Hammerstein Ballroom

New York City, New York

2, 500

Desktop 1920 x 1080

commentary team

welcome to the show

[The final moments of the replay of Union Battleground's Coup de Grâce fade into darkness on the Battleground Network. Then after a few moments of dead air, the Union Battleground logo slowly fades in and out to the rhythmic pulse of a deep heart beat. Suddenly the heart beat flatlines and darkness fills the void once more. The sound of a crackling fire picks up in volume as a plume of fire engulfs the scene and the Burning Hammer logo appears. A thunderous gong echoes in a successive tempo as "Shepherd of Fire" by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play.]


[We transition our way to the Hammerstein Ballroom where a couple thousand rabid fans are in pandemonium as a special light display strobes throughout the arena. Camera angles pan throughout the building as they catch some of the fan made signs in the crowd.]

[We finally transition over to the broadcast booth to see the familiar voice of the Battleground with a new face to his side.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, we are live here at the world renowned Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, New York, and this is Burning Hammer! I am your host "The Doctor" Dante Reed and alongside me is my new partner in crime, former Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler, Sabastian Riggs! Bas, welcome to the broadcast booth!


Sabastian Riggs - Dante, thank you for the introduction! I'm excited to get things rolling here tonight. Let me be the first say, what an amazing venue for tonight! The Hammerstein Ballroom is iconic in this business. This place is so compact, it creates this intimate aura that no other place compares to. I mean we look above us and we have hundreds of rabid fans overhead!


Dante Reed - That you are right, and I believe we've exceeded the maximum capacity! Tonight, throughout this Battleground Network exclusive off-season event, we will see some of the Union Battleground combatants from season one and some of the stars from the likes of NGW, WarZone, Elysium, UGWC, and more square off! Our main event of the evening is a triple threat match between the newly crowned Union Battleground Champion Nemesis against the former champion Dick Devereaux and also the former UGWC World Champion Rogan MacLean!


Sabastian Riggs - That is going to be a helluva fight there. Nemesis and Devereaux know each other well, so the X factor has gotta be MacLean. Rogan has some very impressive credentials, winning numerous championships and tournaments. Nobody looks to be the underdog in this one. Should be an excellent fight!


Dante Reed - Our headliner of the evening is the Trench War Champion Emery Layton taking on one of Elysium Pro's top competitors SHIDO. This has "Fight of the Night" written all over it. What do you think, Bas?


Sabastian Riggs - I agree with you 100%. Emery Layton had kind of disappeared from the Battleground after Fallout, but she made up for it with a big win in the Battalion Championships Tournament against the man that knocked her out the inaugural Union Battleground Championship Tournament, Tweeder and his partner Amy Jo Smyth. She then finished with a solid win against Xion Ben-Judah at the season finale of L!GHTS OUT and then the PPV finale Coup de Grace against Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - Layton didn't leave celebrating for long in her last match though, as a furious Zombie wreaked havoc and left the Trench War Traveller unconscious. But what about Emery's opponent tonight, Elysium's own SHIDO?


Sabastian Riggs - Well Dante, I know he's one of the top competitors there as he's been in championship discussions in their brief existence. The reason I believe this could be the match of the night is because these two have polar opposite styles. Emery is a head on attacker while SHIDO likes to counter. It'll be interesting to see who comes out on top of this one!


Dante Reed - You touched on Kimitsu Zombie and I want to elaborate a little more about her and her match tonight. Since the season finale, Zombie has gone on to win the 4CW Pride Championship and continues to leave a path of destruction wherever she goes. Tonight, she matches up with Rukia Matuoka from SSS, a rookie who's got about as much experience in the ring as you do, Bas, on the mic!


Sabastian Riggs - Ha! Well all I can say is that hopefully Rukia knocks it out of the park like I have so far! Kimitsu is one of the toughest and most relentless in this industry. Rukia has her hands full and will definitely learn a lot tonight.


Dante Reed - Also on deck, we have a Battalion matchup with The Firing Squad taking on the representatives of Death Trip Wrestling, Masatake Kawamata and Hanako Takeuchi, also known as The Osaka Rebels.


Sabastian Riggs - I'm intrigued to see this one, Dante. Noah Reigner and Rumble Reyes are two bright stars in the Battleground. They made it all the way to the finals before losing in a controversial fashion for the Battalion Championships. I'm sure they are out to redeem themselves tonight. The Osaka Rebels are out here to prove themselves as a team. These two have been together for a while but have never tagged together until tonight! How will they fare against a more seasoned team?


Dante Reed - Another competitor we will find more out about tonight is a guy who is representing the new company WarZone in Rob Sharpe. Sharpe will be going toe to toe with the Battleground's own Crowbar, and it's sure to be a slugfest!


Sabastian Riggs - No doubt, Crowbar has a mean streak to him as evident by his season long rivalry with Malcolm Dred-King. Rob's been away from the business for a while so it'll be interesting to see how he's adapted to the new age of professional wrestling.


Dante Reed - Speaking of being away, we have a return of a man who was in the first one-off match ever at February's PPV Battle of Los Angeles with Hammerstein as he's set to take on Slaughterhouse Wrestling's very own rock god, Johnny Vachon


Sabastian Riggs - Hammerstein is a completely different man from what we all saw back at Battle of Los Angeles. He's developed a dark side of him and you figure it'll match up well to Vachon's hardcore style. I'm sure we'll need medics on stand by for this one!


Dante Reed - And finally, we've got Anton Chase who will be representing the newly rebranded NGW taking on a rebranded man himself Kira Izumi who will be representing FIW.


Sabastian Riggs - I'm looking forward to see these two. It seemed as though Anton got a little lost in the shuffle towards the end of season one after his longtime rivalry with Trixie ended. I'm sure he's going to come out guns blazing to reclaim himself as a prominent competitor in the Battleground. And Kira... I just don't know what to say about him now that he's been unmasked. He lost a brutal best of three match at Coup de Grace, and as a result he had to lose his mask. Now whether it was true or not, he truly believed he possessed supernatural power and will from the mask, so tonight will be interesting to see how he's transitioned.


Dante Reed - And that's not all folks. In store tonight, not only do we have special musical performances by the Battleground's house band Luke Knux and the Scumbag Society, but also Johnny Vachon and the Radioactive Zombie Muck will be performing! Before we get started, our very own hype man Mike "Drop" Dempsey will be officially honoring our season one Valor Awards winners. So without further ado, Mike, take it away!

season one valor awards

crowbar vs rob sharpe

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 6'5" and weighing in at 250 pounds, from Long Beach, California, Crowbar!





[The lights go out as "Mustang Nismo" kicks in with red and white lights flashing to the beat. Crowbar walks out onto the stage as the whole place is bathed in red light, a spotlight only on Crowbar. He slowly walks down the ring eyeing off the fans with disdain, before walking up the steps and getting into the ring. He heads over to the corner of the ring and jumps up, sitting on the top turnbuckle, awaiting his opponent.]


Dante Reed - And out comes Crowbar. This man had a wild ride in season one with a familiar face in Malcolm Dred-King. Those two have been at each other's throats since their days in Warped Wrestling. Ultimately, Crowbar came out on top at Coup de Grâce, but not until anarchy ensued with Warped alums Anton Chase ran in and attacked special guest referee and Warped founder PKA, and a mind blowing appearance from the face of Warped James Rotten.


Sabastian Riggs - I don't know what to make of that whole situation, Dante. I mean there has to be some underlying factors we don't know about between those guys. But I will note, Crowbar did end the season on a high note, seemingly retiring the legend Malcolm Dred-King.







[“Phantom Limb” by Alice in Chains blares throughout the Hanmerstein Ballroom PA system, with the lights flashing on and off in rhythm with the drums; as the song kicks into high gear, the curtain parts and out comes Rob Sharpe, head hung low with a grin across his face and his signature barbed wire bat rested on his shoulder.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6'3" and weighing in tonight at 250 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing WarZone Pro, he is Rob Sharpe!


[The crowd roars and screams for their man, and he looks up to them with a smile and a “I’m not worthy” gesture before slapping hands along the way down to the ring, where he places Barbara on the apron at a nearby corner before rolling into the ring and reclining against the ropes, waiting for the match to begin.


Dante Reed - Rob Sharpe has recently come out of the woodwork and back in the business. Crazy thing is, at 42, he's entered the UltraViolent scene over at WarZone.


Sabastian Riggs - Got to give him credit, Dante. He's a tough bastard and his tenacity has shown to pull him through victories that similar men wouldn't or even couldn't achieve. WarZone holds their events at the famous 2300 Arena and it's right in his backyard, so that probably lured the Philly native back in the game.


Dante Reed - Well it's obvious he's brought a plus one with him, his signature bat he calls "Barbara". The Battleground is notorious for its no DQ standard format, so I have a feeling we'll be seeing her sometime tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - And Crowbar is no stranger to violence, this one could get ugly!


Dante Reed - Alright folks, our referee for this contest is Franklin Dean. He checks off with each competitor one last time, and this one is underway!




