. I have proven myself every single time I step out there and tonight will be no different. You are welcome.


[Elena laughed to herself and gave a small wink before pulling down on the bottom of her leather jacket straightening it out, turning on her heels as the camera focuses in on the Fist of Hydra.]


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a fatal four-way match for the Union Battleground War Horse Championship!







[There are some cheers when the curtain is flung back and a dour, yet supremely confident Elena DeDraca makes her way onto the stage.]


Mike Dempsey - Introducing first, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 130 pounds, from London, England, representing Steel Bones Wrestling, she is “The Fist of Hydra” Elena DeDraca!


[As the fog begins to clear and the lights pulsate in tune to the music, Elena looks to her left, and then to her right as she absorbs the general atmosphere she is receiving. The pale queen nods, and she appears to smile while she makes her way down the ramp.]


[Several hands reach out for Elena's acknowledgement as she heads toward the ring, however she coldly ignores each and every one of them. Once at ringside, she leaps up onto the apron and there are some boo’s as she throws up a hand and points at the crowd, before she elegantly steps between the top and middle rope. She simply throws back her head and laughs at the referee's suggestion of a weapon check. As her theme music slowly fades out, Lady DeDraca throws up her taunt once more and then she confidently stares daggers down the entranceway, awaiting her opponents.]


Dante Reed - The Fist of Hydra herself, Elena Dedraca coming out first for this War Horse Championship match. And you can imagine the level of confidence that she has pushing through her system as she strides to that ring.


Sebastian Riggs - She is a technical...dare I say, Artist in the ring. There aren’t too many that one could go toe-to-toe with someone like her. She’s one of the biggest threats in Union, and is the person that has to be looked out for the most.









[The thumping of the song and the darkening of the house lights cue the fans to put their hands together, clapping along with the tune as a blinding stage light creates a massive glare that blinds those in attendance and at home watching. When the stage light dims and some spotlights cast on the stage, Joe Stanton is there standing with his signature pair of sunglasses on. He looks out at the fans and he pumps his fist a few times in rhythm with the song before he heads for the ring and enters it quickly. Throwing his jacket to the side, Joe circles the ring pointing to the fans in attendance before he shadow boxes in his corner, waiting for the tune to end.]


Mike Dempsey - Introducing next, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 235 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is “The One Punch Man” Joe Stanton!


Dante Reed - If there is a single person who represents the fighting spirit and pride, it has to be this man. Joe Stanton.


Sebastian Riggs - I completely agree with you there, Dante. Joe has gone through several layers of hell to get to where he is, and now he is a step closer. But that step has a lot of roadblocks in its way, so does the Scarlett Speedster have the ability to make it through this?






[Josie steps onto the stage as she grinds her hips from side to side, slowly working her hands up the sides of her body then throws them up into the air displaying metal signs. She flashes a twisted smile as she strolls down the ramp never taking her eyes off the ring that lies before her. Once there, she rolls inside pulling herself to the center and arching her back in what is known in yoga as an upward facing dog. Pushing her ample breasts outward and throwing her head back in what can only described as orgasmic fashion. Making the men in the audience shout with catcalls and whistles.]


Mike Dempsey - Introducing next, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 120 pounds, from Detroit, Michigan, she is “The Psycho Bitch” Josie Pleasure!


Sebastian Riggs - If we are going to call Joe the representation of fighting spirit and pride, I don’t think we are allowed to say on syndicated television what Josie represents.


Dante Reed - She’s a succubus. A demoness. The veritable spawn of Lilith. A hardcore wrestler and someone who isn’t afraid of doing whatever it takes in the ring. So in short, she’s a perfect fit to be a champion. It’s just a matter of outlasting through her opponents tonight. And speaking of that, we have one more person to go.







[The lights dim as 'I Am The Fire' by Halestorm plays throughout the arena. Magenta spotlights spin through the crowd with the rhythm of the music. Alyssa Daniels steps out onto the ramp to roaring cheers from the crowd! She smiles and waves in appreciation of their adoration. Her eyes then lock on the ring as her demeanor changes from pleased and happy to intense and focused. She marches down the ramp and leaps up onto the apron then over the top rope displaying her quickness and agility. She then climbs the turnbuckle as the chorus hits, pumping her fist to the words.]




[The crowd sings along with Alyssa to the rhythm of her pumping fist. She hops down from the turnbuckle and pulls the top rope to stretch in preparation for the coming match.]


Mike Dempsey - And finally, standing 5’8” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she is “The Heart of Infinity” Alyssa Daniels!


Dante Reed - If the roar of this crowd is any indication, it’s proof positive of just how much the fans love Alyssa Daniels! She has burrowed into their hearts and is so loved and respected by them, that you can hear it in the way they cheer.


Sebastian Riggs - Love and respect is one thing, but you have to prove that you can outlast your opponents. Alyssa has proved countless times that she is a match for anyone she faces off against, she just has to prove that she can go toe-to-toe with three of them here tonight. So, let’s see if she can manage that.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we’ve got all four fighters squared away in their corners. Each one of the them brings something different to the table; DeDraca with her methodical and technical approach, Stanton with his sheer size and brute strength, Pleasure with her hardcore prowess, and Daniels with her death defying high flying abilities. It’s sure to be an epic bout, no doubt about it. Our referee for this bout is “Squeaky Clean” Franklin Dean. If you remember from the beginning of season one during the Union Battleground Championship Tournament, he actually disqualified Nigel Crane during his bout with Crowbar, and as a result Axel Graves suspended Dean indefinitely!


Sebastian Riggs - Graves is a man that loves violence and will allow pretty much anything except any outside interference. I’m sure ol’ Franky boy will let things slide here in this one.


