Qudos Bank Arena

Sydney, Australia

21, 000

Desktop 1920 x 1080

Burying the Past

[A light fog rolling over the dark green tundra at night is what we open up to. We look to be extremely close to the water, while different styled stone statues and head stones are scattered throughout, it’s obvious now; we are in a cemetery. The camera continues to move past tombstones, flowers left for the deceased by loved ones, candles lit in memory of and various family-made memorials that lie next to various graves. We begin to see the orange and red glow of a fire a little off in the distance ahead, which the camera is heading directly for. After passing by more graves, a black cat suddenly runs out, across the ground in front of the camera as we come up to the source of the fire; a group of black cloaked druids, each holding a torch high, in a circle with something looking to be taking place in the middle of the circle they’ve created.]


[We push by a few and come to the middle of the circle where our view is quite the one to take in as Nemesis, Viduus, Alexander Devin, Preacher and The Speaker stand in front of two people; Camila Martinez and Sinister. Both Mila and Sinister are down on their knees with their hands and ankles bound by large rope, while also having their mouths stuffed with gags. Mila looks visibly distressed with tears running down her cheeks, while Sinister looks broken, beaten and no longer presents the intimidating presence he once held. We can make out, that behind each of them, is a deep and freshly dug grave.]


Preacher - For the waves of death have encompassed thee; the torrents of destruction have overwhelmed them; the cords of Hades have surrounded them and the snares of death now confront you!


[As Preacher finishes his ceremonious prayer, Nemesis steps forward from the pack, first bending forward in front of Sinister, so he can be face to face with him.]


Nemesis - My how you’ve disappointed me brother. Your every failure echoes daily in my mind and it’s time to silence that echo. You have strayed from the path and become unworthy to walk alongside us. Your effort, like your existence was futile and now, you must pay the consequences, brother.


[Nemesis stands up to his feet for a moment and sighs at the sight of Sinister looking so weak and helpless but then walks a step to his left to stand before his “Black Rose” Camila Martinez, the first mortal he ever gave an opportunity to walk along side him.]


Nemesis - It seems as though the final pedal has fallen for my withered “Black Rose”…


[Like he did with Sinister, Nemesis crouches down in front of a visibly upset Mila Martinez who is pleading through the gag as it muffles her words.]


Nemesis - There is no need to beg…it’s pathetic and I taught you better than that. You were both warned what the consequences of failure would be in the Battalion tournament but it seems as though neither one of you took it seriously enough. How disappointing, especially after what you had both witnessed first hand with Kreature, nonetheless, it is now time for Sinister and yourself to reap what you have both sewn.


[Nemesis grazes Mila’s tear-soaked cheek with his hand before standing up and signaling towards the druids. Out of the group comes one who is dressed completely different from the bunch. He’s got long, knee high black leather boots, a black executioner-style robe with a wide, black belt, black leather gloves, black leather wrist cuffs and a black executioner cowl that covers his face. He walks next to Nemesis who simply nods towards Sinister’s direction and without hesitation, the Executioner swiftly kicks Sinister directly in the chest which sends Sinister straight back into the empty grave that lays behind him. Mila can be heard getting louder with her pleas under the gag but it doesn’t change the mind of Nemesis in the slightest as he nods towards Mila and this time, the Executioner walks up to Mila, places his boot on her chest and slowly tips her over into the grave, as if enjoying every bit of it enough to milk it out for a few more seconds. Nemesis turns and walks a few feet back towards the rest of Salvation who are looking on in delight as the Executioner instructs a few of the surrounding druids to backfill the open graves both Mila and Sinister lie in with dirt, essentially burying them alive as the camera comes in on Nemesis addressing the rest of Salvation.]


Nemesis - Now that the unworthy have been dealt with, it’s time for us to handle this group of rejects led by Richard that Axel has pitted against us…and our surprise for them awaits our arrival… Come, let’s not keep him waiting!


[Nemesis begins to walk away from the druids filling the graves as Viduus, Devin, Preacher and The Speaker all follow suit with the camera beginning to fade up into the sky, giving us a bird’s eye view of the cemetery and the group of druids working away vigorously at burying Salvation’s past.]

Welcome to the Show



[A video montage begins to play with highlights from Union Battleground’s off-season event, Burning Hammer. Starting with the aged veteran Rob Sharpe having his hand raised in victory, to MURAMASA-kokka pummeling Anton Chase, to Hammerstein ambushing Johnny Vachon during his intermission set, to Kimitsu Zombie laying waste to Rukia Matsuoka and proclaiming her sights set on revenge, to The Firing Squad coming out victorious in a brutal Battalion affair, to the shocking defeat of Emery Layton at the hands of Elysium’s SHIDO, to finally Nemesis tossing Dick Devereaux out of the ring to steal a victory over UGWC’s Rogan MacLean.]


[After the compilation of the action throughout the event, we switch gears to the scene of Axel Graves in discussions with the perplexing Dolan Farson. “Diamond” Dick Thrasher abruptly walks in and hands Graves an envelope. The final scene before fading out is the letter with the message “It’s Time to Collect.”]








[As the first verse of “Head for a Breakdown” by CKY begins to play out, highlights of the season one “Rivalry of the Year” between Dick Devereaux and Nemesis are shown. Beginning with initial formation of Salvation when Nemesis defeated and then crucified Drew Stevenson at Fallout, to the continuous beatings they dished out to Anton Chase, Trixie, Tornado Desencadenado, and more. Highlights of Nemesis offering the then Union Battleground Champion Dick Devereaux to join their cause transpire, then the final moments of Nemesis winning Guerrilla Warfare, and Dick Devereaux swerving the monster group with Pipebombs all around. The final compilation shows the two battling at Coup de Grâce in a “7th Circle of Hell” match, where we see Viduus Morta emerge through the ring canvas to help Nemesis defeat Devereaux to become the new champion and Viduus declaring his allegiance to Salvation.]





[We now move to the “good guys” of the Battleground. Shots of Emery Layton continuing her streak of title defenses, to Kimitsu Zombie’s destruction of the opposition, to The Outliers rallying and winning the Battalion Championships... To the new faces that enters the Battleground like Flash Kassidy, Alex Kincaid, Elina Cartel, Rodney Stillwater, and more.]







[After the opening video montage closes, we move to an overhead view of the ring, with the trademark eroded star in red in the center of a murdered out black ring. The crowd is in pandemonium as a colossal fireworks display equipped with lights and pyro radiate the arena. Camera angles pan all throughout the arena to catch the amped up fans in the crowd. A few shots focus in on some of the fans who brought along signs for the event.]

[We finally transition over to the broadcast booth to see the familiar voice of the Battleground with his new colleague to his side.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, we are Union Battleground, and this is RELAPSE! I am your host, “The Doctor” Dante Reed and alongside me is the sultan of suplex, Sebastian Riggs! We are live here in Sydney, Australia at the Qudos Bank Arena in front of a sold out crowd of 20,000 passionate fans!


Sebastian Riggs - Dante, we are officially kicking off season two! It felt like an eternity to get here, but it’s finally here! You know, this place is a little bigger than the Hammerstein Ballroom, I hope I can handle the pressure!


Dante Reed - No doubt we are in a massive building that’s fit for the show ahead of us! Tonight, we will see some familiar faces from season one, but we will also see a lot of fresh new talent for the Battleground!


Sebastian Riggs - And a lot of those new guys will be given a chance to quickly make a name for themselves! We’ve got Axton Pierce taking on Jordan Rayburn for one of the four horsemen medallions! Whoever wins this match tonight punches their ticket for a shot at the War Horse Championship that will be crowned at the March 11th pay-per-view, “Crown of the King Cobra”.


Dante Reed - And speaking of “King Cobra”, we will have two play-in bouts to see who will enter the highly touted and talked about tournament for that gorgeous championship! We’ll see Rebellion Pro's Terry McKenna battle Carnage Wrestling's Brian Crucifix and also Flash Kassidy taking on Alexander Devin! But that's not all for this tournament, we’ve also got a first round match in the King Cobra Tournament scheduled here tonight with Elina Cartel taking on Rodney Stillwater!


Sebastian Riggs - All eight of these competitors have a lot at stake tonight, and have an incredible chance to skyrocket themselves up the ladder! Can’t wait to see these matches unfold!


Dante Reed - Our headline match up tonight will be two familiar faces from season one as Emery Layton is set to defend her Trench War Championship against Anton Chase!


Sebastian Riggs - This is one I’m probably most excited to watch because these two competitors are lightning fast and have a repertoire of show stopping maneuvers! Anton gets the nod here tonight because his former longtime rival Trixie is unable to compete tonight, but I hear she’s somewhere in the building! Things could get a little interesting in that one!


Dante Reed - Also on deck, we have the singles debut of Noah Reigner in the Battleground as he’s been scheduled in a triple threat match with debuting Adrian Bruiser and Alex Kincaid!


Sebastian Riggs - There’s been some chatter going on between these three, and it’s shaping up to be quite a spectacle. Reigner looks like the runt of the litter in this bout with Kincaid and Bruiser towering him. But could this be a classic David versus Goliath storybook ending for Reigner? If he plans to win, he’s going to have to stay sharp, stay fast, and keep his head on a swivel because these two brutes bring the pain!


Dante Reed - And also, for our main event, we have a different type of trios match... One that Axel Graves calls a “Prisoners of War” match. Originally, we were to see Dick Devereaux alongside his mentor Kuk Killswitch and Battleground newcomer Johnny Vachon take on Nemesis, Viduus Morta, and Sinister. But did you see what they fuckin’ did to Sinister and Camila Martinez?!


Sebastian Riggs - This is a ruthless bunch, Dante! Nemesis runs a tight ship, and has shown he will not hesitate to pull the plug on a floundering member! But you have to wonder, who’s going to be their third man? Alexander Devin has a singles match tonight, will he be pulling double duty?


Dante Reed - I guess we will find out later tonight. But for now, it’s time to kickoff the season with two “One Night Stand” matches, where we’ll see old school versus new school, Rob Sharpe versus Conor Tate; and a Battleground Network special, Elysium President Finale versus Motor City Wrestling’s Rayne Young. So with that, let’s switch gears to ringside where our very own hype man awaits in the ring. Mike, take it away!

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a “One Night Only” Match! Introducing first, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 225 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, “CT” Conor Tate!







[As the instrumental blasts through the arena the lights dim, and several small spotlights come together on the stage forming a pool of silver light. A small explosion of silver sparks shoots up from the floor to the delight of the fans, and "C.T." Conor Tate steps through the curtain into the lights as the smoke lingers around him in the air. He doesn't smile or pose. His jaw is clenched, and his eyes blazing with intensity as he stares at the ring. He cranks his neck from side to side and rolls his shoulders as he bounces from foot to foot in anticipation before breaking for the ring in an all out sprint. The fans cheer as he bursts down the ramp to ringside and slides underneath the bottom rope and into the ring, sliding a few feet on the canvas before rolling to his feet.]


Dante Reed - Our first competitor of the evening, Conor Tate, is making his in-ring debut here tonight, Bas. Anything you tell us about him?


Sebastian Riggs - We don’t have much on Tate, but I know he man is a very athletic man. He trains hard, and goes hard. He’s bound to make some rookie mistakes, but when I talked to him, he seems to really want this. He wants this to flourish into a career, so we’ll have to see what he’s got against this veteran.


[He makes his way to the turnbuckle, grabbing the ropes and pulling on them powerfully. Satisfied with their sturdiness, he uses them to stretch out and waits for his opponent.]







[“Phantom Limb” by Alice in Chains blares throughout the arena PA system, with the lights flashing on and off in rhythm with the drums; as the song kicks into high gear, the curtain parts and out comes Rob Sharpe, head hung low with a grin across his face and his signature barbed wire bat rested on his shoulder.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6'3" and weighing in tonight at 250 pounds, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing The Badd Breed, he is Rob Sharpe!


[The crowd roars and screams for their man, and he looks up to them with a smile and a “I’m not worthy” gesture before slapping hands along the way down to the ring, where he places Barbara on the apron at a nearby corner before rolling into the ring and reclining against the ropes, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - And once again, we’ve got the man, Rob Sharpe, in the building tonight. Sharpe graced us all with a brutal showdown at the off-season show, Burning Hammer, when he took on and defeated another vet in Crowbar. Tonight’s going to be a little different for him.


Sebastian Riggs - Sharpe was able to go toe-to-toe with Crowbar, but that’s one of the big keys to his success here tonight. Can he keep up with the younger Conor Tate? I think if he plans on winning tonight, and taking the young man to the cleaners at the bar as they’re eluded to on Twitter, he’s going to have to end this one early.


Dante Reed - A bit of friendly banter between the two, loser buys drinks. Alright ladies and gentlemen, both men are squared off in their respective corners ready to go. Our referee for this contest will be Joe Murray, and he’s calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell sounds and both men are anxious to get going. Sharpe and the younger Tate meet in the center of the ring, and the senior Sharpe extends his arm out for a shake. Tate is reluctant to accept, but nonetheless he does. Then, as Sharpe still has the hand, he pulls Tate in and drops him with a short range closeline! The crowd reacts with jeers, and before Tate knows what hit him, Sharpe goes into attack mode and dishing out Garvin stomps all over Tate.]


Dante Reed - Damn! Sharpe isn’t messing around here tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - All is fair in love and war. And when you got free drinks on the line, anything goes!


[The Philly native picks up the grounded Tate, and immediately starts wailing stiff left jabs while he holds on to Tate’s hair for leverage. The two back into the ropes, and Sharpe Irish whips Tate across the ring. On the return, Sharpe goes for another closeline, but Tate is able to duck it. Tate springs off the ropes again and comes back with a lunging shoulder block that rocks Sharpe to the mat! Conor drops to Sharpe and throws several knees to the ribs. Tate keeps the pressure with a mount and starts dropping left and right bombs.]


Dante Reed - Conor Tate is holding his own with the ground and pound after that cheap shot by Sharpe.


Sebastian Riggs - He’s not looking like a rookie right now, Dante. He’s putting it to Sharpe!


[Sharpe is finally able to block the strikes and fights his way off his back. But as Sharpe gets to all fours, Tate locks at the hips and sends Sharpe reeling over with a deadlift German suplex! The crowd roars in excitement with the display of sheer strength by Tate. Conor allows Rob to stand to his feet, and almost instantaneously both men start rocking each other with thundering haymakers! Back and forth each man trades punches until Sharpe lands a devastating uppercut that puts Tate backpedaling on his heels! Conor holds on to the ropes to stand his ground, but Sharpe shortens the distance and crashes in with a head butt! The two lock up and Rob takes control and goes to Irish whip Tate across the ring again, but Tate reversed it. Sharpe springs off the ropes and on the return Conor flattens him with a spine buster!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit! Conor Tate just laid out Rob Sharpe with the Beantown Bomb!


Sebastian Riggs - Sharpe’s eyes are in the back of his head right now!


[The thundering crowd is behind the rookie as they start chanting his name, and Conor is all hyped up beating his chest like a silverback gorilla. Tate is looking to end this one as he stalks his prey and waits for Sharpe to get back to his feet. Slowly, Sharpe stumbles his way back up and as he turns around he’s met with a charging Tate with a crushing spear!]


Sebastian Riggs - And there it is! Boston Strong! Conor is hooking leg!


Dante Reed - This one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, “CT” Conor Tate!


Dante Reed - Well there you have it folks! The young blood was able to outlast the veteran and comes out the victor!


Sebastian Riggs - Hopefully Rob Sharpe has a little cash stashed away because he’s buying!


[The referee raises Conor’s hand in victory as the crowd cheers him on. Conor looks over and sees the beaten Sharpe slow to get up, and makes his way over to help him to his feet. The two embrace a bro hug, and then Conor gestures a “bottoms up” signal to Sharpe.]


Dante Reed - Folks, we are just getting started here tonight. Coming up, we have our first bout for one of the four horsemen medallions. The winner and recipient of that medallion earns their shot at the War Horse Championship, where they then hold the rights to a shot for a Trench War Championship Match. It’s Axton Pierce versus Jordan Rayburn, and it’s next!

The Arrival

[We open just outside the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia with a pair of new arrivals to Union Battleground. Alex Kincaid is just pulling a heavy duffel bag out of the trunk of his rental car, wrapping one strap around his broad shoulder. He’s a ball of nervous energy, watching his wife gather her things from inside the car from the corner of one eye as he paces a bit ready to get back into the building. When she’s done, he takes off toward the building. Alyssa laughs and scrambles to catch up, and he pauses to give her the moment with a sheepish grin on his face.]


Alex Kincaid - Don’t ask me to wait, because I can’t do it. Sydney, Australia! Relapse!


[She can still barely keep pace as he gets to the back door, giving a quick nod to a security guard who’s got a smile on at his infectious energy. Alex heads through the door, looking back and forth at the crew members that make the show happen milling about. He pauses and looks back over his shoulder at his wife, who by now has paused at the door. He takes a breath and shakes his head at himself, realizing his mistake.]


Alex Kincaid - …Alright, so I have no idea where I’m going.


[Alyssa points down a hallway to his right.]


Alyssa Kincaid - I should have let you storm around the hallways for a little while longer to burn off some of that energy. Locker room is down there. I guess we’re on third, which gives us a few hours to get some prep work done. Usual stuff. Stretch the knee out, do some sprints to keep the heart-rate up, you’re going to have a lot going on around you during the match.


[Alex shakes his head with a laugh as the two of them come to a door with his name written on a piece of paper, taped on but a little lopsided.]


Alex Kincaid - You’re slave driver, you know that? Give a guy a minute to breathe!


[Alyssa seems taken aback for a second, she clicks her tongue and reaches up to wrap her arms around his neck.]


Alyssa Kincaid - Oh, hon…


[She gives him a peck on the cheek.]


Alyssa Kincaid - Breathing is for winners.