[Crowbar and Sharpe stand out in their corners, eyeing off one another. Rob still has his trusty bat in hand and begins twirling it around the side of his body. A sinister smile grows on Crowbar's face, as he believes it's about to get violent! Crowbar drops to the canvas and rolls outside of the ring, never taking his eyes off Sharpe.]


Dante Reed - Wh--What's going on here? What is he doing?


[Crowbar lowers himself and begins digging under the ring as the crowd begins to get fired up. The former concurrent Warped Champion pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. He goes under again and sets up another table. Finally he reaches under the apron one last time, and pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire!]


Sebastian Riggs - Oh my god, Dante! Crowbar ain't playing around! I think we're about to see an UltraViolent showdown!


[Crowbar slides back into the ring with the steel chair contraption and both he and Sharpe continue the stare down. With a sudden strike, Sharpe lunges toward Crowbar and goes swinging for the fences. Crowbar is able to narrowly duck the attack, and counters with a devastating barbed wire chair shot to the back! Rob cringes in pain at first, but then a look of euphoria rushes over his face! Sharpe turns around and quickly dodges another chair shot attempt by Crowbar. Sharpe quickly responds by swinging his bat and sweeping Crowbar off his feet with a damaging blow to the back of the knees.]


Dante Reed - Sharpe takes Crowbar down a peg with what I'm calling as a "modified leg sweep".


Sebastian Riggs - Rob Sharpe and Crowbar are now in their element. Barbed wire weapons, tables laid out, this is where they thrive! Sharpe is on the early offensive, let's see what he makes out of it!


[With Crowbar down on the mat clenching the back of his leg, Sharpe takes the chair he possessed and stuffs it in the corner between the top and middle turnbuckle. Rob goes back and brings Crowbar up to his feet and whips him into the corner! But no, Crowbar reverses it and sends the WarZone prospect on a collision course towards the chair! Sharpe goes torpedoing towards his own setup, but at the last second blocks himself from crashing into the chair by putting a boot to the ropes. Crowbar follows close behind looking for a monster closeline, but Sharpe folds him with a drop toe hold right into the chair! The crowd blows up into cheers as Crowbar is split wide open across his forehead!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Crowbar just had some piercing steel and barbwire for lunch!


Sebastian Riggs - He's cut open pretty bad, Dante. A gash like that could hinder his vision and cause all sorts of problems for the Long Beach native!


[As the crowd continues to cheer and various chants break out, Sharpe gets back to his feet and begins laying the boot onto Crowbar. With adrenaline pumping through his veins now, Sharpe grabs Crowbar by the ankles, and catapults him from under the bottom rope, causing Crowbar to closeline into it. Sharpe continues his furious attack and picks Crowbar up to his feet by his hair and quickly throws a few stiff jabs before throwing Crowbar back into the corner where the barbed wire chair still stays! Crowbar can't avoid it and goes crashing into the chair, and Sharpe follows him with a heavy avalanche closeline! Crowbar stumbles out from the corner only for Sharpe to drive his face into his knee! Crowbar drops to the mat and Sharpe covers him for a pin!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Rob Sharpe is on a tear and nearly seals the deal with his signature "City Wide Special" combo!


Sebastian Riggs - You know for a man who's 42, he's out here lighting it up like a rambunctious rookie!


[Sharpe looks undeterred from the kick out and quickly mounts Crowbar and begins dropping bombs of left and right punches, with some hammer fists thrown into the mix. Rob finally stops the madness and climbs up the turnbuckle and begins playing to the crowd to thunderous cheers! While Sharpe continues to celebrate, Crowbar wills himself up to his feet from a pool of his own blood. Crowbar goes over and grabs Sharpe's bat, winds up and drills Sharpe in the back of the head, causing him to split open!]


Dante Reed - He's alive! Crowbar now takes control!


Sebastian Riggs - He came back swinging for the fences, and now Sharpe is in a bad spot!


[With Sharpe hunched over in a daze, Crowbar begins to ascend the turnbuckle. Crowbar wraps  the bat around Sharpe's neck and starts choking him out! The boo birds come out as Crowbar taunts the crowd. Out of nowhere, Crowbar puts Sharpe in a modified cobra clutch with the bat and the two come towering down with a superplex! The crowd erupts as the two men lie motionless on the canvas!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Crowbar just devastated Rob Sharpe with that superplex, but he caught a good brunt of it too!


Sebastian Riggs - This is insanity, Dante! Both men are busted wide open and now probably concussed from that high altitude drop! I can't imagine this one lasting much longer!


[After some time, Crowbar makes some movement first and begins to crawl his way over to Sharpe. Crowbar musters enough strength to throw an arm over and the ref drops down for the count!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!


... No! Kick out!


Dante Reed - I don't believe it! Rob Sharpe somehow kicks out!


Sebastian Riggs - How the hell?! I don't think a man half Sharpe's age could withstand this kind of punishment. This guy is digging deep!


[Crowbar rises to his knees and starts pounding in the mat and arguing with the ref. The frustration grows to a boiling point as Crowbar picks Sharpe back up and the two are standing. Crowbar throws several heavy jabs before Sharpe begins throwing some of his own. Now a back and forth slugfest ensues with neither man letting up. Blood splatters with each hit and the crowd is eating up every punch thrown. Crowbar finally counters with a parry and begins landing punches in bunches. The two lock up and Crowbar whips Sharpe into the corner where that barbed wire chair is still wedged. Sharpe thinks fast and evades the chair by doing almost a Super Mario double jump from the middle rope to the top, but Crowbar is right behind him and trips him from atop and Sharpe comes crashing down on the family jewels! Once again, Crowbar begins to ascend the turnbuckle, this time pointing at the tables he set up at ringside at the beginning of the match! Both men stand high above as Crowbar prepares for another belly-to-back superplex variation. However, Sharpe begins to throw several elbows to Crowbar's face and keeping him off balance. The fans are on their feet in anticipation, then out of nowhere Rob Sharpe picks Crowbar up on his shoulders for an Olympic Slam down on the tables at ringside! The two big men come soaring down and the impact causes an explosion of wooden shrapnel to fly and the crowd erupts!]




Dante Reed - Oh my god! Rob Sharpe just delivered his trademark maneuver, The Sharpe Turn!


Sebastian Riggs - I can't believe what I'm seeing here right now, Dante! These two men have gone through hell and back!


[The crowd continues to chant while both men are motionless in a rubble of broken tables. Sharpe finally begins to bring himself to his feet, and struggles to bring Crowbar up with him. Rob rolls Crowbar into the ring and then follows suite. Sharpe, while clenching his lower back, rolls on top of Crowbar, hooks the leg, and the referee goes for the count!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Rob Sharpe!


["Phantom Limb" by Alice in Chains blares over the PA as Rob slowly makes his way to his knees and the ref raises his arm in victory. Both men are a beaten, bloody mess, but Sharpe finally stands tall as the victor!]


Dante Reed - What an amazing match! Rob Sharpe will walk out of the Hammerstein Ballroom victorious tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt he's got to be feeling pretty good right now, despite the fact he's lost so much blood and out his body through so much torment. What a great display for the ol' vet here tonight.


Dante Reed - Alright, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next we will see "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase set to square up against the new, unmasked Kira Izumi!

I found myself

[The lights go off at the Hammerstein Ballroom as we focus in on the big screen above the stage. A dark figure appears with a distant light cascading a shimmer of detail to the figure. The figure steps closer to frame and shows that something is in their hand.]


"(I was blinded by hatred and the darkness...)" A man says as a vignette begins to roll, appearing to hold the same mask Kira had worn at Coup de Grâce.


"(After Coup de Grâce, I was empty... I had nothing... But I was free. I was free from this DAMN MASK AND IT'S EVIL WAYS! And you know what I did with that mask?)" The figure says.


"(I burnt it!)" He says with glee and relief.


"(I burnt it and I was free from the sins I have committed with these hands. I had a will of my own and could finally make her proud!)" He says as we cut to see half of his face now.


"(In September I had a child, a daughter... and she changed me. She changed my world and gave me a purpose. But I was still missing something... I was still alone... still so very lonely... on the road with no one to talk to now that Kirito is home taking care of our child. But that's when I found them.)"


[We zoom out to see 5 other figures dressed sharp. We don't see their faces, but we have quick cuts to see tattoos on their bodies.]


"(I found my FAMILY! and together... Union Battleground will learn our names...)" Kira says as we cut back to him smiling.


[We fade to a black screen with a final message that reads...]


"(Season 2... We're coming)"

kira izumi vs anton chase

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 6' even and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Shinhidaka, Hokkaido, Japan, representing Full Intensity Wrestling, Kira Izumi!





[Kira comes out from the back along with Kirito shortly following him. He makes an “X” sign with his arms as he starts singing along with the song. Kira walks down the ramp way slapping hands with his fans and walking around the ring.]


Dante Reed - Finally, we meet the man behind the mask. Throughout season one, Kira emphatically spoke about the strength he drew from his mask as if it wielded supernatural powers.


Sebastian Riggs - Whether that was the case or not, it definitely had some meaning for him. It meant so much to him that when push came to shove, he put it on the line at Coup de Grâce, which proved to be a grave mistake because he lost that best of three match with Izumi Sato, and now as he's mentioned he's a lost man. A man voided of a purpose.