Dante Reed - Dean is now checking off with each competitor one last time and he is calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The four competitors stare at one another, each trying to jockey to a better position. Josie is the first to move, quickly rushing for Joe Stanton and forcing him into the corner as she starts to deliver a barrage of punches to the midsection. Joe shoves her back, but Pleasure only rolls through the shove and rushes straight back to him, running into his lifted knees as she falls to the mat. Alyssa has been watching the affair which causes her to be caught off guard as Elena DeDraca quickly rushes her from the side, delivering a hard forearm to the jaw which sends her into the ropes. Alyssa rebounds back however, delivering a forearm of her own which sends Elena to the ground. Elena rolls up to her feet smirking at Alyssa before the two lock up in a collar elbow tie up.]


Dante Reed - And immediate action from these four competitors, none of them really finding an advantage early, but seemingly testing the strengths of one another.


Sebastian Riggs - I’ll give a strength advantage to Joe Stanton though. Truly, all he needs is one good right hand and that is the playing field leveled out hugely in his favor. But if Elena gets any of them tied up, well...there goes any advantage.


[Joe quickly finds himself in the advantage, striking at Elena from behind, and delivering a hard punch to her kidney. As she doubles over, he and Alyssa exchange a nod before throwing Elena’s arms over their shoulder, lifting her straight up into the air for a suplex. Elena starts to struggle to get out, but before the move can even be delivered Josie Pleasure appears out of nowhere, leaping from the outside using a springboard spear, and driving her shoulders into both Joe and Alyssa, sending all three into the ground and suplexing Elena. Josie quickly rolls to her knees, laughing maniacally to herself and licking her lips before crawling on top of Alyssa. She slides over her, placing a finger on her mouth before throwing heavy handed right hands into her forehead, delivering a series of punches until she has seemingly had enough. She rolls over, rolling on top of Joe Stanton and quickly throws the same punches. She pauses on the seventh strike, reeling her arm back higher before driving the point of her elbow into his skull. She continues to throw these hard elbows, until eventually Joe is busted open from it.]


Sebastian Riggs - Jesus! Listen to those strikes. Josie Pleasure fully opening up Joe Stanton here, and she doesn’t look like she’s stopping.


Dante Reed - She wants to make sure that he’s out of this fight permanently. And she’s done a good job of that. But she’s too busy focusing on one person at a time. She needs to start worrying about hurting the other ones.


[Josie slowly slides off of Joe, turning to look at the standing Elena, who is still struggling to her feet. Josie shakes her head rushing her and clotheslining her out of the ring. Elena hangs on to the rope however, and Josie sighs grabbing hold of Elena. Elena fights out of the grasp and swings her body up, connecting with a hard kick to the skull of Josie. Josie backs up as Elena reels back, ready to dive through the ropes but is caught with a hard kick to the skull by Josie. Elena simply hangs half her body inside the ring as Josie looks around. That twisted smirk appears on her face once again and she looks at the dazed Elena before backing up. She runs the ropes, leaping over Elena and hooking onto her stomach, flipping over her for a sunset flip powerbomb!]


Dante Reed - This isn’t going to be good! This isn’t going to be good!!


Sebastian Riggs - Except! Except! Elena isn’t going down! Elena isn’t going down! Elena waking up, just quick enough to hang on to the ropes. Josie is struggling to pull her down and Elena is just fighting her at every turn! Wait! Wait! Josie pulling her away from the ropes a bit!


[Josie yanks her away from the ropes, but Elena hangs on as hard as she can. Josie tugs one last time before fully pulling her away from the ropes, raising her up in the air in the powerbomb position. Elena however twists her body, wrapping a leg underneath her throat and catching her right arm. Josie, reeling in pain backs up, allowing Elena to lean on the ropes for support in her modified armbar. As Josie struggles in the position the crowd comes to life as Alyssa slowly rises up to her feet, looking over at the two wrestlers stacked on top of each other on the outside. She looks back and forth, checking out the slowly rising Stanton, who is wiping blood from his face, and shrugs her shoulders before running the ropes herself. She clears the middle rope, catching Elena’s neck on the way out and delivering a bulldog to Elena on the outside, dropping Josie along the way. She kips up to her feet, screaming to the crowd before pausing as she holds her hip in pain.]


Dante Reed - What a sensational move by Alyssa!!! A high flying move that payed off in dividends as she has taken out two competitors with that one strike! And you can see Alyssa is still raring to go as Joe just looks out at her in shock.


Sebastian Riggs - Yeah, it may have paid off, but it’s not looking good for her right now either. Look at how she’s holding her hips like that. That fall on the outside isn’t going to do her many favors. And you can see her struggling to get into the ring as well. This doesn’t bode well.


[Alyssa groans as she slides into the ring, Joe standing back to allow her inside before moving forward and helping her stand up. Alyssa looks at him with a roll of her eyes before accepting the help. Stanton backed up, running his hand along the bloodied side of his head before clapping his hands together. The crowd quickly began to clap as well as Stanton raised his arms, looking for a test of strength. Alyssa responded in kind, grappling with Stanton as the two try to jockey for position. Stanton quickly takes advantage, yanking Alyssa forward and wrapping her in a headlock. Alyssa starts to fight forward, pushing him against the ropes and trying to throw him off before Stanton latches on a bit harder keeping the headlock on before twisting forward, harshly throwing Alyssa down with a judo toss and keeping the headlock applied. He released one arm raising his right hand up high before throwing hammer fist punches into the top of her head. Alyssa tries to pull away but Joe keeps his hold tight, throwing two more strikes before returning to the headlock quickly. He slowly lifts himself up, bringing her with him before whipping her into the ropes. She rebounds off, running directly into an STO by Stanton, drilling her into the canvas before spinning into a cover!]


Dante Reed - Quick cover! Quick cover!!!


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - However I’m more stunned by that quick comeback from Stanton. He was busted and bloodied up before all of this, so you would think that he’d be out of this one. But nope, he’s still in this.