[She breaks away with a grin and he laughs, pushing open the locker room door. He goes to step inside but both of them stop in their tracks. The camera pans over their shoulder to show us the room is absolutely destroyed. The lockers are pushes over, a table in the middle has been shattered to splinters, broken beer bottles litter the floor. Alex looks, uncertainly, at his manager who shakes her head to let him know she has no idea what this is about. He steps inside, his boots crunching against the glass and he takes a moment to walk around.]


Alex Kincaid - Who…


[He spots something on the wall and he crosses the room. There’s a note, taped up to the wall on the other side. It’s away from the rest of the destruction. Far enough away that his eye is naturally drawn to it against the plain, white wall. The camera zooms in where we see a few words sloppily sketched onto it: HOW’S THE FAMILY? Kincaid looks back over his shoulder at her, scowling, and rips the note from the wall. He balls it up in one fist, heading back toward the door.]


Alyssa Kincaid - Wait, wait a second. Think about what you’re doing. We just got here-


[But by then he’s already past her and out into the hallway. He looks back and forth, fists clenched, and then heads back in the direction he came. The camera tracks over his shoulder while his wife frantically tries to stop him but by then it’s too late. He reaches the same tech he saw at the door, grabbing him by the shirt and spinning him into the wall. Kincaid glares into his eyes, as the rest of the staff in the area scramble away.]


Alex Kincaid - Listen, pay attention because I’m only going to ask this question once: Who? Who was in my locker room? You’re out here, it’s right down that hallway. Don’t tell me you didn’t say anything because if you do I’m going to find a way to kickstart your memory and believe me, NEITHER of us wants that!


[The tech swallows nervously and Alyssa leans in to say something to Alex, but he’s too fired up to listen to her. The smaller man points down a hallway.]


Technician - It was…I saw Kira! Kira Izumi! I saw him coming out of the locker room!


[Alex scowls and pulls him in by his shift.]


Alex Kincaid - Where?


[The tech points down a hallway and Alex storms down after his target, while his manager frantically tries to calm him down]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it for one of the four horsemen medallions! Introducing first, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 190 pounds, from Liverpool, England, “The Bruiser from the Pool” Axton Pierce!







[Out from the woodwork comes Axton Pierce. Standing on the stage, he breathes in the atmosphere of the crowd, he wipes his hand down his face, then proceeds to walk towards the ring.]


Dante Reed - Alright folks, our first Union Battleground competitor of the night. Axton Pierce has only officially had two matches in Union Battleground, his debut was at the season one L!GHTS OUT #16 finale, winning his match against Anton Chase. He had such an impressive performance that Axel Graves then put him in the “Battle in the Bunker” match against three other opponents for a shot at the Trench War Championship. Although he came up empty handed in that affair, he continued to impress and tonight he begins his journey again, this time with a horsemen medallion at stake.


Sebastian Riggs - You know I love the concept Axel Graves has implemented with the War Horse Championship. I mean, first you have to win a medallion, then you have to win the War Horse Title, and then do you get the chance for a Trench War Title shot. But the kicker with all of that, is that each show that goes by and you don’t cash it in, you must defend the War Horse Title. This whole new approach will really keep the competitive nature at a high level.


[Walking to one side of the ring, he climbs atop the apron and into the ring. He walks towards the nearest corner and climbs onto the turnbuckles, standing tall while looking out at the crowd. He lifts his arm, connecting the thumb and index finger into a circle, and holding the other fingers relaxed in the air. He comes down, as the music fades and awaits for his opponent.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 210 pounds, from Lexington, Kentucky by way of Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, he is “The Hardcore Redneck” Jordan Rayburn!







[The song begins to play as the lights start pulsating blues and whites. Jordan comes out from the back with a giant Kamikaze and Rebel flag behind him. He starts to pull out bamboo skewers out of his pocket and points towards his opponent. He walks down the ramp way looking at the fans and walking around the ring. He starts to "stab" at his heart with the skewers and slowly gets closer and closer to the ground as he gets up the steps. He climbs up to the top rope and flips off the booing crowd. Jordan gets down and walks over to the other three corners and repeats the process. He gets into the middle of the ring before doing a cut throat motion and spiking the bamboo skewers into the mat.]


Dante Reed - And now we have a man making his Union Battleground debut. Jordan Rayburn is most famous for his tag team skills, but tonight he goes one-on-one in singles action.


Sebastian Riggs - Don’t make the mistake that because he’s known as a “team player” that he can’t handle his own. He’s won numerous singles championships all over the world, which adds just that much more to his arsenal.


Dante Reed - Speaking of arsenal, it appears that he brought some ammunition along with him! With those skewers in hand, we may be in for an early treat to see some bloodshed!


Sebastian Riggs - G’day, mate! Let’s throw another shrimp on the barbie!


Dante Reed - As always, Graves’ rules dictate that everything is allowed in the match except for any sort of outside interference. Our referee for this bout is Joe Murray, and he’s calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[As the bell sounds, both men slowly walk out from their corners. Axton is a bit more cautious as he sees Jordan still has those skewers in his hand. Pierce tries to size up the situation before Jordan rushes across the ring like a Scottish Braveheart! Like a bad pun, Jordan attempts to Pierce Axton, but The Bruiser from the Pool acts fast with a swift kick to Jordan’s hands, sending the skewers farting out of the ring. Jordan quickly locks up with Axton and the two try to gain control. Jordan locks in an arm wrench but Axton quickly spins out of it and whips Jordan into the ropes. On the return Axton goes for a closeline, but Jordan counters it with a sling blade! Axton promptly springs back to his feet with a kip up and starts throwing punches in bunches. The rapid fire shots keeps Rayburn unbalanced long enough to get trapped into the corner. Pierce finishes off his flurry of strikes with a thundering European uppercut, putting Rayburn hanging on the ropes. Axton back pedals to the center of the ring then springs towards Rayburn. Pierce leaps for an attempted jumping closeline, but Rayburn catches him in mid air and floors him with an uranage slam! Rayburn hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Tw— Kick out!


Dante Reed - Lots of back and forth action early in this match!


Sebastian Riggs - Exciting stuff here, Jordan Rayburn looks like he’s going to try to take the edge here.


[Jordan looks a little flustered but keeps at it with a few quick jabs to the grounded Axton. Rayburn grabs Pierce by the hair and brings them both to their feet. Rayburn lifts Axton up into a fireman’s carry, but Pierce wiggles out to have Jordan in a front double underhook. Pierce reacts quickly and picks him up and drops him to the mat with a butterfly suplex! Pierce gets back to his feet and runs the ropes. As Rayburn sits up, he’s met with Pierce with a double foot stomp! Axton keeps the pressure on Jordan and locks in a dragon sleeper. Pierce wrenches back hard and Rayburn begins to kick wildly, trying to get loose. Pierce has got the gold locked in tight and isn’t giving the Hardcore Redneck any room to work with. In a desperation move, Jordan bridges up to bring both men to their feet, but Pierce keeps the hold, and picks him up for an inverted vertical suplex, then drops Rayburn on his head with an inverted DDT! Pierce now hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - What an incredible display of strength by Pierce!


Sebastian Riggs - Solid move and awareness by Pierce to be able to turn it back to his favor.


[Pierce sits up and looks on in disbelief. Rayburn stays on his side and both men stay motionless for a moment to catch their breath and regroup. Axton is first to get to his feet and drags Jordan up along with him. As Jordan stands straight, he breaks free from the grasps of Axton and begins rocketing a vicious combo of kicks to the knees, midsection, and head all seemingly at will. Pierce tries to fight off the sudden attack but Jordan doesn’t let off. Once Pierce is dazed, Jordan backs him up against the ropes and goes to whip him across the ring. However, Pierce reverse the whip and instead Rayburn is sent running. On the return, Rayburn launches himself in the air for a cross body, but with brute strength Pierce catches him. Axton plays to the crowd while cradling Rayburn and then he catapults him with a fall away slam over the top rope and onto the floor!]


Dante Reed - Oh my god! Axton Pierce sends Jordan Rayburn crashing down at ringside! Just as The Hardcore Redneck was gaining some steam!


Sebastian Riggs - Pierce, on paper, is the smaller man. But you take one look at him, he’s built like a brick shithouse! Very deceiving strength!


[The crowd roars with cheers as Axton celebrates with a fist raised in the air. Axton stays inside the ring and stalks Rayburn, waiting for him to get back to his feet. As the struggling Kentucky native gets to his feet, Axton Pierce runs the ropes and launches himself at Rayburn with a death defying top rope triangle moonsault that sends both men colliding into the barricade! The crowd erupts into cheers!]





Dante Reed - Axton Pierce dials it in!


Sebastian Riggs - Pierce is pulling out all of the stops tonight, Dante! This man wants that medallion, he wants that War Horse Championship, he wants that Trench War Championship!


[As the crowd continues to chant, the two competitors continue to stay floored. Axton is the first man to make some movement as he uses the barricade as a crutch to pull himself up. Not far behind Jordan Rayburn gets to his knees, but before he straightens up, he grabs a handful of the bamboo skewers he brought to the ring! Axton is unaware of what’s in Jordan’s hands, and when he goes to tie up with him, Jordan strikes with the skewers right into Axton’s forehead! The attack sends Pierce back pedaling from the shock and the boisterous crowd goes wild!]





Dante Reed -Rayburn has just stabbed Pierce with those skewers! What a sick bastard!


Sebastian Riggs - The Bruiser from the Pool is looking more like The Porcupine from the Pool right now!


[The crowd is gasping in shock and awe as Jordan taunts Pierce and the fans in the front row. Rayburn now goes on the attack and Irish whips Pierce head first into the steel steps! The impact echoes throughout the arena and the boo birds come out as Jordan stands over Pierce, taunting the man who is now gushing blood profusely. Rayburn picks Pierce up and tosses him inside the ring. Jordan slides in right behind and picks the bloodied man and up with a front chin lock, then hoists him high in the air, and crashes down with a devastating brainbuster! Jordan Rayburn hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - My god, Bas! Somehow Pierce kicks out, but he is in a bad spot right now!


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, at this rate, the man may pass out from the loss of blood! That Rinkaku, as Jordan calls it, may have caused irreparable damage with those skewers still stuck in Pierce’s head.


[Jordan Rayburn now looks furious as argues with the referee. To no avail, the referee stands his ground so Jordan goes back to Pierce. Jordan unleashed a flurry of kicks to the downed Liverpool native before picking him up by his blood soaked hair. Jordan holds Axton for a moment to take in the sight of his bloody opponent and let’s out a maniacal laugh. Jordan throws a few punches before Irish whipping Pierce into the corner. Pierce slams into the post but stays upright with the assistance of the ropes. Rayburn now charges and goes for his “Enter the Dragon” flying kick, but Pierce rolls out at the last second! Rayburn crashes into the empty corner and now is caught up in the ropes, and Pierce quickly strikes with a devastating lung blower! Rayburn struggles to get back to his feet, all the while Pierce runs the ropes, and connects with a springboard moonsault press! The crowd is on their feet as Pierce throws an arm over Rayburn!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—Kick out!


Dante Reed - No! A desperation move by Axton Pierce nearly put Jordan Rayburn away!


Sebastian Riggs - Gotta give him credit, Dante. He’s giving everything he has! He wants that medallion, he wants that shot for Battleground Gold!


[The bloodied Pierce slams the canvas with hammer fists in a fit of frustration, but he soon refocuses his attention to Rayburn who’s wobbling his way to his feet. Axton takes a few steps back to dial in on his opponent, and right as Jordan stands upright, Axton unleashes with a textbook spin kick! Rayburn topples over but Pierce catches him in a double underhook jackknife. Pierce picks him up and drops him with the sitout powerbomb! The crowd explodes as Pierce hangs on for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Axton Pierce!


Dante Reed - Axton Pierce did it! He rocks Jordan Rayburn with an Avada Kedavra and finished it off with an Axton Driver ‘92!


Sebastian Riggs - What an impressive, come-from-behind victory for The Bruiser from the Pool! You know he had to have been thinking about that loss at Coup de Grâce; how close he was to earning that title shot. But now, he’s back on track with that medallion. He’ll go on to Crown of the King Cobra and face three other competitors and fight to hoist that War Horse Championship and earn that Trench War Title shot!


[The crowd continues to cheer on the man with the straight edge lifestyle as the referee hands him a horseman medallion. Pierce climbs the turnbuckle and shows it off to the crowd, beaming with pride and accomplishment. Suddenly the mood changes with the crowd and out from nowhere, Axton Pierce is toppled over with a chair shot by Rukia Matsuoka! Pierce free falls outside of the ring where the rest of Muramasa-kokka meet him and begin pummeling the man!]


Dante Reed -What the hell?! Kira Izumi, Sui Obata, and Rukia Matsuoka have come out and jumped Axton Pierce!


Sebastian Riggs - This doesn’t look good, Dante. Pierce needs medical attention!


[After all of Muramasa-kokka get their turn on Pierce, the group rejoice together as the crowd rain down boos. It’s like music to their ears as they all smile from ear to ear. The four main members brush off Pierce, who now has medics attending to him, and then they all slowly exit up the ramp continuing to soak in the boos.]


Dante Reed - I gotta say, that was a despicable act from this group!


Sebastian Riggs - Since these animals have banded together, they wiped out Anton Chase at Burning Hammer, and now Axton Pierce here tonight!


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, as we watch the medics tend to Axton Pierce, let us remind you that we still have much more to come. Up next, we have a triple threat match between Noah Reigner, Alex Kincaid, and Adrian Bruiser. Stay tuned!

Hello New World

[An image of a woman with her back to the camera comes on the screen. She turns around and it is Kimitsu Zombie with a picture in her hands.]


Kimitsu Zombie - Hello, Union Battleground. Did you miss me? I wanted to come back here with something to show for it but I have won and lost that so I just come back to you as myself. So who is that? I know we have grown so much and all these people seem so eager to prove themselves. Let me just remind them what it is they really have gotten into. My name is Kimitsu Zombie and I am Season 1’s Rising Star. When I stepped into that ring I dominated. I only fell in about three occasions. I won that accolade by coming into this company and exceeding all expectations. Since the break I have only grown. I’ve become ten times better and more experienced. I gained this experience by having won and loss something meaningful in 4CW. I made something of myself and got that destroyed. I wish I could say that made me humbler, but really it didn’t. I am still the one that you low key shouldn’t mess with. I will show you why when we get in that ring. I am coming back to Season 2 for one thing.


[She holds up the picture. It is of Emery Layton holding up the Trench War Title after winning their match at Coup de Grâce.]


Kimitsu Zombie - I look at this picture almost every day. I am on a path to correct all my failures of last year. This one is one of my greatest. The memory is still there in my mind. I was so close to winning but Emery was just too much for me… Was. This is a different beast now, guys, but it is one with clear vision. I see they have set us on a path to that title with the War Horse title. Well I am going to be right there in the race. I don’t care how long it takes. There is going to be a wake as I tear my way through the pack of you new people who think they can waltz into this company and make it great. You will be left behind as I take what I want this time. Emery Layton is my goal and that Trench War Title will be mine eventually.


[She looks at the picture and nods her head and whispers.]


Kimitsu Zombie - Welcome back Union Battleground.



[The video feed cuts from ringside to the backstage area of the Qudos Bank Arena. Stage hands and other contracted workers move around quickly with their various tasks to accomplish. That’s not what we focus on, though. We focus on the towering, massive Bruin “Rumble” Reyes. The Filipino Monster wears a menacing scowl on his face, staring straight at the camera operator. We all know from Noah’s attitude that Coupe de Grace is a touchy subject for them. Wouldn’t it be for you? Well, where Rumble is - Noah isn’t far behind. Noah, who wrestles next, wears his wrestling gear and entrance jacket, along with a cocky smirk on his face. He stands next to Rumble, the height difference between them is only eight inches but in overall size, Rumble towered over Noah. With each hand clutching onto his jacket where the zipper meets the fabric, and his head lowered just slightly - Noah is the first to speak up.]


Noah Reigner - Guess who’s back?


[Lifting his head, Noah’s eyes pierced through the camera lens and directly into the eyes of everyone watching this.]


Noah Reigner - Ya’ might have thought that after the horror-show that was Coupe de Grace, that the Firing Squad would have picked up and went home. But, you see - we don’t roll over and play dead. We don’t shrug our shoulders, turn the other way and leave. At Coupe de Grace, we should have been named the Battalion Champions but a grand miscarriage of justice took place, and we were not. We were “defeated”, and I’ll use that word loosely, by The Outliers. Good job, well done, congratulations. You benefited off of the fact that the referee couldn’t do his job properly. But did you think we were going to die and rot away, leaving you two to stand atop the Battalion Division?


[Shaking his head, Noah continued.]


Noah Reigner - No, not a chance. Rumble and I managed to take out a little bit of our frustration on the Osaka Rebels at Burning Hammer, but it didn’t satisfy us. We want those titles, we need those titles. So it doesn’t matter if we have to start at the bottom again, and work our way back up. We’re not a flash in the pan. We earned the right to challenge for the titles in the first place and we’ll do so again. We’re not going away. We will never go away.


[Rumble stroked his chin while Noah spoke, immediately jumping at the bit as soon as Reigner finished speaking.]


Rumble Reyes - We did have to wonder though, where exactly were The Outliers at Burning Hammer? We came back for the off season, the thoughts of Coupe de Grace in the back of our minds. Personally, I wanted nothing more than to get my hands on The Outliers, but we had to settle for the Osaka Rebels. My thoughts? I think The Outliers knew we’d be there, knew we’d gun them down, so they stayed away. Didn’t even bother coming back and fighting for the company they just won gold in.


[Reyes brought his right fist up to his chest, cracking his knuckles with his left hand. Next to him, Noah shook his head back and forth. The cowardice didn’t sit well with them.]