[Kira slaps the steps as he makes up through the ropes and up onto the middle rope. He stands tall and makes an “X” again with his arms before he looks around at the fans. He repeats this process at the other three corners before he walks to the middle of the ring and takes off his Oni mask. He spits out his blood mist before he turns around and points towards the logo on the back of his jacket. After that he walks to his corner where he waits for the match to start.]


Mike “Drop” Dempsey – And his opponent, standing 5'9" and weighing in tonight at 210 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, representing the New Generation Wrestling, he is "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase!





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance and two people are seen behind the white smoke. The first person steps forward in front of the smoke revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase as the second person emerges behind him, which is his manager Chris Wood. Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side with Chris Wood following behind him. Chase climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits for the match to begin while Chris Wood takes his position out at ringside.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, now coming to the ring is "The Wrestling God" himself. I'm glad to see him back in action inside of a Union Battleground ring. He hadn't seen much of Chase towards the end of season one, but tonight he's got a shot to re-establish himself.


Sebastian Riggs - He was a big factor early in the season with his epic rivalry with Trixie. He produced some fantastic matches and made waves. But you're right, Dante. He sort of fell off the map at the end, so I'd imagine he's rearing to go tonight!


Dante Reed - Alright ladies and gentlemen we have both of our competitors inside the ring as we get set to begin this bout. Our referee for this contest is Franklin Dean and he calls for the bell! This is match under way!




[Chase and Izumi slowly stalk their ways to the center of the ring, and immediately lock up. Chase takes control with an arm wrench and pulls Kira's arm up high between the shoulder blades. Kira quickly ducks under to reverse and now Chase is in a bind. Anton cartwheels over to loosen the tension and spins under to out Kira back in an arm wrench. Kira fires off a few back elbow strikes before Anton finally ducks one causing Kira to spin around facing forward. Thinking on his feet, Anton quickly locks at the hips and delivers a massive belly-to-belly suplex!]


Dante Reed - Anton Chase takes the early offense here but both mean are applying the pressure.


[While on the mat, Kira tries to retaliate with a leg sweep, but Anton does a suicide kip up to evade the kick. Kira continues the momentum up to his feet and goes for a roundhouse kick but Anton catches it. With the leg hooked, Anton bridges back with a devastating exploder suplex! Chase stays hooked on the legs for a pin attempt!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Sebastian Riggs - Anton has taken the edge in this match. He's been able to counter everything Kira throws at him!


[Undeterred, Anton grabs Kira by the hair and begins slamming the back of his head to the mat! The ref warns him to stop and Anton obliges after a few extra shots. Chase gets to his feet and picks Kira up with him. As Kira gets to his feet, he breaks free from Anton's grasp and blinds him with a quick eye gouge! Kira seizes the moment and begins laying into Chase with punches, elbows and forearm strikes. Izumi pressures him into the corner and lands a vicious upper cut, putting Chase in a daze. Izumi back pedals a bit before rushing back and colliding into Chase with a massive leg lariat. Kira taunts the crowd as they rain down boos, but it only seems to fuel him. Kira takes Anton by the hair and runs his face across the ropes as the ref tries to stop him. Kira ignores the ref's pleas until he reached the opposite turnbuckle, in which Kira slams Anton face front into the corner. Chase stumbles back and tries to kee his footing long enough for Kira to spring up to the top rope and catch him with a textbook Hurricanrana! Kira quickly hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... The -- Kick out!


Dante Reed - Wow, Bas, Kira nearly stole this match right out from Anton!


Sebastian Riggs - Izumi plays dirty and will do whatever it takes to win, I guess I can't really fault him there.


[Kira Izumi shows some frustration as he bickers with the official. He goes back to Anton and lays his foot across Anton’s throat and starts to choke him out. The ref warns Kira to stop but he ignores the orders. The referee begins a final five count, and finally Kira lets up on Anton. Kira picks Anton up by the hair and immediately locks in an arm wrench. Chase winces in pain but thinks fast with a few back elbow smashes. Kira loosens the hold enough for Anton to reverse the wrench, lock Kira in a double underhook, turns him back-to-back and drops him with a Vertebreaker!]


Dante Reed - Starmaker! Anton’s still alive!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s making a cover, he’s looking to end this right here!


... One!


... Two!


... Thr-- Kick out!


Dante Reed - No! Kira narrowly escapes!


Sebastian Riggs - Anton was so close to ending this one, Dante! He’s gotta keep the pressure in him now!


[The crowd gasps as Anton nearly sealed the victory and his look of despair animates his entire body. Chase begins to rally the crowd as he and Kira are slow to get up. Anton Chase lays a boot into Kira’s midsection, and lifts him up for a Chaos Theory! Anton holds Kiranuoside down and arms hooked by his legs, and drops him with the Styles Clash!]


Dante Reed - Chaos Theory! Anton’s hooking the leg, this one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!


... No!


Dante Reed - Anton just got drugged off of Kira from ringside, who on Earth is that?!


[The man from the outside is revealed to be Sue Obata from the AWF! And surrounded around him are Jordan Rayburn, Rukia Matsuoka, and Mayumi Kobashigawa! Obata slams Chase down to the floor, and all four members start attacking Anton! Referee Franklin Dean is calling for the bell!]




Dante Reed - Could this be the family Kira Izumi was talking about earlier?


Sebastian Riggs - It’s gotta be, Dante! They all came out to save Kira! And they’re all wearing the same shirt that says “MURAMASA-kokka”. This has got to be Kira’s family!


Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner by disqualification, "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase!


[Kira steps out to ringside to join his group in continuing the attack on Chase. Rayburn hands Kira a shirt and he puts it on, with the text reading “MURAMASA-kokka”. The group finally end the beating as all five members raise each other’s arms in a sign of victory before making their way back up the stage.]


Dante Reed - Well, Bas, Kira Izumi may not have won the match, but he’s definitely left a strong message. This family he talks about sticks together, and tonight looks to be just the beginning.


Sebastian Riggs - As the saying goes you have strength in numbers. Kira prophesied that “they” were coming, and boy was he right.


Dante Reed - I’m sure we’ll be seeing this pack more in season two, but for tonight, we still have much more to come. Up next, we will see one that is out here right now, Rukia Matsuoka, take on the 4CW Pride Champion Kimitsu Zombie! Stay tuned!

the final warning

[The camera flickers to static and then cuts to a completely dark room where a lone light shines down on the Union Battleground Champion Nemesis with his head looking down, the Title around his waist and in his ring gear with his usual markings of the evil that resides within plastered across his face and upper body. Standing next to him, donning his usual red and black clergy suit is Preacher leaning on his beautifully crafted cane. There seems to be a mystique around them as it’s smoky in the room and the camera is on an old school style tilt similar to those from extreme promotions in the late 90’s.]


Preacher: Oh Lord Nemesis, grant us help against our foes, for VAIN is the SALVATION of man!


[As preacher begins to laugh sinisterly, Nemesis raises his head up, staring directly into the camera and begins talking as Preacher’s laugh dies down.]


Nemesis: You all have trotted along through life for too long now, each of you laying the foundation for your own demises by living out useless and pitiful existences, most of you are more concerned with your Social Media followings instead of building followings to shift the onset of the world but this all ceases as of tonight.


[The camera focuses is more on Nemesis taking Preacher out of the picture as Nemesis continues on.]


Nemesis: You see, when I defeated your Champion Dick Devereaux and claimed the Union Battleground Championship as my own, a seismic shift took place on the Battleground, yet most of you kept along with yours days, weeks and lives, most not giving a second thought to what consequences may await you all once I claimed my throne as Ruler of the Battleground and it is this carelessness that will ultimately be the downfall of you all individually.


[An evil smirk flashes across the face of the Champion.]


Nemesis: But as you all went on your lives, I have been waiting…preparing for what is to come….”The Final Salvation” of you all! As of tonight, I am here to proclaim that are numbers are growing, our motives will be made clearer and clearer with each passing day, for you see this is a cleansing that those who deny the path to Salvation will not be able to evade or escape…so hear me now Union Battleground and take this as my FINAL warning…walk the path of Salvation by our side or your destruction is inevitable because I am Nemesis…and I will be the downfall of you all!


[We instantly cut to static and then back to ringside.]

kimitsu zombie vs rukia matsuoka

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, standing 5'6" and weighing in at 118 pounds, representing Sakura Shoujo Stampede, from Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken, Japan, "The Supa Seiyu” Rukia Matsuoka!





[Rukia comes out as the music blares through the speakers. She shows love to her fans. She arrogantly walks down the ramp way and makes her way into the ring before going into her corner.]


Dante Reed - Alright, Bas. What can you tell us about Rukia Matsuoka here making her Battleground debut?


Sabastian Riggs - Well she doesn't have an extensive wrestling background or history to my knowledge. She's mainly made her name in the music industry in Japan and has since crossed over to wrestling with inspiration coming from her boyfriend, Jordan Rayburn. But from what little tape we've seen, she is a persistent competitor, but sometimes can get too cocky in the ring. I don't think she's going to be coming in tonight feeling high and mighty though.