[Stanton groaned, shaking his head and trying to wipe the blood from his eyes as he started to drag Alyssa up to her feet. He lifted up her arms, wrapping his arms around her stomach as the audience quickly loses their mind. He paused for a millisecond before lifting her up, hoping to deliver a belly to belly before Alyssa threw a forearm into his skull. He let go for an instant and she quickly threw another forearm into his skull, hoping to fully break the hold. He paused for a moment before quickly lifting her back up, delivering the first belly to belly suplex to a thunderous roar from the crowd. He rolled through it, lifting her back up to deliver a second belly to belly suplex. He struggled, slowly trying to lift her up for the third hit.]


Dante Reed - Stanton!!! Stanton looking to hit the Rock and Roll Express!!! Alyssa is nearly out of it, and looks pretty close to being done with. Wait!!! Wait!!! Josie Pleasure!!! Josie Pleasure!!! Josie Pleasure from behind with Precious!!! That glass and nail studded bat!!! And...strikes Stanton from behind with it!!! Jesus, listen to the thwack of that bat!


[Josie smirks as she twists and pulls the bat from out of the Stanton’s back. Stanton slowly lets go of Alyssa, writhing in agony as Josie quickly delivered a hard boot into Stanton’s stomach. He grimaced before Josie lifted his head up using the bat before raising it up and bringing it down on top of his head! Stanton thudded against the ground, blood pouring from the open wounds on his head and back as Josie laughed listening to the jeering boo of the crowd. She lifted her foot up, planting her boot on the back of Stanton’s head. She removed her boot with a smirk, reaching down and grasping at Stanton’s hair, pulling him up and laughing with a twisted smirk on her face. She ran her tongue over the blood soaked forehead of Stanton before placing him against the turnbuckle. She slowly lifted him up, placing him on the top turnbuckle before climbing up to the top herself. She grabbed hold of his arms, cocking them onto his back in a hammerlock as she tucked his head between her legs. She started to lift him up, trying to pull him off, trying to pull him in for the Psycho Drop. She keeps trying to fight for it as Stanton starts to come to, struggling.]


Dante Reed - This isn’t good for Stanton. Not in the slightest. Josie has that hold locked in as tight as she could. Wait! Wait! Elena DeDraca!!! Elena is back in this fight. And giving hard clubbing blows to Josie’s back.


Sebastian Riggs - There’s another clubbing blow by Elena, and Josie has to release her hold of Stanton. Elena taking hold of Josie’s hips and pulling her off the top rope!!! German suplex!!! German suplex!!!


[Josie grimaces, finding herself drilled into the ground by Elena as she rises up to her feet, staggered and confused. Elena backed away a step before rushing forward delivering a huge front dropkick, sending Josie straight out of the ring and plummeting to the floor.]


Dante Reed - GSTQ!!! GSTQ!!! Front Dropkick from Elena that just sent out Josie Pleasure! What a move by Elena!!!


[Elena doesn’t have the time to celebrate. As soon as she turns around to continue the fight, Alyssa Daniels rushes straight up to her. With a boost of momentum in her body, she leaped into the air, delivering a hard Superman Punch to Elena Dedraca, sending her hard into the ropes and back to the ground with a thud. Alyssa shuddered, looking around the ring before turning to face Joe Stanton, who was starting to push himself off the top turnbuckle. Alyssa staggered to the backwards turned stanton. Until...]


Sebastian Riggs - Flash kick! Flash kick! Somersault kick by Joe Stanton, and that has dropped Alyssa Daniels. It’s all Joe now. It’s all Joe!!! Joe slowly pulling Alyssa back to her feet. Just one more. Just one more move to go! And we know what that move is going to be!


[Joe Stanton pulled his fist back before throwing his right hand out, slamming his fist under the jaw of Alyssa, delivering a heavy handed Shoryuken, though he falls to the ground as well as soon as he finishes the move. The crowd is in stunned silence as Joe Stanton tries to drag his blood soaked body forward for a pin. He shuddered, trying to pull himself up to cover Alyssa.]


Sebastian Riggs - Joe has it! Joe has it! Just go for the cover! REVELATION!!! REVELATION BY ELENA DEDRACA!!! Gigantic Curb Stomp to Joe Stanton and Elena falling quickly into the cover! Cover for the win!!!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!


[As the ref slams his hand down for the final three, Elena rolls off of Joe Stanton almost screaming in shock and surprise as she realizes that she has indeed won.]




Mike Dempsey - Here’s your winner, AND NEW Union Battleground War Horse Champion, “The Fist of Hydra” Elena DeDraca!


Sebastian Riggs - What a victory! What a victory for Elena! She had to outlast three other very game competitors, and pulled the victory out of nowhere, with that hard curb stomp! What a win for her!


Dante Reed - Indeed, what a win! Elena DeDraca just went through some of the strongest competitors in the Battleground, but she has emerged victorious. Now comes the hard part, retaining that title through any adversity she comes across. But until then, she gets to celebrate and dine as a queen. Welcome our new War Horse Champion!


[The rumbling of an idling vehicle echoes outside of the Red Rocks Ampitheatre as the camera pans past a few of the attendee's cars. An engine is cut, and silence -- save for the sounds of the crowd within the outdoor arena -- covers the area. The frame stops in front of a black sedan, and pauses for a second as the door opens, and from within comes a dark combat boot. As it pulls upwards and the figure accompanying the foot appears, we see that it is Finn Whelan. He looks around the parking lot for a moment as he hikes a bag up on his shoulder.]


Finn Whelan - No time like the present, eh?


[He mutters to himself, clearly, as he is alone this time. He slams the door shut, and he heads for the entry way into the side building away from the actual crowd, to where "backstage" would be tonight for the venue. About halfway to the entryway, a car's engine rumbles in the distance as its kicked on. He stops, looking in the direction of the sound.