Rumble Reyes - Now, here we are again. Another season of Union Battleground kicking off. I’m still waiting for our rematch, and at the very least, waiting to get my hands around the throats of those weasels. Instead, they’re nowhere on the card, yet again. Can you explain to me how that is? Since winning those belts, neither member of The Outliers has been involved in any sort of match. Not only did we continue setting an example for the Battalion division, but tonight, Noah also makes his singles debut. I suppose I didn’t realize winning gold meant you got to sit on your ass and do nothing. Interesting how they had the guts to call ME lazy, despite doing a whole lot of nothing and letting those Battalion Championship chill on the backburner. The Firing Squad deserve those belts.


[Together, they motioned for the Battalion Championships around their waists.]


Rumble Reyes - We’ll play the game for now, just as we did in the Battalion tournament. We’ll beat those tag teams trying to gun for our number one contenders spot, we’ll even run some singles matches if need be, but you can’t hide forever, Outliers. Sooner or later you’re going to have to stop acting like the shams you are, show up to Union Battleground, and put those belts on the line against us AGAIN. Our aim is usually right on, this time - we won’t miss.


[Noah brings his arms up, pretending to shoot down the scope of a rifle.]



Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Triple Threat Match! Introducing first, standing 6'0" and weighing in at 184 pounds, from Seattle, Washington, Noah Reigner!


[The soft guitar riff introduction begins to play, and remains this way for about seventeen seconds before the full band kicks in. Anti-Flag's "Digital Blackout" beginning to liven up the crowd with their song. That's when the instrumental cuts to give way to the verse.]





[When the first line of the verse starts, Noah Reigner steps through the curtain and onto the "stage" that's been constructed in the arena. He looks around the arena, a hint of a smirk touching his lips. When the song comes to the pre-chorus, Noah mouths along the words.]






[That's when the chorus begins and the song kicks back into full drive. Noah's smirk returns to his face and he begins his march down to the ring. Fans reach over the barrier, but Noah doesn't give them the time of day - except for one. He brings a foot up and kicks the hand out of the way right before he stepped into the ringside area. He lightly jogged the few steps to the ring, and rolled in underneath the bottom rope where he quickly moved back up to his feet. He marched to the far corner, and climbed onto the middle turnbuckle. His eyes scanned the crowd, as he arrogantly stood there - chewing his gum with that arrogant smirk on his face. He waited a couple of moments before climbing down and turning to face the entrance way.]


Dante Reed - This will be a triple threat match. Kincaid and Noah have a healthy hatred for one another already.


Sebastian Riggs - That’s evident but I have to favor Bruiser in this one.


Mike Dempsey - And now introducing, standing 6'6" and weighing in tonight at 275 pounds, from Nashville, Tennessee, representing Union Battleground, he is Adrian Bruiser!





Sebastian Riggs - This man has been to prison, Dante.


Dante Reed - So that gives him an advantage in this one?


Sebastian Riggs - I’d say he’s fought off two or more in the prison shower. A triple threat should be no problem.


[With the weight of the world seeming holding him back, Adrian Bruiser exits onto the stage of the arena with his hood covering his lowered head. The camera pans around him as he makes his way to the center of the stage, standing still, with his hands in the pockets of his jacket. The camera stops in front of him as he slowly brings up his head to show the vacant expression of a man who has done things he is not proud of. Adrian walks down the ramp towards the ring never looking away from the squared circle in front of him. Once on the apron, he enters the ring through the top and middle rope. Unzipping his jacket, he flips his hood off his head. Once the jacket is removed and handed over to the side, he leans against the ropes waiting for his opponent, only taking his eyes off the entrance ramp to glance at Noah.]


Mike Dempsey - And now introducing, standing 6'2" and weighing in tonight at 240 pounds, from Platinum Coast, representing Union Battleground, Alex Kincaid!


Dante Reed - Kincaid looks to impress here tonight. The veteran comes into this match with the most in ring experience of the three.


Sebastian Riggs - Experience equals W’s in this business most night but he’s in there with two talented wrestlers.


[The pounding opening drums to Hands Like Houses "I Am" bring the audience up to their feet, turning towards the entrance for the now familiar music of The Bullet King. From the back, Alex Kincaid strides out staring up into the back of the arena. From behind him, his wife steps out to rest a hand on his shoulder. Kincaid grins a bit at the audience, whispering something to her we don’t quite catch before starting to head down to the ring. ]







[By now, Kincaid has made his way to the ring. He makes a full lap of the ring, slapping hands with a few audience members that reach out to him. He pauses at the corner of the crowd barricade to stand on the timekeepers chair, planting one foot on the top of the barricade and staring up into the back of the building. Then, he suddenly pops backward and slides under the ropes to his feet. Alyssa takes her place on the floor near his corner as he walks across the ring and climbs to the top rope, staring out over the audience. He nods, seemingly satisfied with the support of his people, before he hops down to the floor and begins to warm up in his corner to await the start of the match.]


Dante Reed - All three men stand in different corners facing each other now.


Sebastian Riggs - These men have been waiting for the season opener since it was booked. Now we are ready to go!


Dante Reed - The referee calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell echoes throughout as Adrian takes off running at Kincaid! He goes for a forearm smash but Alex counters with a low dropkick! The sudden shot to the right knee cap of Bruiser combined with his forward momentum leads Adrian to do a complete flip in the air! The crowd pops for Kincaid but it’s short lived. Reigner rushes up behind Kincaid then wraps both arms around Alex’s waist with both hands locked in front. Kincaid fights to escape but Noah drops back with a beautiful release german suplex! Noah crawls over to Alex to hook a leg quickly.]




...Broken up by Bruiser!


Sebastian Riggs - Adrian breaks up the pin!


Dante Reed - Now he begins to stalk Noah for some reason.


[Adrian Bruiser goes after Reigner while Alex recovers on the mat. Bruiser reaches Reigner be hits him across the face with a solid right hook! The shot sends Adrian back on his feet a bit leading Noah to charge at him! Bruiser lifts his knee to catch Reigner in the gut! Adrian follows up by grappling Noah into position for a powerbomb! He lifts Reigner high into the air but Noah holds on to the back of Bruiser’s head!]


Dante Reed - Reigner attempts to counter but it has not worked as of yet. He is latched onto Bruiser’s face at the moment.


Sebastian Riggs - Adrian continues to attempt to slam Noah with no success yet.


[While Noah holds on for dear life high up in the air perched atop his opponents shoulders, Kincaid climbs the turnbuckle closest to his opponents. Bruiser nor Reigner notice Alex doing this as he perches himself on the top turnbuckle, then faces out at both of his opponents. Noah notices Kincaid but it’s too late. Alex leaps off and spears Reigner right off of Adrian’s shoulders! The crowd pops from the incredible maneuver.]


Sebastian Riggs - DID YOU SEE THAT!?


Dante Reed - He’s still got it. That was simply amazing.


[Bruiser is untouched during the mid air spear but meets Kincaid as he reaches his feet. Adrian watches as Alex balances himself against the ropes then attempts a clothesline! Kincaid takes hold of his opponent as he is clotheslined over the top rope! Both men slam against the apron then bounce out onto the unforgiving outside floor.]


Dante Reed - Kincaid and Bruiser are both down on the outside!


Sebastian Riggs - Now Noah Reigner is back to his feet inside the ring.


[Reigner holds his head after slamming it flush against the mat after the mid air spear. He then notices both opponents are missing. Kincaid pops up on the outside and catches Noah’s attention suddenly. Then Bruiser stumbles to his feet alongside Alex. Reigner looks back at the ropes just behind him before he bounces off of them! He slingshots himself forward, taking off across the ring full speed. Just before Reigner reaches the ropes, he dives over the top rope in a picture perfect suicide dive! Noah’s body weight sends both of his opponents crashing into the side of the security barrier. The crowd pops for the action!]


Sebastian Riggs - These men are pulling out all of the stops here tonight.


Dante Reed - There are bodies everywhere now, Ladies and Gentlemen. That suicide dive led to total carnage.


[The three men all begin to stir on the floor. Bruiser holds his knee that was injured from the first shot of the match. Kincaid shakes his head to catch his bearings while the crowd cheers him on. Reigner gets back to his feet before the other two then slides in the ring. Alex holds his head for a moment then notices Noah in the ring calling him in for a fight. Kincaid slides in the ring but as he goes to stand up, Reigner nearly takes his head off with a knee smash! One of the veterans teeth slides across the canvas after the violent impact.]


Dante Reed - Noah just knocked one of Alex Kincaid’s teeth out! The referee just removed it from the ring!


Sebastian Riggs - This is combat and everyone knows the risks of our business.


[Noah gets back to his feet quickly. He then makes his way over to Kincaid but out of nowhere, Bruiser catches him with a superman punch! Reigner hits the mat in a pile and Adrian falls down on top of him for a pin!]






Broken up by Alex Kincaid!


Dante Reed - Kincaid with the save! The crowd is loving this one, Riggs.


Sebastian Riggs - Oh yeah, these men all came to fight.


[Reigner gets back to his feet to find Kincaid and Adrian throwing wild punches at one another. Bruiser gets the upper hand on Alex. He scoop slams his opponent on the mat then bends over to pick up Kincaid but gets nabbed from behind instead. Reigner positions himself behind Adrian for a swinging leg hook fireman’s carry slam!]


Sebastian Riggs - The Hard Goodbye!


[Noah rushes to pin after hitting one of his signature maneuvers. Kincaid stands in his way now. The two men begin swapping blows back and forth while Bruiser doesn’t move at all. Reigner gets the upper hand in the striking game hooks hits a snap DDT on Alex! Kincaid gets back to his feet quickly but staggering. This angers Noah beyond belief.]


Dante Reed - Reigner charges The Bullet!


[Alex and Noah lock up in the center of the ring but Kincaid uses a short arm lariat after creating space! The maneuver causes the crowd to pop. Alex takes hold of Reigner and throws him through the ropes! Noah hits the outside floor in a pile. Kincaid turns to see Adrian stagger to his feet and as he turns around, Kincaid bends over to pick him up on his shoulders. The fireman’s carry cutter that follows wows the entire crowd. Alex hooks a leg.]










Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, Alex Kincaid!


Dante Reed - The Bullet King wins! He bests two other wrestlers in this one for a big W.


Sebastian Riggs - All three men should be proud of what they did here tonight.


["I Am" by Hands like Houses begins to blast throughout. The referee holds Kincaid's hand high into the air.]


Sebastian Riggs - He’s still got it. There’s no question about that now.


Dante Reed - This capacity crowd here tonight did not doubt him for even a moment, Riggs. They love The Bullet King! Folks, still to come, we have two play-in bouts to the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament. First up, it'll be Terry McKenna taking on Brian Crucifix, and it's next!

An Old Vet, A Rabid Animal, and some Punk.

[We cut backstage where we see Dick Devereaux, Kuk Killswitch, and Johnny Vachon preparing for their match. Johnny is dressed in tight Crust style punk jeans. Patches are sewn all over as knee pads cover his knees and his black boots rest on his feet. Johnny is also wearing his patched up leather jacket. We see "Gutter Trash" spray painted across the back as he stretches on the floor. Killswitch is sitting on a steel chair in custom made beige shorts, elbow pads and knee pads, worn out black boots, and a old "Hardcore Reject" shirt. He is taping up his fists as he tightens his grip and makes sure it's tight enough. Devereaux is pacing back and forth as he wears his usual ring attire minus the vest. He is shirtless as he paces in front of the door.]


Kuk Killswitch - Would you sit the fuck down?! You're burning a track in the carpet.


[Devereaux snaps back. You can tell he is geared and ready for war.]


Dick Devereaux - I'm tired of fuckin' waiting! I'm ready to fuckin' KILL THEM!


[Devereaux then notices the camera as he turns to it and snorts.]


Dick Devereaux - Prisoners of War! A perfect cage to put a rabid animal inside! Lock me up with those sheep! Watch the wolf eat 'em! I'm done standing around waiting to fight! Tonight I step into that cage and I tear Nemesis limb from FUCKIN' LIMB! I'll grind his face against the mesh as I grate him like a block of cheese! I'm looking past the cronies. I'm out for Nemesis' blood! Killswitch and Johnny can take care of the cronies!


[Killswitch slams his fist into his hand, checking his tape. Johnny continues to stretch.]


Kuk Killswitch - I might be an old dog, but this vet has a few wars still left in him. I'm wrestling’s version of John Rambo. I hide from the war until it's time to put a gun back in my hand. And when the gun gets put into my hand you better know that the war is gonna' be over! I can't control what I do. And when you put me back on the battlefield I do what I do best. And what I do best is anarchy! Shouldn't have shook the hornets nest Salvation..


[Johnny stands to his feet and pulls a cigarette from a pack in his leather jacket. He pops it in his mouth and takes a drag before turning to the camera.]


Johnny Vachon - They've called me the wild card. And I'm happy to be just that! None of you know me, and that's my advantage. I've watched what you've done to my mentor, and I've seen what you've taken from Devereaux. Time's a tickin' boys. You can only haunt for so long. Don't you know Halloween is over?


[Devereaux grabs his vest and pulls it onto his body as he begins strapping it up. Killswitch grabs his hoodie and slides it on before pulling the hood over his head. Johnny checks his mohawk, making sure it's all spiked up. The three knock knuckles before Devereaux grabs the door handle and opens up the locker room. They all exit the room before Devereaux turns back to the camera and steps into it's frame. He opens a familiar can before dipping his hand in and placing his signature red print across his face. He then flashes a wicked grin before covering the camera with his red palm, cutting it to a smudged red screen before fading to black.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a play-in match for the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament! Introducing first, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 213 pounds, from Pontiac, Illinois, “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!









[With lights flashing and a strobe light going off Flash comes out the back in a cloud of smoke. His signature Glasses on his face which was also branding a extremely cocky smirk. He straightens out his golden coat and looks around the arena, laughing to himself before pointing down to the ring. Flash starts to make his way down to the ring, a real sense of style, swag if you will in his step. With every step it was as if he didn't have a care in the world, vibing out to his own theme music as he continues down the ramp.]


Dante Reed - Here we have another man making his Union Battleground debut tonight. “The Burner” has a lot of potential in himself, and he’s still relatively new to the business.


Sebastian Riggs - He made his official debut just over a year ago, but he’s mostly competed in the Indie circuit. The man just turned 22 years old, but like you said shows a ton of potential. He’s extremely agile and a quick thinker, which keeps him out of a lot of trouble most of the time. He talks a lot of smack, which has gotten him into some rough predicaments in the past, but inside the ring he’s a very level-headed individual which allows him to see the match unfold at a slow pace and pick his spots.


Dante Reed - You think that has anything to do with his “recreational” habits?


Sebastian Riggs - Hah, well that probably doesn’t hurt, which thankfully the Battleground is pretty lax on their screening policy!






[As he gets closer to the ring he slows his step, looking out at the audience one more time, seemingly brushing their reactions off like it was a chip on his shoulder. Flash quickly jumps into the ring showing off this athleticism in the process. He then runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up to the second rope, laughing at the audience while still dancing to his theme music. He points out into the crown before back flipping off the top rope and landing on his feet. As soon as he does land however, he quickly rolls over into his corner. Flash takes off his jacket, leaving his glasses on until the very last second.]


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6’2” and weighing in at 190 pounds, from New York City, New York, he is a member of Salvation, “The Prophet” Alexander Devin!







[Lights turn on and off around the entrance at random intervals as "Bad Moon Rising" by Mourning Ritual starts up, playing over the speakers. The video package on the tron shows a book laying on a table, its pages fluttering in an unseen wind, blank. A rough hand appears on screen, laying on the fluttering pages of the book to stop them from moving as the camera pans up then. Alexander is standing there in his black t-shirt and off white slacks, lip synching to the following lyrics to the song.]






Dante Reed - And now another man making his official in-ring debut, “The Prophet” Alexander Devin. Devin made his presence known at the season one finale PPV Coup de Grâce, when he attacked Xion Ben-Judah, threw him in a dumpster, and set him on fire!


Sebastian Riggs - That insane act was the initiation of becoming a member of Salvation. Which we’re still not certain if Devin is pulling double duty tonight or not.


[As he mouths the last line of the song, he turns his head to face the camera and slams the book shut as the lights go off in the arena, the music quietly humming in the background as smoke starts to pour out from the entrance slowly. Lights rise up and flicker around the entrance as the music picks up again, flickering in time with the drums and guitars as Alexander makes his way out from the back, carrying that same book in his hand. He bears no smile on his face, only a calm resolute look as he stops at the top of the entrance for a second, scanning the crowd before opening his arms wide and walking down the ramp, lowering them as he gets to the ring. He climbs the steps and gets in the ring, walking to the middle and posing the same way that he did at the beginning.]


Dante Reed - Alright ladies and gentlemen, both fighters are in their corners. Our referee for this contest is Franklin Dean. He goes over the rules of the match and what’s at stake one last time, checks off with each man, and calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell tolls and both men stay put in their corners, staring each other down. Kassidy is bouncing in place to stay warm and loose, while Devin doesn’t move an inch. Instead of moving in, Devin brushes off Kassidy and steps up to the middle rope and reaches his arm out to the sound of the crowd raining down boos. Devin smiles at the reaction and yells out to the crowd to “Follow the Path”. As Devin starts to lower his arms, Kassidy rushes across the ring and pummels Devin out of the ring with a triangle springboard drop kick! The crowd erupts into cheers as Kassidy gestures for the crowd to get louder. Flash waits for Devin to start to get back to his feet, and as he does, and runs the ropes and comes crashing out of the ring with a Tope Con Hilo, and transitions into a hurricanrana into the barricade! The crowd explodes into chants!]





Dante Reed - Flash Kassidy is not wasting anytime here tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - He saw an opening with Alexander Devin’s arrogance, and he took it! Big mistake by “The Prophet”.