[Number Girl's Tattoo Ari blares out and yellow and red lights flash around all over the arena as the guitar riff starts and mingles with the mixed reaction from the fans.]







[Kimitsu Zombie calmly walks out of the entrance way in her bosozoku uniform carrying a bottle of shochu and her 4CW Pride Championship on like a bandolier across her body.]


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 5'5" and weighing in tonight at 125 pounds, from Kimitsu, Japan, she is the 4CW Pride Champion, "The Little Yokai" Kimitsu Zombie!


[Kimitsu drinks from the shochu bottle as she struts to the ring as she takes in the crowds reaction of cheers and jeers. She grins and climbs a turnbuckle bobbing to the music.]







[She takes a long chug of shochu and spits a shochu mist into the air then screams in satisfaction with her tongue out. She jumps down into the ring and holds her title up in the air waiting for the match to start.]


Dante Reed - And here comes the 4CW ambassador herself.


Sabastian Riggs - I'm excited to see Kimitsu live in action here, although I'll admit, I'm a bit worried for Rukia's safety. Even though Zombie comes out here holding a very prestigious championship, you know in the back of her mind she's still fuming over her narrow loss to Emery Layton at Coup de Grâce.


Dante Reed - Absolutely, Riggs. She talked about how much it would mean to her to win the Trench War Championship and how focused she was for that bout. There's no doubt in mind Kimi is on the prowl to get back in the Trench War Title scene. She made it crystal clear in that post-match attack.


Sabastian Riggs - Her journey back starts tonight!


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we have both competitors squared away in their respective corners, and our referee for this contest is Franklin Dean and he's calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[As the bell toll echoes, Rukia wastes little time and bull rushes across the ring at Kimitsu. The two lock up in a collar and elbow tie, and Kimitsu displays her strength and tosses Rukia on her back. A shocked Rukia looks up at her imposing opponent and looks to be quickly changing her strategy. Rukia makes her way back to her feet and now is a bit cautious as the two circle each other back to the center of the ring. Matsuoka and Zombie lock horns again, and while Rukia holds a low sturdy base, Kimitsu is still able to bring her down with a snapping arm drag! Rukia brings herself back to her feet with the assistance from the ropes, and Kimitsu now pounces on the attack with a rapid succession of shotei strikes!]


Dante Reed - Give Rukia some credit, she came firing out of the gates but so far it hasn't been effective in Zombie.


Sebastian Riggs - Kimi can be a very disciplined fighter when she channels her teachings from her mentor Tokyo Zombie. Right now, she looks laser focused!


[Kimitsu finally finished her striking attacks and goes to Irish whip Rukia across the ring. However, Matsuoka holds on and reverses it, sending Kimi across the ring. On the return, Rukia goes for a spinning heel kick, but Zombie sniffs it out and ducks it. Kimi rebounds off the other side and comes back and Rukia lifts her up for a tilt-a-whirl but Zombie counters and finishes with a headscissors! The crowd gets to their feet and begin to cheer on Kimitsu! Rukia is slow to get up but Zombie allows her to. As Kimitsu closes in, Rukia goes for a desperation attempt with a spinning back fist, but Zombie dodges it and counters with a crashing savate kick! Matsuoka stumbles back to stay in her feet, hunched over clenching her jaw. Kimitsu seizes the opportunity, bounces off the ropes and drops a monster axe kick to the back of Rukia's head!]


Dante Reed - Banzai God Kick!


Sebastian Riggs - I knew this was going to be a rough night for Rukia! Kimitsu has not led off of her!


[Zombie plays to the crowd with a ferocious roar as they begin to cheer her on. Kimitsu waits in the wings as Rukia tries to will her way back up. Finally after stumbling and bumbling to her feet, Kimitsu quickly scoops Rukia and drops her with a swinging fisherman neckbreaker! Kimitsu hooks the leg for the cover!]


Sebastian Riggs - Trip to the Grave!


Dante Reed - This one's over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, "The Little Yokai" Kimitsu Zombie!


Dante Reed - Well, Bas, I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this happening.


Sebastian Riggs - Rukia gave it her all, but with her being so inexperienced, there was no way that this match was ending any other way. This will be a learning lesson for Rukia, go back to the drawing board and improve upon this loss.


Dante Reed - Hang in folks, it looks like Kimi isn't finished just yet...


[Kimitsu Zombie gets up and picks up Rukia by the hair and the fans stop cheering and anticipate the threat of more violence but Kimitsu only holds Rukia up. She grabs her by the hair again and screams something in Japanese at her then steps back and nods. Rukia stands in the middle of the ring to get the audience's cheers. Kimitsu nods as she waits in the corner. Rukia exits the ring and Kimitsu grabs the microphone from Mike Dempsey and pants as she talks.]


Kimitsu Zombie - What a girl, eh? Right. Now I just need to get a couple of things off my chest. It is so good being in a Union ring again and getting to see some of the people in the back again. A lot has changed since the end of the season, especially for me. I’ve been hit by that bug and I am going hard on my training regimen and my career. My whole attitude towards this thing has changed. Before I tried to get into the whole mission of the Zombie way and tried to help out my opponent in our match and try to make them see how lowly they really are so they can go back and change for the better. This is how I would get some influence in here by making people better fighters after facing me. Now. I am still going to show people where they stand in comparison to me, spoiler: it’s below… But I am going to do it for my benefit!


[The crowd reacts to mostly cheers as Kimitsu declares her newfound mindset.]


Kimitsu Zombie - I’ll show you your worth either way but it is up to you to realize it. I can only point the way. Who do I want to point the way to this time? Is it Salvation and their deluded members? Maybe. Last season I did everything I said I would to anyone that I met in the ring. The only regret that I have is not winning that Trench War Championship from Emery Layton. I failed myself and that is not fucking acceptable. I have grown since then. I am stronger physically and mentally. I know what it takes to take down a champion now and I am ready for her. I will avenge this loss and I will show you all why I am the Little Yokai. Emery Layton… it is not over between us!


[Kimitsu drops the mic and "Tattoo Ari" by Number Girl plays again over the PA. The raucous crowd erupts as Kimitsu hoists her 4CW Pride Championship high in the air.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, Kimitsu Zombie has left little doubt that she still has her sights set on Emery Layton and the Trench War Championship!


Sebastian Riggs - You know, Dante, some people make claims that the Trench War title is secondary to the Union Battleground Championship. But in my opinion, they are like "1" and "1-A", especially since Emery has been defending the title all over the industry, not just here.


Dante Reed - I would have to agree with you, Bas. The Trench War title has become the showcase championship for Union Battleground, and all of the competitors that have fought for it proves its worth. Folks, stick around as we have plenty more in store for you. Coming up next, while we take a short break for station identification, we have a special musical performance by Johnny Vachon and the Radioactive Zombie Muck!





[Before Radioactive Zombie Muck can finish their set, Hammerstein storms the stage and blasts Johnny Vachon in the back of the head with the drummer's crash symbol!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit!


Sebastian Riggs - Looks like this match has started early, Dante!


[Vachon lies face down and the back of his head is clearly busted open. Referee Joe Murray rushes out and immediately calls for the bell to kick start this match.]




[Hammerstein lets out a maniacal laugh at the sight of the bleeding Vachon on the ground. ‘Stein scares off the rest of the band with a threat with the crash cymbal before stomping away at Vachon. Hammerstein lays the cymbal down by Johnny’s face and grabs both wrists behind his back. Hammerstein lifts Johnny’s torso up off the ground before curb stomping Johnny down to the crash cymbal!]


Dante Reed - Well it looks like Hammerstein has got the memo of Union Battleground’s mantra. Axel Graves has consistently ordered his officials to let the talent battle it out as long as things stay even with no outside interference.


Sebastian Riggs - You have to appreciate that rule by Graves. He’s a guy who loves violence and wants to see clear cut winners. But he isn’t too keen on unfair advantages as evident from earlier with Kira Izumi.


Dante Reed - True Bas. Every bout is anything goes as long as it stays Mano a Mano. But eventually they’ve got to get into the ring!


[Hammerstein locks hands around Vachon’s waist and straight dead lifts him up. Hammerstein holds Vachon up, taunting the crowd and displaying his brute strength. Hammerstein spins a 180 and hits a German suplex off of the band stage!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god!


Sebastian Riggs - A German Hammer-plex right off the stage! Hammerstein is dominating this match!


[The crowds eruption shows hey can’t help but respect the sheer power of Hammerstein. The American Monster gets back to his feet and again taunts the crowd and those cheers quickly turn into booming boos. Hammerstein picks Johnny Vachon back up by his mohawk and starts slamming his face against the barricade and continuing all the way down the aisle. The two reach the end, and Hammerstein delivers a final blow into the turn of the barricade and Vachon is wobbling in his feet. Hammerstein keeps the pressure on and drops Vachon with a belly-to-belly suplex into the steel ring steps!]


Dante Reed - My god, Seabass, Jacob Hammerstein has been relentless so far in this match.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt he’s turned over a new leaf since becoming this American Monster, but you can’t deny his technical skills either. That belly-to-belly Hammer-plex, as he likes to call it, had textbook form. And trust me, I know a thing or two about throws!