A dark, American modeled sedan nearly peels out as they quickly exit the parking lot. Finn narrows his eyes in the direction of the vehicle not in suspicion, but in slight confusion. The show hasn't really even begun.


Nevertheless, the Seattle Saint shakes his head, and he continues on.]


Finn Whelan - It's now, or it's never. This elimination match is going to be hell, but I know that if I'm going to succeed here, I need to pave my way. I thought I had it with the King Cobra tournament, but I didn't. I need to fix it. It's all about redemption. And rising. There is no way of knowing exactly who is going to be in this match, but . . . it doesn't matter. I have to push ahead.


[The door swings open as he approaches, and Elena DeDraca pokes her head out, lifting her eyebrow.]


Elena DeDraca - There you are. I began to think you were not going to show.


[Finn shakes his head.]


Finn Whelan - Absolutely not. Why would I miss it? Have I ever missed a booking?


[Elena shrugs, and she watches as he pushes by her. She rolls her eyes.]


Elena DeDraca - No need to be snippy with me, Fuckduck.


[He turns, and he looks at his sister with a frown on his face.]


Finn Whelan - El, just keep your head on your shoulders. Stay focused.


Elena DeDraca - You too. Try to succeed tonight, will you?


[Finn shakes his head again, turning away from his sister and heading down the hallway. Elena crosses her arms across her chest and exhales as the camera fades to black.]


Alyssa Daniels


[A corridor backstage, we approach slowly, and she can feel our approach like a fire in her blood. Emery Layton, sat against a wall with her own little kit of medical stuff. On the side, a little label reads "property of A. Fenric." Next to that is her King Cobra title. She winces in pain, holding her shoulder as she looks up at us.]


Emery Layton - I'm okay. I'm okay I'm just...argghh, God...aw, man. 


[With only moments until the main event, we hear the Denver crowd loudly cheering and whooping. It's at this point, we trail off. Em notices, and the Lethal Lackeen raises her hand.]


Emery Layton - Hey, no, come here. Lemme tell you a thing, man.  


[We come back to her, going down to her level.]


Emery Layton - Got a quote for ya- ain't from no Bible or nothing, just a firey Scottish woman. Same difference. It goes like this-  


[Em clears her throat and assumes the most 'och aye the noo'-sounding Scottish accent you've ever heard.]


Emery Layton -"Hoots mon! Axel, I'm Bella from da Eggs-Double-Ya-Eeeyyy. Let me introduce ya here to this wee lass Emery Layton, she's repping ma fed for me at your place but ah see her doin' big stuff for Union down da liiiine." That's not how she sounds at all but you try doing an accent when yours is already dodgy. It's like when you try to put the battery in the wrong way. 


[She sits up.]


Emery Layton - Anyway, that was it. First night. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got the memory of a fish sometimes, but man, I remember this night. I mingled with a load of people, I got announced and people were kinda like 'eh, I don't really know her but okay' and then BOOM. In they come. They line up, one by one- Hunter Grand, Anton Chase, Tweeder, Kyoshi- Union Battleground is alive and I didn't even get no title yet, but still, everyone wants to have a little pop at this dirty, no-good Pavee. I use that phrase a lot to talk about myself, and it's only cos it's what they're all thinking. I got no business being in this ring. I'm a dirty, grotty little thing spat out of a caravan somewhere in the bit of Ireland that they don't put in the brochures. I'm an easy target. Well I been here since day one, and I think we can all agree I am anything but an 'easy target'. We're agreed on that one, yeah? Despite how I feel right now I--argghh... 


[Em winces in pain yet again, but now sitting up a little more, into a squat.]


Emery Layton - Y'know my biggest issue? I'm a people pleaser. Always my big achilies heel- I want people to be like 'oi yeah that Emery Layton's alright', it's just a thing of mine and lately I don't feel like I been doing that. Wanna new nickname? Call me Guinness right now cos I'm about to sound like a broken record- I was Trench War Champion for 404 days, but I lost it. I lost the Supreme XWA Championship, I didn't win the PARAGON Championship and I got a concussion, and dammit I didn't win Guerilla Warfare tonight, so I don't really feel like too much of a people pleaser right now, know what I mean? Every single limb is telling me to lie down right now. They're all aching, asking to go home. And it's times like this I start asking whether they're really my limbs and they're really in tune with the rest of me, cos dammit they know we can't. 


[Now, from the squat, she stands. She staggers forward. She's beaten, but there's a fire in her eyes, still burning.]


Emery Layton - I been here since Day One, you guys. Day fucking one. I have seen people come and go, I've had people try to come after me from the minute I got here but I also had people support me from the second I arrived too, and I have let them down for the very last time. I ain't letting nobody down again. On day one, I had my eyes on something and I ain't really looked at it since, but I sat back for too long now. I been fighting in the Trenches when the whole war's been right slap-bang in front of me this entire time. People butchered and nemeses made, alliances created and destroyed, right across the whole world, while I just been fighting to survive on my own. 


[Emery is positively shaking, her hands haven't stopped moving.]


Emery Layton - I am seconds from falling apart tonight. I ain't got long, but we got too many bad people fighting for something good in this place and I'm so totally done with that. The bad guys don't get to win no more. Bad people are Emery Layton's hobby, so I ain't gonna fall apart. I got a second chance, and I ain't gonna waste it. I owe to myself to do this and I owe it everyone who ever supported me to try. 


[Slowly, she bends down. We hear her back click. Like she's Arthur, reaching for the sword in the stone that made him king, Emery Layton lifts the King Cobra Championship up off the floor, holding it out and looking it up and down, looking at the light as it bounces off. She's mesmerised, looking at her own reflection in the gold. Normally jovial and maybe even a bit passive, Emery nods.]


Emery Layton - Since day one...right...