[Flash is first to get to his feet out at ringside, and tags a few out stretched hands of the rabid front row fans. He pulls Devin up to his feet by his dreads, and Devin surprises him with a monster uppercut! Devin grabs the back of Flash’s head and starts slamming him face first into the barricade! Alexander now grabs Flash’s arm and Irish whips him right into the steel steps, letting out a booming collision throughout the arena. Devin picks up Flash and rolls him back into the ring, and then he follows behind. Devin continues rolling Flash to the center of the ring then hooks his leg for a cover.]


... One!


... Tw- Kick out!


Dante Reed - Well Flash Kassidy started this match off blazing out of the gates, but now Alexander Devin has turned it back in his favor.


[Devin burrows his eyebrows in a look of frustration with Kassidy kick out. Devin doesn’t waste much time though and gets back to his feet and starts laying boots to the back of Flash. The Prophet now hooks Flash’s foot behind his knee, and then bridges back to wrench on the knees, back, and neck simultaneously!]


Dante Reed - Alexander Devin has got Flash Kassidy locked into the “Bitter Words”!


Sebastian Riggs - That’s a nasty submission hold there, Dante. So much pressure applied to so many different joints and ligaments all throughout the body!


[Flash wallows in pain as Devin continues to wrench back. Kassidy tried to escape the hold, but Alexander has it sunk in deep. The referee continuously checks to see if Flash wants to tap, but the young blood refuses to give up. Suddenly in a desperation move, Flash is able to tuck his torso and slip out of the submission! The Burner limps his way up to his feet, but Devin is quick to connect with a vicious back elbow smash, sending Flash into the ropes. Devin locks up with Flash, and Irish whips him across the ring. On the return, Kassidy goes on the offensive with a step up on Devin’s thigh, and spikes him with an elevated DDT!]


Dante Reed - Holy shit! The Koopa Drop! Flash Kassidy just sent Alexander Devin into another dimension!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s not done yet! He’s going up to the high rent district!


[The crowd cheers on Kassidy as he slowly climbs up the nearest turnbuckle. As he stands at the top, Kassidy gestures and imitates that he’s smoking a roach and flicking it at the grounded Devin. Kassidy takes one last look high above the heavens and springs off the top with a shooting star leg drop!]


Sebastian Riggs - The Juicey Lucy! Kassidy is looking to end it here as he hooks the leg!


Dante Reed - This one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner and entering the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, “The Burner” Flash Kassidy!


Dante Reed - What an impressive victory for Flash Kassidy here tonight as he now will officially enter the King Cobra Tournament!


Sebastian Riggs - Just like we eluded to earlier, Dante. Flash has a knack to keep his cool in difficult situations. It looked bleak for the young man, but he was able to pick his spots and come away victorious!


Dante Reed - Folks, coming up next we have our second play-in bout as Terry McKenna is set to take on Brian Crucifix! Stay tuned!

A Family Matter

[The camera cuts backstage to find Alex and Alyssa Kincaid walking through a hallway]


Alyssa Kincaid - Alex, I need you to calm down. Think about this. This is our first night here. You go in there and you start a fight and there might not be a second! Use your head!


[He’s checking doors, muttering the names of wrestlers he passes by. Someone from the staff tries to assist Alyssa in calming down but Kincaid steps past the staff member without another word. Then he comes to the door he’s looking for: Kira Izumi, written on a sign sloppily stuck to the door. His eyes narrow dangerously and before Alyssa can offer another word of protest he whips the door open. It swings wide enough to slam into the other wall and Kincaid steps inside. Inside the room, Kira and Kirito Izumi are sitting inside the locker room, getting ready for the night.]


Kira Izumi - How many damn times do I have to tell you god damn mother fuckers that you KNOCK on my damn door, HUH!? How many ti-...


[Kira stops mid sentence as he looks behind him and notices the steaming big man. He stands up and starts walking towards him.]


Kira Izumi - Who the hell are you and why the fuck are ya bargin' in my locker room like a fuckin’ swat team?


[Kincaid stares down Kira and takes a step toward him. He’s just a bit bigger, just a bit taller, but Kira doesn’t seem to even be a little bit worried by the bigger man’s advance. Kincaid snorts and shakes his head.]


Alex Kincaid - Why? Why me? Why do this? You don’t know me, you and I have never crossed paths. You want to step at me Kira? Fine, step at me. I’m not hard to find. Trashing my locker room? Good way to make a statement. You want a fight? Me too. But you leave my family out of it. You leave my daugh….leave their names, out of your mouth.


[Kira has a puzzled look on his face, seemingly not knowing what the heck this guy's talking about.]


Kira Izumi - Listen here mother fucker, I don't have no damn clue what the hell yer talkin 'bout. I wouldn't ever do nothin' ta another man’s kid no how. Now git the fuck outta my god damn locker room, 'Cause if ye don't I swear I’ll turn yer punk ass humble. Ye got till the count o' three.


[Kincaid shakes his head, disgusted, and suddenly darts forward to tackle Kira into the wall! Kira absorbs the blow, raining down elbows and punches onto Kincaid. He’s getting the better of the exchange as referees and security pour into the room to separate the two men. They push Kincaid backward, across the room toward the door while Alyssa yells at him to calm down. Kincaid holds up his hands, panting for breath and nodding. But suddenly Kira breaks free and flies across the room again, leaping onto the pile to continue the fight! Both men are trading shots to each other’s heads before security desperately tackles Kincaid backward into the hallway. Kira’s still trying to advance on them before security drags Alex down the hallway away from the fight!]


Dante Reed - Absolute madness here in Sydney tonight! What a brawl!


Sebastian Riggs - Hell of a first impression huh Dante?



[A wide shot of an unknown desert comes into view. The sky is crimson red with how the sun washes off the clouds above. The orange aura of the setting sun paints a beautiful scene. The desert sits quiet. Suddenly, a close up shot of a scorpion crawling across the sand can be made out. A solid black bird of some kind swoops in to nab the easy meal. The screen glitches suddenly with an upside down cross for a second then back to the shot of the desert. The shot is from overhead and could be from a drone of some kind.]


[A spot in the desert has nearly thirty headless mannequins lined up. What appears to be blood splatter covers each one in some manner. The bodies of the mannequins are buried in the sand up to their hips and form what appears to be a pentagram from an overhead shot. In the distance something appears to be walking in the direction of the mannequins.]


[A large group of people are walking slowly toward the camera shot on the ground that is located in the center of the mannequins. The camera overhead begins to focus in on them. All have creepy solid white eyes and continue to approach. A voice comes over the incredible shot suddenly.]


Unknown Narrator - The weak follow the strong. The meek find solace in safe spaces created by a generation lost in sensitivity. You can’t hide from your own salvation.


[The group of people with solid white eyes continue on. The people are made up of every single race. Men, women, and children all have one focus in common, the dolls buried in the sand to form the devil’s logo. A rattlesnake crawls across the sand then across a little girls foot. She does not cry out nor fear the serpent whatsoever. The “Suspiria theme” by Goblin begins to play.]


Unknown Narrator - I paint with filth on a blank canvas of morality. I Murder All That’s Good.


[Sound then becomes halts suddenly on the film as the shot glitches again with an upside down cross. A terrified female scream can be heard when sound returns along with the suspiria theme. The huge crowd of people with solid white eyes finally reach all the meticulously placed mannequins. The little girl who had the snake crawl across her foot now leads the way. Suddenly everyone stops just short of the group of clothing store dolls. The little girls white eyes glow even with the sun out. Eyes alive with some form of corrupted influence. Everything slows to a crawl as the camera shot halts directly in front of the girl with the huge crowd behind her as a backdrop. Sound dies out completely and suddenly. Roaring background noise blasts as the camera angle draws in close to the little girl with solid white eyes.]


Creepy Little Girl - He’s coming.

Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a play-in match for the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament! Introducing first, standing 6'0" and weighing in at 210 pounds, from Charlotte, North Carolina, representing Carnage Wrestling, “Mr. Wrestling 5” Brian Crucifix!


Sebastian Riggs - Welcome back to Relapse! Up next, we will see Brian Crucifix take on Terry McKenna in a play-in match for the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament.


Dante Reed - These two men have a lot riding on this match!




[As "Turn off the Radio" by A Day To Remember plays in the background, Brian Crucifix emerges from the backstage area, his mask shining in the lights. He nods to the crowd before pulling the mask from his face, revealing a smirk under his hood. He struts down the ramp, bobbing his head to the music.]


Dante Reed - It looks as if Crucifix has been training during the off season of Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - Are you checking him out, Dante?


Dante Reed - No.


[He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and pops up to his feet before taunting to the crowd, throwing up the signature CON hand gesture (both arms above the head, the right hand open while the left hand grasps the right wrist) while staring into the hard cam. He puts himself at ease and turns to his corner, hopping on the second turnbuckle and screaming "HEADBANGER!!!!" with the music. The rad rocker comes down from the turnbuckles and backs into his corner, ready for what is to come.]


Sebastian Riggs - Here comes McKenna!







Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 6'1" and weighing in tonight at 185 pounds, from South East London, England, representing Rebellion Pro, he is Terry McKenna!


Dante Reed - Terry is a veteran as is Crucifix. This should be a great match from start to finish.


[The opening beat of “Hail” by Kano blasts through the venue, and the arena's lighting darkens slightly. A handful of spotlights, blue and red, light up the entrance area, awaiting the arrival of Terry McKenna; though he is in no rush. At the 1 minute mark, when the the beat reloads, McKenna finally walks out from the back with a stern look on his face. A look of displeasure falls upon his face whilst scanning the crowd, and after some time has elapsed, McKenna cranks his neck and rotates his wrist. Bringing both hands up to the collar of his jacket, McKenna goes to do his signature collar pop, but is quick to hesitate. Instead, he brings his hands out in front and flips off the audience groaning at his sight. Mouthing something inaudible to a few members sitting in the aisle, McKenna makes his way down to the ring. Hopping up onto the apron, McKenna wipes his feet on the apron before entering the ring and retreats over to the corner, removing his jacket and waiting for the match to begin.]


Sebastian Riggs - He looks ready to roll here tonight. Brian Crucifix may have just the fix for that.


Dante Reed - The referee carefully explains the rules to both men then calls for the bell! This match is underway!




[Brian charges at Terry, who squats a bit then raises up just as Crucifix reaches him. He lifts up Brian at an upward angle, lifting him off his feet. The following european uppercut wows the crowd and sends Crucifix to that mat, flush on his back. McKenna goes for a quick roll up pin!]






Dante Reed - Did you see that uppercut? It buckled Crucifix’s jaw.


Sebastian Riggs - Now he’s back up!


[Crucifix appears shocked by his smaller opponents pure strength. McKenna makes it known immediately he’s come for a fight. Both men charge at each other, meeting in the center of the ring! Brian throws wild punches and one hits Terry’s jaw flush! The shot sends him back into the ropes away from Crucifix. When McKenna slingshots back at Brian, he catches Terry with a nasty swinging neckbreaker!]


Sebastian Riggs - Nice maneuver!


[Terry gets back to his feet quickly. He now holds his neck but twists it slightly to the left then right to loosen it up. Brian comes charging back in from behind McKenna but catches a big time overhead pele kick to the skull for his eagerness!]


Dante Reed - What a counter!


[Terry walks over to his opponent, who is laid out on his back now. McKenna situates himself while hovering above Brian Crucifix for cattle mutilation! The crowd watches on in anticipation as Terry attempts to get ahold of Brian’s arms after hooking his legs. Finally Terry uses both free hands to hit Crucifix in the rib cage on both sides simultaneously. This leads Brian to drop his arms, allowing McKenna to get ahold of them then begin to rock! He rocks back and forth and suddenly ends up on back with his larger opponent up in the air over Terry’s head. He bends Crucifix in ways the human body was never meant to.]


Sebastian Riggs - McKenna has cattle mutilation locked in!


Dante Reed - There is no way to tap from this maneuver. You have to inform the referee of your desire to quit in this particular situation.


Sebastian Riggs - That’s brutal.


[The man end up close to the ropes but Brian has no way to reach out and take hold of them. He opens his mouth a bit as if he is thinking of biting the rope. The referee comes in close to listen for Crucifix to give up. He does not. Brian rocks to his right just a tad, enough to reach out with an open mouth to grasp hold of the middle rope with his teeth! The referee breaks the hold.]


Dante Reed - Brian Crucifix just broke a hold by using his teeth. I love PPV’s, Riggs. I love them!


Sebastian Riggs - He then rolled out of the ring to catch his bearings. McKenna is in total control however, in this one.


[Crucifix rolls under the bottom rope after the referee breaks the hold. He rolls off the side of the apron and ends up on one knee on the outside of the ring. Terry walks over to the ropes after he gets back to his feet. As he looks down at Brian, Crucifix leaps up on the apron and wraps both hands around the back of Terry’s head! He then drops down to both of his knees on the apron while simultaneously nearly taking McKenna’s head off with the top rope! Terry springs back, ending up flat on his back.]


Sebastian Riggs - Crucifix used that small opening to strike. Now he has McKenna struggling inside the ring.


Dante Reed - Never count out a wrestler as talented as Brian Crucifix. Just that name will haunt you at night.


[McKenna holds his throat with his left hand while he struggles to get up to one knee. The crowd pops as Crucifix comes flying in from behind to hit a running bulldog! Brian follows up by locking in a sleeper hold on his fallen opponent! Terry’s eyes widen as he realizes how far from the ropes he currently is.]


Dante Reed - Now Crucifix has applied a hold of his own!


Sebastian Riggs - That sleeper is locked in with no ropes in sight.


Dante Reed - Oh… No. He can see them but they might as well be in China.


[McKenna begins to face as his vision becomes more blurry by the second. He digs into the canvas, desperately attempting to drag he and his opponent toward the bottom rope. The process is slow but appears to work. The two men creep toward the bottom rope while the larger Crucifix tries in vain to use his weight as to anchor both men.]


Sebastian Riggs - Terry continues to stay alive here. I thought when his eyes rolled back in his head, he was done.


Dante Reed - McKenna inches both men closer and closer. He’s reaching… Almost…


[Got it! Terry snatches the rope with his right hand and the referee comes in to break the sleeper hold. McKenna rolls underneath the rope like Crucifix did before but not on out into the floor.]


Sebastian Riggs - These veterans of our sport are trying to kill one another here tonight. This has a big fight feel.


Dante Reed - Both men continue to impress.

[Terry gets back to his feet on the apron on the outside of the ropes. Crucifix comes flying in but McKenna counters with a forearm! The shot leads Brian to fall back on his feet then fall forward. Terry leaps over the top rope catching Crucifix in a beautiful sunset flip into a pin!]








Dante Reed - A nice counter nearly led to a victory right there for McKenna.


[Crucifix gets back to his feet in a daze while his opponent watches on from the corner after the last second kick out. Terry comes in to follow up from behind Brian, who turns and hammers McKenna with a huge headbutt! Both men are cut open from the shot! Brian steps back holding his head with a cut above his eye, while Terry bleeds from a cut across his forehead now.]


Sebastian Riggs - Both men are busted open after that violent headbutt!


[McKenna loses focus briefly to wipe the blood from his eyes in order to see. Crucifix still has his vision and chop blocks Terry! McKenna hits the mat but then struggles quickly to get up to one knee. Crucifix is already back up and when Terry swings around on one knee to face him, Brian kicks him right in the face! Terry hits the mat once more leading Crucifix to go for a pin!]








Dante Reed - What a match! Brian Crucifix can’t believe McKenna is still alive!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s going to take more than that to stop Terry here tonight. He looks like a man on a mission.


[Crucifix argues over the count but then forgets all about it to refocus on his opponent. McKenna gets back to one knee leading Brian to follow up with a superkick, but Terry ducks it! Crucifix ends up with his back to McKenna after the miss so Terry counters with a double knee backbreaker! The violent impact causes the entire front row and announcers to wince.]


Sebastian Riggs - Did you see that impact! He tried to paralyze Crucifix with that one.


Dante Reed - McKenna continues to use his ability to counter to shine here tonight!


[Crucifix holds his back while he rolls around in the ring in pain. McKenna wipes the blood from his eyes so he can focus on Brian. Terry walks over then grapples up Brian to his feet. Before Crucifix can counter, McKenna situates him for a cradle back to belly piledriver! The move shakes the entire ring after he pulls it off.]


Sebastian Riggs - A Bloody Good Move!


Dante Reed - McKenna is firmly in control now.


[Rather than go for the pin, Terry McKenna drops down on the mat alongside his opponent. He reaches over and applies a triangle choke hold! The men are now both in the center of the ring as Terry locks in his finishing maneuver! The crowd boos while Crucifix figures out slowly he won’t be able to continue. Three taps on the mat from Brian indicate this one is over. The referee comes in to break the hold as the bell rings.]



Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner and entering the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, Terry McKenna!


Dante Reed - Both of these men put on a show for this crowd tonight. Relapse is already a success and we are just getting started.


Sebastian Riggs - Indeed. Crucifix came out fighting hard then continued that trend throughout but McKenna wins this one. He chokes out his opponent to get the W.


Dante Reed - After the match we just witnessed, I doubt this will be these two’s last encounter in Union Battleground. Both men are bleeding and Terry may have a broken nose after a solid kick to the face but he wins this one.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s a hazard of the trade, I’m afraid. Let’s not be pussies about it! We will be right back with more Relapse presented by Union Battleground!

Rodney, Really?

[The cameras cut to the backstage area, a particular locker room. We see the newcomer Elina Cartel standing, leaning against the cinder block wall behind her. A man steps into the scene and it is noticable ‘The Agent to the Stars’ ‘Handsome’ Tony Chu. You know him, he’s the guy with too many nicknames and so much class, it hurts him to walk. The crowd pops from afar, as they should, because, well, Tony Chu is the man.]


Tony Chu - Rodney? Really?


Elina Cartel - Yes really.


Tony Chu - He needs a more magnificent name. Like… um… Well, Rodney will do. Still though, all that time to think about it and ‘Rodney’ is all he can come up with?