Dante Reed - Can’t argue with that!


[Hammerstein peels the bloodied Johnny Vachon up off the steps and tosses him inside the ring. ‘Stein follows and again taunts the crowd some more to get them really riled up. Hammerstein picks Vachon up off the canvas and picks him up for what looks like an Atomic Drop but instead sets him on the top turnbuckle! Hammerstein begins to ascend the turnbuckle and locks arms around Vachon’s waist looking to go for a belly-to-back superplex! Suddenly a jolt of adrenaline shoots through Johnny Vachon and he starts throwing scathing back elbows! The crowd begins to rally behind the punk rocker as each strike loosens the grip of Hammerstein. Vachon finally feels he’s in control and he hooks Hammerstein’s head and flips back for a standing Shiranui! The crowd explodes into cheers!]


Dante Reed - HOLY SHIT! Johnny Vachon just turned the tables with a Descending Angel!


Sebastian Riggs - One thing that cannot be disputed with Johnny Vachon is that this guy is as tough as nails! A normal competitor may have been done for after a brutal attack like this, but this guys competes in Slaughterhouse Wrestling and Death Trip Wrestling, this is nothing for him!


[Both men lie motionless on the canvas in a pool of Vachon’s own blood. The Gutter Scum finally makes a move and throws an arm over ‘Stein for a cover.]


... One!


... Two!


... Th— Kick out!


Dante Reed - Hammerstein showing some life after that high impact move from the top rope.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s gonna take more than that to defeat Hammerstein. He’s a beast and Vachon knows that.


[Vachon looks to be disappointed in the kick out, but he keeps the pressure in Hammerstein, mounting him and dropping some vicious clubbing forearm strikes in bunches. Johnny finished it off with a nasty 12-to-6 elbow strike and Johnny springs to his feet to celebrate and get the fans roaring. Vachon now runs the ropes and springboards off the middle rope into a leg drop. Vachon picks the bigger man up to his feet and begins wailing away with a combination of lefts and rights. Vachon goes to Irish whio Hammerstein, but ‘Stein reverses it sending Vachon in the run. On the return, Hammerstein flips Vachon in a tilt-a-whirl, but Johnny counters at the last second with a piercing DDT! Vachon rises to his feet and hypes himself up by beating his chest. Vachon waits in the wings as Hammerstein tries to stand to his feet. The American Monster gets to his knees and Vachon strikes with a low superkick to the grounded opponent! Vachon hooks the leg for another cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr— Kick out!


Dante Reed - Johnny Vachon is firing on all cylinders right now, keeping the Seattle Pro ambassador guessing with that powering Spit Take!


Sebastian Riggs - Johnny’s capitalizing on his speed advantage over Hammerstein, keeping his distance and striking when the opportunity rises.


[Vachon looks dismayed after Hammerstein again kicks out. Johnny brings himself and Hammerstein standing and Johnny begins throwing a one-two punch combo followed by a knife edge chop! Vachon again repeats the punch/chop combo, and again, and each time gets a resounding reaction from the crowd. Johnny backs Hammerstein up to the ropes, and again goes to Irish whio Hammerstein, but again Hammerstein counters. On the return, Hammerstein springs off the adjacent ropes and meets Vachon in the center of the ring with a thunderous head hunting spear tackle!]


Dante Reed - Hammerstein turns the tides with The Pounce!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s an imperative mistake by Vachon thinking he could overpower this maniac. Hammerstein has a solid forty pounds of muscle on “The Gutter Trash” punk rocker!


[Hammerstein keeps his attention solely on Vachon as he taunts and belittles the punk rocker. Hammerstein lifts Vachon up by the mohawk again and whips him into the turnbuckle. Hammerstein bull rushes the corner and pancakes Johnny Vachon with an avalanche splash! Vachon’s knees buckle and he drops to the mat. Hammerstein winds up again and delivers a cannonball!


Hammerstein pulls Vachon out from the corner and hooks him in a bear hug. Hammerstein looks to go for another belly-to-belly suplex, but Vachon takes his bloody dime and headbutts Hammerstein. Vachon throws another, and another until The American Monster breaks loose of his hold and Vachon drops him with a sit-out jawbreaker! Hammerstein ricochets to his back and tries to regain his footing. While on all fours, Johnny Vachon unleashed a low superkick! Not done yet, Vachon bounces off the ropes and comes back with a knee trembler! Vachon is rolling now as he picks Hammerstein up by the hair and drops him one more time with a snap single undertook fscelock drop! Johnny hooks the leg!]


Dante Reed - Vachon is rolling! A Spit Take into the 138 into Demonomania! This one’s gotta be over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “The Gutter Trash” Johnny Vachon!


Sebastian Riggs - Incredible comeback victory for Johnny Vachon here tonight! He exhausted everything he had here at the end and it paid off!


Dante Reed - Got to give respect to Hammerstein tonight. He put it to Johnny Vachon, but unfortunately tonight just wasn’t his night. Folks coming up next we have our Battalion match with The Osaka Rebels set to take on The Firing Squad!

The OutLiers vs The FiRing Squad

** My email is acting up, will post full results tomorrow. **

Winners: The Firing Squad

new york fucking city

[Kawamata and Takeuchi are left in the ring by themselves now. Kawamata reaches through the ropes to get a microphone from the ringside attendant, then waves Takeuchi over to join him in the center.]


KAWAMATA: New York fucking City!


[The crowd cheers for the cheap pop.]


Heh... It's good to come back here. You all saw our promo. You know our first visit was last month with our band, The Enforcers. We knew we had to come back again and Union Battleground gave us the opportunity to do that soon and do it in this historic building. But this was about more than just coming back here to have fun. It's about more than fighting in front of all of you great fans here in New York. It's about more than working a show for a good, respected company. It's even about more than any tag scene or making a name or any of that shit.


You see, New York... There's a reason why I brought Hanako to the spot we first met each other fourteen years ago in our promo for tonight's match. That's because we met each other ON THIS WEEK... all those years ago! We bonded over punk rock and wrestling! Now we live our dream as musicians and wrestlers!


[The crowd claps and cheers.]


Every time we watched a show that took place in this building, Hanako always told me how unique this place looked and felt through the TV screen. We always talked about coming to NYC one day and planning our trip around a show here. When we shared our dreams as teenagers... Who would've thought we would be in the damn ring ourselves on this trip?!


[The crowd cheers as Kawamata puts an arm around Takeuchi's waist and pulls her in. She puts an arm around his.]


Hanako, this is our fourteen year anniversary trip and this...


[Kawamata points around with the hand he holds the mic with. Hanako wipes away a tear.]


This is my fourteen year anniversary present. Did I do good?


[Hanako shakes her head “yes” and they kiss as the crowd cheers. Of course there's a few “awww's,” both genuine and sarcastic, but it's all in good fun. Takeuchi takes the microphone, the couple still with their arms around each other.]


TAKEUCHI: Thank you all for being a part of this! New York is a beautiful city! New York wrestling crowds are famously awesome for a reason and it's pretty boss looking around from the middle of the ring at all of you lovely people in this lovely place! On behalf of Masatake and myself, we would like to come back again! We would like to come back to Union Battleground again and do more here! Thank you for letting us fight here tonight, Axel Graves! Thank you again, NYC! Thank you Firing Squad for signing up and having this match with us tonight! Fuck Tom Wright for wanting to end the 24/7 subway service!


[The crowd roars their approval as a “FUCK TOM WRIGHT” chant rises up!]


Ha ha! And thank you for this anniversary gift, Masatake! Until next time, New York and Union Battleground! Hopefully sooner than later!


[Hanako drops the mic and The Demics' “New York City” plays again. The couple kisses in the ring one more time before leaving. Kawamata holds the ropes open for Takeuchi to step out and they exit in each other's arms.]

Emery LaytOn vs Kimitsu ZOmbie

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall.


[A hum spans out among the arena; the lights start to die down to a somber fixture.]







["Honeythief" by Halou, the song that beckons the arrival of the confusing entity known as SHIDO greets the audience. The softly spoken lyrics accompany Shido as he strolls onto the stage, lackadaisical in presence and body language. He presents himself onto the stage, standing at the edge with his head titled to the side. A single floodlight shines underneath, helping shadows crawl up his body and shroud pieces of his body. It illuminates the shining white jacket, also showing the bits of black paint that display the controlled chaos that is his mind. He starts down the ramp, rocking his head to the side. The lyrics' intensity explode, the instrumentals pick up, but not does Shido's external energy. An awkward grin looms on his face, offsetting the lack of vision on his eyes. The lighting starts to cycle through dark purples and soft whites until he makes it down to the end of the ramp.]


Mike Dempsey - Introducing first, standing 6’1” and weighing at 232 pounds, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, representing Elysium Pro Wrestling, “The Edge of Reality” SHIDO!