[She nods with absolute certainty and definition. Leaving her medical kit, her belongings, she turns. Emery Layton turns, and elects to ignore all of the pain, just like she always has.]


[And then, skidding down the corridor, she runs.]


[Oh, she runs.]

Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the main event of the evening! The following contest is a Slaughterhouse Match and it is for the Union Battleground Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 243 pounds, from Washington D.C., representing Tide of Blood, he is the former Union Battleground Champion, “The Butcher” Dick Devereaux!


[The lights go out as an eerie screech begins to play from the sound system, much like the classic horror movies. They get louder and louder as we begin to hear screams. Smoke fills the stage slowly before out of the smoke stumbles a masked Dick Devereaux wearing a butchers apron and a pig skin mask. In his hands is a custom made bat with saw blades attached to it. Devereaux begins to shake as he punches himself in the side of the mask. He twitches a bit before grabbing his head and shaking it as if he is being yelled at. Suddenly he grabs the sides of his head and swings his head to the ground. The lights cut to dark.]




["Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits as the lights begin to violently flash to the beat. After the first set of lyrics Devereaux emerges from the darkness as he rips off the mask and lets out a primal scream to the sky. He tosses down the mask and slams his bat off of the ground before pointing to the ring and beginning his walk down the ramp. As Devereaux gets to the ring he slides on and pops to his feet before slamming the bat into the canvas over and over again before letting out another primal scream. He lays the bat in the corner as he begins to pace back and forth, ready for the war with Nemesis.]


Dante Reed - This is the long awaited rematch! This time last year, the storied rivalry between Dick Devereaux and Nemesis officially began when Nemesis has tried diligently to recruit Devereaux as a member of Salvation, only to be swerved. Since then, it’s been a constant battle between the two men.


Sebastian Riggs - Nemesis believed that Dick Devereaux was the chosen one to lead Salvation into prominence. The Butcher has donned that famous war paint, the bloody hand print across his face, which is the same symbol of Salvation. When Devereaux declines their offer with a Pipebomb to Nemesis, that was the trigger that ignited this hatred.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 255 pounds, he is the leader of Salvation and the reigning, defending, undefeated, undisputed Union Battleground Champion, “The Alpha & Omega” Nemesis!


[The arena goes dark as the opening chords of “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie begin to surround the fans of the arena. With each audio moan on the track’s opening sequence, the arena flashes a deep dark red then as the guitar kicks in the lights slowly begin to rise to a dim setting and we see Nemesis kneeling at the top of the ramp with the Union Battleground Championship glistening around his waist, as a single red spotlight shines down on him.]







[As Rob Zombie’s voice kicks in, Nemesis raises his lowered head, outstretches his arms, raises to his feet, grabs something from beside him and then proceeds forward slowly towards the ring with the arena remaining dark and the lone red spotlight following Nemesis’ path accordingly as he stops and begins revving up what was in his hands; a chainsaw! Nemesis has even added blue designs to his face and body paint and is draped in a black, sleeveless trench coat. He walks by the fans not phased in the slightest by the cheers and chirps as he revs the chainsaw up towards fans and high up above his head. Nemesis approaches the ring steps, begins to walk up them, stops at the final step, jumps directly onto the top turnbuckle and begins letting the chainsaw rip loudly in the air while looking manically towards the crowd and any camera that catches him as smoke fills the ring. Nemesis then hops down into the ring walking directly into the center of the squared circle where he falls to both knees and again, revs the chainsaw high above his head under the red spotlight as cameras flash throughout the darkness engulfing the arena until the music stops.]


Dante Reed - The long awaited rematch between these two enemies has been the topic of discussion this entire season, Bas. When Nemesis defeated Dick Devereaux at the season one finale, Coup de Grâce, to capture the Union Battleground Championship, we wondered if and when these two would face off again.


Sebastian Riggs - If you look back at that first meeting, Nemesis set the challenge after winning Guerrilla Warfare to face Devereaux in a “7th Circle of Hell” match. A stipulation with an enormous barbed wire cage with the Title hung high above and the only way to win was to ascend a ladder to claim it was the playing field that not only had Nemesis win the top prize, but also have the debut of Viduus Morta. Since then, it’s been constant torment and a numbers game that’s favored Salvation.


Dante Reed - But tonight in this rematch, it’s on Devereaux’s terms. A slaughterhouse match where the winner must hang his opponent on a meat hook! Things are about to be gruesome here, folks. This is not for the faint of heart, so please, parental discretion is highly advised!


Sebastian Riggs - Someone is going to be coming out of this bout in a body bag!


Dante Reed - And now, our referee for this contest is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. Bruce has seen some barbaric situations, but I’m sure nothing to this magnitude. Bruce now checks off with each man one last time and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The two eternal rivals square up in the middle of the ring, both staring up at the meat hook dangling in front of them that hangs from a chain hooked to the rafters. The two men now look down back at each other and Devereaux moves in swiping at Nemesis’ legs, who quickly backs off. Devereaux now puts his hand up, challenging the Champion to a test of might. Nemesis spits in Dick’s face and as he tries to wipe it away, Nemesis moves in with a quick kick to the gut! Devereaux bends forward and Nemesis perfectly times a knee lift, square into his nose that sends Dick back and down to the mat. Nemesis wastes no time, jumps up and now drops a knee across Devereaux’s face and rolls towards the turnbuckle. In one swift motion, he jumps to the top and comes leaping off with a five-star like frog splash!]


[Nemesis stands up back up and chirps someone in the front row whose wearing a Dick Devereaux shirt. Devereaux is stunned and down on the mat at the moment. As he checks his face while lying on his back, Nemesis notices and doesn’t give him a second to breathe, getting on top of Dick with a vicious round of stomps to his chest. Devereaux finally catches Nemesis’ right boot to stop the stomps but Nemesis jumps and does a standing Enziguri to the side of Devereaux’s head as he lies on the mat! As Devereaux clutches his head, Nemesis points down to him and berates him to the Union Battleground faithful.]