[Elina nods slowly.]


Tony Chu - He’s twice your size and I’m willing to put money on he’s got something swinging between his legs that’s the size of your arm.


[Elina’s eyebrow raises.]


Elina Cartel - Why does your focus always shift to the obscene?


[Tony shrugs.]


Tony Chu - It’s how I live my life. Maybe he’s one of the rare ones who has a tiny one, one that looks more like a big cli…


[Elina interrupts.]


Elina Cartel - Before you continue that thought, perhaps we should consider the bigger picture here. Rodney Stillwater has a familiarity I cannot shake. He knows me from another time, another place. It shakes me. I’m unsure.


Tony Chu - If you were a man, I’d smack you in the face and tell you to get yourself together. Then again, I could pull a Weinstein and grab your ass, would you be open to that? How about I call you instead and Louis CK you? Maybe even give you a little bit of that Franco action? Maybe we take a shower and my little Stan Lee makes a cameo? Thoughts?


[Elina ignores what’s been said.]


Elina Cartel - I can’t shake this feeling.


[Tony sighs,]


Tony Chu - Do we need to call the match off?


Elina Cartel - No. I’ve seen this before. I know I must go out there. I know I must face him. I know I must understand this familiarity. This meeting was foretold. Inevitable.


Tony Chu - So I’m guessing that’s a no to the Dustin Hoffman action.


Elina Cartel - Union Battleground seemed like a neutral place. I thought I would arrive as an unknown. I thought… I thought it would be simple. I did not realize, it would become so nebulous, so quickly.


Tony Chu - Bill Cosby?


Elina Cartel - We will soon find out who this Rodney Stillwater really is.


Tony Chu - Rodney though, really?


[Elina shakes her head, still deep in introspection. She lowers her head.]


Elina Cartel - Go sexually harass someone else, I need a moment alone.


Tony Chu - Ok, but when Daily Mail adds me to the growing list of sexual harassment charges, I’m blaming you.


[Tony leaves as Elina stands silent. The camera watches her as she closes her eyes and her skin goes pale. She gasps as her eyes open back up and she pulls away from the wall, looking straight into the lens.]


Elina Cartel - Stillwater…


[The camera cuts out.]

Mike Dempsey - The following contests scheduled for one fall, and it is a first round match in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament! Introducing first, standing 5’5” and weighing in at 115 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, Elina Cartel!




[The lights in the arena turn down low. As the song begins to boom, Elina Cartel walks through the entrance and ignores the fans as she walks down the entrance ramp. Neon lights hit the audience and the ring in bright pinks, greens, yellows, and purples. The lights reflect off her chrome Xpert leather jacket.]


[She walks right to the ring apron and in a single bound, leaps up onto the apron. She unzips her leather jacket and lets it fall to the ground behind her before stepping into the ring.]


[She walks to the middle of the ring and extends her arms and her middle fingers before pulling them together to make a cross in front of her face. The music dies down as the lighting returns to normal as she makes her way to her corner to warm up for the upcoming bout.]


Dante Reed - We haven’t heard much from Elina Cartel since her arrival in Union Battleground but I know we are all looking forward to seeing what she’s made of here tonight!


Sebastian Riggs - She sure has her work cut out for her tonight. This should be an exciting first round match up to say the least!


Mike Dempsey - And her opponent, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 245 pounds, from Manhattan, New York, “The Pathfinder” Rodney Stillwater!





[On the stage, there is a collection of purple smoke forming; the camera pans around the entire set catching the mystifying sight. Twinkles of light inside the approaching fog highlight the appearance of a silhouette, who sits cross-legged on the ground. The stage gets dyed in the nighttime atmosphere as “I. CRAWL” by Childish Gambino continues through its chorus. As Gambino’s lyrics flow, the figure stands up, drawing their hands against the metal until they are up to a full stance.]


[Out of the smoke comes Rodney Stillwater, brandishing his hand to clear a cloud. He marches down the ramp, with the tail end of his black coat. His methodology is like his personality, serene…ethereal. As he makes it to the end of the ramp, he lowers down to the ground. He rubs the ground, feeling his fingers and arching back up. Rodney hits the ring and stands up slowly. Walking around in the atmospheric star field, Rodney takes his stance on the top turnbuckle, giving the world once over before getting ready for war.]


Dante Reed - This match also marks the Union Battleground debut of Rodney Stillwater!


Sebastian Riggs - Rodney is a mysterious cat, Dante. But one thing is for sure, he’s as focused as ever and ready to make a name for himself in the Battleground!


Dante Reed - Alright folks, looks like both competitors are ready for war. Our referee for this contest is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. He checks off with each fighter one last time and he’s calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The bell sounds as Rodney and Elina circle each other. Elina looks to avoid a tie up in the center of the ring with the obviously much stronger Stillwater and noticing this, Rodney forces her to lock up. Rodney quickly overpowers Elina, using his strength to bring her down to her knees then lifts her up by her hands and places her up on his shoulder in a running powerslam position! Rodney takes a few running steps with Elina with up on his shoulder and then powerslams her hard down to the mat creating a huge thud!]


Dante Reed - What power shown by Stillwater here early!


Sebastian Riggs - Elina Cartel was right to initially avoid a test of strength, her stubbornness must have got the best of her there! Only way I can explain she wanted to tie up with Rodney Stillwater, Dante!


[Rodney goes for a quick and early cover but Cartelswats Rodney in the head with a quick overhead kick and gets up! As if refusing to be shown up, Elina goes to lock up again with Stillwater but this time, Elina quickly dashes behind Rodney then ducks down and takes the back of his knee out with a quick low drop kick to it! She now moves as hastily as possible, bounces off of the ropes and goes to run a boot into the back of Rodney’s skull but as if Stillwater has eyes in the back of his head, he ducks just in time, moves behind Cartel and picks Elina up from behind, hitting her with a huge inverted powerslam!]


Dante Reed - Wow Dante! What a thunderous inverted powerslam by Rodney Stillwater!


Sebastian Riggs - Quite the move by the newcomer! Even more impressive was how Rodney managed to avoid that boot without even seeing her!


[Rodney now brings Elina up to her feet and delivers a few stiff jabs into her midsection. Rodney hoists her up on his back in an Electric Chair position but she Elina is not having any of it and proceeds to elbow Rodney repeatedly in the side of the head to get down off of him. Eventually after about four or five elbows, she slides off of Stillwater’s back with him attending to the side of his own head after her vicious elbows. She quickly takes the opportunity to kick out his legs and moves in and brings Stillwater down to the mat hard with a reverse neckbreaker and lays over to his body for a cover as the referee makes the pin.]


... One!




Dante Reed - Not even a two count for Elina Caretl!


Sebastian Riggs - It’s going to take a lot more to keep Stillwater down Dante!


[After easily kicking out, Rodney gets back up to his feet. Elina attempts to charge in with a knee strike but Rodney catches her knee and then strikes with an elbow, sends Cartel to the ropes then hits her with a perfectly executed Pop-Up Samoan Drop when she comes back off of them! Rodney covers!]


... One!


... Two!




Dante Reed - It seems as though things are picking up which has Elina Cartel in a bad spot here!


Sebastian Riggs - Both competitors are showing how much the Crown of the King Cobra really means to them Dante!


[Rodney is up first, backs up and comes forward towards Caretl, attempting to drop a stiff knee squarely on her face but Elina manages to roll out of the way and Rodney hits the mat knee first! Cartel gets up and attacks the knee Rodney just bounced off of the mat with a low drop kick like before to the back of it! Rodney's right leg appears to be in serious pain now. Elina continues to work it by this time taking a running start before delivering a third low drop kick of the night to the back of his right knee! With Stillwater now down on his back, clutching his knee, Cartel sees the opportunity and heads towards the ropes. Elina takes one look behind her to gauge how far Stillwater is and then proceeds to springboard off of the top rope but at the last moment as she comes down for the landing, Stillwater gets his knees up!]


Dante Reed - Rodney Stillwater got the knees up to avoid a serious crisis there!


Sebastian Riggs - But at what cost Dante? He had to use that right knee to block the moonsault and all of that weight coming down on it must have done more damage!


[Rodney gets up and limps over to a stunned and overall groggy Elina Cartel whose barely managed to get to her feet. Rodney proceeds to move in on Elina Cartel and gets her in a waist lock from behind. Stillwater now hits Cartel with a huge German Suplex and bridges for the cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Thr—KICK OUT!


Dante Reed - Wow!? Cartel kicked out!?


Sebastian Riggs - She’s got a lot of heart Dante, that’s for sure!


[Rodney picks Elina up to her feet once more. Elina elbows Rodney in the stomach repeatedly until Rodney lets go of her head! Cartel once again uses her quickness to swoop around to the back of Stillwater and this time chop blocks him in the back of the right knee causing him to drop down to one knee, his left, only holding him up. Elina hits the ropes and goes for a bulldog from behind but catches her and lifts her up for a back suplex instead!]


Dante Reed - What a great counter by Rodney Stillwater turning that bulldog attempt into a back suplex!


Sebastian Riggs - I’m surprised he had the leg strength to do that Dante after how hard Elina has worked that right knee!


[With Cartel on the mat now, rolling around and looking visibly worn out, Rodney Stillwater signals to the crowd that the end has come. Rodney goes over to Cartel and brings her up to her feet. He puts her head between his legs and lifts Cartel up into an Overhead Gutwrench Backbreaker Rack and then crashes her to the mat by dropping her into a DDT from that position, right in the middle of the ring!]


Dante Reed - No Land Beyond delivered by Stillwater! This one’s over!


[Rodney slumps his body over Cartel’s, hooks the leg and the referee gets in position once again to make the count.]


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner and advancing to the semifinals of the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament, “The Pathfinder” Rodney Stillwater!


[Rodney slowly ascends to his feet and the referee hoists his hand high in the air in victory. He has almost a blank expression across his face, seemingly still zoned in to the action. He does little celebrating, instead he simply rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp.]


Dante Reed - Well that was an impressive showing by Rodney Stillwater. I have to say he’s a man to watch in the tournament.


Sebastian Riggs - No doubt, Dante. Tonight he proved that he belongs here, and the result of that is going on to the next round. He lives to fight another day!


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, we are down to two match ups tonight. Coming up next, the Trench War Championship is on the line as the defending champion Emery Layton is set to square off against Anton Chase!

Wrestling with a God

[After the madness and bonkerness of Relapse so far, we head...to the back! With Savannah Skye! We follow her as thunders down the corridor with a mic in her hand, knocking at the door three times and leaving a pause. There's no response.]


[Skye looks around, her lip curled.]


Savannah Skye - ...Do we have the right room here or--?


[At that moment, the door blasts open and the cheesy grin of Emery Layton lights the way.]


Emery Layton - Oi oi! Sorry, couldn't open it any earlier or shout 'come in', I was eating a chicken leg. You know how it is. How was new year? How you keeping?


Savannah Skye - Oh. Er, good. Thanks.


Emery Layton - Cracking! Listen, I'm about to go out so I ain't gonna get much chance to sit down. Haven't had chance, either. Been busy times, Savannah! Saved a promotion from some grumpy old men, was declared Wrestler of the Year here and elsewhere, met up with some old friends...come with me a sec, I'm just gonna perch myself-- ooh!


[As she begins to lower like a mother hen, she feels something sharp on her leg as she bounces back up. She looks down at what it was and grins as she picks it up and places it to the side- the Supreme XWA Championship.]


Emery Layton - Oh. Huh. Didn't even see that there. Funny the things that slip your mind, eh?


[Now she finally drops to the ground, cross-legged, as she now picks up the Trench War Championship and drapes it over her shoulder.]


Emery Layton - This on the other hand? How could I forget?


Savannah Skye - Goodness. Nearly a year now as Trench War Champion.


Emery Layton - I know, right? It's funny- I been round to other promotions and defended this thing, I made a loada noise about it but...I dunno. You'd think by now someone'd start watching out for me, y'know?


Savannah Skye - Watching out for you?


Emery Layton - You know what I mean. Keepng an eye out. Waiting for the Trench War Traveller to come wandering by and then WHAM!


[She claps, loudly, making Savannah almost jump of her skin.]


Emery Layton - But...hey, I dunno, maybe I'm just being daft. Anyway, what can I do you for?


Savannah Skye - I wanted to talk about your match with Anton Chase.


Emery Layton - Oh yeah, the one I'm having in a minute?


Savannah Skye - Yes. Obviously you've faced Chase before in a Union Battleground ring, only that was under different circumstances. Do you think there's a chance he may change up his game plan this time?


[Em considers this for a moment while she consumes a second chicken leg.]


Emery Layton - I mean there's a chance, yeah...but he won't. I don't think he will, anyway. Dude calls himself "The Wrestling God". Y'know, as a wrestler, I like Anton Chase and I think he's a cracking talent, one of the best in the world but d'ya think a guy who calls himself a God at this is gonna think he needs to do anything different second time round? Nah. He'll bring it...but beating people like Chase is what gets me outta bed in the morning. Well, that and insomnia. He'll come out and fight. He'll step in there and he'll try his best to ruin me, to leave me a broken, brainless pavee with no title and a permanent limp. But don't worry, Savannah, cos me? I'll just step in that ring and do what the Trench War Champion does best.


Savannah Skye - Which is?


[The Worst of the Pavees pops up to her feet, her title still over her shoulder.]


Emery Layton - Fight him off and be on my way, of course!


Savannah Skye - Well, good luck and welcome back, Emery!


Emery Layton - You too!


[She gives Savannah a punch in the arm. She sees it as playful but Savannah's arm aches immediately following it as Em places her hands on her hips, proudly.]


Savannah Skye - *Ow* Thanks.


Emery Layton - No problem! Next time we chat, I'll still have this title- trust me on that one, mate.


[And with that, the Worst of the Pavees darts off, into a battle with a Wrestling God.]


Savannah Skye - Confident words from the Trench War Champion.


[We fade out.]


[As we return from commercial break, we focus in on the broadcast booth where Dante Reed and Sebastian Riggs are joined by the one and only, Trixie.]


Dante Reed - Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. As we prepare for our upcoming championship match, I’d like to first welcome to the booth the number one contender to the Trench War Championship, “The Prime Girl” Trixie!


Trixie - Thank you for that warm introduction, Dante. It feels good to be back in Union Battleground.


Sebastian Riggs - Now Trixie, forgive me if I’m stepping on any toes, but I have to ask, why aren’t you the one getting ready for this bout? I mean, you are the number one contender!


Trixie - Well, Sebastian, as you know I’m a very busy woman. I travel all over the world and compete in numerous wrestling promotions. But that’s not all I do. I’m a two-way player for the Cincinnati HitGirls, and star on the hit show “All That Glitters” on CircleTV. So this off-season let me busy, and Axel was kind enough to give me this night off to fully prepare myself. But make no mistake about it, Trixie is back!


Sebastian Riggs - Fair enough! Any word from the boss man when you will get your shot?


Trixie - That’s up to him to decide. I just have to stay focused and be ready at anytime. But enough about me, I just want to sit with you boys and have the best seat in the house to watch this match!


Dante Reed - Well we’ll do our best. But now, it’s time for the action! Mike, take it away!


Mike Dempsey - The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Union Battleground Trench War Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, standing 5’9” and weighing in at 209 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, representing the NGW, “The Wrestling God” Anton Chase!





[As "How We Roll" by Hollywood Undead blasts over the PA system, white smoke fills the entrance and two people are seen behind the white smoke. The first person steps forward in front of the white smoke revealing "The Wrestling God" Anton Chase as the second person emerges behind him, which is his manager Chris Wood. Anton Chase makes his way down the ramp, with a cocky smile on his face and his arms out at the side with Chris Wood following behind him. Chase climbs in the ring and then climbs the second ropes and puts one hand up in the air, and stares off as he awaits his opponent while Chris Wood takes his position outside the ring.]


Dante Reed - A seasoned vet in both the industry and in Union Battleground, Anton Chase is no stranger to competition. Anton is one of the inaugural talents in the Battleground. He made his debut here during the tournament to crown the first Union Battleground Champion in the Axel Graves era.


Sebastian Riggs - He won his debut match against Adrien Pierce, but lost in the second round to the woman he faces tonight, Emery Layton!


Mike Dempsey - And his opponent, standing 5’6” and weighing in at 135 pounds, from Anywhere and Everywhere, representing the XWA, she is the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED Union Battleground Trench War Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!






[As "Running Up That Hill" by The Feud hits the PA system and light explodes to life, the excitement hits the air. The Worst of the Pavees herself- wearing her leather jacket and beanie over her gear and her Trench War Championship around her waist- emerges from behind the curtain, clearly impressed with the amount of people who have turned out. She's nodding her head, holding her arms out as she struts down the ramp and swaying her head to the beat of her entrance theme, her eyes closed. She's lost in the moment, there's nowhere else she'd rather be right now.]


Dante Reed - To continue on this topic, Chase and Layton faced each other in the Union Battleground Championship Tournament in the second round, where Emery came out the victor and made it all the way to the semifinals.


Sebastian Riggs - It’s like déjà vu. Kicking off season two like we did season one. Only this encounter has a Championship at stake!


[Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she unclips her title from around her waist- holding it one hand as she pulls her beanie off and thrusts it into her pocket with the other, skating up the steel steps and climbing the turnbuckle. As the fans cheer, Em lifts the Trench War Championship into the air for all to see. Ooh, she's chuffed to even hold it in her hands. Once the eccentric Irish traveller has spent enough time up there, Emery leaps down from the top rope and into the ring, transitioning from that into probably the most graceful, crisp forward-roll you've ever seen. Once she's in there, she runs to the rope right behind her bouncing off it as she drops to her knees and skids forwards, as all the lights drop except a single spotlight on her and the lights from cell phone cameras as her upperbody falls backwards and she holds the Trench War Championship up in the air with both arms right up. After a few moments of just simply listening to the cheers, she flips onto her front and crawls into her corner, removing her jacket and dumping the battered old thing to the outside as she sits down, legs flat out with the title now draped over her knees, waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - Alright ladies and gentlemen, both fighters are in the ring and ready for action. Our referee for this contest is Senior Official Bruce O’Neal. Bruce is going over the rules of this matchup, to which both fighters agree on. The two are set in their corners and... wait a minute, Mike Dempsey is stepping back into the ring.