[Shido drags himself onto the ring apron, relaxing on it. He lowers his body down, hanging by his arm on the rope. When he hits the apron, he stretches all the way out and slides into the ring. As he lies there, he contemplates getting up. When he does, he establishes an eerie pace until he's upright. The lights flash brighter to show Shido in all of his glory. He times his final stance in the ring with his arms out. Shido brings his arms upward, stretched out as a spotlight casts onto him. His arms continues to rise upward to the now dying spotlight until he's completey immerged in darkness. When the lights come back up, Shido has positioned himself on the bottom rope, using it as a seat.]


Dante Reed - Alright here comes the enigma of Elysium, SHIDO. Bas, what can you tell us about this guy?


Sebastian Riggs - Well Dante, like you said, this man is a very mysterious being. He claims to be not from this dimension. He’s a master manipulator who can control the tempo of the match with extremely clever counters. This bout is going to be an excellent clash of styles.


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing at 135 pounds, from anywhere and everywhere, representing the XWA, she is the reigning, UNDISPUTED Trench War Champion, “The Lethal Lackeen” Emery Layton!








[As the opening drums of The Feud's rendition of Kate Bush classic "Running Up That Hill" hit the PA system, excitement hits the air. The song explodes to life and the Worst of the Pavees herself- wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear- emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people have turned out. She's holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now.]


Dante Reed - And here we go! Our very own Trench War Champion, Emery Layton has arrived! Bas, what can be said about Emery that we haven’t said over and over again?


Sebastian Riggs - Well, I guess we can officially add in the fact she was voted in by her peers as Valor Award recipient for Female, Overall, and Champion of the year! But you’re right, 2017 has been Emery’s year. Not only for her success in Union Battleground, but she also won XWA’s Lord of the Ring and will be cashing in soon to become the face of the company. She’s been busy working all over the world and tonight we see her here at the Hammerstein Ballroom!


[Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket as she skates up the steel steps and climbs the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, it's quite obviously not loud enough for her, as she lifts her arms up, indicating for them to get louder. Once the eccentric Irish traveler has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. Once she's in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upper body falls backwards. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and crawls into her corner, removing her jacket and dumping the battered old thing to the outside as she sits down, legs flat out, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - Alright, we’re all squared away as our referee for this bout is none other than our Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. This match will be a nontitle match, which is unusual given Emery’s claim to making the Trench War Title the Fighter’s Championship.


Sebastian Riggs - That’s true, but take into consideration this is an off-season show, Mr. Graves probably felt that it was best to save the title defenses for season two.


Dante Reed - Alright folks, we have both competitors stationed in their corners and O’Neal is calling for the bell. This match is underway!




[SHIDO begins by taunting Layton to “come get some” with a hand gesture and Layton responds by moving in with a right that is blocked, then a left which is blocked and followed up by SHIDO straight kicking Layton in the gut, sending her back into the corner! SHIDO starts in on Layton with a furious set of rights and lefts until the ref comes over to force the break on a defenseless Emery Layton! Layton immediately springs out of the corner and tackles SHIDO to the mat as he’s backed off and they exchange blows on the mat for a few moments until each competitor scurries to their feet, to which SHIDO jumps up and dropkicks Layton back down to the mat before she can even make a move!]


Dante Reed - Fast pace action right out of the gate. Emery’s head-on approach will be key to keeping SHIDO on his toes.


[As SHIDO goes to grab Layton by the hair, she quickly kicks him in the head sending him stumbling back a few feet. Emery gets up and starts landing kicks directly to the gut of SHIDO sending him stumbling back further into the corner. She pulls SHIDO out of the corner and she goes to Irish whip him but SHIDO pulls Layton back into a huge short range lariat across the face that knocks Emery on to the mat on her back! SHIDO now starts with swift right and left kicks to Emery’s ribs while she’s on the mat, wearing her down! Emery tries to roll to her feet but as soon as she does so, SHIDO lands another swift kick, this time across the side of her head! Emery stumbles back into the corner and SHIDO follows up with a huge running boot that crumbles Emery down, slumping her up against the bottom turnbuckle!]


Dante Reed - SHIDO has taken the reins early in the match up.


Sebastian Riggs - He likes to dictate the pace, and right now he’s flawless with this tempo.


[SHIDO now charges at Emery and in the last moment, Emery manages to move out of the way causing SHIDO’s knee to run into the turnbuckle! As he steps back in pain, clutching his knee, Emery moves in with a chop block that brings SHIDO down to one knee! Layton uses the ropes to pull herself up, runs in and plants SHIDO directly in the face with a beautiful front dropkick that sends him tumbling back, eventually landing on his stomach!]


Dante Reed - And now Emery seems to have taken control!


Sebastian Riggs - His has been a back and forth affair, Dante. Neither fighter is letting up!


[Emery points into the air, towards the top turnbuckle and slowly begins making her way towards the corner. She begins the climb, gets to the top, takes a breath, surveys her options and proceeds to fly off the top rope with a Double Somersault Splash which at the last minute, SHIDO manages to evade causing Emery to land directly on the mat with no opponent to break her fall!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Emery was looking to end this night early with a Wuthering Heights, but SHIDO wa able to escape!


Sebastian Riggs - I’m not so sure if SHIDO escaped as much as he baited her in!


[SHIDO crawls over to the downed Layton, rolls her over and makes the cover.]


... One!


... Two!




[SHIDO now wraps his hands in Emery's hair and as he lifts Emery up to her feet, we can see the pain and agony in her eyes. SHIDO tugs her head back and looks her in the eyes as Emery tries to counter and throw an elbow but instead, SHIDO catches it, grabs her by the wrist and attempts to get her up into a Wrist Clutch Olympic Slam but Layton manages to shake herself down off of SHIDO’s shoulders, to which he turns around and Emery goes to kick him in the gut but SHIDO catches her boot, steps over her leg and drops Layton hard to the mat with an unforgiving Enziguri!]


Sebastian Riggs - This is what I was talking about. SHIDO is masterful at countering attacks, and most times looks to be a step ahead of his opposition.


[Emery is slowly lifting herself up now as SHIDO stands over top of her, as if he is enjoying every minute of her exhaustion. She begins tugging at his tights to pull herself up and SHIDO looks around, very unimpressed when suddenly he and everyone in attendance are taken by surprise by an Emery Layton small package attempt on him!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—KICK OUT!


Dante Reed - Emery Layton had an element of surprise and nearly caught SHIDO completely off guard!


Sebastian Riggs - She’s the Champ for a reason. She may be fairly new to the business but her knowledge and ring awareness is comparable to the best of veterans in the game!


[SHIDO just manages to escape the desperate pin attempt in time as the fans groan as they thought Emery might have snuck one by. SHIDO is visibly bothered that Emery tried to pull a fast one so he brings her to her feet and immediately throws her into the corner and follows up with devastating knife edged chop after knife edged chop that has the crowd cringing with every chop across her chest that echoes throughout the Hammerstein Ballroom. After about a dozen knife edged chops, SHIDO rears back and lets off the biggest one of them all that causes Layton to come strutting out of the corner, bent forward, clutching her chest in pain. As she does, SHIDO climbs to the second rope and comes off grabbing Layton by the back of the head and dropping her face first on the mat with a huge bulldog!]


Dante Reed - SHIDO unleashes a devastating bulldog off the turnbuckle! Bas, I hate to say this, but things are looking bleak for Emery Layton!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s not looking good, but you can’t ever count her out!


[SHIDO once again doesn’t make the cover, instead electing to play with Emery some more as he once again bring her up to her feet. SHIDO Irish whips Layton, this time towards the ropes but she catches a second wind and bounces back off of them catching SHIDO with a huge sling blade that sends both down to the mat. With SHIDO now down, Layton gets a little energy and bangs the mat pumped up. SHIDO begins getting to his feet and Layton sees this so quickly reacts by coming at him and nailing him with a Spinning Wheel Kick right before he gets his balance. Layton is starting to regain momentum, runs to the turnbuckles, climbs to the second rope and wastes no time coming off and connecting with a second rope moonsault that lands perfectly on SHIDO but the impact bounces Layton off of him, sending her to the mat as well clutching her stomach in pain.]


Dante Reed - Emery fires back again!


[Emery struggles through it though and crawls towards the ropes, using them to help her up once again in this match and goes to the outside onto the apron. Emery looks around to the crowd and waves her arms to get them roaring which they do in response, jumps up onto the top rope and springboards off with a 450 Splash but somehow, someway SHIDO manages to roll out of the way causing Emery to bounce off the mat with a loud thud but the force of the impact brings her stumbling up to her feet. SHIDO gets up to and with all her will power Emery tries to throw a right hand but SHIDO grabs her fist, puts it between her legs and nails her with a huge Wrist Clutch Exploder!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! I can’t believe it! SHIDO just annihilates Layton with the Bloodstained Love Story!


Sebastian Riggs - I can’t believe what I’m seeing here! Emery is in trouble!


[SHIDO covers the downed Emery Layton as the referee makes the count.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, SHIDO!


Dante Reed - I don’t believe it! I CAN’T believe it! Emery Layton goes down!


Sebastian Riggs - Dante what a match! SHIDO has slayed the Trench War Traveller! This is incredible! I know SHIDO isn’t technically under the Union Battleground banner, but you have to believe he’s in line for an actual title shot!