Dante Reed - Nemesis isn’t holding back, Bas!


Sebastian Riggs - This rivalry goes beyond the standard norms. These guys literally want to kill each other!


[Nemesis gloats for a split second too long as Devereaux comes up from behind and low blows Nemesis and he clutches himself and falls over in agony. Dick wastes no time and begins with a flurry of kicks and then jumps onto Nemesis with a wild set of rights and lefts, hitting anywhere he can on Nemesis’ body. Devereaux now drags Nemesis over to the ropes and places him throat first on the bottom rope, he heads towards the opposite ropes, bounces off of them and comes at Nemesis jumping onto the back of his neck while sliding through the second and third rope to the outside! Nemesis’ head snaps back and he hits the mat grabbing his throat, gasping for air.]


[Devereaux heads over to his corner and grabs his baseball bat that’s been modified with four saw blades halves stick out of it near the end! The crowd goes ballistic at the sight of this murderous device. Devereaux rolls into the ring as Nemesis is using the turnbuckles as leverage to get to his feet. Nemesis turns around and Devereaux swings but Nemesis manages to duck as the saw blade bat shreds the top turnbuckle but one of the blades gets lodged into the turnbuckle ring underneath! Devereaux struggles with it for a moment but Nemesis moves in, jumps high in the air and brings Devereaux down hard with a reverse bulldog.]


Dante Reed - Devereaux just tried to give Nemesis a close shave, but he managed to evade the bat!


Sebastian Riggs - I think shit’s about to get real brutal here.


[Nemesis glances at Devereaux’s saw blade bat, still stuck in the turnbuckle and doesn’t even bother with it. Nemesis grabs Devereaux, bringing him up to his feet now and instead Irish whips Devereaux into the bat as Dick turns his back into it and tries to stop himself but the blade still cuts his back. Devereaux screams out in agony as Nemesis charges in and nails a huge running boot, driving Devereaux a little further back into the blade but also send his head snapping sideways with spit flying high. The impact ends up causing Dick to fall forward in the end and off of the blade as the blood runs out of the right side of his back from the deep gash. Nemesis is ruthless as he begins now stomping on the open wound!]


[Seeing the opportunity, Nemesis gets Dick up to hick feet picks him up and tries charging towards the meat hook looking to get it into the open wound! Devereaux throws quick and well-placed elbows to the side of Nemesis’ face and ear causing him to drop him and grab his face in pain. Dick now moves in and hits Nemesis with a massive overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Nemesis hits the mat hard and crashes into the turnbuckle due to how far Dick tossed him! Devereaux moves out of the ring again and goes under it searching for something. He comes out with barbed wire and walks over, pushing the ring announcer, Mike Dempsey, out of his chair. He takes the chair, folds it up and wraps the barbed wire around it! Nemesis is still down in the ring but starting to get up while Devereaux takes a moment to hold the barbed wire chair up for the crowd to cheer crazily for!]


Dante Reed - Dick Devereaux certainly has evil intentions with that barbed wire wrapped steel chair!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s like the hardcore, ultraviolent MacGyver! Devereaux is bleed bad and he’s looking to return the punishment!


[Dick slides into the ring, Nemesis is up and turns around, this time too dazed to dodge, walking right into a huge shot from the barbed wire chair! Devereaux lands a few more shots after Nemesis staggered back and finally he drops to the mat, his head is gushing blood! Devereaux lays the chair across Nemesis’ head, climbs to the second turnbuckle and jumps off, using his right boot to stomp the chair down into Nemesis’ head! Dick rolls after the landing, winds up across the ring and leans casually into the turnbuckle with a deadly stare in his eyes. Nemesis gets to all fours, pushing the chair off of his face and out of the ring, under the bottom rope. He gets to one knee and Devereaux runs in with a big boot of his own that takes Nemesis right back down, face first onto the mat!]


[Devereaux grabs Nemesis by the back of the head and slowly brings him back up. He points towards the meat hook and screams into Nemesis’ ear as he heads over towards it. Dick gets Nemesis into position, grabs him by the neck and leg and tries to hook Nemesis through the mouth like a fish! Nemesis uses his back heel and pays Devereaux back for his low blow earlier with one of his own! Devereaux drops Nemesis who’s trying to shake the cobwebs. Devereaux is bent over and Nemesis comes in with a running heel kick attempt that Dick manages to get out of the way. Nemesis gets up and Devereaux runs in hard, flattening the Union Battleground Champion with a Homing Missile spear that sends both men flying through the second and third ropes down to the outside and with a nasty thud onto the thin mat on top of the concrete!]


Dante Reed - And this one spills out of the ring as The Butcher takes it to the champ!


Sebastian Riggs - This is a different side of Devereaux we haven’t seen since last season. He’s unleashing that fury that made him a Union Battleground Champion!


[Devereaux picks Nemesis up and sends him into the ring post on the outside to the right of the announce table. Nemesis is slumped forward, with his back towards Devereaux and his head slightly resting against the apron. Devereaux charges in, Nemesis quickly turns and back body drops Devereaux into the ring post, directly into the open cut on his back! Devereaux is down, in bad shape and clutching his back. Nemesis comes up, slowly, turns Devereaux onto his stomach and uses his foot to step onto the wound, putting all of his weight directly onto it as Devereaux yells out in pain. Nemesis then uses Devereaux’s back wound like a springboard and leaps off of his with both feet onto the ring apron and in a flash, turns around and springboards off of it dropping both knees onto the wounds. Nemesis lands and sits up against the barricade with an evil smile on his face.]


Dante Reed - Nemesis continues to work on the back of Devereaux and it’s an excellent strategy for this match, Bas.


Sebastian Riggs - He keeps targeting that gash to prevent Devereaux the strength to try and lift him.