Sebastian Riggs - What’s he doing?!


Mike Dempsey - Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that not only will this bout be for the Trench War Championship, but also a first round match in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament!


Dante Reed - Wooa! Now things have just been elevated to a whole new level!


Sebastian Riggs - Not only will someone be walking out of here with the Trench War Championship, but also advancing in the King Cobra Tournament! This is insane!


Dante Reed - Check out the look on Chase and Layton’s faces! What a shocker! And without warning, O’Neal is calling for the bell! This match is underway!




[The crowd is buzzing with excitement at the news dropped by Dempsey, but before the crowd can fully grasp what is now at hand, Anton Chase charges Emery and rocks her into the turnbuckle with a drop kick! Anton closes the distance and begins throwing shoulder blocks into the midsection of Emery Layton. The referee calls his five count then orders Anton to back off, to which he ignores the request and continues to pummel Emery. Anton knows that Bruce isn’t going to disqualify him due to Axel’s trademark orders of letting the competitors fight it out, so Anton takes full advantage of it. After several powering blows, Emery’s legs give out and she drops to the mat, and Anton swiftly puts a boot across her throat!]


Dante Reed - Jesus Herbert Christ! Anton is unleashing on Emery right now!


Sebastian Riggs - Do you blame him? The title AND tournament are on the line, and you know he hasn’t forgotten about Emery eliminating him in the Union Battleground Championship Tournament last year. This is retribution!


[Anton continues to press his foot across Emery’s throat as the referee pleas to stop. Finally Chase stops and taunts the crowd and gets them riled up. Anton picks Emery up by the hair then tosses her back into the corner with a two-handed choke slam! “The Wrestling God” now puts Emery in a front facelock and steps up the ropes and spins into a tornado DDT! Chase hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - This is a different side of Anton Chase that I don’t think we’ve seen since his ladder match at Fallout last year!


[Anton quickly snaps at the referee arguing his tempo but the referee stands his ground. Chase brushes off the ref before picking Emery back up to her feet. Emery struggles to keep her footing but Anton fixes that problem with a crushing scoop slam back into the turnbuckle! Anton now hooks Emery’s leg inside the ropes to put her in a tree of woe and he makes his way across the ring. Anton dials Emery in and charges her and goes for a basement drop kick, but Emery sits up at the last second causing Anton to rack himself against the post right in the jewels!]


Sebastian Riggs - Oh damn! Anton’s gonna be feeling that one in the morning!


Dante Reed - Nevertheless it was a great maneuver by Emery to surely slow Anton down!


[The crowd gets on their feet and cheer on Emery who flips out of the corner and stumbles her way to her feet. Seeing the reeling Anton still split-legged between the post, she goes over and pulls him out from the corner by the hair! She flings Chase back into the corner where he’s still nursing his injury, and she charges him with her own drop kick! Emery backpedals and drop kicks him again! Layton backpedals and drop kicks him a third and final time and Chase drops to the mat while Emery celebrates with the crowd. As she continues celebrating, Chase slowly gets back to his feet and lunges in for a tie up. Chase Irish whips Emery into the ropes, but she counters with a springboard off the middle rope and pierces Chase with a spike hurricanrana! She hooks the leg for a cover!]


... One!


... Two!


... Kick out!


Dante Reed - Emery Layton nearly won the match with her patented “Put out the Pin”.


Sebastian Riggs - It looks like she’s rallying now after that slow start.


[The kick out doesn’t faze Emery as she continues her attack. She gets up and grabs Chase’s legs, looking to put him in a submission. But Chase squirms and fights it off, then Emery goes in plan B mode, and monkey flips Anton into the turnbuckle! Chase crashes in and stumbles to keep his footing, all the while Emery runs the ropes and drops him with a two-handed bulldog!]


Dante Reed - Emery Layton is on fire right now!


Sebastian Riggs - She has a chance to become a dual champion in Union Battleground, Dante! She knows what’s at stake! If we’re being honest, she’s fighting with an uncharacteristic focus and drive! This isn’t the Canoe rowing, Kangaroo throwing Emery we’re use to seeing!


[Anton stays down on the mat, clutching at his face, while Emery steps out to the apron. She dials in Anton, springboards off the top rope, and with a meteoric impact, collides onto Chase with a 450 Splash! The crowd goes wild as Emery hooks the leg again!]


... One!


... Two!


... Th— Kick out!


Dante Reed - My god, Bas. After the beating Emery took early in this match, she is showing no signs of stopping!


Sebastian Riggs - I give her mad respect. She’s got the heart of a true fighter, and that’s why she’s held on to that Trench War Championship for 323 days and counting!


[Both Emery and Anton lie limp from the high impact move. The crowd is still roaring in excitement, cheering for their champion. Emery is first to make a move, fighting her way up to her knees, then hallway up to her feet. She struggles to bring Anton to his feet, but once he’s up, Anton quickly throws an eye gouge, blinding The Worst of the Pavees! The boo birds come out in droves but it doesn’t stop Anton as he rocks Emery with a devastating pele kick! Emery drops face first to the canvas and Anton hypes himself up, looking to end this right now! He brings Emery back up to her feet, and starts to setup the Chaos Theory! Anton lifts her up, and before he can hooks her arms, the attention is drawn to the referee who’s now barking at a man on the apron!]


Dante Reed - Bas, who is that? Is that?


Sebastian Riggs - That’s Dolan Farson! We’ve been told he’s been in talks with Axel Graves for some time now, but for what we don’t know, and for why he’s out here, I ain’t got a clue!


[Dolan has Bruce O’Neal’s full attention as he continues to order the man away from ringside. Suddenly on the opposite end of the ring, a masked man climbs up on the apron and flattens Anton Chase with a skull shattering chair shot to the back of the head!]


Dante Reed - Who... or WHAT the fuck is that?!


Sebastian Riggs - Holy shit! I don’t know, Dante!


[Anton folds like a lawn chair and both he and Emery are out cold. Dolan Farson finally obliges to the ref and leaves ringside while the masked man hops over the barricade and disappears into the crowd. The ref comes back to the action with a look of bewilderment, but shrugs it off. Emery is first to regain consciousness and is confused to see that Anton is sawing logs. A burst of excitement rushes threw her regardless as she drags Chase in position and begins to climb up the nearest turnbuckle. The crowd is on their feet as Emery gives a quick tumbling motion with her arms before catapulting herself into a double moonsault! The massive impact ricochets both her and Anton off the canvas, but she holds on to hook the leg for the cover!]


Dante Reed - Wuthering Heights!! This one’s over!


... One!


... Two!


... Three!




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner, advancing in the Crown of the King Cobra Tournament AND STILL Trench War Champion, “The Worst of the Pavees” Emery Layton!


[The crowd is in pandemonium as Emery struggles to sit up and the referee hands her her title. Layton stands up with the assistance of the referee and gets a proper victory signal with ref raising her hand up high. Emery is ecstatic for the big win as she bows and thanks the crowd for their support.]


Dante Reed - Bas, I don’t think Emery knew what happened to Anton.


Sebastian Riggs - Well the ref didn’t know either! But it doesn’t matter now, because Emery holds on to her title and now will advance in the King Cobra Tournament!


Dante Reed - Well Folks, It’s come down to the final match of the evening. Our ring crew is working as we speak to setup the two ring caged structure that is the “Prisoners of War” match! In the meantime, our very own house band, the Scumbag Society, will play us off until then!

Musical Performance by Scumbag Society

Rise and Shine

[The Trench War Championship had concluded and after an incredible match, both competitors made their respective exits from the ring. It had been a tremendous night of wrestling by some of the best in the business, and with only the main event remaining, the end of the line for this ride called RELAPSE was nearly in sight.]


[As the sold-out Qudos Bank Arena contend with that harsh reality, without warning, the lights cut out. Swallowed up into an inky veil that offers little depth perception, the spirited din of chatter is collectively dumped for the reactionary high-pitched howl. Like wild-eyed cattle, the attendees begin anxiously milling around in the dark, reeling with curious excitement.] 


Dante Reed - Whoa, now! There goes the power!


Sebastian Riggs- I can't even see my hand in front of my face, Dante!


[Soft waves of music begin slowly pouring from the PA. A surreal, dream-like melody composed of sweeping harp and xylophone. Spectral violins skittering nervously in high vibrato, soaked in reverb as they echo and refract around the arena. Then with a startling sting, the haunting soundscape grows more manic. Heart rates spike, pulses jump, blood runs cold. A stalking piano looms large--watching, waiting--almost urging you to look over your shoulder.]


[There is something innately eerie and unnerving in the music which adds to the overall sense of dread and discomfort--a feeling shared by those in attendance who remain excruciatingly tense while huddled in darkness, straining to see beyond the seemingly solid black walls around them. The frenzy continues with the ominous sound of kettledrums rolling from one pitch to another in thunderous swells; the rumbling drones and discordant bellows intensify the hysteria and induce a sense of anticipation bordering on panic.]


Dante Reed - The tension is thicker than thick, Riggs..


[The music continues to play and the tension continues to build but still nothing. Until the sound of static through the PA overtakes, phasing out the haunting track and making way for a vaguely familiar visual on the jumbotron. An eerie silence washes over the crowd as they direct their focus away from predicting the impossible and towards the massive monitor, all eyes fixed.]


Sebastian Riggs - I'm tellin' ya, this whole situation is giving me the heebie jeebies... WAIT! What's this!?

[A low-angle POV shot overlooking a pair of handlebars leads us through strange interior spaces. Instead of the cramped darkness and quick, panicky jump cuts of your standard-issue entrance video, this scene generates unease not through claustrophobia and dark spaces, but with high ceilings and lonely expanses bathed in harsh, artificial light. The Steadicam prowls through empty corridors, past locker rooms and around corners. The constant hum of wheels whirring, then the sudden quiet as they cruise across slip mats and hallway runners. The audience is still in the dark, literally and figuratively, and there's a powerful sense of foreboding as the camera rounds one last corner...]

Sebastian Riggs - That looks a helluva lot like the bowels of the arena here at the Qudos Bank Arena!


Dante Reed - Well there's one mystery solved. And yet.. there's still something palpably disturbing just sort of.. bubbling beneath the surface. 


Sebastian Riggs - It feels more like a guillotine dangling overhead, ready to drop at any moment!


Dante Reed - Wait! WAIT! It would appear as if someone or SOMETHING is headed right for the entrance ramp!


[The calm is suddenly shattered with aural insanity. Jagged, shrieking, stabbing strings from Krzysztof Penderecki’s Polymorphia signal the "terror" that lies ahead. The stadium suddenly lights up like a midnight drone strike...]


Sebastian Riggs - Enough with the runaround, WHO THE HELL IS IT??!! 


Dante Reed - It's.. it's.. IT'S THE OOOOUUUUTTTTLLLLIIIIEEEERRRRSSSS!!!! Les Enfants Terribles! The Holy Terrors! This sold-out crowd is on their feet! What an overwhelming response for our newly crowned Battalion Champions! Just listen to those cheers!


[Sawtooth Grin and Hewhocorrupts emerge through the curtain riding adult-sized BIG WHEEL tricycles! The oppressive mood is INSTANTLY lifted! The crowds' heads pop and their brains practically ooze out as they explode with riotous applause!!]


Sebastian Riggs - Union Battleground's FIRST Battalion Champions in fact.. Yup, it's all starting to make sense.. I mean, as much as it can when it comes to The Outliers, but.. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, what the heck are they wearing?!


[The enigmatic pair pause at the top of the ramp. They appear wearing matching baby blue dresses with white lace at the hem and pastel pink ribbons around the waist. The Outliers mirror the twins in haunting fashion. The attention to detail would make Stanley Kubrick proud. Everything down to the Peter Pan collars, puffy shoulders, white knee-high stockings and polished black shoes. And the ensemble wouldn't be complete without cute little daisy barrettes pinned in their hair.]


Dante Reed - C'mon, it's unmistakable! They're the Grady Twins from Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror classic, The Shining. Dressed to kill! 


Sebastian Riggs - Well, I suppose that makes sense, too. When you watch them work it's like they're telepathically communicating.. transmitting info and images to each other like goddamn dolphins using echolocation. How they operate as a team, they must have The Shine.


Dante Reed - I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. Prepare to go through the looking-glass, people.


Sebastian Riggs - One thing's for certain, these Outliers are definitely cut from a different cloth, I see that now.. very clearly.. and I'll be damned if they don't look good! I gotta give it to 'em, Reed, they pull this look off with ease.. they're a shoe in for "Best Dressed." Iron chic.


Dante Reed - I think The Outliers will never get the hang of the roles they're expected to play and insist on ad-libbing the lines. They keep everyone on their toes and on the edge of their seats, including us. Just like any great magician, they have our total attention in the palms of their hands, they know how to captivate a crowd, dare I say.. possess.


Sebastian Riggs - Really? Calm down, calm down.


[The Outliers sail down the ramp side-by-side on their trikes at full speed, the titles prominently and proudly wrapped around the handlebars!]


Sebastian Riggs - Looks like the champs are gonna be taking a little victory lap on those High Rollers! Hashtag ridin' dirty!


Dante Reed - Uh oh, it also looks like Hewhocorrupts is carrying an axe!


[After a few furious laps around the ring (and a few friendly rings from the bike bell), The Outliers finally dismount in front of the timekeeper's table. With the title draped over one shoulder and the axe over the other, HWC strolls over to the desk and with one fell swoop, plunges the axe deep into its surface!]


HWC - [Speaking to the official timekeeper...] Be a peach and hold on to this for me, would ya?


[Corrupts grabs a couple mics and tosses one to his partner. Meanwhile, Grin dips under the middle rope and curtsies to the uproarious fans who gradually relax as he brings the mic closer to his mouth.]


GRIN - [Whispers into the mic...] Scream.


[The crowd starts screaming like hounds in heat.]


HWC - [Slowly circling the ring...] Scream louder.


Sebastian Riggs - This audience is reaching critical mass! These aren't the new kids on the block anymore.. these are the NUKE kids on the block! 


Dante Reed - The Outliers seem to have grown on audiences over the years, and it would seem they still exert a rather fearsome grip.


HWC - [With all the verve of a ringmaster presenting the main attraction...] And now.. if I may be so bold.. The one half of the Battalion Champions you've actually been waiting for! My right hand man! Wait.. there are things I do with my right hand that no one should be associated with.. anyways--


As slick and scathing as a straight razor.. as sharp as the blade of Jack Torrance's axe.. there is no escape from his cutting edge torture techniques.. he is the sadistic submission magician.. always takes the stairs never the elevator.. a dastardly little devil with dead eyes and a shark's smile.. the sinister.. SAWTOOTH GRIN!!!


GRIN - [With pure gusto...] And without further ado, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce to you.. LIVE and no holds bizarred!


A chaos junkie in search of poetic mayhem.. the swiss army man.. the anarchist's cookbook of combat.. the animal of anti-technique.. slumdog of strange style.. sauce of the south side.. the bubble in your IV.. the incomparable.. inimitable.. the peacemaker.. lovemaker.. oathbreaker.. dick-taker.. HE.. WHO.. CORRUPTS!!!




[FANS CHEER!!!!!!!!!!!!]




HWC - [Pointing out at the loudmouthed fan...] See, this guy's into it. Just look at him goin' to town, face-fuckin' that corn dog in the second row. He needs his weekly dose of insanity. Sir, I highly recommend you try wearing a dress sometime. I love it. It's hard to describe.. but you'll put one on and go, "Yeah, I get this!" It's fantastic! Everything's just flappin' around down there. It's just that freedom y'know.. there's nothing getting in the way of who you really are. But be careful if you go into an Apple Store.. they have those glass floors now!


GRIN - You're wearing underwear now.. aren't you?


HWC - I had no underwear on.. and then I was told to put underwear on.


GRIN - Maybe you weren't aware of how you were sitting? 


HWC - I was aware..


GRIN - Anyways.. Welcome to the Unwinding Hour in The Gold Room!


HWC - Great party, isn't it?


GRIN - YEAH! We know you guys and gals know how to have a good time. You got the best god-damn bartenders from Timbuktu to Portland, Oregon--or South Point, Victoria for that matter. So sit back, relax and enjoy The Shine.


HWC - So what's up Syd City?! Are we having fun yet?!




Dante Reed - If you aren't having fun yet your heart is a dead, black hunk of coal as far as I'm concerned!


Sebastian Riggs - I know I am! What a welcome oasis of depravity and shock in a culture that too often thinks merely being a little weird passes muster.


HWC - [Motioning to his partner...] Based on the surging swarms of happy humans out here, I'm guessing you're glad to see us.


GRIN - [With a wink and a nod...] And even more happy too see these straps hanging over our shoulders..


GRIN - Now, I know you're probably asking yourself, "Have The Outliers lost their marbles?" Fair question. To which I'll reply: Oh yeah, we lost 'em good!


HWC - [Waving a fond farewell...] Toodles! Now, don't worry.. we haven't gone completely crazy.. not yet anyways..


Sebastian Riggs - I'm not so sure you should take their word for it.


Dante Reed - I think that's something our audience has already discovered on their own.


HWC - No, I would characterize it more as.. cabin fever. I know everyone in Australia might not be so familiar with the concept because you live in such a beautiful place, but when you come from the South Side of Chicago--where blizzards can roar across the city with remarkable regularity--it's a feeling you're intimately aware of. 


It's like a psychological torture chamber that gives you the sense of being trapped in a nightmarish maze, never to escape. It's the skull trying to cage a beast, you can actually feel your brain beginning to atrophy. 