Dante Reed - This is Incredible! Emery will hold on to her title all in part of Axel Graves enforcing this match to be a nontitle fight. If we would have had this Emery’s way, we’d be looking at a new Trench War Champion! I’m stunned, I’m simply stunned! ... Well as we all gather our thoughts on what just happened, we have one match to go tonight. But before we do, we will take another short commercial break while our final musical performance of the night, the Battleground’s very own house band The Scumbag Society will be performing! Stick around!


rogan maclean vs Nemesis vs dick devereaux

Mike Dempsey - Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the Burning Hammer Main Event!


[The crowd pops in anticipation for the Triple Threat.]


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, standing 6’ even and weighing in at 200 pounds, from Galway, Ireland, representing the Unified Global Wrestling Coalition, Rogan MacLean!


[The opening chords to "Ridicule" by American Head Charge plays softly as the lights dim, silver and red spotlights alternating from the stage down the ramp to the ring. The front man opens up, murmuring the opening lyrics as a sort of chant. As the chant crescendos, a guitar riff cuts in, then the only thing heard is the front man's chants with no music behind them.]





[Rogan steps from the curtain and spreads his arms, walking through the first silver spotlight and making his way to the red spotlight. The lyrics to the first verse intensify, and Rogan's determined stare towards the ring intensifies as well. He climbs to the apron and turns, bringing his hands up in a single swipe, with his fingers in the shape of scissors, closing his fingers as if cutting invisible strings. He takes a moment to look around at the fans before climbing through the ropes and stepping into the middle of the ring. He takes in the atmosphere again, then kneels to one knee, placing a single palm down on the canvas, showing respect for the ring in which he competes in.]


Dante Reed - Rogan MacLean has accumulated quite the number of accolades in his career and this is his first appearance in the Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - He didn’t exactly draw the easiest of opponents for his first time either! Let’s see what he can do with the best the Battleground has to offer!




["Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits and the lights begin to flash violently to the beat. The ramp puts out smoke as red lasers begin to strobe around the arena. Dick Devereaux comes out from the back through the smoke with an irritated look spread across his face and a water bottle in hand. He comes to the edge of the ramp as he extends both arms towards the sky with his middle fingers pointed out at the crowd.]


Mike Dempsey - And now coming to the ring, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 243 pounds, from Washington D.C., representing Tide of Blood, “The Butcher” Dick Devereaux!


[He looks around before he begins to nod his head to the beat and begins to pour the water bottle over his head. He tosses the water bottle into the audience as he continues to nod his head to the beat. He begins to bend over as he holds his baldhead. He then violently starts to bang his head as he begins to punch himself over and over again. Dick then flips his wet head up and raises his fists before lowering them and beginning down the ramp.  Dick is now at the end of the ramp as he runs and hops up onto the apron. He looks around before holding up his middle fingers outwards towards the crowd. He then slowly brings them down to the camera and spews off a few hateful words before stepping into the ring through the ropes. Dick walks over to the farthest turnbuckle and steps to the second rope. He looks around and then bends down and starts to head bang, letting water from his head soak the crowd below. He then flips his head up and raises his fists slowly before hoping down. Dick walks over to the ropes and steps on the middle one with his right leg and the bottom one with his left as he bounces on the ropes, staring at the crowd. His music dies down as Dick ditches his leather jacket and waits in the corner, pacing back and forth ready for the attack.]


Dante Reed- This man has been waiting ever so patiently to get his hands on the Champion!


Sebastian Riggs - Well, he better not forget about Rogan MacLean Dante or things may not go the way Dick’s planned!


Mike Dempsey - And finally their opponent, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 245 pounds, from parts unknown, he is the reigning, UNDISPUTED Union Battleground Champion, “The Alpha & Omega” Nemesis!


[The arena goes dark as the opening chords of “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie begin to surround the fans of the arena. With each audio moan on the track’s opening sequence, the arena flashes a deep dark red then as the guitar kicks in the lights slowly begin to rise to a dim setting and we see Nemesis kneeling at the top of the ramp with the Union Battleground Championship glistening around his waist, as a single red spotlight shines down on him while Preacher laughs methodically, leaning forward on his cane by Nemesis’ side.]







[As Rob Zombie’s voice kicks in, Nemesis raises his lowered head, outstretches his arms, raises to his feet and then proceeds forward slowly towards the ring with the arena remaining dark and the lone red spotlight following Nemesis’ path accordingly as Preacher is walking by his side, laughing evilly to the crowd and scaring children with his long, vampire-like fingernails. Nemesis walks by the fans not phased in the slightest by the cheers and chirps with his eyes solely focused on the ring before him. Nemesis approaches the ring steps with Preacher now trailing behind, begins to walk up them, stops at the final step, unstraps the Union Battleground Championship from his waist, jumps directly onto the top turnbuckle and outstretch his arms while kneeling down, lifting the Union Battleground Championship high in the air as smoke fills the ring. Nemesis then hops down into the ring walking directly into the center of the squared circle where he falls to both knees, places the Union Battleground Championship on the mat before him and lowers his head similarly to how he was on the entrance ramp as Preacher again leans on his cane, standing by his side with his sinister laugh echoing even through the music playing. As the music continues, Nemesis simultaneously raises his head and outstretches his arms as the lights come on and the music stops.]


Dante Reed - It’s always quite the spectacle when the Champion arrives but he’ll need more then flashiness to get the job done against these two fierce competitors!


Sebastian Riggs - This will be my first time seeing the three men compete first hand Dante, I’m interested to see how this one plays out!


Dante Reed - Alright folks, all three men are locked in their corners and look ready to kill! Our referee for this contest is Senior official Bruce O’Neal. Bruce checks off each competitor one last time and he calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Rogan MacLean, Dick Devereaux and Nemesis stare each other down as the bell sounds with the crowd roaring loudly throughout the Hammerstein Ballroom in anticipation, going as far as doing a synchronized foot stomp and hand clap to a “This Is Awesome” chant. Nemesis is flashing a sinister smirk while Devereaux looks like he’s ready to take someone’s head off and Rogan MacLean is looking back and forth between his two opponents as if he is approaching the unknown.]


Dante Reed - Since Union Battleground Owner Axel Graves put the pen to paper making this event official, the Union Battleground faithful have been eagerly anticipating this Triple Threat Main Event!


Sebastian Riggs - Three of the best in the world in the same ring under the Union Battleground banner!


[The crowd continues buzzing as Rogan MacLean starts cautiously edging towards his two opponents. He suddenly dashes and throws himself towards Dick Devereaux! He gets caught mid air by Devereaux and is sent crashing down to the mat with a massive Double D Spinebuster causing MacLean to cringe and roll outside to avoid further harm! Dick turns to Nemesis who stands only a few feet from him with a sinister smirk across his face as now the fans begin to go with a back and forth chant.]







[The crowd absolutely explodes as two begin exchanging furious rights and lefts with neither man backing down or bothering to even try duck, dodge or block!]


Dante Reed – These two men have not been in a ring together since Nemesis’ controversial victory at our Season One Finale Coup De Grace where Nemesis walked away with the Union Battleground Championship!


Sebastian Riggs - And you can bet that Dick Devereaux has been eagerly awaiting his chance to get his hands on Nemesis!


[Dick tries to throw a right haymaker but Nemesis blocks it by grabbing Devereaux’s arm and attempts to turn it into a DDT but Dick Devereaux stops that attempt with a shot to the ribs of Nemesis and throws him against the ropes. Devereaux lifts Nemesis onto the ropes to springboard suplex him but Nemesis reverses his body in mid-air and comes down planting Devereaux with a crazy Reverse DDT!]


Dante Reed - Wow! What a counter by the Union Battleground Champion!


Sebastian Riggs - You can’t deny his athleticism Dante, that’s for sure!


[Nemesis stands Devereaux up to his feet and he goes to put Devereaux into Fireman’s carry position but Rogan MacLean has now slid back into the ring and takes him out with a dropkick! Devereaux falls off of Nemesis’ shoulders and walks into another perfectly executed dropkick delivered by Rogan macLean! Rogan grabs both men by their hair and brings them to their feet and instantly drops them back down with a double cutter!]


Dante Reed - What a creative way to take both men down with that double cutter by Rogan MacLean!


[Rogan MacLean climbs to the top ropes and plays to the Union Battleground crowd, who respond to him with a mixture of cheers and jeers. Rogan now sees Dick getting to his feet and since it worked on the ground level, decides to attempt a Top Rope Missile Dropkick that Devereaux side steps and sends Rogan to the mat hard, stomach first. As he gets to his knees clutching his waist, Nemesis is now to his feet and charges in furiously cracking MacLean in the face with a vicious running knee strike to the front of his face!]


Dante Reed - Nemesis just about took Rogan MacLean’s head off with that running knee strike!


Sebastian Riggs - Nemesis still has to be aware of Dick Devereaux!


[Almost as if on cue, Nemesis goes to turn his attention to Devereaux who is already charging and leaps at Nemesis, almost taking him out of his wrestling boots with his signature missile-like spear!]




[Devereaux hooks the leg for the cover on Nemesis as the ref gets down to make the count.]


... One!