[Dick is down and hurting once more, his back in really bad shape. He goes to get up but is dropped right away as Nemesis quickly nails a running bicycle knee strike that takes Dick out and down to the protective mat face first. Nemesis takes a moment to catch his breath, lifts the challenger up and sends him crashing into the front of the announce table back first! Devereaux is slumped up against it, so Nemesis runs in with his own spear and Devereaux moves while using his hand to grab Nemesis by the back of the neck, using extra force to send Nemesis head first into the announce table. Dick falls to the ground, ass first and holds his back for a second, clearly still in pain as the blood runs down his back.]


Dante Reed - Neither man has gained a clear advantage so far in this bout, but both have taken a beating.


[Dick is now up and fishes under the ring again, this time though, he’s moving stuff like chairs, tables and ladders, looking for something specific. Finally he emerges with a meat cleaver in hand. He raises it up as the lights make the blade glisten causing the fans to once again go nuts.]


Dante Reed - What the hell is that?! Dick Devereaux has got a meat cleaver in hand!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t like where this is heading, Dante! We gotta put a stop to this match!


[Devereaux charges in with meat cleaver, swings and Nemesis barely moves out of the way as Dick plants the meat cleaver into the announce table causing both Sebastian Riggs and Dante Reed to jump back out of their seats!]


Sebastian Riggs - Holy shit, look out!


[Nemesis tries to take advantage of the miss but this time Devereaux is expecting it and moves out of the way of a running Nemesis causing him to hit the table stomach first. Nemesis turns around and is jumped immediately by Devereaux with a Lou Thesz Press opening up the bloody head of Nemesis that had dried up over time since the chair shots with the barbed wire bat. Dick gets up off of him and roars again to the crowd out of total anger. Dick then grabs Nemesis and tosses him into the ring. Somehow, Nemesis gets back to his feet and sends Devereaux into the turnbuckle with a front drop kick. Instead of getting up, Nemesis rolls out of the ring and falls to the outside. He grabs one of the tables Dick had pushed to the side when looking for the meat cleaver and throws it into the ring and follows back in behind it.]


[Nemesis walks over to Devereaux and stomps away for good measure to make sure he’s down for a bit. He then goes over and sets up the table not too far from the turnbuckle Dick is up against. Nemesis comes back over, turns Devereaux around and props him up on the top turnbuckle with an atomic drop like motion. Nemesis climbs up to the second rope, gets under Devereuax , setting him up in an Electric Chair Drop Position, starts falling backward and as they do, Nemesis slides Devereaux into a German Suplex through the table sending them crashing through. As both men lay on the mat the Union Battleground crowd shows their appreciation.]


Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Holy Shit! Holy Shit!


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Nemesis pulls out a modified second rope electric chair German suplex onto Devereaux through the table!


Sebastian Riggs - Incredible adaptations like that are the reason why Nemesis is the undefeated Union Battleground Champion!


[Nemesis is slowly up to his feet and stumbles over to the ropes to keep himself up. Dick is still down in the rubble of the table. Nemesis comes over and picks Dick up, putting him up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. Nemesis tosses him upwards and off his shoulders, nailing a huge knee to the head as he comes down. Devereaux rests on one knee and Nemesis moves into finish off the Enoch with the penalty kick Kinshasa but Devereaux falls forward out of exhaustion causing Nemesis to kick air.]


Dante Reed - Nemesis just tried to finish off Devereaux with The Enoch, but The Butcher, by fate or by luck, dodges the kick from pure exhaustion!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, to be honest! Devereaux is completely gassed, I don’t know if he can finish this fight!


[As Devereaux lays on his stomach trying to gain some strength and energy, Nemesis looks down, wiping the blood from his own forehead and scoffing at Dick Devereaux whose back is still leaking blood. Nemesis picks Devereaux up with his back facing Nemesis, locks him in a Cobra Clutch and suplexes him back. Nemesis keeps the Cobra Clutch locked in, brings them both back up and lands a second Cobra Clutch Suplex. Nemesis once again keeps the Cobra Clutch hold in place and gets up to complete his King Cobra Suplex but when they get up, he walks him over to line them both up with the hook looking to get Devereaux onto the meat hook when he send him backwards with the final Cobra Clutch Suplex!]


Dante Reed - Nemesis is adding insult to injury at this point, Bas, continuously suplexing Devereaux onto his severely wounded back.


[Nemesis has a huge smile on his face as he leans over and yells into Dick’s ear while he’s still in the Cobra Clutch position, “That whore was going to die after my heir was born anyways!”]


[With that, Dick’s eyes shoot open like he got a sudden spark of energy and he sends his right leg backwards, up between Nemesis legs again! Nemesis lets go of the hold and Devereaux doesn’t even look back, he reaches behind, grabs Nemesis, props him up and delivers a ridiculous “Pipebomb” Backpack Stunner that’s impact causes Nemesis to fly backwards after his head snaps back and the meat hook drives through his left back and the tip comes out of his left pectoral muscle.]




Dante Reed - Oh my god! He’s done it! Dick Devereaux is the first person to defeat Nemesis and he’s dethroned him of the Union Battleground Championship!


[Nemesis hangs from the hook unconscious as officials enter the ring to check on Dick Devereaux who’s badly beaten as well as Nemesis, while waving medical staff out to help Nemesis off of the meat hook.]


Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner…AND NEW Union Battleground Champion, “The Butcher” Dick Devereaux!


[Dick Devereaux is handed the Union Battleground Championship as he sits on the mat, up against the turnbuckle, unable to stand right now while his defeated rival Nemesis is being helped out of the ring and to the back by officials and medical staff, barely conscious bleeding from his head with a hole in his back that comes through his chest.]


Dante Reed - Dick Devereaux has slayed the dragon! No longer is Nemesis at the helm of the Battleground, this is once again The Butcher’s playground!