Sebastian Riggs - These boys came back haunted, Reed: it's almost as if The Outliers we knew last season, never came back, and have been replaced by some unearthly doppelgangers.


HWC - Now that's not to say we haven't been making the most of our time. Quite the opposite in fact. We've been focusing all our efforts on improving and evolving.. opening up new windows to push each other out of.. In this business there is no such thing as spare time.. no such thing as free time.. no such thing as down time.. there's only life time. So you gotta go out there and get it.. that's why we're holding these straps.. and that's how we intend to keep 'em. And although learning about what you’re made of is always time well spent..


All work and no play makes The Outliers dull boys. And with season two kicking off, now's the time.. now the fun begins. We've got the itch..


GRIN - And while history was made last season, it was purely a jumping-off point. Now it's time to open up and do some serious damage. Remind everyone why the division was introduced in the first place--in case it's somehow been forgotten..




HWC - There's a rhythm to it--a rhythm that can't be found in singles scraps. It's the messy, vivid, beating heart of our business, and we don't want that to be anymore evident, than right here in the Battleground. We're at the helm, set to lead the Battalion charge and make sure that right out the gate, UB cements itself as one of the premier co-op spots in the fuckin' business. So, you best believe, even with as early as it is, that season two and this new year will belong to The Outliers. But not only us, our entire division will be stealing the show. Unapologetically. 


GRIN - We've always admired the promotions that pride themselves on their tag divisions and the quality of talent they produce. Places like HKW, 4CW, and Australia's own, IYHWF. Their mind-blowing and often unsettling brand of crazy has inspired us and we will respond by taking it to new, terrifying places.


And that's what we're here to showcase. We wanna be known for having a deep, thriving division of savage teams. We wanna kill it alongside the best, so consider this a call to arms. Mobilize the fuckin' troops. All the duos in the back, all the duos on the roster, all duos everywhere. We want a memorable season, and you know we can't do it alone. Let's give them something they can't ignore, something irrefutable.. Something to fiend for, you follow us? It's time we bring it to the forefront. FIERCE. HIGH GRADE. TAG TEAM WRESTLING.


As for The Firing Squad? You didn't think we'd.. Overlook you.. did you? Real talk though--we've got nothing to prove and the ref's decision is final. We honestly didn't think there was anything more to discuss..


[Sporting a sinister grin, Sawtooth hoists his title high up in the air. The fans grow louder in approval.]


GRIN - But I tell you piss babies what.. if you still gotta pulse, the door to Room 237 is always open. Just remember, as long as we Shine, it's your darkest day.


[Corrupts comes up from behind his partner and gives him a healthy smack in the ass before taking the floor.]


HWC - Words of wisdom, Grin, words of wisdom. Now come out, come out, wherever you are! Little pigs, little pigs..


GRIN - Come on and face it, come one and all.. Come all you killers, come join the war!


HWC - Come all you wasted, wretched, and scorned.. Come join the war!


GRIN - Come climb the rafters, come enter the maze!


THE OUTLIERS - Everyone you know will all go away..


[Holding hands in their powder blue pastel frocks, they beckon in unison with creepy, monotone voices with an open invitation:]


THE OUTLIERS - Come and play with us. Come and play with us..


[For an instant, a slide-show flashes on the jumbotron with images of carnage from The Outliers' past victories. And then, as they appear to get closer:] 


THE OUTLIERS - ..forever, and ever, and ever. 


[As their voices echo out into the florescent gloom, the arena goes dark. It appears that they have vanished.]


[The lights come back on and the monitor plays the elevator scene from The Shining. The hypnotic tension builds as the elevator doors open. Blood rushes towards the audience as if it's going to burst right through the screen and flood the venue. It approaches powerfully, but it also creeps along the floor, inching towards them, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.]


[Suddenly, The Outliers rush through the curtain holding a fire hose. They quickly straddle the hose and unleash a tsunami of red liquid--drenching every fan to the left and right of the entrance ramp. The crowd howl and yelp in complete astonishment.]


Dante Reed - OH MY GOD! It's a crimson tide!


Sebastian Riggs - The writing's on the wall, Reed.. REDRUM! This season is gonna be MURDER! Mark my words!


[The Outliers' menacing laughter echoes off the walls as they continue to douse everything in sight. The audience has no choice when it comes to partaking in the fun. The torrential flood of blood from the high-pressure hose eventually runs dry, and after dropping the hose and taking a quick look at their blood-splattered attire, they give the crowd a huge hand of appreciation.]


Dante Reed - Without a doubt. The Outliers have shown us what's possible when you're willing to dig deep into the darkest corners of your psyche and tonight has been like seeing a direct projection of their twisted minds. I, for one, am eager to see how things shake out in the Battalion Division in the weeks to come!


Sebastian Riggs - Now if we could only figure out how the hell we're gonna clean up this mess!

Prisoners of War Rules:

1. A coin toss determines the third entrant.

2. The first two entrants will be one on one for 5 minutes until the third entrant is called.

3. A new entrant comes every three minutes until both teams are in the ring.

4. Members will wait backstage until their entry is called upon.

5. The only way to win is via submission or surrender after all the entrants for both teams have entered the match.



Mike Dempsey - The following contest is our Main Event of the evening, and it is a Prisoners of War Match!


[The fans go absolutely nuts as the camera pans back to show the viewer that the double cage which encompasses both rings that are side by side is lit up by flashing spot lights. This double cage has a roof and the structure itself is only about 9 feet high, similar to it’s height when it was first introduced in the 1980’s but the cage itself is bright, shiny, new and looks much sturdier than the older model. At ringside is referee Joe Murray to allow entrants into the cage while Head Official Bruce O’Neal stands inside the ring closest to the entry ramp, awaiting the arrival of the first two competitors.]


Dante Reed - Any thoughts before we get started with our final match up of the evening Sebastian?


Sebastian Riggs - What a main event to kick off the Season Opener Dante, I can’t wait!


Dante Reed - Nemesis and Dick Devereaux’s feud is about to be taken to even greater heights, as if that was even possible with this Prisoners of War match! This should be an absolute battle ladies and gentlemen, buckle up!


["Welcome Home” By Coheed and Cambria begins to play and the camera begins to pan around the arena. The fans begin to give a mixed reaction, leaning more towards cheers because of who his opponents are tonight, as red lasers begin flashing around the arena. After the intro the lights begin to violently strobe to the beat as the ramp puts out smoke. Kuk Killswitch storms out from the back in his usual entrance attire. Across his face, an annoyed look. He looks around before wiping his mouth with his arm and snorting. He holds up his fists and the crowd showers him with a surprising chorus of cheers. He puts his arms down as he shakes his head again. Kuk begins to walk towards the ring, looking left and right ignoring the fans who reach out towards him.]


Mike Dempsey - Introducing first, representing Team Devereaux, weighing in at two-hundred pounds and hailing from Ozone Park, New York, he is “The Hardcore Reject”…Kuk Killswitch!


[Kuk is now at the ring as he looks at the camera. He mouths off some words before pulling himself up on the ring apron with his right knee. Killswitch lifts himself up and spins around on the apron. He looks around before holding up the metal horns. He then gets into the ring and steps up on the turnbuckle. Killswitch holds up the metal horns again before slowly putting them to his sides as he wipes his mouth again and turns. He sits on the top turnbuckle as he looks around waiting for the match to begin.]


Dante Reed - This man has been seeking revenge since being used as a pawn in Nemesis’ ploy last season to get Dick Devereaux to agree to his match stipulation which was Nemesis’ specialty; a 7th Circle of Hell match which resulted in Nemesis’ Union Battleground Championship victory!


Sebastian Riggs - But it doesn’t go without saying that his victory was also in part to some assistance from fellow Salvation member Viduus Morta!


Dante Reed - He always seems to be one step ahead of Devereaux even at our offseason show, “Burning Hammer”, Nemesis once again outsmarted, if you will, “The Butcher” to gain a victory!


Sebastian Riggs - Well Dante, tonight they are in that monster of a structure and I don’t think there’s much hope of escape for Nemesis and Salvation, though, I am intrigued to see how they replace the absence of Sinister after burying him alive earlier tonight.


Dante Reed - That is one of the biggest stories of tonight Sebastian, you’re right, what is Salvation’s plan for filling the void left by Sinister? This should be a very interesting and exciting contest folks!


[The arena goes dark as the opening chords of “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie begin to surround the fans of the arena. With each audio moan on the track’s opening sequence, the arena flashes a deep dark red, then as the guitar kicks in the lights slowly begin to rise to a dim setting and we see Nemesis kneeling at the top of the ramp with the Union Battleground Championship glistening around his waist, as a single red spotlight shines down on him.]







[As Rob Zombie’s voice kicks in, Nemesis raises his lowered head, outstretches his arms, raises to his feet and then proceeds forward slowly towards the ring with the arena remaining dark and the lone red spotlight following Nemesis’ path accordingly. Nemesis walks by the fans not phased in the slightest by the cheers and chirps with his eyes solely focused on the ring before him. Nemesis approaches the ring steps, begins to walk up them, stops at the final step, unstraps the Union Battleground Championship from his waist, jumps directly onto the top turnbuckle and outstretch his arms while kneeling down, lifting the Union Battleground Championship high in the air as smoke fills the ring. Nemesis then hops down into the ring walking directly into the center of the squared circle where he falls to both knees, places the Union Battleground Championship on the mat before him and lowers his head similarly to how he was on the entrance ramp. As the music continues, Nemesis simultaneously raises his head and outstretches his arms as the lights come on and the music stops.]


Dante Reed - Wow Sebastian! The first entrant for Salvation is the Union Battleground Champion himself Nemesis!


Sebastian Riggs - It looks like Kuk is going to get the opportunity to get his hands on the man who abducted him right away!


[Joe Murray shuts the lone cage door and then padlocks the door shut so no one can escape until the next entrant comes down. With the door tightly shut and secured, Joe Murray lets Bruce O’Neal know who turns around and signals to the timekeeper to sound the bell so we can get this match underway.]




Dante Reed - Here we go!


[As soon as he hears the final toll on the ring bell Kuk runs full steam towards Nemesis, who seems to have been expecting a quick start due to Kuk’s bent up frustration since Nemesis involved him in this feud, as he side steps Kuk’s charge causing Killswitch to run chest first into the turnbuckle. As he steps back due to the collision, Nemesis doesn’t even give him a second to gather himself as he grabs Kuk from behind around the waist and tosses Kuk backwards with a huge Release German Suplex that sends Kuk from the corner, all the way to the middle of the ring, landing awkwardly on his neck. Nemesis is quick to his feet and like a rabid dog is on top of Kuk with vicious stomps going back and forth between Killswitch’s chest and head. After about a dozen or so, Kuk is on his back, staggering to sit up while Nemesis has taken a few steps backwards. As Kuk reaches outwards with his right arm to use his body’s leverage to lean him forward into a sitting position, Nemesis runs and absolutely crushes Kuk, square in the face with a running knee strike that causes Kuk’s head to whip back and spit blood straight up into the air as he’s now bleeding from the mouth from the knee as the camera focuses in on him while he lies on his back, dazed.]


Dante Reed - What fast paced and extremely stiff offense by the Champion!


Sebastian Riggs - You have to give credit where credit is due Dante! Nemesis knew that Kuk would be seeking revenge from the get-go and was just waiting for Kuk to make an aggressive first move!


[Nemesis walks over casually to the downed Kuk Killswitch, nudging Kuk in the head arrogantly with his boot. Kuk grabs a hold of Nemesis’ boot on the third nudge attempt and then uses his legs to sweep out Nemesis’ other leg, sending him down to the mat. Kuk gets up, still holding Nemesis by the right foot and moves in but Nemesis uses his left foot to kick Kuk back off of him into the ropes. Kuk tries to rebound back off them quickly as Nemesis gets to his feet and attempts a clothesline which Nemesis ducks, grabs Kuk by the back of his neck in a neck breaker position but then swings his own body around and brings Killswitch to the mat hard onto the back of his head with a perfect Reverse DDT!]


Dante Reed - Nemesis again counters Kuk whose attempting to get something going early on in this match!


Sebastian Riggs - Nemesis is just too quick and technically sound for Kuk, he’s on top of his game Dante!


Dante Reed - We’ve got about three minutes until we find out which team will get the two on one advantage folks!


[With Kuk on his back and really reeling now, Nemesis takes a moment to gloat by standing over him and taunting the crowd by raising his arms as if the match is already won. Nemesis leans forward and with both hands grabs Kuk by the neck and lifts him up to his feet and then right off of them, holding him up a few inches off the mat, staring him dead in the eyes and tilting his head right and left, as if he is examining the prey. He then puts Kuk into a fireman’s carry position and again, focusing on the neck of Kuk, drives him hard to the canvas with a Michinoku Driver!]


Dante Reed - Nemesis is showing absolute ruthlessness against Kuk who looks outmatched against the Champion!


Sebastian Riggs - In the back of Kuk’s probably partially conscious mind, you know he has to be hoping his team drew the next entrant to not only get the two on one advantage but to also give him a few moments to gather himself with a fresh body entering the match!


[With Kuk now almost completely out of it, Nemesis nonchalantly places his foot on top of Kuk’s chest, as if to mock an easy pin attempt which causes the fans to pour boos down upon him. After a few more moments of taunting, Nemesis takes his foot off of Kuk and walks over to the ropes, leaning on them casually to face the crowd, not taking his downed opponent seriously at all. Eventually, Nemesis makes his way back over to Kuk and brings him back up to his feet by a handful of his hair. Once up, Nemesis pushes Kuk back towards the turnbuckle and proceeds to lay in hard knife edged chop after knife edged chop, each one echoing through the arena to a “Woo” from the crowd. Eventually after about a half a dozen of chops, Kuk slumps down to the canvas, up against the bottom turnbuckle and Nemesis reaches down, slapping Kuk in the face repeatedly while yelling obscenities in his direction.]


Dante Reed - Kuk Killswitch desperately needs help here Sebastian!


Sebastian Riggs - The Champion is now just playing around with the ol’ Hardcore Legend!


Dante Reed - We are just under a minute to go until we find out who the third entrant is!


[Nemesis now starts stomping a mud hole into the chest of Kuk with stomp after stomp, each one delivered more viciously than the previous one. After a bunch of stomps satisfy Nemesis, he grabs Kuk by the back of the head and throws him face first into the canvas. He now walks over the back of Kuk and lifts Kuk up into a Camel Clutch! Because all of the entrants haven’t come into the ring yet, Bruce O’Neal doesn’t even bother checking on Kuk, whose now bleeding profusely from the mouth still from Nemesis’ knee strike earlier.]


Mike Dempsey - There are ten seconds remaining until the next entrant!


[The fans cheer in excitement at Dempsey’s announcement awaiting the third entrant while Nemesis keeps the camel Clutch on Kuk applied, facing the entrance ramp.]


Dante Reed - Who could it be!?!














["Everyone Bleeds Now" By Hatebreed suddenly hits and the lights begin to flash violently to the beat.]


Dante Reed - IT’S DICK DEVEREAUX!!!!!


[As the ramp puts out smoke while red lasers begin to strobe around the arena, Dick Devereaux comes out from the back through the smoke with an irritated look spread across his face and running full tilt towards the cage door as the fans cheer at a deafening level while Joe Murray quickly takes off the padlock and opens the door for Devereaux to charge through. Nemesis is shocked and drops Kuk to the mat face first but it’s too late, Dick Devereaux is in and nails Nemesis with an absolutely explosive missile spear that takes Nemesis out of his boots and gets the fans roaring while Devereaux gets up and screams towards the crowd causing them to erupt even further!]


Dante Reed - Homing Missile! Dick Devereaux has changed the tide of this match in a mere few seconds!


Sebastian Riggs - But he’s got to keep this momentum going Dante! He doesn’t have the same five-minute interval that Nemesis had to work over Kuk!


Dante Reed - You’re spot on Sebastian as the three minute intervals begin now and the next entrant will be a member of Salvation, followed by Johnny Vachon, followed by the final member of Salvation!


Sebastian Riggs - And it’s still anyone’s guess what Nemesis and Salvation have up their sleeves for Sinister’s replacement.


[Nemesis is somehow, someway, after taking that crazy Homing Missile, back to his feet. He holds his ribs for a moment and smiles, egging Devereaux on by pointing down to the bloodied Kuk Killswitch causing Devereaux to charge in with a fury of stiff forearms, mixed in with a few shoot head butts sending Nemesis staggering back towards the ropes and eventually causing him to put his arms up to protect his head like a boxer would. Dick starts working the lower rib cage and kidney area to avoid Nemesis’ defense and as soon as Nemesis lowers his arms, Devereaux clotheslines Nemesis over the ropes, out of the first ring and in between the two rings that are side by side. Devereaux picks Nemesis up and brings him to the cage and bounces Nemesis head off of the outside of the ring post to his left, then Nemesis’ face off the cage in the middle and then throws him face first into the outside of the ring post of the far ring to his right causing Nemesis to now topple over into the far ring, while Devereaux follows and Kuk is just starting to move in the first ring, closest to the entrance way.]


Dante Reed - We have just over a minute until the next entrant, a member from Salvation will make their way down here and like I said before, Devereaux has really changed the landscape of this match, taking it in every way to the Champion!


Sebastian Riggs - I don’t think he was ready for Devereaux, it seemed as though he was certain a Salvation member would be out next Dante!


[Kuk is up to his feet now, slowly making his way to the far ring as Devereaux is on top of Nemesis, bludgeoning him with hard rights and lefts, using an effective ground and pound to keep Nemesis down and out. Kuk now enters the far ring finally and begins kicking away at the ribcage of Nemesis as Devereaux continues to work him with rights and lefts to the head. Devereaux picks Nemesis up and instructs Kuk to take him. Dick walks over and climbs to the top rope, while Kuk, after the beating he’s taken, slowly manages to pick Nemesis up onto his shoulders into an Electric Chair Drop position with Nemesis’ head and shoulder slightly crunched up against the top of the cage. Devereaux leaps off and hits Nemesis with a Homing Missile from the top rope causing Nemesis to crash hard enough to the canvas that it rumbles through the arena and the crowds pops hugely.]