Dante Reed - Wow! Nemesis easily kicks out of the Homing Missile!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s way too early for a cover Dante. Seems Dick got a little anxious there!


[Devereaux goes to bring Nemesis to his feet but Nemesis responds with a few right hands to Dick’s gut and then Nemesis throws Devereaux into the corner. Nemesis runs full speed towards Devereaux and goes for a corner splash but Dick Devereaux moves and Nemesis goes stomach first into the hard turnbuckle and smashes his face off of the ring post! The collision causes Nemesis to fall to his left, over the top of the ropes and down to the mat on the outside. Devereaux sees this opportunity to slide out of the ring as Rogan MacLean is slumped in the corner, still gathering himself. Devereaux waits as Nemesis begins to get to his feet and charges, going for another Homing Missile, this time on the outside but Nemesis side steps, grabs Dick by the neck and leads his spear right into the steel steps causing the top step to jar loose and off the bottom step and Devereaux to crash face first to the mat on the outside in obvious pain. As Nemesis examines Devereaux he turns back to the ring just in time to see Rogan MacLean do a springboard moonsault on top of him to the outside that sends Nemesis and Rogan to the floor with Nemesis taking the brunt of it!]


Dante Reed - What a springboard moonsault by Rogan MacLean!


[Dick Devereaux is now up and staggering on his feet and sits on the bottom steel step to try and recover for a moment while Nemesis sits, slumped up against the barricade. Rogan MacLean now gets up and slides back into the ring choosing to lean up against a turnbuckle, still feeling the effects of his high-flying move. Suddenly, Devereaux is up off the steel step, charges Nemesis and cleans his clock with a huge boot to the face, then in one motion, rolls into the ring and charges Rogan who tried to stand his ground at the last minute, tackling him to the mat with a Lou Thesz Press! As Devereaux feeds Rogan with rights and lefts, he finally gets off, roars at the crowd and stalks MacLean whose trying to scramble to his feet. As Rogan gets up, Dick charges in and hits his signature running crossbody!]


Dante Reed - I.E.D by Devereaux!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s not looking good for Rogan MacLean here Dante!


[Dick Devereaux makes the cover as the referee starts the pin.]


... One!


... Two!


... BREAK!


[Nemesis breaks up the pinfall!]


Dante Reed -Dick Devereaux nearly put Rogan MacLean away!


Sebastian Riggs - Big save by Nemesis to keep this match alive!


[Nemesis pulls Dick off of Rogan by his feet, flips him over, ties up his legs and turns Dick Devereaux onto his stomach into a picture perfect Texas Cloverleaf!]


Dante Reed - Nemesis has now turned the tables with a submission move!


Sebastian - You have to wonder if Devereaux will tap to this Texas Cloverleaf Dante, Nemesis has it locked in tight!


[As Devereaux screams in agony, reaching towards the ropes, Nemesis steps forward a few feet with the hold locked in, taking them to the middle of the ropes, causing Devereaux to clutch his head in pain. Rogan is now beginning to get up to his feet and sees the submission hold being applied. Rogan gathers himself, gets onto the outside of the ring apron lined up behind an unsuspecting Nemesis and then proceeds to springboard and deliver a sick spinning heel kick to the back of Nemesis’ head sending him crashing face first to the mat, releasing the hold on Devereaux!]


Dante Reed - A Leap Out of The Shadow by Rogan MacLean onto the back of Nemesis’ head! Nemesis is down!


Sebastian Riggs - But more importantly, he prevented Nemesis from possibly ending this contest with that Texas Cloverleaf because Devereaux had absolutely nowhere to go!


[With Nemesis down, Rogan is back to his feet and turns his attention to Devereaux whose back to his feet but with a noticeable limp that Rogan begins to target with stiff right and left kicks to Devereaux’s left knee. Dick grabs the ropes for support as the kicks continue to come in and chop him down until finally Dick catches an attempted right kick by MacLean and takes Rogan down with a nice Dragon Screw. As Rogan quickly gets back up, Devereaux meets him with a few right forearms to the face and then sends him into the ropes, Rogan bounces off them and ducks Devereaux’s clothesline attempt, proceeding to bounce off the opposite ropes and tries to come back with a crossbody that Devereaux catches him in and then in one swift motion, slides Rogan over his shoulders and into a Backpack position and then crushes Rogan with a massive Backpack Stunner that has the fans erupt out of their seats as Rogan hits the mat laying flat out on his back.]


Dante Reed - Pipebomb by Dick Devereaux! This one’s over!


[Devereaux stays seated for a moment, turns around and as he does, is met out of nowhere by another absolutely vicious running knee strike from Nemesis like the one delivered by him earlier on Rogan MacLean! The impact causes Devereaux to fly out of the ring between the bottom and middle rope as Nemesis then just falls back and drapes himself casually over the body of an unconscious Rogan MacLean whose still out cold as the referee gets in position once again to count the fall.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




[As the referee signals for the bell, Nemesis rolls off of the downed Rogan MacLean exhausted from the match while Devereaux is still on the outside of the ring, now sitting casually against the barricade holding his jaw in pain with an extremely pissed off look pasted all over his face.]


Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, the Union Battleground Champion, Nemesis!


Dante Reed - What a match, Bas! Nemesis seized the moment as Devereaux looked to have won this match!


Sebastian Riggs - He stole this one away from Devereaux! The Butcher has got to be furious right now! This is highway robbery!


Dante Reed - One can only imagine, Bas. This night has no doubt only added fuel to the fire between Nemesis and Dick Devereaux. Folks, that’s all we have here tonight we want to thank you for watching and invite you to join us for the kick off of season two January 14. Good night everybody!


[After a night worthy of a pay-per-view, the final embers of Burning Hammer flicker to its demise. Union Battleground Owner and Promoter Axel Graves sits alone in his office with a tumbler of bourbon, neat, in one hand and a half smoked cigar in the other, twiddling in an ashtray. After a night like tonight, Graves should be ecstatic, but instead he looks worrisome. The silence is broken with a knock at the door.]


Axel Graves - Who is it?


[The door opens up and it’s a man that Graves was introduced to at Coup de Grâce.]


[Dolan Farson.]


Dolan Farson - Mr. Graves, do you have a moment?


[Graves hesitate for a minute until the tension in his brows and jaw relaxes. Graves gives off an unforgiving smirk before gesturing for the gentleman to take a seat. Farson steps inside the office, and makes his way over to the minibar where Graves has his assortment of top shelf alcohol sat out. Farson grabs a glass for himself and a bottle of scotch and turns to Graves.]


Dolan Farson - May I?


Axel Graves - Please, be my guest.


[Farson pours himself a glass and sits across the desk from Graves. Dolan basks in the scent of the stiff drink before plunging in.]


Axel Graves - So what do I owe this pleasure, Mr. Forsen?


[Dolan finishes the drink before setting the glass down on the desk, causing his ice cubes to clink around.]


Dolan Farson - I just wanted to congratulate you on putting together such a successful event tonight… But I also wanted to tell you, that you got lucky.


[Graves looks dumbfounded.]


Axel Graves - Lucky? How so?


Dolan Farson - With Emery Layton’s defeat. You got lucky that her match was a non-title fight. If she had defended that title like she has done so many times, all over the place and at so many different promotions, we’d have ourselves a little predicament here. That Trench War Championship that has been so sought after, would now be in the hands of someone from Elysium. That title would no longer be in your control.


[Graves looks a bit irritated but he can’t deny Dolan’s remarks.]


Dolan Farson - I’m here right now to reiterate to you... “hire him”. Hire him and these worries and these problems will go away. He will make sure that the Trench War Championship stays under the Union Battleground banner. But not without a price.


[Axel Graves mulls over the offer laid on the table before responding.]


Axel Graves - All right Dolan, I’ll make you an offer. I’ll give him…


[Suddenly the door springs open and it’s our resident “cold sore of commentary”, our “dirtbag of the dirtsheets”, “Diamond” Dick Thrasher.]


Dick Thrasher - Oh, sorry boss. I didn’t know you were with someone.


Axel Graves - It’s alright, Dick. What is it?


[Thrasher steps inside and closes the door. He approaches Graves with an envelope in hand.]


Dick Thrasher - I was sorting the mail and had this for you. It doesn’t have a return address so I’m not sure how it got through to here, but I thought I should deliver it personally to you.


[Graves looks confused as Dick hands him the envelope. It’s hand written with simply “Axel” wrote on it. Graves opens it up and reads the letter. His jaw nearly hits the floor as he stares at the paper.]


Dick Thrasher - Wh— What’s it say, boss?


[Graves sits frozen for a while before finally turning the paper over to Thrasher. The letter simply says “It’s time to collect”.]


Dick Thrasher - What the fuck? That can’t be, can it?


Axel Graves - I know that hand writing. Dick, he’s coming.


[Thrasher looks panicked, seemingly knowing what Axel’s vague remarks are.]


Dick Thrasher - Well what the fuck?! We can’t pay him just yet! What do we do?


[Graves sits there scratching at his beard before a light bulb moment jolts him.]


Axel Graves - You know the saying, it’s hard to hit a moving target... that’s just it... we go international! Excuse me, Mr. Farson, but I have other business matters to attend to.

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