Sebastian Riggs - Not only has he become the first person to finally defeat Nemesis, he becomes the first two-time Union Battleground Champion, Dante. What an amazing feat to accomplish!


[Devereaux finally makes it up to his feet, and with wobbly legs, makes it over to the center of the ring. Devereaux raises his reclaimed Union Battleground Championship high in the air after all this time. Somehow, the crowd grows even louder, and we see from the corner Emery Layton perched on the top rope!! Devereaux turns around to continue celebrating, but Layton soars through the air and plants Devereaux to the mat with her top rope cutter! Emery races over to the referee and hands him her King Cobra Championship! Emery quickly drops on top of Devereaux and hooks a leg for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Dante Reed - What?! Are you kidding me?! Am I really seeing this right now?! Emery Layton just cashed in her King Cobra Championship!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s done it, Dante! She finally done it! She’s the new Union Battleground Champion!


Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, here is your NEW Union Battleground Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!


[The overly excited Emery flies up to her feet and grabs on to the Union Battleground Title. She looks at it starry eyed before raising high above her head and shows it off to the crowd.]


Dante Reed - Ever since winning the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament earlier this year, Emery Layton has become the ticking time bomb... The land mine just waiting to pull the trigger!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s picked the most opportune time to do so! I’m shocked I don’t know how to put to words what I see here. This is absolutely amazing! Emery Layton is the new Champion of the Battleground!


[Emery grabs her new Championship and throws it over her shoulder and darts out into the crowd. She sprints her way up several rows before stopping and celebrating with the fans.]


Dante Reed - Folks, what a night it’s been. We witnessed the crowning of a new War Horse Champion, new Battalion Champions, and twice over a new Union Battleground Champion! We witnessed the Trench War Championship being retained, and a new winner of Guerrilla Warfare! I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us from here until Coup de Grâce! That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Catch us in two weeks as we head on down to Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center! Good night!


[The night was finally over. A night that saw every Championship on the line, crowning three new champions and a new Guerrilla Warfare winner. Well, four new champions with Emery Layton’s shocking cash in. Things finally looked to be on the upswing for Axel Graves. No longer do the members of Salvation hold Union Battleground gold in their clutches. It seemed that the battle was finally over.]


[Axel sat alone, as he usually does, in his private office with a tumbler shaped like a human skull filled with Jameson Irish Whiskey—neat. Even though the reign of terror from Salvation was, for now, at ease, the battle of financial prosperity continued to linger like the stale smoke from his stogie cigar. Axel should be elated with the recent events, but behind the scenes he’s had a debt that’s been long past due.]


[The silence that filled his office is suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. Axel is too preoccupied looking over the bottom line numbers to answer the call. After a few moments, the knock at the door comes again.]


Axel Graves - Come back later, please. I’m a bit busy!


[The individual on the other side of the door doesn’t comply with the request and soon the handle slowly turns and the creak from the door hinges builds immense anticipation.]


“Axel! Long time no see!”


[A colossal man comes lumbering in the room. Tipping close to seven feet tall, the man is murdered out in an all black three piece suit and black leather gloves. Axel’s face instantly flushes pale as he walks in.]


Axel Graves - Gunnar... Wh—what are you doing here?


[The man known as Gunnar slams the door shut and proceeds to pace towards Axel’s desk.]


Gunnar Graves - Cut the shit, Axel! You know why the fuck I’m here! Where the fuck is my money, huh?! I’ve given you eighteen months, and this is how you pay me back? By ducking all over the world? You’ve got a lot of nerve, bro!


[Yes. It’s indeed true that this towering man is Axel’s older brother. A man that has been suspected to be a kingpin in one of North America’s most notorious mafia families. A man that has been heavily rumored to pay off politicians, orchestrate illegal gambling rings, and be a top investor in some of the biggest drug cartels in the world is part of the Graves family tree. Axel continues to sit in his chair, completely paralyzed by fear.]


Gunnar Graves - You know, I knew the moment dad skipped me and handed the business down to you, it would be the demise of a legacy that our grandfather built nearly sixty years ago. I feel like he saw the same qualities in you that he saw in his dad. But your major flaw is you try to please everybody. And when you try to please everybody, eventually you please nobody! This is a cutthroat business, something you have no clue about and something you cannot survive in.


[Gunnar takes a seat across the desk and helps himself with a tumbler of whiskey. He kicks back a swill before continuing.]


Gunnar Graves - I told you I’ve kept up with the gate attendance numbers, and you’ve yet to sell out a single show this year. I mean god damn, you’ve brought in so much talent from some top level promotions, and you still failed. For Christ’s sakes, you couldn’t even fill a fucking dilapidated outdoor theater in Bulgaria!


[Gunnar begins to grow louder with anger, but Axel tries to defuse the situation.]


Axel Graves - Gunnar, man, listen. I feel like we’re on the ups here. We just had our biggest show to date with Guerrilla Warfare, and by Coup de Grâce, we’ll be in the black. I just need a little more ti—


Gunnar Graves - Shut up! I’m done playing games, Axel! Of all of the “business ventures” I’m associated with, all I ever wanted was to be a part of the business. You see, dad knew I’d grow up to be like him; but he didn’t believe that I could do it so flawlessly! I’ve got the connections that he could never get. I’ve got the power he only dreamed of. There’s a tradition to hierarchy, and that hierarchy was shattered when dad overlooked me in favor of you. Well it’s time to restore the order and save the family business.


[Gunnar pauses for a moment before reaching to his inside pocket of his suit. Axel now senses he’s in great danger and reaches under his desk for his holstered glock, but the gun is missing! Gunnar pulls out Axel’s glock from his jacket and points it straight at his younger brother.]


Gunnar Graves - It’s over, Axel. It’s time to collect!




Gunnar Graves - This is my Battleground now!

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