Dante Reed - What a Top Rope Homing Missile from Devereaux!


Mike Dempsey - There are ten seconds remaining until the next entrant!


[With Nemesis down and clutching his rib cage in agony, Kuk looks to have somewhat gathered himself and Devereaux is basically unscathed while they both face the entrance way, anticipating a member of Salvation to be next.]












Sebastian Riggs - Is it going to be the replacement for Sinister you think Dante?!?!


["Cry Little Sister” begins to play as the lights drop in the arena. Smoke and fog billows from below the stage, rising higher and higher as the stage and ramp begin to light up in fire which fall in a dominoes pattern. The faint shadow of Viduus Morta can be seen through the smoke.]







[The Smoke disappears to reveal Viduus entirely, looking to his left and  then to his right, scanning the crowd. As the music begins to pick up pace, Viduus starts to float his way to the ring.]







[Joe Murray quickly moves to unlock the cage again and does so frantically as Viduus steps towards him while taking off his jacket and top hat. Devereaux and Kuk have begun to move towards the ring closest to the entrance ramp as the lights come back on and Viduus enters the ring with Joe Murray locking the cage door up back behind him. Kuk is the first one to greet Viduus and is met with a clothesline that nearly takes his head off. Dick Devereaux is now into the first ring and swings with a hard right but Viduus ducks it, spins Dick around, locks him around the waist and hits him with a hard German Suplex. Viduus is back up and over to Kuk, bringing him back to his feet, picking him up into a Spinebuster position and instead of driving him down into the mat, drives Kuk’s back into the cage, dropping him between the cage and the ropes, onto the apron hard on his back.]


Dante Reed - Just like at Coup De Grace, Viduus is having quite the impact inside a steel structure!


Sebastian Riggs - Kuk has got to be hurting Dante, he has taken quite the devastating beating so far tonight, those first five minutes did not bode well for him!


[Viduus sees that Kuk is once again down and out as he clutches his back in pain and looks back towards Devereaux who is back to his feet and throws a right that hits Viduus squarely in the face causing Viduus to throw a right of his own. Devereaux throws a left, followed by Viduus hitting him with a left of his own and the two begin to exchange rights and lefts vigorously as the crowd cheers them on and the camera pans out of the cage to catch the cameras flashing all over the crowd! As Devereaux begins to get the upper hand and the returned fists from Viduus begin to lessen and lessen, from behind Nemesis comes, jumps onto Devereaux’s shoulders which stuns him and hits Dick with a huge Reverse Hurricanrana! With Devereaux down, Viduus regains himself and like a pack of hungry wolves, Nemesis and Viduus pounce onto Devereaux, kicking away at any part of his body they can get a piece of as Kuk is now bringing himself up, using the ropes and still on the apron between the cage and the ropes. Viduus notices his movement and runs over, delivering a perfect Spinning Heel Kick that sends the back of Kuk’s head smashing off of the cage and causing him to once again slump down to the apron, this time into a seated position with blood still continuing to pour from his mouth.]


Dante Reed - Nemesis taking advantage of Devereaux not paying attention to where he was in the ring, has swung momentum back in Salvation’s direction for sure here Sebastian!


Sebastian Riggs - Well, in about a minute they will get the three on two advantage but with the shape Kuk Killswitch is in, that seems like it would be more like evening out the odds as opposed to an advantage!


[Nemesis has brought Devereaux up to his feet and Viduus comes over to assist. Nemesis now heads over to the turnbuckle himself and Viduus, mimics Kuk from earlier and lifts Dick up into an Electric Chair Drop position as Nemesis grabs onto the cage above him and like the cage was monkey bars, makes his way over to Viduus standing with Dick on his shoulders, swings his own legs up onto Dick’s shoulders and Hurricanrana’s Devereaux off of Viduus’ shoulders and down to the mat hard!]


Dante Reed - What an innovative Hurricanrana by the Champion Nemesis, unbelievable!


Sebastian Riggs - Great team work shown by Salvation here too Dante!


Mike Dempsey - There are ten seconds remaining until the next entrant!


[Nemesis and Viduus continue to work away at Devereaux while the fans grow anxious after Mike Dempsey’s announcement.]














[“America” By Deuce hits the airwaves as the lights begin to flash to a darkened green. Johnny Vachon comes walking out from the back with his custom Punk leather jacket, the words “Gutter Trash” written in green spray paint across the back. A half smoked cigarette hangs from his mouth as he stops at the top of the ramp and takes a deep drag before extending his two middle fingers towards the crowd. He pops the cancer stick back in his mouth, takes one last drag and then flicks it and runs to the ring towards the cage door that referee Joe Murray has opened up for him, anticipating his arrival as the fans go crazy, knowing the action is about to pick up.]


Dante Reed - Johnny Vachon made his debut at Union Battleground’s “Burning Hammer” offseason show where he was successful over Hammerstein!


Sebastian Riggs - And if he thought Hammerstein was a scary or intimidating individual whatsoever, those two men waiting for him in the ring make Hammerstein look like a day at the beach!


[Vachon jumps into the ring, immediately charging for Viduus and taking him out with running forearm smash! Nemesis gets off of Devereaux but his reaction time is a hair too late as Vachon is waiting for him to turn and nails Nemesis with a huge sit out jawbreaker that flips Nemesis back to the mat directly onto his back. Viduus is up and tries to come in but Vachon ducks his clothesline attempt, sending Viduus stumbling forward and in front of Vachon, with his back to Johnny. Vachon grabs Viduus by the waist, lifts him straight up and slams him down with a nicely executed Backdrop Suplex. Nemesis tries to come in from behind like he did to Devereaux earlier but Devereaux himself is back to his feet and catches Nemesis by the head. He runs a few steps towards the far ring and tosses Nemesis over the ropes and into the far ring to get him one on one while Kuk is now up and making his way over to Johnny Vachon and Viduus in the first ring, closest to the ramp as Devereaux instructs him that he wants Nemesis all to himself.]


Dante Reed - Devereaux’s got Nemesis down and all to himself now!


Sebastian Riggs - You know he’s been waiting for this moment ever since Coup De Grace Dante, this isn’t good for the Champ!


[Nemesis is on the ground, sitting but begins to slide himself backwards away from Dick until he can’t any longer and comes up against the turnbuckle. Devereaux wastes no times and runs at Nemesis, driving a knee hard into the side of his face, sending spit flying through the air as Nemesis takes the impact. Devereaux just simply collapses down on top of Nemesis now and starts throwing another barrage of left and rights causing Nemesis to curl up and try to protect himself. Dick then pulls himself up and starts stomping away at Nemesis for a moment, then reaches down and brings Nemesis up to his feet. Devereaux now turns Nemesis around and begins grinding his face, back and forth into the cage, until blood begins to come from his forehead and then throws Nemesis backwards towards the canvas after he’s satisfied, Nemesis isn’t wearing a crimson mask but he’s definitely bleeding.]


Dante Reed - Devereaux has busted the Champion open!


Sebastian Riggs - He’s making a statement Dante!


Dante Reed - Let’s not forget though; we are a minute away from finding out exactly who or what, for that matter, is replacing Sinister in this match!


[The camera comes back to Kuk and Johnny who have Viduus pinned up against the bottom rope and are just take turns feeding shots and kicks into him until they both bring him up to his feet, send Viduus towards the ropes and take him out with double back elbows, sending Viduus crashing hard to the mat. With Viduus down, Kuk comes over and drives his knee across Viduus’ neck and holds it there while Johnny comes in and begins stomping away at Viduus’ body. Back in the far ring, Devereaux still has Nemesis down and is enjoying every right and left of his ground and pound.]


Dante Reed - Dick Devereaux, Kuk Killswitch and Johnny Vachon have Salvation on the ropes here! Can they get back on track here?


Mike Dempsey - There are ten seconds remaining until the final entrant!


[The fans start to pick up in noise level, with everyone in the arena anticipating the next and final entrant.]


Sebastian Riggs - We are about to have all of our questions answered right now Dante!


[The lights in the arena go out as the slow build of "Lux Aeterna" by Megaraptor begins to blast throughout the arena.]


Dante Reed - What is this?!?!


[The violins begin to kick in as a spotlight appears in front of the entrance way while the music picks up and out walks a man onto the stage wearing his now famous human skin ring jacket.]


Dante Reed - Is that?!?!....


Sebastian Riggs - It’s the SCW Roulette Champion! “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!


[As the song turns metal, Tommy begins to hastily walk down the ramp towards a stunned and on looking Kuk Killswitch and Johnny Vachon who have stopped laying into Viduus while Joe Murray once again has the door open and waiting, this time for the final entrant. The boos are reigning down on Tommy Crimson who is obviously the newest addition to Salvation. Dick Devereaux too has taken notice to Crimson’s arrival now but isn’t turning his back on Nemesis as he remains in the far ring with Nemesis downed.]


Dante Reed - Business is most definitely about to pick up!


[Tommy enters the ring and right away Kuk takes a step towards him but gets downed to the mat with a huge clothesline. Vachon tries to come in with a swift kick to the gut but Crimson catches it, steps over his leg and drops Johnny down with a step-over spinning heel kick. Devereaux throws a few more stomps into Nemesis and decides to step away after noticing that Crimson just cleared out his teammates. Tommy walks straight over, exits the first ring and walks into the far ring where Devereaux and Nemesis are and Dick meets him in the middle with the two exchanging rights and lefts back and forth. Devereaux grabs him by the arm and sends Tommy into the ropes, Dick swings wildly but Crimson ducks, slides over Devereaux’s back and lands back in front of Devereaux to nail him with a huge DDT.]


Dante Reed - What an impressive showing by Tommy Crimson!


Sebastian Riggs - This guy is what one would call ‘The Real Deal” Dante, if you are familiar with Tommy Crimson, you understand how strong Salvation just got and if you’re not familiar with Crimson, well, you better familiarize yourself quickly!


[Viduus is up in the first ring and has Kuk up with him. Viduus lifts Kuk up into a powerbomb position, runs and proceeds to powerbomb Kuk directly over the top rope and into the side of the cage, causing him to crash back down to the ring apron, like earlier in the match. Nemesis is to his feet and all of a sudden waves his hand towards the back.]


Dante Reed - What is Nemesis signaling for?


[From the back emerges Nemesis’ manager Preacher and the manager of Viduus, The Speaker. Each man has a steel chair in one hand and a pair of handcuffs in the other. They walk up to Joe Murray and Preacher gets into his face. When Murray refuses to back down, The Speaker cracks Joe Murray with the chair sending him down to the floor. Preacher drops the chair in his hand, reaches into Murray’s pocket and pulls out the key to the pad lock on the cage door. He then unlocks the padlock, opens the cage door and the two of them pass the two steel chairs and two sets of handcuffs to Viduus and Nemesis who are waiting by the door while Crimson has dragged Devereaux into the first ring as well and dropped him next to Johnny while he then starts to go back and forth between the two, stomping away at them to keep them down. Preacher and The Speaker lock the cage door after giving everything to their stable mates and pace around ring side as Nemesis and Viduus give the handcuffs to Crimson and then start whaling away at both Devereaux and Vachon steadily with the steel chairs, causing the sick whacks and cracks of steel hitting flesh to ring throughout the arena as the fans begin booing at a deafening level.]


Dante Reed - Preacher and The Speaker have given weapons to Salvation! Dick Devereaux, Johnny Vachon and Kuk Killswitch are now at their mercy!


Sebastian Riggs - And the most troublesome thing of all Dante, Salvation don’t exactly seem like the merciful type!


[As they continue to lay into Johnny Vachon and Devereaux with chair shots, Kuk has barely managed to pull himself up and is attempting to catch them off guard but Crimson signals to Viduus who turns around and simply annihilates Kuk in the head with the steel chair, dead smack in the middle of the ring. Nemesis throws some instructions to Crimson and he grabs the first pair of handcuffs, attaches one of the cuffs to Johnny Vachon’s right wrist and takes the other cuff and attaches it to the bottom rope. Tommy then takes the second pair of handcuffs and does the same to Dick Devereaux; cuffing his right wrist to the bottom rope. Nemesis now rears back and lays into Devereaux and Johnny Vachon a few more times with his chair before dropping it onto the mat with satisfaction.]


Dante Reed - Dick Devereaux and Johnny Vachon are now helpless! These lunatics have handcuffed them to the bottom rope!


Sebastian Riggs - And that leaves Kuk Killswitch all alone Dante!


[Nemesis now looks back towards Kuk who is barely moving and then towards his teammates, Viduus and Tommy Crimson. He nods to Viduus who picks Kuk up and into a Reverse DDT position. He then gets Kuk up into a reverse suplex position and drops Killswitch on his head with a reversed brainbuster!]


Dante Reed - Viduus just delivered The Awakening on Kuk! He’s out!


[Now Nemesis moves in and picks Kuk up to his feet for himself. Nemesis lifts Kuk up into a fireman’s carry position and walks over to a groggy and downed Dick Devereaux. With Kuk still on his shoulders, Nemesis nudges Dick in the side of the head with his foot to get his attention and when Devereaux finally looks up, Nemesis screams at him; ”This is on you Richard!”. Nemesis then throws Kuk straight up and as gravity brings him down, Nemesis drives his knee into Kuk’s already busted open mouth causing blood to spew everywhere. As he goes to fall back to the mat, Crimson grabs him by the neck so Nemesis can bounce off of the ropes quickly for momentum and come forward with a devastating Kinshasa that flips Kuk backwards as Crimson lets go, straight over and onto his stomach.]


Dante Reed - Enoch by Nemesis! Now they are just being ruthless and relentless!


Sebastian Riggs - I said they didn’t exactly come off as the merciful type, didn’t I?


[Nemesis looks down at the fallen and broken Kuk Killswitch for a moment and then back at Devereaux with a sick and twisted smile on his face. Nemesis now nods towards Crimson who gets on top of Killswitch, who is still motionless and face first on the mat. Crimson wraps his legs around Kuk’s extended left arm, grips his hands together under Kuk’s chin and locks in a perfect Crippler Crossface!]


Dante Reed - One of Tommy Crimson’s devastating finishers; SuperFucked! Pardon my French folks but he has it locked in tightly!


Sebastian Riggs - This is just a formality Dante, Kuk was on a whole different planet before Crimson locked this hold in!


[As Crimson rears back and the blood pours from Kuk’s mouth, Nemesis instructs Bruce O’Neal to get down and check on Kuk Killswitch while both Johnny Vachon and Dick Devereaux are attempting to reach out towards him while Viduus goes back and forth between the two, kicking them in the gut when ever they do in fact reach towards an unconscious Kuk Killswitch. Bruce O’Neal begins to lift Kuk’s arm; He does it once. No response. A second time. No response. He does it for a third and Kuk’s arm simply falls lifeless to the mat like it had the two previous times causing Bruce O’Neal to quickly get up off the mat and signal for the bell.]




Mike Dempsey - Here is your winner via submission…Salvation!


[Salvation’s theme music “El Phantasmo and The Chicken Run Blast-O-Rama” (Wine, Women & Song Remix) by White Zombie begins blasting over the PA system as Bruce O’Neal goes to raise their hands but they pull away and he scurries off towards the door that’s now opened as Preacher and The Speaker have joined the rest of Salvation in the ring. Viduus is continuously stomping away at Johnny Vachon as Nemesis bends down in front of Devereaux, taunting him with the Union Battleground Title that he has since been handed since their victory.]


Dante Reed - These guys just never know when to stop, do they?


[As Nemesis continues talking trash, Devereaux has had enough and spits in Nemesis’ face since he can’t do anything, being handcuffed to the bottom rope still. Nemesis pauses for a moment, drops the Union Battleground Title onto the mat and slowly wipes the spit off of his face. Nemesis then gets up, grabs one of the steel chairs from earlier and begins repeatedly smacking Devereaux directly in the forehead with it multiple times, as hard as he possibly can, until blood begins to pour out of his head to match what Devereaux had done to him earlier by busting Nemesis open when he dragged his forehead back and forth across the cage. With Devereaux visibly hurt and bleeding from Nemesis’ vicious chair assault, Nemesis drops the chair back to the mat and picks his Union Battleground Championship back up.]


Dante Reed - Hasn’t he done enough? What more can he possibly do?


Sebastian Riggs - This is beyond personal Dante…it seems like this is only going to ever end when only one of these two is breathing.


[Nemesis bends down in front of Devereaux again, fully confident he’s not capable of spitting at him or even flailing his free arm in Nemesis’ direction after the beating he just took courtesy of the steel chair.]


Nemesis - Is this what you want Richard?


[Nemesis waves the Union Battleground Championship in front of him.]


Nemesis - It’s time to christen this Championship with the blood of ‘The Chosen One’ Richard…


[Nemesis leans his hand forward and places it upon the gash across Devereaux’s skull, letting the blood soak and cover his hand. Nemesis then stands up, lifts the Union Battleground Championship high up in the air as cameras flash and proceeds to make an imprint of his hand with Devereaux’s blood, dead smack in the middle of the Union Battleground Championship’s main gold plate, tagging the Title with the stable’s logo!]


Dante Reed - Nemesis has branded the Union Battleground Championship with the Salvation logo but in Dick Devereaux, his archrival’s blood! My god!


Sebastian Riggs - This man is not to be toyed with Dante, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed something like this! This group has grown like a cancer, will it ever stop?!


[Cameras flash around the arena and the boos heavily echo throughout as Nemesis raises the blood-stained Union Battleground Championship high, alongside the raised arms of new member Tommy Crimson, Viduus Morta, Preacher and The Speaker, all in victory while their opponents remain down and out.]

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